Chapter 299: A slight conversation of brief proportions between Rory and Dean.

(Janie, Alex and Charlene and a chance talk with Keith, Peter and Gregori)

At the Bus stop…

People are walking by on the sidewalk. Rory is sitting on a bench. A bus pulls around the corner and stops in front of her. Dean is walking down the street and sees Rory get on the bus. He gets on and sits behind her. Rory opens her book and beings to read. She doesn’t notice him.

A Moment later…

They all stepped on to the bus and grabbed a seat. that morning, they were a little spread out as they had things on their minds that they could express among the others. Leslie and Blossom also had some things that they had to bring up that they couldn’t tell the others… Not at that time…

While Janie, Alex and Charlene were sitting at the end of the bus…

Rory was over by the front of the bus which was fine as Blossom and Leslie had to chat amongst themselves. Betty wasn’t there as she had a car… so she drove.

On the Bus…

DEAN: Hey.

RORY: Aah! Morning.

DEAN: Good book?

RORY: I don’t know yet.

DEAN: I saw you standing in line so I thought I’d say hello. *pause* Hello?

RORY: Hello.

DEAN: Oh, hey, uh, thanks for helping me get the job at the store. I mean it’s not a career or anything but it’s got me solvent.

RORY: Solvent’s good.

DEAN: Yeah, uh, are you always this serious?


Dean: Wait. Where are the girls that you usually hang along with?

Rory: You mean… Janie, Alex and Charlene… Leslie, Blossom and Betty? The trio are over a few seats back. Leslie and Blossom happen to be in the back this morning. and Betty? She’s driving herself over to Chilton. She drives… so, yeah.

Dean: What do you suppose that they’re talking about? Any idea?

Rory: No. But whatever it is… it’s between them apparently. It’s something that they’re in need of discussing.

Dean: They seem to be rather lovey-dovey. Is that supposed to be… normal?

Rory: Not sure. But i know of their relationship. I caught them kissing each other a couple times. others have too. It’s fine. They’re just being who they’re supposed to be. How they feel inside.

Dean: Sounds a little hinky. But are they even friendly?

Rory: Yeah. of course they are. Blossom’s a sparky girl though. She’s one you don’t want to make mad. She can get really angry fast if she gets pissed.

Dean: *Pauses* How angry?

Rory: Raging lightning angry. I’ve seen it. A couple times and they were front row seats.

Dean: Ouch.

Rory: However… She is more tame when she’s with her girlfriend Leslie. They’re like a calming effect towards one another.

Dean: I noticed. How is it that they can be so tame towards one another… but hostile or moody… or theatrical towards everyone else?

Rory: Not a clue.

As for Janie, Alex and Charlene…

Janie: *Sighs* …

Keith Lerner

Keith: Hey Janie. *Smiles* Fancy seeing you here on the bus.

Janie: Hey, Keith… It’s a surprise to see you too. I am riding the bus because my mom can’t do it today. the car is carrying a load of goodies for the bake sale that’s at Chilton.

Keith: A Bake Sale? *Curious* What’s it like over there?

Janie: No idea. It’s our first one and as it is… that school is not running on good terms with us.

Keith: It isn’t? Why not? Something happen?

Janie: You could say that. But it’s kinda because of the fact that i had an Exam to take not but recently ago. However… i didn’t get the right to take it because i happened to be a few minutes late getting to school and sitting in the seat.

Keith: That’s kinda unfair. Totally Asinine and uncalled for. Why didn’t you fight back? You studied for that test. Tore yourself apart and then to be denied the right of taking it? You kidding me?!

Janie: What do you want for my sisters and me to do? There’s nothing that could be done. Nothing that could be tried to change it. Our mom went to bat and stood up against the Headmaster… for all the good it’d done her. The guy was not gonna budge.

Keith: *Scoffs* I… I don’t get it… Why do you even bother going to that school anymore? After what they did… How they treated you… after all the effort and time studying and cramming for the test… denying you from taking that test… How can you still suffice in going back there?

Janie: Let me clue you in, Keith. See that girl up near the front. *Pointing to Rory*

Keith: *Looking to see Rory up front* Oh… I guess she’d be a good reason for why you still go to that school. Sticking up for her. *Looking to see Janie Nod* Hmm…

Alex: *Thinking deeply within her mind* …

Peter Hollister

Peter: *Tapping Alex on the shoulder from behind* Hey.

Alex: *Jumps in a bit of a startle* Wha-? Huh? *Turns to see Peter* Peter?!

Peter: Hey Alex. Surprise to see you be taking the Bus. Couldn’t get a ride from a friend?

