Chapter 314: Watchtower Infiltration…A start of the Ghost Rider with a Tearful Watchtower good-bye.

Blossom: *With Leslie, Joanna, Macie, Frank, The Rusoe Trio and Charlene, Carly, Sora, Justin and Ridge* Previously on the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z!

Blossom: It has. However things have changed a bit. Leslie’s here and is one of us now…

Paul: *On Screen* Say what? Come again?! Blossom, Did you just say that Leslie is now a part of the Super-powered persuasion?

Blossom: Oh… Not just my girlfriend and Lover Leslie. There’s a trio of girls. The Rusoe trio… They’re part of this too. And yes. They have been training secretly every few days or so…since they got the powers.

Annie: How is that even possible?


Genevieve: *On screen* Fighters… Please. Calm down. There is indeed a reasonable explanation for why dear Leslie and the 3 girls have been made supers. It is due to the idea that for the imminent threat that dares to loom upon the near horizon… It’s gonna take more than just your skills and wits to undergo this threat.

Annie: What threat are you talking about?

Tess: *Putting up the Video*

Video: *Playing the Intro* “It’s said that the West was built on legends. Tall tales that help us make sense of things too great… …or too terrifying to believe. This is the legend of the Ghost Rider. Story goes that every generation has one. Some damned soul, cursed to ride the earth… …collecting on the devil’s deals. Many years ago, a Ghost Rider was sent to the village of San Venganza… …to fetch a contract worth 1000 evil souls. But that contract was so powerful… …he knew he could never let the devil get his hands on it. So he did what no Rider has ever done before: He outran the devil himself. The thing about legends is… …sometimes they’re true.”


Serena: *Catching someone there with Blossom, Leslie and the Rhapsody trio* How’s the lady there with you guys? She’s different.

Charlene: That would be the most logical observation. But… The woman you see is a friend to our mother Dinah, Serena. Say hello to the manager of the Metropolis Inn. Lorelai Gilmore. Plus she’s also got a daughter… Rory Gilmore who’s her daughter and best friend.

Leslie: She’s also the new sworn protector and keeper of the secret. About the Lore of the whole family. Made one the day before last.

Spencer: Hmm. Is she trustworthy?

Blossom: I would believe as though she could be. If she were to blab to others… She would have thereby done it by the first shot she had.

Lorelai: *Looking at the crew* Hey guys.

Blossom: Lorelai… This is a Voice Comm group chat but is on transmit-ion with Watchtower Command center. The ones you see here are my cousins. They’re supers too. The Rhapsody Romancers Z!, The Rhapsody Aquatic Force Z! and the Rhapsody Thunderic force Z! Honolulu Torch Paul, Psychic Wonder Crystal, The ESP. Elemental twins. They’re the heroes. My family of heroes.

Lorelai: Wow… Heroes. Super fighters!


Genevieve: *Looking at the fighters and then at the civilian* Ma’am… I am sure that meeting you would be a surprise. However… This is a Private Conference between the fighters, Tess and I.

Blossom: Genevieve, It’s alright. She’s safe to listen in. She’s been sworn to secrecy and vowed to protect the secrets of the Clan. And the fighters and of the Allies that are associated with us all.


Genevieve: *On screen; addressing the fighters and allies* As you all know given the small mention of there being a possible threat in the immediate future. Something dark is on the way. At 11:35 AM On Oct. 11th 2046. Watchtower Command center picked up Data transmitted from the Watchtower Orbiter. Classifying a Dark and fiery threat. Souls in wake. Foreshadowing a battle between two Demonic beings who walk in the form of human. But are anything except human. A Field Operative… One known as Kimahri. He foretold of seeing a dark entity. A Evil cloud looming… not too far from the horizon. As the Data poured in… It provided us a photo of your soon to be main Antagonist of the threat. The hero… Johnny Blaze©/Ghost Rider. The Villain: Black-heart/Dark-heart. However some of the details have changed. It’s not only 1000 evil souls… It’s 2000. Raising hell on earth. “Long ago, he made a deal… to save someone he loved… What he didn’t know was the price he would have to pay…” 

Serena: Okay… So this Blackheart… He’s the obvious son of the devil himself and he’s looking to rise up to complete power and Raise Hell upon Earth. Take control of all living things on the planet.

Carly Black: Hmm… Sounds like trouble might be stewing among this threat.


Sora: *Appearing on screen joining the Conference* Sorry for being a little late. Was hanging out with Justin Creed. He and I were having a mini-date. Don’t know what my sister Carly is doing… And to be honest… I don’t care.

Sapphire: How’s that, Sora? What’s the itch?

Blossom: It’s because… as of recent. Carly has taken up smoking. It all started days after her meeting and spending time with this guy Johnny Barlow.


Carly: *appearing on screen* Hey everyone. *Looking at Sora* Sora…

Sora: Hey.  Where’s Johnny? You done puffing?

Carly: Sora, knock it off. Johnny isn’t the one that got me to do it.

Sora: Bullshit. He is too… Because before he came… You didn’t take up smoking. Then he comes and all of a sudden… you are lighting up.

Carly: Sora, He is not the one that got me to do it. So… do a favor and back off. DROP IT! Johnny told me what got him to start the habit. He told me the whole story. Of course that he once offered me a light. Like a sign of trust or something. Even though he trusts me anyway. I was weary… but i went for it anyway.. I made the choice. It was me. Not Johnny. No matter what try to get me to believe, Sora. It was not Johnny’s doing. It was mine. I choose to do it and i am also trying to help him quit. I’m sacrificing alot and putting my self on the line for him. And if you want to ask why… I’ll tell you why. It’s because… I Love him. Okay? I love him.

Sora: If he didn’t get you to take it up… then Stop Smoking. Otherwise i’m telling mom. She’s been through enough over the last year and a half. She doesn’t need anymore pain. I haven’t told her about you smoking because of 3 reasons. 1. You’re my sister and i love you. 2. Because i don’t want anymore pain to come at mom. and 3. I don’t want it to hurt you to the point where we’re no longer together and wind up going Solo. I was away from you this afternoon because i was hurt. And if you were in my shoes… you would see why. I was hurt. Carly… You need to stop this habit. It isn’t like you. You’d never do something like this. Never.

Carly: You know… Maybe you’re right. We need to be solo for a while. It’s obvious that all i seem to be doing is hurting you with this and no matter what i try to explain to you about what i’m trying to do to help Johnny… You are not believing me. So… I think that until Johnny is able to quit the habit and is helped to be better. We need to be apart. I don’t want to hurt you, Sora and just now… i saw the pain in your eyes. I can’t do it anymore. Till Johnny’s cleaned up. I am going Solo. Sorry.


The contract is missing.

Leslie: Contract?! *Confused* What do you mean the Contract went missing? What contract?

Genevieve: The contract of San Venganza. One worth 2,000 Evil souls.

Ellie: It went missing? When did that happen?

Genevieve: After the first Ghost Rider found the Contract and Outran the devil himself.

Spencer: I think that i see somewhat of the tale there behind it. The Devil was after that one contract. To Mephistopheles… that contract had to have been like the holy grail to him. The Cornerstone to what he’s aiming for. So he had this Ghost Rider. Carter Slade go and fetch this contract and somehow… somewhere along the way… The Rider must have sensed mass Evil coursing through the Contract. An astronomical portion of Evil in waiting within the contract itself that proved to be so Evil that it would not just bring hell on Earth. But would bring the world to its very knees. He knew that somehow that he’d have to make a jump and decide what to do. By doing so… he did the only thing that could be thought to be done. What no rider had ever done before. Run. Run and never look back. Outrun the Devil himself and ensure that he never gained possession of the contract. Ever. As to where Carter Slade is… or where he’d hid the contract… It’s anyone’s guess.

Rikku: How do we ensure that none of this comes to pass? If the Devil… Mephistopheles… is seeking to gain possession of it… He’s gonna need someone to go after it. Search for it and find it. Not stopping till it’s found and then bring it to him. However… Who’d do that?

Paul: A ghost rider. Of course… it’d be hard to find one as not many people would just valiantly hand over their souls and expect a hefty little peace offering.

Serena: Maybe he’s got one in mind. Question is… Who is it? What would he do with the one he’s got in mind?

Christina: That’s what we’d like to know. How close is this threat?


A Voice breaks through the feed…

“I’m closer than you think. My father thinks that his latest creation can take me? You fighters think that you can stop me? I don’t know who’s more pathetic? You… or my father?!”

Leslie Burke 21

Leslie: Oh… *Shook up* Uh, I don’t think that i like the sound of that.

Nicole: Neither do i.

Ellie: That goes double for me.

Lana: Triple.

Blossom: We’re gonna need a bit more help than what we got now…

Genevieve: We’re gonna summon up the ones who work for the Stadium.

Leslie: Who? Luzzu, Wakka, Yuna, Lucil and Elma?

Genevieve: Yes. When it comes time.


“He wants to dream like a young man
With the wisdom of an old man
He wants his home and security
He wants to live like a sailor at sea

Beautiful loser
Where you gonna fall?
When you realize
You just can’t have it all

He’s your oldest and your best friend
If you need him, he’ll be there again
He’s always willing to be second-best
A perfect lodger, a perfect guest

Beautiful loser
Read it on the wall
And realize
You just can’t have it all
You just can’t have it all

You just can’t have it all
Ohh, ohh, can’t have it all
You can try, you can try, but you can’t have it all
Oh yeah

He’ll never make any enemies, enemies, no
He won’t complain if he’s caught in a freeze
He’ll always ask, he’ll always say please

Beautiful loser
Never take it all
‘Cause it’s easier
And faster when you fall

You just don’t need it all
You just don’t need it all
You just don’t need it all
Just don’t need it all”


???: *Walking down the hall and coming towards the girls* Hey there. What’s up?

Zoey: Not much… Just heading to class now.

Tara: *Looking to see a new face coming over* Hey there. Where did you come from?

???: From the the front entrance. I am a bit late getting here as i unfortunately overslept and my benefactorEarl Braden. He’s a Publisher for new uprising Authors. He however never uses the Apartment that is above and yet has it all decorated and done up. Suitable for living purposes. He lets me have it. I work for it though… Like doing some odd jobs from time to time. I earn about 200 a month with all the odd jobs that i do for him.

Nicole: *Looking at the new boy* You new to the school?

Johnny: Yeah. sure am. I am Emancipated. Came from Long beach, California.


Sora and Carly 10
Carly Rhapsody

Carly: *Riding on the Motorcycle with Johnny* Johnny, how long have you been riding?

Johnny Barlow
Johnny Barlow

Johnny: *Driving* I’ve done it since i was 10. It’s been 4 years since i was emancipated from my parents and it was before that when i got into riding Motorcycles. I mean… It got to the point where i could tell exactly when a Motorcycle was around. Because of the way it chugged its motor. The Engine running like it was rearing to speed off into the vast horizon. I found this one abandoned and with no one to claim it. Saw it with potential to ride once again and took it. Rebuilt it from scratch.

Carly: You rebuilt this?

Johnny: Sure. I am good with my hands. *Grinning while driving* I live on my own. My parents were abusers and never there for me. I had to fend for myself anyway most of the time and it got to the point where… What did i need them for? I was self-sufficient and pro-active. Knew what to do and how to do it. Taught myself tricks of the trade.

Carly: Does your Benefactor know that you can ride Motorcycles?

Johnny: I believe that he’s figured that part out on his own as he told me not long ago that he’d caught me riding on one. He saw that i was with a Motorcycle and at first… he kinda had a bad feeling about it… But he got over it and just took it in as a welcoming part to me.

Carly: He’s okay with it though, right? It’s great knowing that you can really ride this Motorcycle.

Johnny: Is there something more that you’d like to ask? Something more that you’d like to know? *Curious*

Carly: Anything that you wish to tell me. What do you like to do?

Johnny: Well… On my spare time… I like to read and act. I’m more of a muscular and yet down to Earth Bike rider.


The Metropolis Smoker’s Lounge…

Johnny: *Sitting with Carly and Enjoying the Cheeseburger* Carly, have you ever come across someone who seemed as though they were the nicest person around and yet… deep down had a bit of teenage angst and also some secrets that they felt that they couldn’t let out?

Carly: What do you mean?

Johnny: I’m a transgender.

Carly: You’re what?

Johnny: I’m a transgender. I was born a girl but with the tendencies and personality of a male. I get little injections every few weeks of Androgen to help transform my insides into male organs.

Carly: *Pauses* Wh-whoa. That part… i didn’t know.

Johnny: No one knows. I prefer it that way.

Carly: *Feeling bad* I’m sorry.

Johnny: Don’t be. It’s not your fault. It’s just what is. That’s all.

Carly: Does it make you happy though?

Johnny: It’s a living. Besides… It could be alot more confusing. Like not knowing what gender you are. Not being able to decide what gender you’d like to be. Like you. What if you were born a guy. and you had the identity of being a girl… going in for injections of Estrogen so that you’d interchange into a girl. becoming a girl and for some reason… not know what Gender you’d like to be? What would you do?

Carly Athena Rhapsody 38

Carly: *Shrugs* I don’t know.

Johnny: But you’d feel utterly confused due to it… wouldn’t you?

Carly: Yeah. I would.


Carly: Johnny, You do know that you’re gonna have to pose as a girl while being in here. You’re with a wig. To make yourself appear as a girl.


Johnny: Carly, I do happen to be a transgender. I was a girl… and getting treatments on being transformed into a boy. I know how to still play the game of being a girl. Don’t worry. It’ll be fine.


Dinah: *Walking over fast to the girls close by* Janie, Alex… Charlene… We have to go now. The Hospital just called…

Janie: What’s wrong?

Dinah: No… Not really.  Leslie’s father has passed away.


Leslie: *Gasps; shooting up in disbelief* You’ve got to be kidding me, Mom. I can’t be with that much money. I am nothing of a Billionaire. I’d never be able to handle that kind of money. I barely can handle the kind of money that i happen to possess now as of current.

Blossom: Mom… You have to be pulling our damn legs. Leslie’s gonna be the head of taking on all of Mr. Burke’s… Carl’s Assets?


Leslie: *Seeing the lifeless body of her father* That’s him. Oh my god… He’s pale. He’s also cold. Cover him up. *Unstable* Cover him up. He’s freezing. Please cover him up.

Blossom Burke

Blossom: *With a tear soaked face* It’s not fair. Why did he have to die? He was holding on just yesterday. We managed to call here and were told that he was doing just fine. How could this have happened?


Dr. Mizuno: *Walking over to Mrs. Burke with Emil Hamilton* Mrs. Burke. We are deeply sorry for your loss. We just started to fill in the papers for his transfer to the morgue.


???: *Walking by* Hey there… You okay?

Blossom: *Sobbing* No. I’m not. Can’t you see that i’m grieving over the loss. I just lost my father-in-law tonight. He passed on only an hour ago.

???: Really? Wow… I’m really sorry to hear that. Who was your father-in-law? *Curious*

Blossom: *Through her tears* Carl V. Burke. He happens to be the father to my wife Leslie T. Burke. But he became my father-in-law once i married Leslie.

???: Oh… So i take it that you’re gay. Is that right?

Blossom: Yeah. I am gay and i am proud of it.

???: I’m okay with that. One reason being that i too happen to be gay. Just don’t tell my mom. Tammy. She’d keel over.

Blossom: She would, huh? Who’s your mom? Miss Bellum? Just kidding of course. But… *Sniffling* Seriously. Who is she?

???: Tammy Garland.

Blossom: Garland… *Trying to think* Wait… Garland… She wouldn’t be the one who was tied to the one that tried to destroy my Aunts Paige, Pearl and Dinah back almost 20 years ago… would she? Not that i would harp on it… it’s the past. Lot has changed since then… But is she?

???: Yeah. I’m her daughter. The daughter to her and the guy who tried to do that awful thing. She didn’t. He did. But she won’t talk of him and i never pushed. Nor do i intend to.


???: *Sighs* Tammy, You know that you’re supposed to keep away from them. It’s taboo to be around them. Your mom even told you that she cut all ties with them. It made her a better person. She wants it that way. She doesn’t hate them… But she just wants to keep that chapter of her life closed.

Tammy Jr.: That maybe her. But i’m not gonna ward them off. I mean… Just because she’s alone without my dad who i don’t mention and she won’t talk about… doesn’t mean that i can’t befriend them. This girl is one of them. I think that it’s cool. She can just get over it, Saturday. I love her… But i am not gonna be made to suffer with her fear of having that part of her life coming back.

