Chapter 303: A Wedding surmountable to all in bliss for a Burke and Rhapsody.

(Leslie and Blossom’s Spur of the moment Wedding- Take to the skies of Teenage Wedding bliss)

Blossom: *Voice-over* Previously on the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z!…

“Inside the secret area of home…

On the Bridge…?

Cid: *Walking into the Bridge* Hu desa! Ku, ku ku!

Brother: Drnaa sehidac mavd! (Three minutes left!)

Cid: Rinno, rinno! Oui ryja uha sehida! (Hurry, hurry! You have one minute!)

The fighters and Guardians then arrive on Bridge…

Tidus: *Walking over near Cid* Where’s Yuna?

Serena: You tell us where Yuna is right now. Where are you keeping her?

Cid: Ajanouha uh puynt? (Everyone on board?)

Al Bhed: Ajanouha ymeja!

Tidus: I said, where is she? *Grabbing Cid* Answer me! Answer me, Damn you!

Raven: You better answer us and tell where Yuna is before we come loose. We have been looking all through the desert and through home here for her. Haven’t found her. So either she’s really gone and we don’t know it quite yet or you’ve got her here somewhere.

Paul: Don’t test us. We’re not in a very chipper mood as we just ripped our hearts out over hearing something that we should have been told from the beginning but haven’t till just a moment ago.

Cid: What’ll you do when you find her, eh?

Tidus: I didn’t know anything about what a summoner is supposed to do. And I told her all those things without even knowing. I’ve got to tell her. I’ve got to tell her I’m sorry!

Serena: We told her all about our home back in the city of Metropolis Kansas. Told her all those things without even stopping to ask about what it was that she was meant to be doing… We’ve got to tell her… We need to tell her that we’re sorry.

Cid: Wait a Minute… Metropolis Kansas?! *Turning to look at Serena* You not pulling this Al Bhed’s mind apart with that… are you? You from there?

Raven: Yes. We are. Why?

Cid: Well… color me with a mind blower. How did you all get to Spira to begin with?

Spencer: Through a Portal sir.

Cid: A Portal, eh?

Clint: That’s right Sir. Cid, We came through a portal. An abnormality in the space-time continuum.

Cid: And those Yevon Clods Think that Machina is bad. Try a Portal. You guys came through it? Was it just you young kids and 3 grown men?

Alvin: Not Quite all… there are others, Sir.

Cid: You don’t say. You’ll have to tell me all about it as soon as get ourselves out of here. *Looking at Tidus and Serena* That’s it? You’re gonna tell her you’re sorry? And then you just drag her to Zanarkand and make her fight Sin, huh? You’re all the same — let the summoner die so we can live in peace! *Throws Tidus to the deck and Thumps Serena on the head*

Tidus: No! I’m not gonna let Yuna die! 

Serena: Neither are we. We are not gonna let Yuna bite the dust. We won’t allow it.

Cid: Hah! Words! Show me action!

Tidus: I’m telling you, she won’t die!

Serena: And i mean what i said…

Sapphire: Yuna is considered to be a part of the clan here… we’d protect her with our lives.

Theodore: That’s right. We would. No matter what.

Penny: We Swear on it. We Won’t allow for Yuna to Die!

Cid: Boy, Young Kids… don’t forget those words, ’cause if you do…I’m gonna make you regret it.

Tidus: I won’t. So… You know where she is?

Zoey: Anything?

Cid: ‘Course not. That’s why we’re gonna look! Using this airship!

Wakka: A-Airship?

Paul: Air Ship?!

Amy: Air SHIP?!

Sora: Did he just say Air Ship? *Stammering and stuttering in shock* You m-m-mean that w-w-w-we’re in a a-a-a-air s-s-s-s-ship?

Carly: I think that he did say that. He said it and now… we’re here. We’re in a Air ship.

Sora: Oh god…

Carly: Aren’t we scared of Air Ships?

Sora: I don’t know. We’ve never been on one…

Carly: Well… we’re on one now.

Suddenly the platform shook and let off a Jolt…

Annie: *Falling back and hitting the floor* Whoa!

Amy: *Tumbling over* Whoa! Ouch!

Zoey: *Pausing and Afraid to move* Uh… Are we really… in an Airship?

Avery: I do believe that we are…

Brother: Vydran! Nayto du ku!

Cid: Oaaryy! Y vmekrd 1000 oaync ujantia! (Yeehaa! A flight 1000 years overdue!)

The hangar opened up and sand came in through as the door leading to the outside opened up wide. The Air Ship fired up and started to rise on up… going up out of the hangar. rising from the hangar that happened to be underground from the Al Bhed homestead…

Brother: *Piloting and looking back a second* Whoa! It moves!

Cid: *Within a few steps away from Brother* Risk big, win big!

Brother: Fruy! Ed vmeac! (Whoa! It flies!)

Cid: Haqd, fa ica dryd! (Next, we use that!)

Brother: *Glumly* Frydajan oui cyo.

