Chapter 309: Date night with Mr. Medina… CANCELLED! Courtesy of a Cat’s wake.

(The Wake goes on through)

Dean leaves.

While watching him out the window, Rory sees Mr. Medina at her door.

RORY: Mom? Isn’t that —

Dinah: *Coming out for some fresh air* It’s like a stuffed up room in there. Wow! *Suddenly catching sight of Mr. Medina* Wha- Oh… you’ve got to be kidding me. Please tell me that i’m not seeing what it is that i’m seeing at the doorstep of your house, Lorelai.

LORELAI: Oh, no.

Elizabeth: *Walking out* Hey… Where did those two new girls go? *Spotting Mr. Medina* What the…

Lorelai: *with a blank stare for the first moment* …

RORY: That’s Mr. Medina.

LORELAI: Tonight’s Thursday!

Dinah: Well… that’s something we could have gathered off the top of our heads. But question is… What that guy doing here? Are my daughters in trouble?

Elizabeth: Or could it have something to do with my daughter Leslie? *Worried*

RORY: Well, am I in trouble? Did the school call or something?

Dinah: We wouldn’t think so, Rory. The school didn’t call… They just kept on the vice grip and trying to push for our kids to drop out. Yeah right. Like that’ll ever happen. Plus… don’t worry about that school. They won’t dare push you out. Not without us having a say about it.

LORELAI: No, no you’re great. I — um — let me just come back in just one second. *To Dinah* Good fortification, Dinah. That’s really assuring.

Dinah: Anytime. besides…you guys are like really close to my girls and family… Buds stick together, Remember?

Lorelai: Yes they do.

RORY: Wait — what’s going on?

LORELAI: Let me tell you in a minute.

RORY: Tell me now.

LORELAI: Max is here —

RORY: Max?

Dinah: That’s the teacher’s first name, Rory. Your mom knows him as Max as it is what the teacher wants to be called by. *Seeing the shocked look come from Rory* Hey… It’s the teacher that requested it. Not her.

LORELAI: Max is here to pick me up.

RORY: Pick you up for — oh.

Elizabeth: Rory, You seem surprised. Why?

Rory: I don’t know.

LORELAI: I’m gonna go talk to him real quick and I’m gonna be right back.

Rory looks upset. Lorelai runs outside and over to her own porch where Mr. Medina is still knocking. The bright side of it was that at the very least… Janie, Alex and Charlene didn’t catch on. Only because of the fact that they would never live it down if they were to catch word of one of their circle of contacts was indeed getting involved with a teacher. Not just any teacher… But one that was indeed… from the school… the school that of which had set some very unfair and very unsympathetic rules. Deny them the right to take the test. The test that they had spent a span of two weeks trying to study themselves blind for. All because they were a measly few minutes late. What was also something for a few of them to take into consideration was the part of not seeing the two new girls. Joanna and Macie. They were nowhere to be seen.


MR. MEDINA: Oh, hi.


MR. MEDINA: I was knocking but no one answered.

LORELAI: I know. I was at the neighbors’ house.

MR. MEDINA: You’re cancelling.

LORELAI: I know it’s totally last minute.

MR. MEDINA: I’m heartbroken.

LORELAI: I just completely forgot about our date.

MR. MEDINA: And forgettable.

LORELAI: No you’re memorable. I’ve been memorabling all week. It’s just — We had a little emergency.

MR. MEDINA: Rory, is Rory OK?

LORELAI: No, Rory’s fine. It’s the neighbors’ cat.

MR. MEDINA: The neighbors’ —

LORELAI: — cat. She died.

MR. MEDINA: She died.

LORELAI: This was a very fat, very beloved cat.

MR. MEDINA: Lorelai. I like you but I don’t want to force something on you that you don’t want so — *walking away*

Lorelai runs after him.

LORELAI: No, no, no. Wait. No, Max, you’re not forcing anything on me. I am telling the truth about the cat.

MR. MEDINA: Lorelai.

LORELAI: Please don’t read that much into this. Call me and we’ll reschedule. I promise that’s what I want.

MR. MEDINA: You’re sure?

LORELAI: Cross my heart and hope no other neighborhood pets die on that day.

MR. MEDINA: OK, I’ll call.


MR. MEDINA: Sorry about, uh —

LORELAI: Cinnamon.

MR. MEDINA: Cinnamon.

Mr. Medina gets into his car and drives away.

