Chapter 311: Another dinner at Elder Gilmore’s.

(What to get left in the will of Emily and Richard?)

(An argument between Lorelai and Emily. Dinah? Intercede… Fast!)

(Rory, Lorelai, and Emily are at Friday night dinner.)

Nov. 9th 2046 7 PM…

This was gonna be another night. But this friday night dinner at the Elder Gilmore’s was gonna also Leslie and Blossom. Serena, her Daughter. Carly Black, Her daughter-in-law. The Daughters to Leslie and Blossom. Serena’s Daughter and the Daughters of Janie and Charlene… and then the son to Alex. It was gonna be a rather full night. At least for the intents and purposes of all who were to be part of the Friday Night Dinner agreements and obligations…

Elder Gilmore House…

Front door…

Dinah: *With her daughters, Granddaughters and Grandson* Serena, This is an important arrangement. These people are the ones who helped pay for Rory to go to Chilton and even assisted in seeing that your sisters also went there too. So… for whatever they might say… or try or whatever…. Be nice. I know how you get towards those who sound rather stuck up or rather conceited in sense… Keep cool headed.

Serena: Mom, Come on… i only unleash at that stuff when i am provoked. But i’m mostly tolerant around that. *Looking at her daughter* Christina, You okay?

Christina: *Nods*

Carly Black: Usually on friday nights we stick to hanging out at our Dorm and chilling to either Pizza, Soup, Pasta… or a couple Burgers. So this… is a really special surprise.

Janie: You will be surprised about what kind of people these ones are. They are like high socialite type. But they’re very simple in their ways.

Alex: I like them. They go for what they want and they’re determined in getting it.

Charlene: You guys’ll actually find that they have a lot in common with you… Just talk about something… anything. You’ll find that there are similar interests. They’re very sophisticated.

Tina: This place looks like it’s really old English.

Christina: Is this a Mansion? It’s so big.

Arnold Rhapsody

Arnold: I wonder what it’s like on the inside. What kind of furniture and priceless items do you think they have in there?

Brooke Rhapsody

Brooke: …

Leslie T. Burke

Leslie: This place would truly put a smile on my dad’s face. He loved big houses. He loved the way that it gave out such detail and showed strength. Old Mansions were best as to him… it was like he could see what sort of story that the walls told.

Blossom: He happened to have very distinct tastes. Knew what it was that he was after. Losing him was unbearably painful.

Royale: …

Jewel: Is this where we come every Friday now?

Leslie: No. usually we don’t. But for this night… It’s something that comes as once in a lifetime.

Jewel: Is it a special night?

Blossom: Yeah. You could say it like that. It’s gonna be a very eventful night in some sense.

The door then opens…

Emily: *Looking at a crowd* My my… What’s this? More kids? *Looking at Dinah* Who might these kids be that are with you, Dinah?

Dinah: My Grandkids and Oldest Daughter Serena. My daughter-in-law is here too. Serena’s one of the three oldest daughters. The other two are likely very deep into their studies.

Emily: I see. Well… it’s always a pleasure.

Tina: Hello Mrs. Gilmore. I’m Tina. Tina Lesley Rhapsody. It’s a privilege to meet you. *Smiles*

Brooke Rhapsody

Brooke: Hey Mrs. Gilmore. My name’s Brooke. Brooke Rhapsody. It’s really nice to meet you.

Arnold Rhapsody

Arnold: What’s up? The name’s Arnold. Arnold Rhapsody. Meeting you… Is no more than an honor.

Christina: *Smiles* Hello.

Emily: What’s you name, young lady?

Christina: I’m Christina. Christina Black. I’m Serena’s daughter. I’m also a transgender. I hope that you’ll like me.

Emily: Nonsense… I have no reason to dislike you. I barely met you and already can tell that you’re a very sweet young lady.

Leslie: And these two are ours…

Jewel: Hi. I’m Jewel. Jewel Smoky Rhapsody.

Royale: *Smiles* Hey there, Mrs. Gilmore. I’m Royale Burke. Nice to meet you.

Lorelai: It’s a full house tonight, Mom.