A second Later…

Brother: *Starting off* Ieyui

Cid: *Turning to face the others while Joining in* Nobomeno *in Unison with the other Al Bhed*





Brother and several of the crewmembers of the ship sing out the “Hymn of the fayth” in unison as a Dirge…

Wakka: What’s goin’ on?

Sora: What’re you gonna do?

Carly: Is something gonna happen?

Spencer: *Walking over to Rikku and Standing by her* Rikku, What’s happening now?

Rikku: We’re…we’re going to blow up our Home.

Spencer: *Gasps* What?! Huh?! Are you kidding? But… that’s your home. the place that you and your people have considered home. Why would you destroy the thing or place that you all created and made to shelter you and keep upon you with safety and safe harbor?

Cid: It’s infested with Fiends. It has to be done Kiddo. It’s for the best. No telling if those Guado are the ones that were still sending in fiends to take us down… But We can’t let those Fiends bust loose. We must blow up our home.

Lulu: How?

Cid: With one of the forbidden machina! *Commanding Brother to fire the missiles* Nayto? Vena!

Serena: *Feeling the Speed* Come on firestorm… Come and chase us. 6,000 pounds of metal with the Knack for flyin’ You know that you want us…

Sapphire: Serena, This is no pleasure. This is a race to escape that blast. We have to outrun the blast.

Amy: *Holding on to the railing* Everyone… Hold on tight!

Zoey: Don’t worry… We are.

Clint: This is gonna be a high adrenaline rush…

Paul: Oh god… Oh god… *Holding on to the rails*

Serena: Oh god… It’s chasing us. We’re in for it now.

Theodore: We better ride that storm. Beat it before it gets us…

Spencer: *Feeling the heat* Blizzard… Anyone. I am overheating here… Not good. Not Good. *Burning up* AHHHHHH!”

“Elizabeth: Mr. Rhapsody… Curtis… Uh… I think that we got a mutual interest between us.


Curtis: I believe that we do. The fact that we both have a daughter in Chilton. You with Leslie… Me with my daughter Blossom.

Elizabeth: Yeah. But that isn’t the only thing that we have for a mutual interest. It’s actually more than mutual. I’m certain that you are aware of the deep relationship that’s between your daughter Blossom and My daughter Leslie. The romantic relationship that is between them.

Curtis: I wouldn’t really know as Blossom tends to keep a bit of that under the radar. She doesn’t divulge that kind of detail to me. I never ask as i figure… it’s safe. *Grins with a raised eyebrow* Unless you happen to know something more that i don’t. Why?

Elizabeth: I happen to know of it because the signs are there. I can’t begin to believe as to how you weren’t able to catch on to the close attachment between the two of them. Leslie and Blossom have been seen kissing each other on the lips. Passionately. Plus… i overheard them talking once about becoming Intimately involved with each other. Not to say that they have done so… or that they haven’t. However…

Curtis: I really hope that you’re not saying what i think it is that you’re saying.

Elizabeth: I’m afraid so. Blossom and Leslie are Lesbians. The way that they sometimes touch each other. Subtle but enough to give off the alarm that they have something going on between the two of them.


Curtis: *Sighs* I can’t believe this. My darling Princess. *Moans* What is she doing to herself? Leslie’s turned my darling girl into a lesbi. She’s turned my daughter into a lesbian. That’s not what my daughter is about. She’s been known as the most direct. Straight. Romantic to guys. Not to girls. Elizabeth, how could you let your daughter run rampant on the drive for being a lesbian? *Shaking his head* I just want my daughter to be happy. I want her to be happy and full of cheer. But also safe. Not like this.

Elizabeth A. Burke
Elizabeth A. Burke

Elizabeth: *Scoffs* Curtis, I do hope that you’re not trying to pin me as a negligent parent for the fact that my daughter is Lesbian. I didn’t raise her that way. But i am not about to forbid her… the object of her heart. You shouldn’t forbid your’s either. Granted that it’s not the way for our girls to act. I am certain that Blossom’s mother and My Husband wouldn’t want this for them either. However… If this is what truly makes them happy and completes them… I should suggest that we support it and be all for their happiness. Which brings me to ask…

Curtis: Ask what?

Elizabeth: I think that they should be wed. Right away. or as soon as possible.

Curtis: You think that they should be married? A couple of 15-16 year old girls… who are without careers. No place of their own. *Looking over at the group* Okay. *Sighs; Thinking* Maybe we can throw an internal Wedding. Book a small chapel or something and have it set to where only immediate family and close allies and friends are to attend. Nothing too big. Just a casual Wedding. But under the radar of the major population. Something like this is not for the entire town to know about. Plus… that way… if the mean posse from Chilton Like Paris Gellar and That boy Tristan try to sneak a show… There won’t be anything for them to see.

Elizabeth: I agree. But in order to do it… We’re gonna need to do it right away. Where can we hold it?

Curtis: *Thinking* Hmm… I think that i might know of a place that we can hold it where the mean chilton kids won’t catch on to it.

Elizabeth: Where?

