Chapter 317: Johnny Blaze and Mack Cross Paths with The New Generation.

(Second Chances are Johnny’s Longing Wish)

Moments later… The Chase was over… The fighters were able to catch up to where Johnny Blaze was and Watched as he was heading over towards a door of a building… Clearly it was the location of where he was staying.

Annie: *Looking to see Johnny Blaze and fellow person walking off to the nearby building up the alley* Johnny’s walking over to the one building.

Daria: What building?

Annie: How should we know? They’re heading over there and it’s as if they’re weary of everything. They look like they’re about to collapse…

Amy: If that’s the case… someone should try and catch them. Save them from crashing onto the ground. At least till they’re inside the one building.

But that wasn’t the case…

Up ahead…

Mack: *Walking with Johnny* Yep. Love your neighborhood, Johnny. Real friendly here…

It was only a minute later when they got inside the one building…

Mack: *Noticing that there’s no lock for the lift* Oh, I see you still haven’t gotten a lock for your lift. That’s great, great.

As Johnny was the first to step out, he went to where the control on the wall was and turned on the lights…

Mack: *Coming in with the Motor bike* You’ve got a lot of expensive bikes in here, I told you. How many times?

As Johnny was walking up the small set of stairs heading to his chair to fix something… Looking to cool off and relax…

Mack: *Walking the bike over to the one side* Well, JB, I said it before, I’ll say it again: This place could use a woman’s touch.

Johnny: *To Mack* So could you.

Mack: *Parking the bike and securing it real quick* Heard that.

*Sighs feeling relieved about something* All right, four out of five. Wreck one more and you get the whole set.

Mack suddenly turned to see a stack or two of books lying around…

Mack: Well, I’m glad to see
you found use for your books.

Johnny: *Clearly pouring some Jellybeans* You want some jellies?

Mack: No. I don’t want
none of your stupid candy.

But that was when something got to Mack’s mind and he had to bring it out there. He had to bring it up…

Mack: *Looking a little through one of Johnny’s books* I wanna talk to you about something kind of serious.

Johnny: *Just wanting to unwind* I’m trying to relax, Mack.

Mack: *Insisting on getting out what’s crossed his mind* Yeah, I understand. All right? It’s just gonna take a second.

It was as he came up the steps that he said it and it was then that the atmosphere… started to shift somewhat slightly…

Mack: It’s about you jumping on the
anniversary of your dad’s accident.

Mack was by the music controls and was insistent

Mack: Can I just turn this music off for a minute?

T.V: *Running a program* I want you to kick higher for me.
Can you get higher?

By then… Mack had just turned off the Music and was trying to get through to Johnny…

Johnny was not looking in cheer over Mack turning the music off… and of course the music was from the music group… The Carpenters… Who knew?

What’s worse… is that he even turned the T.V off… Good thing that Johnny was a more tolerable sort of guy…

Johnny: *A little sour* Mack, you touch the Carpenters or that chimp video again… …and we got a scrap on our hands.

Mack: This jump is nuts. All right, man? I mean, field goal to field goal, and now you’re adding cars?

Johnny was trying to figure on what Mack was getting at even though he knew where he was coming from. He was aware that Mack was worried… But this? This was as if he was scared for what may happen still or not happen. But his tone… It was worrisome.

Mack: *Scoffs* I mean, what are you trying to prove?

Johnny: That it’s me.

Mack: *feeling disbelief* That it’s you?

Johnny: Riding the bike.

Mack: Of course it’s you, man. Who the hell else is it gonna be? *Scoffs* You know what, you’re freaking me out. You’re freaking me out because you’re reading… …this comparative exponential religiosity crap. It’s getting in your brain. I mean, what’s going on, man?

Mack was getting into a hysterical fit as he was just not understanding what was going on with Johnny. He was like a big brother to him. A very close pal and everything to him and all the while they were close… There were yet stuff about Johnny that just… didn’t add up and it was scaring him. He didn’t show it… But his tone and his particular way of voicing his utter concern was speaking louder than if it were via surround sound. He was deeply concerned.

