Chapter 310: The After Wake procession. Part 2-3.

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The phone rings as Rory and Lorelai walk in their front door. It had already been a rather eventful day for both Rory and Lorelai. It was surely a long day for Blossom and Leslie not to mention or let slide that there was still alot to go on left for them. They were dealing with a loss and as it seemed to Lorelai and Rory… they weren’t gonna want to be brought in unless invited or given the okay and were entrusted with the issue. But Lorelai at that moment… was about to be pegged by her mother…


EMILY: I’ve been trying to get you all afternoon.




EMILY: You already said that.

LORELAI: But someone hasn’t.

EMILY: Hello.

LORELAI: There we go.

EMILY: *Voice* You are impossible to reach.

LORELAI: Well there’s no messages on the machine, Mom.

EMILY: I don’t leave messages. If I wanted to talk to a machine I’d talk to my VCR. Where were you?

LORELAI: At a wake.

EMILY: A what?

LORELAI: A wake…a funeral.

EMILY: A funeral? Whose?

LORELAI: It was for the neighbors’ —

Rory motions Lorelai not to say it.

LORELAI: — cat.

Lorelai mouths ‘what?’ Emily doesn’t say anything.


EMILY: Hold on. I’m looking up anyuresm in our medical dictionary to see if I just had one.

LORELAI: I just wanted to be honest with you, Mom. Silly me.

EMILY: A cat?

LORELAI: Yeah, a cat. It was a cat’s funeral.

EMILY: You skipped your own cousin’s funeral for a cat’s funeral?

LORELAI: Not my cousin, mom. My father’s grandmother’s sister’s girl who I’ve never —

EMILY: You said you couldn’t be away from the inn.

LORELAI: Well I couldn’t at the time bt I worked it out.

EMILY: For a cat?

LORELAI: It’s late. I have a big day tomorrow, Mom.

EMILY: Oh, what? You’re going to a racoon’s wedding?

LORELAI: Good-night, Mother.

EMILY: Good-night.

Lorelai hangs up. She yet again feels as if she was metaphorically put into the spin cycle and made to lie down as she got slammed into the ground like a railroad spike…. This time… Dinah was not around. So… Lorelai had to do the only thing she knew to do. She had to take her lumps and just swallow down… nice and tight.

LORELAI: Aaagh! She’s working for a sedative manufacturer. Keeping that demand sky-high.

RORY: You shouldn’t have told her.

LORELAI: Well I don’t know what to tell and what to hide.

RORY: Yeah. But this time… Dinah isn’t here to help keep you out from the fire.

LORELAI: *Sighs* I know. But come on, Rory. I can fight my own battles. I don’t always need Dinah to just up and rise to come and reflect the verbal attacks and guilt trips that my mother seeks to dish up and out.  *Pauses* So we never did quite settle the whole dating-your-teacher issue. I won’t go out with him if you don’t want me to.

RORY: You can go out with whoever you want.

LORELAI: It’s whoever we want.

RORY: Well I’m certainly not going to go out with him ’cause that would be really weird. I already know that the trio count it as weird. I don’t know what Leslie and or Blossom would think… But i would bet that even they’d be disturbed by it.

LORELAI: But I mean it. I won’t see him if you don’t want me to.

RORY: Huh.

LORELAI: You know, if there’s anything that makes you feel uncomfortable, big or small, then he’s out of there.

RORY: Good to know. However… You shouldn’t have to worry on trying to smooth things out with me. It’s the Trio or the recently married couple. They’re the ones who’ll need the plate cleaned up with the issue.

LORELAI: Because you know it’s not like I’m desperate. I mean, there are plenty of other guys out there. I’m sorry if it might rub them wrong. But i shouldn’t have to answer to them for everything.

RORY: Sure are. And you’re right… You don’t have to… But if the air isn’t cleared… They might think that something else is going on. As it is… Paris is already taunting Leslie over the Brief stint of Leslie being under the seduction of wearing. Paris won’t stop.

LORELAI: And it’s not like I have to ask your permission. I mean, this is a courtesy. Leslie should try to ignore Paris. Paris does it because she knows it gets to her. But if Leslie were to blow it off… And ignore it… Paris’ll stop as there’s no fun in taunting anymore.