Curtis: One of the places that our family has been known to visit numerous times in the past. But you have to keep it secret. This place is not for the opened public to catch on to.

Elizabeth: Okay.

Curtis then presses a Button and gets a hold of an Ally.


Rin: Oac? [Rin] rana.

Curtis: Rin? *On the phone* It’s Curtis… Do you have a way to get a hold of Cid and the Airship?

Rin: [Curtis], e tu rybbah du veht drec naymmo ybbymmehk dryd oui’t lymm yht ycg sa cilr y drehk yc dryd yht hud du duilr pycac. Huha uv ic ryja raynt vnus oui kioc eh y frema yht huf… drec? ([Curtis], i do happen to find this really appalling that you’d call and ask me such a thing as that and not to touch bases. None of us have heard from you guys in a while and now… this?)

Curtis: Look… Rin. I know that i haven’t kept in touch with you guys. Nor had the others. But we figured that it would be best and we thought that you’d all like for it to be that way for a while. That’s why. We weren’t ignoring.

Rin: *Understanding* Famm… Ed fuimt ryja paah hela du rayn vnus oui kioc suna. Fa tuh’d rayn silr vnus [Rikku] yht cra ec uha uv ic. (Well… It would have been nice to hear from you guys more. We don’t hear much from [Rikku] and she is one of us.)

Curtis: Most of us had been pretty busy for a while. Things had changed a bit. But none of us forgot about any of you.

Rin: Very well. Apology is accepted. What do you need?

Curtis: We need to get a hold of Cid.

Rin: Cid’s mainly sticking to being an Auto Mechanic. But he still has use of the Airship.

Curtis: See if you can get a hold of him and get him to issue a special rendezvous for two people.

Rin: Who? You and your other half?

Curtis: Ha ha ha ha! That’d be something to remember. But not quite. Try… My daughter Blossom and her friend or soon to be better half… Leslie Burke.

Rin: Huh?! Leslie Burke… You wouldn’t be talking about the same girl who runs a Stadium but was once believed to be this Mob girl known to be Rita the Hammer… would you?

Curtis: That’s the same one. But whatever indiscretions that Leslie might have committed back then… she’s made up for them. Done so every day since she broke from the Mob. She built the Stadium. With all her friends helping too. She gave back to the city. She paid her price. But she and my daughter are in dire romance. Love. And as much as my convictions are trying to tell me to condemn the unity between them and insist that they revere straight. Their hearts are becoming one. Their fate is entwined. I can’t deem to deny them the right to love.

Rin: I see. I’ll give him a call and see what he can do.

Curtis: Thanks.”

Blossom Rhapsody

Blossom: *Voice-over* And Now… The Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z!

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At the secret location outside Metropolis…


Justin Creed
Michelangelo Trent
Donald Nickols
Gerald Lands
Jessie Rogers

Tex Charleston
Roger Densworth
Samuel Marlborough
Paul Harmon
Paulie Wellington

Regal Mason
Ridge Mercer
Owen Kingsley
Jeremiah Brown
Ian Gavins
Gene Douglas
Forest Winters
Percy Vaughn
Tony Ipkiss
The Rhapsody Dynasty Family Matriarch
Kelly Godson.
Patti Marlborough
Suzanne Sexton
Doralee Harper
Pearl Rhapsody
Benny Massey
Kiyoko Hisakawa
Carly Black
Candy Richardson
Cassie Richardson
Paul Rhapsody
Lana Greens
Perry Rhapsody
Rita Massey
George Edwards
Christie Powers
Sapphire Rhapsody
Serena Rhapsody
Rina Rhapsody
Paige Rhapsody
Beverly Ferguson
Jack Rhapsody
Sheriff Adams
Nick Rhapsody
Brenda Rhapsody
Jessica Mackenzie Williams
Beverly Lawson
Betty Andrews
Morey Dell
Miss Patti
Babette Dell
Sookie St. James
Lorelai Gilmore

Ralph Stone
Ricky Lach
Heinz Freudenberger
Janie Rhapsody
Kimahri Ronso
Zeke Rhapsody
Charlene Rhapsody

Alex: This is the underground Bunker…

Spencer: Rikku’s Brother… and a hefty building team. at least 25 people along with him built this hanger and constructed for there to be at least 70,000 Gigawatts of power flowing through here.

Rikku: My Brother has been working hard and has also been seeking to ensure that everything was intact. Things should be ready in a moment. All doors here are automatic. So it’ll open once it’s time.

Luzzu: The Wedding’s gonna be short lived if we don’t get moving. Time is unfortunately not slowing.

Nicole: Is this really Underground?

Sora: It is. But i think we know what’s behind this door.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: *Overhearing and curious* What do you mean? What’s behind this door?

Kimahri: Al-Bhed Airship. Fahrenheit.

Sheriff Adams: *Jumps in a start* Jumpin’ Jehoshaphat. Who said that?

Blossom: Calm down, Sheriff. That was just our good friend Kimahri. He said it.

