Chapter 310: The After Wake procession. Part 1-3.

Rory is outside in Babette’s yard, surrounded by gnomes. Dean walks up to her…

Back at in front of the Dell’s Household…

DEAN: Hey.

RORY: Jeez, you scared me.

DEAN: Yeah, uh, look. I just wanted to say that I’m sorry.

RORY: For what?

DEAN: Well I’ve been kind of bugging you lately. Uh, I thought — I don’t know — I thought that maybe you liked me. But it’s obvious that you’re not interested so I just wanted to say that I get it and I’m not gonna bother you anymore.

Dean starts to leave. Rory gets up and follows him.

RORY: Wait! I AM interested.

DEAN: You are?

RORY: Yes. I gotta go.

Rory leaves and Dean smiles. However… as for the Rhapsody Trio… They were saying their farewells for the night to their targets of possible interest. It was starting to get near a late hour and they knew that school was only hours away to begin again. Once the guys were gone, they made way on back to head over towards the Dells. Dinah was still inside the house at that moment yet. Rory was not in her best thoughts at the time as several different thoughts were buzzing around her Nut (Her brain)… Which one of the thoughts was noneother than the idea of her mother dating her teacher Mr. Medina. It was in plenty of ways… Disturbing to her knowing that the possible romance which may have formed between her mother and her teacher could have been just forming. As Rory reaches the door Lorelai comes out. As does Dinah…

LORELAI: Oh! Finally. I’ve been looking everywhere for you.

Dinah: Hey girls…You about ready to head for home for the night?

RORY: Well you found me.

Janie: We’re ready to go, Mom. We’re just a bit concerned about something.

Alex: It’s about these two girls that were among us today. They were new.

Charlene Emily Rhapsody

Charlene: Yeah. Like really new. First day in school… And as far as we know… from what Zoey let out… Only been in this city for like about 3 days now.

Dinah: Any idea as to who the two girls are?

Janie: From what Zoey said… She said that the names of the two girls were Joanna Barlow. Or so she told us… She happened to have met one of the two girls. Some nasal congested girl named Macie Lightfoot. A Band geek… We never heard of them… But Zoey and the boy she was with… Ridge… were with her…


LORELAI: Listen, I have some explaining to do. OK. So sit down in that tiny little chair and I’m gonna do it right now. *As Rory sits* That man on the porch was your teacher.

RORY: Mom, I’m a little behind in school but not so far behind that I don’t know who the teacher is. So?

LORELAI: So — um — he and I were going to sort of hang out together.

RORY: On a date.

LORELAI: No, on a — something that could appear like a date to the untrained eye.

RORY: To your daughter’s eye?

LORELAI: It was a date.

RORY: How long have you been dating him?

LORELAI: I haven’t. This was gonna be the first time.

RORY: And when were you planning on telling me about this — your wedding?

LORELAI: No — by the rehearsal dinner at least.

RORY: He’s my teacher.

LORELAI: I know.

RORY: He teaches me things every day in a very small classroom with a lot of other kids who probably won’t be high-fiving me when they find this out.

LORELAI: I know, sweetie, and I told him this was one of the things I was concerned about.

RORY: And?

LORELAI: And he thought we could be discreet.

RORY: Unbelievable!

LORELAI: Are you mad?

RORY: Yes!

Janie: not to forget that we too are mad… and disturbed.

LORELAI: Alright. Because I’m dating him?

RORY: Because you lied to me.

Alex: You lied to us too…

LORELAI: I kept information from you.

RORY: Information that I should have had.

Charlene: Something that we all should have had. Do you know at all… of how humiliating it is to know that one of our own is dating one of our teachers?

Dinah: Girls!

Janie: Mom… Don’t. It is wrong and you know it. The Hostile people at chilton happen to see us as rejects and lonewolfs… Miscreants who don’t belong. If this gets out… that Lorelai is dating Mr. Medina… You do know that the beasts there will eat us alive… right? Paris the Hostile Paranoid gestapo of Chilton Prep Gellar and her floozies… Plus that guy… Tristan. They’ll lock on their sights towards us and not let go. Ever again.

