Chapter 315: The Rhapsody new Generation on the Mr. Invincible-Johnny Blaze Highway.

Previously on the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z!…

Annie: *Shaking all over* What’s going on?

Daria: What’s happening?

Tess: *Pleading to the fighters* Fighters… You must Evacuate the Command center. Right away.

Blossom: What?! No! We can’t just leave here. What about you guys?

Genevieve: There’s no time… Fighters, You must get out of here… Hurry! If you die here… the city will be defenseless. The growing threat is near… Your Main Ally who’s the Catalyst in it… ©Johnny Blaze©… He is gonna need your help. But you can’t help him if you die here. You need to go now.

Sapphire: Come with us now, Guys.

Chloe: Tess, Teleport them out of here… now!

Tess: Right away, Chloe.

Genevieve: *Walking over to the controls and preparing to initiate Teleport of the fighters* …


Leslie: *With Blossom* Tess, Genevieve… Noooo!


Luzzu: The Security footage dictates that the Command Center here was Infiltrated by a dark mysterious man. With a Cane that has a tip that is Solid Silver and exposes a Skull impression… This place is in process of self-destructing… but there’s still a little time to pull up a clear picture.

Chloe: *scanning the footage and retrieving a facial recognition of the one who Infiltrated the Command Center* Looks like we got a dark snake in the gears.

Wakka: Agh! *Raising a fist at the person on the Video footage* Why that no good rotten son of a Shoopuf Jackal!

A Picture is pulled up and shows the face of the one responsible…

Clint: Hey… Isn’t that…

Sora: Don’t tell us… Please, don’t say it.

Tess: It is. It’s Mephistopheles.

Explosions started sounding off again but now more stronger…

Tess: This is it…

Genevieve: Fighters… there’s not a second more to spare. You must get out of here now. Now. The world is gonna need you. The City is gonna need you all. But if you die here… The city is gonna be exposed to supernatural threats. Dangers that are too big for them to understand.

Cyborg: You guys… Need to take the breeze and jet. Evacuate from here while you can.

Serena: No. We’re not leaving any of you behind.

Paul: You’ve got to come with us.

Boom! Boom! (Siren Blaring and sounding off)

Blossom: *Panicking* Oh my god… Shit. This is a fucking nightmare. A total and complete nightmare…


Blossom: Damn it! Someone do something. Anything. I don’t want to Die in the Command Center.

Sora: *Looking at Carly* This could be the end for us… The end of the Rhapsody Dynasty New Generation…

Carly: Yeah… *Terrified* Sora, What’re we to do? we’re stuck here…

Justin: *Voice* No you’re not.

Sora: *Pauses* Huh?!

Ellie: *Looking around* Explosions are going off… and now… voices?

Turbo Ranger/Justin Creed: *Running in* Don’t worry. You’re gonna be okay.

Genevieve: *Looking at the mysterious Ranger* Who are you?

Sora: I think that i know… *Looking and spotting Justin* Justin?!

Carly: Justin?! *Gasps* Justin Creed… Is a Power Ranger?

Sapphire: Say what? Are you pulling our damn legs? He’s this power Ranger?… From where? Where the heck did he come from?

Spencer: Hey… Come on, guys. We’re in a real awful bind here and he’s risking his own life to safe us and come to our aid. How about some gratitude?

Blue Turbo Ranger/Justin Creed: Come on. There’s no time to waste. The guys and I were out on a monster Battle. Dimitria knew that i had a life here in Metropolis. As do the others… But she’s at the Command Center. The one that calls upon Zords. *Feeling the ground shake and witnessing more Explosions* What’s going on here?! *Getting a bit thrown off his feet* Whoa! Hey… What gives? What’s the big idea?

Zion: Watchtower got infiltrated…

Luzzu: By a Dark being.

Blue Turbo Ranger/Justin Creed: Who?

Kimahri: By the Devil himself… Mephistopheles.

