Chapter 314: Watchtower Infiltration…A start of the Ghost Rider with a Tearful Watchtower good-bye.

Narrator: *As  Blossom* As it was said… With the start of the new threat… things were starting to turn from bad… to worse. And for us fighters and even my team of fighters… the worst was yet to come. For a while now we were told that something was coming. Something was looming close and we then were all briefed on the matter that was indeed said to come. Kimahri was out scouring the city and keeping a close tight watch of anything that could pop in to the city. Not even he saw this coming. No one did. My Wife Leslie and I feared what was about to come…

Watchtower Command Center…

Watchtower Command Center…

Nicole: What’s going on? What’s this Threat that we’re being brought into?

Charlene: Is it the threat that consists of the Devil and his son?

Lana: It’s that… isn’t it?

Tess: That is exactly what you fighters are about to face. As of the last week… The threat has gotten closer and it’s covering the city like a Veil.

Genevieve: It was only hours ago when we picked up this transmission.

Tess: *Playing the Audio*

Recording: “Black Heart/Dark Heart: Mephistopheles I knew you’d come.

Mephistopheles:Long time no see, boys. Where you been hiding? I know why you’re here. I know what you’re after. It’s my contract. They’re my souls.

Black Heart/Dark Heart: We both know you can’t harm me here. It’s my turn to lead.

Mephistopheles:  You will suffer for this. Now, deal with my Rider. And the Super fighters of the city.  

Black Heart/Dark Heart: Your favorite creation? Send your precious Rider. I will retire him just like I will retire you… …Father. And as for those fighters… I’ll also retire them. They’re known as the Rhapsody New Generation… But once i’m done with them… They’ll live just long enough to be known as the Late Rhapsody New Generation. I will end them.”

Leslie: *Gulps* I don’t think that i’m liking this.

Nicole: Neither am I.

Ellie: Who is this Dark Heart? What does he want with us?

Lana: Not us… The Original Fighters of the new generation. He is targeting the attainment of the contract which is worth 2000 evil souls… Dark Heart has the impression of where he believes that the fighters are gonna stop him and interfere with his ambitions. Which gives us side fighters an easy in. Because… This guy Dark Heart… Whoever he might be… He will have 3 henchmen. Plus himself. So… he can try going at some of the fighters. But he can’t get them all. Which will leave it for us to slip in and infiltrate while they’re fighting the bad guys off.

Serena: You newbies are getting too sure of yourselves. It isn’t exactly as simple as you’re thinking on making it. This is not a easy threat where you just go in and stop the bad guy and call it a day. There is always something more involved in cases like these.

Raven: Like the Mob… When we had to deal with them and trying to stand the high ground. Being in defense for that guy Ipkiss. He was being made into a pariah by Kellaway and we had to even the playing field. Because if not… Ipkiss would have been caged… along with Tyrell. But The Mask character… he sent Tyrell right on down the drains. Where he could be now… No one truly knows.

Clint: Or when we all went against the Ogdru Jahad… tussling with that Nut Rasputin. The Gas Mas freak Kroenen. Plus those sickly Hell hounds. The Hounds of Resurrection. Those things were no fun ride. Hell… one of them threw me against the wall… If it weren’t for Hellboy distracting it enough till the guys got there to fire at that beastly creature… I would have been that thing’s next delicious meal. It would have tore me apart and swallowed me right on down its gullet and in it’s gurgling belly.

Nicole: That’s something we haven’t caught on before.

Annie: *Shaking all over* What’s going on?

Daria: What’s happening?

Tess: *Pleading to the fighters* Fighters… You must Evacuate the Command center. Right away.

Blossom: What?! No! We can’t just leave here. What about you guys?

Genevieve: There’s no time… Fighters, You must get out of here… Hurry! If you die here… the city will be defenseless. The growing threat is near… Your Main Ally who’s the Catalyst in it… ©Johnny Blaze©… He is gonna need your help. But you can’t help him if you die here. You need to go now.

Sapphire: Come with us now, Guys.

Chloe: Tess, Teleport them out of here… now!

Tess: Right away, Chloe.