Saturday: If you wish. But if your mom finds out… You better have a nice cover story for what you’re trying to do hanging around one of them. She will be all over you.

Blossom: What?! Why’s her mom afraid of being around my family?

Saturday: It’s nothing for you to know. But i would suppose that you should be made aware of the reasons as to why her mom is afraid of your family. It’s because of what happened nearly 20 years ago… When your Aunts… Paige, Pearl and Dinah went against this guy named Stroker. The guy was a complete mystery… the only thing known about him was that he happened to be some technical Whiz-Prodigy. Knew alot about the electronics. It was said that he was once the professor to the 3 girls. Till his life was taken from him. All records have been deleted from the mark of time though… but the Widow… She still remembers it.

Blossom: *Ecstatic; dramatically while through sobs* Oh my god… I totally can’t believe this. That incident was considered a closed matter and deemed as one that never happened. It was wiped from the memory banks from every database known to the world. Global and/or International. Never to be spoken of… ever again. I mean… *Scoffs; with her voice breaking and in tears* I just lost my father-in-law. He died tonight and i’m right now grieving… Grieving… and you … you… *Squeaking in an upset voice; Devastated and in emotional agony* You Want to bring that old scar up… NOW! *Angrily and in pain* How Dare you! Who do you even think you are?! What do you want for the public to know? That my Aunt’s are murderers? Is that it? Okay… fine. Yes. They are murderers. They took the life of the man named Stroker. They killed him. There… HAPPY?! *Sobbing into her hands*


Leslie: *Crying in agony and heartbreak* No… Father. He’s gone… No! No…! Isn’t fair. It isn’t fair… No. Not father… He’s gone. How can he be dead? How can it be true?

Leslie was bawling in tears. She loved her father and held him closer to her than anyone could ever comprehend. She was entwined in love for him. As a daughter-father iron-clad bond. But as she was laying there Bawling…

Gaby Sun Mercer.

???: *Walking over from the entrance leading to the doors heading into the Emergency entrance of the Hospital* Hey… Are you… Okay?

Leslie: Go away… I’m too broken right now. *Sobbing in grief*

???: I can’t go away. I’m involved now. You’re on the ground hurt.

Leslie: *Shooting out* No i am not. I’m grieving. Can’t you tell what grieving is? I just lost my father. He’s dead. He died of a heart attack and it was due to complications from the Triple bypass surgery. *Crying* No… Why…. Why him?

???: It is inevitable for a person to pass from there being complications to having a major surgery. Alot of people usually don’t make it from having a triple bypass. Most even die while being the operating table as the surgical procedure happens. Not many survive. For someone like your father to survive that is rare. No one survives that. Not really. For the ones who do though… They go on to live… for years. Many years till they reach a very old age.

Leslie: How do you even know that? You didn’t know my father.

???: I didn’t know him… But i do know what it is that i just told you. Anyone would know that. Bypass surgery is commonly risky. Why do you think that they call it a bypass? For fun? No. It’s deemed as something risky. Highly dangerous. For there to be a triple Bypass… The chances of survival are unknown. It just depends on the person.

Leslie: *Sobbing* …


Leslie: *Sniffling* So… Who are you anyway? Do we know you?

Gaby Sun Mercer.

???: Gaby Sun Mercer. I was looking for my brother… But then i heard the sounds of someone crying. It lead me here to you.

Leslie: Seems like you were more curious than anything. *Thinking* Wait a minute… Did you just say Mercer? As in Tess Mercer?

Gaby: Who’s that? I don’t know any Tess Mercer. But i know of someone else with the last name Mercer.

Leslie: Who?

Gaby: My Brother… Ridge. He’s the one who goes around singing through town.


Gaby: Wife? You’re married? But… Wait. How old are you?

Leslie: 15-16.

Gaby: 15-16? How could they let you get married… at 15? That’s too young still. Was it planned or set up?

Leslie: Yes. It was the working plan between my mom and my Wife’s father. They had it all set up. We were all for it. My wife and I are very blessed to have had the wedding. I love her. She loves me.

Gaby: That’s really sweet. It really is.


Johnny: *Voice-over* Oct. 15th, 2046. Late afternoon… I was on the road again and had just only barely crested the outskirts of Metropolis as i was on the road again. I knew that it was a rather rash move to take all just for the fact which i either had to make a choice and Leave while i could to avoid being totally exposed as a Gender confused life form or stay and get railroaded as a girl pretending to be a boy. I however didn’t think to realize that there couldn’t be anything worse than that… Well… Other than the fact that i had to leave without saying goodbye to the one person who befriended me and actually loved me. Not pity me and baby me. No. This girl… Carly… She was sweet and condescending and very hospitable. Acceptive. Which in one side… made her a wonderful person to me… but slammed her socially against the crew or posse of friends she had. Even with her sister and cousins.

I didn’t seem to think bad or poorly of her family. They were only being very protective of her and it wasn’t as if they revered me… they just didn’t seem to know how to figure me out. The Rhapsody clan… as they were… couldn’t decipher me. As either a troubled person… or a disturbed individual. There wasn’t any clue they had in understanding what i really was. Carly knew… but she never told them. She didn’t say anything about me and my problem as a dire promise that she’d made to me. She swore that she wouldn’t become the iceberg to the titanic. In other words… Sink me. She risked alot. A whole lot and that is by far… outstanding for one to just risk everything… all for the very sake of that one thing… Whether it be a person, place or thing.

That night was the first night of my being on the road since leaving Metropolis and i only looked behind me for a second to see the metropolis skyline which was getting smaller with every passing mile i got away from the city. By that time, i knew that it was official…

I was on the open road. The HEARTLAND of the country. I always thought about traveling the country a little bit. However, i didn’t think that it would take my leaving the city to reverse the Process of becoming a complete Male in order to make certain that it happened. Of course, it’s better late than never. Right?

I only got a little further that night before noticing how late it was. So, i had to do the logical thing and find a spot to camp out for the night. Sure… it was a tad cold out. Maybe even windy. But it wasn’t all that bad. I rather enjoyed the open road. The scenic atmosphere. It was lonesome and i was longing for someone to talk to… although the only downside to all of it was that i was on the open road. On the open plains and the nearest town wasn’t gonna be for at least 20-25 Miles. So, there wasn’t anything i could have done. Not right then apparently.

I found a pleasing spot only a mile ahead from where i was which would be suitable for me to camp for the night. I pulled over to the side and got off the motorcycle, turned it off and started setting up camp for the night. There were a few branches and twigs to use and pile up… sufficial to build an adequate campfire. Just to keep warm throughout the night. It was a cold night and warmth was gonna be needed. It wasn’t the best thing although it was better than nothing. So it had to do. I was not close to any nearing town or city… and i was by that time 30 miles away from Metropolis. 30 long miles. I couldn’t help but think to myself at that moment: “Well… Johnny, I hope that this is what you want. Because now that you’ve ran off and didn’t go have that one shot to further the process of becoming a Complete Male… You’re gonna only see it being a matter of time before the process starts to reverse and you start undergoing the changes. This better be what you want. Once you go through with this… there is no going back.” But i had already made my mind. It was the hardest choice ever that i’d have to make. I knew that i was hurting the one girl i cared about more than anything. The thought of it got me feeling remorse and i didn’t have a phone. Nor a Cellphone. So i couldn’t call her. The only thing that i could do now was pray for her. That was all i could do.


Joanna: *Waking up and seeing the Preteen girl* You’re confused… i’d think. because i happen to be a girl. *slowly getting up* Oh man… What the heck happened? I feel like i was hit by a train. or at least a semi.

*Standing* I don’t seem to know who you are… but i will state that i’m thankful that someone came to my aide here. You don’t even know me. But yet… you still came to my aide. We never met. But you’re here now. Standing before me. Why? Where did you come from anyway?


Joanna: I don’t know who you are… or what your name is. But, i can’t just leave you here stranded without a way back. I’m pretty sure that your parents’re gonna be pissed or if nothing more worried sick if you don’t return back to where your place of residence is. So, why not come along with me. We’ll get through this bull together.

Girl: Okay. *Sneezing* Sorry. Clogged nose.

Joanna: It’s okay. You probably just caught some dust particles and it went up your nose. Probably an allergen or something. You’ll be okay. Come on. We gotta find ourselves a means of transportation. I gotta get back to Metropolis where some remnant form of my life can be found or for a chance to maybe create a new one… if by chance. I would suppose that you’ll need a better life as well. Least till you get back with your folks.

Girl: If that might be likely. But i wouldn’t count on it as they live in connecticut. I’m several states away from where they are.

Joanna: I’ll tell you what. Till that day comes where you can be reunited with your parents or by chance that they happen to come to Metropolis and likely move to there and live in Metropolis… You’ll be my right hand wheel. You just stick by me. I’ll protect you. I might be a girl… but don’t think that i can’t produce some kind of fight if i gotta. *Curious* What are you supposed to be anyway? A Band Geek? Just curious.

Girl: I guess so. I am in the local school band, you know. I am one of the band members in the school band.

Joanna: Don’t tell me. Sheltered Shrubs, right?

Girl: Yeah. Although it’s Lucky High School. But how did you know?

Joanna: Lucky guess, i’d suppose. *grins*


Joanna: *Driving the Motor Scooter* What’s your name? I can’t keep calling you Preteen girl. Unless you happen to sort of like that.

Girl: *Nasally* Macie. Macie Lightfoot.

Joanna: Hmm… That’s a unique name if i’ve ever heard one in my life. That’s a nice name. Well… It’s nice to meet you, Macie. I’m Joanna. Joanna M. Barlow. M for Matilda.

Macie: Joanna… That’s a good name.

Joanna: Thanks, Macie. Good knowing that you think so. I like the name too…but sometimes i wonder if it would be possible to have my name changed. Well… at least my first name. Of course… It’s not bad. I had this name since i was born and it was the name i was given. But… What about you? *Curious* Do you even like your name even if it is a rather nice one for all intents and purposes?

Macie: I don’t know. *Nasally* I don’t think that i’ve really thought about it like that before. I kinda wonder about the name. First and last name… but no middle. My parents never told me what it was and it was never put on any of the legal forms nor was it ever discussed.

Joanna: Perhaps we can come up with one. Everyone’s entitled to having a middle name. I’m thinking of something that fits what you are like. The core. Something that highlights you. *Thinking* How about Melody. Macie Melody Lightfoot. It rather is fitting.


Joanna: Hey there. You’re O’aka. right?

O’aka: Aye’ Lass. That be me. *Turning to see Joanna* Although, this swift Merchant finds unfamiliar seeing you. Who might ye be?

Joanna: My name’s Joanna Barlow. 15. I used to be Johnny Barlow. But that was when i was in the appearance of a male. I’m a Transgender. But slowly coming out of that and am back to what i biologically was born as. A girl.

O’aka: Ah! So you’re the one i saw with one of the Clan members of the Rhapsody Dynasty. You were… with Carly, weren’t you?

Joanna: *Nods* Yeah. I was. Why? You know them?

O’aka: Know’em? You kidding? Of course i know of them, lass. I know about them as i met them many times. They kept crossin’ the path of good ole’ O’aka numerous times. Several times while they were in a distant place. Known as Spira. I came from there originally. Then when they departed and left for this city… i then hitched me a ride and came here too. I barely started this business early on this year. This outlet is all mine. Earned and worked fer’.

Joanna: Wow… So, They’re like really close to you, huh?

O’aka: That they be, Young lady. That they be. I happen to think very fondly of them. Doing what they do. Out fighting the good fight. It makes a merchant such as I proud,


Joanna: *Looking at Macie* Macie, I don’t really want to tell you this as this isn’t something friends tell one another. At least when the friend is rather new and a tad behind on things. You’re like a friend to me. So… i’m gonna tell you something that i will beg and pray that it goes no further than you and I. You can’t even spill it to the crew back home where your familiarity resides. Not a word of it goes to Ginger and Dodie. I know that they’re your friends and BFF’s always confide. It’s like credo. But this is something you can not tell them. It’s taboo.

Macie: *Gasps with shock* Sweet mother of Dramatization… Calm down, Joanna. I won’t tell them anything about it.


Joanna: Frank, Can we talk? I need some help for Macie.

Frank: What kind of help might you need?

Joanna: We need to get Macie into a school here. She’s got no school here and she’s from Connecticutt originally. But she’s many miles away from the state she’s from. She doen’t have a way to get there and there’s no way for her to get there.


Frank: *Sitting down and with the papers; the faxes and documents* I made the calls. It took a bit of tape to cut through in order to ensure that it would happen. But I made a call to the School and Explained to them the situation. It’s been set for Macie to attend school tomorrow for her first day.


Joanna: This school is getting to be a little weird. First the halls are congested… Then within just a minute or two… mostly clear? What gives? Do i happen to have some type of aroma that wards people off?

Macie: *Shrugs* I don’t know. It’s a new one on me. This is the first time i’ve been here. So… i am lost as you are.


Carly: *From a few steps behind* It’s not all that bad. Just rather a steadily sped up pace. This school is usually run as a clock.  A constant flow. I should know… I’ve seen it act as such. Not that it’s anything to stress over. *Looking at the girls*

Joanna: *Pauses* Is that a fact? Or is that how someone such as you… happen to see it?

Carly: I wouldn’t know… But that’s how it is around here. My older cousins… Sapphire, Serena, Raven, Annie, Clint, Daria… and the rest… They can attest to it. They saw the same thing while they attended here. Now the buck is passed on to me. Courtesy of them.

Joanna: That’s something that a fellow friend named Carly would say.

Carly: And she would usually say that to Johnny. If he were still here. Which i happen to feel or sense that he could perhaps still be here. Not that i can prove it for sure.

Joanna: And he technically is here… Although… he’s different than what you remember. Like now. He’s in the appearance of a girl. The girl… is right before your very eyes, Carly.


Carly: Johnny?! *Gasps* Is that you, Johnny?

Joanna: Carly… *Chuckles* *Looking at Carly* You are sounding like you’re really charismatic. I know that you are pleased to see me back… But i am not who you think. *Smiles and Chuckles* I’m Joanna. Not Johnny. Silly.

Carly: Maybe… but some of the things that are coming from you… seem like him.

Joanna: *Laughing a little* It’s good to know that you haven’t changed a bit.


Macie Terrace

???: *Walking into the restroom* What’s the problem with you, Squirt? You having the first day blues?

Macie: …

Joanna: If only that were the case… But that’s part of the issue. *Looking at the Teen girl coming in* Who’re you?

???: I’m Macie Terrace. Band Geek and Proud of it. Guitar player and a Goth. And just so you can lower the high alert gaze… I’m a friend of hers. She’s got a lot of worries goin’ up her back hind end. She Hyperventilates alot. She had a spell in English class and i kinda had to laugh because i never in my life met anyone who hyperventilated as much as she does.


Carly: *Waiting* I don’t care if i am nuts. I don’t care if Johnny’s gone. I don’t even care if it were said a million times… I truly feel that Johnny’s there. Joanna is here… but so is Johnny. The sense and feeling… The spirit is here… I know it is here. I can feel it. I’m not crazy. I’m not.

Asia Rainbow White

Asia: These two beings are not here at once, Carly. You need to quit the facade of believing where this Johnny and Joanna are both here. I know that you loved him. Your actions and reactions… are apparent signs that you and he had this thing for one another. But… Enough’s enough. Johnny Barlow… is dead. He is gone. There is no more of him. If this Joanna Barlow is around and she and he were one and the same… That means that when Joanna arrived…. Johnny left the picture. Johnny is Joanna. Johnny Barlow is gone for good. All there is… is Joanna. She’s all there is from now on.

Carly: how can you say that? He’s here… I know that he is here. He’s not dead. He isn’t dead. Besides that if he wasn’t here… then… why do i feel as if he is close by? If he wasn’t here… i wouldn’t be feeling him close by… or near. Would I?

Asia: No… you wouldn’t.


Zoey:  *Looking to see another girl next to Joanna* Who is that?

Joanna: Who? *Looking at Macie* Her… She’s a friend of mine. I met her while on the road and she’s originally from Connecticut.

Zoey: That’s the east coast… isn’t it?

Joanna: yeah.

Macie: I’m Macie Lightfoot. *Nasally* It’s nice to meet you, Zoey.

Zoey: Nice to meet you too, Macie. How do you like the school here so far?

Macie: It’s scary. It’s so different than the school i used to attend.