LORELAI: Information that would have come out eventually. Like the Iran-Contra scandal. *To the girls* It won’t ever get that bad. Besides that if it is discreet… how exactly will they ever suspect?

Dinah: Good point. Although after how the school treated our daughters… I’d rather beg on differing against that currently.  Somehow… with cupid’s arrow stuck up your buttocks, Lorelai… You’re only seeing the enticement of Lust and love. Romantic repose.

RORY: So you’re Oliver North.

LORELAI: No, I’m Fawn Hall.

RORY: Mom.

LORELAI: Well, she was much prettier.

RORY: I just can’t believe that you didn’t tell me about this. Why wouldn’t you tell me?

Charlene: Or tell us. *Scoffs* You know… it’s a good thing that Blossom and Leslie aren’t here to hear this. They’d be throwing a unsettling conniption fit. Forget the subtleties. She’d be wanting to claw at someone. At least Blossom would. Blossom’s the one with the sparky personality.

Dinah: Oh yeah. That’s true. Blossom is the sparky one… isn’t she? *Spotting Blossom and Leslie not far from the bushes on the other side of Lorelai’s house Sitting down in despair and devastation* Hmm? There’s Leslie and Blossom. Elizabeth is walking over to the car in a Solemn but devastated manner over something. *Walking over to where Elizabeth is suddenly*

LORELAI: ‘Cause I thought you were going to take it bad. Thank God I was wrong. *pause* OK, OK. Listen, I’m sorry. I won’t date him. I promise.

Charlene: Lorelai… It is too late. The wheels are already set in motion. Mr. Medina came to your house tonight and expected a date. So… it’s already in process. He’s gonna want to have that date. With you. Even if you were to call it off with him… Do you really think that he’s gonna let you off that easy?

RORY: I’m not saying that you can’t date him. It’s just — this is weird. I mean — there’s a million guys in this world and you end up with Mr. Medina.

Alex: Seriously! Lorelai… You couldn’t go for someone else. Someone with more of a Swagger? You had to lock down on the power of baby blue eyes Mr. Medina…. Good grief.

LORELAI: You think I don’t get the weirdness factor? Believe me, the last thing I intended to do was date your teacher. It wasn’t as if i set out and orchestrated the fated meeting and connecting attraction.

RORY: I believe you.

Janie: We believe you… Lorelai. It was a slip. Something that just for god knows what reason there be… happened. But… *Sighs* What’re you gonna do?

LORELAI: I really like him, Rory. I can’t help it. And it’s been a really long time since I’ve felt like this. You can’t always control who you’re attracted to, you know. I think the whole Angelina Jolie/Billy Bob Thronton thing really proves that. And I know you don’t understand this now but you wil someday. You’ll meet some great guy and he’ll make your head all foggy and you won’t know what to do with yourself. *sighs* Oh, sweetie, I won’t keep anything from you again. OK? I promise. From now on every aspect of my life is an open book to you. And girls… I don’t know what it is that i’m gonna do. I am a woman running into the path of emptythoughtsville. Whoville is at this very moment wanting to chase me into a hole and lock the door forgetting where they threw the key.

RORY: That’s OK.

Janie: Hmm… Bizarre referencing and strange way of subtlety. But… it makes sense in some odd way.

Charlene: Of course… we have heard weirder references than that from our mother and father. So… this wasn’t even landing on the radar.

LORELAI: Really, I’m not even going to get dressed until I tell you what I’m thinking of wearing.

RORY: Fair enough.

LORELAI: OK, tomorrow I’m thinking the purple tiger top, the black leather skirt, the panda bear underwear.

Janie: *Looking at Alex and Charlene with a rather disturbed look upon her face* …

RORY: Oh, good.

LORELAI: But of course I’m totally open to suggestions.

RORY: Here’s one: get some help.

