Chapter 312: A night time drive from dinner torture.

Rory and Lorelai sitting in the car.

LORELAI: So, how would you like two parties this year?

RORY: You couldn’t get her to cave.

LORELAI: No, but she did agree to make the string quartet to learn “Like A Virgin.”

RORY: Well, you tried.

LORELAI: Sweetie, I promise, Saturday night we’ll do it up right at home. A Stars Hollow extravaganza.

RORY: So, is this party Grandma’s having going to be a big deal?

LORELAI: Not really. The government will close that day. Flags will fly at half-mast. Barbra Streisand will give her final concert…again.

RORY: Uh-huh.

LORELAI: Now, the Pope has previous plans, but he’s trying to get out of them. However, Elvis and Jim Morrison are coming and they’re bringing chips.

RORY: You ask a simple question…

But that was when…

Rory: There was alot of people there tonight. Plus… Dinah… saying that the girl Serena… was her oldest daughter. From where? I don’t get it. IT is as if every time we seem to turn around… She’s got another kid.

Lorelai: Rory, that’s not nice. Dinah’s got more than just 3 kids. Serena, Raven and Sapphire are her 3 oldest daughters. They were born first and were had first. Although, Dinah’s daughter Serena has got some bit of nerves speaking to your grandmother like the way she had. But before that… having a minor blow-up at the dining room table. About the powers that be theme. It’s insane. Seriously.

Rory: I think that they do it because they feel sorry for us. Because they sense that we’re being controlled by Grandpa and Grandma… having to go to these dinners all the time.

Lorelai: Serena let my mother have it. I’m still trying to figure out as to whether it’s a good thing… or a bad thing.

Rory: The other kids that were there… A couple of them looked like they were in nothing but Bikini’s. They seemed nice though.

Lorelai: Yes… they did. Maybe just to make them feel welcomed and all… you could have them attend your birthday party. You know… just to reach out to them.

Rory: I guess. Sure…

As for Leslie and Blossom…

Inside the Limousine…

Taylor Swift’s Song “Style” play in the background…

Leslie Burke-Rhapsody

Leslie: That was sure an eventful dinner arrangement. *Sighs* God… Serena is sure one piece of work. A total hothead. Her anger puts your moments of rage down to second place. Seriously.

Blossom: I realize that, Leslie. I really do realize that from my cousin. However… she’s always been that way. It’s been that way since as long as i can recall. She’s been known to have a bit of a hot temper. It’s a byproduct that stems from her mother… My Aunt Dinah. Dinah is known to be a rather hot tempered individual. Always has been.

Leslie: She could wind up popping a blood vessel or two if she keeps firing off her rage like she does. All that anger.

Blossom: I know. I know that she’s pissed about Trump being president Elect and soon to be President… But *Scoffs* Seriously?! Is this her answer to letting out her anger and how she really feels? She did happen to scare Jewel. She startled her quite a bit. *To Jewel* How’re you doing, Jewel sweetie. You alright?

Jewel: *A Little startled still from the heated outbursts from Serena moments earlier* Yeah. I’m okay. Just startled due to Aunt Serena. She’s really terrifying.

Blossom: I know. She can be really startling at times. But it’s okay. It’s just how she is. She is very low tolerance towards anything that seems to be bull to her.

Jewel: But why? Things happen all the time. Why would she make out as if she could hold any control in things. Things that happen out in the world everyday? *Not Understanding*

Blossom: It’s because Serena… Your Aunt has been around the stench of all things bull for a few long years… I was 10-11 when that managed to start. And she was like 14. So… You can really see the length of time where she was crossed with the bull that we all faced. back then… years ago. It wasn’t pretty.

Leslie: The Mob Era… being one of them. Not exactly something one looks forward to dealing with. Especially with someone like Dorian Tyrell.

Blossom: A Name that we both could really be thankful for never hearing again. At least not for a long time.

Royale Burke

Royale Burke: *Looking out the window* That Mansion was big. It was fun being there… Do we intend to go there every week. Every Friday?

Leslie: Not really. Just once in a while.

Blossom: We went there once… a week ago… But only for a moment and that was to introduce your Aunt Zoey to her. Because of the band that she has. That’s all.

Royale Burke: *Gasps in surprise* Aunt Zoey has a band?

Leslie: She does. I happen to sponsor it. Actually Both Blossom and I happen to sponsor her band.

Jewel: Wow… That’s so cool. What’s her band called?

Blossom: Empire of the Hearts.

Royale Burke: That’s a new name. Is that really her band?

Leslie: Yes it is.

Royale Burke: I’ve always been a sucker for music bands and groups. I am not gonna be a groupie… But i am gonna be like a fanatic. Casual. And well mannered.

Blossom: It’s okay, Royale. You can be whatever you like… Just be happy and be safe. plus Smart.

But halfway towards the Burke Mansion…

Blossom: Rory’s birthday is next week. We should do something for her.

Leslie: Yeah. Something that she’ll be sure to love.

Blossom: Do we all plan to go?

Leslie: Of course. I know that Wakka might go. He’s always sold for parties. O’aka… He’s good about it too.

Royale Burke: Does that happen to mean us too?

Blossom: Yes.

As for Dinah…

Dinah: *Driving* Serena, You and I… We need to talk in private. When we get inside the house. *In Disbelief over the scene that was let loose by her Oldest Daughter*

Serena: Yeah. We do. But i really don’t know what there is to say. You know where i am going with what i had said back there at the mansion. It’s something that had to be said.

Dinah: Let’s get with it at the house… I don’t want your daughter Christina to have a front view to this conversation which we’re gonna have. It’s not fair to her.

Serena: I would be sure to agree. She’s innocent. She wouldn’t be wanting to catch a breeze of this. She’s got enough personal worries. This conversation… does not need to be one of those things.

In the back…

Janie: *To her sisters* What do you think Serena and Mom are talking about?

Alex: I don’t know… But it’s probably nothing good.

Charlene: From the gestures and the body language that they’re exchanging between one another… I sense a aura of burning tension.

Janie: You don’t think that there is gonna be a fight between them… do you?

Charlene: Not sure. But i do believe that it’s imminent and liable to come out. I of course can’t say that it’s all on Serena. I happened to let slip a taste of my frost like abilities. And the psychic part too. So… for that… i am a part to blame for the supposed mess that is about to come over them. But then again… *Second guessing* It might be due to something else.