Blue Turbo Ranger/Justin Creed: *Marching over to the controls and checking them out* We got to get out of here and now. If this place self-destructs… It’s gonna take you all with it. *Pressing some buttons and activating the teleport* These controls are different than the kind which are within the command center that controls the Zords and also ensures that we’ve got Ranger powers. *Feeling the eyes looking at him* Don’t read too much into it. Okay? Now’s not the time. *trying to start the Teleportation* … Come on. Work.

P.A System: Self-Destruct protocol now activated. Self-Destruct will begin in T-minus 10 Minutes.

Tess: That was not the controls. You’ve started the total core meltdown. This place is gonna self-Destruct and there won’t be any stopping it.

Blossom: *Sighs*

Genevieve: Let’s see on trying to cut the signal to the countdown and stop it.

Chloe: *Pressing the buttons* Teleportation sequence Activated.


BOOM! BOOM! Crackle! Snap! SNAP! CRACK! POP! BOOM! Sizzle…Kablam!


From on Top of the Luthorcorp Plaza; Overlooking the city and in View and sight of the Watchtower Command Center…

Amy: *Feeling the impact of the Explosions* Ack!

Sora: Oh god!

Theodore: Hit the DECKS!

Penny: *Ducking for cover*

Clint: …

Blue Turbo Ranger/Justin Creed: *On the ground*

As soon as the smoke settled and cleared…

Blossom: *Getting up slowly* … *Shaking off the impact of the blast* Ugh! God… *Looking at everyone* Is Everyone alright?

Kimahri: *Standing up and Standing tall* … *Shaking his head* Kimahri not know. Kimahri little sore.

Zion: Zion take bad fall.

Leslie: *Getting up and feeling a little achy* What happened?

Spencer: *Coming to and slowly getting back up* For the most part… Yeah.

Rikku: This is something that i don’t miss. Not at all.

Blue Turbo Ranger: *Rising up and getting to his feet* I need to inform the guys back at the Command Center in Angel Grove…


Serena: Is everybody alright?

Rikku: I’m guessing… yes. seem to be…

Kimahri: Kimahri sore but okay…

Paul: *Looking to see his sisters Sora and Carly still out and then suddenly stirring back to consciousness* Sora… Carly!

They all ran over to them and tended to them…

Seconds later…

Sora: *Coming to and Sitting up* … *Looking over to see the remains of the Watchtower Command Center* Oh no! Please… Don’t let it be the end for us and the powers that be…

Carly: Oh, man. It’s gone.

Sapphire: Do you think they could have survived?

Spencer: I don’t know. I don’t see how anyone could survive that kind of explosion.


Nicole: Blossom, what are we going to do?

Blossom: *Groaning in uncertainty* I don’t know… But it could possibly mean the end of the Rhapsody Dynasty and The Rhapsody New Generation…


Serena: *Voice-Over* And now… Chapter 315 of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z!

Riding on the country Highway just through the Desert Plains of Kansas…

A Tour Bus was making back to where the Catalyst resided…

Inside the Tourbus… there was a show in the background of men in the back sitting at a table with a few bottles of booze, A couple packs of smokes and an ashtray with a heap… a small heap of already smoked Cigarettes and one in the process of being smoked and the smoke was wisping from the ashes of where it was lit…

However two guys were by the window with one playing a video game… which had the Catalyst Johnny Blaze in it… and the other reading a book and eating Jellybeans. All of which were yellow and red. (Odd colors but could be the most known to stick out colors at best). Mack was seen playing the game… But unfortunately… crashed…

T. V: *Video game* Blaze is down.

Johnny: *To Mack* Have you tried not crashing?

Mack: *Looking to the side at Johnny; With a rebuttal* Have you?

Johnny then went back to reading his book while Mack went into the cubboard to grab for a beer…

Mack: Why don’t you have a beer and relax like everybody else, huh? This stress you’re feeling alot of the time is really gonna start taking it’s toll on you. It’s just not healthy. It really isn’t.

Johnny: You know alcohol
gives me nightmares. Always has…

Mack: To each his own.