But Johnny as any other… Did not let it get to him as he had a secret that he couldn’t let anyone in on. He couldn’t tell anyone that his soul was damned and that he was being souped up to being the Devil’s bounty hunter.  He couldn’t say anything. How could he… i mean… seriously. Who’d be able to come to terms with that and believe it as Johnny had?

Johnny: Do you believe people get second chances?

Mack: I… I don’t know.

Johnny: If somebody makes a mistake, a big mistake… …do you think that person should have to pay for it… …every day for the rest of their lives?

Mack: Are you talking about your daddy’s accident?

Johnny: Well… I’m just looking for a sign.

Mack: What kind of sign?

Johnny: That I can take a negative and turn it into a positive. That I can have a second chance too.

Mack then got up as Johnny turned back on the t.v. It was no secret that what was going on… it was getting to him. To Johnny… it was all leading to seeking for a second chance in life. A new start… All his life since he lost his father till current and still going… he was looking for that sign. That spark that would grant him a second chance. The only problem was… he was cursed. Chosen to forever ride the earth… Collecting on the devil’s deals. no matter what it was. It was just as the line went… that would be solidly planted into the ground and made a deadset reality. “Long ago… He made a deal. To save someone he loved. What he didn’t know… is the price he would have to pay.”

Mack: Look, at least promise me you’ll think about taking the cars out.

Johnny: *Watching T.V* I’ll think about it.

However… it wasn’t but a moment later when…

A Knock on the door sounded and there…

that was where our fighters… and the Catalyst Johnny Blaze finally came into encounter…

Annie: *Looking at the place* This place must be like a bachelor pad.

Raven: You’re seriously stating the apparent… aren’t you?

Sapphire: Who’d live here? Is this even a home?

Johnny: It’s more how you choose to look at it. But this is my pad. *Heading back to his seat* Although now that i am thinking about it… Would you kids mind telling me what you’re doing here exactly?

Clint: We’re here to be your allies. Something is said to happen to you. By the hands of a dark being.

Charlene: This is all what’s foretold to happen.

Johnny: And what might i ask is foretold to happen?

Paul: Would Mephistopheles… Hell on Earth… Ring a bell?

Johnny then paused and recalled a memory…

“You’re no good to me dead. You… You killed him. I cured his cancer. That was the deal. But I couldn’t let him come between us. You son of a bitch. One day, when I need you… …I will come. Until then, I’ll be… I’ll be watching. Forget about friends. Forget about family. Forget about love. You’re mine, Johnny Blaze.”

Sora: You do know that this is serious, Right Johnny?

Justin: You gotta admit… it does seem pretty intense.

Johnny: *Stopping to suddenly turn and look at them with a bit of confusion* Do i even value to ask… as to where you young kids have heard about all this and how?

Theodore: We got it from a place we go to… The Watchtower Command center. And how we got the info on it all is by intel that comes to the watchtower via Orbiter and it’s also coming from… or it did come from a group of people. Before the command center got destroyed or blown up from within… Courtesy of the devil himself. The same one that conjured up whatever deal that you’re gonna be soon having to pay the price for.

Johnny: *Looking at the fighters* Okay… can we pause on that. Just that part right there. Do you insist to tell me… seriously tell me now… that the Devil himself… Mephistopheles… Infiltrated your Watchtower Command center and caused for it to… what was it again… Self Destruct? He blew it up?

Penny: That’s what happened.

Blossom: *Feeling something going on inside her stomach* Oh…

Leslie: *Gasps* Agh…

Adam: *Over by the gate* … *Speaking to Tommy* Tommy, Come in.

Tommy: *Through the communicator* What’s up? Adam, What’s the status…? Did you locate The target?*

Adam: We did. He right now is normal looking. Totally lost on what’s going on and what we’re doing here. So far… he’s showing no signs stating that he’s accustomed to this curse that we know that he was given.

Tommy: What Curse?