Alex Rhapsody

Alex: Not this morning. It’s supposed to be the day of the bake sale held at Chilton. Chilton’s a crock school where everyone just treats one another like mortal enemies.

Peter: If that’s the case… why do you insist on going on back to that place?

Alex: I wish i knew. My sisters happen to feel the exact same way. But the only thing… or person that is keeping us in continuing on going to that school is the girl up ahead close to the front. She’s the reason why we’re sticking to it. Because other than us… she’s got nobody that will stick up and defend her against the brutal assholes that walk the very halls.

Peter: Why can’t she stand up for herself?

Alex: Beats me. How the heck should i know? She just doesn’t want to start any drama. Which… i can’t say as i blame her as i wouldn’t want to do that either. However… The more she doesn’t try to stand her ground… The more taunts and jeering from the morons at Chilton… she’s gonna get.

Peter: What’ll you do?

Alex: I don’t know. *Thinking* But… wait… What’re you doing riding the bus? Metropolis high is a couple or so blocks up.

Peter: I know… But i was walking down the street and heading off towards school…But i caught you getting on, so i figured that i could just get on and speak some with you.

Alex: Well… that’s nice. I mean… it’s a surprise. But you are gonna be missing your stop for Metropolis High. You wouldn’t wish to go to Chilton… do you?

Peter: Me… Going to Chilton? *Thinking* Alex, i would like to hang with you a little bit more today. Although the thing at Chilton… That’s gonna have to be out of the question. I have no place over there. I wouldn’t belong there.

Charlene Rhapsody

Charlene: *Looking out the window and sighs*…

Gregori Sherman.

Gregori: *Sitting next to Charlene suddenly* Hey Charlene.

Charlene: *Looking to see Gregori* Hey there, Gregori. What’re you doing here?

Gregori: Nothing really. Just figured that i would pop on in and say hello. Haven’t gotten a chance to speak to you much for a while as our lines kept on missing one another.

Charlene: Ohhh… I’m sorry. It’s just that Chilton is very time consuming and demanding. Plus… i’m still feeling the sting from the other week.

Gregori: How so? *Curious* What happened?

Charlene: I was denied the opportunity to take an Exam that i’ve been cramming and studying heavily for. It wasn’t just me. It was also my sisters, Leslie, Blossom and Betty. Even Rory. They too were denied the chance. All because we were a few minutes late.

Gregori: Say what?! That’s a crock. What did you do about it? You did fight back, didn’t you?

Charlene: Tried to. Our parents even went to bat against the Headmaster… For all the good that it done her or us. The Headmaster was not with any means of being lenient. It was like he didn’t care and believed that we were just causing the drama.

Gregori: That just really bites the frosty big one. You studied and beaten your brains in… non-stop… All for that test and then on the day of the test… you get told that you couldn’t take it. You get denied the right to take that test. That school should be made to suffer for that.

Charlene: And exactly… do what to the school? All it would do was just piss off the headmaster and likely expel us. Which would screw our mother out of all that money that was paid into it.

Gregori: So in lamen terms… You’re expected to bend over while they stick a Cold ironed steel up the back hind end and just ram it well. Right?

Charlene: Yeah. Apparently. But we stay with going to Chilton because… of Rory. She’s the only reason… as to why we’re still going to that school. To ensure that no one screws with her. Otherwise… We couldn’t give a damn about the school. If i were to have my way with the school. I’d freeze it into an Arctic Apocalypse.

Gregori: I would bet that if it weren’t for the girl you mentioned… You’d be cutting the ties to that place however right now find that you can’t.

Back over with Rory…

DEAN: So, uh, how long does it take you to get to school?

RORY: Um…forty minutes if the bus driver’s focused but longer if he’s trying to win something on the radio. Hey, this bus is going to Hartford!

DEAN: Yeah, I know.

RORY: But you go to school here. You have to get off the bus! *calling over to the driver* Hey, he has to get off the bus!

DEAN: Wait. You’re forgetting something.

Bus stops…

DEAN: Buses make stops. Good-bye Lorelai Gilmore.


At Metropolis High school…

It was another Monday morning and things seemed very calm even though some were in the mindset for the special moment that was to come that day. Leslie and Blossom were gonna be wed by a communion of their peers. And for some reason… there was gonna be said to be a Judge. An actual Judge who’d grant and sanction the union of Leslie and Blossom. So they be wed. However there was something more to it than that as no one knew that both Blossom… and Leslie were Pregnant. It was not public knowledge at the current moment of course… they all knew that it’d be only just a matter of time before it were to get out to people that Blossom and Leslie were in the path of expecting.