While waiting for the doors to open…

Tex Charleston and Samuel Marlborough took a step out and got to the side where they wouldn’t be seen and had a light…

Tex: *Smoking* The secret wedding is gonna be rather special.

Samuel: It is. *Smoking* My only thing is that… how come that it had to be held here… and on some special transport. What’s behind those doors anyway?

Tex: I haven’t any idea as to what it is that’s behind those doors. However… I do believe that we won’t be able to sneak off for a while. not that we feel as though we should.

Samuel: A couple of people are getting wed.

Tex: Yeah. *Looking at all the people* We’re all here to witness it. Watching it and seeing it go on.

Of course…

Over by the one side of the door…

Sora: *Looking at Carly* How exactly are Blossom and Leslie able to have this done? They had to have pulled a lot of strings in order to see this take place.

Carly: That’s the only logical thing. There was a lot of strings pulled in order for it to happen. At least… like this.

Justin: At least it gets us away from the school for a little bit. There’s been a couple of tough guys trying to torment me.

Sora: Really? Why?

Carly: Who’d want to start stuff with you? What could they possibly gain from doing as such?

Laurence: I might have an idea as to who the two guys are that have been trying to mess with him. They’re not exactly the nicest ones around either. Cory Sweeney and Clark Newton. They’re known to be the wannabe tough guys who think that they reign the veins of the High school halls. Looking for anyone they think is inferior to the likes of them and carry out with targeting and tormenting.

Justin: I don’t want to fight them. Fighting is stupid as it doesn’t solve anything. All it does is add to the problem.

Laurence: That is true. It only adds to the problem. But you gotta know when and where to take a stand. If you don’t… They’ll have open season on you. Not that it’s that bad… But do you really seek to be a victim all your life?

Over by the top of the stairs leading down to the underground bunker leading to the Airship…

Zoey: Okay, you guys… we need to get serious here. We have a band and yet… we don’t have any songs made for our band. We have to start getting off the rocks and putting some traction into our band.

Roger Densworth: Zoey, We’ve been trying. But nothing’s coming. No one seems to be in electronica anymore and we are seeking for going either Rock & Roll or Pop. Maybe Country.

Gene Douglas: That would be a rather step up. We need to find someone who’s got the spark… Maybe seek to borrow a few songs from that band Empire of the Sun and put either a Rock and roll or Country feel to it. Maybe make a different version to their songs?

Ridge Mercer: That could help. But we’d have to listen to the songs a few times to get the tempo and then decide how to change the beat into a country feel to it.

Forest Winters: You think that it could be done?

Ken Olivers: We can practice it…

However… one of them had a surprise. Question was… Who was it that had the surprise and was it gonna be their leg up in the right direction?

Zoey: We should Practice a bit. We’ve been waiting long enough.

Paulie Wellington: Well… As soon as the doors down there open… We’ll get at doing some practicing.

Paul Harmon: What do you think is down there behind those doors anyway?

Ian Gavins: Not entirely sure… but the door down there is rather long and really tall.

Ridge Mercer: Where’s our equipment at?

Jeremiah Brown: *Looking to the side* Beats me. Where’s Leslie and her partner Blossom?

Zoey: They brought the Instruments. It’s over by the side gate. But as for where they’re at… I can’t tell. I didn’t see them yet. Leslie and Blossom are likely already inside the hangar and inside whatever’s inside the hangar.

Walking by and heading down the stairs over to the outside of the Hangar…

Doralee Harper

Doralee Harper: *Looking at the young teens* Howdy young men. What’re you doing up here instead of down there with the others?

Zoey: We’re just waiting for the doors down there to open. It’s too crowded down there and it’s kinda gotten packed. We’d never fit through there. So we’re up here waiting and going over some things revolving our band.

Doralee Harper: *Pauses* Band? You have a band?

Zoey: You bet. They’re my band members. I’m the leader… which they appointed and since i happen to be a Mentor to a couple of them… It’s best fitting.

Doralee Harper: What’re their names?

Ridge Mercer: Ridge Mercer. Singing Vocal Prodigy.

Jeremiah Brown: “Rocking Dynamo” Jeremiah Brown.

Roger Densworth: Roger Densworth. Harmonica player and Music Maker. Whistler too.

Paul Harmon: Paul Harmon… Flute Genius. Been playing the flute for 4 years. Since 10 years of age.

Forest Winters: Forest Winters. Synthesizer Piano.

Paulie Wellington: Paulie Wellington. Saxophone.

Ian Gavins: Ian Gavins… Drummer.

Gene Douglas: Gene Douglas. Back-up Vocals.

Ken Olivers: Ken Olivers. Back-Up Vocals.

Zoey: And then there’s me. I’m the leader to the band and am known as Empress Heart.

Doralee H.: Sounds like a rather nice band. Very nice. I do reckon’ that it’d be a rising band someday.

Ridge: You think so?