Tina: Like what? Aunt Charlene, what exactly are you going on about?

Charlene: The fact that i let slip the idea that i have special abilities. And it was done in front of Mr. and Mrs. Gilmore.

Tina: Which of course was what set Serena off.

Charlene: Yeah.

Arnold Rhapsody

Arnold: Oh come on… That is so not true and you might as well know that. It’s because Aunt Serena shot her mouth off towards everyone at the Elder Gilmore house.

Tina: I don’t know what got into her… but whatever it was… It was seriously uncalled for.

Brooke: That maybe the case… But It was nothing that wasn’t dealt with before. I seen this kind of blowout before. My previous parents used to fight like the way that Serena was letting loose and shooting her mouth off. It was just as bad if not worse. So… It’s nothing new for me to see.

Tina: So Aunt Serena and Grandma Dinah could be setting for a possible fight and you’d just watch? *Groans* Why would you just sit and condone what could be likely possible to occur? Fights solve nothing. Hasn’t anyone taught you better?

Arnold: Who would teach who better? It’s not something we have never seen before. Fights among family are always common. That’s just life. But… *Looking towards seeing Serena and Dinah* seeing as how they’re having words with one another. I don’t think that there is gonna be any subtlety. They’re gonna come to blows.

Janie: That’s gonna shock you… Alot.

Charlene: Why’s that?

Janie: Because seeing them fight is like seeing two sides of the same coin trying to duke it out.

Tina: That’s not amusing, Mom. that isn’t the least bit amusing. Not at all.

Christina: I don’t think that i like to see my mom and grandma fight. Why can’t they get along? Why do they have to fight?

Carly Black

Carly: Christina, It isn’t like that at all… It’s just that your mom Serena has a bad habit of overshooting her mouth a bit and just the fact that this time it’s been done one time too many and tonight…Serena took it a little too far. That’s all. She’s pissed about the Elections going to Trump’s favor and hates Trump. We get it. We all hate him and have all heard it countless times already. I love her and i would die for her… But her demeanor back there at the Mansion was distinctively uncalled for and rather rude. It’s a good thing that the Elder Gilmore’s… didn’t manage to throw her… as well as us too out. They could have. And if that were to happen… It’d be all on Serena’s shoulders. She has not any idea of what could have happened back there if she kept going off the handle.

Arnold: You don’t really think that she intended to go off like that… do you?

Brooke: I really don’t think that she was intending to do it. I believe… that this must not have been her day for tolerance.

Tina: We all have bad days for tolerance towards things. But it never gets this bad… Not ever.

Once they finally made it home…

Carly Black went to wait in the den of the House. She knew that there was gonna be a fight and didn’t want to catch any word of it. Christine stayed in the den too. She didn’t want to be in the same room as the fight went on. None of them did and there was no way that any of them would seek to stand close to the door separating the Den and the living room in order to listen in…

While they resided in the Den…

Dinah and Serena had their bout of verbal distress and trade of words. Unhappy and displeased. Dinah was after Serena about the uncalled and unexpected scene that had occurred back at the Gilmore mansion. She was embarrassed and humiliated. Serena was pissed about what Charlene had done over letting slip the fact that she had abilities. Emily and Richard already knew that Dinah once had them… but never did they catch awareness over the idea that Charlene would have abilities… Or in that matter Serena. They didn’t know. None of them had. The kids didn’t know… Neither did Serena’s transgender daughter. Charlene’s daughter was bare witness of it. Although… she didn’t know what to believe or think.

Serena was in trouble as she was being lectured by her mother Dinah for what she had done and how she spoke out to others while at the mansion. Telling Emily off. It was kinda needed… but…no one expected for it to go down in the way that it had moments earlier. Dinah got the first hit…

Dinah: Serena, *Irate and burning mad* What the hell was that scene for back there at the Elder Gilmore Mansion? Huh? What the fuck were you thinking shooting off your mouth like that? Your attitude there was beyond expected and very uncalled for. I never raised you to be that loose wired. Never.

Serena: I only did it because i was fed up with how Lorelai’s parents were trying to fuck with Lorelai… telling her how to live her fucking life. It’s her life and she is entitled to do what it is that she so damn well fucking pleases… But everytime she turns her head… Emily butts in and says… in her own way: “Sorry. But i will not yield. The agreement was for this night. Friday nights and there is no way that this night will be negotiated.” Now… I am sorry that you feel as though i was out of line…But you know me well fucking enough to know that when i smell the stench of bullshit. I don’t play. I call out the bullshit and i expose it. I never stood for it and i never ever will. I am just like you… *Disgusted* What gets me is that you usually jump right out at it and pounce the bullshit right to the ground. However… Back there tonight earlier at the Dinner over at the Elder Gilmore Mansion… You just stood there… Stood there with that Doe-eyed Bambi look and did nothing while Mrs. Gilmore… Emily tried to strong arm her daughter… Lorelai.

Dinah: I stood there as it wasn’t my place. Plus… in case you haven’t caught the memo, Serena. Emily is the sole benefactor of your sisters Janie’s, Alex’s and Charlene’s Education experience at Chilton. As much as i would like to ring her damn neck when she tries her crap with Lorelai… The thing that gets me is that i can’t. As much as i would like to… i can’t. However… Because of you… It could have all been fucked over. As much as i would like to say… Well done and that i am so proud of you for shutting the control queen down. I am unable to as i am indescribably pissed off and appalled at you. Literally. *Pissed and burning angry*

Serena: *Scoffs* Well… Excuse me! I only did what you would normally do at moments like that and derail the bull. I didn’t know that it would one day become a crime or equivalent to committing a felony.

Dinah: That’s not the point. Not the point and you damn well know it. Plus… What the fuck was the purpose of your outburst towards Charlene for her letting slip a beat of her abilities?

Serena: What was my purpose? what… was MY PURPOSE?! *With a bitchy tone to her voice* You want to know what my purpose was… I’ll clue you in. In fact… Let me show you…

Serena for some reason has a tape recording of Trump thanking the viewers and voters for Voting him to be President… How she managed to get a copy of it all with her Lover Carly Black being in the same room as she was… seemed really a shock. But Serena showed it and played it…

The Tape: *Previously recorded* Trump: *Addressing* As President… i will swear that the powers that be… be neutralized and disbanded. This land has dealt with them long enough and are thankful for their courage and their perseverance. Their sacrifice and giving up their own normal lives to help those out there who were in dire need of a lift. I am no fan of the Clan who consider themselves a Dynasty. The Rhapsody Dynasty… whoever of them manage to catch this address… They must be assured that they have my deepest gratitude and respect. 