Rory goes into her room and closes the door. On the other side of the door, Lorelai raises her voice to be heard.

LORELAI: OK, so I’m going to be up for a while, if you want to get back to me on this.

RORY: I know where you are.

Lorelai starts to leave. Rory opens the door and sticks her head out.

RORY: Hey, do you think you could keep him out really late on Thursday night because I have this oral exam on Friday that I’d really love him to sleep through.

LORELAI: I’ll do my best.

With that… Lorelai and Rory let it go from there. But Rory while studying started feeling a bit of worry for Blossom and Leslie. She knew that something had happened between them. Something that came among them and there was no word on what was currently going on with them. Rory was feeling the urge to head out and look for Blossom and Leslie and get to the bottom of what was wrong with the two of them. Only one thing managed to stop her… The very fact that Lorelai and she had just wrapped up for the remainder of the night.

As for Joanna and Macie…

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At the Metropolis Arms…

In the balcony of Joanna’s apartment…

Joanna: *Smoking* I don’t know what i was thinking in believing that i’d ever make it in school. Carly thinks that i’m still Johnny. I don’t really have any friends. No one is wanting me there. Carly’s sister certainly doesn’t. *Sighs*

Macie: *Walking over to the balcony* Why would you think that, Joanna?

Joanna: Why would i not think that, Macie. You’ve seen how the school dwelling teens were looking at me.

Macie: I know. But don’t you think that it’s a little paranoid to think that the school wouldn’t like you? You had to have made at least a couple friends. What about that girl Zoey? What about her? There were others who you made friends with. Ridge. He happens to really like me. But i don’t know if he really means that he wants to be my boyfriend.

Joanna: I would guess that if he likes you… that much. It must mean that he wants to be your love interest. It’s sweet. You’re making it already. Better than i am.

Macie: You’re making it too… Joanna. You must be feeling the doubt of the situation. Thinking that you’re not making it.

Joanna: How am i making it, Macie? Carly… She still thinks that Johnny is here. She thinks that i’m still Johnny Barlow. I’m not who she thinks that i am. But… try as i might… i can’t seem to convince her.

Macie: Joanna, You can’t really blame her about that  She obviously had some sort of history with you while you were… *Clearing her nose* the other. No matter how limited it might have been… there was still a history. She and you as the other happened to likely have gotten close. Real close and like relationship close. There are things about us girls… When we are that deep connected to something or someone… no matter what it is… We’re not bound to just let it go that easily. It doesn’t work like that. It never did.

Joanna: Macie, What exactly is it that you want me to say? That i happen to ward certain people off? I don’t know what else to say about it. I just know that Carly is seeing Johnny whenever it is that she looks at me. She’s definitely hooked on seeing him. It’s starting to seem like i’m hurting her by staying here. Because of the fact that i remind her greatly of Johnny.

Macie: It isn’t that. It is not like that at all, Joanna. Why not call her and speak with her? You’ve got to set her straight. It’ll never get better till you do.

Joanna: *Flicking her light away* Spare me. I already tried that and that’s how it resulted in her seeing Johnny in me even more. I am not gonna attempt it again. Carly’s already made her mind. Johnny is all she chooses to see.

From the Balcony above…

???: *Declaring* It’s almost 11 PM. You’re still up? What’s wrong with you? Don’t you sleep?

Joanna: Actually we do. We’re just with a bit of stuff on our minds is all.

???: Hmm… Well what ever it is… can’t you make it wait till the morning? You know… i happen to go to school and from the looks or impressions coming from you… you also go to school. You two are never gonna make it in the morning if you keep staying up like this.

Macie: Actually… I usually sleep around Midnight. I never sleep before then.

???: Why’s that? Killer insomnia?

Macie: No… I just never was able to. My parents could never figure it out. It clearly made no sense to them.

