Chapter 304: Aftermath: the interlude of the Burke and Rhapsody Wedding event.

(The Fairgrounds after the Wedding ceremony and event of Leslie and Blossom.)

That Late Afternoon…

The married couple Leslie and Blossom were at the fairgrounds and were not gonna be able to embark on a honeymoon. At least not at that current time… However throughout the Wedding event they received Money orders… Checks for 500 Dollars a piece. From each of the ones who had that sort of $$ to dish out for them. As a wedding gift to cherish. Richard and Emily dished out a check for $25,000 over to them. It was a lot to be given in just that one day… that one moment. But for that day as it was… there was a lot to consider and it was all on Blossom and Leslie. They were both in the fold. Zoey was there with them for a short time before heading off for her father’s Pub.

Leslie looked at the envelopes with all the checks for money and felt like they were being with the rays of fortune. But that was nothing like the real deal as what they felt… was buttered up emotions and a rush of excite. It didn’t shed away the fear that their deep secret was one day gonna be brought off to the light. That they were pregnant. And as it was… They were. Nobody knew that they were and it gonna stay that way… But for how long. And who’d blow the whistle? Secrets like that would eventually be found out by someone. It was just a matter of who. and when. Not to exclude the fact that they were now on their 3rd week in on the pregnancy and yet… no one…. no one knew of it. Not a one. Not even Blossom’s father or Leslie’s mother. But that was only gonna change in due time within the next few weeks.

It wasn’t all that calm or casual for the Elder Gilmore’s. They made way home and spoke about the wedding and about how enticing it was to see two pre-teens getting wed. Emily was not keen to turn a blind’s eye. To her… something was definitely up. She knew the signs and causes for those getting married while still being in the teens. She even started to wonder where she might have gone wrong with the raising of Lorelai. But that is only because she saw that Lorelai needed a firm form of parenting. She gave Lorelai everything. And yet… in the end saw Lorelai rebel in every way that was imagined. It wasn’t a game. None of it was. The part that seemed so much like a slap of the past… was that the Married part of Leslie and Blossom struck Emily deep. Leslie and Blossom were now married. Lorelai and Christopher… wasn’t. The way it seemed to Emily… That was gonna be a reality that would never ever… happen.

As for Wakka, He was right back at the house. He was bushed and there was no more work for that day. So he did the most logical thing that could have been done. He took a little rest and just vegged. With the wedding at a close and everything going back to how it was before… except for Leslie and Blossom going back to what they were before… Things were winding down. Wakka got to the house and went to his room to rest. Only issue was that when he got to his room… He barely laid down to get some rest when a call came in. He didn’t know who it was from till he answered it. It was from Leslie.

Wakka: *Answering the cell* Ya? What’s up? Leslie, What’s the matter?

Leslie: *Over the phone* Nothing. But you were supposed to be at the stadium. The Blitzball team is there and are asking for you. Leslie Brent just called after going over there to start what he was supposed to do. Working with O’aka in his Merchandise outlet that he’s got in the shopping wing of the stadium. He saw the Team there asking for you. So… I would be hoping that you’ll make way over there.

Wakka: You got it, ya. I just figured that i’d catch some shut-eye before doing anything more… I’m kinda bushed. But if you need me over there at the stadium… I’ll go there right away, ya. *Groans* Oh boy… I’m gonna be needing alot of coffee to keep myself awake, ya. Lots of coffee.

Leslie: Don’t worry… There’ll be a large Thermos for you at the office to fill with coffee. I had them bought just the other day or so. So no worries. You were at Blossom’s house… weren’t you?

Wakka: That’s where i am now. In the guest room.

Leslie: Oh… Okay. But please do get on over to the Stadium. I’m at the stadium now. To get some paperwork done and also to write up some checks for Payday. Payday is tomorrow.

Wakka: Ah… Okay. Thanks Leslie. I’ll be there soon.

Leslie: Okay. Be careful, Wakka. Just because the streets are mostly quiet today doesn’t mean it isn’t a bit rolling with cars and trucks.

