Chapter 297: Leslie and Blossom’s private conversation on the way to Chilton.

Continued from Chapter 296…

Leslie and Blossom both left their houses by that time and were on their way to the bus stop however… What was surprising about it… was Leslie was in front of the house. Blossom met her right then…

Blossom: *Seeing Leslie* Hey Leslie, Morning.

Leslie: *Smiles* hey Blossom. *Noticing Blossom looking a little stressed* Is something bugging you, Blossom?

Blossom: Not really. *Walking over to Leslie* I have just a bit of something on my mind. Been thinking of it all weekend. It’s kinda driving me crazy too.

Leslie: What do you mean?

Blossom: It’s our wedding, Leslie. Our Wedding. What’re we gonna do about it?

Leslie: That… Hmm… I wish that i knew what it was that we could do.

Blossom: Well… it’s today and already… we have stuff to worry over. We have that damn bake sale to worry about. My dad helped me out with getting some things made for the bake sale. I made this thing called Amish Bread. Strange thing though as i never heard of it and never had made it before. So… it was something new to me. But i made 9 loafs of that. And two other things. I think it was Peanut Butter fudge. I think… Not sure as my dad’s taking it over to Chilton and is setting it up over there. But…We have to worry about the Wedding as we’re needing to keep it under the Radar. Our boyfriends don’t know that we’re getting married and we have yet to tell them.

Leslie: We also have to be sure that it’s kept under the radar of those high strung adversaries from Chilton. You know that they’re gonna just eat it up and try to crucify us if they were to ever know. or hear that we’re getting married. Today.

Blossom: We do happen to count on Rory. We’re gonna invite her along to the Wedding and also Lorelai. Not to mention Lane and there are others as well. We’re all gonna need to see that this is kept hush hush. around the public till we’re ready for them to know of it.

Leslie: That’s if there will be people coming to attend for the surprise wedding. The Invites didn’t go out. Now one knows of it. Our friends don’t know about it.

Blossom: That’s what i would have guessed.

As they started walking…

Leslie: *Walking over the nearby bus stop beside Blossom* The Elections are next week.

Blossom: Yeah. *Sighs* Next Thursday. At least… that’s what some of the mail that’s been coming to my our house has been saying. The T.V has been televising about certain Propositions… Saying yes. or no to them.

Leslie: As has the Radio stations too. They’ve been going on about it all for the last couple or so weeks. The part that makes it a relief is that i haven’t been home much to catch the hype of it.

Blossom: Neither have I. The Elections are a total crock. We both know that somehow in someway The bastard Male candidate is gonna try to buy his way in and see that he gets office. You know how some dirty some politicians get. They can get really brutal.

Leslie: And from the sounds of it… you might not be the only one who seems to feel that way.

Blossom: That’s true. Because My cousin Serena… and a few others… they’re also with that same state of mind.

Leslie: That goes without saying. My mom does not like that guy who’s running for office. She hates him. And knowing that Brooklyn was not far from Lower Manhattan… It’s making her… and Me sincerely ILL… as we were close to his Tower. *Feeling Queasy just thinking about it* That’s a rather nauseating fact to think about. Sickening to the letter.

Blossom: Of course.  *Thinking* I was kinda thinking… Remember that night of the concert. What we did… after it was all over and we went to your place and had our moment of Pleasure… What was it that we used?

Leslie: Why do you ask?

Blossom: Well… Because, I felt a bit odd this morning. Stressed about somethings when there may not have been a need for it.

Leslie: Now that you mention it… i kinda felt it as well. However… i thought that it was just me.

Blossom: How long has it been that you’ve felt it?

Leslie: What does that matter? It was 3 days after our Intimate moment. It’s nothing. It’s not like we’re… Pregnant. We’re 15 years old. It would be almost like we were seeking to become teenage mothers and by doing so… would give Paris Gellar more Ammo for her arsenal of Hostile weaponry of wits and intimidation.

Blossom: But… What if it’s true? What if we are? Then what?

Leslie: *Scoffs* SHHH! You don’t realize that we have someone close by over-hearing all this. If this gets out… people will speak of it and it could get to your father. He could draw close to just barring us from each other. Forbidding us from seeing one another ever again. I don’t want that. Neither do you.

Blossom: *Looking behind* There’s no one there. Leslie, Wakka is up ahead and on his way to work. He left a couple minutes before i stepped out the front door of my house.

Leslie: *Sighs* Okay.

Blossom: We had it on the 14th. It’s now the 29th. Two weeks and going on starting the 3rd week.

Leslie: Let’s meet tonight… At my place and be sure to bring the things that you’re gonna need for the night. We’ll Look up some information on it and get the details. What to expect. If this is what we think it is… We’ve just stepped into something that… we may not have been prepared for yet.

Blossom: What can happen?

Leslie: You… *Shaking her head and Groans* you really should not challenge that. You and I both have no idea as to what that could mean for us. You and I can’t be with the responsibility of dealing with a pregnancy. We have too much to handle as it is. Plus… If your dad finds out that you and I are… Pregnant… He will be pissed. Because the way it is now… he’s suspecting that i turned you from a straight… to a gay… to a lesbian and/or Bi. He’s not exactly the most tickled over that new reality. He is prematurely… Unmoved.

Blossom: So… So what if he is? Does it matter if he finds out. We’re 15… about to be 16. My next birthday is in June. of the next soon to come year.

Leslie: March. So… i am kinda older than you… by 3 months. Although… i’m not gonna hold that over you. It’s just a technicality. 3 months apart… but the same age. Moreless.

Blossom: We should try that item that was used last time again. Tonight?

Leslie: *Grins* I guess. But that depends on what happens throughout the day.


As they were getting closer to the bus stop…

Blossom: *Feeling a little queasy* Uh… Leslie. I don’t feel so hot.

Leslie: Me neither. *Starting to feel rather Queasy* Oh god…

And so it began… Some of us would say that this was just a possible fluke. Others would be with the suspicion that it tapped into the prospect of it likely being sworn as a new scenario but one that mirrored the Dilemma that came of Dinah 16 years back. Before the Gilmore’s were ever crossed… Before the Mob was ever encountered. But this time… it was the actions of both Leslie… and Blossom.

To be continued…


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