Chapter 325: The transformation of The Rider. Johnny Blaze becomes… The GHOST RIDER! Charlene’s Frost power Evolution…

(The introduction Meet and greet of the Devil’s Bounty Hunter and Dark Heart.)


You can’t come in here.
This is private…


There was a cemetery here.

Yeah, a long time ago.

What happened to the graves?

They moved them.


– I don’t know.

– Who would?

Saint Michael’s church.

They’re in charge of the whole thing.

Look, you really shouldn’t be here.

That’s what they keep telling me.
God! Oh, no!


Looking for someone?

Back to hell.

We’re not gonna have a meaningful
conversation now, are we?

You’re going down.

I don’t think so.

He ain’t so tough.

Hey. Dirtbag.

Have mercy.
Sorry. All out of mercy.

Help me!

You think I’m pretty, right?


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