Chapter 313: Here comes the Legend of the Ghost Rider… Legend and all

(Prologue to: The Ghost rider… Metropolis City/Rhapsody style)

Nov. 17th, 2046…

Metropolis, Kansas…

Outside the fairgrounds…

Joanna: *With her Sniper loaded and armed; On top of the nearby building* … *Keeping an eye out for her target*

Clouds were forming throughout the city. The Sky was darkened by the dark clouds that were coming on and filling the skies…

But as for a small team of people…

There was a break-in in progress and yes… after months of there being no intense elements or traces of supernatural occurrences that would spawn causes for there to be a need for the powers that be… This was gonna be a reason for the powers that be to re-activate and come out once again…

It was a break-in at the Stadium and the danger was a moderate to others… but high to both Leslie and Blossom.

At the side gate of the stadium…

Leslie: *With a headset and earpiece* Aero-light, What’s your 20?

Nicole: *Through Earpiece* I’m through the side gate heading in. Ellie and Lana are on the back entrance heading in.

Blossom: *Through headset* Good. You guys are to stand your positions once inside. Leslie and I will be coming through the front. Sora and Carly are already inside the Arena and working their way through to the main wing.

Nicole: What about Charlene?

Leslie: She’s still with us here. She’s got the flank.

Blossom: Where are you guys now?

Nicole: *Through the Earpiece* On the inside. We’re all through the gate. Where are the ones that we’re after?

Leslie: Inside the new wing that’s under construction.

Ellie: *Through Earpiece* What’re you having put in?

Leslie: *Sighs* An Adult Bar.

Charlene: When? When was this that you sprung some leak in telling about adding an adult bar? Since when was this?

Leslie: …

Blossom: She isn’t in liberty to say. But it’s just something that came up to her attention.

Charlene: Uh-huh… Yeah. You know… ever since that girl named Joanna Barlow came into the fold… there’s been nothing but a whole cloud of secrets. I for one am sick of it, captain. Sick and fed up. I may be an addition to the team. But don’t just go around holding stuff back from me. I’m not just someone that you can drag around as a part of a team only to keep in the dark on whatever is going on.

Blossom: Charlene, *Groans* For the love of pete… Can we not get into it now?

Charlene: Blossom, Look. I’m a cousin to you… Not just some pencil chomping psych ward inhabitant that you can just write off as crazy and a disturbance needing to be tossed out with the rest of the nut balls. I’m not just some random addition. You don’t want to tell me about it… Fine. Say so… Don’t be trying to keep secrets from me and sell the intent of covering things up with some fabricated lie. Because by doing that… it’s gonna make a person think that you don’t respect them or trust them. That’s not something to be taking on and a path worth going down.

Blossom: Charlene, If it’ll get you to shut the icy choppers of yours… We’ll tell you after this little maneuver is over. *Groans in stress*

Leslie: *Hearing screeching coming from inside* What in the…? Something’s going on inside. Trouble! *Speaking into the Headset* Lana, Ellie… Nicole! What’s going on in there?

Ellie: *Through headset* Elemental Rita… i don’t think you’ll want to know the answer to that question. But i think that we got a big problem and it’s not suited to play house. These beings… whatever they are… They’re shadow creatures and they are also of fire.

Lana: *Through headset* Get your back hind-ends in here… While we still got a chance to live… because if you don’t get in here now… You’re likely about to see us 1/4 less of what we once were.

Blossom: Wait one. We’re on our way… We’re making our way over now… But try to hold them off. Use the Golem forming and see on finding a weak spot on them. We’re on our way.

They tore into the inside as there was no time to waste. It was starting to sound bad and getting worse. What happened when they got in where the danger was that they saw the creatures and got ready to attack at the creatures.

Leslie: *Looking at the creatures* okay… You creeps need to beat it. *Pointing her fingers at the creatures and shooting laser lights straight out at the creatures*

Charlene: *Firing a blast of Snow and Ice at the creatures* *clashes her hands together and moves them up forming blue energy and then aims the attack at the target, trapping them into ice* ICE HURRICANE!!

Blossom: Whoa! *Gasps* What a shot! That was a heavy impact. Nice shot! Charlene… You’re bound to have the hang of it yet?