But at the High School, Zoey, Michelangelo, Sora and Justin were walking the hall and making their way over to their first class. It was quiet. silent and serene. However one of them were depressed still over the disappearance of Johnny Barlow…

Zoey: *Walking down the hall* I can’t believe that i had to meet with that lady. Emily Gilmore. She enjoyed the band… But it was like she inspected us and were looking for a mistake. Expecting us to bomb.

Michelangelo: She wasn’t doing that. Zoey, She happened to be complimenting you. You really grabbed her with the talent and skill that your band had. There wasn’t even a question as to you playing. You played like an ace.

Zoey: How is it that you know that?

Michelangelo: Because it’s true, Zoey. Besides that… you were the one on stage with Empire of the Sun. Singing and playing along with them. Wouldn’t that have accounted for something?

Sora: It should. However… There is something that we should really get into.

Justin: *To Sora* Like what?

Sora: The supposed wedding of Leslie and Blossom.

Justin: What?! You’re kidding… *Gasp* those two’re getting married?

Sora: they sure are.

Carly: At least they’re gonna be happy. *sighs*


Leslie G.: *Walking over and meeting up with the crew* Hey guys. What’s up?

Leslie B.: *Walking along* What’s up?

Leslie G.: We just overheard something on the way here.

Sora: Really? What?

Leslie B.: Nothing much… just that there are a group of guys coming in today. They all transferred from Wisteria Lane… in Fairview.

Justin: Really? Where’s that? Fairview…. where is that?

Leslie B.: Who the heck knows where that is. But wherever that is… It’s got to be a bit far from Kansas.

Zoey: *Seeing a couple guys up ahead* Who’re they?

Owen Kingsley

Owen: *Walking over to the girls and 4 teen boys* Hey there. What up, Playa’s? We’re new here… but were told by some of the loco-Yoko’s here that you practically knew the way around school and the tricks of the trade here.

Justin: I wouldn’t really know. I don’t go to too many places in the school.

Sora: Neither do I.

Zoey: Michelangelo and I could show you around.

Percy Vaughn

Percy: I’m into accounting. Plus Book keeping. I’ve been into organizing things for a while. My parents got me into it. Although… i recently lost them to a plane crash. So i now currently live with my Aunt Nim and Uncle Zippy. They’re more into conservation and Artifact preserving.

Michelangelo: So… they’re like explorers?

Percy: No. Not really. I mean that yes… they are construed as sort of Explorers… but are primarily Archaeologists and Artifact preservers. They have a Museum that consists of Artifacts from the Medieval times.

Sora: You’re Kidding… Really?

Percy: Yeah. *Grins* You really don’t have a clue to any of that… do you?

Sora: Not really. Our History Class just went over that only last week. Wednesday. But… I don’t think that it included the mentions of Artifacts and remnant items from those times.

Percy: They haven’t, huh? Wait till College comes. That will be a new addition to go over.

Zoey: We would have guessed. We know already… We’re just a bit surprised to meet someone who’d just have ties to ones who’d own and run a Museum that collects that kind of stuff… Artifacts from the Medieval times.

Jessie Rogers

Jessie: *Winks at Owen before Looking at the girls* Hey girls. What’s up?

Carly: Nothing really. Just heading off to class. It starts soon.

Jessie: It would… If the teacher was here. She’s not around yet.

Michelangelo: She’s late then. But… How do you know she’s not around? Who are you?

Jessie: *Winks and Smiles* Jessie Rogers. I’m a Ballet dancer. Owen is one as well. However… He also is a swimsuit model. But he’s more on the intermediate level. As for me… I am a Ballet dancer. *Showing off the photo* Kinda like this. However… It’s not the only outfit that i have. I also have a Pink, A green, Blue, Red, Purple and Sparkling Pink.

Justin: How long have you been doing Ballet?

Jessie: 2 1/2 years. It’s something that i got into as i was the kind of boy that couldn’t help but to dance. I did my first practice as a dancer to Swan Lake. Not in public of course. But at home. I found a small size pair of panty hose/Leggings. they were pink. But i figured that they’d be well fitted. They were my mom’s from back when she was dancing Ballet. To this day… she still has the limber approach. Delicate as well. I tried the pair on and then got to dancing. My mom happened to catch me doing it one afternoon and watched as i was dancing. She couldn’t pull away from it at all. Once done… She came in and hugged me as she felt sincerely moved by the sight of my dancing. She put me in Ballet classes. Been going to them ever since.

Sora: That’s pretty cool. Not many boys can tap into their feminine side. Or the side that brings out their limber flexible dance abilities. Being able to try Ballet.

Jessie: If you’d like… I could show my craft.