Emily: I’ll bet that it is. They’re very delightful and indeed cordial.

Leslie: They’ve been taught to be that way.

Blossom: Royale though happens to have a bit of a personality… and some teen Angst. But as long as you’re gentle and straight with her… she’s fine. She’s perfectly calm and is very quiet natured.

Emily: Expressive then… Right?

Blossom: Right.

Inside the house a minute later…

Blossom: *Gasps* Whoa! holy shit… This place is seriously Sophisticated and Aristocratic. Leslie, Is your Mansion up to current?

Leslie: I wouldn’t see why it wouldn’t be up to current. Why would you ask that, Blossom dear?

Blossom: Because… i think that this place has trumped your mansion.

Emily: *Laughing a little* Oh my… you are thinking that we’ve trumped the Burke Mansion? That’s a good one. *Clearing her throat* Dear young lady… The Gilmore’s never try to out beat another Mansion dweller. Never. *Looking at Leslie and Blossom both suddenly* Leslie, I’ve heard about your father’s passing. Posted in the Hartford press. Your father was a dear well together man. If there is anything that Richard and I can do for you and your mother… Just let us know.

Leslie: Thank you. I appreciate the gesture.

Blossom: As do i. Mr. Burke was my father-in-law.

Leslie: It’s true… She and I are married.

Dinah: It’s true.

Emily: We know. Richard and I happened to slip on in at the last minute before take off on that odd looking aircraft. We were helped on by this odd man. Whiskers… He was Blue. with a Tail. He was rather strong for his size.

Blossom: Did you say that he had whiskers?

Leslie: *Looking at Blossom* … *Whispers* Could she be talking about… Kimahri?

Blossom: I don’t know… Maybe. How many whisker wielding blue men do you know? it’s got to be him. He’s the only one we happen to know.

Leslie: Hmm…

Royale: *Looking at the inside of the rooms close by* Wow… This is a huge mansion.

Jewel: This must be filled with a whole lot of old english furniture and antiques. Socialite world… It’s apparently alive here.

Tina: *Walking into the Kitchen while looking around* This place is loaded. Totally cool.

But back in the living room…

Emily: There’s Martini’s on the stand… And also Club Soda for the young ladies and gentleman. Dinner will be within a few minutes. The maid and cook are finishing up the last details now.

A moment later…

Dining Room…

During Dinner…

EMILY: Tomorrow our lawyer, Joseph Stanford, is coming by.

LORELAI: Ugh. Crazy Sissy’s dad.

EMILY: That’s terrible. Sissy was a good friend of yours.

LORELAI: Mom, Sissy talked to her stuffed animals and they answered her.

Blossom: Oh shit… You serious? They spoke to her?

Leslie: Was she.. just imagining that they were… or was there actually sound coming from them and they were forming words and speaking to her as though they were alive?

Janie: Talking Stuffed animals? *Shivers a little* That’s spooky. Disturbing.

RORY: Let’s just start a new topic.

EMILY: Not possible!

LORELAI: She said a new topic, Mom.

EMILY: Everything’s a joke. Everyone’s a punch line.

LORELAI: OK, I’m sorry.

EMILY: My daughter — Henny Youngman.

Richard comes in late.

RICHARD: Sorry for that. A little trouble with our China office. Well. What did I miss?

LORELAI: I was being impossible and then I turned into a Jewish comedian.

RICHARD: Ah. Well, continue. *Suddenly seeing new faces at the table* Oh hello there. Where did you guys come from?

Dinah: Oh… They’re my granddaughters and Grandson. Tina, Brooke and Christina. Plus Arnold.

Janie: It’s true. Alex, Charlene and I are mothers. Courtesy of the Metropolis Adoption Agency.

Charlene: Not that i mind… However there are some doubts as i don’t want my double life to become the burden of an innocent child. That’s so not what i wish to have… I don’t choose that. I don’t choose that at all.

Brooke: Double life? What do you mean by a double life, Mom? What double life do you have?

Charlene: Abilities. Powers.

Brooke: Huh?

Charlene: *Using telekinesis to move the glasses on the table* This. I can do this. *Using a little bit of frost to turn the floor underneath into a sheet of ice* That.

