Chapter 292: Lorelai goes at it and Hanlin Charleston flinches with disbelief. “My goodness you do like to throw fits in your family.”

Continued from Chapter 291…

LORELAI: Do you have any idea what we have gone through this week? We have been up all night every night studying. We haven’t slept. We haven’t talked about anything else except this school and this test for seven days. We have stretched ourselves as thin as humanly possible without going completely postal. My God! We’re only one person!

Dinah: Same goes for my daughters. We’ve been up all night for multiple nights in a row for 5 days at a time. All night. Studying till we couldn’t fit anything more into our heads for absorption. We haven’t really spoken much about anything else other than this test. It’s all we thought about. We stretched ourselves and pulled out all sorts of research for the material and studied that as well as the notes and writing for the test. Constantly. Stretching ourselves so damn thin as humanly possible that we had to pull back after so long to relax a little to keep from going entirely psychotic. We’re only one person. They’re only 15 for the love of god.

Elizabeth: Same goes for my Daughter. She’s only 15 and she’s got a full plate of details and responsibilities on her. She runs her stadium. She oversees all areas of it. She takes care of the family. She Studies off and on and squeezes large amounts of time into prepping for the test. Studying and researching. Not focusing on anything more than the test as she studies. She Works. She Studies and keeps going till she blacks out. She and I have even taken sessions of Studying and speak nothing of anything more than this place. This school. This test. For the last 2 1/2 weeks… we kept all other topics and subjects off to the side. Working on this test. Planning it Studying ourselves till we fell into a deep sleep. We are only one human being. ONE!

Curtis: As well as mine. My daughter is like me. Her temper is like me but more ferocious than mine. She’s head strong. We had both taken times aside and studied. several study sessions. We haven’t thought about the world outside. the people around us. Not even about the current elections even if it were just staring us right in the face. We thought of nothing but the test and studying for it. Went nowhere. Done nothing but study for this test. Stretching our minds as thin as humanly possible. You must be extremely loonsville to suggest that we’re more than one person. We’re only one person. We can only do so damn much in a limited amount of time. There are only so many hours in a day. And one person can only do so much before they reach their fill and have to pause and break.

CHARLESTON: Why don’t we narrow our field conversation down to Rory. Janie, Alex, Charlene, Leslie, Blossom and Betty as well.

Dinah: Sure. Why don’t we?

Elizabeth: It’d be fine with us.

Curtis: I don’t see a problem with that. Besides it’s nothing more than a request from someone who’s a headmaster to a prestigious school. A school that fosters horrible kids. Kids who treat one another like they were scum upon the eyes and act as though they’re none more than Mortal enemies. Setting standards that are by far… impossible to follow. Making any young bright Kid feel lesser than all the rest.

LORELAI: Ok, yeah, why don’t we. You sit up here in your snotty little school that’s in desperate need of some extra heating vents and you nurture horrible kids who treat each other like mortal enemies. You set impossible standards that make normal people feel less than everyone else. And you take a great kid like Rory and you tear her apart! Then also while the going is so apparently desirable… you move on to tear the girls apart as well.

Elizabeth: It’s entirely Heinous and barbaric.

MAX: I don’t think that’s completely fair.

LORELAI: *to Max* And you! You say she’s smart and she’ll be fine and this rotting stodgy rathole could use somebody like her and then you completely shut her out of a test that she’s crammed for, that she’s ready for, that she completely deserves to take!

MAX: I didn’t call this place a ‘rathole’

LORELAI: Oh no that’s true. I added that. Wouldn’t want you to get in trouble with ‘Il duce’ here. I thought this place was going to be so great! And now I guess this goes on the ‘Boy was I wrong’ list, right above gauchos but just below the ‘Flashdance’ phase.

Dinah: *Looking at Max* You should be the most ashamed over this. You said that my girls were gifted and more focused. Prepared and always participating in the class lectures as well as go far in their education… But then you do this. THIS! All because they were a few minutes late. Something that was need i add… beyond their control. Staying up all night put them in the hot seat for exhaustion and wore them out. However you were so coherent in the guise that you believed that they were such pleasant fits in this school. I was so transient and so pulled in. Suckered in that i really believed that this place was gonna be the wonderous place for a unique education for my daughters. Of course that now… to my dismay… this is gonna be filed under big disappointment alley… right above Foot in mouth disease but just below the slot for the phase of village idiot.