Alex: Serious help. Lorelai… No offense in the remarks here… but you’re right now bordering on the line of Psychotic and demented. Rory… is not a fashion cop. You could wear a leather jacket and biker bellbottoms for all intents and purposes and it wouldn’t shake her off.

Charlene: *Looking to see their mom talking with Mrs. Burke* …

A few minutes later…

Lorelai and Rory are leaving Babette’s. Babette and Morey walk them out.

LORELAI: Let us know if we can do anything.

Janie: Same here. We will help out with anything you should need.

BABETTE: Oh, you’ve done too much already. *To the girls* Oh Doll… you girls are so sweet. But it’s okay. You gals and the posse… have done more than enough. Really. You guys were a real blessing.

LORELAI: Good-night, Babette.

Betty: *Walking out and heading for her apartment* Night Babette. It’s been eventful. If you ever need anything… call. It’s gonna be alright. Loss is a part of life… But you’re never alone. If you ever need someone to talk to… call me. We can talk about whatever it is that happens to bug you.

Lorelai hugs Babette…

BABETTE: Good-night, sugar. *To Betty* I’ll keep that in mind, Doll. Thank you for staying to spend time around for Cinnamon.

Betty: Anytime. It’s been a pleasure.

RORY: Good-night, Morey.

Rory hugs Morey…

MOREY: Stay cool, Rory.

BABETTE: It’s getting late.

MOREY: Let’s stay outside a while, baby. Look for the Big Dipper.

BABETTE: OK, I’d like that.

Morey puts his arm around Babette’s shoulders and they watch the sky.

But their peace was cut short when they suddenly saw Sparks of lighting zapping across the sky and with it screams of devastation.

Babette: What in the world? *Looking over across the yard* Sounds like someone getting terrified about something.

Morey: Sure does… *Looking towards the house next door* Hey… Isn’t that… the newlywed couple Leslie and Blossom Burke?

Babette: huh?! Where? *Looking over towards Lorelai’s house; front porch* What’re they doing there? They said that they had to hit back to their place. When was it… an hour ago. What stopped them? Something wrong?

Morey: I don’t know. I can’t say, Babs. I hope that nothing’s wrong.

Babette: *Hearing Blossom and Leslie’s sobs of sorrow and anger* The poor dolls…

Dinah: *Walking over fast to the girls close by* Janie, Alex… Charlene… We have to go now. The Hospital just called…

Janie: What’s wrong?

Dinah: No… Not really.  Leslie’s father has passed away. About less than an hour ago. Her mother is on the phone setting things up to have most of the funds put under Leslie’s name. Per the requests made out in the will.

Alex: Leslie’s gonna inherit a lot of stuff… isn’t she?

Dinah: Yes.

Charlene: Oh god… Does Leslie know?

From the Gilmore house porch…

Leslie: *Gasps; shooting up in disbelief* You’ve got to be kidding me, Mom. I can’t be with that much money. I am nothing of a Billionaire. I’d never be able to handle that kind of money. I barely can handle the kind of money that i happen to possess now as of current.

Blossom: Mom… You have to be pulling our damn legs. Leslie’s gonna be the head of taking on all of Mr. Burke’s… Carl’s Assets? How on earth is she supposed to do that? She is not ready. She’s only 15. I am only 15. There is no way that it can be done. The legal age for someone to be given the assets of their parent or parents or relatives in question… It’s 18.

Elizabeth: No it isn’t.

Blossom: Yes. It is. I’ve been here all my life. Metropolis is where i was raised and all… I happened to study a little on the laws from time to time and it clearly states that anyone who’s an heir to a fortune larger than 100 Million dollars… They have to be at the age of 18. No earlier than that. Never has changed since that time… It’s been the law for Metropolis… for the last 50 years… as far as i remember. Now… If she’s entitled to it… as it’s in the will… fine. That is all well and good. It’s a fortunate thing. But to tap into it before age 18… it’s not only immoral… it’s insanity. Sheer insanity.