Genevieve: *Walking over to the controls and preparing to initiate Teleport of the fighters* …

But that was when the one part of the controls began to short out and blow. Leslie and Blossom took the initiative and went off on making a move…

Leslie: *With Blossom* Tess, Genevieve… Noooo!

They leaped over and covered the controls… Or were about to when…

Zion: *Grabbing hold of Both Blossom and Leslie* A couple of Mothers must not get in dangers path.

Kimahri: *Taking the brunt of the Shock coming from the sparks being spewed by the one portion of controls*

Spencer: *With Rikku* [Kimahri], Hu… Fryd yna oui tuehk? Fryd ryja oui tuha? druca cbyngc luimt ryja gemmat oui? Fryd ypuid [Yuna]? Fryd ypuid ran? Oui’na unekehymmo cibbucat du pa ran bnudaldun. Vneaht. Ev oui ku… Ed fuimt uhmo rind ran. ([Kimahri], No… What are you doing? What have you done? those sparks could have killed you? What about [Yuna]? What about her? You’re originally supposed to be her protector. Friend. If you go… It would only hurt her.)

Luzzu: This does look extremely bad. *Looking slightly at the cameras and security footage* Uh… I think that i know why this is going on…

Serena: Do you now? *Tipsy over being rattled all through the Command Center*

Theodore: Would you care to enlighten us, Luzzu?

Wakka: What’s the matter?

Luzzu: The Security footage dictates that the Command Center here was Infiltrated by a dark mysterious man. With a Cane that has a tip that is Solid Silver and exposes a Skull impression… This place is in process of self-destructing… but there’s still a little time to pull up a clear picture.

Chloe: *scanning the footage and retrieving a facial recognition of the one who Infiltrated the Command Center* Looks like we got a dark snake in the gears.

Wakka: Agh! *Raising a fist at the person on the Video footage* Why that no good rotten son of a Shoopuf Jackal!

A Picture is pulled up and shows the face of the one responsible…

Clint: Hey… Isn’t that…

Sora: Don’t tell us… Please, don’t say it.

Tess: It is. It’s Mephistopheles.

Explosions started sounding off again but now more stronger…

Tess: This is it…

Genevieve: Fighters… there’s not a second more to spare. You must get out of here now. Now. The world is gonna need you. The City is gonna need you all. But if you die here… The city is gonna be exposed to supernatural threats. Dangers that are too big for them to understand.

Cyborg: You guys… Need to take the breeze and jet. Evacuate from here while you can.

Serena: No. We’re not leaving any of you behind.

Paul: You’ve got to come with us.

Boom! Boom! (Siren Blaring and sounding off)

Blossom: *Panicking* Oh my god… Shit. This is a fucking nightmare. A total and complete nightmare…

From the outside halls just Outside the Watchtower Command Center…

Justin Creed

Justin: *Hearing screams* This is the place. Sora Must be here… *Hearing Sora Scream* Sora. That’s Sora… *Hearing explosions going off and panicking*

From inside the Command Center…

Nicole: What’re we gonna do? How do we get out of here?

Lana: Isn’t there any way to stop the explosions?

Back in the Hall…

Justin Creed

Justin: It’s them… and the others. Leslie and Blossom. Carly, Serena… They’re in trouble. I’ve got to go in… They could be in danger…

Seconds later…

Justin: But none of them know about my being the Blue Turbo Ranger. I’m not supposed to be openly showing off. *Feeling unsure of what to do* What’ll i do? Sora’s in trouble. I got to get in there. *Looking ahead and making a decision* Sorry Tommy, Adam, Kat… Ashley. But they’re in trouble and the Ranger code says to always assist and come to the aid of those in need.

A Second later…

Justin Creed: Shift into Turbo!

Justin Creed: *Morphing* Mountain Blaster Turbo Power!

However… Inside the Command Center…

Sounds of Thunder and Electricity were going… Tess and Genevieve were unable to get to the controls to initiate the Teleport sequence. In fact… None of them were able to.

Blossom: Damn it! Someone do something. Anything. I don’t want to Die in the Command Center.

Sora: *Looking at Carly* This could be the end for us… The end of the Rhapsody Dynasty New Generation…

Carly: Yeah… *Terrified* Sora, What’re we to do? we’re stuck here…

Justin: *Voice* No you’re not.