Serena: Charlene… Damn it. This is no place to be using abilities around those who might not understand. *Using her Thunder to shatter the ice and return the floor to normal* Charlene… Slip ups like that are a sure way to F us all. With Trump now president… Yeah i said it… with Trump now the new president Elect… the lying cheating dishonest orange faced pedophile son of a bitch… President to be. We have to ice down our fricking special abilities. The powers that be are to be dead. Any signs of the powers… We’re crucified.

Dinah: Serena! That’s enough.

Serena: *Snaps and outraged* Enough?! Enough?! ENOUGH? Enough for who mom. Huh? For who? There is never gonna be enough. Not even close. That asshole on t.v. aimed at us. ON NATIONAL F**KING T.V! He has us in his crosshairs. He called us out by name. And you want to think that it’s gonna leave us with a choice? It won’t. You don’t have powers anymore… at least not visible ones anymore. And even if you had. Good luck using them as if you do… Crucifixion city at a future near you.

Blossom: Serena, How the hell can you even suspect that? The new soon to be president aiming at us? What the hell for? There are many other issues and topics for him to feast his sights on. Like the politics. The Education system, Health Care. Welfare, Infrastructure, The Economy. Businesses. I seriously doubt that he’s gonna put his mind and thought on our entire FAMILY!

Serena: Say that again after Trump gets at us and shuts us down. Shuts Watchtower down. I’ll bet that once he does… you’ll be asking yourself… “why didn’t i see it before?”

Leslie: Stop it you two… Come on. This is a dinner. I don’t think that Richard and Emily want to listen to us cawing like psycho crows and squabbling about the imminent but absolutely impossible crucifixion of the very individuals who have special abilities.

Alex: We can resume that sort of talk later tonight. But for right now… Call it a night on that and give it a swift kick in the backside. Let it drop for now.

Serena: *Sighs* Sorry. Sorry Mom.

Dinah: It’s okay, Serena. You are just angry about the fact that Trump’s gonna become our president of the US after the 20th of January of next year. I feel it too. I do. But going off and popping off like that… is only gonna put you in the hospital due to high blood pressure and eventual heart attacks. You have to think of your little girl. She’s gonna need you and Carly. She won’t make it without you. You can’t raise her if you wind up dead from heart problems because of always popping off on rage and anger constantly… can you?

Serena: No. I can’t.

Dinah: There… see? So, you need to calm down. Stop getting so heated up and with blood boiling mad all the time. okay?

Serena: *Nods*

EMILY: Thank you. Where was I?

RORY: Uh, Joseph Stanford is coming tomorrow.

EMILY: Yes. So, Rory, your grandfather and I thought it might be nice after dinner for you to go around the house and pick out what you’d like us to leave you in our wills.

RICHARD: Take a look at that desk in my office. It’s a really fine Georgian piece.

Jewel: You two are thinking that you’re gonna die soon? Why? Is that normal to think about?

Tina: Why would you talk about wills now? It doesn’t make any sense.

Arnold: You two aren’t gonna die. Not now.

LORELAI: Why don’t I ever bring a tape recorder to these dinners?

RORY: Oh, well, anything you want to leave me is fine.

Serena: *To her mom* Mom, is this the kind of stuff you sit through every week?

Dinah: Yeah. But i am fine with it, Serena. It’s entertaining and it brings some sort of life to the dinner table. Besides that when you, Raven and Sapphire were younger… 10 years younger of course… this kind of stuff was found as common. The dinner table would become really lively as we all would speak about things.

Blossom: We have no idea as to what is bringing up the subject of what to leave one another in the will. I really am lost towards the subject.

EMILY: Nonsense. You should have what you like. So look around and when you see something you like stick a post-it on it.

LORELAI: OK, you two have officially hit a new level of weird that even I marvel at.

Janie: We’ve seen weirder things before. But this is a little beyond the usual.

EMILY: You can pick out things too, you know.

LORELAI: Oh, well now it’s way less creepy.

EMILY: Did you hear that Richard? Apparently we’re creepy.

RICHARD: Yes, well, live and learn.

The maid comes in with a tray.

