Chapter 302: Back in town with Lane and Rory.

(A hand from Watchtower command center. Leslie, Blossom, Rusoe Trio… Report)

(Emma and Polly are crossed by chance with Rory and Lane)

A couple hours later…

Back in Metropolis… Walking the streets…

Emma and Polly Rhapsody

LANE: Philadelphia.

RORY: Philadelphia? If you could live in any city in the world you’d pick Philadelphia?

LANE: M. Night Shymalan lives there.

RORY: Who?

LANE: The guy who directed ‘The Sixth Sense.’

RORY: But what would you do there?

LANE: Hang out with M. Night Shymalan.

RORY: OK, cross ‘guidance counselor’ off your list of potential career choices.

Emma and Polly Rhapsody were nearby and didn’t notice that Rory and Lane were close to them till…

Emma: *Looking at the Specials on the window of the store* Wow… Their new coming deals are not like they were before.

Polly: It’s sad. they used to have nice ones. Things have gotten rather expensive.

Emma: Plus… There’s also the secret wedding between Blossom and Leslie. It’s gonna be a real exciting event. Plus… It’s on an Airship.

Polly: So we heard. But mom hasn’t given out all the details on it yet.

Rory: *Walking by*…

Polly: *Catching sight of Rory and Lane* Hmm?

Emma: *Walking over towards Rory and Lane; To Polly* Come on… Let’s see what’s going on.


Rory: *Turning to spot Emma and Polly* Hey. Are you two following us?

Emma: No. Not really. We were kinda here before you two were. We usually would be in school. But school happened to be out today for some reason. So we came here. Our mom’s inside the store anyway.

Polly: Strange store though. What is this place again?

Rory: Oh. It’s Doose’s Market.

Emma: Doose’s Market? Huh?

Polly: Is it named after someone?

Lane: Yeah. It is. Why? Didn’t you two know?

Emma: No. We didn’t know. *Walking around and waiting for their mom to come out* Say… *Wondering* We’ve seen you around before. Usually with our cousins, Sora and Carly… Janie, Alex and Charlene… Blossom and her friend Leslie. You’re that Gilmore girl they spoke tons about. Aren’t you?

Lane: She ain’t Joan of Arc. So…of course…

Rory: You’re gonna have to excuse Lane this morning. She’s seeming to be a little tense.

Emma: *Recognizing the girl* Now we know for sure. You’re… you… you’re Rory Gilmore.

Polly: We knew that saw you from somewhere before. How come we don’t see you around school?

Lane: That’d be because she now goes to Chilton. As does Leslie, Blossom, Janie, Alex, Charlene and Betty.

Emma: Them too?! *Pauses* But… How?

Polly: We figure that Leslie and Betty would be one to go to Chilton… But Janie, Alex and Charlene? Rory?… How could you afford it?

Rory: There’s a good answer to that and that answer is two people and both live in the area of Hartford. My grandparents. They paid for the tuition.

Lane: But Rory is a known natural. She reads alot and always does extra studying.

Emma: Wow… That must make your head want to explode into an overload.

As they got to talking…


Blossom: *Walking over with Leslie* Hey, Rory. Lane.

Leslie: *Looking to the side and seeing two unfamiliar girls* Hey there. Who’re you guys?

Emma Von tussle/Rhapsody

Emma: I’m Emma. Emma Rhapsody. We’re daughters to Pearl.

Polly Van Tussle/Rhapsody

Polly: Pearl and Jack Rhapsody. They adopted us.

Blossom: Wha–? Really? *Curious* So… that would make you two… My adopted cousins… wouldn’t it?

Emma: Uh-huh.

Polly: It sure does.

Leslie: How come we haven’t seen you two before till now?

Emma: We were managed to blend in with the crowd.

Polly: Plus… We heard about this secret wedding that was supposed to be going on. What was that about?

Blossom: Hmm… *Trying to throw her two oblivious cousins off the trail* That’s probably someone making a joke. It’s someone else who’s having the secret wedding.

Polly: No. it’s not someone else. It’s you and Leslie… isn’t it? *Not falling for the cover-up* You and her are the ones getting hitched.

Emma: *keyed up* At what? 15-16 years old… How can you two just get wed like this? Marriage is supposed to be something sacred. A Rite of passage of sacred trust and union. One that bonds two people together. Based on a vow to one another that they stick by one another through thick and thin. Sickness and in health. For better or worse. Stand by one another no matter what. You two are getting wed. That’s not traditional. Not at all.