LORELAI: Stupid cat! You couldn’t have held on one more day?

Cut to the wake.

Inside the Dining room of the Dells…

There were a crowd of people coming through and going in… then out back on through to the living room where a # of others were just conversing with one another. However, in the Dining room… Zoey and Ridge were talking about their band and going over the details. But as they were going over the details…

Blossom: *Walking over from the side with Leslie*  Zoey, we need to talk. It’s rather out of curiosity.

Zoey: What about? What could be wrong?

Leslie: Nothing’s wrong. But there is something that we were wondering about. Do you recall of there being a couple of strange girls… Uh… well… Maybe not strange. But rather uncommon looking.

Zoey: You mean… Joanna Barlow and Macie Lightfoot? They were here at first… However for some reason… they took off and i’ve not seen them since. Neither has Betty or the others. They haven’t any idea of where they had gone off to.

Leslie: Where did you happen to meet Joanna?

Blossom: She had to have come from somewhere.

Leslie: What about the girl with her? The one that she called Macie? What of her?

Zoey: I can’t say. I met them just today. As did Ridge. Ridge had actually flirted with her. Just this early afternoon. But only a brief moment after we first arrived here… they’d split. I don’t know where it is that they’d gone to. But where ever it is… i am likely sure… that there is nothing to worry about. I would guess.

Blossom: Hm. *With a hypothesis or query* What could have happened was that they might have took off due to the idea that they may have felt as if they were being ignored or blown off. Made to feel unwelcome.

Zoey: Oh my… That would be awful. Why would they be thinking that?

Leslie: Maybe because hardly anyone managed to utter a word to them.

Zoey: That’s just terrible.

Blossom: That’s nothing different than when it used to be where hardly anyone spoke to Leslie. You remember how that was like… Right, Leslie?

Leslie: Yeah. And Blossom… *Scoffs* Thanks for bringing up a memory that i happened to buried away and forgotten. I remember how that was… So for Joanna and Macie to endure that… I happen to understand what it is that they’d be going through.

Blossom: What’ll we do? It isn’t as if we can go after them. We don’t even know where it is that they ran off to. They could be anywhere by now.

Zoey: That’s true. However… Ridge will be watching out for that Lightfoot girl. He actually likes her alot. He’s infatuated with her.

Leslie: As soon as this gathering concludes… we’ll go find her. But for now… Let’s not worry much about where they’re at. They could be fine.

Zoey: You may be right.

A few minutes later…

Over by the one side of the table…

SOOKIE: Is that meatloaf?

LUKE: Uh-huh.

SOOKIE: You use ketchup?

LUKE: You gonna make fun of my mother too?

Dinah: *Looking for grabbing a serving of the food* You really should chill out, Luke. No one is making fun of anyone. Besides doing that here would be rather deemed as uncivil.

SOOKIE: *To Luke* Sorry. You know, my real-fruit puffs would compliment that dish quite well.

LUKE: It’s fine on its own, thank you.

SOOKIE: Right.


LUKE: OK, toss some on the plate.

SOOKIE: Can I make a pretty design, maybe make some layers?

Dinah: …

LUKE: Sookie!

SOOKIE: Right. Tossing them on. Got it.

Dinah: This isn’t arts and craft, Sookie. It’s just food and fellowship. But Those Fruit-puffs… do look and smell rather luring. I’d love to try some. It doesn’t have any cherry… does it. I’m kinda a little allergic to them. I love Cherry… but they just don’t seem to love me very much.

Sookie: No. There’s no cherry in them, Dinah. I never use Cherry. Not in my fruit Puffs. *Grins* But how many would you want?

Dinah: 3 to start off with. just so i don’t get addicted to one thing and end up filling up on them. It wouldn’t be fair to the others. I got to wonder and ask… Did you make these from scratch? What kind of fruit did you use?

Sookie: A Mix of Passion fruit and Strawberry with some Grape and Orange.

Dinah: Ohhhh! That sounds like a creative concoction. Interesting also. Have you tried Choc. Peanut butter cookies? Making them sometime or another?

Sookie: Not that i can recall… I have made other things that had chocolate in them though. Like Chocolate Caramel Cake. Cocoa flavored Bread. With powdered sugar. Stuff like that.

Dinah: Chocolate Caramel Cake? Is there even such a thing? That’d be something to try. When was this that you made a dish like that?