Zoey: I heard about it being your first day here… that you’d be in need of help and guidance. You really shouldn’t worry much about it… You got us

Ridge: Yeah. *Smiles* A beautiful girl like you… shouldn’t worry about how you’ll make it here. I was the one who flirted with you. I remember seeing you in the English class… I just didn’t know that it was… you.

Macie: …

Joanna: Who’re you?

Ridge: Oh… me? I’m who they consider a Singing Prodigy… The name’s Ridge Mercer. No Relation to Tess Mercer.


T.V: *Broadcasting* “The man has very strong control over a country,” Trump said of Russian President Vladimir Putin, pointing out he has an 82 percent approval rating. “It’s a very different system and I don’t happen to like the system, but certainly, in that system, he’s been a leader, far more than our president has been a leader.”


Heinz: *Seeing the news reports on T.V about the candidate’s campaign trail* Holy Toledo! Somebody had fun. That guy… he’s belittling Obama. Wait… I thought that Trump was already the president.

Ilsa: No. He’s not… but his influence is spreading far. He’s far more intimidating. than the other one. Earlier this year… That beastly man tried to push the nail into that Woman Candidate and accuse her of pulling the Woman card angle.

Heinz: Hmm…

Ilsa: it’s unfortunate to know this… But Clinton was reported to have said on national T.V… Image result for hillary clinton january 31st 2016 Columbus Ohio“if fighting for women’s health care and paid family leave and equal pay is playing the woman card, then deal me in.” After Trump said this: QUOTE: “She’s playing that card like I’ve never seen anyone play it before,” Trump said of Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton. “All I’m doing is bringing out the obvious, that without the woman card, Hillary would not even be a viable person to even run for a city council position.”


Dinah: *Looking at Lorelai* What the heck is going on? Is Sookie on a one man crusade?

Lorelai: If only you knew how she got normally when things like this happen.

Dinah: Why do you say that? You saying that it’s worse than this?

Lorelai: No. It isn’t worse… But it isn’t what you’d paint as a warming moment either.

Dinah: Hmm. Interesting. One question though. Is she always this passionate over the food she happens to create?

Lorelai: It’s a craft.

Dinah: A Craft of Psychosomatic repose maybe. But… I guess that it’s like the saying goes. One person’s Psycho is another person’s rising Genius. I actually find her rather amusing and creative. Seriously. Maybe the partial zany insanity that she lets out… pulls out a positive result.

Lorelai: It helps on passing the time.

Dinah: No foolin’.

Lorelai: *Curious* question though… You’re usually at the Football stadium during this time of the day. Shouldn’t you be there now?

Dinah: I should be. However… the Stadium’s closed today. It’s gonna be closed for a week. Apparently the University’s got some Rally going on for a presidential candidate. Didn’t say or specify on which one it was gonna be. I’m banking on the woman. Hillary. But eh… i could be getting my hopes up on the idea.

Lorelai: Don’t envy that. Some of the patrons were referring to there being some convention. Being held at a Football Stadium. I guess that Rally was what they were speaking about.

Dinah: Must be.

Lorelai: Michel was gonna vote for the Male Presidential candidate. But i made him submit to voting for the woman Candidate.

Dinah: Ah… You’re already getting into the whole Election bit.

Lorelai: Never too early. Anything to keep a megalomaniac from getting into office.

Dinah: You took the words… right outta my mouth, Lorelai. No lie. because… i happen to feel the very same way. Odd to know that… isn’t it?

Lorelai: Odder than a pair of circus midgets.


Carl: *Looking at the T.V* I must say that i seem to find a great deal of concern about the stuff going on… On T.V.

Leslie: Why’s that?

Blossom: *Curious* Something a miss?

Carl: The Current elections that are coming up. The Presidential races.

Leslie: So we’ve heard. Who’s all running?

Zoey: Donald J. Trump… the former host of the show called: “The Apprentice” and CEO of Trump University. Has multiple Trump Towers. And Hillary Rodham Clinton. The Secretary of State and founder of the Clinton Foundation.

Michelangelo: That’s right. But, Zoey… how did you know about that?

Sora: We didn’t figure you to follow up on this election. What gives?

Zoey: It’s called… I read the Newspaper and just catch good stories. That’s what gives and i already can tell you that from how the stories are being told… We might have a big mess coming up in the not so distant future.

Sora: Do you think that it’ll start a time of depression for us all? Trump isn’t a nice person. He’s gonna destroy everything that this country was built upon.

Carly: Tell that to the White Supremacists that are backing him. There’s gonna be a whole lot of race wars. All because of Trump and this whole campaign.

Michelangelo: It sounds really bad when you think about it.

Carl: If Trump becomes president… Something’s gonna happen to this city.

Leslie: Like what?

Carl: It could put a strain on the Stadium. You might have to make sections according to race. Color and Culture. Racism is gonna spread ferociously if Trump gets elected.


Serena: *Scoffs* Can you believe this guy on T.V? What the fuck is this guy trying to pull? Everyone who’s with a conscious mind knows that he’s a complete egotistical lying hypocritical bigot. He’s all shit. And these people there in the crowd… Are eating it up. Literally eating it up like it’s Heroin to them. Caffeine to their caffeinated dependency.


Carly Black: Serena, i don’t like the guy either. But talking like that is gonna land us right into federal custody. Besides. There are… in case you didn’t notice. A lot of people who are with racial thoughts but have been icing those thoughts down and condoning anyone who weren’t “White” As they were groomed to feel one way. That America was to be about the freedom and a country of Love. Respect. Compassion and acceptance. Tolerance as well. They’re acting on their Bigotry thoughts and feelings. Their racial beliefs are being coaxed because of how the guy on T.V speaks and how he presents himself.

Serena: That’s total crap, Carly. Total and undeniable crap. That guy is a bastard. A complete Racist. Anyone who would feel any sympathy or pity towards him… They’re just as empty minded and demented as that Son of a bitch Trump.

Carly: Serena, I agree. I feel kinda the same way. However… no matter how we feel… We have to be with some form of civility. We don’t have to like him or accept him. But… if he gets in. We will have to respect him. He’ll be our new (C.I.C) Commander-In-Chief.


Rita: The presidential race is getting to be close to the last. The people out there are violent. Alot are going for the Male Presidential Candidate.

Erica Harper
Erica Harper

Erica H.: Too bad that Bernie Sanders didn’t make it through the Primaries and stopped. It’s as if the end for him came and he couldn’t do it anymore. He then backs Clinton. Which is a plus. They both think that this guy on T.V spewing his lies is just full of himself. Just full of deceptive lies. All he utters out are lies upon lies upon lies.

Rita: I agree. However if he wins it… What’re we gonna do for our university years? Things could change and we might not be able to afford it anymore.

Erica H.: Trump’s gonna ruin us all. That evil man is full of racial beliefs. Bigotry and such hate. Terrible.

Rita: Plus… he’s discriminatory against LGBT’s. Their rights could go all out the window.

Erica H.: It’s sad. This place will feel like a home of complete division and hate.

Rita: We’ve got to do what we can to guarantee that there is Love within this Dorm. We can’t allow for that Evil Man’s hate to win. Love is stronger than anything that; that evil rotten man on T.V can spread out.

Erica H.: I think that i can get my mom to start with getting people to counter the hate that this evil man on T.V is spewing out. I’ll call her tonight. We’re gonna string up that hateful bandit and leave him hanging upside down. Spanking him like a Pinata! Better yet… Why don’t i just lure him somewhere…where he’s alone and then Hog tie the varmint and just call it a day? It’s better than just letting someone like him walk the same streets as we do.

Rita: Anger and annoyance has nothing on you.

Erica H.: Maybe not… But i am not gonna just sit idly by and play happy citizen while the guy calls whatever shots he chooses.

Rita: None of us are bound to do it. Although… The others… They might be ones to suffer for it. Theodore is against Trump. He’s already posting on his Twitter a Anti-Trump Movement Rally. Hopefully getting people to turn right against Trump. Turning on him and go right for the other one…


Dan: *Walking out of the Dorm room; With Charlie and heading to the Lounge* I am not about to sit and listen to the garbage that the man on T.V is saying. I am not listening to that man. I don’t see how anyone could just withstand the sound of that guy’s voice. Not that it’s bad… However… He’s making promises… But problem is… Will he keep them?

Charlie: I don’t know, Dan. *While walking over to the lounge* I can’t say as most of us… feel as though he’s the beginning of the end. For the whole country. He’s gonna cut Social security. Or the Floozies that he nominates as a member of his administration… will. A couple of them had tried to get it cut for years. But couldn’t. And those who want it gone… will do anything to see it happen. That means… going for any candidate and backing any one who’ll be liable to make it happen.

Dan: True. But… We don’t know that. He could be true to his word. As it is… he’s not in yet. He hasn’t been elected.

Charlie: Not yet. Of course… I’m worried for my sister Zoey. She’s into Music. Becoming a famous singer. A troubadour and with the elections coming up… I am not quite sure if the current path she’s wanting to take is gonna be able to remain a reality.

Dan: I wish i could say… But the matter is just as we suggest it would be. A Mess. I mean… Let’s stop and think about the guy Trump. What do we really know about him? Or how his world is like. The world he comes from. What if he is the one who’ll actually save us… this country? What then? I’m not saying that he’s the best choice. I’m not saying that he’s not. But…

Charlie: You must look at all sides to the picture. Right?

Dan: That’s right. Alot of people might say… “Trump’s gonna be the end to us. We must make sure that he never gets to the White house.” Others might say… “Trump is the type of person who will be the one who’ll save us. The Democrats have had their time and now things are worse than ever. Those Liberals are gonna be dealing with the Republican’s way now.” Some of us… Might be secretive and go for Trump… against the other’s will. Some of us might go for Hillary against the other’s will.

Charlie: The general consensus is undecided. *Sighs* i would not vote for any of them. I’d be all for going along and voting for the Senator from Vermont. Bernie Saunders.

Dan: We should ask the people. What they want. Some of the people happen to place great blame on Obama for what’s been going on in the country. He’s dragged this country down… Even though he claims that the Unemployment rate is down. The only good thing he had done… Is help us all sack and toss the Terrorist Mastermind Bin Laden. That’s the one thing that he had done.

Charlie: What about the things that Hillary done? She’s had those secret Emails. They had Classified Emails. Top Secret letters. None of which has been proven.

Dan: I guess. But alot are concerned about Trump’s Nuclear talk. There was an article done up by the New York Daily News a few months ago. Speaking on the Nuclear issue. Part of the article read: “Trump’s policies would reverse decades of bipartisan consensus. Even letting friendly nations go nuclear would make it harder for us to prevent rogue regimes from doing the same. Trump would risk unleashing an arms race in places like East Asia and the Middle East, expand the amount of nuclear material in the world and increase the chance of terrorists acquiring some of that material and using it to attack the U.S. As I have said, that’s the single gravest national security threat we face.” There have been people talking about it in fear.

Charlie: It’s a scary world. We got either a Megalomaniac who’s all for treating this country like a Business. Or Hillary. The one who’s being put under the microscope because of those Emails.


T.V: *Broadcasting* The results are in and the Polls have been counted… It’s official. Donald J. Trump has won the 2046 Presidential election. Donald J. Trump is the new Presidential Elect.

Serena: *Exploding* WHAT THE FUCK! SON OF A BITCH! That damn bastard Trump has won. He’s now in the presidency. The President. *Sitting down in a deadpan manner and steamed* Well… It’s official. It’s official now. We’re totally screwed. Trump’s now our (C.I.C) Commander in chief.

Carly Black

Carly Black: Serena… Don’t worry. There are Rallies going on in this city. Not to forget that there is something you may need to know. There’s a Trump tower in this city. It’s disguised as just a usual skyscraper. But you know the building that’s just diagonal from the Radio station MRHAP?

Serena: No. Not really. Why?

Carly Black: Well… i don’t want to get you going into a worked up angry fury… but… That’s Trump tower. It’s Just made to look like something else.

Serena: What?! Are you fucking kidding me? That’s it. I’m gonna find a rally and stage a protest against the reality of Trump being president. That sack of slime is not gonna be getting any peace during his time here… the bastard can just count on that.

Carly: You’re really in hot anger over him… aren’t you?

Serena: Yeah. And the fact is that tomorrow… we finally get to spend some time with our Adopted Daughter. That’s right now the only cheer we have up to this moment.

Carly Black: You mean our Transgender daughter. One who is biologically a boy but wants to be a girl… straight out girl. The Kid is like what… 12?

Serena: Yeah. She is. I think that it’d be best if we at least gave a call over to my mother now. Just to maybe see how our daughter’s doing.

Carly Black: Good idea. But, Serena?

Serena: Yeah.

Carly Black: Ice the Rage going on over Trump. I know you’re pissed off. I am too. I would be just itching and oozing for a chance to break away and just Tear at the Orange-faced Prick on a licorice stick Trump. But… for now… We need to think about Christina. She’s gonna need gentle tone. The anger and rage is only gonna traumatize her and scare her.

Serena: You’re right. We need to maintain low tones.


Spencer Rhapsody

Spencer: *Shaking his head* Oh my god… Rikku, What’re we gonna do now? Trump’s now president. He’s the elect.

Spencer’s Wife Rikku Rhapsody

Rikku: Spencer… It’s not over yet. It’s just only started. Plus… he’s only the elect. Not officially president yet. He’s got to be sworn in. That will not happen till 9AM on January 20th 2047. We still have time.

Spencer: I know, Rikku… But it isn’t that cut and dry. That guy is a tyrannical liar. You might be right that we all have time before then… But he’s already got things in order. He has made a lot of campaign promises… Although… come on… You really think that he’s gonna just stand and adhere to all promises that were made? He is a complete liar and is a known chauvinistic pig. A Megalomaniac and a possible Pedophile.

Rikku: I think that i am well aware of that. I might not quite get what’s going on in this reality a time or two…But i have done my share of reading and know enough to realize that Donald Trump isn’t a good person… Not like those so called supporters are insisting that he is. I am sure that we can get our voices heard. It’s not too impossible. If you want to go out there and protest. We will. *Looking at the T.V*

Spencer: Thank you, Rikku. I knew that i could always count on you. *Kissing Rikku on the lips* Let’s get one put together. We’ll start on getting one together… first thing tomorrow.


Rita Massey

Rita: *Sighs* Theodore and his family are gonna be in a sheer mess now. Trump is talking about the powers that be here…

Erica Harper

Erica: Is that a lead for a problem? I would reckon that it is a heck of a mishap. What do you think’ll happen now?

Rita: I don’t know… I really don’t know. But from how it seems… He’s gonna seek to order that Theodore’s family disband from trying to steal the spotlight and the Thunder of the president. As if that’s possible. It’s as if he’s threatened by anything that doesn’t satisfy his desire and satisfaction.

Trump: *On T.V; Speaking upon all the people in the crowd* As President… i will swear that the powers that be… be neutralized and disbanded. This land has dealt with them long enough and are thankful for their courage and their perseverance. Their sacrifice and giving up their own normal lives to help those out there who were in dire need of a lift. I am no fan of the Clan who consider themselves a Dynasty. The Rhapsody Dynasty… whoever of them manage to catch this address… They must be assured that they have my deepest gratitude and respect. 

Erica H.: What in all that’s sanctified and Horse whipped is going on here? Did that stinkin’ lyin’ treasonous snake-in-the-grass just give out his gratitude and respect to the Clan?

Rita: I think that he did. He really respects them and has gratitude for them. Even though he happened to mention of which he wasn’t a fan of them. That’s got to be some sort of appraisal.

Erica H.: That might be so… but it don’t mean anything to the ones who happen to feel such hate towards him. Serena hates him. As does a few of the others. But there’s a lot in this Dorm building who respect and follow him regardless.

Rita: There’s gonna be a lot of anger in the forecast. I can just guarantee it.


Annie: That guy on T.V has respect for us. But then says that we’re to be disbanded. Is that even a possibility?

Amy Rhapsody

Amy: I can’t say. But… *Groans* I just can’t believe that Trump’s gonna be our new president… come next year. Where the heck did we go wrong anyway? This is a literal nightmare. And it’s only night one. *Sighs; throwing herself backwards on to her bed* Ohhhh! what are we gonna do?

Brenda Rhapsody

Brenda: Who exactly did we vote for again?

Patti Marlborough

Patti: We voted for Hillary. That’s who we voted for. What do you think? Something tells me that it will only be a matter of time before that man who’s won office sets his eyes on us all and give an intent on blatantly attacking us.

Annie: I wouldn’t doubt that one for a minute. Not at all.