Adam: uh…

Justin: *Walking over to Adam who’s got Tommy on the communicator* Tommy, The curse is something that was given upon Johnny when he was younger. That he would someday be called upon by the Devil… To ride the Earth as some damned soul. Collecting on the Devil’s deals.

Suddenly Adam looked at Justin with a “w.t.h” expression. He couldn’t figure that Justin would know about the curse that was resting upon Johnny.

Justin: What?! Don’t look at me… Ask my girlfriend Sora and her family… They’re the ones who know more about this stuff than i do. I just can only say what i heard Sora say that the others told her.

Adam: But i am asking you. You seem to be with a connection to this than we are.

Justin: And that is courtesy… of Sora. If it weren’t for her… i wouldn’t even know what it is that i know about the situation.

Adam: Good point.

Tommy: Hey, Adam… That’s enough… This is not how we’re to behave. We’re better than this.

Adam: I know… It’s just frustrating.

Justin: No arguments here.

Tommy: Try to stay close to our target. He’s got a link to this Devil. Whatever The Devil… Mephistopheles is up to… He’s gonna try and use Johnny as a power source. We have to be sure that we are ready for it… If the Devil makes off with playing his hand.

Adam: On it.

Kimahri: *On Speaker* Kimahri be there soon to run interference. Fighters must stay on top of situation. It’s important.

Justin: We’ll see you soon, Kimahri.

Minutes later…

Sora: *Looking at the Bikes* Wow… Johnny. Are these bikes… yours?

Johnny: Technically no. But with some of the stunts that i do… Let’s just say that the sponsors and the vendors… the people who happen to pay for the shows and spectacle… the whole work… allow me to keep them.

Clint: You know… I happen to Drive a Chevy 4×4 truck. But i happen to look into driving Bikes. Motor Cycles. It’s something that had me intrigued for quite some time.

Johnny: Sounds like you seek to let loose and express your wild side and ride the highway… Popping wheelies and maybe some stunts.

Clint: No… I couldn’t do stunts… i would fail in comparison to one who’s done it longer and happens to be the best in doing it.

Serena: That’d be because there can only be one Blaze. Clint, You are no Blaze.

But as they were getting acquainted with one another…

Mack: *Walking in suddenly* Hey Johnny… When do you want to head out for the Next Stunt coming up?

Johnny: Early. Traffic is gonna be a killer.

Mack: You got it. I’ll go call the guys and let them know to be ready by early morning…

That was when Mack noticed the fighters…

Mack: Uh… Um, hello… J.B who’re the teens in here with you?

Johnny: Not sure. They haven’t told me who they were… They just… showed up. Not sure where they came from though.

Sora: We came from Metropolis.

Carly: Metropolis, Kansas.

Mack: What?! You’ve got to be kidding me. Metropolis. As in like Superman, Clark Kent, Oliver Queen. Catwoman… Possible Gotham city like… That Metropolis? *In Disbelief* I don’t believe it. Who the heck are you kids anyway? Shouldn’t you be like at home in your little beds asleep?

Raven: *Scoffs* In case… you are not aware… We’re in college now.

Sapphire: That’s right, Jellybean. We’re college goers now. Have been since september. We’re just out now because things have been going on and the Classes are on hiatus. The Dorms have been in recession. Till they’re all in normal running again… We’re on leave.

Sora: It’s ones like us… My sister Carly, Charlene, Nicole, Ellie and Lana… Blossom and Leslie. Justin. We’re the high schoolers.

Blossom: *Feeling something going on inside* Oh…

Leslie: *Feeling something happening* Ah…

Sapphire: *Looking at Blossom and Leslie* Uh… what’s wrong with you two?

Blossom: What?! Nothing… Just a little tired is all. and feeling a little pain in the breast area.

Serena: Say what?! *Pauses* Are you really feeling pain there?

Blossom: I am.

Leslie: So am i. But it’s likely because we’ve overworked ourselves today. It’ll probably go away soon.

Carly:  *Reading Blossom’s mind* … Wha—

To be continued…


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