Sora: *Pauses* Huh?!

Ellie: *Looking around* Explosions are going off… and now… voices?

Turbo Ranger/Justin Creed: *Running in* Don’t worry. You’re gonna be okay.

Genevieve: *Looking at the mysterious Ranger* Who are you?

Sora: I think that i know… *Looking and spotting Justin* Justin?!

Carly: Justin?! *Gasps* Justin Creed… Is a Power Ranger?

Sapphire: Say what? Are you pulling our damn legs? He’s this power Ranger?… From where? Where the heck did he come from?

Spencer: Hey… Come on, guys. We’re in a real awful bind here and he’s risking his own life to safe us and come to our aid. How about some gratitude?

Blue Turbo Ranger/Justin Creed: Come on. There’s no time to waste. The guys and I were out on a monster Battle. Dimitria knew that i had a life here in Metropolis. As do the others… But she’s at the Command Center. The one that calls upon Zords. *Feeling the ground shake and witnessing more Explosions* What’s going on here?! *Getting a bit thrown off his feet* Whoa! Hey… What gives? What’s the big idea?

Zion: Watchtower got infiltrated…

Luzzu: By a Dark being.

Blue Turbo Ranger/Justin Creed: Who?

Kimahri: By the Devil himself… Mephistopheles.

Blue Turbo Ranger/Justin Creed: *Marching over to the controls and checking them out* We got to get out of here and now. If this place self-destructs… It’s gonna take you all with it. *Pressing some buttons and activating the teleport* These controls are different than the kind which are within the command center that controls the Zords and also ensures that we’ve got Ranger powers. *Feeling the eyes looking at him* Don’t read too much into it. Okay? Now’s not the time. *trying to start the Teleportation* … Come on. Work.

P.A System: Self-Destruct protocol now activated. Self-Destruct will begin in T-minus 10 Minutes.

Tess: That was not the controls. You’ve started the total core meltdown. This place is gonna self-Destruct and there won’t be any stopping it.

Blossom: *Sighs*

Genevieve: Let’s see on trying to cut the signal to the countdown and stop it.

Chloe: *Pressing the buttons* Teleportation sequence Activated.

Within seconds… they all were out from the Watchtower Command Center. It was gonna be a long time before The Watchtower would be redone. It was the end of the Watchtower. Just as it almost was last time when it was internally torn apart and damaged in order to prevent it from being seized by the very hands of Checkmate and Amanda Waller??? It was also so Tess and Chloe could get out before they were caught and apprehended by Stuart Campbell and a couple of Checkmate gov’t agents. However… this was different. They were all teleported out from the Watchtower… All except for Tess, Genevieve, Chloe and Cyborg. Neither did Mr. Breslin and Mr. Morgan got out… They remained inside and within…

Tess: Chloe, We are unsure of what to do. We can’t stop the Self-destruct. The command center’s become unstable…

BOOM! BOOM! Crackle! Snap! SNAP! CRACK! POP! BOOM! Sizzle…Kablam!

A Moment later…

On the outside of the Watchtower Command Center…

From on Top of the Luthorcorp Plaza; Overlooking the city and in View and sight of the Watchtower Command Center…

Amy: *Feeling the impact of the Explosions* Ack!

Sora: Oh god!

Theodore: Hit the DECKS!

Penny: *Ducking for cover*

Clint: …

Blue Turbo Ranger/Justin Creed: *On the ground*

As soon as the smoke settled and cleared…

Blossom: *Getting up slowly* … *Shaking off the impact of the blast* Ugh! God… *Looking at everyone* Is Everyone alright?

Kimahri: *Standing up and Standing tall* … *Shaking his head* Kimahri not know. Kimahri little sore.

Zion: Zion take bad fall.

Leslie: *Getting up and feeling a little achy* What happened?

Spencer: *Coming to and slowly getting back up* For the most part… Yeah.

Rikku: This is something that i don’t miss. Not at all.

Blue Turbo Ranger: *Rising up and getting to his feet* I need to inform the guys back at the Command Center in Angel Grove…


Tommy: *Through Communicator* Justin, Where are you? Is everything okay over there?