Amy: Although you can not deny that Serena’s raising a shit fest over the Election winner. None of us are thrilled. Nor are any of us pleased or satisfied.

Annie: Does it seem as though we voted for the other one and yet somehow someone’s likely to have tampered with our votes and made it to where it said that we’ve voted for Trump when really… we’d voted for Hillary?

Brenda: I wouldn’t doubt the probability of there being ballot tampering.

Amy: *Shaking her head* There’s gonna be a lot of protests going on. The streets are gonna be swamped and bombarded with angry city dwellers.

Patti: No way…

Annie: Just wait and see. You’ll see them sooner or later. It’s gonna happen as there’s a whole bunch of people… A whole mass of people in this country… And there’s likely a rather sizable amount of people… A mass crowd of people who…hate Trump so much that they’d rally against the reality of him being president. For all the good it’d do… But it don’t mean as if they won’t at least make the effort to try.


Charlie Rhapsody

Charlie: I have a daughter now. *Looking at the picture* Zoey keeps telling me about the fact that i now have a daughter and that it was all courtesy of the Adoption agency… But i really can’t believe it. Why me? Out of all the people to be just granted a kid… or whatever… Why was i one of the lucky picks? What’s so special about me?

Chris Bentley

Chris: You’re probably a lucky pick. It’s gotta be fate.

Dan: I technically already have a kid. With Roxanne. I’m not the biological father of course… But i’ve been more of a father to her kid than that bastard Harry Waller who’s neglecting his duties of father. He’s probably not even gonna bother to pay child support. *To Charlie* Charlie, You have a daughter. You should be very blessed to be with the gift of fatherhood. Whoever the girl is… You’ll be sure to love her. Did your sister tell you what her name was?

Charlie: I think so. I think that she said that the girl’s name was Francine Beau Janet Rhapsody. Or that’s what was put on the Adoption forms that the girl came with.

Dan: Sounds really innovative. What is exactly going on with the current swarm of adoption waves? Didn’t your sister call you and tell you about the fact that she too was now a parent? Was she the only one that got hit with being a parent?

Charlie: No. My sister was not the only one. Leslie and Blossom from what she told me also got hit with it. As did Janie, Alex and Charlene. Serena and Carly… Spencer and Rikku too. They too also have gotten hit by the Adoption swarm.


Clint: *Getting things set for the next day* I got to go and see my daughter tomorrow. Kiyoko is gonna be very shocked knowing that i got hit with the Adoption agency. I got a kid now. Not exactly something i’m looking forward to as i don’t even have a job. How the heck am i gonna be able to support my now apparent adopted kid. *Looking at the picture of his Adopted daughter* Rikki. That’s a provocative name. I couldn’t have thought of anything more creative and different. But the adopted daughter is Now… Rikki Rhapsody.

Theodore Rhapsody

Theodore: As to my now daughter. Adopted of course. I can’t begin to wonder if it’s a possible scam. The Agency to be going nuts with granting kids to whoever.

Clint: You could be right. Something about the whole thing does seem rather odd. Something about it all… feels off. Really off. I mean that if it was just something that was going on with the agency and they were just handing out grants to possible selections for the granting being able to raise a child. A grown child. I don’t believe that you’ll be needing to say anything more. Because if it’s about the idea of which the adoption agency’s gone off the rails of sanity… It’s a definite no contest… as they undoubtedly have.

Theodore: I got my daughter Mara. She’s gonna be looking extraordinarily jumpy with glee.


Dinah: It’s so doggone frickin’ good seeing you girls. You college dwellers. It’s gotta be a rush being in college. *Sighs in reminisce* Just thinking back on the past… I remember my days in college. Had to juggle that with also seeing a group of the clan going against big bad red demon of hell. Those were good times… Good times. *Hugging her daughter and Daughter-in-law* Welcome home, Serena. You loving Sparky firecracker.

Serena: *Hugging her mother* Thanks mom. It’s only a visit though. I might move back in after college is all said and done with. Because… it’s probably best if i had. Carly and I are gonna be getting serious with our relationship and it’s gonna feel foreign getting into the next level if it’s not at home.

Carly Black: Serena’s got it all worked over. But… *Sighs* At least she’s not blowing up over the results of the Presidential elections. She was a loose cannon.

Dinah: Presidential elections? *Pauses* Oh my… That was yesterday… wasn’t it? I think that i voted for the female candidate. Lorelai has also voted for Hillary. She got Michel Gerard the concierge at the Metropolis Inn to vote for the female candidate. Why?

Carly Black: Trump won. He’s the new President. Right now President-Elect.

Dinah: WHAT?! *Groans in disbelief* Ohhhh… you’ve got to be kidding me. Please. Tell me… that you’re just bullshitting me and this is a joke. Trump’s now President?

Serena: No. It’s not a joke. Not in the least. He’s in the seat now. Or will be once he gets sworn in and the torch gets passed to him. What’s worse is that there’s a Trump Tower located in the city. It’s a building which happens to be disguised as something else. But it’s actually a Trump Tower.

Dinah: And i take it that from the tone of your voice… You’re going to be part of the protests that are gonna be formed to cry outrage over the imminent presidency of Trump… Aren’t you?

Carly Black: So will i? She and I are a pair.

Dinah: You sure are. *Smiles*…

Christina: *Coming out from the kitchen* Grandma, Aren’t we gonna make the Brownies?

Dinah: We’re gonna do it, Christina. However… There’s someone you should meet, sweetie.

Christina: Meet?! Who? *Looking to see two tall young adults* Who’re they?

Dinah: That one with the blonde hair… Is your mom. My daughter Serena. The one next to her… is her soul mate. They’re Lesbian. But it’s okay. Love is love. No matter what type it happens to be.

Christina: …

Serena: Hey Christina. You look really nice and sweet. I hear that you’re now my daughter… sent by the Adoption agency. You’re also… what exactly?

Dinah: Serena… it’s got all the details on the papers she came with. She’s a… *Sighs* … *Walking over to get the papers and bringing them over to Serena; having her read through the papers*

A Moment later…

Serena Rhapsody

Serena: *Looking at her special daughter* Okay… So, here it is… You’re a transgender. Biologically a boy… but are living as a girl. getting injections of some serum to help realign your insides and freeze the hormones and turn them into female… Then at a certain age… you’re gonna go for an operation to be turned into an official girl. But you are for all intents and purposes expected to be referred to as a girl. and treated like one none the less. Right?

Christina: Yeah.

Serena: Hmm… Well… now that’s where i have a issue. It’s a small one. But it’s one. How am i to see girl if you’re like a biological boy? Not that i won’t treat you like a girl if it’s for all intents and purposes. But since you’re a transgender. I’ll have to keep you close by.  There are a lot of judgmental morons out there who’d utter a statement of intent to harm. There’s been cases like that before… such as one involving a girl named Josie Romero. But Biologically was a boy named Joey Romero. He wanted to become a girl and as soon as he did… his family received death threats which hurt the child who turned into a girl.

Carly Black: where did you hear about that, Serena?

Serena: It’s been on Youtube. There’s a video about it. illustrating her life. It’s sad and if our daughter is gonna be with the same sort of outcome… We’re gonna protect her. That means… Grandma is gonna have her home schooled for the next few years. Our daughter is not gonna go through that type of bullshit. From anyone. They fuck with our daughter, Carly. They’re gonna find out what a mistake they’ve made.

Dinah: Serena… Sweetie. During the day i work or am out with Lorelai and Sookie. I can’t just stay and home school her. Nor can i just leave her home alone all day. She needs to be in a school. Not that i would not mind homeschooling her. However if i am to do that… she’d have to come with me everywhere i went off to. So i can ensure that she’d be safe and with a careful sharp watch on her. As it is… not only is it your daughter that i need to cater to. There’s also Janie’s Daughter Tina, Alex’s Son Arnold and Charlene’s daughter Brooke.

Serena: Say what? Come again on that last part. Did you just say that they too have kids now?

Dinah: They do. They’re right now at school. Janie, Alex and Charlene are however at Chilton. Their kids are Metropolis High.

Serena: That’ll be a raspy surprise. I am sure that the kids will be having a swell time trying to keep the identity of their mother’s a down low secret.

Carly Black: The others probably have kids too… don’t they?

Dinah: From what i have heard from my sisters… your aunts… Yes they do. Clint and Theodore have a daughter each. Spencer and Rikku also have one. Curtis also called and informed that even Blossom and Leslie have one as well. Actually two. Curtis’s son Perry has a daughter too. Haroki. Zeke’s son has a daughter named Francine. Zoey has a son named Casper. Aunt Aquamarine… has an adopted son named Blake.

Carly Black: Adoptions going out like insane… huh?

Dinah: *Choked up in a chuckling tone* Oh.. You… Carly… Serena. You have no idea.


Zoey: *Answering the door* Hello?

???: *Handing over a Paper* Here. I don’t know what i’m doing here as i shouldn’t be here. Not without being invited and it’s awkward. But i’ve come from the Adoption Agency and they said that i was to come to you.

Zoey: *Curious and at a loss* Who’re you?

???: I’m your son. The name’s Casper. Casper Renfield Price. But after tonight… I am gonna be Known as Casper Renfield Rhapsody… Your Son.

Zoey: *Looking at her phone* Oh god… *Calling Blossom and the girls*


Paige: *Looking at the two girls* This isn’t a joke… is it? You’re from the Adoption agency and were granted to my sons? You two are awarded to my sons?

Rikki: Yes. We are. I’m Rikki Partridge… But by tomorrow will be Rikki Rhapsody. Clint’s gonna be my father.

Mara: And I’m Mara. Mara Stanhope. But by tomorrow… I’m gonna be Mara Rhapsody. I’m Theodore’s Daughter.

Paige: How old are you?

Rikki: I’m 11.

Mara: 11.

Paige: I’m calling the Adoption Agency tomorrow. Something very fishy is going on. I’m gonna get to the bottom of this. You two… can stay the night as it’s late out and there’s not any sense in sending you two out in the cold. So… you two can use Clint’s and Theodore’s old rooms for the night.


Dinah: *In disbelief* What the hell is going on here? My daughters are not in any condition to be mothers. They can’t be… Not now… They’re only 15 years old for cryin’ out loud.  Who are you 3 anyway?

???: I’m Tina. Tina Lesley Simpson. But now i’m the daughter to a Janie Rhapsody.  I was awarded to her.

???: I’m Arnold Willard. But Now am Arnold Rhapsody Come tomorrow… which will be in about 10 Minutes. I am awarded to an Alexandra Rhapsody. I am to be her Son.

Brooke Rhapsody 2

???: *Smiles* I’m Brooke Appleton. I was chosen by the Adoption agency and sent here. I was awarded by them to be the daughter of Charlene Rhapsody. The Adoption Agency as you might have heard the news going around for the span of a couple months that there’s been a lot of Adoptions going around. The Adoption Agency has been over run with so many Kids… Boys and girls alike and not enough room to hold all the kids that kept pouring in. A lot of kids came from broken homes or Abusive families. The Abused kids are ones with the most problems… Not us though. We’re normal and from Boken homes with parents who couldn’t provide for us and disowned us. Not by choice. But all due to not having any other way out.

Dinah: Wow… And here i thought that this was some ploy. This isn’t a ploy… is it?

Arnold: No.

Tina: *Handing over the papers* Take a look.

Dinah them reads the papers and with a gasp of surprise…

Dinah: I guess that settles it then. I’m your grandma… and my 3 girls here are mothers.


Aquamarine: *Impressed* Who are you? You lost? You seem like a sweet young man. Coming here like this. How did you find this house?

???: I’m Blake Storm. But previously was Blake Jones. I am not exactly lost. I was sent here by the Adoption agency. They said for me to find a single parent. One who might be seeing someone and that was where they figured it to be… well… You. So, i came to you. They have granted for you… to have me. As your first kid. Adopted of course, yes… But your first… Son.

Aquamarine: *Touched and in delight* Well… I’ll be. I am so touched… Blessed. Come over and grab a seat, Hon. I’ll fix you up some hot Cocoa. It’s a rather chilly night. You walking through town in the cold like you were… You’re so lucky to not be ridden with the flu and sniffles. *Feeling Jumbled and flustered* Oh dear… *Heading off to the kitchen*

Blake: *Walking over to the living room couch and Sighs* This is a nice place. Whoever did this house… had a lot of creative inspiration going om inside them. *Impressed*

She was in a state of flustering nervous repose… She now had a Son and no idea what to do to provide for him and raise him. The others were gonna be feeling the same…



Curtis: *Looking at the Surprising new faces* So let me see if i am understanding you two good… You two… Are sent by the Adoption Agency… And you were also granted to my Daughter Blossom. And my daughter in law Leslie. Plus also one of you are granted to my son Perry… Is this what i am clearly hearing come from your mouths?

Royale Burke (3)

???: That’s what we’re telling you. It’s as the papers will tell you. We’re granted to be daughters to Blossom and Leslie… And Perry. Haroki is Perry’s Daughter. Me and Jewel are Blossom’s and Leslie’s.

???: Royale happens to be a little of a troubled teen. So… Don’t be shocked when you see her doing things that are harmful to her health. She’s troubled. So… it kinda comes with the territory.  Although… She’s been trying to clean up her act.

???: *Speaking Japanese*…

Curtis: Who are you girls?

???: I’m Royale Juniper… now… Royale Burke.

???: I’m Jewel Smoky Rhapsody. Formerly known as Jewel Smoky Tinsworthy.

Curtis: Tinsworthy? As in Russell Tinsworthy?

Jewel: *Confused* Who’s that?

Curtis: He was the guy who was known as the chairman of the board of Consolidated. From 9 to 5. The movie 9 to 5.

Jewel: You think too much of Movies, Grandpa. You should know that the name Tinsworthy is rather a fictional one. I might remind you of that character… only by the last name… But there’s no relation to it. Really. *Smiles*

However… as they were talking…

Two boys walked in and went for where Wakka was. Wakka however wasn’t home that night. He was with a all night project with Luzzu… So there would be no meet between the two boys and Wakka. At least… till morning…


Living room…

Francine Beau Janet Caine

Francine: Aunt Zoey, Where’s my father, Charlie?

Zoey: How do i know? The only place that he’d be at this time of night as he’s in college… is Met U. Metropolis University. I’ll see on calling him tomorrow. There’s nothing that i can do now. By this time now… He’s usually asleep.

Casper: Mom, Come on. She’s looking for her father. I wouldn’t blame her. She’s found you. And now knowing that Charlie’s your Brother and her father… He’s like my Uncle. Your dad’s my grandpa. It’s just natural for her to want to get in touch with her father.

Zoey: *Sighs* I know. But… Honestly… there’s nothing that i can do. I can’t do anything about getting a hold of him… till Morning. I already know that he’s gonna have a rough time swallowing the pill of being a father. Just out of nowhere. I am. But i am gonna make it all work.

Casper: You’re a high school student?

Zoey: Yeah.

Casper: Interesting. I’m a middle school Student.

Francine: As am I.

Zoey: Nice. Well… I don’t really have a place for you to sleep for the night, Francine. Casper, Son… I would like to put in with me in my room for the night. But i don’t know quite how my father would take it. Nor would my boyfriend… take well to it. So… I could put you in my Brother’s old room.



Christina: *Smiles* Hey there. I’m Christina. Christina Black. Formerly known as Christina Marvel. I am a transgender boy/Girl. But i am to be the Child to Serena. I was sent by the Adoption agency. I also would like to say that it’d be a pleasure to be your grandchild. And the operations and procedures which helped me turn to this… They’re covered by the adoption agency. For the next 7 years… Courtesy of the state.



Wakka: *Slapping his head in disbelief* What in Metropolis’s name is going on here? I can’t believe this. I’m being told by you two that i am granted two kids. How is this even plausible? *Sighs* Let me guess now that you two are now… My kids. My sons?

Harry Howard Aurochs

Harry: We sure are. You’re now a father. Family stands forever. We know that it’s not something you’d normally hear as you might be one who’s a happy Vintage bachelor. It’s okay. We’re only 12 and can already tell what type of individual a person really is. And you’re like a happy Vintage Bachelor. My name is Harry. Harry Howard Gibson Now Harry Howard Aurochs. This guy beside me is Magnus Paul Roberts-Aurochs. He’s kinda like my Twin Brother. We’re Twins.

Magnus Paul Roberts-Aurochs

Magnus: *Looking at the Sports Uniform folded on the stand by the window* You’re an Athlete… What Sport do you play? I’m betting that it must be totally extreme.

