Chapter 301: Lorelai and Rory’s Teacher… Breaking the Ice in subtlety.

(A Date is discussed. Ethical? or out of the question?)

Mr. Medina walks up to Lorelai…

MR. MEDINA: Very Henry the Eighth.

LORELAI: Well we’re not into subtle.

MR. MEDINA: Good to see you, Lorelai.

LORELAI: Good to see you, Mr. Medina.


LORELAI: Mr. Medina.


LORELAI: Mr. Medina. Meet Sookie, the cheft at the inn. Sookie, Mr. Medina.

SOOKIE: What’s your name again?

LORELAI: Mr. Medina.

SOOKIE: I know, you’ve said it like a zillion times. *To Mr. Medina* Hello.

MR. MEDINA: Hello. Lorelai, could I borrow you for a second?

LORELAI: Oh, yeah, sure. *to Sookie* Oh! Hey I’ll be right back.

Lorelai and Mr. Medina walk away from the table…

MR. MEDINA: You know, Lorelai, I would love for the ice to thaw.

LORELAI: There’s no ice. And you should consider that a reprieve due to the fact that my daughter wasn’t the only one that was hurt. Her friends were also hurt. Dinah’s daughters, Elizabeth’s, Curtis’s… Then there was tall and standing Betty Andrews. So… If you want the “ice” to melt… You might want to clear the air with them as well. *Grins*

MR. MEDINA: Well you repeated my full name four times. That’s ice. And i’ve been meaning to speak with them… However, i am not quite sure that they’re ready to seek audience with me quite yet. Mrs. Rhapsody for sure. She’s a real firecracker.

LORELAI: No, that’s not ice, it’s wintry. And Dinah… She’s with her anger furnace on high alert still over the situation revolving the test.

MR. MEDINA: I was doing my job when I didn’t let Rory and the girls take that test. I didn’t like it but I had to do it. If there was a way that i could stretch the rules… Just a little bit without it abolishing them… I would have done so without a second thought. But… Rules are rules. I don’t entirely agree with the rules but i have to follow them. Obligation wise.

LORELAI: I know.

MR. MEDINA: And I’d do it again.


MR. MEDINA: I really do think Rory’s a great kid and I’m going to do my damnedest to make sure she gets through Chilton in one piece. As well as see to it that the girls get through it all in just one piece. Because Like Rory… Those two girls… What were their names again? Blossom and Leslie?

Lorelai: Yeah.

Mr. Medina: They were just as great. If none better. The 3 girls of Mrs. Rhapsody… They were a rather focused bunch. Trying to attain every bit of detail of the lecture.

LORELAI: I appreciate that.

MR. MEDINA: And I’d like us to be friends. As well as Mrs. Rhapsody, Mrs. Burke and Mr. Rhapsody.

LORELAI: We are. Me too. As for Dinah and the others… You’ll need to speak with them face to face. But they’re sure to understand.


LORELAI: Yeah. Really, truly, I swear. There’s no more ice. We’re walking in a pool of tepid water.



MR. MEDINA: I’m going to propose something here. I’m not sure how you’re going to take it.

LORELAI: Oh wow, intrigue.

MR. MEDINA: I’d like to see you sometime. Away from the ivy, away from the gargoyles, away from here.

LORELAI: Are you asking me out on a date.


LORELAI: Mm. Well, uh, I don’t want to go out on a limb here, but I’m guessing if the headmaster won’t let a kid be thirty seconds late for a test he’d probably frown on a teacher dating a mom.

MR. MEDINA: I do my job well, I’m dedicated to my students, and there’s nothing in the Chilton book of ethics that prohibits it.

LORELAI: Yeah but I’m guessing it’s sort of an unwritten rule.

MR. MEDINA: Do you want to go?

LORELAI: And Rory would probably freak at the thought.

Dinah: *From a couple feet behind* So would my girls. I wouldn’t forbid a person the right to finding love… but A teacher dating a student’s mother? Uh… Raincheck.

