Chapter 308: A Wake for a Cat In session. Where’s the laughs when you need them?

(A gathering in Condolences for a dear neighbor)

Time lapses. Babette’s house is now full of mourners, with more arriving all the time. While Dinah was with Lorelai who was consoling Babette. Curtis and Elizabeth were doing the same and helping with the ebb and flow of the traffic of people just pouring in.

LANE: They said that they rolled her body into a lamp.

Rory nods her head ‘yes.’

Janie: We heard.

LANE: Did you laugh?

Rory shakes her head ‘no.’

Alex: No. Not a chance. It’s nothing of a reason to want to laugh. It’s nothing to laugh at.

Charlene: Even if part of what was told was rather funny. We just couldn’t bare to let out a laugh. It would’ve been so so insulting and uncalled for.

LANE: Did you want to?

Rory nods her head ‘yes.’

RORY: But it’s sad.

Blossom: It’s tragic. Sincerely.

LANE: Yeah, it’s sad.

Leslie: It is really disheartening. The cat was like so much part of the lives of that lady and her better half.

Lane: Well… You and Blossom know of it in that aspect because you two are now wed and are showing signs of glowing. So things like that… will affect you in a way that is far from others.

Blossom: *Gasps* What did you just say? You said that we were glowing. How the hell do you know that we are?

Lane: Because it’s showing on your faces. That’s why. A girl happens to catch on to these things.

Leslie: *In a state of mortification* I am officially mortified now. You know about our little thing. You know all about it and there is no way that you could know of it… unless you were following us or listening in on our conversations.

Blossom: Is nothing sacred?

*Cross* Lane, You might be well in welcome to be reading anything there is about Rory’s life and it’s fine as she’s open to it and used to it…moreless. But Leslie and I don’t appreciate you sticking your nose into parts of our life that doesn’t frickin’ concern you. *Walking off in anger*

Lane: Geez! What’s her deal?

Leslie: *Scoffs* Do you even have to be that oblivious… that you have to ask that question? Wake up, Lane. You were trying to blab out to the world the fact that Blossom and I had a private intimate moment. It’s none of anyone’s business. Not even yours. There are some things that should be kept out of the ears of the public. I swear… Lane… You can be such a big mouth. How Rory puts up with you… We’ll never know. *Walking off*

The bearded customer from the cafe walks by as Michel comes through the door.

MICHEL: Hello? Hello? Where is Lorelai? I’m dropping something off. Yoo-hoo, ‘Hee-Haw’ man, where is Lorelai Gilmore?

LORELAI: Hey, hey, hey. Thank you. I could not get back to the inn.

MICHEL: What, you are having a party and I was not invited?

LORELAI: Sweetie, it’s not a party, it’s a wake.

MICHEL: Oh, really? Who died?

LORELAI: Their cat.

MICHEL: You are mourning a cat?


MICHEL: They lick their privates, these cats.

LORELAI: Not the comforting chitchat we’re looking for here. Goodbye. I’ll talk to you later. Thank you.

Lorelai pushes Michel out the door just as Miss Patty is pushing her way in.

MISS PATTY: Babette, Morey, I came as soon as I heard. Oh, darling, what do you need?

Miss Patty grabs Babette and hugs her and presses Babette’s head into her large chest.

BABETTE: A little air, honey!

MISS PATTY: Oh — oh!

Blossom: *Walking over from the side* Miss Patty?!

Miss Patty: *Looking to see Blossom and Leslie* Blossom, Leslie… What ever would bring you two here?

Leslie: We’re here to pass along our condolences.

Miss Patty: Awww! Why, Bless your sweet loving hearts.

It was then that something came over Miss Patty and struck her immediate attention…

Miss Patty: Oh… By the way… Leslie… Blossom… I happened to come across a couple friends of yours just a moment ago. A troubled girl and girl with a type of nasal issue.

Blossom: Friends of ours?!

Leslie: Do we know of anyone who comes off troubled or someone who has a Nasal issue?

Blossom: No. Not that i know of.  Was she here with us?

Leslie: I don’t suppose so. There were a couple of unknown girls with Zoey and a member of her band… Ridge. But… *Stopping to realize* Wait… could those have been the ones?

Blossom: Miss Patty, What direction did they come from?

Miss Patty: They came from… Why… from this direction. From this house here.

Leslie: From this direction… Hmm… I think that we might have seen them and not realize that they were new. Zoey’ll know for sure. She might have encountered them.

Blossom: She could have done so. Leslie, We should find out. *Looking at Miss Patty* Miss Patty, We’ll go ask Zoey. See what she knows about the two that you’re speaking of… If we find out anything… We’ll come to find you and let you know of what we know.

Miss Patty: Okay. It really isn’t that big of a thing, dear. I was only bringing it out as it seemed to be something that you and Leslie’d like to know. But i do appreciate it.

Outside, Sookie and Luke arrive at the same time, both carrying food.

SOOKIE: Oh, Luke.

LUKE: Sookie.

SOOKIE: What’cha got in the bag?

LUKE: Bricks.

SOOKIE: Yeah, good one.

LORELAI: Oh, bless you both! Everyone’s starved, come in.

Sookie and Luke both try to go through the door at the same time and collide. They back up and Sookie rushes in before Luke.

LORELAI: OK, how should we do this?

SOOKIE: Well we need a flow for the room so there’s no bottlenecks. People coming in, they’re gonna want a beverage. Put ’em on the first table then the smaller hors d’oeuvres next to that, leaving one hand free to greet the people. Then, back there, set up plates and cutlery. First the salads, then the meat dishes, then desserts on the piano bench. How does that sound?