Leslie: Nicely put there, Blossom. A bit rough… but well put. *feeling her eyes well up a little* Dad’s dead… isn’t he?

Blossom: Yes. It just feels so unreal. Totally unreal. How could this have happened?

Elizabeth: It was fated to happen. Leslie, Your father was known to use his heart more times than anyone i might know. There wasn’t anyone in the world that he wouldn’t help out wherever he possibly could.

Leslie: That is nice to know… but it still doesn’t change the fact that he’s dead. My father is dead. And all there is… is a lifetime of pain and heartache over the loss.

Lorelai overheard and felt sorrow for Leslie and Blossom. She wanted to go and say something to them about it. however it was then realized that the pain that they were feeling… was deeper than any other loss. Leslie was closest to her father more than the closeness that was towards her mother. Even though she loved both equally and loved them deeply. She was without doubt a member of the Daddy’s girl persuasion. It wasn’t like romance in secret. It was in terms of a very strong bond. A strong Father and daughter bond that seemed as if it were unshakable and unbreakable. There wasn’t much for Lorelai to do to help and she didn’t want to just butt in. or overstep her bounds. So she vowed to just stick to the side till she was brought in for involvement.

This was where they had to part from them for the night. But there was still stuff to do for the night. Leslie, Blossom and Mrs. Burke left for the hospital and Dinah and her 3 girls left for their home for the night. Betty was already gone by that time as she was with things that she had to get done for that night.

At the Hospital…

A Moment later…

Leslie: *Seeing the lifeless body of her father* That’s him. Oh my god… He’s pale. He’s also cold. Cover him up. *Unstable* Cover him up. He’s freezing. Please cover him up.

Blossom Burke

Blossom: *With a tear soaked face* It’s not fair. Why did he have to die? He was holding on just yesterday. We managed to call here and were told that he was doing just fine. How could this have happened? *Sobbing* Dad… I had a biological then one due to being married into your family, Leslie. But now… i face losing my father-in-law. You lose your biological father and now have only a father-in-law.

Elizabeth: *In dismay and shock* Carl… You blockhead. You were supposed to hold on tight. Why couldn’t you hold on? Didn’t we agree… to go together when that time finally did come? What happened to keeping that word? *Feeling weepy just standing to face her deceased husband* How could you have just departed from us? Leaving us… like this.

Catholic priest: *Giving the last rites*…

A Moment later…

Dr. Mizuno: *Walking over to Mrs. Burke with Emil Hamilton* Mrs. Burke. We are deeply sorry for your loss. We just started to fill in the papers for his transfer to the morgue. Before his transport to the local Mortuary. But we had the transport people wait till we got the okay from you. Is there anything we can do for you at this time?

Elizabeth: Yes… Let me have his records from here. I want to see his last stats. The last recorded stats that were read from him. Also a post-mortem examination. I want to be assured that he died of natural causes and not because was done when there wasn’t any need. I need to know.

Emil: There was already one done. Nearly an hour ago. The results came back as stating that your husband’s heart went into constricted heart failure.

Elizabeth: *Gasps* Wha-what?!

Leslie: Wait… What do you mean Constrictive Heart Failure? *Through her tears of sorrow* What does that even mean?

Emil: It’s new to us too… But it’s the first time we ever heard of the medical term. Your husband… is in fact one of the first cases.

Elizabeth: Can’t you give us an answer to that?

Dr. Mizuno: actually… we can’t. If we were to deal with about more than 2 people with the condition… and seen enough studies on it… We’d be able to pass along a possible hypothesis and a more clearer explanation. But… this… Your husband’s case… It’s a real new case for us.

Leslie: Maybe… Maybe not. *Sobbing*

Elizabeth: *Sighs* You’re sure that there is nothing more that can be done?

Emil: We’re positive. There is nothing more that we can do. There is nothing left to be done for him. Again… We’re deeply sorry for the loss. We’ve got to take him over now to the Morgue. From there… it’s gonna be transported to the local Mortuary.

