Chapter 294: Is Harvard still in play, Leslie? Elizabeth asks Leslie. Future aspirations at risk of derailment.

On the Road…

Taking the scenic route while trying to still come to terms on what happened back over at Chilton only moments earlier…

LORELAI: Quite a day huh?

RORY: I don’t wanna talk – please.

LORELAI: You know, I just think that we should talk about it.

RORY: Stop the car.


RORY: Here – stop here. *jumping out of the Jeep*

As the Jeep suddenly stopped…

4 cars pulled over and stopped…

LORELAI: You’re just feeling like an impromptu nature walk?

RORY: I wanna see if it’s ok.

LORELAI: If what’s ok?

RORY: The deer.

LORELAI: Sweetie you’re never gonna find the deer.

Dinah Rhapsody
Dinah Rhapsody

Dinah: *Getting out of her car* What the heck is going on?

Janie: *Shrugs* Beats us. We don’t know… *Getting out and walking over to Rory* Rory, what on earth are you tryin’ to do? Become roadkill. A roll away car could have sped through and flattened you like a slab of cardboard.

Alex: *Getting out with Charlene* I think that Rory’s wigged out. But there might be a very good story behind why she’s out in the middle of the road like this.

Elizabeth and the others had then gotten out of their cars and all stood with curiousness as they were unsure of what Rory was trying to do…


Leslie: Rory, What’re you trying to do?

Rory: I’m trying to look for that Deer.

Blossom: Why? That Deer could be long gone now. It isn’t as if it’s just gonna double back and stand still so you could play Dr. Dolittle and see if it’s alright. You’re never gonna find it.

RORY: Well I’m gonna try.

LORELAI: Well I’m in heels!

RORY: Well stay in the car.

LORELAI: It’s dangerous in the car with all the kamikaze deer running around  *getting out of car*

RORY: I have to find it.

LORELAI: Alright, wait up! So what does the deer look like? Huh? Does it have any distinguishing marks – besides the word ‘Jeep’ imprinted on it’s forehead.

Blossom: That would be a helping factor.

Curtis: What’s this about a Deer? Are you gonna try and place the sole blame of being late on some deer? Deer’s are animals. They don’t know what Exams are. All they know is how to try and survive. That’s all.

Elizabeth: What would a deer be doing here? This is certainly not the place for there to be a deer roaming around.

RORY: It’s just a deer. *Looking at the girls* Leslie… Blossom, You were with me this morning when it happened. You saw it come out from nowhere.

Leslie: Sure we did. I also think that we were on borrowed time. Time that we didn’t have when we were here the first time looking for the Deer. Instead of high-tailing it over to Chilton just so we could get there in time. Not being late.


Blossom: We saw it. It’s a miracle as to the idea that it wasn’t hurt. Thank god.

LORELAI: I had a nice chat with Headmaster Charleston today. He said you went ballistic in class.

Elizabeth: We all did, Lorelai. Leslie and I had a bit of a talk over that and i’m in league to possibly pull her out of Chilton. The school is placing too much stress and strain on her. Not to mention that when i pass on… She’s next in line to inherit the Burke Arts Academy which resides in Brooklyn.

Leslie: But remember, Mom. We agreed to step back and just see where things go for the time being.

Elizabeth: You’re right. However… the option is still on the table.

Leslie: I know. I was just suffering from fatigue. That’s all it was…

RORY: I was just tired.

Charlene: Same here. However… i kinda got a kick out of how Tristan looked when Leslie let out some fire from her lips at him. He looked like he was gonna soil his suit pants. 7 shades of white all at once.

Alex: She scared him to a cornerstone of his life. *Laughs*

Rory: That was pretty funny. *Chuckles*

LORELAI: You wouldn’t have been so tired if you hadn’t been killing yourself all week. As well as you girls. You all were just on a fast track to comatose island.

RORY: I was studying, I didn’t have a choice.

Curtis: That’s all fine and good. But studying doesn’t mean you come to the close point of killing yourselves doing so. That’s not gonna do you any good if you happen to suddenly wind up dropping dead on the spot from exhaustion due to the constant studying.

LORELAI: Well maybe you shouldn’t be studying that hard.

Dinah: Exactly. You need a break sometimes too.

RORY: What are you talking about?