Serena stops the tape and Glares just briefly at her mother…

Serena: Does that rest the case as to why i am currently highstrung and why i was snappy towards Charlene over the slip up of revealing the reality of us being part of the powers that be persuasion? It wasn’t to start shit. It’s because of what that new Elect has said. Because of what he has said… it’s made all state officials and law enforcers on the heightened stage and on watch for us. If we even get caught splurging or using our abilities. The powers that we possess… We’re all gonna be implicated. It’s fucking over, Mom. *Enraged* You have any damn idea what that also points out? DO YOU! That means… The Thunderic Fury… The part of you who is known as the Lightning in a bottle, Thunderic fury of the skies… ThunderMistress… It’s now under Radar. That means… in order to keep from being under the watch of big Brother Oranged-faced Pedophile… That part of you is ordered to Die off. It’s to be considered dead. You get me on what i am laying out to you? Do you? ThunderMistresses time in the public scene is dead. DEAD! This world is gonna be in supernatural pain in the near future due to what’s coming and now… because of this… there is no hope for them. None. There is nothing we can fucking do. Donald Trump has straight out made it no secret whatsoever… that he’s ordering our clan to disband. To retire our powers and never storm the city with them… ever again.

Dinah: *Booming out with a outburst* ALRIGHT ALREADY! Damn it, Serena…I get it. Okay? I get it. But seriously… What the hell do you expect for us to do? Even if we had the powers… We can’t use them anymore… You don’t seem to realize that the Original Rhapsody Girls Z! The girls of Love, Grace and Fury… The Rhapsody Girls Z! Miss Love, Bubble Maiden and Thunder Mistress who happens to be your Mother… ME! are old… retired. We can’t cut it anymore the way that we used to. Remember when we were all in that alternate world a few years back? Back when you and your sisters were all starting to let out your awakening powers for the very first time. Then when we had to jump in a few times. To add to the aid of you kids? Remember that?

Serena: Yeah… How could i not? We were in a round of shit. And with the fear of never being able to return back home to this world. Then when we did… got slammed into dealing with a round of this darkness known as Darkseid and the Unholy Trinity. Where we watched as one of our own… got lost in that darkness and we lost her. Betty Greta Rhapsody was taken in and became part of the Darkness.

Dinah: Well… That whole entire moment minus the Darkness portion… That was the very point in time where we could only come out and use our powers and abilities one last time. One final time. Whence that moment was done and over… Your Aunts… Paige and Pearl. Me. Your Uncles Avery, Curtis and Arnold… We hung up our belts and powers for good. Never to come back again. Our time of being part of the superpowered persuasion was officially done. So… Don’t get at me about the fact that we’re all implicated. It’s just you kids. You and the new coming ones that are springing up from the ether. You kids have to be careful… But as your mother… I won’t forbid you kids from doing what’s right… if it happens to mean where you have to expose your powers. and use them. The only thing i can think to ask… is that you be careful. Keep a tight leash on it and only use when you have little… to no other option or choice.

Serena was in a crossroads and she knew that what her mother was telling her was the reality and nothing she could say… could ever change the fact that things were changing. It was almost like the same sense or Aura of the new movie that came out in 2045… The Last Jedi. “I only know one truth. It’s time for the Jedi… to end.”  But in this case that was before them all now… It was gonna be where the family matriarch would step in and declare this hard pill to swallow.

As for Zoey and her Son Casper… they were watching a movie together and Zoey was also speaking with her son like a mother to their children. It was a peaceful night until a call came in and Zoey looked to see that it was a call coming in from her love Michelangelo. She spoke to him and got into a rather interesting conversation and it within moments got turned into a mention of another child in the fold… A Jasmine Ellie Trent… who formerly was Jasmine Ellie Dawson. Adopted. The girl was a guitar player and talented at writing music. She knew the notes and the Beats. Zoey was sure that she would like her right then and there. There was no question about that. Not one… But as they were talking, they couldn’t help but bring up the future of what was gonna happen as now since they all had heard of the new President soon to be making his intentions known over how to handle the family dynasty. Her family… The reality was not good. There was also the fear of what may well be foretold to come once all of his orders and laws became active. Michelangelo and Zoey spoke about what they sought out to do and spoke about getting together sometime soon for a secret date. To have a little time for themselves.

Sora and Carly were at their place and with all that was going on and the fact that their livelihoods were about to take a turn for the not so pleasant… they weren’t exactly speaking with one another as Sora was still not feeling any sympathy or consideration towards the idea of Carly being in ties with Joanna Barlow. However… with the fact of there being a soon to be new president… The displeasure felt towards Joanna Barlow was the very least of any of their troubles. There was no room for any displeasure towards one person like Joanna. None for her and all of it had to be pointed right for the new soon to be president. There was fear. It was growing and no one could ward it off. No one could block it. Not even the top beacon residents and top prime operatives at the Watchtower command center. Nothing could stop it.

With things starting to change and the seasons moving forward…

Things started to happen and it was getting darker. More bleak for the upcoming holiday as the world around the fighters was showing signs of division due to the president Elect’s agenda and all the plans that he was in contemplative thought. Although alot of the clan didn’t like him and Zoey’s father was in disarray over the reality that Trump was now pres. He didn’t know how much longer his business was gonna last once all of Trump’s law became official as he was gonna be taking the official seat in the oval office by the 20th of the first month of the new year coming. But Trump wasn’t the only problem on the fighters mind. There was a storm coming. A Storm which was dark… dangerous and deadly.

Joanna was being taken from being unable to see much of Carly. Carly’s cousins weren’t letting her come anywhere near Carly. It was as if they saw her as the bad egg… But with the way things were going… The fate of the world was in dire jeopardy…

At Rikku and Nick’s house…

Rikku L. Rhapsody: *Watching the recaps of the Presidential victory speeches.* The country is about to be dragged down into a pit of economic distress. The fighters are gonna be under severe restrictions from using their powers.

