Chapter 319: Meanwhile- Dark heart at the Old Biker Bar…

(A Dark Meeting with 3 Minions- Grissel, Wallow and Abigor)

At the old Biker bar that was along the plains separating Metropolis from Smallville and separating from the plain several miles outside of the reach of Kansas city….

The Young female Bartender was seen hiding behind the bar counter and trying to keep still so the attacker wouldn’t hear her or find her. She was scared and terrified already. By the way she was breathing and heavy… She was terrified and by the very seconds that passed…It was clear that she was scared stiff. Scared to scream, Scared to move. Scared to breathe.

However it was quiet and there was no one there… No sounds. Or so she had thought there’d be none. She Lifted herself up to get a good look at the bar and it was then when she was caught by the attacker.

It was dark Heart…

Dark Heart: I knew you were here. *grabbing the girl and Grabbing her by the neck* I could smell your fear. *Draining her soul from her body*

He stole her soul and sucked it from her.  He clearly didn’t care about her life or anyone’s. Stealing souls was his forte. He suddenly went on to check out the place and scanning for any other possible survivors. Finding nobody at all. That was when… A form showed up . It was one of the fallen demons. Adversaries for Dark Heart.

Dark Heart: *Acknowledging the life form* Hello, Gressil.

Gressil:  Why are you here?

Dark Heart  didn’t  happen to have a chance to say anything at first as before he could.. another form showed up. One… of water….

Dark Heart: Wallow…

Wallow: And what do you want from us? What could you possibly want from us?

Dark Heart: I’ve come for the contract
of San Venganza Legend has it that the contract
was stolen and hidden… …in a graveyard not far from here. And now you’re gonna help me find it.

Suddenly a blob of dark smoke and wind brush fast into the room and stands before Darkheart.

Dark Heart: Abigor.

Abigor: And when we find it, then what? Huh? What the hell then?

Then as Dark Heart Proclaims on what’s gonna occur from gaining the contract that is in question… He goes to each of the dead lifeliess soulless bodies he devoured… Menacingly.

Dark Heart: Then we’ll take this world…
…one city… *Sinisterly*…at a time.

Abigor: What about Mephistopheles? Does he know what you’re going after?

Dark heart: *Growls for a second and with a few seconds of his face changing and his mouth turning skeletal and blue with tension* Don’t… ever… …say that name.


Looks like trouble is about to brew… Find out what forms out from that… on the Next Chapter of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! as the saga continues…


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