MR. MEDINA: Do you want to go?

LORELAI: And the other parents would have a field day with this kind of thing.

Dinah: *Listening in*

MR. MEDINA: Do you want to go?







LORELAI: I can’t. It’s wrong. It’s weird.

MR. MEDINA: I’ll pay.

LORELAI: You’re on.

MR. MEDINA: Really?

LORELAI: I’m kidding. I don’t know. You’re Rory’s teacher.

MR. MEDINA: I know.

LORELAI: Could you quit? Right, that’s crazy.

MR. MEDINA: OK, OK. Um…how about coffee? You like coffee?

LORELAI: Only with my oxygen.

Dinah: *Walking over* Okay… that’s where we say… Cut! What the heck is going on here?

Lorelai: *Stops to look and see that Dinah was nearby* Oh… hey Dinah. Nothing’s going on.

Dinah: Oh really! Okay… then what is it that he is doing near us? Near you for that matter? As it is… we haven’t forgotten what was done the last week prior when our kids were denied the right to take that test. The one that need i remind him… and you… that our kids bashed their brains in like stiff slabs of meat seeking to be tenderized by a meat pounder. *To Max* You might not be at total fault, Sir. But you still played a part and could have allowed for them to take the test. Despite the fact that they were a few minutes late. The one that we blame the most is that Headmaster.

Lorelai: That’s true. However i don’t think you know the whole story… or how he feels over what was done about it. Dinah, Max didn’t want to do what he did… but he had to do it. If he gave our kids the special treatment… he’d have to give all the rest the same. It wouldn’t be fair.

Mr. Medina: Exactly.

Dinah: Uh-huh… Okay. Is this a fact or are you trying to bull?

Mr. Medina: It’s true. The girls are very bright. The best ones there. I already told Lorelai this… now i’m telling and giving you the news. I am gonna be doing my damnest in making sure that they make it through Chilton in one piece.

Dinah: *pauses* …

It was minutes later when Dinah was predominately taken in on the fact that he meant what was said. She walked off back to her table and sighed. Dinah was always one to jump at the chance to derail any attempt to bull a person or two… But… for the first time in her life… She couldn’t. There was no call for her to take the shot and Jump at derailing the sight of bull. what was said… was the truth….

MR. MEDINA: *To Lorelai* Can we drink some together? A sort of pre-date. Very casual, no strings, no obligations. We’ll just see if it’s even worth going down the road of including food in the deal. *whispers* Just coffee. *normal voice* Decaf? There’s nothing safer than decaf.

LORELAI: I’m going to be in town tomorrow because I take a class at Hartford State and there’s a coffee shop across the street that I sometimes, almost all the time, go to around 4:00 and usually exactly 4:12. I could not stop a person from entering said establishment around that time, nor would I avoid them if I knew them if they did.

MR. MEDINA: You know the wordsmith thing — that’s something we have in common.

LORELAI: See you around, Max.

MR. MEDINA: Indeed. You will.

Lorelai: *Grins*

Over by the tables…

A Minute later…

Elizabeth: *In shock* He said what?!

Dinah: That instructor. Max… He said that he’d do his damnest to make certain that our girls got through this place in one piece.

Curtis: Is that so? You don’t think that he was trying to cast a veil of wool over the eyes, do you?

Dinah: I would usually say… yes. Because we’ve come across alot of people who say that they would be of assistance where possible only to pull a 180 on us when we weren’t looking. A lot of teachers in the past who managed to try and screw us and attempt to bull us. Although…

Curtis: You believe that this time’s different?

Dinah: I don’t know. *Scoffs* I haven’t a clue. But he did sound as if he was without flaw… Sincere. He said that he didn’t want to do what he did… but due to the way that rules were here… he had to. He couldn’t bend them. Even though that the tone of his voice clearly sounded and made off like he believed that he really wished that he had bent the rules and went along and allowed the girls to still take the test.

Elizabeth: *Pondering* Hmm… That does sound like a contradiction. Doesn’t it?

