Chapter 295: Another Friday dinner at the Elder gilmore house. Minus a Richard.

(Leslie’s, Blossom’s and Zoey’s planned meet with Mrs. Gilmore)

A week later…

Friday Oct. 26th 2046…

7:00 PM…

Elder Gilmore house…

Lorelai, Rory, and Emily Gilmore are sitting around the dinner table. it was Another Friday night dinner at the Elder Gilmore mansion. Which also included Dinah and her girls. However… they weren’t the only ones who were expected to be there. There was also supposed to be a planned meeting between Leslie and Zoey… and Emily Gilmore. Emily wanted to meet one on one or one on three with the girls. Although that was gonna be after the friday night dinner. That night was also the night that would possibly shake Leslie’s and Blossom’s Love for each other up into a bit of a dramatic soap opera. Of course… question was… Who would be the target? Leslie… or Blossom?

LORELAI: So where’d you say Dad was?

EMILY: Away on business.

Dinah: Business? Where? He’s supposed to be working for an Insurance firm. Wasn’t he?

Emily: Of course. That’s the sole idea.

Janie: He’s gone off on business and leaving… you here.

Alex: He better at least bring you back a souvenir.

Dinah: Girls… easy. It’s likely not as rough as it is being made out to be.

LORELAI: Location’s top secret?

EMILY: Oh, Germany.

pauley-perrette (1)

Dinah: Germany?! Wow! Serious?

Emily: *Nods*

LORELAI: Germany. Is Dad’s firm insuring Nazis now?

Charlene: The Nazi’s are supposed to be this group of soldiers who patrol the streets and with Swastika Armbands on the left arm. They were also called the National Socialist Party.


Janie: That was all back during world war 2. When Germany was tormented and ruled by an iron fist. Adolf Hitler.

Alex: Please… *Scoffs* Please tell me that you’re just screwing around and that Mr. Gilmore isn’t in any ties with a member of the Nazi Persuasion… Please. It’s already enough to deal with since there’s talks all over the city now about Leslie and Blossom likely getting hitched. Possibly before a Judge for it to be a Civil pact and made official. Hearing about someone tied to the Nazi’s… It’s ridiculous.

EMILY: Your father doesn’t know any Nazis. And don’t get so dramatic, Alex. There are no ties to any Nazis here. It’s nothing other than a business trip. Nothing else.

LORELAI: I know, Mom. I was just —

Dinah: …

EMILY: What?

RORY: Joking. She was joking.

EMILY: Oh. Hard to tell.

LORELAI: Yeah, well.

EMILY: Oh, I’m afraid I have some bad news. Claudia died.

Dinah: Huh? Come again?


EMILY: Claudia. Your cousin Claudia. *Seeing Lorelai stare* Claudia!

LORELAI: I’m hearing the name, Mom. I have no idea who that is.

EMILY: Claudia’s your cousin, for all intents and purposes.

LORELAI: Oh, now we’re getting to it.

EMILY: She was your father’s grandmother’s sister’s girl. So to you, that would make her —

LORELAI: Nothing?


Janie: Claudia… Is she… A Gilmore as well?

EMILY: Regardless the funeral’s on Thursday. I thought we’d all go together. And Yes, Janie… She does happen to be a related Gilmore.

LORELAI: Ooh, whoa. Two problems. Impossible to get away from the inn Thursday. Two, I’ve never met this woman.

Dinah: Lorelai… I don’t know who this Claudia is either as it’s the first that i’ve heard of her myself… But seriously… She’s likely a known plus beloved part of the Gilmore Clan. You must at least see on giving your condolences for the girl. It’s only the right thing to do.

Alex: There’s a good point there. Really.

EMILY: You most certainly have.


EMILY: Several times.

LORELAI: I’ll take one.

Charlene: You can give me… 3 times. Because i am hearing it… Understanding it. But… to be directly honest… I have no idea who Claudia is. But if she is family… I would best suggest that she’s at least given some thought and some concern. Mourning her with at least some respect… if any at all. Even if Lorelai doesn’t go… There’s at least be a layer of respect left and given to the woman. Suggesting only that she’s not forgotten.

EMILY: We went to her house in Groton to see the first moon landing. She’d just gotten a new Philco.

Janie: What’s a Philco?

Alex: Philco was a pioneer in battery, radio, and television production. In North America, it is the Philco brand owned by Philips.