Dinah: You girls happen to work so so hard. Way too hard. Studying and staying up on the reading is one thing… But excessively doing it? That’s over working yourself.

LORELAI: You’re 16. You should get some sleep and eat a real meal and come up for air once in a while.

Elizabeth: Don’t stick to the indoors where the air is stiff and congestive. Get outside every once in a while and just take a few good deep breaths. Breathe a little and embrace some life.

RORY: They kicked me out.

Leslie: Are you saying that they kicked me out, Mom?

Elizabeth: No… No… of course not. That’s not it.

Dinah: The school didn’t kick you girls out. Maybe placed you on probation… but they didn’t kick you out.

LORELAI: *To Rory* No, of course not. They love you. This is coming from me. They enjoy all of you. They are quite fond of you girls.

RORY: Are you saying I should quit?

LORELAI: I’m saying, if you wanted to go back to your other school with Lane, that would be fine with me.

Dinah: If you girls wanted to just go on back to where your friends are… Like Sora and Carly… Zoey, Michelangelo, Tara, and the crew… That’d be just fine with me. I would not be angry about that. I would understand.

Curtis: That goes for you too, Princess. You don’t have to keep pressing on with Chilton if you really don’t want to keep going ahead with it.

Blossom: Good to know. But i do believe it a little late for that kind of pass. I know that tons of $ has been put into it and i don’t know about the rest… but i for one am not about to let that money go to waste.

Elizabeth: Sounds like she’s sticking to it.

Janie: We are gonna stick to it as well. We’re not giving up.

RORY: You don’t think I can do it.

Dinah: She doesn’t think that. She knows that you can do it.

Elizabeth: We all do. You can do it. You girls are very capable of doing it.

Janie: If that’s the case… Why’re you guys trying to aim to take us out from Chilton?

Curtis: It’s because we don’t want to see you girls hurt. Nothing is worth seeing you girls getting hurt.

Alex: We can handle it. We know how to fight if need be.

Blossom: Plus, With my sparky attitude… None of the people at the school will dare try to make any attempt in screwing with me. I’m a nice girl. But cross me and get me mad or pissed… You better just steer clear as i’ll be just itching to railroad your backside.

LORELAI: You know that’s not true. I think you can do anything. But you don’t lose it in class. That’s not part of the Rory personality description and if you’re losing it in class because you’re tired or stressed or working to hard, I’m worried about that. I have to be.

Dinah: Same goes for us with you girls. You girls are excessively tired almost all the time and stressed out constantly and on a daily basis. It’s not healthy and it’s only gonna lead to you girls in need of Stress meds. Hyper tension and upset stomach.

RORY: I lost it once.

LORELAI: Ok, fine. It’s just I can’t remember, you know, a time when we weren’t talking about you going to Harvard. It was just a given, that what we were working for. Everything went in that direction.

RORY: I know.

LORELAI: And I’m forgetting where all that started.

Elizabeth: As am I. Given that i am a Princeton and Vassar Gal. However i seemed to look towards the vein of Yale. I too have been rather forgetting all about where it really started.

RORY: What are you talking about?

Leslie: What do you mean, Mom?

LORELAI: I’m talking about – did it start with me? Or did it start with you? Was it my dream that you go to Harvard.

Dinah: What we’re all talking about is that… was it all started by us? Was it me that started the whole desire towards Harvard? Or did it manage to begin with you girls? Was it in fact our dream?

Elizabeth: Was it all on us? *To Leslie* Was it all on me? My dream which it would be that you’d go to Harvard?

RORY: Mom. *shaking her head*

Blossom: Come on, you guys. It isn’t like that at all.

LORELAI: Because I never got to do the big fancy college thing? Maybe all this time I’m thinking it’s all for Rory, when really it wasn’t.

Elizabeth: Maybe because all this time i thought that it was all resting upon you… When really it was all on me. That all the planning and the considerable prepping was for me.

Leslie: Mom… I am stressed out and i already said that i am accepting of it as it’s all a part of the deal… But really. It’s not because of you that i am doing it. It’s on me. All on me.

RORY: I’m not doing this because of you.

LORELAI: Because if you are, you don’t have to.

Dinah: If this is because of your mom here… It really doesn’t have to be. We can find another path to take. It isn’t a problem.

RORY: I know that.