RORY: Oh cool!

LORELAI: What’s that?

EMILY: It’s dessert.

LORELAI: It’s pudding.

Jewel: Is it chocolate?

Alex: Mmm.

Leslie: It’s chocolate, Jewel. It looks good too.

Blossom: Is it hot Pudding?

Serena: Pudding’s meant to be cold, Blossom. But some do just that.

EMILY: Well if you knew what it was why did you ask?

LORELAI: You don’t like pudding.

EMILY: Yes, but you like pudding.

Christina: Pudding is always good. I just had never been given this much.

LORELAI: Oh, I love pudding. I worship it. I have a bowl up on the mantel at home with the Virgin Mary, a glass of wine, and a dollar bill next to it.

Leslie: Idolizing Pudding. That’s like taking the admiration of Pudding to a very new level of obsession.

Janie: We never had Pudding like that. Ever. This is a nice change up for desert.

Charlene: Why don’t we ever have deserts like this, Mom?

Dinah: It’s probably because you girls have never asked for me to. But if it’s what you girls want… I’ll see on doing it when i can. I’ll have to buy some instant mix and make a batch of Pudding for you girls.

Royale: Could we do that too, Mom?

Leslie: I don’t see why it is that we couldn’t do it. I’ll get the stuff very soon and we’ll see upon making a good batch of it.

Blossom: It wouldn’t be so bad to make a big batch of it. It’d even settle good for a late night sweet tooth fix also.

RORY: I’ve never had pudding from a crystal bowl before.

EMILY You like the bowl?

RORY: Mmm.

EMILY: Put a post-it on it when you’re done.

Serena: This must be a collection of psychosis.

Dinah: That’d be your sister Raven’s word use… But I agree.

“If you’re out on the road
Feeling lonely and so cold
All you have to do is call my name
And I’ll be there on the next train

Where you lead, I will follow
Anywhere that you tell me to
If you need, you need me to be with you
I will follow where you lead”

Sapphire Rhapsody
Annie Paige Rhapsody
Clint Rhapsody
Theodore Rhapsody
Daria Rhapsody
Amy Rhapsody
Spencer Rhapsody
Spencer’s Wife Rikku Rhapsody


Kelly Godson.
Perry Mark Rhapsody
Paul Rhapsody
Benny Massey

Katie O’Connell

Michelangelo Trent

Rory Gilmore

Sookie St. James
Lorelai Gilmore
Babette Dell
Lane Kim
Miss Patti
Morey Dell



Wakka starting to feel a bit confident.

Walt Strauss. Seismology Legend and Head of the Seismology dept of the USGS Metropolis Chapter. Seismic Trustee for Cal-tech’s Metropolis Chapter.

Nicole Rusoe
Lana Rusoe
Ellie Rusoe

Jessie Rogers

Tony Ipkiss

Ralph Stone

*Aiming her gun at the door* Time to check out.

Zod Gyllanhall
Zod Gyllanhall


Saturday Moore

Gregory Sherman
Blossom Burke
Gaby Sun Mercer.

Francine Beau Janet Caine

Magnus Paul Roberts-Aurochs
Harry Howard Aurochs


Only moments have passed when the post-it stampede took its time in the light. Lorelai never had the most gracious of relationships with her parents. She didn’t have much for admiration to them either. Not that it was something to be in shock. But there was something that none of them counted on. Serena was very devout in family and the very vibe she was gonna soon feel would turn her into a disgusted young lady. She took a lot. Tolerated alot. But nothing that was about to ensue. One thing stopped her… Her daughter’s innocent pure and gentle heart. That was the one thing that stood in the way of letting Serena go postal. If that were the least bit possible. The girls were in confusion as to what was going on. They didn’t know what was going on and as for Royale… She happened to sneak off somewhere and hid to do something which her mothers Leslie and Blossom wouldn’t catch on to. She didn’t want to be around the likely fight that was gonna go on. As if a fight would happen.

Lorelai and Rory are putting post-its on on things in the living room.

LORELAI: So what do we think of this?

RORY: Where would we put it?

LORELAI: I don’t know. The Emily and Richard Gilmore Psycho Museum?