Charlene: What do you mean, Blossom? I already have the hang of this. It’s been seen as second nature to me. I honed on the skills really well. You know… i would bet that the attack would really be tough if we were to combine the elements. Thunder and Ice. What do you think?

Blossom: Hmm… You know what… that’s not a bad idea. I’ll go for that.

Sora: *On one side of the room attacking the creatures* *Launching an attack* Blizzaga! *Sending it to the Creatures*

Carly: *On the other side of the room attacking the creatures* … *Launching an attack* Thundaga! *Sending it to the creatures*

Ellie: *Firing an attack at the creatures* Electro Wave!

Lana: *Using Geo-thermokinesis on the creatures; Creating Molten Rock and controlling it; manipulating it to form a large hot rock formation and encasing the creatures; Suffocating the creatures* Let’s see these things try to make a shot at surviving now. They don’t stand a chance whatsoever.

Leslie: *Grins* Hmm… Nice. Nice shot, Lana. That’s a very sweet move.

Blossom: Don’t get cocky girls… We may have battered them down… but we haven’t taken the beach yet. There is still a chance that they can break free and return fire.

Sora: This is true. Leslie, This all comes from experience. We’ve been in the hero business longer than you and the Rusoe trio. We manage to know what to really expect from creatures. We went against all sorts in the game world known as Spira. Then the other year going against these things called Hellhounds… Samael The hell hound. The seed of Destruction. A mass of those…

Carly: I think that Leslie gets the general idea… Sora, Leslie’s not an idiot. She knows by now what it is that we’re up against when super powered persuasion battling and incidents are vaguely concerned.

Sora: *Scoffs* What the hell is your problem, Carly?

Carly: You.

Sora: Me?

Carly: Yeah, you!

Sora: Why?!

Carly: Wanna know why? Wanna know? I’ll tell you. It’s because of the fact that you never accepted Johnny who’s now Joanna. You judged her. Never gave her a damn chance.

Sora: And why do you think that reason is… huh? What could it be?

Carly: No idea as there is none.

Sora: Bullcrap! There is a reason. It is because Joanna Smokes. You know that mom is against you being with her and around her. She forbids Joanna from coming near you. And she is also motioning on pulling you out of school if you don’t stop seeing Joanna.

Carly: Shut up, Sora. Joanna is my friend whether any of you like it or not. She’s my friend and i am her friend. I am all she has for a friend as she apparently can’t count on any of you to be her friend. As it is… Both me and the girl that she has with her… Macie… We’re her only friends.

Blossom: Hey! *Cross and annoyed* Sora… Carly… Enough. That is enough of that… from the both of you. This is not the place to start your bitching about Joanna Barlow. She is not the primary objective here. These creatures and ensuring that they are disposed of… is. So stow the shit and get your heads back in the game at hand here. That’s an order. Am i clear on the demand and order?

Sora: *With Carly; Sighing and at attention* Yes, captain.

Charlene: I actually like Joanna. I think that she’s pretty far out. She’s strong, willful and determined.

Leslie: I agree. I actually happened to have walked by her the other day. She was walking with that girl… Macie. I think that was who the girl was. She was guiding Joanna on seeking to quit the habit. That was the other day…. The 15th. So…

Blossom: Sounds about right. You in fact did help Zoey quit the habit too, Leslie. I don’t know what it is that you said to her… but it worked.

Leslie: It sure did.

Nicole: Joanna isn’t bad. She’s just very misunderstood.

Lana: Totally. Sora, You really need to back off from Carly’s grill about Joanna. Carly has the right to have Joanna as a friend if she chooses. Your mom isn’t gonna be upset for Carly having anything to do with Joanna. You’re just mad because Carly’s hanging around Joanna alot and not so much with you as she used to and you can’t handle it.

Sora: Like hell… Mom is upset. I spoke to her last night about it and she told me… and Carly that we were to not have a thing to do with Joanna. I don’t know what you’re on, Lana… but… our mom is unhappy. So… Do a favor and stay out of it. Carly’s to stay away from Joanna… End of story. Otherwise our mom is pulling her out of school. Our mom’s ruling. not mines. hers.

Carly: *Sulking and steamed* … *Walking away in disgust and anger; Wanting to punch Sora in the face*

it was then as soon as things were calm and there were indeed no more activity of there being creatures within the storage area with the new wing under construction for the Adult Bar to be added in… Things were back to a veil of normal. It was then said that there was a lot of talking to be done… Understandings and views to be brought up. Up to speed. One was the prospect of getting to terms with Joanna and finally getting to the same page as her and make things right again. There was a lot to take care of and there was just little to slim time to do it.