Elizabeth: …

Blossom couldn’t stay in the room any longer as the pain of seeing her father-in-law lying lifeless in the room was putting heartache on her and causing her to crumble. The reality that Mr. Burke was now part of the deceased category… It was heartbreaking. Elizabeth was in distress… The more that the reality struck; the more that she felt as though her heart was being shattered into a dozen pieces. The pieces were multiplying each second. But could only shatter so much till it was just only dust. She cried. It was gonna go on for about at least an hour. Leslie was sobbing and even though she knew that it was only a matter of time before it hit… She still felt as though that it was mistake. Even if her heart knew to tell her that her father was dead and there wasn’t a thing that she could have done to prevent it or change it.

Morey: *Voice-over* “Love is our true destiny. We do not find the meaning of life by ourselves alone; we find it with another.” Thomas Merton.

Outside the room and down the hall from where the room that held the now late Carl V. Burke…

Blossom: *Crying and sobbing* …

As she was crying…

???: *Walking by* Hey there… You okay?

Blossom: *Sobbing* No. I’m not. Can’t you see that i’m grieving over the loss. I just lost my father-in-law tonight. He passed on only an hour ago.

???: Really? Wow… I’m really sorry to hear that. Who was your father-in-law? *Curious*

Blossom: *Through her tears* Carl V. Burke. He happens to be the father to my wife Leslie T. Burke. But he became my father-in-law once i married Leslie.

???: Oh… So i take it that you’re gay. Is that right?

Blossom: Yeah. I am gay and i am proud of it.

???: I’m okay with that. One reason being that i too happen to be gay. Just don’t tell my mom. Tammy. She’d keel over.

Blossom: She would, huh? Who’s your mom? Miss Bellum? Just kidding of course. But… *Sniffling* Seriously. Who is she?

???: Tammy Garland.

Blossom: Garland… *Trying to think* Wait… Garland… She wouldn’t be the one who was tied to the one that tried to destroy my Aunts Paige, Pearl and Dinah back almost 20 years ago… would she? Not that i would harp on it… it’s the past. Lot has changed since then… But is she?

???: Yeah. I’m her daughter. The daughter to her and the guy who tried to do that awful thing. She didn’t. He did. But she won’t talk of him and i never pushed. Nor do i intend to. I happen to adore the clan. I might be a tad nutty… and i’m sure you might happen to think so. I don’t blame you. Because you get so many people coming at you with such fondness that it’s as if you’re placed on a pedestal. It being where the whole state… is endlessly Expecting you and the clan to be the sheer example of pristine excellence.

Blossom: Waiting for that moment where we happen to screw up royally… and before long… find any way to seek on tearing us down in any way possible.

???: Yeah. It’s like Tom Wopat from Smallville’s season five episode 6 said… as he only did one episode and roled as Senator Jennings… He said: “You know why there’s no heroes today… It’s because at the end of the day, people don’t respect them — they envy them. And they’re just waiting for them to screw up.”

Blossom: That’s some sharp insight. You sure that you’re telling straight?  I’ve heard lots of different insight over the last 7 years… But this one… the one you just gave… It really makes a complete trail of sense. People envy the heroes only because they stopped having faith in them. Started to doubt the loyalty which was behind them.  Behind the very heroic individuals and groups that were always there for them… To come to the aid… the rescue. No matter what.

???: I agree. Not speaking for the people though as they’re gonna believe whatever it is that they wish on believing. But I happen to side with you. Whether i knew to be or not. You don’t bull.

Blossom: No. But then again… i’ve seen enough through the years to know what i know and what the real deal is. So whether if people believed me or not when i tell about the family to certain people… The facts still at the end of the day remain as said.

???: Sounds like a firm belief.

Blossom: Sure is. *Sniffling* …

Saturday Moore

???: Tammy Jr. *Walking over from the side from down the hall; coming from the cafeteria* Your sister Melanie is waiting for you. You and her were supposed to head back home to your mom almost an hour ago. *Looking to see a teen girl sitting close by* Who’s the girl sitting there? Is she a friend?

