Chapter 293: Aftermath: What happens from current point after The Explosive wave of waving heads with the Chilton Headmaster…

On the outside of the main building…

In the parking lot…

Lorelai looked over the side of the car just to see if there was anything there. She took a look and as she examined the side for any possible marks, she saw a shadow form up and there… saw the indentation where an animal had hit the car.

LORELAI: You did! You got hit by a deer.

RORY: It just came out of nowhere.

LORELAI: You couldn’t just run into a wall like other kids.

RORY: Can we just go home please.

LORELAI: Yeah, sure. Jump in.

Of course…

In Dinah’s Car…

Dinah Rhapsody
Dinah Rhapsody

Dinah: *Sighs* I can’t believe that i allowed for this to happen. You 3 were late… by a few minutes. A few minutes… and what you get as a reward… Denied access of being allowed to take the test. One which you’ve studied your damn brains out. You 3 had done so much studying that it was almost as though you were bashing your brains out by the prepping for the test. I mean… Seriously… What the fuck?!

Alex: Mom… Stop. There is nothing you can do. The Teacher is only doing his job. A Job that’s expected by that Headmaster.


Janie: Yeah. How could you have known that the headmaster was gonna be a total douche’? How did any of us know?

Charlene Rhapsody
Charlene Rhapsody

Charlene: What i’d like to know is what’s gonna happen from here on. Will we be allowed back into Metropolis?

Dinah: I don’t know. But there’ll be a lot of paperwork to fill out just to get you 3 transferred back… if it is what you want. However… the education here is second to none and high quality. *Sighs and groans in a loss on what to do* Man… What am i gonna do? What’ll we do? As it is… We are tied to the deal done up by Emily and Richard Gilmore. So… Even if i were to say “The heck with it all” and do it… it wouldn’t work. It would put them in default and it would only come to bite Lorelai in the ass. She as it is already… happens to regret the fact that they’re back into her life.

Charlene: Aren’t we all? *Rolling her eyes*


Janie: We got to do something though. This school is catering to the assholes. Like Paris Gellar.

Alex: This school is our hell and it’s only the second month. *falls back in disbelief* Good grief.

Dinah: Alex, For heavens sake… What do you girls want from me? I tore that headmaster a new ass. As did Curtis and Mrs. Burke. We all jumped on his ass… For all the damn good it done us. We got nowhere. *Groans* That headmaster took every attempt of an ultimatum and chucked it off like it didn’t even get him to flinch. Nothing shook him at all.

Janie: He may have even fired back with his own brand of intimidation. Isn’t that what those in power usually do? They return the attempts of intimidation and throw right on back and it gets itself to the point where it turns into a cheesy but dorky attempt of Hot potato. Intimidation Potato.

Charlene: Awkward way of putting it, Janie… But it’s a good fit.


In Curtis’s Car…


Curtis: Blossom, I need to know where you stand as of now on this school.

ghost world 11

Blossom: What do you mean?

Curtis: Do you still want to attend here?

Blossom: I’m on the ropes right now about what to do. I’d like to say no. But given the amount of money it cost to get me in… I can’t think to just let that type of money go to waste. I just wish that i wouldn’t have to deal with the bitch Paris Gellar.

Curtis: I know. In my school years… There were a few fellow schoolmates that my brothers and I. Your Uncles, Aunts and I have had our share of pricks and bastards that we had to deal with. People who happened to just get on our last nerves. Like the one that once tormented your aunt Alice. Some guy was screwing with her and your uncle Alvin… Or should we say for accurate description… Ex-Uncle Alvin… He stood up to the bully. Stood up to him and even though took a few beatings himself while doing so… Knocked the bloody shithead out cold.

Blossom: Why was she being pestered?

Curtis: Because the bully was just trying to prove that he was the big boss of the campus. He wanted to instruct fear into people… but most certain and without a doubt… put fear into Alice.  I at first didn’t believe that she truly felt attracted to Alvin. Just was trying to use his affection for her to get with him. But when she sermonized and expressed her feelings. Producing tears as she told her confession which showed that… she truly had feelings for him and loved him.

Blossom Rhapsody
Blossom Rhapsody

Blossom: Whoa! So Uncle Alvin… or used to be Uncle Alvin was Jones’ed by Aunt Alice and then he got into jones’ing over Alice and clicked?