Wakka: Eh… I can dodge. You forget that i am a blitzer. I can dodge well if i must, eh.

Leslie: Good point. *Chuckles* See you when you get here.

As for Sora and her boyfriend Justin Creed…

They were on their way to the park for a walk and thinking about the wedding. Sora had somethings on her mind and had to try and focus on what they were. Justin walked with her for moral support. What Sora was thinking for the one part was about what Leslie and Blossom were hiding. She happened to read both the minds of Leslie and Blossom and saw nothing that could be substantial. She didn’t know what it was that they were hiding, but whatever it was… it must have been something that not even the others knew. No one had. But she couldn’t think much about it as she was also feeling dismayed over Carly and the fact that Carly would keep on going for Johnny. Not knowing that Johnny was not Johnny anymore. Johnny was now Joanna. That was the only thing that was changed. Johnny was not Johnny. It was Joanna.

Carly on the other hand was with Tex and hanging out at the back of a mini-mart where they couldn’t be seen. It was then that she had a light and so did Tex. They spoke about the wedding and how exciting it was to see a musical performance done by a Rock band. Carly was trying to figure on who found them and managed to get them on the airship. It was a once in a lifetime surprise and she was first to think of it. Others had thought about it too… but Carly thought of not only that… but also about her friend Johnny.

She missed him and loved him. She pined for him… Wondered if she was ever gonna see him again. She had already been seeing Johnny’s face in multiple places. She would see it in the mirror at times when she’d look into the mirror. She’d see his face when seeing some of the boys at school who looked like some sort of resemblance of Johnny. She would see him in her drinks when she was in the middle of having a drink. She would even see his face in the clouds and in the water. Everywhere. It got to a point as to where there wouldn’t be a single place she could go… and not look and see his face just staring. She missed him so much that it started to get where she felt as if she were only existing as only a half alive. But what Carly didn’t know… was that the fact would have pointed out that Johnny… was back in Metropolis. Except that now… it was Joanna.

Over by Miss Patty’s…

Things were settling down for the day as Miss Patty closed things up for the rest of the day. Since she spent the time at the wedding and took part in the witnessing of see two girls getting hitched… the usual class that she’d be teaching and the pageant that she’d be training for was gonna be going on that day.  Even she was looking back on the event that took center stage. Seeing as two girls were getting the official marriage license and having the knots tied. It was a blessed moment that she knew for sure that she’d never ever forget. Not ever.

Blossom’s brother Perry as well as Carly Black, Paul, Kiyoko, Lana Greens, George Edwards, Rita Massey, and the rest of the older fighters… they all had to lead on back to the University. They had to get some studying done and it was getting late. There would now have to be a in room meal for them all while doing their studies as they were to prep for class the next day. Some had missed a class. So they sadly had to play catch up.  But none of them would be able to forget about the Wedding ceremony. It was gonna be in their minds for a good long while. It was one moment in their lives that spoke loud. Good thing for Blossom though… Because That night, Blossom was gonna be on the phone with Perry. Then with her boyfriend with benefits Ricky. She loved him and yet also loved Leslie… who was now her Wife. It was a contradiction… but also part of the romance…

Blossom loved both her now wife and her boyfriend with benefits. Leslie loved her Wife Blossom and her Boyfriend Ralph… The love triangle was gonna be complicated as they now had to play both roles of Swinger… and Married woman. It was gonna be hard for them both as it was unlike them to be living. Young teens… who’re lesbian.

Zoey of course was at her father’s pub with her band and were hanging out. It was a rather quiet late afternoon. Not much was really taking place at the pub as there was not many patrons coming in to enjoy. Zeke had some paperwork to handle and Gabe was making calls to bring in business. It was not gonna be as simple as it might have appeared and as it would usually be for there to be new business to be acquired. Things at the Pub weren’t all that great to begin with. Since the fact was in deep that soon it’d be the day of the Presidential elections of Electing the New President. Some of the patrons were going all for Trump. Some for Hilary. It was causing for there to be tension and racial indifference to be a witness to.