Doralee H.: Well sure… Things are known to happen just out of nowhere. Plus… you young men are working hard for it. So… there’s no reason as to why it shouldn’t be a reality. If it’s really something that you insist on reaching for… There’s no reason as to why you shouldn’t reach for it and claim your spot in the Music industry. In fact… I happen to reckon’ that with the way things are going and changing… Evolving as they always do with the passing of time… New Talent is always being discovered. If a talent agency rep. Manages to overhear you guys playing and comes a listening… finds you to be good… You could very well be with a career destined to be on the rise.

Jeremiah: Whoa!

Gene: That would be pretty flippin’ awesome.

Donald Nickols: I guess that it’d be something to be a fancy to. I’m a Brit by blood. But getting into American Customs is a jolly fine idea. I am all for bands. Seeing new smashing talent rise their careers to the top.

Jessie Rogers: It’s only starting. But for a band… They’d need an entourage.

Owen Kingsley: I’m a Model. A Teen Model… But could be like a Guard for them.

Tony Ipkiss: A Teen Model? *Looking at Owen* You’re kidding? I’m a Teen Model as well. What kind of Modeling do you do?

Owen: Swimsuit. Just the basic though. Some of the things that they have us do tend to get a little erotic but I stay away from those kinds. Just the casual. Why?

Tony: They nailed me with the Erotic kind. The somewhat Kinky kind. They got me under some bloomin’ contract and if i break it… *Imititating an Axe* I’m done for. It’s a Non-binding one too.

Jessie: Can’t you get out of it?

Tony: I wish that it was even an ounce of something possible to do. But… It isn’t. heck… My father… Stanley. He even asked me if i was able to get out of it. I told him the same thing. He adopted me earlier on this year. Around the second month. The beginning of the second month. His life got turned around quite a lot and he was able to adopt. However… I also got a sister. Cherry Ipkiss. She’s with hot Pink colored hair. She’s a Singer. Not like the normal. But she’s a Barbershop Voice. Singing at Pubs. Barbershops. Malt shops. Burger Joints too. She sings the bubble gum style songs. Doo Wop. Yeah… i know. those are the oldies. But you got to grant her slight of hand with that. She’s making it work and it’s reaching a resurrection. A destined Resurgence a Decade overdue.

Aurora Grantham: It’s getting close to time for the Secret Wedding to begin… At least for the procession part. Meeting and greeting. But the big doors down there aren’t opened yet.

Percy Vaughn: Wonder what’s keeping them from opening the gates.

Ben Angels: No idea.


A Moment later…

Voice: *From Loud Speaker* Cdyht po vun Puyntehk bnulatinac. Kad nayto vun kyda byndehk… (Stand by for Boarding procedures. Get ready for gate parting…)

Lorelai: The gate’s are starting to open.

Sora: it’d be great to see the Airship again. I wonder what it’s like now.

Justin: i wouldn’t know. But it’s good that the gate is finally gonna open. It was almost starting to feel as though it wouldn’t ever open.

Michelangelo: It sure seemed as though that it was taking quite a long time.

Ricky: I never ridden on a Airship before. So this’ll be like the first time in my life of riding in one.

Ralph: It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity. Isn’t it?

Zoey: *From the top of the stairs* Okay, guys… let’s grab the instruments and get started on down. The doors are about to open.

Gene: Okay, Zoey.

Ridge: I guess that it’s showtime… isn’t it?

Jeremiah: Sure is. But not to worry. This is something that we’ve been prepping for.

Ken: Yeah. This will be rather thrilling.

Jessie: Too bad that the new girl in the city can’t join in on the festivities.

Brenda Rhapsody: *Pauses* Huh? New girl… What new girl?

Jessie: What? You mean that none of you know?

Candy: No. We didn’t know. Who’re you talking about?

Jessie: Some girl… is in town. We happened to have seen her while Owen, Percy and Gerald plus me were on the way here. There was this girl. I think that she was talking to that odd Merchant. Said her name… was Joanna.

Rita: The name doesn’t seem to ring a bell. You sure that you saw this girl?

Jessie: Yeah. I mean… it was either that or she sure played a good act.

Tex: *Putting out his light* It had to be some ploy. It must have been. We don’t know of a Joanna. Do we?

Kimahri Ronso: *Suspicious* Kimahri go check out about the girl.

Blossom: Kimahri, No. It’s okay. We shouldn’t worry about this new girl. She’s probably harmless.

Voice: *From the Loud speaker* Puyntehk bnulacc huf eh cacceuh… Bmayca ahdan dra Yencreb yht fa ycg dryd oui du tu fydlr ouin cdab. Dryhg oui. (Boarding process now in session… Please enter the Airship and we ask that you to do watch your step. Thank you.)

It was a moment later that everyone were inside the Airship. All the guests. The band of Zoey’s, Leslie and her mother… Blossom and of course… her father all were inside the Airship. Their friends. a large # of them were there. The event was only starting and already things were getting wild and interesting. There wasn’t any mystery as to what was gonna happen throughout the event. There were surprises aplenty. Surprises and shockers.