???: I guess that certain ones do sleep differently or have different means of sleep. Different circumstances. *Sighs* Oh hell… Why fight it anyway. There’s a Ladder close to our balconies and i hardly use it. But maybe we can just all get to talking for a bit to help tire ourselves out. Besides… Who in their right mind can sleep with all the noise going on outside anyway? There’s been sirens going on and off for the last hour or so. Not sure what the heck’s going on… but if anyone can sleep through that… They’re sound sleepers.

A couple minutes later…

???: *Sitting down with a cup of Coffee* This night’s come out to be really strange and noisy.

Joanna: *Looking down and sighs* You’re not lying. It’s noisy. *Looking out at the wandering streets below* First day at school and it’s like i haven’t even left. But then there’s the part where this girl out there… Carly. She thinks that i’m this person named Johnny Barlow. Especially after being explained the truth that he is gone and i am what she sees.

???: What… are you even talking about? What’s this about a Johnny Barlow?

Joanna: It’s an identity i had when i happened to be a boy. I’m a transgender.

Macie: *Grinning* …

Joanna: Macie, What’s with the grinning?

Macie: Nothing. But i’m just finding this sort of conversation rather attractive. But… I’m likely gonna condition that i don’t say anything and let you… do all the talking.

Joanna: Oh yeah… i’ll really enjoy talking about that. I could speak of it till i’m blue in the face… It won’t change how Carly is seeing me. She still won’t admit that i am not that person anymore.

???: Some people can’t accept the reality. So they put up the veil of what was but isn’t anymore.

Joanna: i guess so… I just wish that people would just see me… for just me… and not see this other person that they think that i could be.

Macie: *Suddenly hearing the phone ring* Huh? *Walking over to the phone and answering it* Hello?

Macie Terrace

Macie T.: *On the phone* Hey Squirt. You in front of the T.V?

Macie: *On the phone* Not now. Why?

Macie T.: Do yourself a favor and turn it on. And find Channel 4. You’re not gonna believe it. This is huge news.

Macie: *Nasally* Okay… Hold on. Let me get the remote and turn on the T.V. It’s kinda late at night to be focused on T.V… But there’s been a lot of sirens going off.

Macie T.: That’s why you should turn on the T.V and look at the reason as to why there are a lot of sirens going off.

A Minute later…

Macie: *Gasps* Oh no! It couldn’t be. That’s Leslie’s father. *Calling Joanna over fast* Joanna! Come quick.

Joanna: *Running over from the balcony* Macie, What’s wrong?

Macie: *Pointing slightly at the t.v* Look at the screen. It’s terrible.

Joanna: *Looking at the T.V* Oh… Man. Is that for real? Isn’t that… the father to that girl we saw with the group of girls? What was her name again? Leslie.

Macie: Yeah.

Macie T.: Hey Squirt… you watching?

Macie: Yeah… I am watching. It horrible. Do Leslie and her mother know?

Macie T.: No idea if they do. But certainly they must know by now.

Joanna: What’ll we do?

Macie: *Nasally* I can’t say, Joanna. It’s hard to tell what can be done for Leslie and her family.

Joanna: We’re gonna need to head on out… Forget sleep. *Looking at their neighbor* Who’re you? We never got your name.

???: I’m Called Blueberry Parker. It’s a odd name. But i blame my parents for that. They were sort of like a deep transient sort of Hippies. The Hippie era died with the 60’s. But my parents… They undeniable… Missed the memo and didn’t watch as the world evolved and changed orders. So… For a fruity joke… they wanted to name a child of theirs… after a fruit… Which since i came first… I was the first goat. I got with the bill of being named… Blueberry.

Joanna: So… You’re named… after a fruit? That is a rather odd name… Your parents really were forgetting to pick up the memo of the change of the times. Weren’t they?

Blueberry: Don’t you believe it…

Macie: What’re we gonna do?

Joanna: Make way over to wherever Leslie and her other half is.

Macie: *Taking another Spray of Decongestant* We’re gonna be wiped out for the morning. But I’ll come along… I don’t want to be left alone. At least not here.

Back over at the Hospital…

In the Waiting room…

Gaby Sun Mercer.

Gaby: The idea that there is a loss of life. It’s sad. I feel bad about it. You shouldn’t have had to deal with it.