As for Joanna…

She was up on top of the one building overlooking the fairgrounds and watching out for her target. She never was able to spot her target. At least not at first… But her target was a Teenage girl. The identity of the girl was never discovered and from what it appeared… No one noticed Joanna up on the roof of the building that overlooked the Fairgrounds even though there was no doubt that she was there.

Joanna: *Looking at the time and sighs* I gotta get going on back to Macie. She’s gonna be wondering about me.

Joanna packed up her sniper rifle and secured it. Before long, she got on going over to the apartments where she was staying and onwards to check up on her friend Macie. But that was when she was spotted by a group of people. A small group of teens who seemed to take notice of her…

The next day…

The new Threat took presence…

Narrator: *As Carter Slade* It’s said that the West was built on legends. Tall tales that help us make sense of things too great… …or too terrifying to believe.

This is the legend of the Ghost Rider.

(Sounds of a horse Neighing; Eerily)

Story goes that every generation has one. Some damned soul, cursed to ride the earth……collecting on the devil’s deals.

Many years ago, a Ghost Rider was sent to the village of San Venganza… …to fetch a contract worth 2000 evil souls. But that contract was so powerful…

…he knew he could never let the devil get his hands on it.

So he did what no Rider has ever done before: He outran the devil himself.

The thing about legends is… …sometimes they’re true.

(Here is where we advance the years up to where Johnny Blaze© is an adult… and will soon be one to cross the path of the Fighters.)

But there was more to follow from there. Much more. How much worse one would ask… was without any doubt… anyone’s guess. No one knew… But it was that night on the night after the freak incident with a cluster of creatures that Carly went over to see Joanna. She had to meet her and tell her what was going on…

At the Burke Mansion…

Leslie’s Room…

Leslie Burke

Leslie: I don’t get what’s going on between Sora and Carly lately.

Blossom Rhapsody

Blossom: What do you mean, Leslie?

Leslie: Just what you think i mean. They’re constantly at one another’s necks about that girl Joanna Barlow. I mean… granted that the girl is with a habit and it’s starting to rub off on some of the crew… Because they’re now starting to consider on doing it… But really? Seriously? *Scoffs* I don’t get what Sora’s problem is with her. I seriously don’t get it. Blossom, Maybe you can explain to me what happens to be her glitch.

Blossom: I don’t have any idea. I kinda wish that i could tell you and just have some answer for how Sora was acting… But to be quite honest… I don’t think that there is an answer. nothing more than just the fact that she’s being a bitch. Not sure what for.

Leslie: Hmm. We might need to get a hold of Joanna and arrange a meet with her. Figure out what her deal is. Find out what the deal is with both her and Carly and find out whether if Joanna is this friend that Carly may claim her to be.

Blossom: How’re we to do that? *Looking at her phone for a second* You know that she’s not gonna want to speak with us. Besides… After the not so pleasant comments that she overheard come from Sora, Serena, Raven and Theodore… Plus Annie, Clint, Lorenzo, Rita and a few others besides them… She’s not gonna just stick around and take the floor and listen. besides… if it were you who had overheard the negative comments and all… would you be wanting to just stick around and listen. If at all… openly?

Leslie: Not really… No. *Realizing how it’s like for Joanna* Wow… Joanna must have it going tough for her.

Blossom: Not to mention on forgetting that she’s also a transgender. It’s no secret that she was once this boy named Johnny Barlow… Now she’s as she was biologically. Joanna Barlow.

Leslie: True. But… *Pauses* Wait… What?! She’s a Transgender? How did you come to that conclusion. She never told of that. How did you catch on to that piece of tell-all?

Blossom: From a close source that i managed to obtain.

Leslie: Who would that be? You know that there’s been no actual break from us being like together for you to go and come across others. So… Who could you have possibly meet?

Blossom then showed the picture…

Pidgetta Gerald-Holmes
Pidgetta Gerald-Holmes

Blossom: Her Name is Pidgetta But… the ones close to her know her as Penny Holmes. The first name sounds a bit like the name of someone that my Aunts know of and wanna forget though. Never could figure out the reason as to why that was…

Leslie: Maybe… bad memory?