Inside the Airship…

The Bridge…


Cid: *To Brother* Ugyo, oui ryen pnyehat yen rayt. Bnabyna vun dyga uvv… (Okay, you hair brained air head. Prepare for take off…)

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Brother: Bnabynehk vun dygauvv. Paah muhk desa cehla mycd desa Yencreb fyc icat. (Preparing for takeoff. Been long time since last time Airship was used.)

Cid: Well… what do you expect. There wasn’t a need for the airship for quite some time. But it left time for there to be work to be done on it. Fixing it up and getting it all done up anew.

Brother: There’s been new additions to it. New defenses and weapons. In case that there’s anything going on while we are in the air.

Cid: Right.

Once the airship was up in the air…

Main Corridor; outside the Bridge…

Roger Densworth Ridge MercerPaulie WellingtonKen OliversIan GavinsJeremiah BrownPaul HarmonGene DouglasForest Winters

Jeremiah: Well… *Looking at the hall* Here we are. This is where we’re to be till after the event is over.

Ridge: We should rehearse a little. It’d be a good idea for us to get prepared to Jam. When the program officially starts… We’re gonna be expected to rip and put the playing skill to work.

Roger Densworth: I’m always up for a good jam. The Harmonica can do some tunes.

Paul: My Flute is tuned to swing.

Paulie: *Playing his Saxophone* I got a good idea. Let’s play like we’re from the band… the Rock band that’s out there still tearing it up.

Ian: Seriously, Paulie. *Scoffs* Are you quite aware that we can’t play to their particular Magnitude. You are talking as if we should pose as the Demon, Star Child, The Cat, and The Space Ace. Not to forget the Fox. We can’t play as them. It’d never work.

Jeremiah: how is it that you know it wouldn’t work? We never tried it.

Gene: We should try it.

But there was a sneaky surprise in store for them. What the Al-Bhed within the ship didn’t tell anyone was that they secretly managed to contact a Rock band and it just so happened to be the Hottest band in the world. Yeah… Chalk one up for those Al-bhed/Afghani’s. They really pulled in a real deep favor.

Level Two Side corridor…

Gene “The Demon”: *Feeling Floaty* Whoa. That was a hell of a take off. My ears are popping like rockets.

Paul “Star Child”: Easy there, Demon. You’re not the only one with that floaty sensation.

Peter “Catman”: This is a nice ride though. *Looking at the room* We are here of course for a special surprise to a couple of gals who’re getting married.

Ace “Space Ace”: Ah! Yeah. Right. A couple of teen girls who happened to dip the sauce. Young loves in bliss.

Gene “The Demon”: *Nods* Lovers in bliss. Teen girls who seek the tie that binds.

Paul “Star Child”: Who’re the ones getting the bells of Matrimony? Any clue on who’re getting married? We were told that there were two girls. But no one said who they were. We don’t even know their names.

Peter “Catman”: Whoever they are… they’re in love. They say that love’s a gift. Some people happen to forget that.

Gene “The Demon”: I’m sure that they must be a real find for each other.

Paul “Star Child”: Whoever they are. *Thinking* What about that young teen… The one with the snappy looking guitar.

Ace “Space Ace”: Which one you talking about there, Star Child?

Paul “Star Child”: The white one. The girl with the golden brown hair had this White guitar. It wasn’t just any guitar. It happened to be a 1955 Gretsch White Falcon. John Frusciante… one of the 6 lead guitarists of the American Funk band: “The Red hot Chili Peppers” played with that same exact guitar. But that band also genres as alternative rock, Funk Rock, Funk Metal and Rap Rock.

Gene “The Demon”: *Whistles* That’s hot. That’s got to be a heavy playing instrument. How’d she get it? It must have cost a fortune.

Ace “Space Ace”: You really wouldn’t think that she ripped it off from somewhere or someone… would you? She must have gotten it from somewhere. Or someone got it for her. So… here’s the question: How did she get it?

Peter “Catman”: I think that someone might have bought it for her.

Paul “Star Child”: We should ask the girl.

Gene “The Demon”: Good idea. Because the idea that a young teenage girl… Like her having a guitar like that is almost the same as concluding that she’s a Guitarist with skills… Mad skills beyond her years.

Paul “Star Child”: She’s not only a guitarist. She’s also a lead singer. To a band of her own from what some of the hearsay tells. It’s said that she goes by the name “Empress Heart.”

Ace “Space Ace”: Seriously?

Paul “Star Child”: *Holding a hand up swearing* No lie, Man. No lie. That’s what she’s said to go by. She has band members who consist of a Singing Vocal Prodigy. and this one Music savvy 14 year old… Who happens to be a “Rocking Dynamo”.

Gene “The Demon”: Can they really play?

Paul “Star Child”: Oh shit yeah, Demon. They can play. On our way in here… I heard a couple of the patrons who’re also here for the wedding… Talking about them playing a song or two for the soon to be married couple.

Ace “Space Ace”: Now that answers a lot.

Peter “Catman”: Oh yeah. Suppose that we should send for them and you know… meet them?

Gene “The Demon”: That would be a good idea. Only… one problem. We don’t know where they are on this airship.