Elizabeth: *Looking at both Max and Hanlin* You two are both at fault. Max…for misleading in saying that Leslie was like a shining gem in here and that she was well suited for this place and that she’d make it. But then she get’s locked out from taking a test and that she deserves to take. However this is now all under the act of Mystical illusion and not all is as they appear right above the jumping the gun play but right below the phase of socialite hazing of 2008.

Curtis: I don’t blame anyone but myself on this because i allowed myself to be pulled into the rut of letting my daughter come to this snooty school. I have really thought that it was as such too. Then i come here and this place looked the opposite of what i thought. It was well sophisticated. Brought together and well respected and a school that would be absolute in providing the very best of education to my Princess. Then i get word of being locked out from taking a test. A test that she studied herself mad over for the last 2 and a half weeks. Studying till she blacked out from over-exertion. Which makes me out to be a complete jack-ass because it’s proved to be exactly what i had thought it to be. Snooty and stuck up. A place that fosters such horrible kids who look and see one another as mortal enemies and targets for beatings if the mood was right. This all goes on top of my: “Resident Jack-ass” List. Right above Class A fool… but right below the phase of Suicidal intention.

CHARLESTON: My goodness you do like to throw fits in your family.

LORELAI: What are you talking about?

CHARLESTON: Your daughter threw a similar if not as manic fit of her own this morning. Not to forget one of the Trio. And the young lady Burke.

LORELAI: Please. Rory doesn’t throw fits. She’s the most even tempered person I know.

Joshua: And Betty is more subtle. She’d never steer herself to throw those type of fits. She’s nothing like that in any way.

Dinah: My daughters are expressive and let it out when they’re annoyed or keyed up. Pissed or with the case of the dramatical. If need be. But they’re more down to earth.

Elizabeth: Leslie has her moments… But not a chance in hell is she the type to just unleash a showing of her having a meltdown and just lose her cool and calm disposition.

CHARLESTON: Well then, she did a lovely impression of you. And your girls all did a fair impression of you ladies and gentlemen. I think that Max wrote up the incident like it happened.

Max read off the report…

“Leslie: Yeah. Learn it. She isn’t Gary Stu, Mary Sue… Georgie porgie… Mary Magdalene or any biblical names you can conjure up. Her name is… was and will always be: Rory Gilmore. Same goes for me. Leslie T. Burke. My Girlfriend Blossom C. Rhapsody. Her Cousins Janie, Alex and Charlene Rhapsody. My Past friend Betty Andrews. Those are our names. From now on… You’ll address us by those very names and nothing other. *Suddenly breathing fire from her mouth in fury*

Janie: *Gasps* Leslie! No… Don’t do it. Calm down. This is no place to let loose on the super abilities.

Charlene: *Freaking out* Leslie! Don’t do it. Heroes don’t openly attack. They do it only as a defense. Not offense. *Using her frost to Put out the fire* … I am gonna regret this somehow… But… *Walking over to Tristan* Tristan, Hold still. *Gently resting her hands on the shoulders and using Empathy on Tristan* Don’t ask on how i can do this. But let’s just say that i am one of the very gifted ones who can do it. Found out that i had it during the Mob Era and yet i couldn’t focus and harness it as i didn’t understand why i had these gifts. I was feeling like a freak because of it. However… I eventually had to train myself with it and gradually came to accept it for what it was. A gift.”

Elizabeth: That is Leslie? She did that?

Max: I’m sorry to say… but she did. She got pretty hot under the collar. It was triggered by a fellow student in class. Paris Gellar. And Tristan Dugrey.

Dinah: My daughters Charlene and Janie keep talking about how Paris Gellar rolls on fucking with Rory and my girls. Also taunting Leslie and Blossom. That shit’s gonna end. Because… i promise you. If you don’t put a stop to it… we will and you’re gonna find that we don’t play.

Charleston: That is quite enough, Mrs. Rhapsody.

Dinah: The hell it will. You think that you’re gonna silence someone like me. Who the hell do you think you’re talking to? You might have a closed mind to this… But *Suddenly Emitting some of her supposed to be believed dormant power* This is something that i am believed to be unable to do easily anymore. However… when i hear about this kind of crap. And hearing you speak as though you condone it… I get to the point where if you who should be stopping the hostility… aren’t gonna put a stop to it… then us mothers… WILL!

Curtis: And this father here… Will. You want to play with us… and challenge us? That’s fine. You can. You’re the headmaster. It’s the law here. But you will not just sit around and allow for the hostility to roll on and continue. That stops… today.