Wakka: Well… Blitzball usually is, ya. It’s extreme. High endurance all the way.

Harry: We can play. We are actually Ballet dancers and Partial Choir boys.

Wakka: Hmm… I see that i got a couple of talented boys. *With arms spread out in submission* Well… i guess that there’s only one thing to say at this point of time… Come give your father a bear hug, ya!


Alex, Charlene and I are mothers. Courtesy of the Metropolis Adoption Agency.

Charlene: Not that i mind… However there are some doubts as i don’t want my double life to become the burden of an innocent child. That’s so not what i wish to have… I don’t choose that. I don’t choose that at all.

Brooke: Double life? What do you mean by a double life, Mom? What double life do you have?

Charlene: Abilities. Powers.

Brooke: Huh?

Charlene: *Using telekinesis to move the glasses on the table* This. I can do this. *Using a little bit of frost to turn the floor underneath into a sheet of ice* That.

Serena: Charlene… Damn it. This is no place to be using abilities around those who might not understand. *Using her Thunder to shatter the ice and return the floor to normal* Charlene… Slip ups like that are a sure way to F us all. With Trump now president… Yeah i said it… with Trump now the new president Elect… the lying cheating dishonest orange faced pedophile son of a bitch… President to be. We have to ice down our fricking special abilities. The powers that be are to be dead. Any signs of the powers… We’re crucified.

Dinah: Serena! That’s enough.

Serena: *Snaps and outraged* Enough?! Enough?! ENOUGH? Enough for who mom. Huh? For who? There is never gonna be enough. Not even close. That asshole on t.v. aimed at us. ON NATIONAL F**KING T.V! He has us in his crosshairs. He called us out by name. And you want to think that it’s gonna leave us with a choice? It won’t. You don’t have powers anymore… at least not visible ones anymore. And even if you had. Good luck using them as if you do… Crucifixion city at a future near you.

Blossom: Serena, How the hell can you even suspect that? The new soon to be president aiming at us? What the hell for? There are many other issues and topics for him to feast his sights on. Like the politics. The Education system, Health Care. Welfare, Infrastructure, The Economy. Businesses. I seriously doubt that he’s gonna put his mind and thought on our entire FAMILY!

Serena: Say that again after Trump gets at us and shuts us down. Shuts Watchtower down


Leslie: *Spotting Royale Burke* Royale Burke… What are you doing over there?

Royale Burke: *Hiding her pack* Nothing. I’m just not into being around anyone when there’s likely a fight about to occur. Plus… I’m not much of a people person.

Leslie: Why not? You were fine earlier. What changed?

Royale Burke: Nothing. I am just not that much of a people person. I just am anti-social. *Suddenly feeling something drop from her hand* …

Leslie: *Spotting the object on the ground* Uh… What the heck is that? Royale, What are those?

Royale Burke: *Not replying to the last line*

Leslie: *Recognizing the object* Are those drugs? Were you smoking?!

Royale Burke: And? *With an sour attitude* So what if i was? What’re you gonna do? I’m not doing it in front of you… am I?

Leslie: No. But you’re not supposed to be doing that at all. That’s really unhealthy for you.

Royale Burke: Like it’d matter. Why would you care about me? I’m a troubled girl. you wouldn’t want me.

Leslie: What makes you say that?

Royale Burke: Because it’s true. I overheard you and Blossom speaking about dealing with a troubled girl. And i knew that you and she had to have been speaking about me. Saying that i was too much a reminder of what you and she once had done for a time. Whatever that was. I heard you two say that having me around would throw you two back to those days and undo all the progress that you two had made since those days. *With tears starting to form*

Leslie: But… that’s not true. We’d never say that about you. Never… What ever you may have heard or may not have heard… it was only spoken as though we were reflecting on the issues. You were never a problem. Nothing was ever wrong with you, Royale. Nothing. But the habit has got to go.

Royale Burke: Why? It’s all i really got left. You have no idea of the family i had before. What they were like? How they treated me. The Juniper’s were consisted of Drinkers and Drug mixing. Extracting hash. They would contract it and sell it off to anyone who wanted it. Not to any minors of course. However one day… they started to get me into it and i never did it. So the next route was to get me to start smoking cigarettes. I fought them for the first year that they tried to do it. I would stay at my friends place. Although my one friend… the one that i had… betrayed me. So i had to fight the mess alone. It was when i was 12… that it got to where i was abused by my biological parents… all to the point where i one night Dressing up real nice and made where i took the appearance of a 25 year old girl and walked over to the nearby Liquor store and bought a pack. WINSTON. And it was that night… that i opened the pack and lit up… I’ve been smoking since. However it was only a few weeks later after that day where i first started that news spread to the press and the authorities and my parents were raided and apprehended. Trumped up on charges of Drug possession. Conducting a Drug Lab illegally. Endangering the lives of the kids within the house. I had a sister. Rini Kate Juniper. She openly smoked as she thought that it was the way of the world and she too even fought the attempts that our mom and dad used to get her to do it. She fought it. She lost as weeks later after the first try they made… She accepted it and received her first pack of Marlboro red. She had no choice but to see it as fate. To her… It was fate. But she was open to it as since… if others were gonna do it… Why not her. Me… I was seen as the tramp. The bastard of the family. But my parents were charged with negligent environment. It’s been 12 months since i was given another family. You. I’ve been in the adoption agency since last Christmas Holiday. I almost didn’t get granted a shot at a new family… Till the lady there… sent me to find you and the other one…

Leslie: Blossom. Her name is Blossom. And she happens to be my wife. Your mother. She and I are married.

Royale Burke: Okay.  Either way… i was sent to find you. To stay with you. Be with you and her.

Leslie: Of course. However… Why would you think that i implied that you would cause us to revert back to what we used to do sometime back? I don’t see the reason for it.

Royale Burke: Because… you had.

Leslie: Royale, It isn’t like that. You know that it’s not like that. But you have to stop and see it from the point of view of Myself and Blossom. The Mob Era… Was our dark days. Blossom and I took up for a short… short time smoking. It was not our most glorious moment in life. We did some things that we really come to regret. Seriously regret. Seeing you do this… it’s a pain reminder of those days. I know that you have had a terrible life. *Reaching out and motioning to hug her daughter* But you shouldn’t have to feel as if you’re all alone. You’re not alone. *Hugging her daughter* I’m here for you. Here for Jewel. For both of you. As is Blossom. Blossom is here and she too… Loves you. I Love you.

Royale Burke: *Hugging back* …


 What the fuck was the purpose of your outburst towards Charlene for her letting slip a beat of her abilities?

Serena: What was my purpose? what… was MY PURPOSE?! *With a bitchy tone to her voice* You want to know what my purpose was… I’ll clue you in. In fact… Let me show you…


Serena: Does that rest the case as to why i am currently highstrung and why i was snappy towards Charlene over the slip up of revealing the reality of us being part of the powers that be persuasion? It wasn’t to start shit. It’s because of what that new Elect has said. Because of what he has said… it’s made all state officials and law enforcers on the heightened stage and on watch for us. If we even get caught splurging or using our abilities. The powers that we possess… We’re all gonna be implicated. It’s fucking over, Mom. *Enraged* You have any damn idea what that also points out? DO YOU! That means… The Thunderic Fury… The part of you who is known as the Lightning in a bottle, Thunderic fury of the skies… ThunderMistress… It’s now under Radar. That means… in order to keep from being under the watch of big Brother Oranged-faced Pedophile… That part of you is ordered to Die off. It’s to be considered dead. You get me on what i am laying out to you? Do you? ThunderMistresses time in the public scene is dead. DEAD! This world is gonna be in supernatural pain in the near future due to what’s coming and now… because of this… there is no hope for them. None. There is nothing we can fucking do. Donald Trump has straight out made it no secret whatsoever… that he’s ordering our clan to disband. To retire our powers and never storm the city with them… ever again.

Dinah: *Booming out with a outburst* ALRIGHT ALREADY! Damn it, Serena…I get it. Okay? I get it. But seriously… What the hell do you expect for us to do? Even if we had the powers… We can’t use them anymore… You don’t seem to realize that the Original Rhapsody Girls Z! The girls of Love, Grace and Fury… The Rhapsody Girls Z! Miss Love, Bubble Maiden and Thunder Mistress who happens to be your Mother… ME! are old… retired. We can’t cut it anymore the way that we used to. Remember when we were all in that alternate world a few years back? Back when you and your sisters were all starting to let out your awakening powers for the very first time. Then when we had to jump in a few times. To add to the aid of you kids? Remember that?

Serena: Yeah… How could i not? We were in a round of shit. And with the fear of never being able to return back home to this world. Then when we did… got slammed into dealing with a round of this darkness known as Darkseid and the Unholy Trinity. Where we watched as one of our own… got lost in that darkness and we lost her. Betty Greta Rhapsody was taken in and became part of the Darkness.

Dinah: Well… That whole entire moment minus the Darkness portion… That was the very point in time where we could only come out and use our powers and abilities one last time. One final time. Whence that moment was done and over… Your Aunts… Paige and Pearl. Me. Your Uncles Avery, Curtis and Arnold… We hung up our belts and powers for good. Never to come back again. Our time of being part of the superpowered persuasion was officially done. So… Don’t get at me about the fact that we’re all implicated. It’s just you kids. You and the new coming ones that are springing up from the ether. You kids have to be careful… But as your mother… I won’t forbid you kids from doing what’s right… if it happens to mean where you have to expose your powers. and use them. The only thing i can think to ask… is that you be careful. Keep a tight leash on it and only use when you have little… to no other option or choice.


Rikku L. Rhapsody: *Watching the recaps of the Presidential victory speeches.* The country is about to be dragged down into a pit of economic distress. The fighters are gonna be under severe restrictions from using their powers.

Nick: What makes you think that, Dear?

Rikku L. Rhapsody: *Shaking her head* You really haven’t been paying attention to the news reports and the protests… Rallies and the Special news bulletins… have you?

Nick: No. But then again… why would I? I’m usually always working. These cases don’t get solved or handled through osmosis… you know? However… I do read the Newspapers and they only scathe the surface of what’s been transpiring over the last few days or so.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: However, you don’t really know exactly what’s been going on. Do you?

Nick Rhapsody: No. Rikku, Hon… What are you trying to get at?

Rikku L. Rhapsody: There is something dark in the horizon. Very dark and it’s getting bleak. There’s been alot of spectacle on the recent aftermath of the recent presidential elections for this country. Trump’s won it. Plus has been heard to have aimed at our family. My family bloodline. My daughters and granddaughters. Plus Possible Nephews.

Nick Rhapsody: And i would suppose that you’ve got a copy of the victory speech that he had made. *With a raised eyebrow* You do… don’t you?

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Yeah. I’ll pull it out and play it… This should also be like an attack upon you as you’re a part of the family.

Nick Rhapsody: Hon, It is an attack on all who are of Rhapsody Blood. Not just us. Because you don’t seem to realize that there are fighters who are not Rhapsody… but got the same M.O… the same spark as the Dynasty has… they too are getting the Proverbial kick in the back hind end. It’s almost like someone sticking a sharp pole up the rectums of the victims themselves. Then pulling it out and then back in… Multiple times and doing it without causing the butts to bleed but leaving the back hind ends feeling extremely raw.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: That’s a very disturbing analogy… but makes sense.


Tape: *As President-Elect* As President… i will swear that the powers that be… be neutralized and disbanded. This land has dealt with them long enough and are thankful for their courage and their perseverance. Their sacrifice and giving up their own normal lives to help those out there who were in dire need of a lift. I am no fan of the Clan who consider themselves a Dynasty. The Rhapsody Dynasty… whoever of them that manage to catch this address… They must be assured that they have my deepest gratitude and respect.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Then just yesterday there was this special on T.V that i to my utter dismay caught and taped. I had to tape it. Anything about our family… i will keep an ear out for. Because a threat to them… It’s a threat to us.

Tape: *As President-Elect* Since the year 2010… Way back when the dynasty were very young… They’ve been gifted with powers that no other could achieve. Powers that are of the elemental mind. The powers that be. All stemming from one sole person who’s identity was lost to the mists of time itself. He had 7 kids. One of them was born as a Psuedo-hermaphrodite. That one grew out of it and is now a Reporter for a high respected Newspaper chain. One of the girls had two girls which one grew up with pink hair and then grew up to be an adult married to a Respected D.A. She’s known as the Family Matriarch to the Rhapsody Dynasty. During the 2020’s… her daughters Paige Cass Rhapsody, Pearl Lucy Rhapsody and Dinah Ellen Rhapsody grew up Normal till sometime during the 3rd grade got endowed with powers that were not of the normal living being. They that day became the girls of Love, Grace and Fury. The Rhapsody Girls Z! 

Then 14 years later from the time that they faced a claimed Intergalactic demon… Came the 4th generation and a new bree of Super-sleuths. Ones with powers that construed and veined from those before them. The Romancers Z! The Aquatic Force Z! and the Thunderic Force Z! As well as others such as Electrogal, Sailor Zoey, The ESP twins, The Psychic wonder and Honolulu Torch Paul. They played their parts in battles and fought against beings that came to terrorize and threaten their homes and their very way of life…

The Rhapsody Dynasty must now come to a reality where they should step down and let the normal common heroism be perpetrated by our armed men and women of the Military. They have done their civic duties and done it with honor and heart. For that i express my deepest respect for the service they fulfilled for all those years. It will go down in U.S History as the Era of the Rhapsody Dynasty’s rise and climb to power. A example of hope for all who were lost… and needed to be given a reason to hold on and never let go. In the coming weeks ahead… they’ll be getting a amendment check for the tireless work that they have shown us and the world… And to those who don’t like me very much… or at all… I want to say… I don’t blame you. I understand. I haven’t done much good for people due to the things i’ve once done and i can never expect for any to forgive me. But know that for all the struggle and strength that you’ve given out… i am deeply grateful. With all my heart. I am grateful….


Joanna: *Walking from the store* I haven’t heard from Carly yet today. I happen to worry about her. *Sighs* However… her cousin’s and relatives are not allowing for her to be around me. Sure wish i knew as to why.

Macie: *Walking next to Joanna* I couldn’t say, Joanna. But i think that it’s your secret that’s doing it. I may just be wrong… but it’s a possibility.

Joanna: My habit. If that’s the case… they can get over it. I am not hurting any of them with it. It’s not as if i am asking for them to do it. It’s only me doing it.

Macie: And Carly. You did admit that she also did it and that it was due to you.

Joanna: Yeah. *Sighs* I guess that you’re right.

Macie: Not to forget that some of the boys at school are starting to notice you.

Joanna: What do you mean by that?

Macie: you mean… you didn’t know?

Joanna: No. I didn’t. Who’d be noticing someone like me? *Feeling doubt* I’m a struggling transgender. Plus i am still being seen as possible eye candy by Carly. She still believes that Johnny is somewhere inside me. But also is not bound to give up till Johnny returns. I don’t know what more to suggest to her that will get her to accept the reality that Johnny is gone and never gonna return.


Who’s this boy you’re talking about that’s supposedly noticing me.

Macie: Don. Someone named Don Stanley. *Nasally* I don’t know how he’s noticed you. But he… he was looking right at you. As he was passing by. Friday. He didn’t stop and chat or nothing… but he caught notice of you.


Ridge Mercer

Ridge: *Singing to Macie with a beat and rhythm flowing inside his heart* “hello let’s go
everybody must know
love’s in my heart like a bomb
It’s blowing a song inside I’m singing
sunshine that your bringing now and it makes me happy
Listen to the radio playin back in stero
Sounds like my favorite song
I’m humming along my head is ringing
And I just can’t stop singing now cause it makes me happy
it makes me happy
You’re everything I need, handed from above
I can’t get enough of your love
Cause it makes me happy
it makes me happy
Living in a day-dream
I’ll show you what it all means
Spending some time in the sun
Let’s get up and run it’s just beginning
And I just can’t stop singing now
Cause it makes me happy
Like a fantasy that you never find
Right in front of me all the time
And it makes me happy
I want it all but not too much I wanna feel the way you touch me
I’m the kind of guy who’s always there to come and find you
Save the raining days for another time
I’m just here to say read between the lines
I’m so glad that your mine
Cause you make me happy
you make me wanna sing
do do dodododo
do do do do
do do dodododo
do do do do
do do dodododo
do do do do
do do dodododo
do do do do
do do dodododo
do do do do”

Macie: *Blushing* Wow…! *Nasally;Happy* That was really sweet, Ridge. *Smiles*

Ridge: That was for you, Macie. I also have come to ask if you’d like to go out with me on a date..