LORELAI: I have no memory of this whatsoever.

EMILY: Rory, correct me if I’m wrong, but men have walked on the moon regardless of whether your mother remembers it or not.

RORY: That’s the rumor.

Charlene: A Rumor… but also stated and historical fact. It was done by Neil Armstrong.

Emily: That’s right. He was found to have been the one to do what others couldn’t.

LORELAI: I know men have walked on the moon. I just don’t know Claudia.

EMILY: So you’re not going?

LORELAI: Not this time.

EMILY: I don’t think Claudia’s planning to die a second time.

LORELAI: Mom, I couldn’t go if I wanted to.

EMILY: Fine. *pauses* Oh wait — Rudolph Gottfried.

LORELAI: Another cousin?

EMILY: No, a Nazi that we knew. I’d forgotten. We stayed with him once in Munich. Nice old man. Interesting stories.

LORELAI: Mom you socialized with a Nazi? That’s despicable! That’s heinous!

EMILY: No, dear, that was a joke.


Dinah: *Chuckles* okay… that was a good one. *Laughing a little* … *Looking at Lorelai* Sorry Lorelai, But that was a pretty good joke. Your mom is pretty witty.

Alex: Witty? No… Try comical.

Charlene: *Laughing*

Lorelai: *Smiles* Okay…


Janie: Wanna know something new and freshening?

Emily: *Looking at Janie* Hmm? What?

Alex: Leslie Burke’s getting married. She’s gonna get married to her best friend Blossom.

Emily: *Pause* What? They’re getting married? When?

Janie: We don’t know. But we’re figuring that it’d be rather soon… Like in a few days. However we don’t feel that it’d really happen as the other day… we kinda caught Leslie in a Major Lip-smacking Lip lock with some teenage boy.

Charlene: Who he was… there’s no idea. Not a one. But he was very charismatic and suave. Serenading too.

Dinah: Where did you see this?

Janie: Mom, We saw it at the local Diner. Sid’s. Leslie was seen smooching and hugging the guy. She was like a frickin’ alley cat drinking all the milk up off the floor.

Rory: What does Blossom think about all of it?

Alex: Ha! HA! What does she think? Pfft! What doesn’t she think about it? She’s pissed at Leslie. Betrayed. But the total ass kicker of the whole thing… She still loves Leslie. Her heart still wants her and wants to marry her. She can’t shut it off. None of us can. We all saw that this was gonna happen eventually. Leslie and Blossom are Lesbians. That’s a given fact. We all know it and deem it as fact as it’s been proven time and time again. However… They’re also starting to get into being a little straight along the way. Besides. They want kids. Want them… At a young age… That’s very cloudy and uncertain… but they want them nonetheless… However are with the realization that they need a guy to help in procreating. If it were just them two… It’d never work. Never. never in a million years. But aside from that… Blossom was not expecting for Leslie to be going a little straight… so sudden. And a week before their nuptials.

Lorelai: It could all be a big misunderstanding.

Janie: If only that were the case. But it didn’t look like it was. It truly didn’t look like that. Not at all. Sid saw it and was also concerned.

Charlene: Sid looks a bit like Luke Danes from Luke’s diner.

Lorelai: He does?

Dinah: You better believe it.

Charlene: Blossom’s got a guy herself that is under severe Financial hardship. So there might be two other families coinciding with our Family Dynasty. However… it all has to pass by and be accepted by the Matriarch… Rikku L. Rhapsody. We could all accept. But she’s the naysayer of it all. What she says… goes. So if she doesn’t approve… It’s bad news for all those involved in the union of the two that want to be hitched.

Janie: Wonder what Blossom has for a guy. I’ll bet that it’s someone who’s a total babe. A chick magnet with the irresistible swagger.

Alex: I’ll bet it’s a nerd or someone athletic.

Charlene: Hmmm…

Dinah: The Wedding isn’t gonna happen this soon. There’s still a bit to get done…

Lorelai: You could hold it at the Inn. The Inn needs more events held there.

Janie: What about the guy that Blossom landed? He must be like a total dream.

Alex: What’s more is that both the guy that Blossom landed and the one that Leslie landed… are songbirds. They can sing like masterpieces.

Janie: Oh yeah…

Emily: Do these boys have names?