Zoey: *Looking at all the food and hearing as Sookie laid out the organizing line for the food and getting people grabbing the food one at a time* This sounds like a production line. Really.

Betty: Seems like it could be.

Ridge: Is she like a drill sergeant?

Zoey: *Shrugs* I really don’t know. But it really sounds like the Routines you hear of while at Boot Camp.

Betty: Boot Camp? You wouldn’t be just saying that… would you?

Ridge: Can’t be that. It couldn’t be. Although… She isn’t the only one with food. Luke also has it.

Zoey: *Watching*

Luke dumps his bags of food on a table in the middle of the room.

LUKE: Dig in!

People rush for the food.

Time lapse. Rory answers a knock at the door. It’s Dean with his arms full of drinks. He has to duck to get in under the low door frame. But he wasn’t the only one… Charlene’s interest also came along.

Gregory Sherman

Gregory came along. He clearly wished to see Charlene again.

DEAN: Oh, hi, wow. I wasn’t expecting you.

RORY: Or me you. I mean, you, me. I mean, come in.

Dean takes the drinks into the other room. Lorelai walks by…

LORELAI: Do you know him?



RORY: Well, he goes to my old school, so I see him there sometimes but I go to Chilton now.

LORELAI: Thanks for the update.

RORY: You’re welcome.

Lorelai leaves and Dean comes back.

DEAN: Do you have a second?

RORY: No. I have gum.

DEAN: No, thanks, uh, look —

RORY: I have to get back.

DEAN: Oh, sure. I’ll see you later.

As for Charlene… She got to talking with Gregory and started to show more interest in him. Alex and Janie also had their interests for a relationship…

Keith Lerner


Peter Hollister

Keith: Hey Janie. *Walking over to her* Been thinking about… where we happened to stand. Even though we’ve never really had much of a thing. Just some passings and brief conversations.

Janie: I don’t know where we stand. I’d like to say that we could likely have something between us. Something sound… But I can’t say. I guess that i’d like to maybe find out. Just not tonight.

Keith: I can abide by that i guess, Janie. I don’t want to push you to doing anything that you’re not comfortable doing.

Janie: It isn’t that i am uncomfortable with it… I just can’t do it tonight is all. But i would like to do it. Go on a date sometime with you.

Peter: Alex, I came to see you. I wanted to know where we stood. I know that you said something about wanting there to officially be something between the two of us. But i don’t know where you and I happen to stand. Is there a chance of there being a relationship between us?

Alex: Peter, *Sighs* You should know that there could be a chance. There is a chance. And so you know… I actually want to see hoe it’ll develop tonight. Only catch is that tonight…i can’t as i’m with my mom. we three girls have to stick to here and with her as we’re here to pay condolences to a couple’s favored Cat. Cinnamon the Cat. If it weren’t for that… I’d be jumping for it.

Peter: We can still hang out at least tonight, Right?

Alexandra Sandy Rhapsody.

Alex: I guess. Sure. Only if you’re okay with staying for a cat’s Wake.

Peter: Sounds okay with me. I don’t mind.

Keith: I’m okay with hanging out here with you for a cat’s wake, Janie. Not exactly a desired First Date… But i don’t see anything wrong with staying for a wake.

Janie: *Smiles* …

At Zeke’s Pub…

Zeke: *Looking for Zoey* Zoey?! *Not seeing his daughter anywhere* Zoey?! *Walking over to the counter* Heinz, Where’s Zoey?

Heinz: I don’t know. She said that she’d be right back… But that was hours ago. However, Mein Liege… There is something that she managed to let out. She said something about going to pay condolences to a couple’s Beloved Cat. She had this new girl with her as well. Someone named Macie. Didn’t catch the last name though.

Zeke: She’s gone to someone’s house to pay respects to a departed pet… Cat? *Curious* Hmm… Who’s cat?

Heinz: The Dell’s cat. Cinnamon. She left for the house there a little over 4 hours ago now. She was with one of her band members. The boy Ridge and a new girl. Macie.

Zeke: I need her here. Zoey was supposed to stick around here. There were stuff that i needed her to do. *Sighs* It’s okay. I get it… She’s got something going on in her life. Things that come up. She’s a growing girl. Maturing into one with different things. I’m gonna have to get used to that. *Looking at Ilsa* Ilsa, You’re gonna be doing a double. Zoey’s taken off to provide face time at someone’s house with her friends for some sort of Condolence call.

Ilsa: *Sighs* Another Double. I just got done working a triple header. I’m beat.

Zeke: I know… I’m sorry, Ilsa. I wish there were a couple of others to fill in for you. But there isn’t.

Meredith Creed.

Meredith: *Walking out from the side carrying more condiments and Sugar packets* Zeke, We’re starting to run a tad low on Sugar packets and there’s a chunk of Napkins missing.

Zeke: Gabe’s supposed to be in today in about an hour. I’ll have him make the call. He knows the people that he deals with in order to get the needed inventory.

Meredith: Okay.

Zeke: Have you seen Nikolai and Warren?

Meredith: No. Not since a couple hours ago. Weren’t they out here?

Zeke: No. They were sent out to the loading docks and supposed to clear up some of the boxes.

Meredith: *Tilting her head* Hmm… Well… I don’t know… but i haven’t seen them out there. They were nowhere to be seen out there. I even looked outside just to be sure… Nothing.

Zeke: *Sighs* Damn it.

To be continued…


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