Carly: That’d be amazing if you were to do so.

Tristan Becker

Tristan: *Blowing a Kiss at Owen* … *Looking at the girls and guys* Hey there. The name’s Tristan. Tristan Becker. I’m a cake boy. Proud of it.

Zoey: That’s okay. We know a couple of people who’re gay or Lesbian. So… it’s not a problem. Nice to meet you. *Smiles*

Tristan: Likewise. Who else would be gay or Lesbian?

Sora: Our cousin’s Blossom and Serena. Serena and her lover Carly Black are at Met U. Lovers. And our cousin Blossom and her Lover Leslie Burke are in Chilton. Today is believed to be their secret wedding.

Jessie: Really?! Married? How old are they?

Carly: 15 and only a couple or so months away from age of sweet 16.

Michelangelo: *Nods* …

Donald Nickols

Donald: *Looking at the passing crowd and then at the group* You guys look rather too prim for this gent But… I’m gonna like you yanks anyway despite all that. I’ve seen too many Prim and propers to make a brit’s blood curdle. Too many fat cats with bulging billfolds to tolerate. But you gents and ladies seem to be prim and yet subtle. Compared to the usual who are so proper… that it’s like a bloody production line spanning many a year. *Sticking out his hand* The name’s Donald. Donald Nichols. Brit descendant to Laurel Nichols and Winifred Crest-Nichols. I have american relatives here in Kansas that knew my parents and they sent me here to ensure that i’d have guardians and people to watch over me. Being 14-15 and alone in the world… doesn’t fare well on being alone on a street in this country. Not for a Brit like me.

Michelangelo: It’s okay. We happen to understand as some people happen to not like Brits. Not as sure why. But also there are those who don’t seem to like Nerds and Geeks. I’m an Anime Geek and know how it feels. Some people out there tend to not understand Anime Geeks or Nerds. It’s just how people are.

Justin: However… You’re okay with us.

Leslie B.: Yeah. Stick around with us.

Leslie G.: You’ll make it here. We know what it’s like for newbies and new people. It’s not as easy as it looks.

Carly: There are some people who’ve come and gone that were new and even they had it hard. Namely one that isn’t here now. Johnny Barlow. He was here for a short time and then only a week ago… he took off. He just vanished and without a goodbye. Nor a reason as to why he split. I miss him alot. All he wanted was to make it in Metropolis and got nothing but the eyes of Judgement looming upon him. It pushed Johnny to just take off and where he could be now… Nobody knows.

Gerald Lands

Gerald: *With Irish accent* ‘ey dare. a fancy chance ter be meetin’ yer guys. (Hey there. A fancy chance to be meetin’ you guys.) Name’s gerald lands. Oirishman an’ proud countrymen truer than de sea. (Name’s Gerald Lands. Irishman and Proud countrymen truer than the sea.)

Sora: Don’t most Irishmen look small and tend to wear… green?

Gerald: Most do. Sum av dem ‘owever span along wi’ alternative colors. sum irishmen ‘appen ter be towerin’ than de norm. not everyone who’s Oirish is believed ter be short tren. (Some of them however span along with alternative colors. Some Irishmen happen to be towering than the norm. Not everyone who’s Irish is believed to be short men.)

Carly: You could be right. Although… we don’t usually see too many Irishmen.

As they were talking…

The halls were starting to fill up and then minutes later dissipate as classes were about to start for the day. It was while their meeting for the first time that the teachers came and started to prepare on conducting the class and lecturing… teaching the days lesson. New faces were coming and it was gonna get more complicated for the crew to keep up with those that they’ve grown accustomed to and now the newest faces in the crowd. There was no sign of there being word breaking on the revealing detail that Leslie and Blossom were indeed pregnant. Not yet… But the eyes of one Babette, Morey, Miss Patty and a selected few others… were gonna be with ears locking in on the conversations of Leslie and Blossom. Watching. Some of them felt that something was up.

What was next to come for Blossom and Leslie? Were they gonna be at risk of being found out by those who regard them poorly? Would it catch on to the trio, Rusoe sisters… The crew and band of friends? Would it change the view that those they cared about had of them? With that secret wedding looming only closer as the hours ticked away…Was it gonna pass by the ears and mind of the High strung, Hostile personality on two legs Paris Gellar and her Posse along with Tristan Dugrey? There was also a storm coming closer… one of a new threat that wrought the presence of one Mephistopheles and his Dark Evil sinister power hungry son Blackheart/Darkheart… Would the fighters be ready and prepared to face the threat as it approaches once it finally strikes and enters the fold? Find out in the next Chapter of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! as the Saga continues…


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