Tammy Jr.: I don’t know. She could be one. We haven’t gotten to that status yet. And if you would like to know… She happens to be one of the Clan that the whole city knows. Not to leave it unsaid that i happen to admire them and follow what it is that they do.

???: *Sighs* Tammy, You know that you’re supposed to keep away from them. It’s taboo to be around them. Your mom even told you that she cut all ties with them. It made her a better person. She wants it that way. She doesn’t hate them… But she just wants to keep that chapter of her life closed.

Tammy Jr.: That maybe her. But i’m not gonna ward them off. I mean… Just because she’s alone without my dad who i don’t mention and she won’t talk about… doesn’t mean that i can’t befriend them. This girl is one of them. I think that it’s cool. She can just get over it, Saturday. I love her… But i am not gonna be made to suffer with her fear of having that part of her life coming back.

Saturday: If you wish. But if your mom finds out… You better have a nice cover story for what you’re trying to do hanging around one of them. She will be all over you.

Blossom: What?! Why’s her mom afraid of being around my family?

Saturday: It’s nothing for you to know. But i would suppose that you should be made aware of the reasons as to why her mom is afraid of your family. It’s because of what happened nearly 20 years ago… When your Aunts… Paige, Pearl and Dinah went against this guy named Stroker. The guy was a complete mystery… the only thing known about him was that he happened to be some technical Whiz-Prodigy. Knew alot about the electronics. It was said that he was once the professor to the 3 girls. Till his life was taken from him. All records have been deleted from the mark of time though… but the Widow… She still remembers it.

Blossom: *Ecstatic; dramatically while through sobs* Oh my god… I totally can’t believe this. That incident was considered a closed matter and deemed as one that never happened. It was wiped from the memory banks from every database known to the world. Global and/or International. Never to be spoken of… ever again. I mean… *Scoffs; with her voice breaking and in tears* I just lost my father-in-law. He died tonight and i’m right now grieving… Grieving… and you … you… *Squeaking in an upset voice; Devastated and in emotional agony* You Want to bring that old scar up… NOW! *Angrily and in pain* How Dare you! Who do you even think you are?! What do you want for the public to know? That my Aunt’s are murderers? Is that it? Okay… fine. Yes. They are murderers. They took the life of the man named Stroker. They killed him. There… HAPPY?! *Sobbing into her hands* 

Tammy Jr.: The past came… it’s old news. There is nothing more about the past. It’s not even important. It’s a dead horse. My mom doesn’t remember that time. Saturday is just trying to scare you. She’s all into the tall tales of what might have been and things that never were. My mom doesn’t recall that. Now the part of her wanting to keep the chapter of having any involvement with the clan… that’s true. The rest? Not on your life. Not a chance in all things sanity.

But it was then that Saturday recanted on what she said and took back the last pieces of what she was going on about. Blossom was devastated and knew that if anyone heard what was said… It would open the old scar that was with every intent and with everyone’s dire wish and plea… meant to be forever dead and never to be resurrected. Too much was at stake now… It was never gonna change. The past was the past… But with the sudden reintroduction of the very grim past plight… It was as though an old ancient wound… nearly 20 years in the past was torn open in the minds of a few… but likely very open sharing individuals. There was no way that it was ever gonna be forgotten. Never again. Blossom went at Holly for it… till something came and undid the events of that night which was nearly 20 years earlier. Made them all vanish. However… Now in just that one moment. It was brought back… or was it?

Blossom was devastated due to the loss she had just witnessed. She didn’t have all that much time with Mr. Burke. Not as much as she would have liked… But the pain of losing him was still greater. It was like someone reached in and grabbed her insides and played their version of the game… Operation. It came all at once and it was hurting. It wasn’t like what Leslie was feeling. Blossom knew that if she was feeling as bad as she was now… Just because Mr. Burke was only her father-in-law. She could only begin to understand how Leslie would be feeling as this was her father. So… It was indeed painful.