Sookie: Oh… I don’t know… A year ago I’d guess. It was a mid fall dish to begin with. I’ll likely be making it again soon. The people at the Inn just go totally into orbit with it. It’s probably the Type of Chocolate that i use. Which comes from Jackson as he’s the Produce supplier.

Dinah: Jackson… Jackson Melville?

Sookie: Yeah. You know him?

Dinah: Not really. I only got to meet him just once. But he did seem to be rather… genuine. A straight put together gentleman.

Sookie: *Grins*…

(Lorelai comes back in.)

LORELAI: You guys, have you seen Rory anywhere?

LUKE: Yeah, I think she headed that way. *pointing straight*

LORELAI: OK, thanks.

The grocery store employee from earlier approaches Miss Patty.

EMPLOYEE: Excuse me, ma’am?

MISS PATTY: Well if it isn’t Kirk the jerk.

EMPLOYEE: I want to apologize for what happened at the store yesterday.

MISS PATTY: I’m listening.

EMPLOYEE: I wasn’t aware that you were THE Miss Patty. The owner tells me that you’re one of our best customers and you can put anything into that mouth that you want to. Those were his words. I could have paraphrased them.

MISS PATTY: Stop sweating. And close your pores, Kirky, I always forgive.

EMPLOYEE: Thank you.


It was only seconds after the minor encounter when Leslie and Blossom came back to meet back with Miss Patty and fill her in on what they found out from Zoey.

Leslie Burke

Leslie: Miss Patty, do you have a moment?

Blossom: We’ve got something to tell you.

Miss Patty: *Stopping to turn towards Leslie and Blossom* Oh… Hello there, Girls. What brings you two over to me this time? Something the matter?

Blossom:  No… Actually… there’s nothing the matter. But we thought that you would like to know what we found out about the two odd girls that you saw walking from the direction of this house… The ones that you said that you had seen.

Miss Patty: Oh… that. Okay. What did you find out about them?

Leslie: Their names are Joanna Matilda Barlow and Macie M. Lightfoot. Joanna’s the Transgender girl… but is currently back to what she was since her beginning. A Girl. There was a Boy Named Johnny Barlow for a time. But when this boy Johnny happened to just vanish… Joanna comes along. But strange part of the issue is that Joanna has some remnant senses of this guy Johnny. It leads to figure that Joanna and Johnny are one and the same.

Miss Patty: Oh dear… So that is who those two girls were… *shocked and with surprise* I had no idea. I am very thankful of you two girls passing along this bit of information. I had not a clue that those girls were Joanna Barlow… and Macie. All i caught was them two girls trailing back to where ever they were going off to. Coming from the direction of here… But never did i catch who they were… till now.

Blossom: Don’t feel bad, Miss Patty. Don’t feel bad. It’s not just you who didn’t know. Leslie and I didn’t even know. To be honest over it all… Alot of the girls we go with… didn’t even know.

Leslie: But we’ll start spreading the word. I know of a contact that can get it done…

Blossom: *Pauses* … Huh?! *Looking at Leslie* Who do we know that can look into it?

Leslie: My Former best friend from my past… from years ago. Betty Andrews.

Blossom: She’s here. But it’s hard to get to her as there are a mass amount of people here…

Leslie: *Sending Betty A Text* I’m gonna send an inquiry to her on it. Have her look into it and find out what it is that she can dig up.

Miss Patty: *Intrigued*

But as for Lorelai…

Lorelai finds Babette in the kitchen cleaning out a cabinet full of pill bottles.

LORELAI: Hey, Babette.

BABETTE: Oh, hello, sugar. Can I get you something?

LORELAI: No, I’m fine. I’m looking for Rory.

BABETTE: Oh, I think she might be in the bathroom.

LORELAI: Thanks. *starts to leave then stops* Can I help you with something?

BABETTE: Oh, no. I thought I’d just get some of this stuff packed away.

LORELAI: It’s like a scene from a kitty version of ‘Valley of the Dolls.’

BABETTE: Yeah. You never realize how old they actually are ’til you look in the medicine cabinet.


BABETTE: These were for her heartworms, for her thyroid, her kidneys, for the rash she got from taking these, and these were for the tic she developed from the stuff for the rash. And these — oh jeez, these are mine. Damn, I’m gonna miss that old broad.

LORELAI: I know.

BABETTE: You know, I don’t know what I’m gonna do with myself now. You live to take care of your kids.