Nick: What makes you think that, Dear?

Rikku L. Rhapsody: *Shaking her head* You really haven’t been paying attention to the news reports and the protests… Rallies and the Special news bulletins… have you?

Nick: No. But then again… why would I? I’m usually always working. These cases don’t get solved or handled through osmosis… you know? However… I do read the Newspapers and they only scathe the surface of what’s been transpiring over the last few days or so.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: However, you don’t really know exactly what’s been going on. Do you?

Nick Rhapsody: No. Rikku, Hon… What are you trying to get at?

Rikku L. Rhapsody: There is something dark in the horizon. Very dark and it’s getting bleak. There’s been alot of spectacle on the recent aftermath of the recent presidential elections for this country. Trump’s won it. Plus has been heard to have aimed at our family. My family bloodline. My daughters and granddaughters. Plus Possible Nephews.

Nick Rhapsody: And i would suppose that you’ve got a copy of the victory speech that he had made. *With a raised eyebrow* You do… don’t you?

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Yeah. I’ll pull it out and play it… This should also be like an attack upon you as you’re a part of the family.

Nick Rhapsody: Hon, It is an attack on all who are of Rhapsody Blood. Not just us. Because you don’t seem to realize that there are fighters who are not Rhapsody… but got the same M.O… the same spark as the Dynasty has… they too are getting the Proverbial kick in the back hind end. It’s almost like someone sticking a sharp pole up the rectums of the victims themselves. Then pulling it out and then back in… Multiple times and doing it without causing the butts to bleed but leaving the back hind ends feeling extremely raw.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: That’s a very disturbing analogy… but makes sense.

She then plays the tape…

Tape: *As President-Elect* As President… i will swear that the powers that be… be neutralized and disbanded. This land has dealt with them long enough and are thankful for their courage and their perseverance. Their sacrifice and giving up their own normal lives to help those out there who were in dire need of a lift. I am no fan of the Clan who consider themselves a Dynasty. The Rhapsody Dynasty… whoever of them that manage to catch this address… They must be assured that they have my deepest gratitude and respect.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Then just yesterday there was this special on T.V that i to my utter dismay caught and taped. I had to tape it. Anything about our family… i will keep an ear out for. Because a threat to them… It’s a threat to us.

Tape: *As President-Elect* Since the year 2010… Way back when the dynasty were very young… They’ve been gifted with powers that no other could achieve. Powers that are of the elemental mind. The powers that be. All stemming from one sole person who’s identity was lost to the mists of time itself. He had 7 kids. One of them was born as a Psuedo-hermaphrodite. That one grew out of it and is now a Reporter for a high respected Newspaper chain. One of the girls had two girls which one grew up with pink hair and then grew up to be an adult married to a Respected D.A. She’s known as the Family Matriarch to the Rhapsody Dynasty. During the 2020’s… her daughters Paige Cass Rhapsody, Pearl Lucy Rhapsody and Dinah Ellen Rhapsody grew up Normal till sometime during the 3rd grade got endowed with powers that were not of the normal living being. They that day became the girls of Love, Grace and Fury. The Rhapsody Girls Z! 

The clipping shows one of the moments of them transforming…

Paige, Pearl, Dinah: *Getting in transformation pose* Rhapsody Girls Z! Power… Make-Up!

Paige: Miss Love Power… Make-up! *Transforming* …. *Raising her Power Buckle and surrounded by white light; Firing Hearts and Love; Throwing punches* PAIGE *Getting sprayed Twice with Hearts; Throwing kicks and sparkles of hearts around;  Absorbing Love’s power* … *getting the last spray and throwing her hands up into the air as Wings form* … *Shooting up into the sky and flying high spinning with with Romance charging up before Diving down releasing Loving Hearts; Landing* …. *Posing*

Pearl: Bubble Maiden Power… Make-up! *Transforming* …. *Raising her Power Buckle and surrounded by white light; Firing Bubbles and Throwing punches* PEARL!!! *Getting sprayed Twice with Bubbles and ; Throwing kicks and a storm of Bubbles around;  Absorbing Bubble power* … *getting the last spray and throwing her hands up into the air as Wings form* … *Shooting up into the sky and flying high spinning with Bubbles charging up before Diving down releasing Bubbles; Landing* …. *Posing*

Dinah: Thunder Mistress Power… Make-Up! *Transforming* …. *Raising her Power Buckle and surrounded by white light; Firing Lightning and Throwing punches* DINAH!!! *Getting sprayed Twice with Thunder and lightning; Throwing kicks and sparks of Lightning around;  Absorbing thunder power* … *getting the last spray and throwing her hands up into the air as Wings form* … *Shooting up into the sky and flying high spinning with electricity charging up before Diving down releasing Thunder; Landing* …. *Posing*

Paige, Pearl and Dinah: *Fully Transformed and doing a group pose* RHAPSODY GIRLS… Z!

Tape: *As President-elect* Then 14 years later from the time that they faced a claimed Intergalactic demon… Came the 4th generation and a new bree of Super-sleuths. Ones with powers that construed and veined from those before them. The Romancers Z! The Aquatic Force Z! and the Thunderic Force Z! As well as others such as Electrogal, Sailor Zoey, The ESP twins, The Psychic wonder and Honolulu Torch Paul. They played their parts in battles and fought against beings that came to terrorize and threaten their homes and their very way of life…

Rikku L. Rhapsody: It goes on and on… and then when it get to the end of it…

Moments later…

as the Tape played till it reached the very end of the recorded program…

Tape: *As President-elect* The Rhapsody Dynasty must now come to a reality where they should step down and let the normal common heroism be perpetrated by our armed men and women of the Military. They have done their civic duties and done it with honor and heart. For that i express my deepest respect for the service they fulfilled for all those years. It will go down in U.S History as the Era of the Rhapsody Dynasty’s rise and climb to power. A example of hope for all who were lost… and needed to be given a reason to hold on and never let go. In the coming weeks ahead… they’ll be getting a amendment check for the tireless work that they have shown us and the world… And to those who don’t like me very much… or at all… I want to say… I don’t blame you. I understand. I haven’t done much good for people due to the things i’ve once done and i can never expect for any to forgive me. But know that for all the struggle and strength that you’ve given out… i am deeply grateful. With all my heart. I am grateful….

Rikku L. Rhapsody: …

Nick: What do we do now?

