Chapter 296: A Monday morning slow start for the sake of a Rhapsody, Burke and Gilmore.

Monday Morning…

Oct. 29th, 2046…

Lorelai’s house…

Lorelai’s kitchen…

It is morning and Lorelai is seated at the table drinking coffee. Rory walks into the kitchen and closes her bedroom door on loud music.

LORELAI: *Feeling Moody* Hey. I have an idea for a new reality show. How about everyone just looks out their freakin’ kitchen window for a change?

RORY: Ooh. She’s cranky this morning. Good thing that Dinah isn’t here this morning. She’d throw a a real ringer.

LORELAI: Let’s just say the world has a formidable opponent. And Dinah’s a casual hot-head. Sometimes she’d seem as if she’d gotten off of the wrong side of her bed.

RORY: Wait — shouldn’t you be baking?

LORELAI: I don’t know. Shouldn’t you be knitting?

RORY: Mom! The Chilton bake sale is today! Janie, Alex and Charlene’s mom will be making things too. As will Blossom’s dad. Leslie’s mom. Not sure about Betty Andrews though. She’s said nothing about whether she’d be doing something for it or not.

LORELAI: I know. I got it covered.

RORY: They expect the things to be homemade.

LORELAI: I know.

RORY: By someone other than Dolly Madison.

LORELAI: I said I have it covered.

RORY: All of the parents pitch in so this is really really important. You know that, right?

LORELAI: No, I didn’t know that. In that case I don’t have it covered. I have it covered! Get your stuff and hit the stereo — we’re late.

RORY: *softly* It’s not me.

Rory opens her door and we see Lane dancing in the room…

LORELAI: *to Lane* Where does your mother think you are?

Lane turns off the music…

LANE: Oh, on a park bench contemplating the reunification of the two Koreas.

LORELAI: Not here, skanking to Rancid?

LANE: Wouldn’t be included.

LORELAI: School!

Rory: *Grins*

But at Dinah’s house…

Dinah: *Getting things set up for the morning* Damn it! Today’s the bake sale and i got absolutely no time to whip up something. *Looking through the kitchen* There is nothing i can do… Damn.

Janie: *Walking into the kitchen* Uh, mom. You really don’t have a clue as to what to make for the sale… do you? *Shaking her head* This isn’t nothing. It’s nothing to worry about as there’s something you failed to notice.

Alexandra Sandy Rhapsody.

Alex: *Drinking her morning cup of Espresso* Yeah. While you were out gallivanting with Lorelai yesterday and enjoying perpetual bliss… Janie, Charlene and I have been cooking up some goodies. Home made Goodies. Like Chocolate Walnut Brownies. Cherry Pie. Peanut butter Fudge.

Charlene Emily Rhapsody

Charlene: We literally saved your back hind end there Mom. But fortunate for you… We’re giving you all the credit. You should have known that today was the bake Sale. It’s been in the Chilton Newsletter for the last week and a half.

Dinah: And yes… Girls. This is something i should have known. But you are talking to me about some bake sale. When only a week and a half ago… You were in suit for just saying the hell with Chilton and biding the time before begging and groveling to me to put in that transfer back to Metropolis High.

Janie: That’s what we still would like. But the part that truly stops us… is the fact that if we’re not there… to stand up for Rory in case Paris Gellar decides to pull her shit again… Who’ll do it? No one is coming to her defense. No one is sticking up for her. Rory’s all alone in the world revolving Chilton. No one there cares. it’s like they could care one i-oda. Because if they did… they’d see to it that the taunts that were coming onto Rory would stop.

Alex: Exactly.


Burke Mansion

At the Burke Mansion…

The Kitchen…

Leslie Burke

Leslie:  *Finishing up the last bits of the item for the Chilton Bake Sale* Wow! That’s a lot of cooking just for only 4 entries. Ralph, i don’t even know where to start in thanking you for helping out with all this.

Ralph Stone

Ralph: *Smiling* Don’t mention it. It was the least i could do. However… there is one thing that i should ask even though i really shouldn’t be asking. Why didn’t your mom do this over the weekend?

Leslie: What do you mean?

Ralph: What i mean is that shouldn’t it have been on her to have this stuff done? She knew that the Bake Sale was gonna be held today at Chilton.

Leslie: She must have forgot… I’d guess.

