Chapter 320: A Chance Interview with an Old friend from the past. Johnny and Roxanne connect eye-to-eye.

(A Leadership shake-up amongst Blossom’s team; A Likely attempt of Mutiny beckoning to come forth)

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to
the Johnny Blaze Leap of Death!

Johnny B!
Hey, JB.

You’re stepping on Karen.

What was it
you were gonna say, Mack?

I just ran a second check
on the ramps. They look good.

Crowd’s kind of out of control.

Johnny, you know you don’t
have to do this, don’t you?

Does this suit fit all right?
It feels a little loose.

The suit’s fine.

Would you bring me my hat, Mack?
Thank you.

You can’t live in fear.

All right, we’re up here on the right.

Mr. Blaze. Amy Page, event publicity.

– Have time for a quick interview?
– I don’t know how long…
…you been doing your job,
but Johnny Blaze don’t do interviews.

Not even for an old friend?

Hey, Johnny.


I’ll do it.

Okay, and ready
in five, four, three, two…
How’s your dad?

Johnny Blaze, thank you for talking
to us before your big jump.

No one has ever attempted
such a distance before…

…three hundred feet
from field goal to field goal.

What’s going through your mind
right now?

You look really good.
I’ve seen you on TV.

You know, I watch a lot of TV
and you do a really good job.

Johnny, what drives somebody
to risk their life for entertainment?

I heard you got married.

Oh, no. No, it didn’t happen.

Most of the time the press focuses on
the crashes, the broken bones…
…the costs of what you do.

Are there any other costs?

Thank you for this revealing peek
into the life of Johnny Blaze.

I’m Roxanne Simpson, on scene.
And we’re out.

– You’re gonna stay for the jump, right?

– You know, we gotta get back.
Plus, I never liked watching you jump.

I’m gonna go out on a limb and say
you two had some kind of history.

That was it, Mack.

The sign.

The sign?

– Sure you don’t wanna stick around?
– No.

It hasn’t started yet.

I’ll buy you a doughnut.

Come on, Roxie, it’s Johnny Blaze.

Let’s go.



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