Macie: *Gasps* … Oh my… I’ve never been asked to go on one before…


Joanna: Who are you girls? Have i seen you girls before?

???: *Looking at Joanna* We’re fellow schoolmates from Metropolis High. The name’s Katie. Katie Pidge Linda Diamond Gunnerson. Yeah. I know… Long name. Kinda a tongue twister for some… isn’t it?

Joanna: I’d guess. But not that i am skeptic on being spoken to out of the blue… only since i’ve usually been seen as a sort of undesirable… What’s bringing you guys to just stopping and just speak to me? I am thankful… but i am just curious as to why?

Katie: It’s because… We believe that you are different. We girls all heard about you being… well… a Transgender. But it doesn’t matter to us. To us… a person is a person. Whether they be girl or boy or a gender confused individual. I myself prefer guys and regular girls. But i am open to those who’re different than the normal or common.

Joanna: Really? That’s good to find out. Why didn’t you guys say anything earlier. Like… last week… when you happened to catch sight of me? I saw you guys walking by and i know that you had to have seen me. But… you didn’t say anything.

Katie: We didn’t know what to expect from you at first. When we first saw you… You seemed as if you were very distant… distrusting of others and weary about getting close to anyone.

Joanna: Could you really blame me? I used to be this other person… and all i got were judging eyes of discontent and taunts and ridicule. No one wanted a thing to do with me. I was like a nobody to everyone at the school. They all saw me as just some troubled freak who couldn’t decide what to be.

Katie: That’s so wrong. You shouldn’t have had to be made to feel like that. You were not deserving of that. However… You don’t need to worry. You now have us.

???: Yeah. You don’t have to be alone anymore. You’re a transgender. And if you are a freak… so what? Everyone’s a freak in their own way. It’s just something that makes them… who they are. You are who you are. People can either accept you… or they can just turn hind tails and beat it.

Joanna: Uh… Thanks. That was comforting. You seem to tell it just how it is. Not many people do. They always seek to beat around the bush. As it is… i am usually just looking out for myself in this city as i don’t really know too many people other than a group of girls and guys that i met a few days or so ago. Zoey Rhapsody i think was one of them. Someone named Asia Rainbow white. Macie Terrace. Michelangelo Trent… i would guess… There was also These two married teenage lesbians. Leslie Burke and Blossom Burke Maiden name Rhapsody. Thora Lightfoot. Ridge Mercer… who is right now… over by the one side by that… what might look like a bodega. And he’s flirting and speaking with the girl i’m acting as Sole guardian over… Macie M. Lightfoot. She’s originally from somewhere in Connecticut.

???: Really?!

Joanna: Yeah. Why?

???: Nothing. It’s just rather cool. I’m Erica by the way. Erica Beiderman.

Joanna: Nice name. Sounds peaceful…

Erica: Thank you. But who are you? *Pauses* Wait… i think that we happen to know you. We overheard someone saying your name the other day at school In the hall. You’re… Joanna Barlow. Aren’t you? No wonder we recongized you… You got a heck of a solemn and anti-social reputation going about for you, you know?

Joanna: I know… However… With being usually targeted with Ridicule and mockery. It kinda comes naturally.

Erica: Well… Not anymore. From now on… if people want to come at you and seek on hurting you… They’ll have to come through us… first.

???: Hey Joanna. You don’t remember me… do you? I was in your 2nd period class.

Joanna: Cherry. Cherry Ipkiss?

Cherry: Yeah. That’s me. That’s my name. Cherry’s what i am all about. Did you know that the two gay girls… Leslie and Blossom are married?

Joanna: Yeah. I found out about it when i met them for the first time. I just didn’t really say much as i didn’t really know what to say. I didn’t want to speak out of impulse. Without an invitation. Why?

Cherry: I happened to attend their wedding. I was there.

Joanna: You were?

Cherry: yeah. Although i didn’t say anything and i don’t think that they’d recall seeing me there. But i was there. My Brother Tony was there too… Not Biological of course. Adopted. He was formerly one of the Hennessy’s. I was formerly a Lane. He’s a Model. I am known to be a part-time singer. Singing old songs that are from the 60’s. Doo-wop and bubble gum style. Oldies.


???: You sure are gorgeous. And i’m not just saying so. I remember seeing you in my 3rd period class. You had the same 3rd period as i do.

Joanna: *Gasps* You what? You think i am gorgeous?

???: You bet. I know it might sound a bit awkward as we barely have finally met… but it’s true. I noticed you since the second day that you were within the same 3rd period as i was. You looked so alone and so… unsure of what to do. You did have this girl next to you… Someone with blonde hair. She was looking at you as if she was seeing a idol or something.

Joanna: It’s nothing like that. She just had the impression that i was still this boy named Johnny and yet… i find myself having to tell her that the person she is expecting… is gone and never returning.

???: *Scoffs; in disbelief* Yeah right. Come on… She really happens to think that when she faces you she sees this person which you’re not? You really must get her off her rocker and shake that girl loose. She may have been your only thought to be friend as she cared and gave you a chance when no one else would… But if she is only gonna see you as this person… that you no longer are whoever that might have or have not been… She’s not being a good friend. I mean… Joanna, You are very trusting and don’t want to make any waves… But with this girl… I think that her name… was Carly. It’s a constant push for a reminder to get her to see reasons. Getting her to take the fact and have it sink in… that you’re not who she thinks you are. How many anvils will you need to drop on her head before she gets it made clear that you’re different?

Joanna: You sure seem really opinionated… Don. That’s your name… isn’t it? You were one of the guys who were passing notes about Macie. I am hoping that they were good things. Macie’s my responsibility and anything that happens to her… or anything that might come to hurt her… I have to know about it. As does the landlord that she and i have.

Don: Hey… Calm down, Joanna. It isn’t like that at all. We weren’t passing notes like that… It was suggestions on how to reach out to the girl… and you. I know that anything that comes out as possibly messing with a girl like… Macie… it’d start something that shouldn’t be required. *Looking to the side and seeing Macie talking to Ridge* She’s kinda like a innocent child. So lost and dependent on others. You got a lot to handle. If i had a hat… right now, i’d tip my hat to you. Seriously.


Ridge: Macie, I love you. I know that it’s a bit awkward for this to come out as it appears to startle you. But i Love you. This is what people do when they confess their attraction to one another. They express how they feel. *Looking to the side and then back* I know that i can’t offer alot and i am rather poor. But i give you my word…Love doesn’t need Money. And i won’t ever stop loving you.

Macie: But how could you truly love someone like me, Ridge? I… *Nasally* I’m not all that attractive. I am someone who’s got a slight case of Hypochondria. I hyperventilate alot and i also am a band geek. I’m also a scaredy cat towards a lot of things.

Ridge: I don’t think it matters much. I’m a singing prodigy. I am a member to Zoey Rhapsody’s band: Empire of the hearts. I may even get called a freak sometimes because i am always singing something… somewhere… But it doesn’t get me down. I do what i am born to do.


Ridge: Macie, That’s just it. I am okay with it. *Chuckles* My god, Macie… you truly worry too much. It really tickles my bones. I know the worried sense in what could happen if you happen to get pulled away suddenly. But that won’t happen if you were to emancipate from them and remain here. Joanna is Emancipated from her parents. Carly slipped that piece to Zoey… my band leader to the band that i am a member of. And she happened to shine some light on that around the guys and me. She’s emancipated. Joanna had a different circumstance for it. You could do it out of wanting a life that you wish to have total control of.

Macie: *Nasally* I already know about Joanna being Emancipated.


Ridge: *Walking closer to Macie and suddenly kissing her upon the lips* I love you, Macie Lightfoot. I don’t care about if you seem to be like a geek. I take you and accept you for who you are.

Macie: *Smiles and Kissing back; Blushing only a minute later and getting a real case of nervousness* I Love you too. *Nasally* I love you too, Ridge. You’re really sweet and loving. I want to be with you.

Ridge: Will you be my girlfriend?

Macie: *Exclaims* You betcha i will!


Joanna: I don’t know what i can do to get Carly’s family to accept me. I have not treaded on any toes that would cause them to just hate me. I even went to where a group of them were and paid my respects to that girl… Someone named Leslie. She Lost her father last week and i went on over to show my respects. My condolences.

Frank: That was a gesture of kindness and goodwill. Joanna, You did a good thing and for them to not see it… it is not your problem. You can only do what you can to make an attempt over showing how kind you are. You’re troubled… A troubled girl. But one with a heart.

Joanna: *Looking down* Sure glad that you happen to think so. Carly’s family don’t see that in me. I have a unfortunate habit. And they’re using that to take away the only friend i had that never had judged me for what was going on with me. She accepted me. But her sister Sora… Her cousins… Serena, Clint, Theodore, Annie, Spencer and Perry… All seem to believe else wise.

Frank: And should that be your problem? If they don’t want to accept you… that’s not your fault. It’s theirs. Of course… since they can’t learn to try and maybe give you a chance… You might have to move on and try to just forget about them.

Joanna: *To Frank; Emotional* How can i just move on and forget about them? Frank, Carly’s my best friend. I care a lot about her. She was the only one that stood by me in Metropolis when nobody else wanted a thing to do with me. I didn’t really have any friends. Carly was the only one who wanted to be my friend. I couldn’t find a friend in the others. and i had to have tried multiple times and yet… nothing.

Frank: Joanna, It will be okay. You just need to give it time. In time… they will either come to accept you… or if they happen to not accept you. You’ll be set to see on moving on and going to others and befriend a different crowd. Joanna, You are a very beautiful girl and are strong. You will be okay without them. If they can not accept you for who you are… then they’re are not worth your time.

Joanna: …

Frank: one rule in life. treat others how you like being treated. Never feel as though you must be one who does the convincing and the reaching out. Let them do their fair share. Let them do the reaching out.

Joanna: You’re right. I should just stop trying to be the one who’s constantly seeking to reach out to them. I am the nice one… i was trying to be a friend to them… nothing more. However… i will admit that i happened to make some friend yesterday. Possibly won a relationship with a boy from school. Don’t know how that happened… but the guy just started to talk and apparently… he clearly likes me. Macie’s got a boyfriend too. Ridge Mercer…. So she’s feeling rather happy.

Frank: That’s good then, Joanna. Macie’s got a boyfriend now.  I should probably meet this nice boy of hers. Macie should be with someone safe. and honest. Caring and sincere. I am sure that this boy she’s into has that.

Joanna: He seems to. When i first saw or met him… he appeared to be very lovestruck. As if just by first sight of Macie and looked as if his heart was pulled by her. Love at first sight?

Frank: It’s got to be Love at first sight if that’s what was going on. *Curious* Where’s Macie now?

Joanna: She’s actually with that girl she met on the first day of school. Macie Terrace. That girl’s a goth. Has Goth like tendencies.

Frank: She’s okay though, right?

Joanna: Yeah. You happened to supply us both with cellphones. And she’s got hers with her. If anything happens… she’ll call me and or you.

Frank: Good. Not that i don’t trust the ones she’s with when you’re not there… it’s just want to be sure that she’s safe. Also see that you are also safe too. You both are like 15… I worry. I have to worry. Plus now that the country has started to change… things are no longer safe as they used to.


Frank: *Getting out some photos of the situation* … *Putting the first one on the table and sliding it over to Joanna* Yesterday Noon… i caught sighting of a dark cloud. A dark entity. not sure what it was… but came from the east. Dark… fast and sinister. Related image It was seen from off the coast. Coming from the mid-plains of the countryside. Outside of the city limits. Then the second one coming from off the coast.

Joanna: *Skeptic but in disbelief* What do you mean? Are you… *getting a very unsettling vibe coming from the revelating bombshell* about to tell me… that something Evil is approaching and it’s imminent?

Frank: I don’t know… But… *Putting down another photo; pushing towards Joanna* Sparkly Jenny delivered that to me last night with 3 other photos. Said that she got them from a local patron who was out flashing pictures of the city skyline and the landscape that made his living flow. He took them and showed them to her… She didn’t know what to make of it.

Joanna: Okay… So, if i am getting this simply as you’re relaying it to me… There’s something dark going on out in the city and there are dark clouds… dark sinister clouds on both sides… Am i telling it right? Is this really going on? *Hearing thunder in the background*


Carly: I think that Leslie gets the general idea… Sora, Leslie’s not an idiot. She knows by now what it is that we’re up against when super powered persuasion battling and incidents are vaguely concerned.

Sora: *Scoffs* What the hell is your problem, Carly?

Carly: You.

Sora: Me?

Carly: Yeah, you!

Sora: Why?!

Carly: Wanna know why? Wanna know? I’ll tell you. It’s because of the fact that you never accepted Johnny who’s now Joanna. You judged her. Never gave her a damn chance.

Sora: And why do you think that reason is… huh? What could it be?

Carly: No idea as there is none.

Sora: Bullcrap! There is a reason. It is because Joanna Smokes. You know that mom is against you being with her and around her. She forbids Joanna from coming near you. And she is also motioning on pulling you out of school if you don’t stop seeing Joanna.

Carly: Shut up, Sora. Joanna is my friend whether any of you like it or not. She’s my friend and i am her friend. I am all she has for a friend as she apparently can’t count on any of you to be her friend. As it is… Both me and the girl that she has with her… Macie… We’re her only friends.

Blossom: Hey! *Cross and annoyed* Sora… Carly… Enough. That is enough of that… from the both of you. This is not the place to start your bitching about Joanna Barlow. She is not the primary objective here. These creatures and ensuring that they are disposed of… is. So stow the shit and get your heads back in the game at hand here. That’s an order. Am i clear on the demand and order?

Sora: *With Carly; Sighing and at attention* Yes, captain.

Charlene: I actually like Joanna. I think that she’s pretty far out. She’s strong, willful and determined.

Leslie: I agree. I actually happened to have walked by her the other day. She was walking with that girl… Macie. I think that was who the girl was. She was guiding Joanna on seeking to quit the habit. That was the other day…. The 15th. So…

Blossom: Sounds about right. You in fact did help Zoey quit the habit too, Leslie. I don’t know what it is that you said to her… but it worked.

Leslie: It sure did.

Nicole: Joanna isn’t bad. She’s just very misunderstood.

Lana: Totally. Sora, You really need to back off from Carly’s grill about Joanna. Carly has the right to have Joanna as a friend if she chooses. Your mom isn’t gonna be upset for Carly having anything to do with Joanna. You’re just mad because Carly’s hanging around Joanna alot and not so much with you as she used to and you can’t handle it.

Sora: Like hell… Mom is upset. I spoke to her last night about it and she told me… and Carly that we were to not have a thing to do with Joanna. I don’t know what you’re on, Lana… but… our mom is unhappy. So… Do a favor and stay out of it. Carly’s to stay away from Joanna… End of story. Otherwise our mom is pulling her out of school. Our mom’s ruling. not mines. hers.


Leslie Burke

Leslie: I don’t get what’s going on between Sora and Carly lately.

Blossom Rhapsody

Blossom: What do you mean, Leslie?

Leslie: Just what you think i mean. They’re constantly at one another’s necks about that girl Joanna Barlow. I mean… granted that the girl is with a habit and it’s starting to rub off on some of the crew… Because they’re now starting to consider on doing it… But really? Seriously? *Scoffs* I don’t get what Sora’s problem is with her. I seriously don’t get it. Blossom, Maybe you can explain to me what happens to be her glitch.

Blossom: I don’t have any idea. I kinda wish that i could tell you and just have some answer for how Sora was acting… But to be quite honest… I don’t think that there is an answer. nothing more than just the fact that she’s being a bitch. Not sure what for.

Leslie: Hmm. We might need to get a hold of Joanna and arrange a meet with her. Figure out what her deal is. Find out what the deal is with both her and Carly and find out whether if Joanna is this friend that Carly may claim her to be.

Blossom: How’re we to do that? *Looking at her phone for a second* You know that she’s not gonna want to speak with us. Besides… After the not so pleasant comments that she overheard come from Sora, Serena, Raven and Theodore… Plus Annie, Clint, Lorenzo, Rita and a few others besides them… She’s not gonna just stick around and take the floor and listen. besides… if it were you who had overheard the negative comments and all… would you be wanting to just stick around and listen. If at all… openly?

Leslie: Not really… No. *Realizing how it’s like for Joanna* Wow… Joanna must have it going tough for her.

Blossom: Not to mention on forgetting that she’s also a transgender. It’s no secret that she was once this boy named Johnny Barlow… Now she’s as she was biologically. Joanna Barlow.