Blossom: Hey. She and I love one another. We were meant to be. Plus… she and I had a couple moments of Intimacy. To seal the deal. Not that it’s any of your business. But She and I are gay. Lesbians. We’re proud of it.

Leslie: *Looking away; Blushing and embarrassed* …

Polly: *Feeling her stomach starting to churn and twist* Ugh! Ewww! Emma, I think that we better get inside and find our mom. Listening to this is making me want to throw up.

Emma: Same here. *Looking at Rory* It was nice to meet you finally, Rory. Hope that we see you around more.

The two girls then walk off as…

Rory and Lane meet Babette, Morey, and Cinnamon. Blossom and Leslie were also there with them then…

BABETTE: Lie still, baby doll, we’re almost home.

RORY: Hey Babette.

BABETTE: Hey kids. *Spotting Leslie and Blossom* Hey there, Lovebirds.

Morey: Heard about the secret wedding that’s gonna be held. You two are deep. Love like that is a daring ringer.

Leslie: *Feeling touched* Uh… Thanks.

Blossom:  We’re not sure as to how you two know about the secret wedding… but we’re appreciative of your words of encouragement. *Looking at Rory; Confused on who those two were* Rory, Who are they?

Rory: They’re my next door neighbors. Babette and Morey Dell.

Leslie: Oh… Okay. Well… It’s nice to meet them. *Nods; Smiling*

Blossom: Maybe they’d like to come over to the wedding today. It’s gonna be in a couple hours or so as things are getting in order before the event actually starts.

Rory: How’re you two able to get it done?

Blossom: We have a D.A in our pockets. Someone who’s married to my family’s family Matriarch.

Lane: Ah… Someone to help make it all happen. What about a Judge and Priest?

Blossom: Got one. My father and Leslie’s parents are getting things all set. My Mom however is not too thrilled about it, but she’s understanding that it is meant to be.

Leslie: *Feeling a little weird* …

Cinnamon meows strangely…

RORY: Wow, that sounds bad.

Blossom: *Hisses in sympathy* Wow…damn… That does sound rather unsettling. She’s not set to spew up some hairballs… is she/he?

BABETTE: Cinnamon’s dyspeptic. So’s Morey. Too many clams.

MOREY: Bad clams.

Leslie: Clams?! *Pauses* You gave a Cat… Clams? Why would you do that? Can Cats even eat clams?

Blossom: Don’t ask me, Leslie… Ask them. They fed clams to the cat. Not sure why… But Maybe the cat is not like one of your normal usual everyday cats. Could be an exotic.

Leslie: Either way… the cat does sound rather bad.

Babette, Morey, and Cinnamon continue walking.

BABETTE: This doesn’t reflect well on Al’s establishment.

Blossom: Al’s?

LANE: You had clams at Al’s?

Leslie: Al’s? What’s that?

RORY: Al’s Pancake World?

Blossom: That place has clams? And it was that bad?

Lane: Sounds like it was…

Blossom: They should have that place shut down.

Rory: Blossom, No. That wouldn’t help. All it’d do is hurt the revenue to the city.

Leslie: That doesn’t matter. It’s gotten to the point where every time we turn around… we’re hearing Al’s Pancake world seemed to get another bad review.

BABETTE: Yeah, well we had a coupon.

RORY: Hmmm.

Leslie: We sure hope that the poor sweet cat gets better. If anything happens to the cat… I’m calling the better business bureau and insisting that Al’s pancake world gets shut down.  If they’re giving service that made you guys sick and also the cat… What’re they doing to others?

Morey: That’s deep assurance. persistent candor.

Blossom: That’s what i admire about her. She’s so determined. We do however hope to see you guys at our secret Wedding. But just know that Mum’s the word. We don’t want word to spread too far and be capable to reach the ears and winds of the hostile people from Chilton.

Babette: *Touched* Awww! That’s real kind of you, sugar. But with Cinnamon feeling the way she does… We can’t leave the poor thing alone. We could bring her along… But her stomach might not be willing to handle the constant moving around.

Leslie: We’ll find a way for her to be comfortable. It’s the least we could do.

Seconds later…

Rory and Lane resume walking down the street. Rory spots Dean in the grocery store where he is working. Blossom and Leslie were along with them and curious as to what was gonna happen next…

RORY: Oh wow! The store! Hey, listen, I have to pick up some stuff, so —

LANE: What do you have to pick up?

RORY: Just some…stuff. So I’ll talk to you later tonight.

LANE: I’ll go in with you.