Curtis: Yeah. But that was at first a hard sell as he was shy or afraid of her looking at him just one time and bailing. So he was hesitant in pursuing after her.

Blossom: What the hell? Dad, If he was Jones’ing over her… why was he so afraid that she’d take only a look at him and fast paced bail on him?

Curtis: Because… back then… during the high school year. Senior year… We were all having to focus on the matters at hand. Graduation and College which usually comes after. Planning for our futures and all. And it was right after… a year after the Brutish dilemma revolving the era and conquest of General Zod. Things were still healing amongst us. So we couldn’t really go too deep into relationships as we couldn’t take that risk. But your mother and I met around the near end of the General Zod predicament. So it was just as it was… But Alvin was not us… Not like the normal folk. He was more of a fiery type of warrior. The Alpha male of the Rhapsody Brothers. In their Heyday… it was the beginning of the powers that be glory. The Birth of the powers that were pre-destined to come to life. There was Arnold who you know is the local DJ of the Radio Station and owner. Founder of MRHAP. You know that. But then there is the 00 Agent. Your Uncle Avery.  Then there was me. And then the tip of the brass. Alvin. He had it all. The power. The leadership that could span a 100 years. He had it all… but that also meant that he had the most to lose. Like his life. Using a part of him that drained his life force each time it was used. Because for a time… He had this capability of transforming into a SSj3.

Blossom: Huh?! *Pauses* A SSj3? I’ll have to get the answer to that from the only Anime fanatic that is known among the crew.

Blossom text’s Michelangelo and asks about what SSj3 was referring to…

The minute that she got the reply… She sat there in shock. She did not even know how to comprehend what was being exposed. All she could do was sit and listen. It was only a moment later when she snapped out of it and freaked out.

Blossom: Alvin had powers of a Super Saiyan. Class 3?! What the fuck, Dad? What the hell would he be doing with powers like that? The only ones who’d have any sort of power like that would be those of Super Saiyan blood and Saiyan descent. Their DNA would literally have to scream out Saiyan.

Curtis: That’s true… However… he did. It was the most shocking thing any of us had ever seen. But not the first time it happened. It happened the 2nd time… during the fight against General Zod.

Curtis starts to suffer a flashback…

“Flaming Soul: *Transcending into Ssj3* AHHHHHHHHH!

Zod: How rewarding to be shown the super form… Such a Neurotic sight to feast upon.

Flaming Soul: *As a Ssj3* That’s what you see now. But You better be with your bags packed… You won’t be staying long. That i can guarantee to you. *Surging with power; Holding his arms back and Charging up to Unleash a Rhapsody Wave* kaaameeehaaameeehaaameeeHAAAMEEEHAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! *Firing a Blast at Zod* ….. *Grabbing at Zod and Landing blows at Zod* Teleports out of the way and gets behind Zod fast and Lightning speed with Throwing punching and kicks and Moving all over Zod Punching him and kicking him all over kicking him to the east, West, South and North. at light speed and Throwing Lightning disks and Launching Destructo Disks at Zod; Blasting at him continually and watching him fall to the ground; Kicking him back up and then Pounding him to the West at light speed and into the Daily Planet located in the west* HAAAAAAA!!!!

Prince Alvin sighed and tried to catch his breath. He was a bit winded… But he didn’t get to have much time to rest as Zod suddenly boomed back to the crows nest.

Flaming Soul: *Gasps in outrage* What! No way!

Zod: *Looking at Prince Alvin* You never learn… Do you? You can’t beat me. i can not be defeated. i am indestructible. Kandorians are unable to be defeated…”


Curtis: He got that power by either sheer luck… or being destined to achieve it. However it happened… nobody really knows… and nobody… ever will.

Blossom Rhapsody
Blossom Rhapsody

Blossom: That doesn’t mean anything. No one could just one minute not have those powers and then have them the next without a precursor… or a sign. Like a warning. Not all at once either. Like me. I have the ability to draw electricity from any source of power. And fire at any target. You have a different sort of electric power. But even your power had to have come from somewhere. It doesn’t just come from nowhere.

Curtis: True… But aside from all that… In our high school years… as your uncles and I were growing up… We dealt with our share of brutish encounters. People who sought to ruffle our feathers and just taunt us. I’d like to say it was because they thought it would be rather fun. Of course… anyone in our family… Ones who’re endowed by the very powers that be… didn’t see it that way. We were taunted… because… of our powers. because of what we could do. For what we were capable of doing.