Heinz was voting for Sanders… even though he was not in the race by that time. He was nowhere in the race as he stepped down. Heinz could only really vote for Hilary Clinton and therefore he did. Some of the patrons took that as a slap to the side as they happened to like him and the ones who took the offense to it were the ones who voted for the Multi-millionaire Businessman/Politician/Presidential candidate. Yeah… Trump. So… there was gonna be a problem. A rather great undeniable problem.

All while things were bucking down and turning calm for most of them. Even for Jessie Rogers and Owen Kingsley. They were at the ballet studio and practicing on dancing. Dancing to the beat. It was a very intriguing session they had together as it was to a rather upbeat tune.

But of course while all this was taking place…

At Metropolis High During the early afternoon…

In the Principal’s office…

Principal Lincoln

Principal:  *Looking at the Papers* Everything seems to be in order, Mr. Holden. But as a curious individual… I feel as if i must ask… Why’re you with the records of… *Looking at the paper and file again* A Macie M. Lightfoot?

Frank: There’s a very good reason behind why i have the records. But that reason is plain and simple. I’m their guardian. Her guardian. And the Guardian to Joanna Barlow. I was given these Record from a pub owner. She came over to me and told of the issue and said that it’s in better form for me to become the legal guardian to Macie. Said that she was in danger. That she was on the run from a group of underbellies that dwelled upon the highway. Both her and Joanna were on the run. but the story is that Macie happens to be the one that was in Danger the most. It was only this morning when i was given the files and the records of Macie. I was told about the situation and told that she was far from home. From the east coast. She was lost and on the run.

Principal Lincoln: I see. Well, Macie will be safe within these school grounds. We protect and ensure that all our students are well watched and with a eye of protection. Over the last few years… we’ve been getting weird incidents coming along to this school. one being an unknown traveler with some type of warpaint on their face. The mysterious visitor who tried to pose as the school nurse. The guy came and took two of the fellow students away. Since then… We had updated our security protocols. 3 times… Just to be sure.

Frank: But this school is safe… right?

Principal: It is. There’s no question about that. Just so you know… which we tell all the parents. We’re with a Zero tolerance to Violence and illegal products. Anyone caught with possession of any illegal products… will be suspended as a first warning. Then if it persists further… Expelled.

Frank: Sounds like a good standard for any Student to follow.

Principal: Oh yes. They’re expected to. It’s to be adhered to without question.

Frank: Well… Macie is definitely not gonna be a problem. She’s very timid and cautious.

Principal: Sounds like a very good student.

Frank: So is Joanna. Joanna happens to be a little troubled… Although she’s really a good kid. Just having a rough time dealing with the transgender dilemma.

Principal: That seems to be understandable as we also got some students who happen to be gay and coming out Bi. We don’t foster that. But we happen to not condemn them either.

Frank: I see.

Of course within minutes later…

Principal: *Looking at the records* Everything seems to be in order. Medical records, School records. I’ll see that this gets over to administration office and then to a counselor. Her counselor Axel Torvald will be in charge of Joanna’s files too. He’s one of the best there is. Alot of the students actually like him alot. Many happen to consider him as like a parental figure. Axel’s very much like a second father to the students here as whenever a student needed something… He’d be there for comfort.

Frank: Very good. Macie and Joanna should feel protected while attending the school here. And this school seems to be very protective.

Principal: I’m glad to have two new swell girls attending our school. They can start first thing tomorrow morning. I hope that their experience here is very pleasant.

Frank: I’m hoping that it will be.

That was where it would all begin and start the entry for a new ally or new target of distrust. Carly was looking forward to seeing Johnny again. However what she didn’t figure in was that Johnny was already back in the city. But it wasn’t Johnny. It was Joanna.

The Full Reunion is near in the next Chapter….

Chapter 305…

Find out what’s to happen next for the crew in the next chapter of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! As the saga continues…


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