RORY: Why?

LANE: Because otherwise I’d have to go home.

RORY: Home is good.

LANE: My home?

RORY: Yeah, actually I don’t have to go in.

LANE: OK. Then I guess I will go home.

RORY: Great! Go, bye.

LANE: Bye…freak.

Lane leaves.

Rory walks into the store and watches Dean. He looks over and waves when he sees her. Rory ducks into an aisle and walks to the back of the store where Miss Patty is.

MISS PATTY: Rory! Hello! Try a plum They’re better than sex.

Blossom: *Walking over with Leslie* Hey there…

RORY: Um, no, thanks.

Leslie: What’s with the sampling lady? Is she pitching a sale?

MISS PATTY: Fresh fruit always has such a sensuality about it. Are you too young for this? *Looking to see a couple of girls right beside Rory* Oh… Hello there. Who might you girls be?

RORY: Definitely.

Blossom: We might ask you the same thing. I’m Blossom. and this here’s my best friend/Girlfriend/Lover/Soon to be domestic Partner-Wife Leslie.

Leslie: Nice to meet you.

Rory: Blossom is the niece to Dinah. Leslie’s the future heiress to an Arts academy. *To Blossom and Leslie* That’s Miss Patty. She runs the local dance studio. But the Dance Studio also happens to be where the Town Hall Meetings are held every so often.

Miss Patty: Ah… So you’re the girl who’s been said to run a Huge stadium and at such a young age? Outstandingly marvelous.

Leslie: Thanks, Miss Patty. However…i didn’t build it on my own… I happened to have a ton of help in doing so. It’s something that i wanted to have built. To give back to the city in peace-offering for the stuff i had done for a time in this city.

Blossom: Something that she still to this day is having the sudden reminders of.

Miss Patty: What would that be, dear?

Leslie: The Mob. I was for a time… this Mobster girl… A Mafioso named Rita the Hammer. Till i managed to get myself out of it. With the help from my soon to be wife.

Miss Patty: Soon to be Wife?! You two young ladies are getting wed?

Blossom: Yes we are.

Miss Patty: When?

Leslie: Today.

Miss Patty: Oh my… Then i should think about seeing on getting into something more dignified. I just absolutely love weddings. Who’re the lucky guys?

Blossom: *Chuckles and Laughs a little* there’s no guy. Not right now… It’s just her and I. We’re getting wed to each other. Leslie and I.

Leslie: Blossom and I are gay. Lesbi’s.

Miss Patty: Oh dear… Young ladies… Same sex attracted and getting wed. That’s stylish. Not very common to hear about that around Stars Hollow, Metropolis. That’s something you witness more in cities. Major populated areas. I ought to congratulate you two for bringing a taste of something new to these parts.

Blossom: Thank you.

Miss Patty: You’re very welcome, Precious. Where’s it gonna be?

Leslie: Up in the sky… On an Airship. But… Please don’t tell anyone. We kinda want for it to remain under the guise of Mystique.

Miss Patty: Oh… Of course. Not to worry. I won’t tell a soul about the secret wedding that you two are having and wanting for to remain with mystique.

Blossom: You’re welcome to come if you like.

Miss Patty: *Smiles* I’ll be there. It’s a blessed event and should be celebrated.

MISS PATTY: *To Rory* Well what are you here for honey?

RORY: Oh well, I just —

Rory looks over at Dean.

MISS PATTY: Oh, I see what you’re here for. Well that wouldn’t fit in a basket. No no no no no!

RORY: Patty! It’s not like that. He’s just a person.

MISS PATTY: A person?

RORY: A boy-type person.

MISS PATTY: Oh, my favorite kind.

RORY: I really don’t even know him.

MISS PATTY: Oh, right. You don’t know him?

RORY: I don’t.

MISS PATTY: You said.

RORY: Please don’t say anything.

MISS PATTY: I promise I won’t tell a single soul that you don’t know that young man.

RORY: Thank you.

MISS PATTY: You’re welcome.

Rory walks away from Miss Patty. A store employee confronts Miss Patty, who has been sampling the produce.

EMPLOYEE: Excuse me, ma’am, what are you doing?

MISS PATTY: Please, honey, don’t call me ma’am. It makes me feel older than 25. Here, have a pea pod.

EMPLOYEE: I assume that you’re going to pay for the food you’ve consumed on the premises.

MISS PATTY: Oh, so brusque. And you are?

EMPLOYEE: I’m the new assistant manager here.