Dinah: Sounds like something… Sounds like a stack of hog droppings. Something about that just doesn’t sound right. I mean… We in our experience… came across those who when they happened to really speak sincere… right out of the blue… without any arm twisting… It wasn’t because they wanted to… It was because they were trying to lower the guard and then get them where it hurt.

Curtis: We know the story of being used. Got used from time to time throughout the years. I know for one thing that my Daughter Blossom’s got a taste or two of it and she didn’t like it none. She fought it. That’s for sure… But she sure as heck didn’t like it. Even she wanted to let off a few punches at those who tried to use her. But she didn’t as she didn’t want to stir up any bullshit that she didn’t want.

Elizabeth: Of course… Where does that happen to leave my daughter Leslie? She’s been also met with bullshit herself. You forget that she was enduring it all her life. Even while she used to live in Brooklyn, New York. Her hometown. The city that we Burke’s used to live in. But that was all till we were met with socialite hazing. Leslie got the brunt of it. Physical wise of course as she would get into fights due to the fact that the world we lived in or came from was demanding that my husband and I… and Leslie act like they were… Snobbish and conceited. Rubbing our fortune into the faces of the lower class and make them feel like they’re lowly and insignificant. We were refusing to abide to their standards. So was Leslie. Which resulted in her having no friends. Because of that. In Brooklyn… She had no friends. No friends at all. Other than Betty Andrews but because of an incident… they parted and it was believed that they’d never see one another again. But Leslie had no friends. You would never imagine how hard and heartbreaking it was for her father and I to see the miserable look on her face constantly… on a daily basis.

Dinah: The poor girl. No one should be made to endure that.

Curtis: Not even a Rich girl.

Elizabeth: I solely agree. I just wanted for her to be happy and the thing that really pains me is that all her young life… Every single time she turned around… She would face being cast out by the other kids. Made to be all alone without a friend. That hurts me so much. Because she’s a really well put… Well together girl. Strong and with strength. Friendly as anyone you could ever meet. Willing to help anyone that needed it. Without a fault.

Dinah: Well… now that is what we call a very splendid girl. Lovely and bright. Courteous and with heart.

Curtis: Amen.

A second later…

Curtis: What about the thing between Lorelai and that Chilton Professor Mr. Medina? What was going on with those two?

Dinah: Not much… Just the fact besides the issue which we already know about… Lorelai and the teacher are talking about a possible date. Dating.

Elizabeth: Dating?! Are you serious? Please tell us that you’re not serious about that.

Dinah: I wish that i was joking about it. That it was all a gag and just a misunderstanding. However… I don’t think that it is… I overheard part of the conversation and He did the asking.

Curtis: Why would she think on dating him? she knows… as well as we do what happened the other week. How our kids were regarded and tended to. I don’t want to forbid Lorelai the chance of finding the happiness that she deserves… However… Is she really thinking clearly. Going along with the one man who had a hand in our daughters getting screwed out of being able to take the test that they had studied massively for? Don’t forget that her daughter Rory also got that same treatment.

Elizabeth: If she considers going out with that man… it’d be like she is throwing her dignity right out the door.

Dinah: Unless… It’s something else.

Elizabeth: As in?

Dinah: An honest date. A Subtle meet between them. Over coffee…

Curtis: It could be the start of him being like totally infatuated with her. Fascinated.

Dinah: *Sighs; Shaking her head*

As they spoke on… time passed on that day… People passed and bought some of the hearty baked goods that were presented upon the tables. They were so for the pleasant turn out. On the inside of the very halls… there were surprisingly no trouble. No signs of a quarrel or encounter. Nothing. Which was a change up for them. Leslie and Blossom were with this secret in them that they could not tell. No one knew of it. No one knew that they were pregnant… Not even the hostile nightmare on two legs knew. And that was how they wanted it. The trio didn’t know. Betty didn’t know neither did Rory. She was not even aware of the idea of Leslie and Blossom having Intimacy.

To be continued…


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