Chapter 306: Fast time meet at Luke’s Diner. Lorelai, Dinah and Sookie in the Lunch break corner.

(Newsflash: There’s a situation that has just hit… Location: The Dell’s. The Subject: Cinnamon the Cat.)

Meanwhile as the new girls were being brought on in and accepted… No one knew of the events that were about to take control. Because as Joanna and Macie were getting accustomed with Zoey and Carly coming back into the scene…

At the Lunch hour…

At Luke’s Diner…

SOOKIE: Thank you.

LORELAI: Thank you. *to Sookie* Life is a funny funny thing, huh?

SOOKIE: Yeah I love that Jim Carrey.


SOOKIE: Jim Carrey. He’s just — he’s just — funny.

LORELAI: He is funny but I didn’t mean funny, funny. I’m being philosophical.

SOOKIE: Oh. Very serious face. Jean-Paul Sartre.

LORELAI: I can’t talk to you with that face.

LUKE: How do you guys get any work done?

Enter Elizabeth…

Elizabeth Burke

Elizabeth: They get it done just as simply as if you were to work. And you do… *Grins* They’re just having a time of calm. It’s something that one needs. They can’t just be overworked. *Walking over to the counter* Could i try the special? What’s the special today?

Luke: You want the special… You’re one of the very few who seem to ask for that. But… Coming up.

Luke walks over to have it made.

SOOKIE: So why is life such a funny thing?

LORELAI: I met this amazing guy.

SOOKIE: Goody!

Enter Dinah who followed Lorelai from behind and happened to have made a small pit stop along the way before parking in front of the Diner…

LORELAI: Yeah there’s goody stuff about it but there’s baddy stuff too. He’s a teacher at Chilton. Max — you met him at the bake sale.

SOOKIE: Oh! He looked good.

Dinah: he looked good? *Looking at Lorelai* Lorelai, that guy was trying to flirt with you. It seems innocent and just subtle now… but he’s gonna be expecting something.

LORELAI: Yeah. Right. He’s so sexy and smart and funny and he likes coffee. That seems to be a reigning quality. *Looking towards Dinah* Do you really have to be that under suspicion? It couldn’t be all that bad.

Dinah: Maybe not. But i really don’t think that you should put much trust into him. It is not safe. Think about the girls… They’re gonna be the ones who hapen to suffer over it all.

SOOKIE: God, he sounds perfect for you. Did you get onions? Dinah,  come on. This could be a good thing for her. It might not be something of a usual. However… this is something that could make her very happy.


SOOKIE: *Calling over to Luke in the kitchen* Hey Luke! You forgot the onions.

LORELAI: I’m just so mixed up though. You know this is a real crossroads kind of situation.It’s like ‘to perm or not to perm.’ I’m really confused.

Dinah: You shouldn’t be too mixed over it. None of this is expected. You’re just feeling fuzzy about the idea that he is looking within your orbit.

SOOKIE: For Heaven’s sake.

Sookie goes around the counter to get the onions. She starts adding things — onions and spices — to the other customers’ plates.

Dinah: Sookie, What’re you doing? I don’t think that you’re supposed to be behind the counter. *Having a terrible feeling* Sookie, Luke… is gonna be so ruffled.

SOOKIE: Go ahead, I’m still listening. You were about to perm your hair. *Looking at Dinah* This is something that i do all the time. I am very picky about my food and how it’s made.

Dinah: You just like your food a certain way. Right? Well… There won’t be any arguments here. I tend on being the same way with the food that i eat. I am very mature on the food that i happen to eat. If there is ever anything off about it… i would eat it only on the grounds of that at least it’s food and it is something to put into the stomach. But as for enjoying it… I wouldn’t.

LORELAI: I just want to do the right thing.

Dinah: I am quite sure that you are trying to do the right thing and trying to do what you feel is right. It’s right now your opening move and saving point.

SOOKIE: I’m not sure I see what the problem is.

Dinah: same here… There doesn’t seem to be an issue. It’s called infatuation.

LORELAI: Oh there are many problems. First — I do not like to involve Rory in my personal life. I don’t want her to have to deal with that. You know, I might bring some guy home and he might not be THE guy but then she gets all attached to him and then all of a sudden I decide that I don’t like the way he eats or he hums incessantly or —

SOOKIE: Or the way he smacks his lips or how his hair isn’t really his.

Dinah: That’s what they call a setback. A setback.

Elizabeth:  That’s the complication. The complications of a single mother’s love life. That’s awful.

LORELAI: Yeah. And then I break up with him and then Rory is the one who gets hurt.