Alex: We know mom. We know. We understand. But this is something that we want to do. We want a better education and being in Chilton… even though it’s very demanding… Made us realize that Metropolis High doesn’t have the tools we might need for the careers that we’re after.

Dinah: You girls really thought this whole thing through… haven’t you?

Janie: Yeah.

LORELAI: I’ll still love you. Even if you can’t support me in my old age in the fabulous manner to which I plan on growing accustomed.

Blossom: Dad, if you think that i am unable to support you in your old age… Don’t sweat it. It won’t be a problem. Because i have a job and that opens doors.

Curtis: I know that, Princess. I know. Of course you know that there are other avenues for you to follow just to get to the same goal. You don’t necessarily have to stick to walking the Chilton Angle.

Blossom: Right. I suppose that you’re right.

Curtis: Besides… no matter what path you take… I’ll still love you.

RORY: I’ll remember that generous gesture.

LORELAI: Thank you. I just want you to be happy.

RORY: I am.

Leslie: I am. Honest. You have no idea as to how happy i am.

Elizabeth: And happier you’re gonna be.

Elizabeth turns to Curtis and insists on having a few minutes of private conversation…

A Minute later…

Over to the other side of the road just a few feet away and out of hearing distance of the others and with the others…

Elizabeth Burke
Elizabeth Burke

Elizabeth: Mr. Rhapsody… Curtis… Uh… I think that we got a mutual interest between us.


Curtis: I believe that we do. The fact that we both have a daughter in Chilton. You with Leslie… Me with my daughter Blossom.

Elizabeth: Yeah. But that isn’t the only thing that we have for a mutual interest. It’s actually more than mutual. I’m certain that you are aware of the deep relationship that’s between your daughter Blossom and My daughter Leslie. The romantic relationship that is between them.

Curtis: I wouldn’t really know as Blossom tends to keep a bit of that under the radar. She doesn’t divulge that kind of detail to me. I never ask as i figure… it’s safe. *Grins with a raised eyebrow* Unless you happen to know something more that i don’t. Why?

Elizabeth: I happen to know of it because the signs are there. I can’t begin to believe as to how you weren’t able to catch on to the close attachment between the two of them. Leslie and Blossom have been seen kissing each other on the lips. Passionately. Plus… i overheard them talking once about becoming Intimately involved with each other. Not to say that they have done so… or that they haven’t. However…

Curtis: I really hope that you’re not saying what i think it is that you’re saying.

Elizabeth: I’m afraid so. Blossom and Leslie are Lesbians. The way that they sometimes touch each other. Subtle but enough to give off the alarm that they have something going on between the two of them.


Curtis: *Sighs* I can’t believe this. My darling Princess. *Moans* What is she doing to herself? Leslie’s turned my darling girl into a lesbi. She’s turned my daughter into a lesbian. That’s not what my daughter is about. She’s been known as the most direct. Straight. Romantic to guys. Not to girls. Elizabeth, how could you let your daughter run rampant on the drive for being a lesbian? *Shaking his head* I just want my daughter to be happy. I want her to be happy and full of cheer. But also safe. Not like this.

Elizabeth A. Burke
Elizabeth A. Burke

Elizabeth: *Scoffs* Curtis, I do hope that you’re not trying to pin me as a negligent parent for the fact that my daughter is Lesbian. I didn’t raise her that way. But i am not about to forbid her… the object of her heart. You shouldn’t forbid your’s either. Granted that it’s not the way for our girls to act. I am certain that Blossom’s mother and My Husband wouldn’t want this for them either. However… If this is what truly makes them happy and completes them… I should suggest that we support it and be all for their happiness. Which brings me to ask…

Curtis: Ask what?

Elizabeth: I think that they should be wed. Right away. or as soon as possible.

Curtis: You think that they should be married? A couple of 15-16 year old girls… who are without careers. No place of their own. *Looking over at the group* Okay. *Sighs; Thinking* Maybe we can throw an internal Wedding. Book a small chapel or something and have it set to where only immediate family and close allies and friends are to attend. Nothing too big. Just a casual Wedding. But under the radar of the major population. Something like this is not for the entire town to know about. Plus… that way… if the mean posse from Chilton Like Paris Gellar and That boy Tristan try to sneak a show… There won’t be anything for them to see.