Rikku L. Rhapsody: *Sighs* I don’t know. But this is not good. What will we tell my nieces and nephews? They’re gonna feel as though the fight for the good and light is hopeless.

But it was then that she started thinking about all the alternatives and then a couple days later… She saw there being mention of more laws being passed through and initiated by the new soon to be president that pushed her to realize this fated hard pill to swallow…

Rikku L. Rhapsody: *To her daughters* I only know one truth. It’s time for the Rhapsody Dynasty…… to end.

The end…

Nah… It was not the end. Not the end at all. But it was gonna be very grim for the Rhapsody Dynasty. They were gonna be feeling the pinch. What Serena told her mother… wasn’t a lie. It was not a lie at all. She sent a silent alarm to her mom that it was gonna soon be the start of the end for the entire family unless they were to act fast and accordingly. Dinah was also not one to bullshit her daughter. When she said that the original girls of Love, Grace and Fury were retired and could no longer cut it any longer as they could once upon a time… she was telling it as it was. The truth. There wasn’t any means for a chickening act of being a coward or turning hind tails and bolting away as fast as the legs could possibly carry. Serena’s daughter Christina somehow caught a little byte of what was said and she felt like she was gonna be pulled into whatever was gonna transpire.  But it was the 12th of November and it was that day when Christina had to go to the hospital for another shot. Estrogen injection… Yeah… It was still gonna take time… From everything that had gone on and taken place till that moment… Changes were once again happening and for some of the changes that were starting to take effect… there was gonna bound to be apparent signs that things were evolving for the better… and then things that were gonna dissolve into a mess and leaving things… fractured. Beyond repair.

As for the front on Carly and Joanna…

In front of the Metropolis Super market…

Joanna and Macie were just finishing up with doing some shopping. They were late to school and with the riots that were going on, there was no point in attending school for a while as it wasn’t safe. Alot of kids… young and old. Teens and young adults as well… There was just too much mayhem caused by the recent elections that were only a few days earlier going on. It was a rather silent day for the most part and things were taking an effect. Darkness was spreading and it was during the last few nights that Joanna and Macie heard strange noises coming from the city. Growling noises and screeching. Macie and Joanna didn’t have any experience with those noises and didn’t happen to know what to think nor… what to do.

But at the time… in the near quiet of the late morning… They were just finishing up with the shopping and it was before then that they started on making their way home…

While Heading home…

Joanna: *Walking from the store* I haven’t heard from Carly yet today. I happen to worry about her. *Sighs* However… her cousin’s and relatives are not allowing for her to be around me. Sure wish i knew as to why.

Macie: *Walking next to Joanna* I couldn’t say, Joanna. But i think that it’s your secret that’s doing it. I may just be wrong… but it’s a possibility.

Joanna: My habit. If that’s the case… they can get over it. I am not hurting any of them with it. It’s not as if i am asking for them to do it. It’s only me doing it.

Macie: And Carly. You did admit that she also did it and that it was due to you.

Joanna: Yeah. *Sighs* I guess that you’re right.

Macie: Not to forget that some of the boys at school are starting to notice you.

Joanna: What do you mean by that?

Macie: you mean… you didn’t know?

Joanna: No. I didn’t. Who’d be noticing someone like me? *Feeling doubt* I’m a struggling transgender. Plus i am still being seen as possible eye candy by Carly. She still believes that Johnny is somewhere inside me. But also is not bound to give up till Johnny returns. I don’t know what more to suggest to her that will get her to accept the reality that Johnny is gone and never gonna return.

As they were walking…

Joanna: I’m sorry… *Pulling out her pack of smokes* I’m in need of one. I can’t think clearly.

A Minute later…

Joanna: *Smoking* Who’s this boy you’re talking about that’s supposedly noticing me.

Macie: Don. Someone named Don Stanley. *Nasally* I don’t know how he’s noticed you. But he… he was looking right at you. As he was passing by. Friday. He didn’t stop and chat or nothing… but he caught notice of you.

Joanna: I’ll have to remember that.

But Joanna was barely finished with her light when…

A couple of girls came past them and almost didn’t stop as they didn’t have much time. They were in a hurry to get somewhere…

There weren’t just the girls… it also included a couple of the guys and out of nowhere…

Ridge Mercer

Ridge: *Singing to Macie with a beat and rhythm flowing inside his heart* “hello let’s go
everybody must know
love’s in my heart like a bomb
It’s blowing a song inside I’m singing
sunshine that your bringing now and it makes me happy
Listen to the radio playin back in stero
Sounds like my favorite song
I’m humming along my head is ringing
And I just can’t stop singing now cause it makes me happy
it makes me happy
You’re everything I need, handed from above
I can’t get enough of your love
Cause it makes me happy
it makes me happy
Living in a day-dream
I’ll show you what it all means
Spending some time in the sun
Let’s get up and run it’s just beginning
And I just can’t stop singing now
Cause it makes me happy
Like a fantasy that you never find
Right in front of me all the time
And it makes me happy
I want it all but not too much I wanna feel the way you touch me
I’m the kind of guy who’s always there to come and find you
Save the raining days for another time
I’m just here to say read between the lines
I’m so glad that your mine
Cause you make me happy
you make me wanna sing
do do dodododo
do do do do
do do dodododo
do do do do
do do dodododo
do do do do
do do dodododo
do do do do
do do dodododo
do do do do”

Macie: *Blushing* Wow…! *Nasally;Happy* That was really sweet, Ridge. *Smiles*

Ridge: That was for you, Macie. I also have come to ask if you’d like to go out with me on a date..

Macie: *Gasps* … Oh my… I’ve never been asked to go on one before…

Ridge and Macie stepped to the side and got to talking. However, while they were talking…

Joanna: Who are you girls? Have i seen you girls before?

???: *Looking at Joanna* We’re fellow schoolmates from Metropolis High. The name’s Katie. Katie Pidge Linda Diamond Gunnerson. Yeah. I know… Long name. Kinda a tongue twister for some… isn’t it?

Joanna: I’d guess. But not that i am skeptic on being spoken to out of the blue… only since i’ve usually been seen as a sort of undesirable… What’s bringing you guys to just stopping and just speak to me? I am thankful… but i am just curious as to why?