RORY: This is the strangest evening I’ve ever spent here.

EMILY: So, how’s it going?

LORELAI: Great, just getting ready for the big day.

EMILY: Very nice.

LORELAI: So, um, it’s getting late, Mom. Unless you’ve got some funeral plots for us to decorate we should really be going.

Leslie: Blossom and I got a rather hectic schedule tomorrow. We have interviews to conduct and it’s Payday again for the workers and staff at the stadium.

Emily: New additions… Interview candidates? You are speaking of the one Stadium… aren’t you?

Blossom: Yes. We are.

Emily: I might be capable on providing some possible people. There’s about 5 people that i have come across at the Hair Salon where i go two times every 3 months for a perm and some work on the hair.

Leslie: Oh. Really?

Emily: I got the names and the info on them. *Going into the other room to grab the pages and list of names*

A moment later…

Emily: *Handing over the information and the list of names*

Blossom: *Reading the names* Brenda Jonas, Kristi Plunder, Alicia Whitmore, Raye Keppel and Clarissa Ross. Brenda Jonas is a gymnast and a swimmer. Started learning the art of swimming at age 8 and practiced the art. Training. Can do cartwheels and Spins. Has a knack for Synchronized swimming. Kristi Plunder has message transport capabilities. Gets things from point A to its destination whether by physical or electronic. She’s a dancer and a part time singer. But also a consoling outlet. Alicia Whitmore is a predominate office assistant. Has a bit of an OCD Obsessive-compulsive disorder. We’ll have to think a little on that one. It could be a problem. Not that we have something against it… It’s only that we might not be able to ensure that we’d be prepared to handle it. She sounds nice besides that. Raye Keppel… A Glorified Message runner. Works for tips and expects nothing less than an honest days earned pay. She also is a sprint runner and can run up to speeds of 80MPH. Has a photogenic memory. Can remember things after only seeing them for less than a minute. She sounds like a keeper. A real gem in the work. Last but not least… Clarissa Ross- A gambler. a risk taker and very professional in the craft of acrobats. A hearty personality. Willing to assist in all things as they occur and lives for honest pay. Sounds like a real value. I think that these ones will prove out to be very handy.

Leslie: Sounds like they could be very beneficial to the stadium staff.

Blossom: We’ll have to call them tomorrow and see on getting them over for an interview. We’ll have to call Luzzu to have him do up some Security cards for them. I.D’s. But… that’s after we interview these list of girls.

Leslie: Right.

Jewel: Am i gonna be at the Stadium with you two as well…

Blossom: Yes. You and Royale both will be. *Not seeing Royale* Hmm?

EMILY: Any special requests for dinner next week?

RORY: Oh, well —

LORELAI: Mom, I want to talk to you for a minute, and Rory, why don’t you go say goodbye to Grandpa…

RORY: Very smooth.

Rory leaves the room. But Dinah, Serena and the girls stuck around. Blossom stayed while Leslie went outside to find where her and Blossom’s daughter Royale went off to.

EMILY: Should I sit down?

LORELAI: Yeah, but not there, OK? We got a post-it on that. We’d like to keep it nice.

EMILY: It must be very exhausting to be you.

LORELAI: Mom, Rory’s birthday is next Friday.

EMILY: I know that.

Dinah: Rory’s birthday is next friday? Well… that’s a surprise. Why didn’t we get the news? Happy Birthday Rory…

LORELAI: So we were thinking that maybe we could push our dinner next week to Saturday.

Serena: Saturday is good for us. We have no plans for that day.

EMILY: What are you going to do on Friday?

LORELAI: Oh I don’t know.

Charlene: We’re gonna be spending time in fixing a matter with someone in our family… Involving a girl named Joanna Barlow.

EMILY: Well perfect. You’ll come here and we’ll have a little party.

Dinah: A Party… here? You sure that it would be okay to do here?

Blossom: I wouldn’t mind it being where Lorelai and Rory live. I mean… it is Rory’s birthday after all. Don’t you think that she should have a say in where her birthday should be held?

LORELAI: I was just hoping we could do it another night.

