Chapter 300: Bake Sale on Chilton school grounds. Altercations doomed to be imminent.

(Look out… There may be a crossing of Gellar in the forecast. Or… Maybe not.)

At Metropolis Inn…

Michel was on the phone…

MICHEL: Independence Inn, Michel speaking. Yes, you are confirmed. Mm-hmm. Goodbye.

Michel hangs up the phone as a group of businessmen approach the counter.

MAN: Bonjour Monsieur. Vous êtes francais? Vous parlez francais?

MICHEL: No, sorry.

MAN: Parlez vous fracais?

MICHEL: Sir, I’m just a simple country boy from Texas. I do not understand this francais business you’re babbling about.

LORELAI: Pardon.

Lorelai pulls Michel aside…

LORELAI: He knows you’re not from Texas.

MICHEL: Smile when you say that.

LORELAI: Michel, I told you there was going to be a French group here for a couple of days and it is your job to keep them happy.

MICHEL: Lorelai, I don’t know how many French people you’ve met over the years, but most of them are insufferable.

LORELAI: Really?

MICHEL: Mm-hm. That is why I left France.

LORELAI: Huh. I thought it had something to do with the torches and the villagers.

Michel, talk to them.

MICHEL: Never. *pause* You are giving me that look aren’t you? Your patented, “Do it or something unspeakable shall befall you” look. *sighs* Fine. I shall be French but I shall not be happy.

LORELAI: Then you will be yourself. Good choice.

Michel goes back to the French group…

MICHEL: Bonjour messieurs. Je m’appelle Miche. Ce soir pour vous aider.

MAN: *laughs* Vous avez faîtt un blague. Très drole! Très drole Michel!

MICHEL: *to Lorelai* Kill me now.

Michel was not having a pleasing time with the group of Frenchmen. He didn’t want to be around them. Of course with Lorelai demanding for him to assist them, it was not gonna make things any better with him. He really didn’t want to be around them. To him… they were dire reminders on why he had left France. Which… as of current… No one knew why and no one… ever would.

Moments later…

Over at Chilton…

SOOKIE: OK– we’ve got our French fantasies, American treats, and our Italian taste sensations. Well, what do you think?

RORY: Amazing.

Leslie: *Looking at the table* Amazing? Not even. Try Remarkable and capturing. *Looking at the display* Sookie, You really know your craft and you don’t play. You lay it all on the floor…

Blossom: No kidding. No kidding at all. Sookie, anyone who crosses your mettle… Lord have mercy.

LORELAI: Incredible.

Dinah: Our tables have just as good selections as any other. But i would praise the idea that Sookie’s got the cooking and masterpieces all wrapped up. No one can match her. No one.

Curtis: No lie on that. None at all.

SOOKIE: It is good, isn’t it? Well, final touch.

Sookie prepares to light a swan-shaped dessert on fire…

RORY: Oh, can I do that?

Betty: That happens to look really dangerous. Is that something safe?

Joshua: That depends on what you’d consider to be dangerous. The young lady does seem to carry quite a skilled touch to that torch.

SOOKIE: Whoa, honey, this is a more delicate procedure than you might think, OK?


SOOKIE: It takes an expert hand.

Janie: Sookie, Are you sure that you know what you’re doing? That looks rather risky for a person to do.

Sookie: Maybe so… but, Janie… It’s gonna be alright.

Charlene: If you say so. But in case… of a fire. I have a hand of frost set to wipe out the flames.

Leslie: *Looking at Blossom* She’s not about to do what it is that she’s appearing to do with that… torch… is she?

Blossom: I don’t think so. It couldn’t be that. It couldn’t be. Could it? *Gasps* Oh no.

Leslie: This is not gonna be good… is it?

Blossom: *Shaking her head*

Janie: Charlene, Ready the frost… We’re gonna need it.

Charlene: *Looking down* … *Groans* This day was going so good too… *Looking up and in disbelief* What happened? Huh? What happened?

Some didn’t truly get the exact meanings behind the very things that Sookie does and how zany but well professional plus creative she was. There was those who knew her… Knew her well… Knew her for what she’d brought to the table. Sookie was one of a kind and even as though Leslie and Blossom were accustomed to her… So were Janie, Alex and Charlene… But there was something they weren’t aware of. There was no way to come out with the fact but the confession that when it came to Sookie… There was no end to her weird and zany antics. It was a never ending guess of what she would be leaving behind in her wake.

SOOKIE lights the tablecloth on fire. Lorelai fills a cup with lemonade from a nearby table and extinguishes the flames.

The women at the lemonade table give her dirty looks.

LORELAI: Um — hi. Oh, well, gee…what is that, a dollar? Let me find you a dollar. You know what? I’ll take two — I’ll drink one.

*drinks it* Mmm…tasty and flame-retardant.

Dinah: *Walking to her table watching as people passed by* Today is a new day. I’m not gonna deal with fighting the other moms because they happen to be stuck up hags.

Elizabeth: *Looking at the ladies over by the Lemonade* Don’t worry about them, Dinah. Those two chilton Mom hags aren’t worth our time. They’re just trying to stir up some bull. It’s nothing to worry about. But if they start any crap towards Lorelai and Sookie… We’re gonna rumble. I may be a socialite. But that don’t mean as though i can’t fight. I can.

Dinah: Good to know. Because i have this aggravating feeling that something’s gonna happen and i am not sure to whether or not… I’m gonna like it. But if it means stepping up to defend Lorelai and Sookie… So be it. *Looking at the treats on her table* Chocolate Walnut Brownies. Cherry Pie. Peanut butter Fudge. My girls made them.

Elizabeth: Hmm… Really? Those sound good. Mmm. Leslie had help from her Male friend Ralph and they came up with… These: Chocolate Fudge Cookies, Lemon Bread… and Strawberry Walnut Bread. Leslie did some digging and managed to come across the recipes for these and just got to making them. I helped out with getting the Ingredients required for the stuff. She and her Male friend did the prepping and cooking. Baking. I did the wrapping up and making sure that they were ready and set to go.

Dinah: Strawberry Walnut?! That’s rather new. Maybe i could get a copy of that and make some to have sometime.

Elizabeth: You’ll have to ask Leslie. She’s the one that made it. However… She and the girls are about to head off to class. I’ll be sure to see if i can find where she caught on to it and write up a copy of it.

Curtis: *Looking to the side* That’d be a time saver. Blossom however… Made on her own… Peanut butter and Choc. chip Amish Bread. 9-10 loafs. Cinnamon Bread and then Banana bread. I don’t know where she got the recipes… but she’s made such good treats. With a bunch of help from Wakka, Ricky and I. Her sister Victoria didn’t seem to help. But she’s in college now… so, how could she?

Dinah: Seems as though our girls are getting into cooking. Baking and creating such delicacies.

Elizabeth: My thing is that… Could it be a phase?

Curtis: With my daughter Blossom… what you see of her… is practically what you get.

Dinah: That also goes right for my girls. They’re their own living souls and beings. The mind of their own.


As the Bake Sale went on…

To be Continued…


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