*Knock… Knock… Knock!”

Gene “The Demon”: *At the door* Yes?!

The door then opens…

Rin: *Standing before them from outside the door* Knaadehkc! (Greetings)

Paul “Star Child”: Who’re you? You one of the locals of this airship?

Rin: Hud xieda. E ys sanamo y Sanlryhd, Dnyjam Ykahd yht Nekrd huf y Vammuf Bydnuh cilr yc ouincamjac. E’s [Rin]. (Not quite. I am merely a Merchant, Travel Agent and Right now a Fellow Patron such as yourselves. I’m [Rin].)

Peter “Catman”: What’s with the funky language, Rin?

Ace “Space Ace”: Yeah. It sounds kinda trippy.

Gene “The Demon”: *picking up the translation* You said that you were just a Patron currently. Right?

Rin: That is correct. *Pauses* Wait. You understood Al-bhed?

Gene “The Demon: If it happens to sound Middle eastern or Hebrew in any way… then yes. I understood.

Rin: How is it that you understood?

Gene “The Demon” Because underneath this mask or make-up. I’m just Plain old Gene Simmons. Musician, Actor, Entrepreneur and proud father of two kids. This Make-up and outfit… or apparel… is just for show and for the Rock band KISS. It’s not real. Just made real for the followers and fans.

Paul “Star Child”: It’s the truth. This sort of apparel that you see on us is just all part of the whole gimmick of the band. Just a gimmick. We’re just normal working musicians who favor in giving people a show. Us just admiring our craft.

Rin: I see.

Peter “Catman”: Say… Uh, Rin. Would you know where we can find this band of teens with instruments? One of them being a girl with a famous guitar…

Rin: Oh… You mean Zoey T. Rhapsody. She’s on the upper level just outside the hall where it leads to the Bridge. Why might i ask is it that you’re pleading to know?

Gene “The Demon”: We’d like to meet that band. See what they’re like.

Rin: Very well… I shall go and deliver the summons to them.

It was only a minute or two later when…

Zoey “Empress Heart”: *Walking into the room* We’re here. What’s up? *Looking at the 4 guys* Oh god… You’re… you’re… you’re KISS. *In Shock*

Ridge “Singing Voice Prodigy”: Hey there. Nice to meet you.

Jeremiah “Rocking Dynamo”: You guys are here for the special event?

Roger Densworth: *Looking at the apparel on the guys* Pretty far out look you guys got. We like the style.

Paul Harmon: Yeah. You guys definitely got that edge in style. I like that.

Forest: You guys don’t play Synthesizer piano’s. I wouldn’t suppose. But i do. You guys have alot of flair. We like that. two styles… as one.

Paulie Wellington: *Winks* Nice to meet you guys. You guys are KISS, Right? Let’s see… We got Gene, Paul, Peter and Ace. “The Demon”, “Star Child”, “Catman” and “Space Ace”.

Ian: And i’m a drummer. You should maybe hear me tear it up with the Drum solo’s. I am rather amazing.

Gene: Ken and i are the back-up vocals. But we are also harmonizers in the voice.

Ken: Ask us to sing… we’ll prove it.

Zoey: Boys… Boys…. there will be no need for that. We’ll have the chance at doing that soon. Remember… we’re playing here for the two brides.

Paul “Star Child”: Who are the brides?

Ridge: Ease up, cats. you’ll find out soon enough. it’s a couple of doves who’re in the itinerary of getting the marriage jive.

Zoey: They’re my cousin and my good friend. Blossom and Leslie.

Ace “Space Ace”: Ah! So it finally comes out. We learn of it being a couple of girls getting the wedding bliss. Now that is what i call a bombshell surprise.

Jeremiah: Surprises are yet abounding… they just keep getting more consistent… don’t they?

Gene “The Demon”: that there, Kid… is an understatement.

Zoey: *Nods*

A few minutes later…

Airship- Level four.

Justin: I never been on a airship before. I just hope that i don’t get airsick.

Michelangelo: You won’t. I might though. I never really said it to anyone before… but i have a mild weak stomach. If i were to wind up in the air like this… i tend to get queasy.

Donald: *A little cautious* Uh… i think that i’ll just stick to the other side of the room here. Because… if you’re gonna get sick… it’s best if i didn’t get too close. Not that i think that you can help the fact that you tend to get airsick. however… i don’t want to catch the sensation or the feeling and be in the same boat.

Gerald: Oh come on. it’s probably just motion sickness. Some people just tend to have it more than others. and there are some who’d feel sensitive to it. Very sensitive.

Percy: The event is gonna start soon. *Looking at his watch* it’s gonna start in less than an hour.

Sora: *Looking at Justin* It’s gonna start. But there’s something off about all this.

Justin: What do you mean?

Sora: We haven’t seen a sign of Blossom and Leslie since we got on to this Airship. Where do you suppose they are?

Michelangelo: I wish that i knew. But i haven’t really seen Zoey much since we got on to the airship either. I would guess that she’s with her band. But that’s only a wild guess.With our luck… they could just be around to pay their support for the wedding that’s going on today.