Mack then started to grab the remote and seconds later started to flick through the channels…

One by one Mack flicked through the channels until..

He found something about a sports clipping showing one of the stunts that were done by Johnny Blaze himself… However, Johnny was not into it. He didn’t like watching himself on T.V. No one knew why as to him… A Stunt was a stunt and that once it was done… Why go on and stop at literally nothing to go and rewatch the video of the stunt… being played… over… and over… and over… and over… and over again. But he captured the glance of a channel that had something to do about howler monkeys. That was when he spoke up…

Johnny: *Pleading* Oh, wait, could you go back? There’s a howler monkey special on Discovery Channel tonight.

It wasn’t any use… Mack turned up the volume of the T.V Program and immediately called at the guys who were still sitting at the table playing cards…

Mack: *To the guys* Guys, hey.

Johnny was them pleading and that still didn’t deter them from the program and change it to what he was set on wanting to watch…

T.V: *Broadcasting* We’ve seen big moves and crashes. But ask these riders who it is they look up to… …and the answer’s a man who’s not
even competing here, Johnny Blaze.

Mack was then riled up with cheer and glee as he was unmistakably with pride and contempt for Johnny. Feeling proud. Hell… his tone said it all…

Mack: *Excited* Yeah, that’s because he’s right here!

T.V: *Con’t* greatest stunt rider of all time… …but what we don’t know is how much longer can Blaze cheat death. Critics call it pay-per-view suicide…

Johnny: Put the monkey show on.

Mack, the monkey show?

Mack held up a finger as if saying wait…

T.V: *Con’t* with no regard for his own life. They call him Mr. Invincible, and he’ll have to be at his next jump… …when Johnny Blaze will attempt to clear… …the length of a football field from field goal to field goal.

That was when Mack turned off the T.V and was with a sense of disbelief as he was now feeling as if Johnny was on a sense for a death wish and looking for a meet towards it. He sat down and looked at Johnny as if wanting to say: “Are you totally lidsville nutjob city?” Instead… he didn’t say anything much other than sigh for a moment as he looked at Johnny. The guys were also looking at him and even they were with a sense of shock. Even they couldn’t beg to believe what it was that they were hearing. They looked at Johnny and were at a loss for words…

Johnny: What?

The guys then looked right back towards their cards as they didn’t want to get into it…

Mack however… felt as if something should be said and just came right out… and said it.

Mack: You should be taking a dirt nap after that ragdoll today. *Scoffs* I… Seriously, Johnny?! Another near risky or fatal Jump? Could it be that you’ve gone postal somewhere? It’s almost as if you’re just wanting for death to come find you and take you on a never ending cruise down the river styx man…

Johnny: I got lucky.

Mack: *Not buying it* No, I got a hunting dog named Lucky.
He’s got one eye and no nuts.

Luck don’t cover it, JB.

Man, you got an angel looking after you. There’s no other way to explain it. Countless close calls with brushes of death… and yet coming out with not a scratch one on you. multiple falls from a slight mishap of a stunt going wrong… But as soon as anyone bats an eye… Where are you? You’re back up on the fast track to hell on wheels. Like you got a infectious flame burnin’ up your hind end.

Johnny: Yeah, maybe.

One of the guys: Mack, you in?

Mack: *Getting up and Joining in on the card game* Yeah. Yeah, I’m in.  *Grabbing a seat* Scoot over, ladies. What’s the ante?

One of the guys: Five card draw.

But remaining by the window looking out at into the plains…

Johnny: Maybe it’s something else…

What they didn’t suspect was as they were all conversing…

A group of fighters were hereby on the trail and were closing in…

You see… Johnny’s hometown was Kansas City… So… from where Johnny was coming from… it was the state plains as he was returning from a stunt performance in Oklahoma…

Looming in from a few miles away from the bus…

Madame Romance: *Making way via wings* That’s the tour bus. Blaze is inside that bus. We can’t let it get away.