Blue Turbo Ranger/Justin Creed: *Speaking into the Communicator* Tommy, We’ve got a problem going here.

Tommy: What do you mean?

Blue Turbo Ranger/Justin Creed: The Watchtower Command Center… It’s been blown up…

Tommy: Where are you, Justin?

Blue Turbo Ranger/Justin Creed: On top of a tall building. Pretty high up. *To the crew* Where are we?

Blossom: On top of the Luthorcorp Plaza building… *Feeling wincing pain coming on to her* Ahhh!

Leslie: *Rubbing her head* Owww! That hurts!

Blue Turbo Ranger/Justin Creed: Tommy, Did you catch that?

Tommy: Yeah. I’m with Adam right now… I’ll let him know and we’ll get on our way. We’re coming.

Blue Turbo Ranger/Justin Creed: Okay. Thank you. But Tommy, Hurry.

Tommy: You got it.

Serena: Is everybody alright?

Rikku: I’m guessing… yes. seem to be…

Kimahri: Kimahri sore but okay…

Paul: *Looking to see his sisters Sora and Carly still out and then suddenly stirring back to consciousness* Sora… Carly!

They all ran over to them and tended to them…

Seconds later…

Sora: *Coming to and Sitting up* … *Looking over to see the remains of the Watchtower Command Center* Oh no! Please… Don’t let it be the end for us and the powers that be…

Carly: Oh, man. It’s gone.

Sapphire: Do you think they could have survived?

Spencer: I don’t know. I don’t see how anyone could survive that kind of explosion.

Raven: Is that what you’re demanding to see it as? They’re mortals. Okay? As are we. We are mortals and you know very well… that if we were still inside there when the main event initiated itself… We’d be dead too. You think that since we got powers… and that we just so happen to be members of the Rhapsody Dynasty… that we’d be safe from perpetual explosion? I would love to think that it’d be just so incredibly easy to go around and be immune to death and find out that we can’t die… However… here’s the thing: WE CAN!

Christina: I think that we get the point, Raven. However, You don’t need to cough up an attitude.

Raven: What attitude? Didn’t you just see the Watchtower? It’s gone. There’s Nothing left of it. It’s gone. All of it is gone… there’s nothing left. Our powers could likely fade off any moment now. We right now… are lucky that we’re not dead. We could have been dead too along with Tess, Genevieve, Chloe, Cyborg and the two men that were working there as well.

Nicole: Blossom, what are we going to do?

Blossom: *Groaning in uncertainty* I don’t know… But it could possibly mean the end of the Rhapsody Dynasty and The Rhapsody New Generation…

The Fighters all stood there in mourn as they were looking at the devastating view of the place that they called Heroic HQ. Their headquarters for getting the scoop on coming threats. All coming dangers. They depended on the Watchtower and all it’s knowledge. Because it was with them that they were in the know of what was foretold to come their way. But now… Without the watchtower… it was over. They were on their own. They were gonna need to keep their own intel and gather their own details and data on what was coming and the threats of old. The whole thing was now on their hands. In their court and the fighters had no clue as to what to do. The current threat was with the Devil and the Son revolving a Contract of San Venganza worth 2000 Evil Souls. But there were other threats that were foretold to follow. What they didn’t know was that they were about to have unusual allies. More on the influence of those Power Rangers…

As they stood there in shock…

At the Metropolis City Park…

Tommy: *Looking at Adam* Justin called. He’s in need of help. He just went to see on a distress call coming from Sora Rhapsody.

Adam: Sora?! Isn’t she the girl that we saw at the front entrance of the Stadium for the night of that Music Concert that was being held there that night?

Tommy: Yeah. Justin’s rather infatuated with her. In Love I’d guess. However Sora’s read the thoughts and picked up on our secret. That we were the Power Rangers.

Adam: That girl’s smart and psychic. But what’s the situation with her?

Tommy: I don’t know all the details. But Justin did seem to be in a bit of a bind. We should help him out on the matter.

Adam: Let’s go. Justin needs us. Rangers and team members are there for one another.