Dinah and Elizabeth then walked in and vowed to lend a hand and a listening ear to Mrs. Dell. They happened to have walked in as she said her previous line…

Elizabeth Burke

Elizabeth: I know how you feel about all this, Babette. We really do know. I Live to take care of my kids. My oldest Daughter Leslie. And my adopted daughter Laura. Plus now with my Daughter-in-Law… I worry about them constantly. I live to raise them the best i can. But without Leslie’s father as he is still in the hospital. I do the best i can.

Dinah: Same with me. I live each day in worry over how my kids are doing. My Daughters mean so much to me. My husband also worries over them. In a world like this… we can’t afford to not worry.

Elizabeth: No one can. Because when our time comes and we pass… it’s our kids… they’re the ones who’re gonna be the ones to pass the torch. It comes onto them. And they press on.

LORELAI: I know, sweetie, but you gave her everything that you had. *Nods at Elizabeth and Dinah*

BABETTE: I know. She was so tiny when I got her. She could sleep in my shoe.

Dinah: The cat was that small?!

Babette: Oh yes, sugar. She was. She was the tiniest cat. So cute and like a newborn baby.

Elizabeth: That cat had to have been the gem in your eyes. For both you and Morey.

Babette: Oh… she sure was. She sure was.

LORELAI: The other day I came across a hat that I made for Rory. It was like a doll hat.

Dinah: Rory must have loved it… Didn’t she?

Lorelai: She seemed to have enjoyed it… although she was a little baby. She was like 4-5 years old when she had that hat.

Elizabeth: That’s one. I remember that when Leslie was about 3-4… she used to create a mini-fort of her own… made entirely out of Diapers. She would act like a guard and protect the cargo like it was jewels. This was before she able to wear pull-ups. But she was even then… a sincere fighter. She was also a protector.

BABETTE: Oh, they grow up so fast.

Dinah: Without a doubt… They sure do.

LORELAI: And then they take your clothes.

Elizabeth: Leslie never has done that with me yet. It hasn’t gotten that far yet. Thank heavens. Because some of the clothes that i am in possession of… I really don’t think that it’d be well advised for her to wear to copy me.

BABETTE: I guess eventually you have to move on. Figure out what your life is going to be when you’re not busy taking care of somebody else. Jeez, look at this place. Not a clean glass in sight!

LORELAI: Let me help you with that.

Dinah: I’ll help as well… You shouldn’t have to be made to worry about all this just by yourself.

Elizabeth: Exactly. You can’t be left without help.

They start to wash the glasses but the sink is too low for Lorelai.  Babette gets a stool for her.

BABETTE: Here, sugar, use this. Morey sits on it when he helps me.

LORELAI: How does Morey get around in here?

BABETTE: Oh, just fine. He had a couple of concussions his first year here but he never complains. He’s just the best thing. I don’t know what I’d do without him. *voice breaks*

LORELAI: Oh, Babette. What do you mean ‘without him’?

BABETTE: I saw on Oprah a few weeks ago. She had on couples who lost a child. Most of the marriages went belly-up for the pain of it all. Even though they loved each other.

Dinah: Reminds me of Luna and Zeke. A year and a half ago… there was this sort of dark stain of child abductions and Sickening acts being done on a few of them. Zach Rhapsody… A Nephew of mine… One of the only sons to Luna and Zeke… But now that Luna is out of the picture and dead to the whole family… It’s been just Zeke. Not easy on him though.

Elizabeth: This was before the exact point of time… when my husband Carl and I had to send Leslie away from Brooklyn, New York… her birth home to save her from the socialite hazing. She had to emancipate herself which was the hardest thing… that we’ve… ever… ever had to do. But if this was going on right around the time of us sending Leslie here… It’s something that we should have been well instructed with.

But that was when Elizabeth recalled hearing official reports of the mess that was befalling Metropolis around the time of before the Mob Era took hold and hook and began to start pulling Leslie In. The Chain of events that laid the pre-cursor to before Leslie and the two reunited once again…

Elizabeth: Oh no… I remember hearing about the Molestation news breaks that befell this city. It was before Leslie officially was on her merry way to this city… Right when the Emancipation had first taken a start.

Dinah: Those weren’t a greatest of times. Those times were just beyond bearable. I was very concerned for my girls over that. My oldest ones were okay. It was fine with them as they could fend the creeps off… But Janie, Alex and Charlene… They couldn’t. Not necessarily. Sakura and Hikaru on the otherhand… they were visiting their Grandmother Ikuko Tsukino. That way i would know them to be safe.