Leslie: I know. Gaby, I know that i shouldn’t have to deal with it… But i am. My father was dealing with a triple bypass. It was a critical operation. However… there was sadly unforeseen complications to it. We already looked at the charts and the medical papers concerning it. There was nothing to explain what it was. His heart just happened to give out.

Tammy Garland the 2nd/Tammy Garland Jr.

Tammy Jr.: What do you think will happen now?

Leslie: I don’t know.

Blossom: If anything… Leslie’s mom… My Mother-in-Law will likely be getting things set up for holding a funeral service for my father-in-law.

Gaby: You’re right  The sooner that it’s done… the better, right?

Leslie: I would agree…at least see on maybe cremation… Although it’d have to be my mom’s call. He was my father… but he was my mom’s husband for 25 years. So… It’s got to be her call on what to do. Whether it’s cremation… or Actual Burial.

Saturday Moore

Saturday: Either way… Your family can afford it. Your family is after all… Rich.

Tammy Jr.: Saturday, Stop it. Stop being such a mean spirited person. It’s getting to be really annoying. *Starting to become rather annoyed with Saturday*

Saturday: It’s only me speaking the plain truth. It’s not my fault that no one here can take it.

Tammy Jr.: That maybe so… But it doesn’t mean that you have to be rather harsh about it.

Blossom: Just ignore her, Tammy. She’ll soon stop. If all she’s gonna do is spit out rude remarks and snide comments like that… she can just leave. We don’t care for it.

Leslie Burke-Rhapsody

Leslie: Neither do i. I almost want to throw her across the hall for the comments she’s making at us all here. But then it’d only make the matters here worse for me and my wife here. It’s been a rather emotional night and one that shouldn’t have happened. My wife and I are with a secret and it’s living inside her and I… No one knows of it. And she and I want to keep it that way for the time being. But Saturday… she better not cough out another snide remark. This is not a request of her. If she upsets my wife and/or I one more time… She’ll be regretting ever doing so.

Gaby: Violence won’t make things better. It won’t help anyone heal either. You and Blossom are supposed to be in Mourning and in the middle of the grieving process… Thinking of coming to blows at others… won’t make things stop or heal things.

Leslie: Sounds like something that… that sporadic guy… Justin Creed would say. Sora is seeing him and when she and her sister Carly were going on about nailing a couple of teens who were spreading false tales about them… via their Ex-Father… Granted that the father was their Biological father with all intents and purposes… Justin happened to speak out the same thing… or close to the same thing to them about Violence never being the answer.

Gaby: And he is right. Violence solves nothing. All it fosters is Hate.

Blossom Burke

Blossom: As if that is a bad thing right now… *In Despair* The way we’re feeling.

Gaby: That maybe the case. But will it keep you from feeling empty?

Blossom: Will it matter? Either way you’re looking at it… it still won’t change the fact that Mr. Burke is gone.

Tammy Jr.: Sad… isn’t it?

Midnight Rain Densworth

Midnight: It isn’t sad. It’s devastating. That’s what it is. It’s a feeling of where it is like someone stepped on the heart and stomped it into the ground. Pounding it till it was crippled to a fragile state.

Gaby: Hmm…

Roger Densworth

Roger: Easy on the analogy and intensity there, sis. It’s deep… But it isn’t like the world has dropped dead all on a switch.

Midnight: Maybe so… However, you might want to stop and consider something for a moment, Rog. It’s the end of the world for Leslie. Don’t you gather the impression that she’s a daddy’s girl. A pure Daddy’s girl. She shows the signs like a telegraph monologue. Classic imperative signs. She’s weepy. Signs:

  1. Whether it’s when you see someone weird at the grocery store or when your uncle does that dance at the family block party, you both have that code word to alert each other.
  2. He posts non-embarrassing things on your facebook wall. It’ll usually be memes and articles that would either have you thinking or dying of laughter.
  3. You have the best debates. Even if you both have different views on things like which football team should win the super bowl or whether or not you need more than two pairs of shoes, you don’t mind having a friendly argument or two on the way to pick up mom.
  4. The boyfriend talk he had with you…was short, simple, to the point, and most importantly, very wise. Because of your dad, you’re able to choose the right man for yourself.
  5. You always ask him for money. You know he’ll always have your back and he doesn’t mind spoiling you. Plus, he’ll give you a word of wisdom on how you could save your money.
  6. You both have an inside joke…that will always have you both laughing hysterically over the dinner table and no one else gets it, which is basically why it’s hilarious.
  7. You’re the first person he goes to…whenever he has to buy a gift for mom because he knows that you know her closet way better than he does. Also, because you’re a girl. That too.
  8. You don’t mind hanging out with him. You look forward to days where it’s just the two of you going to see a movie or going out for Cold Stone ice cream. And when you guys hang out…
  9. There’s never a dull moment…because he’s telling you hilarious stories about how Uncle Ben used to be a pimp and you literally can’t deal.
  10. He never embarrasses you. You never get nervous whenever your dad comes around your friends because even if they think he’s lame, it won’t affect how much you love him.
  11. But if he does…then he’ll do it in a way that will make you laugh and love him even more.
  12. He’ll always talk about how you were his little baby…and how just yesterday, he had you on the palm of his hand and now you’re all grown up. You’ll roll your eyes, but secretly, you can’t get over the twinkle in his eye every time he says it.
  13. He calls you by your nickname. Always. Even when you guys are at formal events and you’re not mordified about it. Well…not all the time.
  14. His hugs…will always make you feel warm and safe.
  15. When you guys fight…there’s always a lesson in it for the both of you because he does listen to you.
  16. He knows you could take care of yourself. He doesn’t have to worry about you facing this tough world because he knows how strong you are and that you could handle yourself. However, when you do break under pressure, his shoulder is always there for you to cry on because…
  17. You’ll always be his princess… and that’s all there is to it.

Blossom: Those signs are so cheesy. But… *Sniffling* They are known classic signs of being a daddy’s girl. I happen to be a daddy’s girl sometimes… Or should i say… Much of the time. My dad happens to view me as like his princess. Maybe it’s because he sees himself in me and how i happen to have his temper. The sparky wit or something.

Harmony Grantham Rogers

Harmony: I Actually am more of a Momma’s girl. My mom and are close. Really like best friends more than a mother and daughter relations. Jessie doesn’t get it much… He’s his own man who’s into dancing and Ballet. He’s been with thoughts towards trying out for the local dance studio. Maybe trying for a chance to win an opening for a local show that’s going on in theaters. A Live performance.

Jessie Rogers

Jessie: *Grins* So my secret is out.

Leslie: Yeah. But it’s not a big deal. You are who you are. Not your parents. Your parents might be teachers or Writers… But not you. You are a ballet dancer and Your sister could be a DJ… Although your parents might not be quite so opened to that idea. But it’s not them who’re living the life. It’s you. Your the one living that life. You are… the one who are living how you feel. You are who you’re meant to be. Not what your parents are demanding and seeking of you.

Jessie: For someone who’s in the midst of grieving… You’re sure being rather Philosophical on the subject. But… you’re with a very good point.

Gaby: So… What’s gonna happen now? *Looking at the activity going on throughout the halls*

Blossom: Not sure. But Leslie and I are probably gonna be heading off back home for the night. School is in less than 8 hours away. Plus it’s been a really trying night. Emotional as well. Very Emotional and sad. We already know for one thing that My mother-in-law which is Leslie’s Mother… has had more than her adequate share of emotions tonight.

Tammy Jr.: *Looking at the time* Gee whiz… I better head home. My mom is gonna be worried up to her arms about me and she’s likely thinking of calling the entire police squad on me. *Chuckles*

Midnight: *Chuckles* Sounds like our mom. She’s like that too. Our father isn’t like that… He’s mostly out on Location detail… For the Movie Studios.

Roger: And i am a member to a band.

Leslie: Empire of the Hearts. A Band that i happen to sponsor. *Clearing her throat* The band is in need of creating songs of their own. Clearly… You boys… and Zoey have the drive and determination… plus the talent which lasts a decade and more… So… there shouldn’t be any reason as to why you guys can’t form up some songs of your very own.