Katie: It’s because… We believe that you are different. We girls all heard about you being… well… a Transgender. But it doesn’t matter to us. To us… a person is a person. Whether they be girl or boy or a gender confused individual. I myself prefer guys and regular girls. But i am open to those who’re different than the normal or common.

Joanna: Really? That’s good to find out. Why didn’t you guys say anything earlier. Like… last week… when you happened to catch sight of me? I saw you guys walking by and i know that you had to have seen me. But… you didn’t say anything.

Katie: We didn’t know what to expect from you at first. When we first saw you… You seemed as if you were very distant… distrusting of others and weary about getting close to anyone.

Joanna: Could you really blame me? I used to be this other person… and all i got were judging eyes of discontent and taunts and ridicule. No one wanted a thing to do with me. I was like a nobody to everyone at the school. They all saw me as just some troubled freak who couldn’t decide what to be.

Katie: That’s so wrong. You shouldn’t have had to be made to feel like that. You were not deserving of that. However… You don’t need to worry. You now have us.

???: Yeah. You don’t have to be alone anymore. You’re a transgender. And if you are a freak… so what? Everyone’s a freak in their own way. It’s just something that makes them… who they are. You are who you are. People can either accept you… or they can just turn hind tails and beat it.

Joanna: Uh… Thanks. That was comforting. You seem to tell it just how it is. Not many people do. They always seek to beat around the bush. As it is… i am usually just looking out for myself in this city as i don’t really know too many people other than a group of girls and guys that i met a few days or so ago. Zoey Rhapsody i think was one of them. Someone named Asia Rainbow white. Macie Terrace. Michelangelo Trent… i would guess… There was also These two married teenage lesbians. Leslie Burke and Blossom Burke Maiden name Rhapsody. Thora Lightfoot. Ridge Mercer… who is right now… over by the one side by that… what might look like a bodega. And he’s flirting and speaking with the girl i’m acting as Sole guardian over… Macie M. Lightfoot. She’s originally from somewhere in Connecticut.

???: Really?!

Joanna: Yeah. Why?

???: Nothing. It’s just rather cool. I’m Erica by the way. Erica Beiderman.

Joanna: Nice name. Sounds peaceful…

Erica: Thank you. But who are you? *Pauses* Wait… i think that we happen to know you. We overheard someone saying your name the other day at school In the hall. You’re… Joanna Barlow. Aren’t you? No wonder we recongized you… You got a heck of a solemn and anti-social reputation going about for you, you know?

Joanna: I know… However… With being usually targeted with Ridicule and mockery. It kinda comes naturally.

Erica: Well… Not anymore. From now on… if people want to come at you and seek on hurting you… They’ll have to come through us… first.

???: Hey Joanna. You don’t remember me… do you? I was in your 2nd period class.

Joanna: Cherry. Cherry Ipkiss?

Cherry: Yeah. That’s me. That’s my name. Cherry’s what i am all about. Did you know that the two gay girls… Leslie and Blossom are married?

Joanna: Yeah. I found out about it when i met them for the first time. I just didn’t really say much as i didn’t really know what to say. I didn’t want to speak out of impulse. Without an invitation. Why?

Cherry: I happened to attend their wedding. I was there.

Joanna: You were?

Cherry: yeah. Although i didn’t say anything and i don’t think that they’d recall seeing me there. But i was there. My Brother Tony was there too… Not Biological of course. Adopted. He was formerly one of the Hennessy’s. I was formerly a Lane. He’s a Model. I am known to be a part-time singer. Singing old songs that are from the 60’s. Doo-wop and bubble gum style. Oldies.

Joanna: Interesting. Those types of songs happen to soothe me when i’m feeling troubled and stressed.

Cherry: Awww! Seriously?

Joanna: Of course.

Sid Pennington

???: It’s a nice day out. You should be going to the beach and just bask in the good ole’ sunlight.

Joanna: I would… But i don’t have a swimsuit or bikini. Plus… i can’t go to the beach. I have to get these groceries home and Macie’s gotta get another Decongestant soon as the one she’s got is about to run out.

???: That might be a good reason not to go to the beach… However, You should just get the stuff home and then go out and find something to do… in the sun. Like going to the Mall. The fairgrounds.

Joanna: I’ll have to think about that one. But that sounds like a good idea. I still have to get Macie home soon to grab another decongestant for her. She’s been doing rather good going for a decent amount of time where she wasn’t in need of it. But it’s still something to keep handy. It’s kinda like that concept… It’s better to have one and not need it… than to need it and not have one.

???: Good concept. Not too many people seem to get that memo. But… It’s a very agreeable concept. I’m Sid. Sid Pennington. Nice to meet you, Joanna.

???: You sure are gorgeous. And i’m not just saying so. I remember seeing you in my 3rd period class. You had the same 3rd period as i do.

Joanna: *Gasps* You what? You think i am gorgeous?

???: You bet. I know it might sound a bit awkward as we barely have finally met… but it’s true. I noticed you since the second day that you were within the same 3rd period as i was. You looked so alone and so… unsure of what to do. You did have this girl next to you… Someone with blonde hair. She was looking at you as if she was seeing a idol or something.

Joanna: It’s nothing like that. She just had the impression that i was still this boy named Johnny and yet… i find myself having to tell her that the person she is expecting… is gone and never returning.

???: *Scoffs; in disbelief* Yeah right. Come on… She really happens to think that when she faces you she sees this person which you’re not? You really must get her off her rocker and shake that girl loose. She may have been your only thought to be friend as she cared and gave you a chance when no one else would… But if she is only gonna see you as this person… that you no longer are whoever that might have or have not been… She’s not being a good friend. I mean… Joanna, You are very trusting and don’t want to make any waves… But with this girl… I think that her name… was Carly. It’s a constant push for a reminder to get her to see reasons. Getting her to take the fact and have it sink in… that you’re not who she thinks you are. How many anvils will you need to drop on her head before she gets it made clear that you’re different?

Joanna: You sure seem really opinionated… Don. That’s your name… isn’t it? You were one of the guys who were passing notes about Macie. I am hoping that they were good things. Macie’s my responsibility and anything that happens to her… or anything that might come to hurt her… I have to know about it. As does the landlord that she and i have.