Lorelai: Seems like you guys were dealing with rough patches… Huh?

Dinah: You’re not whistling the twist, Lorelai… It was just like that. If nothing more…

Elizabeth: I have a wonderful husband… who currently is in the Hospital…There were some complications to his Triple Bypass.

Lorelai: Are they bad?

Elizabeth: No. *Trying to remain with a calm posture* No… But they weren’t anything pleasant. However… Time will tell before anything is found. Whether he’ll be let out of the hospital… or if he’s gonna be there for a while longer.

Lorelai: But there is hope that something will go well in the favor of both you and Leslie, Right?

Elizabeth: There is… But Carl’s got back up stocks and bonds worth 500 Million dollars. So if anything happens to him Leslie is gonna be getting 350 Million of it. I’m gonna only take 100 of it and Laura… Leslie’s sister… the last 50. She’s happy and content anyway so… She won’t require much. Because when that time comes where Carl passes and Leslie Moves out and lives officially with her wife Blossom… Who i consider my daughter-in-law already anyway… The money that Laura and i have combined… It’ll be more than enough to help get us all by till it comes where i pass and then with all things laid out and in records. The deeds and the papers… The Burke Arts Academy will be Leslie’s. As well as all the remaining Stocks and Bonds that are under the Burke family name. For dire emergencies… Not that she’ll ever need it… But it’s still gonna be hers. So with all that… Leslie’s gonna be with 30 Billion by time all is said and done. More money than that grease ball slimy snake Donald Trump. She’ll Out rank him. God willing.

Dinah: Amen to that, girlfriend. Amen to that. Testify.

Elizabeth: But in all seriousness… Babette, You’re never gonna be left all alone. Never. Morey loves you too much. His Love for you is strong.

BABETTE: I never thought a man would ever even want me.

LORELAI: I know the feeling.

Dinah: Same here… Before i found myself a man… Who is Shingo… I was a tough broad. A Young tough S.O.B. A Tomboy from the word jump. But he saw me and just fell in love with me. And when i found out that he truly loved me… for who i was… what i was… Loved me. It just got to where he and I got close and became like romantically connected. Without a doubt. Then on Dec. 25th 2026…He and I got hitched. Which was a very blessed time. Had babies. 3 girls. But the day was kinda thwarted by a supernatural incident. It was taken cared of. But all in all… A day i will never ever forget.

BABETTE: Oh, please, with that ass? Gimme a break.

LORELAI: I mean want me for more than my ass. Me — for me, the whole package. Annoying neuroses and all.

BABETTE: You’ll find him. It might even be that stud who drove out of here in a Mustang.

LORELAI: Did you see him?

BABETTE: Yeah, what a jaw.

LORELAI: He’s got a great jaw.

BABETTE: How is he in the sack?

LORELAI: I haven’t even gone out with him yet.

BABETTE: Will you tell me when how he is when you do?

LORELAI: I’ll call you during the cigarette.

Dinah: A Smoke after sex. That’s a Movie Cliche. But there are those who do that sort of thing. Shingo and I just got in to the groove of an oldie… Something that hit right on to home.

Elizabeth: Carl and I did it in a hotel. On a Romantic date Rendezvous. It was during a critical night when we were having to fight to stay with one another as he and I came from two different families… Two different backgrounds and ways of life. His family didn’t happen to like my family and My family were mostly full of Aristocrats. Fat Cats with high wads of cash. They saw his family… as lower class peons. But Carl and I wanted to be one. We wanted to be together and when we finally had that special night… our families knew that we were dead set. Serious in love and that nothing was gonna keep us away. They had to accept it. Plus i also got pregnant with the first and only kid. Leslie. But Carl and my love… Was one of a kind. Something that spoke many volumes of Bliss.

They hug. Lorelai hits her head on a low-hanging overhead lamp. They hear piano music from the other room.

BABETTE: Oh — that’s Cinnamon’s song.

Dinah: Let’s go and take a listen.

Elizabeth: It’s a remorse moment… *Looking to see Leslie and Blossom on the other side of the other room* …

The Dells living room…

Everyone is seated or standing quietly listening to Morey playing the piano. Miss Patty is beating on a drum. Babette goes over to sit with Morey. Lorelai finds Sookie in the crowd. Blossom and Leslie were there listening in on the tune. It was a slow tune… mellow and reflective.

