Chapter 318: Pregnancy Expose comes up from the hind side of A Burke and Rhapsody.

(A Leslie and Blossom Tell All confession- “What were you thinking?”)

Carly: *Reading Blossom’s mind* …Wha–?

Justin: *Pauses* Huh?! *Looking at Carly* What’s the matter, Carly?

Nicole: Is everything okay, Carly?

Carly: Blossom… Is Pregnant.

Charlene: What the?!

Sapphire: *With Raven and Serena* Say that again… Did you just say that she’s Pregnant?

Carly: Yeah. She is pregnant. Look at her. Don’t you see her glowing a little. That’s the signs of pregnancy. One of the signs for telling that one’s pregnant.

Clint: You’re kidding. She is pregnant… Her? Mrs. Sparky witted personality herself? She’s… heavy with child?

Annie: This can’t be possible. How is it even possible. She’d have to have had sex and been penetrated.

Carly:  She’s not the only one…

Charlene: Why’s that? Blossom’s the only one that is known to be pregnant. Why would you say that she’s not the only one?

Clint: Yeah… What gives?

Theodore: Is there something you two know that we don’t?

Carly: I say that… only because…

Sora: *Finishing the line* So is Leslie. Leslie is also Pregnant.

Leslie: *Feeling at unease*

Johnny: *Coughing up a burst of shock* Whoa… Wait a minute… She’s Pregnant but is yet out and running around… Here. No… They need to be back where they live… In bed and with bed rest. Not here…

Paul: Hold on, Sir… Let us get a handle on this.

It was then that Serena, Raven, Nicole, Ellie and Lana… Annie, Amy, Rikku, Spencer and Charlene Walked outside and made sure to escort Blossom and Leslie out. There was gonna be some words spread. It wasn’t gonna be pretty.

Outside of Johnny’s home…

Serena: *Scoffs* Okay. Now that we’re outside here… Would someone kindly explain to me what the fuck is going on here?

Clint: Yeah. Because… This plot of the situation… is Not funny.

Sora: Blossom and Leslie both had sex… Not with a guy. But… with one another. They had sex with each other.

Raven: Uh… okay, hold up on that one right there. Are you saying that they actually got in bed with one another and went full monty?

Sapphire: *Looking down* This has to be someone’s twisted idea for a joke.

Justin: I would like to believe it to be just some prank that is being played and when we wake the next morning… it’ll be as if none of this happened.

Blossom: Okay… *Grunts and sighs* Okay… It’s true. It’s true… Leslie and I had sex. We had Sex and it was on the same night as the Concert. It was after the concert was done and everyone was home for the night. It was before she and I got married.

Sapphire: You’ve got to be kidding. You two had sex… Before you two got wed?

Serena: *Sharply exhales and suddenly with outrage* Okay… That’s it. Blossom… Leslie… Answer us this. *Blowing up* WHAT THE FUCK!!!! What the FUCKIN” BLOODY HELL IS THE MATTER WITH YOU?! Do you two… seem to lose all threads of your ever loving minds?

Charlene: What would make you two do such a rather dumb bone-headed move like that? What the hell were you even thinking? Huh? What?

Leslie: It’s called… We love one another and that’s what made us do what we did. You want to have some issue about that… go right ahead. Have at it. But we are not gonna be made to be put to shame because you all happen to believe it to be wrong. Blossom and I didn’t do anything wrong. Okay? There’s been no crime committed in what we had done.

Nicole: That is not the point, guys… Not the point whatsoever and you know that.

Ellie: This is serious. You two… had sex… underage. Unprotected Sex. Out of Wedlock. Do you have absolutely any common decency in you at all to know how wrong that is?

Lana: We’re not saying that you were wrong to express your love for one another… i mean… we know that… that’s what two people in a relationship do. But… seriously. Why did it have to be sex? You two were clearly not ready for it.

Serena: What’s worse now is that as this goes on and things with this current possible threat that is right now knocking on our fucking doors… we now have to see on trying to have this predicament that you two have slammed yourselves in… hidden from the elderly members of the family. Your mom’s and dad’s.

Paul: What’s also the fact is that you two being down may just cost us all this possible stand-off that is soon to approach. We’ll keep this covered up as long as we can… But just know… that this is gonna get more and more complicated as time goes on till this whole thing is all over. You do know know that… Don’t you?

Leslie and Blossom bit their lip as they knew what was being laid down. They realized that they screwed up big time. It was said that it would only get worse.

But now the issue was gonna in one door… Lead to Macie… Would she be forever as she was… or would she be a whole new person? But that wasn’t the main core of the mess. The darkness was coming… It’s name was Mephistopheles. and Dark heart.  There was no denying that with them looming closer and closer still and further… more was gonna happen. A lot more. Joanna was also seeking to become involved. It was not as if she felt the need to. But she felt that it was gonna be whether if she wanted to help out on the cause… Fight the good fight along with the fighters.

Changes were being made and it was only gonna continue. Now the question was… What was next to happen? And who’d get the first wave? When?

Find out in the next chapter of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! as the saga continues…


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