Elizabeth: You know… i kinda… or should i say totally get what it is that you’re saying. If this were me and i were going through the same thing… I’d be the same way about my daughter. I’d be the same exact way.

SOOKIE: I totally understand. *To Elizabeth* You wouldn’t be that way with Leslie. Leslie’s a strong kid. You raised her pretty well… She’s gonna be understanding of whatever it is that you choose.

LORELAI: This guy is her teacher. I mean, there’s no way to keep him out of her life. She sees him every day.

Elizabeth: You’re very kind to say that, Sookie. But the fact is that Leslie sees this guy in class. Every single day except for the weekends.

SOOKIE: *to a bearded customer* Are you the open-faced turkey?

JEB: Yep.

SOOKIE: OK, I added a little fresh lemon and a little cayanne pepper. You’re gonna plotz! (to Lorelai) You do know that Rory’s not a baby anymore.

LORELAI: I know, that’s what he said. Maybe I’m being too serious, right? Maybe I should loosen the rules a bit. Plus, be great to get…you know.


LORELAI: You know.

SOOKIE: No I don’t.

LORELAI: You know…he knows.

SOOKIE: *to bearded customer* You know?

JEB: Yeah I know.

Before long… Luke came out and looked to catch Sookie behind his counter.

LUKE: Sookie!

SOOKIE: Hey. I was just looking for your paprika.

LUKE: What have I said about the counter?

SOOKIE: I know.

LUKE: How the counter is a sacred space. MY sacred space. You don’t do yoga on the Dalai Lama’s mat and you don’t come behind my counter, period.

Luke takes Sookie by the shoulders and walks her back to the other side of the counter.

SOOKIE: I was trying to help.

LUKE: *to Lorelai* You bring her again and I want her on a leash. I mean it.

SOOKIE: He does make a damn fine burger though.

LORELAI: He does at that. Alright I’m just going to keep it simple. I’ll tell Rory. If there’s even an ounce of weirdness about it I’ll cancel.

SOOKIE: You haven’t told Rory yet?



LORELAI: No, not oops. The timing hasn’t been right. This is a very delicate, fragile situation. It’s like one of your souffles. If you don’t do it right it’s a disaster.

Dinah: Sounds like me sometimes with my kids. Sometimes if i don’t act on certain situations in just a certain way and delicately… Things turn to the realm of WWIII. Disaster wise of course.

SOOKIE: And you have to order it 45 minutes in advance.


SOOKIE: My souffle.

LORELAI: Right, I wasn’t but speaking directly about your souffle. I was speaking metaphorically.

SOOKIE: Oh so you don’t like my souffles?

LORELAI: How DO we work together?

Elizabeth: Sookie, No one is bad mouthing your cooking. Or disregarding it. Your cooking is very superb and exquisite.

Dinah: It’s still the same thing though… When you go through with telling someone something that may well come off a bit rough… or a little hard to just break the news over… You find yourself having to choose the right moment to just say… “This is what happened and how it happened.” That’s how it is.

Elizabeth: Sounds very understandable. Really. I mean… If it were me being infatuated with the teacher from the school… I would most certainly have to think of how to break the word or news of it to my Daughter and let it out in a way that doesn’t make her feel disturbed… or Mortified. Maybe Humiliated. Not to forget that she’d want me to be happy and all that… It just would sound very awkward.


Rory rushes into the cafe.

Blossom Burke

Blossom: *Rushing into the Diner with her wife and Rory* Oh god.

Leslie Burke

Leslie: *Panting and in panic* …

RORY: Mom you better come.

Leslie: Mrs. Gilmore… something’s going on… it’s not good.

Blossom: It’s…

LORELAI: Honey, what’s wrong?

Leslie: It’s your next door Neighbor’s cat.

RORY: It’s Cinnamon.

Elizabeth: Their cat? Who’re the neighbor’s?

Blossom: The Dells. Babette and Morey Dell… That’s who. We gotta get to them now.

Elizabeth: Where’re they at?

Leslie: Their place. At their house. Mom, Their cat… i think… is dead. *In a Panic*

Dinah: Where’re are Janie, Alex and Charlene?

Blossom: They’re there at the Dells to keep them company till we get there. They’re sticking around but wanted to stay to provide some kind of comfort to them… *Looking at her wife* Leslie… This is just shitty. That cat was a little sick yesterday and didn’t sound too good at all… But happened to still remain kicking and hanging on. She was fine… But now…. the cat’s dead.

Leslie: It’s tragic. It really is.

To be continued…



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