Don: Hey… Calm down, Joanna. It isn’t like that at all. We weren’t passing notes like that… It was suggestions on how to reach out to the girl… and you. I know that anything that comes out as possibly messing with a girl like… Macie… it’d start something that shouldn’t be required. *Looking to the side and seeing Macie talking to Ridge* She’s kinda like a innocent child. So lost and dependent on others. You got a lot to handle. If i had a hat… right now, i’d tip my hat to you. Seriously.

But it was only then that they started getting into what they caught word of. What they were informed of and what it was that they’d seen. What they saw… and what it was that Joanna and Macie could have seen over the last couple weeks and given as since they weren’t in Metropolis for that long of time… They couldn’t help but notice that something was going on…

As for Macie and Ridge…

Ridge: Macie, I love you. I know that it’s a bit awkward for this to come out as it appears to startle you. But i Love you. This is what people do when they confess their attraction to one another. They express how they feel. *Looking to the side and then back* I know that i can’t offer alot and i am rather poor. But i give you my word…Love doesn’t need Money. And i won’t ever stop loving you.

Macie: But how could you truly love someone like me, Ridge? I… *Nasally* I’m not all that attractive. I am someone who’s got a slight case of Hypochondria. I hyperventilate alot and i also am a band geek. I’m also a scaredy cat towards a lot of things.

Ridge: I don’t think it matters much. I’m a singing prodigy. I am a member to Zoey Rhapsody’s band: Empire of the hearts. I may even get called a freak sometimes because i am always singing something… somewhere… But it doesn’t get me down. I do what i am born to do.

Ridge sits down on the nearby chair and sighs and starts to feel depressed. He was in love with Macie and wanted to ensure that Macie would be aware and take to it. But it was then that he saw as Macie was doubting herself and not feeling confident. Macie didn’t know what she wanted in a relationship and she couldn’t get too attached as there was a revelation where if her parents found out where she was and came for her… Took her back home to Connecticut… What was it really gonna do for her relationship that could form between her and Ridge. She didn’t want to get into one and be with the fear that if she were to return back to her parents home… Back in Connecticut. Although… to not accept the passes that were being exposed to her was as if she were denying her right to be happy.

Macie: I don’t know if i can accept. I want to accept your feelings for me.. But my parents… What if they come to realize that i am here and not over where i am usually at? They could come here and take me away from you. It could hurt you… *Nasally* I do happen to feel attraction to you. I actually like you alot and think you’re sweet. Really kind and enjoy your singing. But i don’t want to get too close and wind up hurting you. I’m scared that if i do and if my parents come and take me back to where my hometown is… What it would do to you. You don’t deserve to be hurt like that.

Ridge: Macie, That’s just it. I am okay with it. *Chuckles* My god, Macie… you truly worry too much. It really tickles my bones. I know the worried sense in what could happen if you happen to get pulled away suddenly. But that won’t happen if you were to emancipate from them and remain here. Joanna is Emancipated from her parents. Carly slipped that piece to Zoey… my band leader to the band that i am a member of. And she happened to shine some light on that around the guys and me. She’s emancipated. Joanna had a different circumstance for it. You could do it out of wanting a life that you wish to have total control of.

Macie: *Nasally* I already know about Joanna being Emancipated. Joanna told me herself. Divulged it to me and i am supposed to keep it a secret. Zoey knows it now?!

Ridge: Yeah. What… Wait. You mean that you didn’t know that Zoey knew before you learned of it from Joanna?

Macie: No. I haven’t. Why would i know? I didn’t know anything about Joanna’s life till she told me and that was out of confidence.

Ridge: I guess that would explain it.

Macie: …

However as they were talking…

Macie started feeling attracted to Ridge more and felt as though if she were to ever have a new life of her own… She would have to start with embracing the romance with Ridge. Macie didn’t want to look back at her previous life anymore and worry about what used to be… and it was then that she decided to start looking at the things that could be. It was fate. To her… it was fate and she couldn’t deny the fact that Ridge was truly in love with her. Loved her for her and who she was. He didn’t care if she was poor. Didn’t care if she turned out to be a freak. A geek. He didn’t care. Macie was perfect and was just fine… just the way that she was.

Ridge: *Walking closer to Macie and suddenly kissing her upon the lips* I love you, Macie Lightfoot. I don’t care about if you seem to be like a geek. I take you and accept you for who you are.

Macie: *Smiles and Kissing back; Blushing only a minute later and getting a real case of nervousness* I Love you too. *Nasally* I love you too, Ridge. You’re really sweet and loving. I want to be with you.

Ridge: Will you be my girlfriend?

Macie: *Exclaims* You betcha i will!

The next day…


Joanna and Carly were still feeling the vice over their being together. It was still a issue and the fact behind that… it would always be one. Or so it would have appeared…

What no one realized was that Joanna was with Frank that morning helping him and it was there… that she would be introduced to the craft of being a cleaner…

But… First…

Metropolis Getaway Arms…

Frank Holden’s apartment…

Joanna: I don’t know what i can do to get Carly’s family to accept me. I have not treaded on any toes that would cause them to just hate me. I even went to where a group of them were and paid my respects to that girl… Someone named Leslie. She Lost her father last week and i went on over to show my respects. My condolences.

Frank: That was a gesture of kindness and goodwill. Joanna, You did a good thing and for them to not see it… it is not your problem. You can only do what you can to make an attempt over showing how kind you are. You’re troubled… A troubled girl. But one with a heart.

Joanna: *Looking down* Sure glad that you happen to think so. Carly’s family don’t see that in me. I have a unfortunate habit. And they’re using that to take away the only friend i had that never had judged me for what was going on with me. She accepted me. But her sister Sora… Her cousins… Serena, Clint, Theodore, Annie, Spencer and Perry… All seem to believe else wise.

Frank: And should that be your problem? If they don’t want to accept you… that’s not your fault. It’s theirs. Of course… since they can’t learn to try and maybe give you a chance… You might have to move on and try to just forget about them.

Joanna: *To Frank; Emotional* How can i just move on and forget about them? Frank, Carly’s my best friend. I care a lot about her. She was the only one that stood by me in Metropolis when nobody else wanted a thing to do with me. I didn’t really have any friends. Carly was the only one who wanted to be my friend. I couldn’t find a friend in the others. and i had to have tried multiple times and yet… nothing.