Elizabeth: I agree. But in order to do it… We’re gonna need to do it right away. Where can we hold it?

Curtis: *Thinking* Hmm… I think that i might know of a place that we can hold it where the mean chilton kids won’t catch on to it.

Elizabeth: Where?

Curtis: One of the places that our family has been known to visit numerous times in the past. But you have to keep it secret. This place is not for the opened public to catch on to.

Elizabeth: Okay.

Curtis then presses a Button and gets a hold of an Ally.


Rin: Oac? [Rin] rana.

Curtis: Rin? *On the phone* It’s Curtis… Do you have a way to get a hold of Cid and the Airship?

Rin: [Curtis], e tu rybbah du veht drec naymmo ybbymmehk dryd oui’t lymm yht ycg sa cilr y drehk yc dryd yht hud du duilr pycac. Huha uv ic ryja raynt vnus oui kioc eh y frema yht huf… drec? ([Curtis], i do happen to find this really appalling that you’d call and ask me such a thing as that and not to touch bases. None of us have heard from you guys in a while and now… this?)

Curtis: Look… Rin. I know that i haven’t kept in touch with you guys. Nor had the others. But we figured that it would be best and we thought that you’d all like for it to be that way for a while. That’s why. We weren’t ignoring.

Rin: *Understanding* Famm… Ed fuimt ryja paah hela du rayn vnus oui kioc suna. Fa tuh’d rayn silr vnus [Rikku] yht cra ec uha uv ic. (Well… It would have been nice to hear from you guys more. We don’t hear much from [Rikku] and she is one of us.)

Curtis: Most of us had been pretty busy for a while. Things had changed a bit. But none of us forgot about any of you.

Rin: Very well. Apology is accepted. What do you need?

Curtis: We need to get a hold of Cid.

Rin: Cid’s mainly sticking to being an Auto Mechanic. But he still has use of the Airship.

Curtis: See if you can get a hold of him and get him to issue a special rendezvous for two people.

Rin: Who? You and your other half?

Curtis: Ha ha ha ha! That’d be something to remember. But not quite. Try… My daughter Blossom and her friend or soon to be better half… Leslie Burke.

Rin: Huh?! Leslie Burke… You wouldn’t be talking about the same girl who runs a Stadium but was once believed to be this Mob girl known to be Rita the Hammer… would you?

Curtis: That’s the same one. But whatever indiscretions that Leslie might have committed back then… she’s made up for them. Done so every day since she broke from the Mob. She built the Stadium. With all her friends helping too. She gave back to the city. She paid her price. But she and my daughter are in dire romance. Love. And as much as my convictions are trying to tell me to condemn the unity between them and insist that they revere straight. Their hearts are becoming one. Their fate is entwined. I can’t deem to deny them the right to love.

Rin: I see. I’ll give him a call and see what he can do.

Curtis: Thanks.

A moment later…

After the secret conversation concluded…

Back where the others still stood conversing…

LORELAI: No, I want you to be ‘dancing through the woods crazy’ happy. And if Chilton and Harvard is not gonna do that for you, then forget about them.

Dinah: You girls need to be just busting seams full of literal shits and giggles. Full of laughing gas… dancing on the rooftops crazy happy.

Janie: Come on, Mom. That sort of terminology died off with the 60’s before the boogie nights and disco fever of the 70’s came on the scene.

Alex: It’s also sublime and completely passe’.

Blossom: It’s better than nothing. Isn’t it?

Leslie: Maybe… but i kinda get what it is that she was trying to say. Besides… we can’t just sit around and let the tormenting brats and jeering creeps from Chilton get us down.

RORY: I was just behind. I never caught up with all the reading. That’s why I got a ‘D’. I can catch up. I will catch up and when I do, everything will be fine.


Blossom: It was only one bad grade. Things like that are gonna happen every now and then. It’s just that it happened this time due to us being behind on our reading and couldn’t catch up in time. But we can catch up.

Leslie: We will catch up and when we do… things will be back to normal again and it’ll be okay.

Dinah: *Sighs; unable to keep from smiling*

RORY: You know Harvard is my dream. I want it more than anything, I swear

LORELAI: Yeah but –

RORY: I appreciate all that you’re saying. I do. But I’m not ready to give up on Chilton yet.

LORELAI: Fair enough.