Blossom: It isn’t because of what we can do… Paris… just happens to see us as threats. Nothing more. She torments Rory as well. It’s as though she sees us as no more than threats to the easy streak and dominance that she’s achieved for herself.

Curtis: That does seem to be a bit of a dilemma. I would be rather intimidated by the presence that she lets off. Maybe you should get close to her.

Blossom: Huh?! *In disbelief* Say what? You want me to do what? Get close to the fury of the hostility that is Paris Gellar?

Curtis: I am not saying that you should be all buddy buddy with that girl Paris. But then again i am not saying that you beat her up till she was out cold where she stood.

Blossom: You’re nuts. Dad… That is just completely screwed up. I am not gonna get all buddy buddy with her. Or get close to her. As far as Leslie, Betty, Janie, Alex and Charlene plus I are concerned… Paris Gellar is the enemy. If we’re to continue going right on attending Chilton… Some changes are gonna need to be made. If that Headmaster wants us to be highly competitive… Then that’s what he’s gonna get. But we’re gonna do it our way.

Curtis: *Grins* mhmm! Now… there. You see? That’s my Princess. Seeing a negative and flipping it into a positive. That’s how to do it. *Nods*


As for Leslie…

In Elizabeth’s car…


Elizabeth: Leslie, *Looking at the side and spotting the other cars just sitting there in wait* I am thinking about just pulling you out of Chilton. Ever since you attended here… you’ve been having stress attacks. You get tired easily. Way too easily. It’s killing you and giving you Hyper tension. If it keeps up… You’re gonna need medication. It’s killing you with all the stress.


Leslie: I am not that stressed out. I mean… yeah… It can be extremely stressing at times and give me headaches sometimes when it gets to be too much. I can get tired easily… But it’s the condition for running a Stadium. I don’t have much of a choice. This school stresses me out… But it’s because i was trying to catch up on the reading that had already been done before i started Chilton. There was nothing more that i could have done. i was behind on the reading. That’s why i got a bad grade. And the idea that i was denied from taking that test today… That’s just an example of the Headmaster being a total douche’.

Elizabeth: That’s not the point, Leslie. The point is that you are stressed. I know as i see it. Your father could see it. We know when you’re stressed. And it’s a fact… that you’ve been overly stressed.

Leslie: Mom, I am not stressed. I am just tired of the rotten creeps that reside inside the school.

Elizabeth: Creeps… Such as? *Curious*

Leslie: Paris Gellar. She’s a pain in the ass.

Elizabeth: I can get the feeling of that one. *Sighs* I guess that i can deal with allowing you to continue attending Chilton. But i am just worried about you, Leslie. Not too long ago… you were taunted and humiliated by the masses here over your secretly wearing Disposable Undies.

Leslie: *Pauses* Uh… How did you know about that?

Elizabeth: How do i not know? Leslie, A Mother always knows. Always. Plus… I noticed that you once were walking in your room with only a t-shirt and those things that you haven’t worn since you were 5 1/2. I didn’t say anything as i thought that you were just having a rather mental breakdown. But it was Blossom, Your lover who filled me in on the details behind the reason of why you were wearing.

Leslie: What?! She told you about it?

Elizabeth: Yes. She was worried about you. Really worried and wanted to help you. I don’t think you realize how much she truly cares and loves you. She felt terrible and crappy over not being there to save you from those girls who were going around turning innocent girls into Diaper lovers. Appalling and downright deceitful in every sense of the word. She wanted to save you. But felt ashamed when she happened to be unable to.

Leslie: *Suspecting something* Mom, You’re thinking about something… aren’t you? What’re you planning?

Elizabeth: Nothing. However… i am no stranger to fate and destiny. You and Blossom belong with one another. So… If it can be sanctioned and set with the blessing of her father and mother… How would you like for to be wed to her?

Leslie: *Gasps* Oh my god! Really?!

Elizabeth: Yeah. *Thinking and sighs* Leslie… I also spoke with the headmaster. Plus the teacher. Mr. Medina. He said that you were breathing fire and almost burned… set a fellow classmate on fire. You let loose on a couple of classmates. Which i usually understand as you reached your limit of tolerance and couldn’t take anymore. However… What it was that you’ve done… It’s scared a couple of the classmates.