Passion Galore: How are we to catch up to it? It’s not like we can stop that bus. Besides… what’re we to say to him once we get a hold of him and actually face him? “Johnny, We have to stay close to you as the Devil is gonna try to use you?” He’s gonna think we’re nuts.

Majestic Love: Actually… Believe it or not… i kinda believe that we are nuts. We’re chasing after a bus… on a rainy night. It’s stormy and yet… we’re out chasing it. We must be fools.

Thunderic Fury: We’re only fools chasing a foolish lead. *Thinking about her daughter*… *Looking at the bus* It’s heading off to Kansas City…

Shining Bubble: Isn’t that adjacent to Topeka?

Spiritual Arctic-Frost: I would guess so… But i rather have thought that Topeka was west of Kansas city. Kansas City is East of Topeka. It won’t be long before it makes it to Kansas City.

Spencer’s Wife Rikku Rhapsody

Rikku: Spencer, You sure that it’s heading in that direction? It is a bit hard to see in this sudden rain downpour… The Visibility is not all that great.

Spiritual Bubble: We’re getting soaked…

The chase was on…

Back in Metropolis…

At the Metropolis Getaway Arms…

Joanna: Macie, We have to talk about getting a team together.

Macie: Joanna, I don’t want to think about going out there and fighting. I’m not that type of person. Band geeks don’t seek for going into the danger’s web. I know you want to get a team put together… But the crew aren’t with any defenses.

Joanna: I know that, Mace… *Sighs* However… We’ve got to do something.

Macie: What would you suggest to be done? We don’t know who’d be one to be part of a team.

Joanna: *Brainstorming on what to do about the situation that Carly’s dealing with* We gotta get a team together. However… We don’t know anyone too well. Hmm… Let’s see… Who can we ask to help us out?

Macie: I don’t know… However… Didn’t you get a hold of a yearbook?

Joanna: Yeah. Our Neighbor Blueberry lent me hers. She said something as like she didn’t really want the yearbook all that much as it was just something to get because everyone else was getting one. She did it to stand in but just never really wanted to have one. So she gave it to me.

Macie: *Looking outside the window and seeing a storm brewing* Joanna, It’s getting really bad out there.

Joanna: I know. We’re gonna need to do something to see on lending a hand to Carly. She’s gonna be in need of the help. Her family… the ones out there fighting the good fight… They’re gonna need alot of help.

Macie: There’s got to be something out there. *Coming up with an idea* … *Nasally* Hold on. I might know of one who can help.

Joanna: I’ll also look through the Yearbook and find some candidates to bring in…

A Minute later…

Joanna: *Looking at the yearbook that she got a hold of* There’s Someone named Gunnerson. Katie (P) Diamond. Cherry Ipkiss. Erica Beiderman. Nice names. Wait… I think that i know them. *Gasps* I’ve got their #’s.

Joanna then started making some calls and the first one she called… was Cherry…

Joanna: *On the Phone* Cherry, Hey. It’s Joanna… What’re you up to right now?

Cherry: Nothing much. Just watching some T.V with my dad Stanley.

Joanna: Hmm… Okay.

Cherry: Why? Something up?

Joanna: Not really. I’m just thinking about the situation that the girl… Carly Rhapsody and her family is going through.

Cherry: *Figuring out what Joanna is trying to get at* You wouldn’t be talking about the Ghost rider dilemma… would you?

Joanna: Yeah… But, H-how did you know about that?

Cherry: I overheard that teenage Ballet dancing guy Jessie Rogers talk about something that he’d heard that girl… Zoey speak about given the fact that Zoey isn’t part of the superpowered persuasion.

Joanna: Good source. What did you find out?

Cherry: It’s best if i tell you in person. But the problem is… it’s night time and my dad won’t exactly let me out at this time of the night. Plus with the storm…it wouldn’t be very wise for anyone to be out walking in it. There’s no school tomorrow. So I’ll come over to your place… We can meet and i’ll tell you everything that i know from what i’d heard from the passing friends we know.

Joanna: Good idea. Get a hold of the others… We’ll all meet in the morning.