Charlene: You kidding? they got names for sure. The one that Leslie landed is someone named Ralph Stone. The guy that Blossom landed is Ricky Lach. Ralph Stone can sing like Gene Kelly, Sinatra and Frankie Valli. Ricky Lach can sing like The Gibb brothers, Chris Brown, John Denver and Johnny Cash.

Emily: You’re kidding?

Janie: No. We’re not. It’s true. We heard them singing. Singing out in the open.

Rory: But wait… If Leslie and Blossom are set to be wed come Monday… Wouldn’t that be like a conflict of interest? That’d be wrong. It could ruin what they already have.

Dinah: That’s a possibility.


They had barely finished and left on their way home when minutes later…

*Knock… Knock… Knock*

*Doorbell Chiming*

Emily: *Opening the door* I wonder who that could be.

Seconds later…


Leslie: Hey Mrs. Gilmore… *Smiles*

Blossom: *Looking at the inside* Wow… This place is totally Ritzy. How the heck can anyone have a place like this? *Whistles*

Emily: Does that insinuate the possibility that you’re impressed.

Blossom: Uh… Yeah! What do you think… Mrs. Gilmore? This place is seriously frickin’ loaded. Leslie’s home is more spread out. But this? Damn. we never figured that you guys would be this ripped.

Emily: *Grins*

Emily turned to the side a little to see that there was a third person among them and with the band that she now had.

Emily: Why hello there, Young lady. You must be…

Leslie: That’s Zoey Rhapsody. She’s the cousin to Blossom here. Her band’s name is: EMPIRE OF HEARTS. She’s the leader: “The Heart Empress” Also a Troubadour. I happen to sponsor her.

Zoey Rhapsody 43

Zoey: Nice to meet you. *Smiles* Kinda nervous though about being here.

Emily: Don’t be nervous. There is nothing to worry about, Zoey. Everything is gonna be fine.

Zoey: Okay. This place is huge. It’s amazing.

Emily: This is the Elder Gilmore residence. It’s also Lorelai’s birth home.

Blossom: She never mentioned about living here. I wouldn’t ever recall her speaking of growing up here. When did she leave here?

Leslie: had to have been 16 when that happened. Dangerous age for young girls. At least it would have been as such… back then. Now… Who knows?

Zoey: Circumstances must have been different and most complicated.

Blossom: family drama is hell.

Leslie: Don’t we know it.

Zoey: What i’m wondering is the fact i am… here. It’s a nice place. It’s amazing. But why did i get a summons for coming here?

Leslie: What do you mean? Summons? You mean… you were summoned here? By who?

Blossom: No clue. It had to be a surprise opportunity.

Zoey: I wouldn’t say that. I was given the summons by someone. Tommy Oliver i think his name was. He said something about someone wanting to meet me. But didn’t say who it was that wanted to meet me.

Leslie: Hmm… That’s mysteriously Odd. What do you think it was for? Was it on the same night as the Concert?

Zoey: Yeah.

Emily: That’d be because Richard and I saw you on stage performing. Playing that guitar. It’s a real shame that Richard couldn’t be here to meet you tonight, Zoey.

Zoey: Why’d you want to meet someone like me? I don’t have anything to really show.

Leslie: You got your band with you, Zoey.

Zoey: Yeah. I do.

Ridge: *From the hedges* Don’t worry, Empress… We’re here. We also got the instruments with us too. Shall we set up and get to playing?

Leslie: Zoey, it’s your band. It’s your call. But it’s also up to Mrs. Gilmore.

Emily: She wants to perform here?

Blossom: I would guess that it’s apparent that she does.

Ralph: *Walking over from the car* Hey Burke Beauty-queen.  What’s up? *Looking at the house* Whoa! Nice pad. This your place?

Leslie: No. It’s the Home of the Elder Gilmore’s. The parents to Lorelai Gilmore.

Ralph: You serious?! What’re you doing here?

Leslie: Ensuring that the meet between Mrs. Gilmore and Zoey goes along. I happen to sponsor her. And The Stadium’s being sponsored by the Topeka treasury. At least for it’s Blitzball Program.

Ralph: Cool. *Kissing Leslie on the lips*

Ricky: *Hopping off from the back of the truck* Thanks man. Take care. *Walking over to Blossom* Hey Blossom, What’s happening? Something up?

Blossom: *Looking to see her boyfriend* Hey Ricky. What’re you doing here?