Zoey and Ridge were outside and were conversing with one another about the band. They were also feeling forlorn over the loss that the Dells were enduring. The loss of their beloved cat. They spoke about maybe playing a tune for the Dells. Something to bring a bit of peace to their hearts. The only issue was… What was it that were they gonna do?

LORELAI: Oh I can’t find Rory anywhere.

SOOKIE: I’m sure she’s around.

LORELAI: Max showed up for the date that I forgot about and she saw him.

SOOKIE: And you haven’t told her.



LORELAI: Stop with the ‘oops.’

SOOKIE: OK, calm down. It’s not that big of a deal.

LORELAI: Her teacher showed up on her porch to take out her mother.

SOOKIE: She’ll understand. You’re crazy. She knows that.

LORELAI: Enough with the comforting, Sookie.

SOOKIE: Sorry.

What was more to it was the fact that Rory wasn’t the only one who didn’t take too well to the idea that the teacher was going out with Lorelai and that Lorelai was likely dating the teacher. To them… it seemed as though it were more awkward and disturbing. Not that they weren’t happy for Lorelai getting a guy in her life… But of all people… Why did it have to be with one of their teachers? Namely the one from the very school that was showing indifference to them. Being distinctly unfair in every possible way.

Janie, Alex and Charlene were outside with their believed targets of affection and were just talking. They were all oblivious to the whole smoke and mirrors feel and all the sense of one of their teachers going out with a regular mom.

Like Lorelai. She was regular… Or one who had been seen as one… besides the idea that she was also a Manager of an Inn. She was also Single. With parents who saw her as being insolent and defiant due to not being married to the father of her child… Namely Rory. Lorelai was alone… Not that she would ever confess to anyone that she was… But it was no secret… She felt alone in her heart and wanted a target of personal affection. The only thing that would stop her was… Rory. Being afraid of hurting Rory or making her feel uncomfortable. Rory wanted her mom to be happy. However… the idea of seeing her mom dating her teacher… It was something which managed to rub her in a not so subtle way. Janie, Alex and Charlene felt the same. Even if they wouldn’t openly speak of it.

Zoey and Ridge were unaware of the predicament revolving the Teacher and Chilton Mom connection. They were concerned about what was going on with Not only Joanna and Macie… But with Carly and Sora as well.

As for the fate of Leslie’s father Carl… He was holding on… But as to what degree… Was unknown as with the fact and the reality that he had to undergo a triple bypass… It was gonna be complicated. What changed it up a bit was the possibility that Carl could likely pass. And as it was to be said later that night… Things would undoubtedly reverse to a bad condition. He wasn’t gonna be holding long. It was already a couple or so weeks since he had been in the hospital and Both Leslie and her mother believed that Carl was gonna be able to get discharged from the hospital in less than a week or 2. But then word came that he needed a triple bypass. It wasn’t too bad of a setback… although it wasn’t the greatest either. Triple bypasses are known to go either way according to a person’s health. Whether it be good or bad. But it turned out that… for Carl… it wasn’t going as well as it was expected to as it first seemed.

While the cat’s wake was nearing the end and things were about wind down… after it going on for the last few past hours…

At the Daily Planet…

John:  Things in this city are getting to be more weirder by the year.

Jennifer: Really? How? Not saying as if i hadn’t noticed… because i have. And to be quite straight about it… I’m not surprised. Unless there is something else going on and you’re reluctant in saying.

John: If only it were that… I’d be a very calmer and more mellow kind of guy. But… i caught word of there being some transgender in this city who’s taken responsibilty of a 15 year old girl… Who’s a band geek.

Jennifer: Is that all… *Scoffs* John, That’s nothing worthy of a worry.

John: Ahahaha! *Grins* You’d think that… Wouldn’t you, Jennifer? You’d really think that. However… you’d be wrong when i tell you exactly who the girl is. You’re gonna feel like you’re having a seizure fit. *Pulling out his phone and Bringing up the Internet on his phone; Typing in the name and pulling up the results. Playing a Video* Take a look. *Showing it to Jennifer* See that girl with the glasses and black hair? That’s the one i caught word being spotted with a girl who used to be the opposite gender.

Jennifer: Huh?! *Watching the video and in disbelief* That’s her… Seriously?

