Chapter 307: Paying a condolence visit to Babette Dell’s.

(Rhapsody Trio, Leslie, Blossom, Rory, Betty and Zoey gather round for a good-bye send off in memory of the departed cat Cinnamon.)

The Dells Household…

Lorelai and Rory pulling into their driveway. They cross the yard and go to Babette’s. There is a Stars Hollow Animal Hospital van in the driveway. Inside Babette’s house, Cinnamon’s body is lying on the floor covered by a sheet. The vet is just standing up as Lorelai and Rory enter the house.

It was seconds later when Betty Andrews pulled her car up the driveway and got out with Blossom and Leslie. Janie, Alex and Charlene were already there and standing in mourn. They didn’t know the cat… but they were feeling like hell for the loss of the Cat.

Once they were all inside…

LORELAI: Babette? Honey?

BABETTE: Oh, Lorelai. Come in, come in. She’s gone. Cinnamon’s gone.

Betty: *Walking in with Blossom and Leslie* Hey, Mrs. Dell. Babette… We’ve come to pay our condolences. We heard about the loss. We’re so very sorry.

Babette: *Smiles even while in sadness* Awww! Thanks sugar. It’s very sweet of you. Who’re you?

Betty: Betty Andrews.

Janie: She’s a friend of ours, Babette. She attends the same school as we do and she’s also a friend of Leslie’s from back in Brooklyn… It was back then…

Alex: This happens to be really upsetting… knowing that the cat is dead. It’s enough to tear a person’s heart out. *Sighs* I don’t know how you could handle this. The whole thing just seems like something that rips a person’s heart out. Without fail. For someone to handle this… they’d have some heck of steel nerves.

Charlene Emily Rhapsody

Charlene: *Sitting against the one wall* It’s a cat. It’s part of a family. It might sound a bit obsessive… but i don’t recall us ever seeing anyone who pampered their pets… as much as you two do. Babette, Morey. You two are the only ones who seem to pamper your pet  endlessly.

Babette: Cinnamon was our baby, Charlene. The pretty thing was just so precious.

Blossom Burke

Blossom: The whole thing is a complete sack of crap. We are flabbergasted and appalled over the incident. The Cat… Cinnamon was only just sick the other day. Yesterday around Noon and we saw you two coming out of Al’s Pancake house with Cinnamon. You said that she was feeling pepsic or something… But now… today… the cat’s on the list of deceased? How could it just happen so fast. Just within an entire day?

Babette: We don’t know, Blossom. The Cat was just fine this mornin’ and frisky. Then suddenly fell to the floor and slid across the floor. *Devastated*

Leslie Burke

Leslie: It is really sad. *Walking over to Babette* Is there anything we can do for you?

Babette: Please stay here for Cinnamon. She’d want you all here.

Leslie: We’ll be here for as long as we can and for as long as you need us to. That cat meant a lot to you.

Dinah: *Walking in suddenly* We heard about the loss… We’re very sorry. *Walking over to Babette* Babette, If there is anything we can do… We’ll do it. For last respects to Cinnamon. Did it happen here or while you two were out with her?

Babette: It occurred here, Dear.

Elizabeth Burke

Elizabeth: *Saddened and feeling bad for the couple* …

Curtis:  *Walking over to Morey* How are you holding up?

Morey: Not good. It took the cat. Cat went down like flat. Gave up the ghost. Not fair. Cat was one hip cat. Not meant to go out like a light.

Zoey: *Arriving from outside* …

Ridge Mercer

Ridge: *Confused* Zoey, what’re we doing here?

Zoey: We’re here to pay our condolences. A couple’s cat had died.

Ridge: You did tell your dad that… didn’t you?

Zoey: I told Heinz. He swore that he’d relay the message to my dad. My dad knows that i usually never bail on him unless something came up.

Macie: The place was rather startling.

Ridge: It’s okay, Macie. You were with us. It was all okay. Plus… I’d protect you.