Tommy: *Nods*

Seconds later…

Tommy: *With Adam next to him; In Position* Shift into Turbo!


Adam: *Morphing* Desert Thunder Turbo Power!

Tommy: *Morphing* Red Lightning Turbo Power!

At the top of the Luthorcorp Plaza…

Blue Turbo Ranger/Justin Creed: *Hugging Sora* I’m sorry for your loss here.

Sora: *Upset* I know. It’s just not fair though… Why would Mephistopheles do this to the Watchtower? It didn’t pose a threat to him. It wasn’t even targeting him.

Kimahri: Some reason behind what bad men do never Explained. They do what they wish.

Nicole: Well… Good work to him. *Walking to the west side edge of the building* Watchtower is gone. It’s over. There’s nothing left for any of us at all.


Red Turbo Ranger/Tommy: *Running over with Green Turbo Ranger/Adam* Justin, What’s going on?

Blue Turbo Ranger/Justin: Tommy, Adam… You guys came.

Green Turbo Ranger/Adam: Of course. You know the code. Never leave a Ranger hangin’. Besides… We’d never leave you hangin’.

Red Turbo Ranger/Tommy: What’s the situation?

Blossom: *Looking to see Tommy* Hey… Who’re you guys?

Blue Turbo Ranger/Justin: It’s okay, Blossom. They’re with me. They’re members to the Power Rangers. Sora already knows who they are. As well as know that i too am a Member.

Blossom: Oh… Okay.

Sapphire: What?! Are you trying to take a one way trip down the rabbit hole and intending to get lost in a maze? Your heads must be stuck in the mud and with no intention of climbing out.

Paul: Okay… Let us think about it and Look at the details. You 3 guys… are Power Rangers. You’re from Angel Grove Originally… but have conducted some type of life here in Metropolis. But then when danger calls… You go off to see this inter-dimensional being… Named Zordon. But now is Dimitria. Do i have it clear on the details thus far?

Red Turbo Ranger/Tommy: Can’t get any more clearer.

Serena: Okay… We’re piqued. You grabbed our interest and fascination.

Annie: You Rangers are one of us now…

Blossom: Justin… You’re Part of my team. Sora and Carly are also on my team. Along with Nicole, Ellie and Lana Rusoe. My Wife Leslie. You’re now a Rhapsody Ranger. To this being named Dimitria… You’re a Turbo Ranger. But to this team and us… You’re a Rhapsody Ranger. Tommy, You’re like a leader. So… You’ll run one of the Sub-Stations of Watchtower. Leslie’s got one in her office. at the Stadium. Kimahri, You and Zion are the Assistant leaders. The backers. Tommy follows you… You follow him. You report to him and he returns to report to you and then to us.

Amy: Which leaves us… with Adam. Adam… You’re with us older fighters. But we will have to warn you that… some of the things we deal with… They’re lethal and dangerous…. So Keep in mind of these 3 things… Stay Alert and attentive. 2. When Danger comes at you. Don’t think twice. Don’t Make second guesses. Attack it full on ahead. 3. When pairing up with a group of us… When a small group happen to pair off… You cover the flanks. The same will be done in return. The Threats that we face… They’re deadly. Merciless and relentless to a degree.

Leslie: That settles it.

Red Turbo Ranger/Tommy: What about the people inside the destroyed Watchtower?

Blue Turbo Ranger/Justin: We’ve got to look and see on finding if there are any survivors.

Lana: That’d be one good idea. We should do that.

Leslie: *Looking at Blossom* We should head over to the stadium… The Sub station i have to contact Watchtower… Should have a copy of the schematics and blue prints of the Watchtower Command Center. If we could only look at them… We could start a search for any survivors and see if anyone… got lucky and made it.

Green Turbo Ranger/Adam: That’s right. But do you really believe that anyone could have made it. After that Explosion?

Carly: We should at least try… Our main objective is to locate this Johnny Blaze© and help him. Assist him. We need to do what we can in finding any survivors in the Watchtower Command Center. So… the first team will start here with the search.

Blossom: Our team will go off to Locate the Catalyst in this current Threat. Zion, You go with them. Kimahri, You’re staying with us.

An Hour later…

Leslie’s Room…


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