Roger: We’ve been trying. But we are in need of some inspiration and there’s no source of it anywhere.

Blossom: The Music is inside you… You just have to find how best to draw it out and get it to bust on through.

They barely got to concluding the gathering…

When suddenly…

Joanna: *Walking in with Macie and a Neighbor* Hey guys. I came to lend my sympathies. I heard on the T.V that there was a loss. I feel bad about it. It’s really unfair.

Macie: What she said. Who Passed on? *Nasally* Is it bad?

Blossom: *Nods* Yeah.

Leslie: It’s my father. He’s dead. He died tonight… Happened about an hour ago.

Macie: How did it happen though? Wasn’t he… in good health?

Leslie: That’s something i’d be wanting to know. He was healthy for a long time then one morning… The morning of the same day that the Empire of the Sun Concert was supposed to take place. He ends up with a stroke. A Moderate Heart attack which was bad enough to put him in the hospital and he was in need of a Triple Bypass. He died tonight. Due to Complications of the Triple Bypass.

Joanna: What do you think is gonna happen now?

Blossom: We don’t know. We really… Don’t know.

Blueberry: A Loss in life really grabs a person by the heart strings and turns a person weak in the knees.

Midnight: Sad… Isn’t it?

Tammy Jr.: We’re sorry for the loss, Leslie. If there’s anything that can be done… Please… Let us all know.

It was not but a few moments later when they all parted for the night. It was a very sad night… Going to a Wake and then to adhere to a Loss in the Burke family…. It was a trying night for them all.

However as things went on…

Things started to wind down a little or so it might have only appeared to have done so. There was the now funeral for Leslie’s father to be held and not to forget that there was still the Upcoming Elections… Nov. 8th that year was only a few nights or so away. But what some of them didn’t happen to see coming was that there were gonna be some unforeseen Surprises. To a few of them and they were gonna be having their lives altered a bit.

At Zoey’s house…

At Aquamarine’s house…

At Paige’s house…

At Dinah’s house…

At Curtis’s house…

Wakka’s room…

Zoey/Aquamarine/Paige/Dinah/Curtis/Wakka: *On the Phone* Hello?

A Moment later…

At Zoey’s house…

Zoey: *Answering the door* Hello?

???: *Handing over a Paper* Here. I don’t know what i’m doing here as i shouldn’t be here. Not without being invited and it’s awkward. But i’ve come from the Adoption Agency and they said that i was to come to you.

Zoey: *Curious and at a loss* Who’re you?

???: I’m your son. The name’s Casper. Casper Renfield Price. But after tonight… I am gonna be Known as Casper Renfield Rhapsody… Your Son.

Zoey: *Looking at her phone* Oh god… *Calling Blossom and the girls*

As for what was about to take place at Paige’s house…

Paige: *Looking at the two girls* This isn’t a joke… is it? You’re from the Adoption agency and were granted to my sons? You two are awarded to my sons?

Rikki: Yes. We are. I’m Rikki Partridge… But by tomorrow will be Rikki Rhapsody. Clint’s gonna be my father.

Mara: And I’m Mara. Mara Stanhope. But by tomorrow… I’m gonna be Mara Rhapsody. I’m Theodore’s Daughter.

Paige: How old are you?

Rikki: I’m 11.

Mara: 11.

Paige: I’m calling the Adoption Agency tomorrow. Something very fishy is going on. I’m gonna get to the bottom of this. You two… can stay the night as it’s late out and there’s not any sense in sending you two out in the cold. So… you two can use Clint’s and Theodore’s old rooms for the night.

At Dinah’s house…

Dinah: *In disbelief* What the hell is going on here? My daughters are not in any condition to be mothers. They can’t be… Not now… They’re only 15 years old for cryin’ out loud.  Who are you 3 anyway?

???: I’m Tina. Tina Lesley Simpson. But now i’m the daughter to a Janie Rhapsody.  I was awarded to her.

???: I’m Arnold Willard. But Now am Arnold Rhapsody Come tomorrow… which will be in about 10 Minutes. I am awarded to an Alexandra Rhapsody. I am to be her Son.