MISS PATTY: Well listen here, my fine friend, who if you had a better hairstyle i might consider dating, I do this all the time.

EMPLOYEE: Not from now on, I’m sorry.

MISS PATTY: Oh, now, wait a minute here. I’ve been sampling food at this establishment for years.

EMPLOYEE: The next time you put something in that mouth that doesn’t belong there, I’m going to remove it and then call the police.

He takes the pea pod out of her hand and walks away.

Leslie and Blossom stand there in disbelief…

Leslie: What you were doing wasn’t legal… Not really. But you surely didn’t deserve to be spoken to like that.

Blossom: Too bad there’s too many people here. I’d have been just tickled to fire some Electricity at his head. Kick his butt. The nerve of him to speak at you in that way, Miss Patty. Sampling food here and not paying… Not exactly the wisest thing or smartest. But you sure as hell didn’t deserve to be spoken to like that. The least he could have done was just seek reason to you. Subtle like. Not just come out and be all brash.

Miss Patty: I’ve been doing this for years. He should have asked the people here and they’d tell him. But he decides to go right on with the assumption of accusing me of shoplifting. But it’s okay. I’m gonna see on getting past it. Holding grudges isn’t gonna see to do a lady like me any good.

By now Rory is at the check-out counter. Dean walks over to the end of the counter.

CASHIER: Is this all you want, honey? A head of lettuce and a mouse trap?

RORY: That should do it.

DEAN: That’s a couple of must-need items there.

CASHIER: $2.27.

RORY: I only have a dollar.

DEAN: I could loan you the rest.

RORY: Uh, no, I’ll just take the lettuce.

DEAN: Perfect. You could use half of it for a salad then use the other half to clobber the mouse with.

Rory starts to leave.

DEAN: Paper or plastic?

RORY: I’m fine.

She leaves the store…

Meanwhile outside from the store…

Nicole Rusoe

Ellie Rusoe

It was about that time and after the Noon hour when Nicole, Lana and Ellie Rusoe came by the same vicinity where Leslie and Blossom still were and Happened to look to see a group of people around. A couple of them were from school and some were from the beach…

Ashley Walden
Jordan Hockley
Renee Lords
Kimberly Adams
Tina Lesley Simpson

None of them spoke as they were only passing by and heading over to the local Diner. There was no intention for a encounter from any of them… However word was that they already learned of there being a secret function being held. They just didn’t know where. But The Rusoe Trio did…

As the Rusoe Trio loomed closer to where they believed that Blossom and Leslie were…


Blossom and Leslie popped out from the believed Store known as Doose’s Market…

Blossom: *Walking out from the store* Miss Patty sure sounds really Luscious and Sucre. Sweet even… I would believe that she’d be one heck of a protective hen to kids. She comes out as sweet. She’s sweet to a large fault.

Leslie: She even sounded so supportive to what we were into. That we were getting wed. She understood and it is like… Just the mention of a wedding and she goes into a phase of an elegant dancer. She didn’t dance… but you know that she so wanted to.

Blossom: First time meeting her and this is what we pick up on her… Now that’s a heck of an impression.

Leslie: I actually come to find that i like her. She’s very kind. *Looking to see Nicole, Lana and Ellie Rusoe* Hey… there’s the Rusoe sisters. What’re they doing out around these parts?

Blossom: Not sure. *Walking over to the girls* Hey girls. What’s going on?

Nicole: We’d ask you the same thing. We keep getting buzzed by the Watchtower.

Lana: Yeah. What gives?

Leslie: Why would they buzz you guys? Why now?

Ellie: We’d be wondering the same thing… We were starting to think that it’s a possible attempt for a check-in. Maybe to tell us some info or details. Maybe there’s something up.

Blossom: It’s possibly an update on the threat that’s foretold to come.

It was right on the mark as no sooner after she said that…

Communicator: *Beeping to the beat of Turbo; Mysteriously*…

Leslie: I think that’s our cue to take up the call… *Looking over to the side of the building* Over there. We can get to speaking into the communicators over there out from the path of the busy street. Come on.

Minutes later…

Genevieve: *Voice on Communicator* Elemental Rita, Electrogal, Elemental Earthly Trio… Come in.

Blossom: *Speaking into the Communicator* We read you, Genevieve. What’s the situation?

Genevieve: You girls need to report to the Watchtower right away.

Leslie: We’re on our way.

Nicole: *Looking at the others* This is where the dilemma begins.