Ricky: the same thing as you. You didn’t answer your text… so i figured that i’d tail you and see what’s up. Besides… You sounded as though you were up to something earlier. I got rather curious. Curious minds do attract. *Standing Beside Blossom; Kissing Blossom on the lips* What’s the buzz here?

Blossom: Not much. Just going through a planned meet between the Elder Gilmore Emily and Zoey.

Ricky: You serious?! How did that happen?

Blossom: Apparently… it was all initiated on the night of the concert. Zoey was summoned to meet face to face with The Gilmore Matriarch and Patriarch… and tonight… here she is. And Here we are.

Zoey: *Looking at her band and Nods* Start setting up boys. We’re gonna play a little something here. In just a little bit. Paulie, You have the headdress and the Outfits… Right?

Paulie: I do. They’re in the Motor home.  The Tour Bus. The Cargo though as is the gear.

Zoey: Go and get it. We’re gonna need it.

Ralph: What’s going on? You guys thinking of putting on a show here?

Leslie: It’s likely gonna be a presentation. But The band doesn’t have a song of their own. It seems as if they’re gonna only be another offshoot of a band that has done the acts before them.

Zoey: I’ve been trying for the last couple days to get on my Social page… online. My facebook and ask for help in creating lyrics… Writing songs for the band. But to my displeasure… There’s been absolutely no reply. No one has even stepped up to offer on helping out.

Seconds later…

Zoey: *Checking her profile* Hmm… Here’s an idea. Doing our style of a song that was done by another band. or Artist. Doing our style of it…

Zoey then looks up a good song to perform and Shows it off to the band…

Zoey: Tony DeFranco and the DeFranco family… “(Heartbeat), It’s a Lovebeat!”

Zoey plays the Video…

Jeremiah: That’s a band full of dancers and one lead singer. Where are the instruments?

Ridge: I don’t think that there are any. Or they’re off screen and where we wouldn’t be able to see them unless we were right there.

Paulie: What about something from that band that has ones like Mickey Dolenz, Davy Jones, Nesmith?

Gene: We practiced a little by ourselves. At least Roger and Ridge had. We could just play right here. Since we don’t happen to have our own songs as of yet… We can just be like a tribute of bands. It’s all we got.

Ken: That’s true.

Forest: What song should we play?

Jeremiah: “Take a Giant Step”.

Ridge: That’s a good one.

Zoey: Let’s get it set up, boys. You know the drill.

Leslie: So, Zoey… Have your boys decided on what to play?

Zoey: They’ll be set to go when they get the music playing. But i think they’ll gonna do something from the 4 seasons… Not sure what though.

It was only a moment later when…

Music starts…

Ridge: *With Gene and Roger; Singing; With Jeremiah playing guitar and Paul as well as Forest with tambourines and Harmonica’s* “Heaven must be missin?an angel
Missin?one angel, child, ‘cause you’re here with me right now
Your love is heavenly, baby
Heavenly to me, baby

Your kiss with tenderness
I want all I can get of your sexiness
Showers, your love comes in showers
And every hour of the hour
You let me feel your loving power

There’s a rainbow over my shoulder [Ooh, ooh]
When you came, my cup runneth over
You gave me your heavenly love
And if one night you hear crying from above

It’s ‘cause heaven must be missin?an angel
Missin?one angel, child, ‘cause you’re here with me right now
Your love is heavenly, baby
Heavenly to me, baby

Ooh, heaven, heaven
Ooh, heaven, heaven
Ooh, heaven, heaven
Heaven, heaven

Ooh…I’m captured by your spell [Ooh, ooh]
You’re different, girl, I can tell [Ooh…ooh…ooh…]
When you’re layin?on my pillow, baby
Above your pretty head, there’s a halo, that’s why I know

Heaven must be missin?an angel [Heaven]
Missin?on angel, child, ‘cause you’re here with me right now (Mmm…ha)
Your love is heavenly, baby
Heavenly to me, baby (Ooh…my sweet little angel)

Heaven (My pretty little angel)
Heaven (I love you, love you, love you, love you, love you, baby, say right

Heaven (Ooh…heaven)
Heaven, heaven (Must be missing an angel)
Heaven, heaven (Missing one angel, child, ‘cause you’re here with me right

Heaven, heaven (Oh, my heaven)
Heaven (Missin?an angel)

You must have slipped away along the Milky Way
It’s ‘cause [Your kiss] your kiss [Filled with tenderness]
You came C.O.D. on a moonbeam straight to me
Just like [Showers, showers, showers, showers] showers [Showers, showers,
[Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh]

Your heavenly power gets stronger by the hour
Heaven must be missin?an angel
I’m captured by your spell, oh, girl, can’t you tell
Heaven (Heaven) must be missin?an angel

Heaven, heaven (Ooh…ooh?
Heaven, heaven (Ooh…ooh?
Heaven, heaven (Ooh?
Heaven, heaven (Ooh?so-so good, so-so good, so-so good, baby, mmm?