Joanna: Macie, You’ve got a boyfriend on your first day of school. That’s a pleasing feat. *Chuckles* See? You’re gonna make it through this new school. You’re gonna be just fine.

Carly Rhapsody

Carly: *Nods* Exactly.

Once inside the house…

LORELAI: I’m so sorry.

Rory goes over to Morey and sits next to him.

RORY: Is there anything I can do for you, Morey?

MOREY: This is life, Rory, it breaks your heart.

BABETTE: She looked like she was sleeping. I thought she was asleep so I nudged her and she didn’t wake. I gave her a push and she rolled off the couch and since I waxed the floor she went shootin’ across the room and then she knocked over the lamp and she still didn’t move. I knew it was over. Oh, God, my baby.

MOREY: Tell me it wasn’t the —

BABETTE: Oh, Morey, don’t do this to yourself. *Looking at the others* He thinks it was the clams.

MOREY: She saw me eating them and she gave me that ‘hey, man, what’s up?’ look and —

Joanna: The cat must have felt that it could have been something it could eat.

Carly: Cats are like that. They happen to believe that they’ve got some human traits. Some cats actually act as though they truly see themselves as a human.

Janie: That is one theory. A belief which indeed manages to be a well proven. We have seen some cats that tend to act as if they truly are with some behaviors of that… of a human.

Charlene: How could the clams kill her though… It doesn’t make sense. They were clams… Just Clams. How could they have done it?

VET: It wasn’t the clams. Morey, in human years this cat was 260 years old. *Looking at the girls* Girls, that’s not what it was. Really. It wasn’t that. It was an old cat. It’s lived longer than than us in cat years. 260 years is a very long time for a cat to live.

LORELAI: That’s a good, long life.

VET: Listen, why don’t you let me take her out to the van and then I’ll get out of your way.

BABETTE: Oh, no, stay. All of you, please stay. Cinnamon would want you here.

RORY: We’ll stay as long as you want.

MOREY: I’ll never eat clams again.

RORY: Me either.

Rory pats Morey’s arm.

Curtis: It’ll be okay. Really. We’re gonna be here for a while to provide the needed company.

Dinah: Losing someone close to you is not easy. It’s heartbreaking. Babette, What would you need done?

Betty: Is there anything we can do to help you during this time of need?

It was then that Blossom and Leslie caught sight of Joanna and Macie. But as it was… they thought that they saw just a couple of friends that Zoey and Carly had brought along with them. They didn’t seem to realize that the two girls were in fact Joanna and Macie. Joanna and Macie felt totally out of place and didn’t seem to know what to say… or do. They didn’t know anyone there. No one really spoke at them and it only made them feel unwelcomed.  Macie didn’t know how to respond to being ignored by the others. To her… she didn’t feel as though she’d really belong.

Joanna felt bad for Macie and felt that even she was gonna be ignored. So as upset as they had to have been over being shined on and made as if they weren’t even there… They Walked out and left off back to the apartment of theirs.

As for Lorelai and Rory… They stayed there at the Dell’s and remained giving out their condolences. It was their next door neighbor and they saw that there were times when their neighbor Babette came off as a bit nutty and rather crazed with some provocative humor. But all in all… she was in need the most at that point of time. Losing a cat or dog… or any animal that happened to be like one of the family and very dear… one that memories were made with … is kinda like the same realm as losing a loved one… A relative or Child. Parent… grandparent and/or someone who was like a family friend and was known for a great many years.

Zoey and Ridge stayed there and provided some Consoling and made sure that they knew nothing other than that of which they both of them cared.

As for what was going on at the Blitzball stadium. News was being spread about what was going on with Leslie and Blossom. Their secret that none knew and then about some word of there being two new people in the city. Two. Of course they didn’t get the news that Leslie and Blossom were at the time at a couple’s house giving condolences to a cat.

To be continued…


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