Within seconds…

They were transported to the Watchtower Command Center…

A Moment later…

Watchtower Command Center…

Blossom: *Walking in with Leslie and the girls* We’re here, Genevieve. What’s going on?

Genevieve: We’ve just got new readings on the threat that is closing in and getting nearer.

Leslie: You wouldn’t be referring to the threats known as that Devil Blackheart/Dark Heart… Would you?

Tess: *Standing aside* Behold the Viewing Globe…

Viewing Globe: *Presenting a Transmission* “Black Heart/Dark Heart: I knew you were here. I could smell your fear. *Looking to see a being forming itself into a physical manifestation* Hello, Gressil.

Gressil: *Curious but annoyed* Why are you here?

A Being formed out of water appears…

Wallow:  *To Dark Heart* And what do you want from us?

Black Heart/Dark heart: *Explaining his issue and telling what he’s after* I’ve come for the contract of San Venganza. Legend has it that the contract was stolen and hidden… …in a graveyard not far from here. And now you’re gonna help me find it. *Catching a plume of smoke and wind flying past him; Watching it land beside Gressil and Wallow; watching as it forms into a Physical Manifestation*Abigor.

Abigor: And when we find it, then what?

Black Heart/Dark heart: Then we’ll take this world… …one city… …at a time.

Abigor: What about Mephistopheles?

Black Heart/Dark heart: *Looking back at Abigor and in a bit of a sneer and disapproving gaze* Don’t… ever… …say that name.”

Tess: There’s more…

Viewing Globe: “Mephistopheles: What the hell are you doing here?

Black Heart/Dark heart: It’s my time now, old man.

Mephistopheles: Your time will come… But not now.

Black Heart/Dark heart: We Both know that you can’t harm me here. I’m not like you. I’d never follow you. I never will.

Mephistopheles: I may not have power over you in this world. But my Rider does.

Black Heart/Dark heart: *Pauses and fakes being intimidated* The Ghost Rider?! Your favorite creation? *Growls* The Power of Hellfire… Wasted on a pathetic human. *Angry* If you would have trusted me. Given me what was rightfully mine!

Mephistopheles: It’s all mine. Till the end of days.

Black Heart/Dark heart: *Cross* Go ahead. Send the Rider. I’ll bury him. Then i’ll Bury you… …Father.”

Nicole: That is really creepy. They sound as if they’re in this constant battle. This constant war amongst one another and… All over this contract.

Ellie: What are they after anyway?

Lana: Whatever it is… It must be something really valuable.

Blossom: If they want it so bad… why don’t they just get it and call it a day? Why must they hold themselves a cockfight to see who’s the top cheese? I mean… It’s rather ridiculous to go and fight on over just this one item. Seriously… What is it? A Contract? What of? Souls? Property? What?

Leslie: If we were to know what it was that those two dark beings wanted… I myself… if i was after something really valuable… I wouldn’t just go about playing these games. I’d go right for it and not allow for anything to stop me or put a bit of a snag in my attempts. I would go for it.

Blossom: That’s the Mob girl… Or Ex-Mob girl talking.

Genevieve: Be that as it may… The other fighters are being briefed on the matter as well.

Leslie: Sounds like something we’re gonna need to get prepared for. Because if this is getting closer…There’s gonna be a storm coming.

Lana: *Looking at the girls* We’re gonna need Charlene, Sora and Carly for this team.

There was a storm coming and it was getting closer still. The time before their next threat was growing dangerously shorter and tighter. Leslie and Blossom stood there in worry that something else was gonna come and it was all stirring into the secret predicament that they had among themselves. Their Pregnancy. No one knew and as the time grew short before the upcoming threat came… There was belief that their secret was gonna come out and into the open soon. It was only just a sheer matter of time. Blossom’s team members to her crew of fighters were in uncertainty with what was to come from the upcoming storm. It was only an hour away from the secret wedding and things were coming together. Of course from there to where the Airship was… There was no way that they were gonna make it and get their things prepared. Things set to go. Leslie and Blossom had already presented one another with Engagement rings. And the Wedding rings were soon to come once on the Airship. What were they all to do about the upcoming dangers that were foretold to arrive? Was the Wedding gonna remain under the veil of secrecy there so that the Hostile Classmates such as Paris Gellar, Louise and Madeline. Plus Tristan who seeks on enjoying to taunt and bug the hell out of Rory and them along with it? Would the tables be turned once it were to come out that Leslie and Blossom were Pregnant? And where are all these new faces coming from? Find out what’s all next in the next chapter of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! as the Saga continues…


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