John: What do you think… Jennifer? It isn’t the easter rabbit dropping a candy gram off.

Megan: That’s nothing compared to this news… My Daughter Blossom… Is Married. She’s married to Leslie Tina Burke.

John & Jennifer: WHAT?! Married? How? When was this?

Megan: 3 days ago. I didn’t go to it as i wasn’t gonna support my daughter’s marriage to that Rich girl. I don’t hate her… But i don’t necessarily accept her. Blossom was born to be straight.

John: What? You are against you daughter’s marriage?

Megan: Yes. I am. I mean… don’t get me wrong… I want her to be happy. I do. But not with someone who used to be part of the dark crowd… even if she revitalized her whole image and changed her reputation… A clean slate… And is the same Gender as my daughter. No. My husband has condoned it and went all for it and let’s just say that i haven’t been home for some time as i needed a bit of time to get used to it. I still do.

Trixie: *Walking in from the entrance of the Reporter’s Bullpen* Hey… You guys aren’t gonna believe this.

Jennifer: What’s the matter Trixie?

John: something going on?

Trixie: *Walking over to her desk* You could say that. But there is something going on over at the hospital. Something revolving a Burke. Carl Burke… That Art Guru who was from New York. He’s the father of that Rich girl that you *Looking at John and Megan* two seem to have a bit of a problem with… Carl Burke is Leslie Burke’s father.

John: Carl Burke… Is the father to that Ex-Mob girl? Please tell us that you’re joking. Please… tell us that you’re Joking.

Trixie: I would like to say that i was only pulling a leg with you… But it’s as it had been just said. He is the father. Carl V. Burke is the father to Leslie T. Burke.

Jennifer: Oh good heavens on the bombshell. Okay… Now that it’s been exposed… Tell us the deal here… What’s going on with the guy?

Trixie: He coded… About an hour ago… The doctors and medical personnel are trying to fix him and work on him. Trying to resuscitate him. He’s barely stable now… But could code at any time. The triple bypass weakened his heart and he is not able to hold out for much longer.

Megan:  Trixie, *Curious* How exactly do you happen to know this? Where did you get this info?

Trixie: From a unanimous source at the hospital who’s like the wallflower of the hospital and he happens to listen in on what goes on. He slipped over the info and expose…

Editor-in-chief Newton: *Walking into the Reporters den* Trixie, John… Megan. You three… Grab your camera… your tape recorder and notepad. You’re on your way over to the hospital… There is a juicy bit of meat to a good story… Heartbreaking… but it’ll sell a mass of copies for the presses and the newsstands across the city. Mr. Burke… The Art Guru who had suffered a heart attack the other week or so… The week before last should we be more accurate in the detail. Word has it that he has coded and Passed on. Local news stations have been notified and called out to cover the story. *Looking at the remaining Reporters* Okay… Listen up everyone… we just got some news breaks coming in. The Daily Catch is the Hospital where Carl Burke resided for the last couple of weeks. That’s the main vein. Covering his passing and his life. There’s also an article story to do about the two mysterious girls who are lurking within the city. A Highlight on the new band that is in the minds of most of the public. Empire of the hearts. Getting an exclusive on the new band. Kris… You got the exclusive. You need to be professional… and accurate. But with a positive edge. They might be new and rather experimental and such… But don’t shoot them down before they get their jet-fuel for fame.


At Zeke’s Pub…

Zeke: *Walking over to his office* Heinz, it’s almost time to close up shop for the night.

Heinz: *Looking at the time* Oh dear… So it is. What a pity. And the Happy hour was just heating up too. *sighs* Although… it is getting rather late.

Gabe: *Tallying up the profits for the day* We did pretty good today. Not exactly at the level of making close to a couple grand… But we had a lot of people coming and ordering drinks left and right. Ordering appetizers and small snacks. Which totaled out a fair amount of profits.

Heinz: It’s been a good day.

Zeke: *Stopping to turn and facing Heinz and Gabe* It sure has. The evening rushes were really buzzing and i needed Zoey here to help… I know that she’s got a band now and things do come and happen every so often. But would it have killed her to lend a hand here where it was needed the most?

Heinz: It wouldn’t have. My two boys though… They were capable on lending a swell hand of aid.

Zeke: Adolf and Bernie… were very excellent sources of help. Your boys are pretty resourceful for moments like that when need be.

Heinz: That they are… That they are.