Blossom: Plus… if we are all gonna resume on going to Chilton… Rory, It’s time that you up’d the ante. As well as us.

RORY: I do however reserve the right to change my mind.

Janie: As do we. However… it’s not likely to happen anytime in the near future. We started this path… We are not gonna quit.

LORELAI: That’s your prerogative as long as you remain a woman.

Dinah: The right of any growing maturing teenage girl.

Curtis and Elizabeth returned into the crowd by that time…

RORY: Thanks though.

LORELAI: For what?

Dinah: Thank me… us for what? What did we do?

RORY: For yelling at the Headmaster the way you did.

Dinah: We didn’t yell at him. Well… she didn’t. I did. But then again… how i was feeling at the way the whole thing went… Hearing that you girls were denied the right to take the test which you’ve studied so hard for. It wasn’t gonna fly with me.

Elizabeth: I felt the same way… But i let it out in a bit of an outrage and disgusted tone. Saying that the atmosphere that was being presented happened to be the same kind that was felt back in Brooklyn. That seemed to strike some type of chord with him.

LORELAI: Oh, I didn’t yell at him.

RORY: You called him ‘il duce’

LORELAI: Which means ‘kind sir’ in Cantonese.

RORY: Thank you.

LORELAI: You’re welcome. How much longer are we gonna look for this crazy deer?

RORY: Just a little further. I just hope he didn’t hurt himself.

Blossom: The Deer is long gone by now. There’s no way that the deer would get so far… only to just double back and return to this location.

Curtis: It might. Deer’s are woodland creatures. They happen to go by instinct.

LORELAI: I just hope he has insurance.

Dinah: It’s not gonna have the money to pay. It’ll pay in hooves or antlers. But that’d be about it.

Janie: Come on… *Scoffs* It’s a deer. How would it know about paying? It has no concept of what money is. Dollar bills are with green ink. But to them… it’s greenery. It takes the impression of food.

Charlene: Not at all. You are losing it. Deer’s are animals. They’ll eat anything they think is food. It is like any animal. Instinct and nature. Whatever it can get to… anything that they think is food or surpassing as food. They’ll eat it. Plus… Take a look around. Take a good look. That deer is gone. If the deer was in any way wounded… or injured… Whatever damage it took would have likely slowed it down as it would have been hurt. But as we can see… There’s nothing. There is no deer around. And it’s probably several miles away from this area. It could be anywhere by now and if it was injured… it wouldn’t be able to get very far. Because the pain would be bugging it. It’d interfere with its ability to move without screeching in pain. *Looking at the cars* Besides that… Look at the prints on the Jeep that the deer made. Look at the prints. Does there happen to be any trace of blood seen anywhere on the prints that the deer had made from hitting the front or side of the jeep?

Blossom: No. I didn’t happen to see anything.

Leslie: neither did i.

Elizabeth: i wouldn’t suppose that there’d be any trace of blood.

Lorelai: The prints were clean. No blood. Just a good dent showing that a deer made a smack against the jeep. Leaving a little greetings saying that it was here one minute… gone the next.

With no sign of the deer… They turned on back and made way back to the cars and resumed on heading for home. They were out of school for that day and tired. Having multiple thoughts passing through their minds. There was a lot to think about and also on what to tell the others when they met up with them again. Rory was dismayed about the exam. As was Leslie, Blossom and the trio. They were saddened and with disbelief.  The girls weren’t taken out of Chilton… none of them were booted out. But with the events that took place that day… There was just nothing more that could have been done. What none of them were aware of was that Blossom’s father and Leslie’s Mother had something planned. Something that of which would be a complete life alteration to two of them. There was something planned. What was it that Leslie’s and Blossom’s parents planned and was it something that would truly benefit them? Where were they to go from where they were now? As for Chilton… Was that still in play? Were the girls still in sight of Chilton or were their intentions all for the moment and then done when the moment died? What about the Elder Gilmore’s? Was the special meeting between them and Zoey… As well as Leslie still in process of happening in the coming future? With that in the forefront… there was still the stigma of what was going on within the world around them. Would they be prepared to walk the protest beat if it turned out that the Elections didn’t go to the Woman candidate and get handed to the other? What were they to do then? Would they be capable of fighting back? Find out in the next Chapter of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! as the saga continues…


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