Chapter 323: Advance to Night. An Expected date said to play for Romance or a face-time between Devil and Blaze.

(The Time comes to adhere to the summons of Mephistopheles.)

(Threat Update: Johnny’s suited to become the Ghost Rider?)

Black Heart/Dark Heart: Mephistopheles I knew you’d come.

Mephistopheles:Long time no see, boys. Where you been hiding? I know why you’re here. I know what you’re after. It’s my contract. They’re my souls.

Black Heart/Dark Heart: We both know you can’t harm me here. It’s my turn to lead.

Mephistopheles:  You will suffer for this. Now, deal with my Rider. And the Super fighters of the city.

Black Heart/Dark Heart: Your favorite creation? Send your precious Rider. I will retire him just like I will retire you… …Father. And as for those fighters… I’ll also retire them. They’re known as the Rhapsody New Generation… But once i’m done with them… They’ll live just long enough to be known as the Late Rhapsody New Generation. I will end them.

Thank you.

You can’t live in fear.

You can’t live in fear.

You made that jump.
No one else made that jump.

You’re the best rider.

You deserve a second chance.

She’s a sign.


Hello Jhonny

Stay away from me.

A little late for that.

Nice bike.


Why are you here?

Oh, I’ve always been here, Johnny.
All along.




It was you.

Keeping me alive.

No. No, Johnny. It’s all you.
You’re the best.

And I’m your greatest fan.

The posters, the video games…
…the crowds screaming, chanting:

Jhonny Jhonny


It makes me so proud.

It’s like watching an investment…
…that keeps growing and growing…

…until the day you cash it in.

That day is today, Jhonny.

Find the one known as Blackheart…
…and destroy him.

Find him yourself.

It doesn’t work like that.

You’re under contract, remember?

If you succeed…
…I’ll return your soul.

Yeah, I’m not doing it.

You don’t have any choice.


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