Janie: It wouldn’t be that big of a deal. This dinner arrangement would still happen. It’s just that for only one week… then the rest of the time… back to friday nights. Normal routine.

EMILY: Well why come on another night when her birthday falls on the exact night that you do come here?

LORELAI: Saturday’s a pretty good night, Mom.

Alex: Not to pry and contradict… But Emily… It isn’t a bad suggestion. Because if you think about it… You’re still gonna keep the dinner arrangements and those will not end. We actually got used to the idea of coming here. It’s nice and always warm.

EMILY: Not as good as Friday. *To Alex and the girls* Thank you. But Alex… the arrangement was for Friday Nights. That was the agreement. It might sound rather unfair to you girls… but when Lorelai and your mother came here… and this deal was made… It was for Friday nights.

LORELAI: Pretty damn close.

EMILY: Not from where I’m standing.

LORELAI: Well, move then.

EMILY: I’m sorry. Friday nights are my nights. That’s what we agreed on when you borrowed money for her school. The rules haven’t changed.

LORELAI: Mom, I didn’t intend for this loan to become a constant source of blackmail, OK? Now this is my kid’s birthday and she will have her party at home on Friday and that’s it? End of story.

Serena: Emily, I haven’t met you before tonight and i right now can only say that what you’re trying to do is heinous. My mom came to you? Ha! You know… My mother came to be a backing for Lorelai. To be her pillar. And now i’m gonna be an added bonus to that. You are Lorelai’s mother… but you don’t own her existence. You gave her life. But you don’t get to rule her life like she’s some child. I don’t care if it seems that you feel that she’s not living to her potential. She’s doing just fine. The money she got from you and her father… helped for her daughter’s school tuition. She’s thanked you. My mother’s thanked you… and from what it seems like to me… you would rather find it more entertaining to just find any reason to use that one deal to ensure that people do exactly what the hell you wish. *Looking at her daughter* My daughter and I are not part of the deal… So we are free and clear. But since you are so well with your claws into your own daughter and are with the reigns on my mother… You keep at it. But you don’t run their life. If they say no… YOU RESPECT THEIR DECISION! No questions. Don’t like it… Too bad. It’s their choice on what to do. So if you happen to possess a issue about it… You do yourself a favor and swallow the disappointment… Swallow down your ego and learn to respect it. Period. Besides… No one is trying to make off with stealing your grandchild away.  Your attitude is what’s gonna push her away. So… before you get off on a binge of high and mighty… think about that.

Lorelai: *Gasps*

However… on the outside…

Leslie was out looking for Royale Burke… And was not able to sight her till she started to turn on back to go inside to tell Blossom of the fact that she was unable to locate her…

Leslie: *Spotting Royale Burke* Royale Burke… What are you doing over there?

Royale Burke: *Hiding her pack* Nothing. I’m just not into being around anyone when there’s likely a fight about to occur. Plus… I’m not much of a people person.

Leslie: Why not? You were fine earlier. What changed?

Royale Burke: Nothing. I am just not that much of a people person. I just am anti-social. *Suddenly feeling something drop from her hand* …

Leslie: *Spotting the object on the ground* Uh… What the heck is that? Royale, What are those?

Royale Burke: *Not replying to the last line*

Leslie: *Recognizing the object* Are those drugs? Were you smoking?!

Royale Burke: And? *With an sour attitude* So what if i was? What’re you gonna do? I’m not doing it in front of you… am I?

Leslie: No. But you’re not supposed to be doing that at all. That’s really unhealthy for you.

Royale Burke: Like it’d matter. Why would you care about me? I’m a troubled girl. you wouldn’t want me.

Leslie: What makes you say that?

Royale Burke: Because it’s true. I overheard you and Blossom speaking about dealing with a troubled girl. And i knew that you and she had to have been speaking about me. Saying that i was too much a reminder of what you and she once had done for a time. Whatever that was. I heard you two say that having me around would throw you two back to those days and undo all the progress that you two had made since those days. *With tears starting to form*

Leslie: But… that’s not true. We’d never say that about you. Never… What ever you may have heard or may not have heard… it was only spoken as though we were reflecting on the issues. You were never a problem. Nothing was ever wrong with you, Royale. Nothing. But the habit has got to go.