Leslie: True. But… *Pauses* Wait… What?! She’s a Transgender? How did you come to that conclusion. She never told of that. How did you catch on to that piece of tell-all?

Blossom: From a close source that i managed to obtain.

Leslie: Who would that be? You know that there’s been no actual break from us being like together for you to go and come across others. So… Who could you have possibly meet?

Blossom then showed the picture…

Pidgetta Gerald-Holmes
Pidgetta Gerald-Holmes

Blossom: Her Name is Pidgetta But… the ones close to her know her as Penny Holmes. The first name sounds a bit like the name of someone that my Aunts know of and wanna forget though. Never could figure out the reason as to why that was…

Leslie: Maybe… bad memory?

Blossom: Perhaps.

Leslie: But enough of that… What did she find out?

Blossom: She read up on the files that she managed to get a hold of from the Hospital’s systems and read that Joanna was a boy trapped within a girl’s body… But had parents… which she left and emancipated from who didn’t support her wanting to become a boy. So she went right to her Aunt and got her Aunt to support and okay it.

Leslie: Okay… However… If that were the case, then why would she want to return to being a girl again if she is gonna only feel more like a guy who just happens to be trapped within a body that is of a girl?

Blossom: That’s something i don’t seem to have figured. I mean… it is possible for someone to have two identities within them. Where a girl will act out as if they were guys… and guys who lived and would show tendencies of doing things like girls do.

Leslie: That’s the description of a Transgender. One who’s one gender but has tendencies and some thoughts of which commonly would be thought about in terms of a guy.

Blossom: Wouldn’t we be better off going over to where Joanna resides and maybe reach out to her? It’d be better if we had.


Joanna: Blossom, Leslie… What’re you two doing here?

Blossom Rhapsody

Blossom:  Joanna, We came to see you. Leslie and I came to clear the air too on the issue between Carly’s sister Sora and her and it concerning you.

Leslie: We like you already… But Sora is fighting and resisting the intention of coming around and starting to accept you in the same way that we already have.

Blossom: Carly likes you. And that’s good. She’s standing true and loyal to you. But it’s also sadly put a strain on the relationship and closeness that she and her sister Sora had. We have to heal it.

Joanna: *Worried* I don’t know if it can be healed. Carly already seems to refuse to meet Sora half way on the matter. Most of her family…don’t seem to like me. I am sure that the one girl… Serena. Whoever she is… She’s already wanting to have words of disapproval with me. As well as do the two guys… Clint and Theo—the- Theodore.

Blossom: That’s so not true. Who the hell even told you that tall tale?

Joanna: Carly. She just felt as though her sister and her family would just not ever accept me.

Blossom: Well… That might be true with some of the family members in my family… But not all are like that. Zoey’s not that way. She’s been actually wanting to hang out with you sometime. In fact… she might have already had. From the first day that you and the other one walked through the front entrance of the high school. Zoey was one of the first ones that befriended you… and the girl you’re protecting.

Joanna: Blossom… She does have a name. *Chuckles*

Macie: I hope that you guys don’t feel on minding me in saying this… But *Nasally* I don’t think that it’d change the way things are. A bunch of you guys seem to rather judge her because of her habit. Which… granted that she should quit the habit. However a lot of you guys are hazing on her because she does that one habit and it rubs on you the wrong way and you are making her feel as if she’s unwelcome in the city because of it.

Blossom: How do you figure that…

Leslie: Wait… Who are you…


Joanna: Oh… She’s my roommate Macie M. Lightfoot. She and I met while i was on the road still undergoing my dilemma. She got left behind and missed her bus. She doesn’t have a way back to Connecticutt. So… She’s here. Her life is here now.

Leslie: What about her family and friends back home?

Macie: Actually… I do miss them. But i did happen to get a hold of them yesterday and i think that my parents are gonna be coming here to Metropolis in a few months. I don’t want them to uproot their lives and come here… Just because i am.

Blossom: What about your friends back home?

Macie: Oh… You mean Ginger and Dodie? They’re now aware of where i am and that i am unable to come back to that area. They miss me and are gonna be trying to call in some favors to come here and see me. Don’t know when that’d be.

Leslie: When they get here… We’ll be happy to be their escorts.

Carly: You sure that you two would be able to do that?

Blossom: Carly, We wouldn’t have offered that option if we were not gonna be able to. Plus… These are people that Macie knows… It’s only right for her to be joined together with them again.

Joanna: I agree. *Walking to the balcony looking out and down towards the streets* I know that it’d make Macie feel whole more than she was before.

Carly: *Looking at Joanna walking over to the Balcony* Joanna, Where’re you going?

Macie: Carly, *Nasally* I do believe that she’s going to the balcony to have a light and to take some time to think. She’s been feeling rather stressed about things.


She’s been hearing things about there being strange creatures being spotted in the city over the last few days.

Leslie: *Gasps* What?!

Blossom Rhapsody

Blossom: Macie, *Walking over to where Macie was and grabbing a seat; Facing Macie* What do you mean by creatures being spotted in the city?

Macie: I don’t really know, *Nasally* Blossom. I don’t like taking notice to these things. They’re scary. But what i can tell you is that things have been rather weird and caused for the city to come off behaving rather spooky. People in the city here… they’re rather defensive. Scared to come out. Frank… The Landlord even notices the strange changes that started to take place. It’s become rather haunting lately in the city.

Blossom: Haunting as in…

Macie: Haunting as in Eerie sounds. For the last few nights… we’ve been hearing grunting and howling. Hissing too. Growling. It the other night got to the point where our landlord had to go out and spend a night on the roof of the Apartments here and stake out… Keeping watch for any creatures to form up.

Blossom: Where did you and Joanna first see these creatures?

Macie: I can’t say. Blossom, I’d like to say where it was that we first saw the creatures… or beings. Whatever they were… But Joanna is the one that managed to get a first close view of them.

Blossom: How did she do that?

Macie: She went out to handle something for the Landlord… Frank. It was while she was out and on her way back from taking care of what she had to do for the landlord… that she managed to catch a glimpse of them.

Blossom: *Looking to see Carly walking out to the balcony to join Joanna* Macie, You know some things about what’s going on… And given that you’re one who might hyperventilate over things… You’re gonna be sure to find yourself in this war whether you want to be or not.


Leslie: *Looking to see a face etched into the moon for a brief second* Something’s coming…

Frank: *Voice-over* And now… The next Adventurous segment of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z!

Nov. 19th, 2046…

It was Monday, the 19th of the month of November and Carly was still being kept busy by her cousins Serena, Charlene, Perry, Charlie and Clint. They didn’t want Carly to have anything to do with Joanna due to the idea that as long as Joanna was smoking… seeing Carly with Joanna would only be detrimental to everyone. To her most of all as she could continue on thinking that the habit was normal and a way of life. They didn’t hate Joanna… But they were just trying to protect Carly’s well being. Keeping her away from the temptations. As for Carly’s sister Sora, Her cousin Blossom and Justin Creed… Sora’s boyfriend… they were gonna go and pay a visit over to Joanna and get some facetime with her. They wanted to reach out… but on their terms. What they didn’t figure was that Joanna wasn’t alone. She also had Macie nearby. Macie M. Lightfoot was sitting at a nearby bench with her boyfriend Ridge Mercer and were Talking. Hanging out. Apparently there was some stuff to say. Romance at the very least. Innocent though…

Out front of the Metropolis Getaway Arms…

Joanna: *Sitting and in deep thought* …

Minutes later…

Blossom: *Walking over to Joanna* Joanna, We need to talk. It’s something that hasn’t been said yet and the other night or so when we came to clear the air with you… setting the records straight… We didn’t get to discuss the matter that should have been discussed.

Joanna: *Looking up and to the side at Justin, Sora and Blossom* What do you guys want from me? You already forbid me from being near Carly. You keep trying to see that she and i never come into contact with each other.

Blossom: Well… Joanna, can you really think to blame us for that? When are you gonna get it? We don’t hate you. We just don’t want you near Carly. Not as long as you’re with a habit. We know that you and Carly are friends and you want to be with her… want to hang with her. But she’s my cousin and Sora’s sister. Her wellbeing and safety is our concern. What she’s doing with you… smoking. It’s not her. She never would have done that if it weren’t for Johnny or you.

Sora: Carly’s gonna be around in a little bit. But if you want to be around her more… You need to get her to stop smoking. If you want to resume it. fine. That’s you and you should stop and maybe think about quitting it too. But Carly’s not to do it. We don’t want her to mess her life up and screw up her health. Neither do we want for you to screw up yours. no matter what the reason is for you doing the habit… You should stop the habit. We know that you were facing a lot so far in your life over the last couple years up till now. But smoking is not the answer. It never was. If you really needed someone to speak to… You could be coming to one of us. We could help somehow.

Justin: Any one of us would be willing to stick around for you. be someone you could talk to. But you have to make that decision. You got to choose. You have the power to choose.

Joanna: I will get her to stop. But i don’t think that it’s gonna be that easy. She’s dead set in her ways. I actually find it surprising that you guys happen to be remiss of it all. You would be all over it. But the fact that she’s with her own ways… her own path. It just gets me a bit under the fact of that you guys… the ones who’re related to her… Don’t happen to realize that… even though you’re blood to her. Related and family tight to her. It really baffles me.

Justin: It actually rather baffles me too… now that you happened to bring that to attention. Carly isn’t doing anything all that wrong. Just that her choices are a bit questionable. The Habit is also an issue. But Maybe… Carly’s acting out and expressing her rebellious side.

Sora: Try telling that to the others in her family. They won’t think to see it that way. They’ll just deem it as just a ruse or excuse.

Blossom: No they won’t. All we need to do is just lay it on them… in a way where they’ll see reason. Get them to see that it’s not exactly as bad as they may have thought.

Justin: Where’s the girl you’re usually with?

Joanna: Who? Macie?! She’s over by the side there sitting with her boyfriend Ridge. They’re thinking about some things. Macie is actually gonna be going out on a date and it’s her first one. So… It’s kinda like a big deal for her.

Justin: Wow… Well… hope that she has a great time.

Although a few minutes later an agreement was made and Joanna… even though she had her own brand of troubles… wanted to make amends in whatever way she believed could be possible. So what she did was agree to get Carly to quit the habit. She also quite the habit too… or at least toned it down to close being non-existent. It was a smart move. a good move for both her… and Carly… But also for everyone who were involved…

But… A couple days later… That’s when things forever changed…

Narrator: *As  Blossom* As it was said… With the start of the new threat… things were starting to turn from bad… to worse. And for us fighters and even my team of fighters… the worst was yet to come. For a while now we were told that something was coming. Something was looming close and we then were all briefed on the matter that was indeed said to come. Kimahri was out scouring the city and keeping a close tight watch of anything that could pop in to the city. Not even he saw this coming. No one did. My Wife Leslie and I feared what was about to come…

Nov. 22nd, 2046…

Watchtower Command Center…

Watchtower Command Center…

Nicole: What’s going on? What’s this Threat that we’re being brought into?

Charlene: Is it the threat that consists of the Devil and his son?

Lana: It’s that… isn’t it?

Tess: That is exactly what you fighters are about to face. As of the last week… The threat has gotten closer and it’s covering the city like a Veil.

Genevieve: It was only hours ago when we picked up this transmission.

Tess: *Playing the Audio*

Recording: “Black Heart/Dark Heart: Mephistopheles I knew you’d come.

Mephistopheles:Long time no see, boys. Where you been hiding? I know why you’re here. I know what you’re after. It’s my contract. They’re my souls.

Black Heart/Dark Heart: We both know you can’t harm me here. It’s my turn to lead.

Mephistopheles:  You will suffer for this. Now, deal with my Rider. And the Super fighters of the city.  

Black Heart/Dark Heart: Your favorite creation? Send your precious Rider. I will retire him just like I will retire you… …Father. And as for those fighters… I’ll also retire them. They’re known as the Rhapsody New Generation… But once i’m done with them… They’ll live just long enough to be known as the Late Rhapsody New Generation. I will end them.”

Leslie: *Gulps* I don’t think that i’m liking this.

Nicole: Neither am I.

Ellie: Who is this Dark Heart? What does he want with us?

Lana: Not us… The Original Fighters of the new generation. He is targeting the attainment of the contract which is worth 2000 evil souls… Dark Heart has the impression of where he believes that the fighters are gonna stop him and interfere with his ambitions. Which gives us side fighters an easy in. Because… This guy Dark Heart… Whoever he might be… He will have 3 henchmen. Plus himself. So… he can try going at some of the fighters. But he can’t get them all. Which will leave it for us to slip in and infiltrate while they’re fighting the bad guys off.

Serena: You newbies are getting too sure of yourselves. It isn’t exactly as simple as you’re thinking on making it. This is not a easy threat where you just go in and stop the bad guy and call it a day. There is always something more involved in cases like these.

Raven: Like the Mob… When we had to deal with them and trying to stand the high ground. Being in defense for that guy Ipkiss. He was being made into a pariah by Kellaway and we had to even the playing field. Because if not… Ipkiss would have been caged… along with Tyrell. But The Mask character… he sent Tyrell right on down the drains. Where he could be now… No one truly knows.

Clint: Or when we all went against the Ogdru Jahad… tussling with that Nut Rasputin. The Gas Mas freak Kroenen. Plus those sickly Hell hounds. The Hounds of Resurrection. Those things were no fun ride. Hell… one of them threw me against the wall… If it weren’t for Hellboy distracting it enough till the guys got there to fire at that beastly creature… I would have been that thing’s next delicious meal. It would have tore me apart and swallowed me right on down its gullet and in it’s gurgling belly.

Nicole: That’s something we haven’t caught on before.

Annie: *Shaking all over* What’s going on?

Daria: What’s happening?

Tess: *Pleading to the fighters* Fighters… You must Evacuate the Command center. Right away.

Blossom: What?! No! We can’t just leave here. What about you guys?

Genevieve: There’s no time… Fighters, You must get out of here… Hurry! If you die here… the city will be defenseless. The growing threat is near… Your Main Ally who’s the Catalyst in it… ©Johnny Blaze©… He is gonna need your help. But you can’t help him if you die here. You need to go now.

Sapphire: Come with us now, Guys.

Chloe: Tess, Teleport them out of here… now!

Tess: Right away, Chloe.

Genevieve: *Walking over to the controls and preparing to initiate Teleport of the fighters* …

But that was when the one part of the controls began to short out and blow. Leslie and Blossom took the initiative and went off on making a move…

Leslie: *With Blossom* Tess, Genevieve… Noooo!

They leaped over and covered the controls… Or were about to when…

Zion: *Grabbing hold of Both Blossom and Leslie* A couple of Mothers must not get in dangers path.

Kimahri: *Taking the brunt of the Shock coming from the sparks being spewed by the one portion of controls*

Spencer: *With Rikku* [Kimahri], Hu… Fryd yna oui tuehk? Fryd ryja oui tuha? druca cbyngc luimt ryja gemmat oui? Fryd ypuid [Yuna]? Fryd ypuid ran? Oui’na unekehymmo cibbucat du pa ran bnudaldun. Vneaht. Ev oui ku… Ed fuimt uhmo rind ran. ([Kimahri], No… What are you doing? What have you done? those sparks could have killed you? What about [Yuna]? What about her? You’re originally supposed to be her protector. Friend. If you go… It would only hurt her.)

Luzzu: This does look extremely bad. *Looking slightly at the cameras and security footage* Uh… I think that i know why this is going on…

Serena: Do you now? *Tipsy over being rattled all through the Command Center*

Theodore: Would you care to enlighten us, Luzzu?

Wakka: What’s the matter?

Luzzu: The Security footage dictates that the Command Center here was Infiltrated by a dark mysterious man. With a Cane that has a tip that is Solid Silver and exposes a Skull impression… This place is in process of self-destructing… but there’s still a little time to pull up a clear picture.

Chloe: *scanning the footage and retrieving a facial recognition of the one who Infiltrated the Command Center* Looks like we got a dark snake in the gears.

Wakka: Agh! *Raising a fist at the person on the Video footage* Why that no good rotten son of a Shoopuf Jackal!

A Picture is pulled up and shows the face of the one responsible…

Clint: Hey… Isn’t that…

Sora: Don’t tell us… Please, don’t say it.

Tess: It is. It’s Mephistopheles.

Explosions started sounding off again but now more stronger…

Tess: This is it…

Genevieve: Fighters… there’s not a second more to spare. You must get out of here now. Now. The world is gonna need you. The City is gonna need you all. But if you die here… The city is gonna be exposed to supernatural threats. Dangers that are too big for them to understand.