It was then as they were starting to get things closed up for the night…

Zoey: *Walking into the pub and shaking her head* I can’t believe this…

Heinz: *To Zeke* Mein Liege… Zoey’s arrived.

Zeke: *Looking to see Zoey* Good. *Walking over to Zoey* Zoey, Where were you? You just took off and left here… I was expecting for some help from you.

Zoey: *Sighs* Sorry dad. I…

Zeke: *Sensing something wrong with Zoey* Zoey… What’s wrong?

Zoey: I don’t know. I’m just worried about those two new girls that arrived at school today. Joanna Barlow and Macie Lightfoot. They were at the departed Cat’s wake for about a moment and then… just split. Feeling unwanted. Macie was with me and Ridge… Joanna was with Carly. Carly stayed at the gathering… But Joanna and Macie just split. I’m really worried about them.

Zeke: I’m sure it’ll all be okay. You just need to give it all some time. The two girls will be bound to find their place in the social crowd… their place in school… soon. it just takes some time. They’re new… They can’t expect for people to accept them and grow accustomed to them all in just one day.

Zoey: Try telling them that… that’d be a good sleeping pill. I am not saying that people should automatically just bow down before them and kiss the ground they walk on… No. Just that it’d be nice if they were given a chance. They weren’t even given that. They were right there with us at Babette’s house, dad. They were right there… and not a one took it upon themselves to notice them or acknowledge them. It was as if… they didn’t want a thing to do with them at all. *Sighs in worry*

Zeke: That is sad… *Thinking* Maybe you could see on getting them in with the crowd… Tender out some arrangement to get them in where they could be accepted. Anyone can find a friend… all they need is the right one to lead them in the right direction.

Zoey: *Nods* Perhaps you’re right. I’m gonna see them again tomorrow… So maybe i’ll get at them and see what to do to get them well accustomed to the local crew.

Zeke: Of course. That’d be the best way i’d know to get someone to have a place to belong. The only way. No one should be left out. Left to be all alo– *Suddenly hearing sirens* What in the…

Gabe: *Looking outside* Hey… Zeke… You’re not gonna believe this.

Zeke: What? What is it, Gabe? Something wrong?

Gabe: There’s a bunch of paramedics and fire crew personnel heading over to the hospital.

Zoey: Something happen?

Gabe: That’s something of which i’d like to know. It’d be nice knowing whether something was gonna turn grave… or if it’s just another incident gone nuts. It could be nothing and just the idea that the paramedics and fire rescue people may just be gearing for another busy night.

Zeke: We’ve been getting a lot of those lately… People winding up in the hospital at twice the speed.

But what they didn’t know was that it was gonna be something that hit home in sense as… It was telling them something sad was just on the horizon.

At Metropolis Gen…

Dr. Zuko: *Looking at the medical files revolving Carl Burke* Shows here that he’s got a daughter-in-Law named… *Reading the name; Gasps* Blossom Rhapsody.

Dr. Rhapsody: What? You’re kidding. You’re kidding, right? His daughter in law is Blossom Rhapsody? Since when?

Dr. Zuko: Since the other day. But… it’s a fact. His daughter in law is Blossom Rhapsody.

Dr. Rhapsody: How did that happen?

Dr. Zuko: It’s called… his daughter… Leslie married into the Rhapsody Dynasty. Leslie’s now a Rhapsody and Blossom’s now a Burke. That’s the only explanation that could be made accurate to how it could be possible for Blossom to be the daughter in law to Carl Burke.

Dr. Rhapsody: We should call out and inform the family. They’re gonna need to be notified.

Ami: *Picking up the phone and making the call* I’m calling the wife.

Emil: *On the phone* Hello… Mrs. Burke…

What was next to transpire on that night? Was there gonna be another loss to endure all on the very same day? Was it really Leslie’s father who passed… or was it just a late joke on the mind of a stressed girl? Leslie barely got married just the other day… Here was where she and her other half would be dealing with the call that no one would have wanted, not even Leslie’s mother and Blossom’s Mother in law. What was next to be in store for the dells? Was there gonna be more coming from the likely foretold forming relationship between Lorelai and Max Medina? What about the possible loss that could come upon Leslie and Blossom… and Elizabeth? Where would they all go from there? Would there be more to come from Joanna Barlow and the girl Macie? Would it stir up more tension between Sora and Carly? Find out in the next chapter of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! as the saga continues…


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