Royale Burke: Why? It’s all i really got left. You have no idea of the family i had before. What they were like? How they treated me. The Juniper’s were consisted of Drinkers and Drug mixing. Extracting hash. They would contract it and sell it off to anyone who wanted it. Not to any minors of course. However one day… they started to get me into it and i never did it. So the next route was to get me to start smoking cigarettes. I fought them for the first year that they tried to do it. I would stay at my friends place. Although my one friend… the one that i had… betrayed me. So i had to fight the mess alone. It was when i was 12… that it got to where i was abused by my biological parents… all to the point where i one night Dressing up real nice and made where i took the appearance of a 25 year old girl and walked over to the nearby Liquor store and bought a pack. WINSTON. And it was that night… that i opened the pack and lit up… I’ve been smoking since. However it was only a few weeks later after that day where i first started that news spread to the press and the authorities and my parents were raided and apprehended. Trumped up on charges of Drug possession. Conducting a Drug Lab illegally. Endangering the lives of the kids within the house. I had a sister. Rini Kate Juniper. She openly smoked as she thought that it was the way of the world and she too even fought the attempts that our mom and dad used to get her to do it. She fought it. She lost as weeks later after the first try they made… She accepted it and received her first pack of Marlboro red. She had no choice but to see it as fate. To her… It was fate. But she was open to it as since… if others were gonna do it… Why not her. Me… I was seen as the tramp. The bastard of the family. But my parents were charged with negligent environment. It’s been 12 months since i was given another family. You. I’ve been in the adoption agency since last Christmas Holiday. I almost didn’t get granted a shot at a new family… Till the lady there… sent me to find you and the other one…

Leslie: Blossom. Her name is Blossom. And she happens to be my wife. Your mother. She and I are married.

Royale Burke: Okay.  Either way… i was sent to find you. To stay with you. Be with you and her.

Leslie: Of course. However… Why would you think that i implied that you would cause us to revert back to what we used to do sometime back? I don’t see the reason for it.

Royale Burke: Because… you had.

Leslie: Royale, It isn’t like that. You know that it’s not like that. But you have to stop and see it from the point of view of Myself and Blossom. The Mob Era… Was our dark days. Blossom and I took up for a short… short time smoking. It was not our most glorious moment in life. We did some things that we really come to regret. Seriously regret. Seeing you do this… it’s a pain reminder of those days. I know that you have had a terrible life. *Reaching out and motioning to hug her daughter* But you shouldn’t have to feel as if you’re all alone. You’re not alone. *Hugging her daughter* I’m here for you. Here for Jewel. For both of you. As is Blossom. Blossom is here and she too… Loves you. I Love you.

Royale Burke: *Hugging back* …

The habit remained…

But Royale Burke made a valiant effort to start trying to gradually kick the bad habit. To change into a better feeling young lady…

Minutes later…

Outside the front door of the Mansion and rounding up before heading for home…

Blossom: *Looking at Leslie* Is everything okay, Leslie?

Leslie: Yeah. It’s fine now. It’s just been a little misunderstanding from Royale is all. She is better now.

Jewel: I feel cold. *Starting to shiver*

Janie: *Looking at her daughter* Tina, You about ready to go?

Tina: Yeah. I’m getting rather sleepy.

Janie: As am I. It’s been a rather long day and yet there is stuff to do.

Serena: And stuff to have Carly our cousin do. Seeing that she and that girl Joanna stay away from one another.

Royale: What do you have against the girl Joanna? She’s done nothing to hurt you or any of us. In case you happen to not realize… I happened to meet Joanna. She’s not a bad person. She’s just rather troubled.

Leslie: Troubled, how? Like how i was when i first came to Metropolis?

Royale: Yeah. Like that.

Arnold: What’s going on tomorrow?

Alex: A few activities. But first… we’re gonna need to find Carly. Make sure we get a hold of her and ensure that she has no chance to go out to Joanna.

It was there that they took their leaves from the Elder Gilmore Mansion… and then started to set off to their homes for the night…

To be continued…


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