Ralph: But why? Why would she forget? Unless…

Leslie: I don’t know. It’s just been a rather hard couple of weeks as my father’s still in the hospital and since the other week when the huge blowout with the Headmaster at Chilton… She’s been trying to get me to give up Chilton and declare it where i’d be placed back at Metropolis high.

Ralph: I would agree with her. After the way that the place treated you. Forbidding you from taking a test that you solely have been studying for intensively. It’d be a good retreat and be the safest and most direct thing you could have done.

Leslie: Do that and just cower from a challenge? No way. Burke’s are not known to just give up and throw in the towel. It may be stressing me out and getting me over worked… but i am not about to just call it quits on the school. Even though it has been rather unfair with it’s rules and conduct.

Ralph: It has been unfair. You deserve better. Chilton isn’t giving you a fair shake.

Leslie: True. It isn’t doing good for me. I don’t like how it’s been so far. The others are feeling the same way. Blossom wants to pulverize the heck out of Paris Gellar. I don’t blame her as i wouldn’t mind to land a few hits or so on Paris. She’s been on our backs almost every step of the way and it’s gotten to be really annoying. Got us to the point where we’re just wanting to come at her and just punch her.

Ralph: It wouldn’t help the situation. It’d only make the matters there worse.

Leslie: I guess. But the whole thing is so annoying.

Ralph: I’ll bet that it is.

The stuff was made for the bake sale. It was all set to be transported over to Chilton for its bake sale. It was that day. Their only hope was that it’d be peaceful and that there’d be no unnecessary encounters…

As for Blossom…

She was getting things done for the bake sale and had 3 things made for the bake sale. With help from her boyfriend Ricky Lach and Wakka. They made Banana bread. Cinnamon Cookies. And then made Amish Bread. Choc. and Peanut Butter Amish Bread. 9 loafs. Blossom’s father was also there to help out. There was much to do. Which got done in only a short time. there was no time wasted in getting things prepped, Made, done. Cleaning up the mess that was made and left behind…

Blossom Rhapsody

Blossom: Okay… We got the stuff here. Baked, made and ready. *Sighs* I can’t believe that this Bake sale is happening. After the crap that the school pulled with us… we’re taking part in the bake sale and contributing to it. I for one must be off my twisted mind. *Looking at the time* Aw, F**k! It’s almost time for me to get going on my way to Chilton. I’m gonna be late. SHIT! *Running off to get changed into her Chilton uniform* After everything else… the last thing i need is to be walking through Chilton… out of uniform.

Wakka: *Looking at Curtis* Hey, Curtis… What’s going on with Blossom, eh? Why she so tense?

Curtis: She’s just going through a lot right now, Wakka. The Wedding is later on today… and there’s the reality that with the upcoming Elections and then with the fact that she not long ago got forbidden to be able to take the test that she had been studying herself insane over… It’s gotten her to be rather pressed with stress and her patience on things is pretentiously depleted right now.

Wakka: Sounds troubling, ya?

Curtis: Seems like it. But… She trying hard to pull through it and not let it tear her down.

Ricky: It’s not that bad. It could have been worse. She could have gotten more stressed out than what she is now as of late… and it got to where she happened to black out. This isn’t gonna last long. Stress is part of life. But… She’ll get through it. Knowing that we have her back.

Curtis: She knows that. And i happen to be her father. She knows that i’d be there for her. It’s not a question as to whether one’s got her back. I always support her.

Wakka: She’s surely stressed out though. That’s bad, ya?

Curtis: Can be. As soon as she’s ready to go Wakka, You see her to the Bus stop where she meets with either Leslie or Rory or the trio. Maybe have a talk with her. I can’t keep talking with her about stressing over things. All i have done for the last two times was practically come close to rehashing the same rhetorics and even those are starting to lose its touch.

Wakka: B-but… what could i say to Blossom? I’m no good at giving heart to hearts. It’s not gonna work with her. She won’t take to it so well.

Curtis: Maybe… But it’s a whole lot better than my doing it again and only rehashing things.

Wakka: Okay… I’ll try. But it isn’t like it’s gonna that easy, you know?

Curtis: I know. It is not so easy… However some people have it. Some people… kinda flop.

Minutes later…

The Car was loaded up with the things that were for the bake sale. It took the whole back seat and the front seats were also used by the stuff that were for the Sale. Blossom’s father was on his way there so Blossom would have to take the bus over. Which gave time for there to be a heart to heart. Blossom wasn’t all that optimistic even though she knew that Wakka was only doing it as a favor to her father. So… It was not as bad. Just a bit odd.

To be continued…



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