Blossom: Perhaps.

Leslie: But enough of that… What did she find out?

Blossom: She read up on the files that she managed to get a hold of from the Hospital’s systems and read that Joanna was a boy trapped within a girl’s body… But had parents… which she left and emancipated from who didn’t support her wanting to become a boy. So she went right to her Aunt and got her Aunt to support and okay it.

Leslie: Okay… However… If that were the case, then why would she want to return to being a girl again if she is gonna only feel more like a guy who just happens to be trapped within a body that is of a girl?

Blossom: That’s something i don’t seem to have figured. I mean… it is possible for someone to have two identities within them. Where a girl will act out as if they were guys… and guys who lived and would show tendencies of doing things like girls do.

Leslie: That’s the description of a Transgender. One who’s one gender but has tendencies and some thoughts of which commonly would be thought about in terms of a guy.

Blossom: Wouldn’t we be better off going over to where Joanna resides and maybe reach out to her? It’d be better if we had.

Leslie: I would suppose so. Question is now… Where exactly does she live?

Blossom: We’ll have to ask around and find out.

Leslie: Let’s go.

Related image

The Metropolis Getaway Arms…

At Joanna’s apartment…

Joanna: *Looking at the Sky and thinking* I don’t think that Carly’s family’s ever gonna accept me.

Macie: Why do you say that, Joanna? Of course they will. Although… You might want to get cleaned up and quit that habit.

Joanna: You mean… the smoking? Macie, Don’t start that talk with me. I already told you… I am gonna quit. But i have to be able to do it on my terms. I have to take steps in quitting. I can’t just cut it all at once. But i am gonna quit it. Of course… If you are intending to insist on helping me… quit the habit. Why don’t you space out the smokes for me. Cut me down to 6 a day. then in two weeks… 4 a day. Then after another two weeks… 2 a day then 1 a day. Then when i’m out of them… That’s when i’ll know… *Seeing Macie giving the “Excuse me” Look* Sorry… That’s when we’ll know if i’m ready to quit the habit. Okay?

Macie: *Nasally* I guess it can be done that way. But unless you stop… I don’t think that Carly’s family’s gonna take an easy acceptance to you anytime soon.

Joanna: That may be so… but i can’t rush it. Neither can they.



Macie: *Looking to the door* Someone’s knocking on the door.

Joanna: Hmm… *Walking over to the door* Who’d be coming here at this time of night? Nothing’s going on.

Macie: You think that it could be the girl Carly?

Joanna: Could be. But if she’s here… her sister and cousins won’t be far behind. I already know that Sora doesn’t like me much at all. The others might also be with the same feelings.

Macie: You shouldn’t be worried about what they think about you. You should just be who you’re meant to be. You should never feel like you have to change to appease them.

Joanna: You’re right.

Joanna then opened the door and saw that it was Carly… But also not but a few feet away was Blossom and Leslie. They too were there at the door.

Joanna: Blossom, Leslie… What’re you two doing here?

Blossom Rhapsody

Blossom:  Joanna, We came to see you. Leslie and I came to clear the air too on the issue between Carly’s sister Sora and her and it concerning you.

Leslie: We like you already… But Sora is fighting and resisting the intention of coming around and starting to accept you in the same way that we already have.

Blossom: Carly likes you. And that’s good. She’s standing true and loyal to you. But it’s also sadly put a strain on the relationship and closeness that she and her sister Sora had. We have to heal it.

Joanna: *Worried* I don’t know if it can be healed. Carly already seems to refuse to meet Sora half way on the matter. Most of her family…don’t seem to like me. I am sure that the one girl… Serena. Whoever she is… She’s already wanting to have words of disapproval with me. As well as do the two guys… Clint and Theo—the- Theodore.

Blossom: That’s so not true. Who the hell even told you that tall tale?

Joanna: Carly. She just felt as though her sister and her family would just not ever accept me.

Blossom: Well… That might be true with some of the family members in my family… But not all are like that. Zoey’s not that way. She’s been actually wanting to hang out with you sometime. In fact… she might have already had. From the first day that you and the other one walked through the front entrance of the high school. Zoey was one of the first ones that befriended you… and the girl you’re protecting.