Justin: Actually… she is with her band. But the whole question is that… how are they gonna be able to perform on this airship? Where will they be able to set their stuff up… Not only that… But there is also a famous band out on this ship too… Where will they be able to set up and get things all up and prepared to go for a show? There’s too many people here as it is… There won’t be enough room.

Donald: I wouldn’t fancy on worrying any. I am quite sure that it’ll be worked out for everyone… even those bands. Likely the one that they have in one of the other rooms. They’ve got this weird make up on…

Gerald: *With accent* Aye’ Oi wouldn’t worry so much, lass. With our luck… they could just be around to pay their support for the wedding that’s going on today.

Sora: *Sighs* That would be the least of the problems. However… Carly won’t be sitting around with us. Since Johnny’s left… she’s been just anti-social. She and I don’t really hang out much anymore like we used to do in the past.

Justin: Because of her habit. The smoking. Didn’t you even tell your mom about that, Sora?

Sora: What do you think? *Scoffs* Of course i told her and i even explained the whole detail… My mom could only look at me with a look of blank confusion on her face. It’s like she was dazed and not following what i meant.

Justin: What’re you gonna do? You got to get through to her somehow. It’s making her into something that isn’t her at all…

Sora: It’s ever since that Johnny came into her life. I feel bad for Carly because she really took it hard when he left and just vanished. But Carly hates when i try to place any sort of blame of how she is on Johnny or whoever he/she is. Thing is… I don’t care if she likes it or not. She wasn’t like this… till that moment. Since Johnny left… All she can do is just sit around in a slump. A damn slump… moping around like a zombie. She even lights up in the same room that i sleep in as well.

Donald: Your sister might need some very deep help.

Michelangelo: Where is Carly anyway?

Sora: Who knows. I would guess that she might be with some of the other guys, Michelangelo. I don’t have any clue.

Ramp from level three leading to level two.

Some of the side guests… The ones that they met from school were there and speaking amongst one another and waiting for the very moment that the event was said to start. There was no telling as to when it was to begin. But there were tons of anticipation and adrenaline… plus high running pulses flowing throughout the patrons….

In The Observation deck of the Airship…

Two Curtains were put up and made up two small shacks that were to accommodate Blossom and Leslie as they were getting prepared for their wedding. Wakka was the guard for Blossom’s shack and Kimahri was the Guard for Leslie’s Shack.

Blossom: *Sighs* Getting Married is hard work. There is just so much that could happen.

Wakka: It can’t be that bad, ya. This is a special occasion for you and Leslie. You and her have been wanting this for a while now.

Blossom: I know… *Getting changed into her white dress and dress pants* It is true that i have been wanting this for a while and it’s been discussed between both Leslie and I… Then getting our parents involved with the idea and everything… It’s been something we wanted. But it’s just been talk. However… Now… it’s not just talk. It’s now becoming a reality. It’s actually happening.

Wakka: Sounds kinda intense, ya?

Blossom: Seems to be. It just seems as so… That’s for sure. Leslie’s tickled over it. I am the one with the nervousness. The tickling butterflies in my stomach.

Wakka: *Gasps* You’re kidding, ya. Seriously? But you’re the gutsy one. How is it that you have the butterflies inside floating around your stomach?

Blossom: *Scoffs; While finishing getting dressed up for her wedding* Are you serious? Seriously, Wakka?! What the hell do you think that reason is? Huh? Why is it that i have these butterflies floating inside my stomach? I will tell you… It’s because i am nervous and terrified. Terrified about what the hell could all happen while going through the whole mess. I Love Leslie. I want to Marry her… I really do. I just don’t know what’s gonna happen next between her and I. What if she gets cold feet? What if i get cold feet?

Wakka: Whoa… whoa… whoa. Calm down. Blossom, calm down. It’s gonna be okay. You just got to take a deep breath and remain calm, ya. You shouldn’t be so worked up over the wedding. It’s just your happy day. nothing to worry about.

As for Leslie…

Leslie: *Getting dressed and into her wedding dress* God… there’s so much riding on this day. The guys in the bridge are putting a lot on the line for just me and Blossom.

Kimahri Ronso: The Al-bhed know what is at risk. Kimahri knows how important this day is for you, Leslie.

Leslie: How is it that you already know, Kimahri?

Kimahri: Kimahri sense how you and Blossom feel about one another. It is no secret that you and she were meant to be. Were to be pair for many years.

Leslie: Wow… For a guy who’s a hybrid… You sure know quite a lot. I guess that you really do know what’s what. *Putting on the last piece of her wedding dress* I am just concerned about the special occasion? There is still that stigma of people expecting me to be who they feel that i should be in their eyes. But yet no matter what i do… i can’t seem to please everyone. What am i to do, Kimahri?

Kimahri: Kimahri Not know what Leslie should do. But Kimahri think that Leslie should just stay Leslie. Not worry about what those around her say to her and tell her to be. Just be who she is supposed to be. through her eyes.




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