Frank: Joanna, It will be okay. You just need to give it time. In time… they will either come to accept you… or if they happen to not accept you. You’ll be set to see on moving on and going to others and befriend a different crowd. Joanna, You are a very beautiful girl and are strong. You will be okay without them. If they can not accept you for who you are… then they’re are not worth your time.

Joanna: …

Frank: one rule in life. treat others how you like being treated. Never feel as though you must be one who does the convincing and the reaching out. Let them do their fair share. Let them do the reaching out.

Joanna: You’re right. I should just stop trying to be the one who’s constantly seeking to reach out to them. I am the nice one… i was trying to be a friend to them… nothing more. However… i will admit that i happened to make some friend yesterday. Possibly won a relationship with a boy from school. Don’t know how that happened… but the guy just started to talk and apparently… he clearly likes me. Macie’s got a boyfriend too. Ridge Mercer…. So she’s feeling rather happy.

Frank: That’s good then, Joanna. Macie’s got a boyfriend now.  I should probably meet this nice boy of hers. Macie should be with someone safe. and honest. Caring and sincere. I am sure that this boy she’s into has that.

Joanna: He seems to. When i first saw or met him… he appeared to be very lovestruck. As if just by first sight of Macie and looked as if his heart was pulled by her. Love at first sight?

Frank: It’s got to be Love at first sight if that’s what was going on. *Curious* Where’s Macie now?

Joanna: She’s actually with that girl she met on the first day of school. Macie Terrace. That girl’s a goth. Has Goth like tendencies.

Frank: She’s okay though, right?

Joanna: Yeah. You happened to supply us both with cellphones. And she’s got hers with her. If anything happens… she’ll call me and or you.

Frank: Good. Not that i don’t trust the ones she’s with when you’re not there… it’s just want to be sure that she’s safe. Also see that you are also safe too. You both are like 15… I worry. I have to worry. Plus now that the country has started to change… things are no longer safe as they used to.

It was then that Frank laid out a revelation bomb on Joanna…

Frank: Joanna, I’m gonna teach you how to be a cleaner. I don’t think it’s something that a young girl like yourself should be doing… but in order to protect yourself in the world given that something troubling is coming upon the horizon… I fear that something might happen. *Feeling dreadfully worrisome*

Joanna: Why do you say that?

Frank: *Getting out some photos of the situation* … *Putting the first one on the table and sliding it over to Joanna* Yesterday Noon… i caught sighting of a dark cloud. A dark entity. not sure what it was… but came from the east. Dark… fast and sinister. Related image It was seen from off the coast. Coming from the mid-plains of the the countryside. Outside of the city limits. Then the second one coming from off the coast.

Joanna: *Skeptic but in disbelief* What do you mean? Are you… *getting a very unsettling vibe coming from the revelating bombshell* about to tell me… that something Evil is approaching and it’s imminent?

Frank: I don’t know… But… *Putting down another photo; pushing towards Joanna* Sparkly Jenny delivered that to me last night with 3 other photos. Said that she got them from a local patron who was out flashing pictures of the city skyline and the landscape that made his living flow. He took them and showed them to her… She didn’t know what to make of it.

Joanna: Okay… So, if i am getting this simply as you’re relaying it to me… There’s something dark going on out in the city and there are dark clouds… dark sinister clouds on both sides… Am i telling it right? Is this really going on? *Hearing thunder in the background*

From the mid-plains…

Thunder and lightning were roaring and clashing with one another. Lighting up the skies and yet spreading the clouds darkening the skies as the clouds spread out further and onwards towards the bustling busy city of Metropolis…

From the skies over the ocean not far from the coastline of Metropolis…

A storm was brewing on the horizon and it was growing. Nobody knew what was destined to unfold. The fighters were in a bind. The fighters were all in the crosshairs of learning word of the new to come official president initiating an official law to see that the fighters were disbanded. without any exceptions. and the new threat that was foretold to loom even closer. The Darkness was setting in again and it was starting to once again infiltrate the city. Starting from the sides and working their way in…

Macie’s friend Macie Terrace was a goth who honed in sensing darkness. When she came to sensing that something was approaching… one couldn’t deny that something was indeed very wrong. Very wrong indeed. Macie looked out the window and saw darkness coming… she didn’t want to react in a panic… but she was never prepared for the things that were fastly arriving. She was not equiped to handle what was imminent. She feared for her parents… If the darkness was coming to Metropolis… What was it gonna mean for Connecticut?

What she didn’t know was that The darkness was only spanning to cover and envelope Metropolis. Connecticut was untouched. There was nothing going on over there. However… Macie didn’t know that. She had no way of knowing. It was only a moment later from there that Macie’s phone rang and she answered it. It was Joanna. Joanna got Macie to return back to the apartments and stay inside. That it wasn’t safe out now. Something about what was going on out in the city got Joanna where she had to be on lockdown. for the rest of the week. But during that time… Joanna went out with Frank and learned how to be a cleaner.

“Frank: The rifle is the first weapon you learn how to use, because it lets you keep your distance from the client. The closer you get to being a pro, the closer you can get to the client. The knife, for example, is the last thing you learn.”

That was the one thing that Frank taught Joanna. He taught her a few other things along with it and made sure that she knew what to expect. He didn’t feel too good about letting her become a cleaner… but knew that with what was looming further in and closer… he had to give her some method of what all to do to ensure that she was protected. That she had a means of protection.

Things were without a doubt changing. However that now with the darkness setting in and setting the grandstand for the upcoming threat that was even closer now… things were gonna get a heavy dose of danger and terror. There were about to be new allies and new faces. But new dilemma’s… New dramatic moments… New allies and a shakeup of things to come. But some big sacrifices were also gonna be in the not so distant future. It was one that would forever shake down the Rhapsody New Generation. Would one of the changes be that Macie M. Lightfoot gets brought up to par with the occurrences that were taking a holding? Would Joanna be ever given a chance by the cousins to Carly Rhapsody? What would it take for Zoey’s Band to get their jet fuel and make it in the music world? Would the extra Allies contain 3 members of a team that veins right from Angel Grove… And they being members of the Power Rangers Turbo? What about the new Threat coming… Was a warning to the fighters liable to be imminent? And with the reality of Macie landing a boyfriend as well as Joanna landing one too… Was it gonna get a chance to blossom and come to life even while this new upcoming threat was getting more active and the activity from it getting more momentum? Find out all about it in the next chapter of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! as the Saga continues…


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