Cyborg: You guys… Need to take the breeze and jet. Evacuate from here while you can.

Serena: No. We’re not leaving any of you behind.

Paul: You’ve got to come with us.

Boom! Boom! (Siren Blaring and sounding off)

Blossom: *Panicking* Oh my god… Shit. This is a fucking nightmare. A total and complete nightmare…

From the outside halls just Outside the Watchtower Command Center…

Justin Creed

Justin: *Hearing screams* This is the place. Sora Must be here… *Hearing Sora Scream* Sora. That’s Sora… *Hearing explosions going off and panicking*

From inside the Command Center…

Nicole: What’re we gonna do? How do we get out of here?

Lana: Isn’t there any way to stop the explosions?

Back in the Hall…

Justin Creed

Justin: It’s them… and the others. Leslie and Blossom. Carly, Serena… They’re in trouble. I’ve got to go in… They could be in danger…

Seconds later…

Justin: But none of them know about my being the Blue Turbo Ranger. I’m not supposed to be openly showing off. *Feeling unsure of what to do* What’ll i do? Sora’s in trouble. I got to get in there. *Looking ahead and making a decision* Sorry Tommy, Adam, Kat… Ashley. But they’re in trouble and the Ranger code says to always assist and come to the aid of those in need.

A Second later…

Justin Creed: Shift into Turbo!

Justin Creed: *Morphing* Mountain Blaster Turbo Power!

However… Inside the Command Center…

Sounds of Thunder and Electricity were going… Tess and Genevieve were unable to get to the controls to initiate the Teleport sequence. In fact… None of them were able to.

Blossom: Damn it! Someone do something. Anything. I don’t want to Die in the Command Center.

Sora: *Looking at Carly* This could be the end for us… The end of the Rhapsody Dynasty New Generation…

Carly: Yeah… *Terrified* Sora, What’re we to do? we’re stuck here…

Justin: *Voice* No you’re not.

Sora: *Pauses* Huh?!

Ellie: *Looking around* Explosions are going off… and now… voices?

Turbo Ranger/Justin Creed: *Running in* Don’t worry. You’re gonna be okay.

Genevieve: *Looking at the mysterious Ranger* Who are you?

Sora: I think that i know… *Looking and spotting Justin* Justin?!

Carly: Justin?! *Gasps* Justin Creed… Is a Power Ranger?

Sapphire: Say what? Are you pulling our damn legs? He’s this power Ranger?… From where? Where the heck did he come from?

Spencer: Hey… Come on, guys. We’re in a real awful bind here and he’s risking his own life to safe us and come to our aid. How about some gratitude?

Blue Turbo Ranger/Justin Creed: Come on. There’s no time to waste. The guys and I were out on a monster Battle. Dimitria knew that i had a life here in Metropolis. As do the others… But she’s at the Command Center. The one that calls upon Zords. *Feeling the ground shake and witnessing more Explosions* What’s going on here?! *Getting a bit thrown off his feet* Whoa! Hey… What gives? What’s the big idea?

Zion: Watchtower got infiltrated…

Luzzu: By a Dark being.

Blue Turbo Ranger/Justin Creed: Who?

Kimahri: By the Devil himself… Mephistopheles.

Blue Turbo Ranger/Justin Creed: *Marching over to the controls and checking them out* We got to get out of here and now. If this place self-destructs… It’s gonna take you all with it. *Pressing some buttons and activating the teleport* These controls are different than the kind which are within the command center that controls the Zords and also ensures that we’ve got Ranger powers. *Feeling the eyes looking at him* Don’t read too much into it. Okay? Now’s not the time. *trying to start the Teleportation* … Come on. Work.

P.A System: Self-Destruct protocol now activated. Self-Destruct will begin in T-minus 10 Minutes.

Tess: That was not the controls. You’ve started the total core meltdown. This place is gonna self-Destruct and there won’t be any stopping it.

Blossom: *Sighs*

Genevieve: Let’s see on trying to cut the signal to the countdown and stop it.

Chloe: *Pressing the buttons* Teleportation sequence Activated.

Within seconds… they all were out from the Watchtower Command Center. It was gonna be a long time before The Watchtower would be redone. It was the end of the Watchtower. Just as it almost was last time when it was internally torn apart and damaged in order to prevent it from being seized by the very hands of Checkmate and Amanda Waller??? It was also so Tess and Chloe could get out before they were caught and apprehended by Stuart Campbell and a couple of Checkmate gov’t agents. However… this was different. They were all teleported out from the Watchtower… All except for Tess, Genevieve, Chloe and Cyborg. Neither did Mr. Breslin and Mr. Morgan got out… They remained inside and within…

Tess: Chloe, We are unsure of what to do. We can’t stop the Self-destruct. The command center’s become unstable…

BOOM! BOOM! Crackle! Snap! SNAP! CRACK! POP! BOOM! Sizzle…Kablam!

A Moment later…

On the outside of the Watchtower Command Center…

From on Top of the Luthorcorp Plaza; Overlooking the city and in View and sight of the Watchtower Command Center…

Amy: *Feeling the impact of the Explosions* Ack!

Sora: Oh god!

Theodore: Hit the DECKS!

Penny: *Ducking for cover*

Clint: …

Blue Turbo Ranger/Justin Creed: *On the ground*

As soon as the smoke settled and cleared…

Blossom: *Getting up slowly* … *Shaking off the impact of the blast* Ugh! God… *Looking at everyone* Is Everyone alright?

Kimahri: *Standing up and Standing tall* … *Shaking his head* Kimahri not know. Kimahri little sore.

Zion: Zion take bad fall.

Leslie: *Getting up and feeling a little achy* What happened?

Spencer: *Coming to and slowly getting back up* For the most part… Yeah.

Rikku: This is something that i don’t miss. Not at all.

Blue Turbo Ranger: *Rising up and getting to his feet* I need to inform the guys back at the Command Center in Angel Grove…


Tommy: *Through Communicator* Justin, Where are you? Is everything okay over there?

Blue Turbo Ranger/Justin Creed: *Speaking into the Communicator* Tommy, We’ve got a problem going here.

Tommy: What do you mean?

Blue Turbo Ranger/Justin Creed: The Watchtower Command Center… It’s been blown up…

Tommy: Where are you, Justin?

Blue Turbo Ranger/Justin Creed: On top of a tall building. Pretty high up. *To the crew* Where are we?

Blossom: On top of the Luthorcorp Plaza building… *Feeling wincing pain coming on to her* Ahhh!

Leslie: *Rubbing her head* Owww! That hurts!

Blue Turbo Ranger/Justin Creed: Tommy, Did you catch that?

Tommy: Yeah. I’m with Adam right now… I’ll let him know and we’ll get on our way. We’re coming.

Blue Turbo Ranger/Justin Creed: Okay. Thank you. But Tommy, Hurry.

Tommy: You got it.

Serena: Is everybody alright?

Rikku: I’m guessing… yes. seem to be…

Kimahri: Kimahri sore but okay…

Paul: *Looking to see his sisters Sora and Carly still out and then suddenly stirring back to consciousness* Sora… Carly!

They all ran over to them and tended to them…

Seconds later…

Sora: *Coming to and Sitting up* … *Looking over to see the remains of the Watchtower Command Center* Oh no! Please… Don’t let it be the end for us and the powers that be…

Carly: Oh, man. It’s gone.

Sapphire: Do you think they could have survived?

Spencer: I don’t know. I don’t see how anyone could survive that kind of explosion.

Raven: Is that what you’re demanding to see it as? They’re mortals. Okay? As are we. We are mortals and you know very well… that if we were still inside there when the main event initiated itself… We’d be dead too. You think that since we got powers… and that we just so happen to be members of the Rhapsody Dynasty… that we’d be safe from perpetual explosion? I would love to think that it’d be just so incredibly easy to go around and be immune to death and find out that we can’t die… However… here’s the thing: WE CAN!

Christina: I think that we get the point, Raven. However, You don’t need to cough up an attitude.

Raven: What attitude? Didn’t you just see the Watchtower? It’s gone. There’s Nothing left of it. It’s gone. All of it is gone… there’s nothing left. Our powers could likely fade off any moment now. We right now… are lucky that we’re not dead. We could have been dead too along with Tess, Genevieve, Chloe, Cyborg and the two men that were working there as well.

Nicole: Blossom, what are we going to do?

Blossom: *Groaning in uncertainty* I don’t know… But it could possibly mean the end of the Rhapsody Dynasty and The Rhapsody New Generation…

The Fighters all stood there in mourn as they were looking at the devastating view of the place that they called Heroic HQ. Their headquarters for getting the scoop on coming threats. All coming dangers. They depended on the Watchtower and all it’s knowledge. Because it was with them that they were in the know of what was foretold to come their way. But now… Without the watchtower… it was over. They were on their own. They were gonna need to keep their own intel and gather their own details and data on what was coming and the threats of old. The whole thing was now on their hands. In their court and the fighters had no clue as to what to do. The current threat was with the Devil and the Son revolving a Contract of San Venganza worth 2000 Evil Souls. But there were other threats that were foretold to follow. What they didn’t know was that they were about to have unusual allies. More on the influence of those Power Rangers…

As they stood there in shock…

At the Metropolis City Park…

Tommy: *Looking at Adam* Justin called. He’s in need of help. He just went to see on a distress call coming from Sora Rhapsody.

Adam: Sora?! Isn’t she the girl that we saw at the front entrance of the Stadium for the night of that Music Concert that was being held there that night?

Tommy: Yeah. Justin’s rather infatuated with her. In Love I’d guess. However Sora’s read the thoughts and picked up on our secret. That we were the Power Rangers.

Adam: That girl’s smart and psychic. But what’s the situation with her?

Tommy: I don’t know all the details. But Justin did seem to be in a bit of a bind. We should help him out on the matter.

Adam: Let’s go. Justin needs us. Rangers and team members are there for one another.

Tommy: *Nods*

Seconds later…

Tommy: *With Adam next to him; In Position* Shift into Turbo!


Adam: *Morphing* Desert Thunder Turbo Power!

Tommy: *Morphing* Red Lightning Turbo Power!

At the top of the Luthorcorp Plaza…

Blue Turbo Ranger/Justin Creed: *Hugging Sora* I’m sorry for your loss here.

Sora: *Upset* I know. It’s just not fair though… Why would Mephistopheles do this to the Watchtower? It didn’t pose a threat to him. It wasn’t even targeting him.

Kimahri: Some reason behind what bad men do never Explained. They do what they wish.

Nicole: Well… Good work to him. *Walking to the west side edge of the building* Watchtower is gone. It’s over. There’s nothing left for any of us at all.


Red Turbo Ranger/Tommy: *Running over with Green Turbo Ranger/Adam* Justin, What’s going on?

Blue Turbo Ranger/Justin: Tommy, Adam… You guys came.

Green Turbo Ranger/Adam: Of course. You know the code. Never leave a Ranger hangin’. Besides… We’d never leave you hangin’.

Red Turbo Ranger/Tommy: What’s the situation?

Blossom: *Looking to see Tommy* Hey… Who’re you guys?

Blue Turbo Ranger/Justin: It’s okay, Blossom. They’re with me. They’re members to the Power Rangers. Sora already knows who they are. As well as know that i too am a Member.

Blossom: Oh… Okay.

Sapphire: What?! Are you trying to take a one way trip down the rabbit hole and intending to get lost in a maze? Your heads must be stuck in the mud and with no intention of climbing out.

Paul: Okay… Let us think about it and Look at the details. You 3 guys… are Power Rangers. You’re from Angel Grove Originally… but have conducted some type of life here in Metropolis. But then when danger calls… You go off to see this inter-dimensional being… Named Zordon. But now is Dimitria. Do i have it clear on the details thus far?

Red Turbo Ranger/Tommy: Can’t get any more clearer.

Serena: Okay… We’re piqued. You grabbed our interest and fascination.

Annie: You Rangers are one of us now…

Blossom: Justin… You’re Part of my team. Sora and Carly are also on my team. Along with Nicole, Ellie and Lana Rusoe. My Wife Leslie. You’re now a Rhapsody Ranger. To this being named Dimitria… You’re a Turbo Ranger. But to this team and us… You’re a Rhapsody Ranger. Tommy, You’re like a leader. So… You’ll run one of the Sub-Stations of Watchtower. Leslie’s got one in her office. at the Stadium. Kimahri, You and Zion are the Assistant leaders. The backers. Tommy follows you… You follow him. You report to him and he returns to report to you and then to us.

Amy: Which leaves us… with Adam. Adam… You’re with us older fighters. But we will have to warn you that… some of the things we deal with… They’re lethal and dangerous…. So Keep in mind of these 3 things… Stay Alert and attentive. 2. When Danger comes at you. Don’t think twice. Don’t Make second guesses. Attack it full on ahead. 3. When pairing up with a group of us… When a small group happen to pair off… You cover the flanks. The same will be done in return. The Threats that we face… They’re deadly. Merciless and relentless to a degree.

Leslie: That settles it.

Red Turbo Ranger/Tommy: What about the people inside the destroyed Watchtower?

Blue Turbo Ranger/Justin: We’ve got to look and see on finding if there are any survivors.

Lana: That’d be one good idea. We should do that.

Leslie: *Looking at Blossom* We should head over to the stadium… The Sub station i have to contact Watchtower… Should have a copy of the schematics and blue prints of the Watchtower Command Center. If we could only look at them… We could start a search for any survivors and see if anyone… got lucky and made it.

Green Turbo Ranger/Adam: That’s right. But do you really believe that anyone could have made it. After that Explosion?

Carly: We should at least try… Our main objective is to locate this Johnny Blaze© and help him. Assist him. We need to do what we can in finding any survivors in the Watchtower Command Center. So… the first team will start here with the search.

Blossom: Our team will go off to Locate the Catalyst in this current Threat. Zion, You go with them. Kimahri, You’re staying with us.

An Hour later…

Leslie’s Office…


Leslie: This is where i have a personal station to Watchtower. It keeps me up to speed on what’s going on out there and informs when there is any means of danger being near.

Blossom: *Looking for the schematics for the Command center*  In this city… there’s a lot of evil people out and just seeking to make trouble. We try to handle it. It’s just rhat… the ones which come with supernatural abilities. Evil intent… Those are the problem.

Tommy: You guys are dealing with a bad being bent on gaining power… What would make you believe that this Evil entity is drawing near?

Leslie: We’re not sure, Tommy. But we have to find out what we can about this threat. We have to find out what we’re dealing with.

Kimahri: Kimahri smell trouble. Don’t like what’s coming.

Blossom: You’re not the only one that doesn’t happen to like what’s threatening to bust its way in. We’re all in for a very dark ride. This Ghost Rider… whoever he must be… is likely just the pawn in a situation that seems to be bigger than we’d care to admit.


Zion: What suggest we do about the possible survivors still within the now blown up Command center?

Tommy: We’ve got to get on with a search for any survivors. There must be survivors trapped underneath the rubble.

Blossom: *Suddenly getting a hold of the schematics for the command center* I got it. Damn… i knew for one thing that the prints were here in this office somewhere and here they are. Right here. Tommy, You stay and run the Station here. It’s voice activated. To activate it… Just relay the line to it: “Watchtower… Activate. Ready to start saving the city?” It’ll open up all functions and you’ll have all use of control. This is like having an eye in the sky.

Tommy: Okay.  You can count on us. We won’t let you down.

Leslie: Blossom and I are gonna meet up with the others and get a recon crew and go on the search to hunt down the trail of that Blaze fella.

Tommy: Good luck you guys. And as Dimitria would say: “May the power be with you”

Leslie: Thanks. Good Luck. Blossom, Time to roll.

A second later…

Leslie: *Transforming* Elemental Rita… Power up!

Blossom: *Transforming* Electrogal… Charge Up!

It was now on the way to go find the one who’d become the fated Ghost Rider…

The Clock has begun and the Threat was now in play. Too early to tell but still it was near. Were the fighters gonna be able to get to where the catalyst was before the events that were to take effect started to kick in and offset the score? Was the son of the devil truly near and threatening to make his first move… or was he still yet to come? What about on the front of Joanna Barlow? Was she gonna be brought in on the matter before long? Was she gonna be posing to be a symbol for an upper hand for the fighters? Where was Macie to be involved in this? Where was she gonna play a part in the unfolding threat? Find out in the next Chapter of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! As the saga continues…


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