Leslie: What do you expect me to have done? They were tormenting Rory. It was bad enough that we couldn’t take the test that we’ve studied our brains out for throughout the last couple or so weeks. But then here goes Paris under her breath… call us losers. Calling Rory a loser. How did you expect for things to happen?

Elizabeth: I have no idea. But you should be knowing better than to just let loose like that. You were only standing up for yourself and that’s fine because you should always stick up for yourself. But there are ways to do it. Especially in a classroom. The class… A part of them… are spooked of you. So i was told by Mr. Medina. Leslie… You only snap and come unhinged like that when you’re overly stressed. This school has pushed you way too hard and caused you to crack a bit. It’s not normal for you. It’s dangerous.

Leslie: I guess so. But i really didn’t think that it was that bad.

Elizabeth: It is. But… Leslie. I really think that it’d be best that we pulled you out from here. It’s gonna only put you under stress and the stress is gonna only build. Leslie, Are you aiming for a heart attack at a very young age?

Leslie: What?! No. Why would you think that?

Elizabeth: Because of the stress that this school has been putting you under. Leslie, I worry about you. As it is… when my time comes and i am not saying that it’s soon. But in the future… when my time does come and anything happens to your father… You’re gonna be inheriting the Burke Arts Academy in Brooklyn. You’re the next one up in line for being an Heiress. You already got the school work here. The Stadium… That Hero alter-identity that you seem to have. Not that i am calling you out on it. You have alot of stress on you. It’s gonna put you in risk of health issues in the future if it keeps going.

Leslie: What’ll i do then? Blossom’s gonna still be coming to this school. As far as i know. Unless her father decides to pull her out too. But i think that she’s gonna talk her father into allowing her to stay here. Not that it’d be a swell idea. However given the amount of money that was put into paying for the tuition for this school… Seeing it all go to waste… would not be in the best favor of anyone. Especially to those who’d cut the checks and sent them to this school to pay for the schooling.

Elizabeth: *Looking to the side and then back towards her daughter* That is something which i can not doubt. Too much money has been put into this place. It’d be like wasting money that we likely didn’t even have if we were to just pull you out after only say… a month and a half.

Leslie: Right now… our best course of action would be to just back up… wait and see where it goes from here.

Elizabeth: Sounds like an optimal plan. How did you learn to think like that?

Leslie: It’s just something that some of the girls used to say. Like Blossom, Zoey, Sora and Carly, the guys also. Plus from Genevieve Teague and Tess Mercer. Things that look as though they could get bad… could always change and go the other way.

As for Betty…

In Betty’s Car…

Betty Andrews
Betty Andrews

Betty wasn’t too affected by what happened in class that morning. She wasn’t happy about the idea that she too was denied the chance to take the test for being late however. The only thing that she could do was just think about what could be done about the circumstances although they seriously came to be literally unfair. After all the studying and the planning… the study sessions that were conducted in order to prepare for the test that was supposed to be that day and yet wasn’t… It was though all the studying were for absolute and without any doubt all for nothing. She happened to speak with her Private Security guard that was tied to her and appointed to stay with her and guard her. Even he was in no subtle expression as he believed that what had happened inside the Headmaster’s office was a complete insult and a sheer sense of tyranny. There was no pleasantries or subtleties inside the Headmaster’s office. None. At least not on the view point of Dinah’s, Elizabeth’s, Lorelai’s or Curtis’s. They all had reached their fill of tolerance. There was no easing off. The parents were in a very unsettling mood. A terrible mood. Expressing defeat and a complete letdown of having a chance to smooth things over with the Headmaster and teacher. What’s worse was the fact that their friends didn’t know about their being locked out from being capable of taking the test. To their knowledge… the test was going on and they were hoping of which there’d be a wonderful grade for them on their tests. Hoping that the test would conclude as a viable success…

What was their next move? Would they make a viable official move to decide whether they should just cut their losses and return back to Metropolis high where they’d be with their friends and where things made sense again? Or would they be holding on and sticking with Chilton even if it meant putting up with the Hostile Paris Gellar? Plus… More on what happened to Johnny Barlow, And the supposed meet between Zoey and the Gilmore Matriarch and patriarch. Find out on the next chapter of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! As the saga continues…


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