Over by the Outside waiting post just outside the doors through the Emergency ward…

Leslie: *Crying in agony and heartbreak* No… Father. He’s gone… No! No…! Isn’t fair. It isn’t fair… No. Not father… He’s gone. How can he be dead? How can it be true?

Leslie was bawling in tears. She loved her father and held him closer to her than anyone could ever comprehend. She was entwined in love for him. As a daughter-father iron-clad bond. But as she was laying there Bawling…

Gaby Sun Mercer.

???: *Walking over from the entrance leading to the doors heading into the Emergency entrance of the Hospital* Hey… Are you… Okay?

Leslie: Go away… I’m too broken right now. *Sobbing in grief*

???: I can’t go away. I’m involved now. You’re on the ground hurt.

Leslie: *Shooting out* No i am not. I’m grieving. Can’t you tell what grieving is? I just lost my father. He’s dead. He died of a heart attack and it was due to complications from the Triple bypass surgery. *Crying* No… Why…. Why him?

???: It is inevitable for a person to pass from there being complications to having a major surgery. Alot of people usually don’t make it from having a triple bypass. Most even die while being the operating table as the surgical procedure happens. Not many survive. For someone like your father to survive that is rare. No one survives that. Not really. For the ones who do though… They go on to live… for years. Many years till they reach a very old age.

Leslie: How do you even know that? You didn’t know my father.

???: I didn’t know him… But i do know what it is that i just told you. Anyone would know that. Bypass surgery is commonly risky. Why do you think that they call it a bypass? For fun? No. It’s deemed as something risky. Highly dangerous. For there to be a triple Bypass… The chances of survival are unknown. It just depends on the person.

Leslie: *Sobbing* …

It took about a minute or so before Leslie was capable of being one to pull herself together long enough to know that where she was at that time… was no place to just bawl into tears. She looked at the curious girl who was standing just a couple or so steps from where she was and became curious of who the girl was. Not knowing that she happened to be related to someone. she never figured to ask till just then…

Leslie: *Sniffling* So… Who are you anyway? Do we know you?

Gaby Sun Mercer.

???: Gaby Sun Mercer. I was looking for my brother… But then i heard the sounds of someone crying. It lead me here to you.

Leslie: Seems like you were more curious than anything. *Thinking* Wait a minute… Did you just say Mercer? As in Tess Mercer?

Gaby: Who’s that? I don’t know any Tess Mercer. But i know of someone else with the last name Mercer.

Leslie: Who?

Gaby: My Brother… Ridge. He’s the one who goes around singing through town.

Leslie: Your brother? Hmm… It’s a tad funny and seemingly strange as Zoey never mentioned of Ridge having a sister. She would not talk of it and From what she said… Ridge never spoke about having a sister.

Gaby: No idea why he’d never mention it. His mom and dad… which are also my mom and dad… Have been worried about him. We live on a narrow street on the North side of town… The street is kinda like a Culdesac.

Leslie: Interesting. I’ll have to let my wife know about it.

Gaby: Wife? You’re married? But… Wait. How old are you?

Leslie: 15-16.

Gaby: 15-16? How could they let you get married… at 15? That’s too young still. Was it planned or set up?

Leslie: Yes. It was the working plan between my mom and my Wife’s father. They had it all set up. We were all for it. My wife and I are very blessed to have had the wedding. I love her. She loves me.

Gaby: That’s really sweet. It really is.

Leslie was still in grieving due to the fact that her father was gone.. it was a terrible loss for her and as it was now… She was gonna be awarded most of the assets. Which was a total burden on her as it was gonna ensue a whole ton of stress on her. As if it hadn’t done as such already. But now with Blossom and her having to worry about a possible old issue that was insisted to be buried… It was all gonna blend and come undone. Or at least that was… yet to be seen… If ever it did come to light….

To be continued…


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