Brooke Rhapsody 2

???: *Smiles* I’m Brooke Appleton. I was chosen by the Adoption agency and sent here. I was awarded by them to be the daughter of Charlene Rhapsody. The Adoption Agency as you might have heard the news going around for the span of a couple months that there’s been a lot of Adoptions going around. The Adoption Agency has been over run with so many Kids… Boys and girls alike and not enough room to hold all the kids that kept pouring in. A lot of kids came from broken homes or Abusive families. The Abused kids are ones with the most problems… Not us though. We’re normal and from Boken homes with parents who couldn’t provide for us and disowned us. Not by choice. But all due to not having any other way out.

Dinah: Wow… And here i thought that this was some ploy. This isn’t a ploy… is it?

Arnold: No.

Tina: *Handing over the papers* Take a look.

Dinah them reads the papers and with a gasp of surprise…

Dinah: I guess that settles it then. I’m your grandma… and my 3 girls here are mothers.

As for Aquamarine Rhapsody Soon to be Storm…

Aquamarine: *Impressed* Who are you? You lost? You seem like a sweet young man. Coming here like this. How did you find this house?

???: I’m Blake Storm. But previously was Blake Jones. I am not exactly lost. I was sent here by the Adoption agency. They said for me to find a single parent. One who might be seeing someone and that was where they figured it to be… well… You. So, i came to you. They have granted for you… to have me. As your first kid. Adopted of course, yes… But your first… Son.

Aquamarine: *Touched and in delight* Well… I’ll be. I am so touched… Blessed. Come over and grab a seat, Hon. I’ll fix you up some hot Cocoa. It’s a rather chilly night. You walking through town in the cold like you were… You’re so lucky to not be ridden with the flu and sniffles. *Feeling Jumbled and flustered* Oh dear… *Heading off to the kitchen*

Blake: *Walking over to the living room couch and Sighs* This is a nice place. Whoever did this house… had a lot of creative inspiration going om inside them. *Impressed*

She was in a state of flustering nervous repose… She now had a Son and no idea what to do to provide for him and raise him. The others were gonna be feeling the same…

At Blossom’s house…


Curtis: *Looking at the Surprising new faces* So let me see if i am understanding you two good… You two… Are sent by the Adoption Agency… And you were also granted to my Daughter Blossom. And my daughter in law Leslie. Plus also one of you are granted to my son Perry… Is this what i am clearly hearing come from your mouths?

Royale Burke (3)

???: That’s what we’re telling you. It’s as the papers will tell you. We’re granted to be daughters to Blossom and Leslie… And Perry. Haroki is Perry’s Daughter. Me and Jewel are Blossom’s and Leslie’s.

???: Royale happens to be a little of a troubled teen. So… Don’t be shocked when you see her doing things that are harmful to her health. She’s troubled. So… it kinda comes with the territory.  Although… She’s been trying to clean up her act.

???: *Speaking Japanese*…

Curtis: Who are you girls?

???: I’m Royale Juniper… now… Royale Burke.

???: I’m Jewel Smoky Rhapsody. Formerly known as Jewel Smoky Tinsworthy.

Curtis: Tinsworthy? As in Russell Tinsworthy?

Jewel: *Confused* Who’s that?

Curtis: He was the guy who was known as the chairman of the board of Consolidated. From 9 to 5. The movie 9 to 5.

Jewel: You think too much of Movies, Grandpa. You should know that the name Tinsworthy is rather a fictional one. I might remind you of that character… only by the last name… But there’s no relation to it. Really. *Smiles*

However… as they were talking…

Two boys walked in and went for where Wakka was. Wakka however wasn’t home that night. He was with a all night project with Luzzu… So there would be no meet between the two boys and Wakka. At least… till morning…

Back at Zeke’s house…

Living room…

Francine Beau Janet Caine

Francine: Aunt Zoey, Where’s my father, Charlie?

Zoey: How do i know? The only place that he’d be at this time of night as he’s in college… is Met U. Metropolis University. I’ll see on calling him tomorrow. There’s nothing that i can do now. By this time now… He’s usually asleep.