[It’s just so good, so good, so good] (Yeah)
[It’s just so good, so good, so good] (I love the way you move, I love the
way you groove)
[It’s just so good, so good, so good] (Uh)
[It’s just so good, so good, so good] (Just like heaven, oh, baby)
[It’s just so good, so good, so good] (Heaven, yeah)

Heaven, heaven
Heaven, heaven (Ooh, my heaven)
Heaven, heaven (Ooh, your love is so good)
Heaven, heaven (Oh, baby, got to have my love, yeah)

Heaven, heaven (Need it bad, Lord, baby, yeah)
Heaven, heaven (I got to have my love, yeah)
Heaven, heaven”

Ridge: *Thinking* You know what… We just had a idea.

Jeremiah: Yeah.

Zoey: What’s the idea?

Gene: We should have Leslie or Blossom sing something.

Leslie: What in the–? *Gasps* What? Are you guys crazy? I am in no real mood to sing. Plus… It’s getting cold out.

Ralph: *Feeling the chill coming* Guys… It’s about time to wrap. We need to get back home. Your folks are probably starting to get worried about you.

Zoey: It’s not bad for an idea. We have time to have one more song done.

Emily: You boys are indeed talented.

Jeremiah: Thank you. *Smiles*

However… out of impulse and because of the drive for just letting loose a Music #… The band decided to play something more Pleasant. They knew exactly which one they were gonna do…

Jeremiah: Come on guys… I think that we know this one.

Ridge: Of course we do. Why wouldn’t we? *Grins* Playing another #. Let’s do it.

It was then that the music got started and the boys were in position before getting into it…

Ridge: *With Roger Densworth and Gene Douglas; Singing While Jeremiah, Forest and Ian play in background to the beat of the song* “Though you’ve played at love and lost
And sorrow’s turned your heart to frost
I will melt your heart again.
Remember the feeling as a child
When you woke up and morning smiled
It’s time you felt like you did then.
There’s just no percentage in remembering the past
It’s time you learned to live again at last.

Come with me, leave yesterday behind
And take a giant step outside your mind.

You stare at me in disbelief
You say for you there’s no relieve
But I swear I’ll prove you wrong.
Don’t stay in your lonely room
Just staring back in silent gloom.
That’s not where you belong
Come with me I’ll take you where the taste of life is green
And everyday holds wonders to be seen.

Come with me, leave yesterday behind
And take a giant step outside your mind.

Instrumental break…

Come with me I’ll take you where the taste of life is green
And everyday holds wonders to be seen.

Come with me, leave yesterday behind
And take a giant step outside your mind. (x2)”

Emily: *Amazed* That’s remarkable. *Happy*

Zoey: That’s my band. They were just formed the other week. So, They’re a little raw. But they show absolute potential. They’re with a heaping load of heart too.

Ricky: Those guys totally rock. Seriously rock.

Leslie: And to think that i couldn’t sponsor them.

Blossom: Right. *Looking at Leslie* We have a good band to sponsor. You have a good investment in it.

Leslie: You ain’t just whistling a nice little melody. Too bad that these moments don’t have the option of repeating itself and never ending.

Blossom: Like that concert. The Concert was the total bomb. It was a triumph. Literally.

Leslie: *Smiles*

Blossom:  Wanna come over to my place for the night?

Leslie: Sure.

Blossom: We can sit around and watch as Wakka tries to work the Dishwasher. He’s still trying to get a hang of the customs here in this reality. It’s funny.

Leslie: *Chuckles* That would be funny. he’s a good Blitzer… but when trying to run appliances… He is as lost as a young child. Poor guy. We should show him the ropes.

Blossom: Right. He’s gonna need it.