As for Zoey…

Zoey’s house…

Zoey: *Watching T.V with her father* Dad, Come on… You can’t be serious about wanting to consider moving from here.

Zeke: Zoey, I don’t want to move from here either… But what other choice are we to have? That Orange faced Psycho Pedophile is now gonna be our president. The moment he gets officially sworn in… My Business will be lucky to make it a year before things go to the dogs.

Zoey: Dad, We can’t submit to his rule and just pack up all our stuff, make like trees and split.

Zeke: Zoey, Hon… Please.

Zoey: *Huffs a bit* NO! We’re not gonna move from our home because of the reality of that wannabe poser on two legs who thinks that he’ll ever amount to being a true president. He’s never gonna be a true president. He’s shit. We’re real hard working Americans, Dad. This is our home and we will not vacate. We won’t be forced to vacate. We’re gonna stand our ground and fight… Defending this place till the last man, Woman and Child. You are not gonna turn coward.

Zeke: Zoey… Just because i want to move us away from his ruling… doesn’t make me a coward. It’s called trying to persevere and preserve what we have left. Before he attempts to take it all. He’s gonna take it all.

Zoey: Not if we don’t sit by and allow it. This is our country. Not his… Running away is being a coward… Moving away from his ruling does make you a coward. And my father… the last time i checked… wasn’t a coward. He wouldn’t flee and run for cover. Not like this… Not ever. Not ever.

Zeke: *Sighs*

Casper: What are you and Grandpa Zeke talking about, Mom?

Jasmine: Yeah. It sounds pretty angry.

Zoey: Nothing, Sweethearts. It’s just your Mom here is trying to get your grandpa to face the evil man who’s getting in office and defend the home. The castle to the last man, woman and Child.

Casper: Why? What can anyone possibly do? His laws go in effect in less than a week or so. A couple of them are ones that take funding away from needy kids and orphanages.  It’s gonna hurt a lot of kids.

Zoey: We can’t allow that to happen.

Zeke: *Looking down and Exhales sharply* Okay… I guess that we stay and fight, General Patton. What exactly are we to do? We can’t exactly fight the gov’t.

Zoey: No. we can’t. But we can do things in this city that mirror in comparison to that senator from Arizona… John McCain. He fights for what is right. if he can do it… Then god blast it… so can we.

Are we now seeing an Activist birth itself from the belly of a leader to a band? This is gonna get more and more intense. More flavor to the essence of Zoey. Serena happened to feel the same way. But with her… it was all about the protesting and the brutal fury of the pissed off american. She was the loose wire and thunderic cannon with a mouth that was loaded with discontent and retaliation against the might that was to be the new soon to be officially sworn in President wannabe.

At the Local Radio Station…


Arnold: *On The Phone* Hey Bro… What’s goin’ on over in Britain? The Secret Agent biz treatin’ you right?

Avery: Yeah. *On the Phone* They sure are. Agent M is looking to assign me another case or another mission. Sure wish she’d get bloody with it already. I’ve been facing a lot of bureaucracy and it’s making me want to pull my hair out.

Arnold: That stressful, huh?

Avery: You ain’t just whistling the dixie tune. It’s gotten stressful. Although it’s nothing worse than what’s going over there in the good ole’ U.S. of A. I heard from the telegraph messenging board here that Donald Trump… the uncallous Yank is now President. What’s the deal over there? Did the government over there decide to liquidate all of its good sense and tip its hand to savor a Treasonous snake in a $600 dollar armani suit?

Arnold: I couldn’t really say. I didn’t vote. But my wagering hands were behind Sanders. Mr. Feel the Bern himself. Too bad he fizzled out before the primaries. He would have been a crusader and High-stated pick to be the vanguard for lots of positive change in this country.

Avery: And then some. The country’s Monarchy here… is starting to feel the pinch and i gotta tell you, Brother. It’s not looking pretty. There’s been talks of seizures for control of the Government and Parliament. The Queen Mother here is coughing a shit fest of worry over what’s foretold to happen within parliament. The agency here is with possible talks of an upheaval. They say that it could only be a matter of time before things really take the shit.