Casper: Mom, Come on. She’s looking for her father. I wouldn’t blame her. She’s found you. And now knowing that Charlie’s your Brother and her father… He’s like my Uncle. Your dad’s my grandpa. It’s just natural for her to want to get in touch with her father.

Zoey: *Sighs* I know. But… Honestly… there’s nothing that i can do. I can’t do anything about getting a hold of him… till Morning. I already know that he’s gonna have a rough time swallowing the pill of being a father. Just out of nowhere. I am. But i am gonna make it all work.

Casper: You’re a high school student?

Zoey: Yeah.

Casper: Interesting. I’m a middle school Student.

Francine: As am I.

Zoey: Nice. Well… I don’t really have a place for you to sleep for the night, Francine. Casper, Son… I would like to put in with me in my room for the night. But i don’t know quite how my father would take it. Nor would my boyfriend… take well to it. So… I could put you in my Brother’s old room.

But that was when she started to think twice about it and suddenly came up with something else…

Zoey: Actually… Casper, You can sleep in my bed tonight. I got a rocking massage chair that i can sleep in. I usually sleep in that when i’m up late and working on practicing playing my Guitar. Francine, You can sleep in my brother’s room. Charlie… who is your father now will be called tomorrow and informed about the fact that he now has a daughter.

Zoey now had a dilemma. The others were about to have themselves one also. They just didn’t know it yet. Dinah that same night got a surprise encounter with another Child. This one… was for her daughter Serena.

At Dinah’s house…

Christina: *Smiles* Hey there. I’m Christina. Christina Black. Formerly known as Christina Marvel. I am a transgender boy/Girl. But i am to be the Child to Serena. I was sent by the Adoption agency. I also would like to say that it’d be a pleasure to be your grandchild. And the operations and procedures which helped me turn to this… They’re covered by the adoption agency. For the next 7 years… Courtesy of the state.

Dinah: Christina,  I am touched to know you’re gonna be my daughter’s child and my grandchild. I just wish that i knew where it is that i can put you for the night. We don’t have a spot left. Actually… How would you like to use the den for tonight? it isn’t much… But it’s better than the floor. I’ll send a call over to Serena tomorrow. See on getting her over here so that you two can meet.

Christine: Okay.

The next morning…

Oct. 31st 2046…

Curtis’s house…

Wakka’s room…


Wakka: *Slapping his head in disbelief* What in Metropolis’s name is going on here? I can’t believe this. I’m being told by you two that i am granted two kids. How is this even plausible? *Sighs* Let me guess now that you two are now… My kids. My sons?

Harry Howard Aurochs

Harry: We sure are. You’re now a father. Family stands forever. We know that it’s not something you’d normally hear as you might be one who’s a happy Vintage bachelor. It’s okay. We’re only 12 and can already tell what type of individual a person really is. And you’re like a happy Vintage Bachelor. My name is Harry. Harry Howard Gibson Now Harry Howard Aurochs. This guy beside me is Magnus Paul Roberts-Aurochs. He’s kinda like my Twin Brother. We’re Twins.

Magnus Paul Roberts-Aurochs

Magnus: *Looking at the Sports Uniform folded on the stand by the window* You’re an Athlete… What Sport do you play? I’m betting that it must be totally extreme.

Wakka: Well… Blitzball usually is, ya. It’s extreme. High endurance all the way.

Harry: We can play. We are actually Ballet dancers and Partial Choir boys.

Wakka: Hmm… I see that i got a couple of talented boys. *With arms spread out in submission* Well… i guess that there’s only one thing to say at this point of time… Come give your father a bear hug, ya!

Magnus and Harry were in good hands and so were the others who were being adopted and accepted. It was gonna be a very joyous moment. Besides the Wake of a departed cat, The Loss of a Art Guru and thereby making Leslie a Sublimal Trillionaire… It was gonna be a very high level of a rush for Ecstasy and Joy lust for the girls and their pals. The new kids who came along. But…

Come nov. 8th that year… which was only a few days or so away…

To be continued…


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