It was only a moment later when the meet was concluded. Zoey and the Elder Gilmore met and spoke. It turned out that there was some things in common with one another. They had something to be in equality with. Zoey had no idea that she was about to be lured into the Web of the Elder Gilmore’s. It was a solemn night of a meet and greet. But with now the face to face of Leslie and Blossom’s boyfriend’s and their steering towards being straight. Or Being Bi. Some would have to eventually ask what could become of the wedding that was to be held for them? Was it still a reality. Or was it gonna be a no admittance and derailed for all? Blossom was still looking into the wedding. Leslie was also looking towards the wedding too. It was all just a matter of time before it happened.

As for Lorelai and Rory… They were back home and winding down for the remainder of the night. No stopping at Luke’s at all. No other runs. Just home. The Rhapsody Trio were also back home and just resting after another friday night. The Dinner was a pain in the ass to them as they had to deal with sitting in the same room with Emily. They didn’t hate Emily. or Richard Gilmore… but they didn’t truly savvy the idea of always having to go there every friday night. It was almost turning out as if they were obligated to go and be there for Lorelai and Rory. That happened to be the only reason that they’d go over there on friday nights. To be of support for Rory. Rory was okay with the friday night dinners. More than Lorelai was and more than she ever would be.

Carly Rhapsody was at the local burger Joint with Tex Charleston and they were hanging out with one another. They were having a couple of lights as it was a lonely night. A very lonely night for both.

Carly: *Smoking* What am i gonna do now? Tex, I miss Johnny. I mean… what made him just leave without even saying goodbye? It just doesn’t make any sense.

Tex Charleston

Tex: *With a smoke lit and holding between his fingers* I don’t know what to tell you, Carly. I don’t know why he took off either. He didn’t even tell me about the idea that he was gonna just split. However… this kid… Aurora Grantham. He said that Johnny wasn’t really Johnny… He was actually a girl name Joanne Barlow. I don’t really know who Joanne Barlow is. And it’s not like Johnny could say. And he never would.

Carly: *Taking a puff before removing the smoke and holding it between her fingers* how would they know about who Johnny really was? I don’t even know. Johnny never said to me much about the other part… All he said that he had things about him that didn’t add up well. That there were some things about him that weren’t normal. Said that he was a transgender. But wouldn’t get into it. All he would say was that he’d been born as something but with tendencies of another. I couldn’t understand what he was saying.

Tex: *Figuring out what Carly’s saying* Born as one but with Tendencies of another? Say what?! Carly, that’s a transgender. *Pauses a second and having the truth exposed* Are you trying to say that Johnny’s a girl? A Girl?!

Carly: *Denying the truth because she’s of the promise that she’d made Johnny* No. of course not. Why would you think that i would say that? He’s not a girl. Like i said. He wasn’t making much sense. I mean… there isn’t really much use for transgenders in Metropolis. No one in metropolis has that kind of life. Not any we know.

Tex: I won’t say anything about it to anyone if he is a transgender and happens to be a girl. Besides, we know that if we were to speak of it and tell others of it… they’d think that you and I were to be on one hell of a toot. *Smoking*

Carly: You might be right. But you have to swear to me… I mean Swear on a solemn oath that no matter what. No matter who talks of it around you or what they try to say to get you to speak of it and cough out the truth about Johnny… that you won’t say anything and would deny any mention of him.

Tex: I swear on it.

Carly: Promise?

Tex: I promise, Carly. Geez! I won’t tell a soul of it to anyone. Okay? I mean… shit. I might have a bit of a James Dean personality in some sense… But i know how to keep a secret. Especially one that’s not for me to even know about or to tell about.

Carly: I know. *Sighs* I’m sorry. It’s just that i wasn’t supposed to be telling of it to anyone. Johnny’s gonna be thinking that i betrayed him/her. I just miss him so much, Tex. I mean… I love him.

Tex: I know that you do. It’s alright. I know how you feel about it. I feel the same. It’s just not making much sense of why he’d just leave without saying why he was gonna split. Before he managed to split and never come back… Did he happen to show any indications that he was thinking on just bailing?

Carly: No. No possible indications that something was indeed not right. That he was thinking of splitting.

Tex: What was he so afraid of anyway?

Carly: *Smoking* I don’t know. it might be the fact that he felt that people were catching on to the truth of him and he couldn’t stick around to see people looking at him in a way that made him out to be a freak or abnormal human being. I don’t blame him. When Sora and I were younger… Our mother wanted to keep us shielded from the public because of the stuff we were able to do. ESP. That wasn’t considered to be normal. Not at all. Our mother was scared that if we were out in the public and people caught on… that we’d be mocked and taunted. She couldn’t bare to see that happen. It was our Ex-father Alvin who thought that we should be out with the public and have the same normal rights as anyone else in the public. Despite of what it was that Sora and I were capable of doing.

