Chapter 328: Night turns into morning and Reversion takes hold on Johnny. “Morning Bonehead!”

(Enter: The Caretaker of the Cemetary.)

(Aftermath of the Hot Trail of Flames.— Paul, Clint, Theodore, Rita, Spencer and Rikku Assess the situation)

Morning, bonehead.

They already saw you

They’ve seen you now.
They’ll be waiting for you.

You’ll need my help,
you expect to last the night.

Last time I let a stranger help me
it didn’t pan out so good.

This ain’t something
you can run from, kid.

This day has been coming
since you made that deal.


Your chances
just went from none to slim.

Sources close to the investigation
say that there may be a link…
…between what happened
here in downtown…

…and the Broken Spoke massacre
in the desert.

I’m Roxanne Simpson on scene.

And we’re out.

– Captain Dolan.
– No comment.

Is it true they found a connection
between the massacre…

…and last night’s victim
here at the city train yards?

No comment.

Off the record, captain.

Off the record?

Piss off.


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