Arnold: I feel for you man. I really do. I’ve been doing pretty damn good on my end… I’ve locked down a grant to open up a small but functioning Radio station Sub-station somewhere in Connecticut. Stratford and Some town called… Sheltered Shrubs. Not sure where that is as it’s never been in any of the maps.

Avery: Hmm… You don’t say. *Intrigued* That does sound like a bit of a bind. You sure that the people issuing and approving the grants… said Sheltered Shrubs?

Arnold: Unless i heard wrong. But… Yeah.

Avery: Well… i always did happen to hint at the idea that if you were to expand your reach and transcend your horizons… something would only beg to roll in the best intent for you and your station.

Arnold: I am sure that you had. It helped.

A Minute later…

Arnold: It’s almost time for me to start my next broadcast as the Music set is finishing up it’s last 4 tunes before i need to be on. But before i go… Let me throw something your way. Just to know what you make of it.

Avery: Shoot. What’s the buzz?

Arnold: There’s been talks as of late in this city about there being a new girl. She’s with Red hair but originally black hair. Glasses and a band geek. Nasally. Plus hangs with a transgender girl. She’s been seen by several people but nobody seems to know who she is.

Avery: Sounds very much like a mystery and a suspenseful twist. Have you broadcasted word of it to the listeners? There’s got to be someone in the city who may just know the identity of this mysterious girl.

Arnold: Yeah. I should get it out there.

Avery: Any idea as to where the first sighting took place?

Arnold: Someone said that it was the local high school. But another said that it was at the one Pub that is owned by Zeke.

Avery: If i were you… i’d look into that and see what pops up. Maybe there’s more to it than what’s being described.

Arnold: Perhaps. Thanks… *Looking at the time* It’s about time for me to get back to broadcasting on the air… So i’ll let you go. But you take care over there. If Agent M gives you any trouble… Just play along. But do it your way.

Avery: Will do. You take care over there too… Catch you again soon when i can.

After the call…

Arnold: *On the Air* Hello there all you fellow cats. This is your local watchdog of the airwaves broadcasting hot from the beacon of light, Lord Arnold. It is a stormy night out in the city folks and the weatherman forecasted that there is a 2 day set of it just off the horizon and moving into our neck of the woods. So if there is no real need for you folks to be out in it… Stay inside and keep warm. Bundle up and stay covered up with that good ole’ warmth. Nice blankets and a soft emitting breath of a cozy fireplace because it’s gonna be chilly and very icy. *A Short Pause* In local news… there’s been some tales about a mysterious new girl in the city. She’s been said to be accompanied by a transgender girl of 15. No one knows who she is. But the details are as follows. Red Hair, Glasses, Nasally when talks and is very shy. A Band geek. If anyone knows her identity please call the radio station at 1-219-591-4918. There is a couple in Connecticut who happen to miss her. So… let’s get some answers for the couple looking for their Daughter. *a second pause* It’s 10 past the hour. 9:10 PM and to soothe the weary listeners during this stormy weather… *Playing another tune* We’re gonna set the mark and play a little Empire of the sun… That’s right. It’s Emporer Steel and Good ole’ Nick Littlemore with the Hit: Standing on the Shore… Right here and now on MRHAP… Metropolis. The Station that plays a little slice of hope to one and all… And to the one with the red hair and the nasally sounding voice… Don’t lose hope. A Reunion could be in your near future… Just keep looking up.

There was more to come… More to expect and this was only the beginning. A group of the fighters were tailing the bus that contained the catalyst Johnny Blaze inside. Justin Creed was with Sora and Carly… and they were following right with The Rusoe sisters. Blossom and Leslie were there. Time was ticking and the clock was counting down the minutes… There was time to spare… But the threat was not to freeze for anyone. Would the fighters catch up to the bus in time? Would they be at risk of losing it? Find out in the next chapter of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! as the Saga Continues…


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