Joanna: Blossom… She does have a name. *Chuckles*

Macie: I hope that you guys don’t feel on minding me in saying this… But *Nasally* I don’t think that it’d change the way things are. A bunch of you guys seem to rather judge her because of her habit. Which… granted that she should quit the habit. However a lot of you guys are hazing on her because she does that one habit and it rubs on you the wrong way and you are making her feel as if she’s unwelcome in the city because of it.

Blossom: How do you figure that…

Leslie: Wait… Who are you…

Joanna: Oh… She’s my roommate Macie M. Lightfoot. She and I met while i was on the road still undergoing my dilemma. She got left behind and missed her bus. She doesn’t have a way back to Connecticutt. So… She’s here. Her life is here now.

Leslie: What about her family and friends back home?

Macie: Actually… I do miss them. But i did happen to get a hold of them yesterday and i think that my parents are gonna be coming here to Metropolis in a few months. I don’t want them to uproot their lives and come here… Just because i am.

Blossom: What about your friends back home?

Macie: Oh… You mean Ginger and Dodie? They’re now aware of where i am and that i am unable to come back to that area. They miss me and are gonna be trying to call in some favors to come here and see me. Don’t know when that’d be.

Leslie: When they get here… We’ll be happy to be their escorts.

Carly: You sure that you two would be able to do that?

Blossom: Carly, We wouldn’t have offered that option if we were not gonna be able to. Plus… These are people that Macie knows… It’s only right for her to be joined together with them again.

Joanna: I agree. *Walking to the balcony looking out and down towards the streets* I know that it’d make Macie feel whole more than she was before.

Carly: *Looking at Joanna walking over to the Balcony* Joanna, Where’re you going?

Macie: Carly, *Nasally* I do believe that she’s going to the balcony to have a light and to take some time to think. She’s been feeling rather stressed about things. She’s been hearing things about there being strange creatures being spotted in the city over the last few days.

Leslie: *Gasps* What?!

Blossom Rhapsody

Blossom: Macie, *Walking over to where Macie was and grabbing a seat; Facing Macie* What do you mean by creatures being spotted in the city?

Macie: I don’t really know, *Nasally* Blossom. I don’t like taking notice to these things. They’re scary. But what i can tell you is that things have been rather weird and caused for the city to come off behaving rather spooky. People in the city here… they’re rather defensive. Scared to come out. Frank… The Landlord even notices the strange changes that started to take place. It’s become rather haunting lately in the city.

Blossom: Haunting as in…

Macie: Haunting as in Eerie sounds. For the last few nights… we’ve been hearing grunting and howling. Hissing too. Growling. It the other night got to the point where our landlord had to go out and spend a night on the roof of the Apartments here and stake out… Keeping watch for any creatures to form up.

Blossom: Where did you and Joanna first see these creatures?

Macie: I can’t say. Blossom, I’d like to say where it was that we first saw the creatures… or beings. Whatever they were… But Joanna is the one that managed to get a first close view of them.

Blossom: How did she do that?

Macie: She went out to handle something for the Landlord… Frank. It was while she was out and on her way back from taking care of what she had to do for the landlord… that she managed to catch a glimpse of them.

Blossom: *Looking to see Carly walking out to the balcony to join Joanna* Macie, You know some things about what’s going on… And given that you’re one who might hyperventilate over things… You’re gonna be sure to find yourself in this war whether you want to be or not.

Leslie: *Looking to see a face etched into the moon for a brief second* Something’s coming…

Something was coming and it was gonna get more dark before long. Leslie and Blossom had now gained two possible allies. Joanna being a likely obvious one. Macie being brought in to the fray full speed ahead. There were about to be numerous events and issues about to take it’s unprecedented first step and walk upon the first act. Help was gonna be needed and soon. But… from where? Was Sora ever gonna open up to Joanna and thereby mend the rift between her and Carly? Was Macie gonna be seeing her friends from her previous town soon? What was coming from over the horizon? Was it the first meet with Blackheart/Darkheart? Or was all of it still too soon to tell? Oh… But what’s this… Sora’s boyfriend Justin Creed and two allies from his crew become part of the Fighting force? Whoa! Plus we say a tearful goodbye to the Watchtower Command Center… What’s gonna come from the Aftermath of the farewell to the Watchtower Command Center and the stepping forward into the now starting threat that now befalls the fighters… Find out in the next chapter of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! As the Saga continues…


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