Tex: Wow! So… your mom was like hesitant on letting you girls out in the beginning?

Carly: She sure was. My Ex-father though saw it differently and believed that we should have the same chance of being out there with the others. Getting the same opportunities as the others.

Tex: Well… it sure worked.

Carly: *Pulling out another smoke and placing it on her lips; flicking her lighter and lighting the smoke* … *Smoking* It did. But what gets me is that being out in the public… opened things up to pain and heartache. My only boyfriend is gone. I’ll never see him again.

Tex: None of us will. However… you may as well just blame Aurora and Ben for that. Since they started smelling out the truth… It got to where Johnny had to vanish.

Carly: It isn’t their fault. *Looking down and feeling depressed* It’s mine. I didn’t catch the idea that something was wrong. I spent all the time reading other people’s minds and all what they were thinking. Knowing what they were gonna say before it was even said. I could do that with anyone… But the one person… the one person that i should have read the mind of and catch what that person was thinking… i stood around with the look of being totally oblivious. Just going on like nothing was wrong at all. Didn’t see as though there were warning signs. Nothing.

Tex: It’s not your fault. We were all blind. We didn’t seem to notice.

Carly: *Looking at the time* Oh god… I gotta get back home. My sister is probably gonna be on me sniffing for where i was.

Tex: I better head on back too. It’s getting late for me and i got to get some sleep for tomorrow. There’s a meeting at the stadium tomorrow and everyone’s gonna be expected to be at attendance.

But before they were to make way towards their homes…

???: *Walking over with a fellow high school girl* Hey there.

Melody Grantham

???: *Smelling smoke* What’re you guys doing here so late at night?

Carly: Don’t know… Don’t care. It’s also none of your business. We were just talking and hanging out. Having a couple of lights.

???: A couple of lights?

Carly: Yeah.

???: As in Smoking?!

Tex: Yes. Exactly. It’s a free country.

Carly: *Placing her pack in her pockets* Who’re you anyway?

???: Terri Robins. *Looking at Carly* Why’re you smoking?

Carly: *Scoffs* Well… if you must know… I was originally doing it to help a friend quit the habit. However… that friend split… and none of us know where he went. That friend happened to be my boyfriend. *Sighs sadly*

Tex: What about you? *Looking at the other girl* Who are you?

???: Melody Grantham. *Looking at Tex* You’re rather cute.

Tex: *Grins* You think so?

Melody: Yeah. I happen to really think that you’re cute and sweet. Just between you and me… I too happen to have a habit. Wanna hang out tomorrow?

Tex: Really? You’re asking me to hang out with you?! You do realize that i’m Middle school and you’re high school. Right? Wait… What am i saying? I’m in high school too. *Smiles* Sure… Let’s meet tomorrow. We can meet up at the park. There’s a tunnel there that we can hide in. Hardly anyone uses it. Ever.

An hour later…

It was getting late and things were getting more silent as it went. Carly declared a goodbye for the night before heading on home for the night. Her sister was gonna be wondering where she was and what she was doing. However already knew that she had been lighting up and it was about to get to the point where she was gonna bring it to the attention of their mother. It was getting to be seemingly ridiculous. But as the night ended… Was there gonna be another planned meet between the Elder Gilmore’s and Zoey. Plus her band to boot? What was next to happen in the whole setup between Leslie and Blossom’s possible Romance getting its knot tied and sealing the deal even further? With the fact that they now landed boyfriends… Was it gonna just complicate things for them or make it even more of an interesting union between the two? Were things gonna be better for Rory, The trio, Betty, Leslie and Blossom at Chilton…or was the huge quarreling blowout that happened between their mothers and fathers and the Headmaster the start of something about to go wrong for them? With the Elections of the country coming closer than ever, The Imminent wedding that was expected to come, possibly more of the developments revolving the Carly, Johnny/Joanne dilemma and more on what the aftermath at Chilton could bring… plus more developments behind Justin and his crew… which all is liable to lead to the next upcoming threat foretold to impact the fighters… What was gonna wind on in next? Find out in the next chapter of the Adventures of the Rhapsody girls Z! As the saga continues…


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