LORELAI: Well I don’t –

CHARLESTON: Ms. Gilmore, everything you said in your rant was absolutely true – without the colorful embellishments of course. We do set impossible standards, and such standards do foster highly competitive children. However that is life and that is Chilton. And the Ranting and tyrants that you ladies and gentlemen monologued in brass fashion… Most of it was immaculate and precise in it’s own brief fashion thus far. The Standards that we set here tend to be viewed as impossible. As well as the standards such as ours manage to foster highly competitive children. Although… That is life. And it is Chilton.

LORELAI: Rules can change, you can change them.

Elizabeth: You can make them fair for everyone. Not just enough to suit how you believe it should be. Fair and serving all the people. Not just the top 5%.

CHARLESTON: I told your daughter when she came here that this place was not for everyone and might not be for her. I will now tell you the same thing. She doesn’t have to be here. She doesn’t have to go to Harvard, maybe she shouldn’t if she can’t handle the pressure, she should leave. Now you can take your daughter home now and decide what it is you intend to do. However, another outburst from either of you will not be on the options list. And that shall go for all of you. Thank you for coming in. That will be all. And Mrs. Rhapsody… I am not to deal with a sudden dramatic quarrel from you. Nor from Mr. Rhapsody… or you Mrs. Burke. Chilton is not a school that can be made to cater to a small group of students and put them above all the rest. I already have placed your daughters on probation for their little outburst in the classroom moments ago. However… If it happens again… There will be a hearing about the expulsion of your daughters. Am i Clear on the matter?

Dinah: Crystal. You senile son of a bitch! But you’ll find out that you messed with the wrong mother. You Keep Paris Gellar away from my daughters. If i hear one more news clip of my daughters being screwed with by her. The gloves are off and you and i will have a go. No one is gonna put the pressure on my kids. You hurt them… I’ll see your ass in court. That’s a promise. *Looking at her husband* Shingo! Let’s go. Now! Right now before i lose what’s left of the resistance and tolerance inside me. Because i’m 1 second away from beating the living shit out of the headmaster. Which will only hurt our kids chances of being here.

Elizabeth: Leslie will be left alone as well. You hurt her… You’ll be facing a possible shut down of this place. Us Burke’s have the capability to close this place down. We’re rich enough and have enough power to make it happen. So… you want to remain in control here? You better change your rules here. Making the environment here better. For her… her friends… For EVERYONE! Otherwise… It’s over for here. *Walking out annoyed*

The rest of them walked out and only glared at the headmaster as they left. They didn’t want to see him again for as long as there was not a need for them to. They were by far… pissed off and were itching to deck him. Dinah was about to lay into him and that would have destroyed the educational future of her Daughters Janie, Alex and Charlene. So she stormed out and got out of that office right away before it reached that point.

Back out in the Main Hall…

Minutes later…

Lorelai: You got hit by a deer?

Vlcsnap-2013-05-04-19h19m22s5 (1)

Dinah: *Sighs* … That Headmaster is a real piece of work and a bastard with a side order of asshole and a slice of pain in the ass for desert.

Shingo: *Shaking his head in dismay* And your explosive hysterics, Dinah… I will follow you to hell and back. I would support you even in death. But that scene in there… may have slid our girls into the list of being scooted out from here.

Janie: I could care less about this place at this point. After the way this place had treated us this morning all for being a few meager minutes late… It would be fine with me if we were to be back in Metropolis high. Where things were normal and people weren’t such assholes and literal hostile creeps.

Alex: Same here. We busted our ass studying for this test. And yet just because of being a few minutes late which was beyond our control… we get denied the right of taking the test.

Charlene: *Blowing Frost at the doors to the headmaster’s office* Scumbag Headmaster. Stupid school rules!

Blossom: *Tossing some Electricity at the frost* Charlene, We are all pissed and upset and disappointed at the outcome of what’s gone on. But firing at the people in there won’t make matters any better. All it will do is just make us look like the monsters. We have to make them look like the creeps and assholes. Our attacking in protest… like this… Is only gonna give them more ammo to use against us. As much as they happen to deserve this… It’s really not worth it. Really.

Rory: Was it that bad in there?

Lorelai: I wouldn’t think that you’d truly like to know how it was inside. But… Yeah. It got pretty heated in there.

Leslie: Will things be better now? Or worse?

It was the moment after the meet with the headmaster in relevance to the incident that had hit upon their orbit. They were all with mixed feelings and in a whole mess of uncertain conclusion. The mothers and fathers all stood there and felt in shock and loss. None of them knew what to do or what was gonna happen. None of them. Was it gonna be the end for their time at Chilton? Where were they intended to go from there? Would their previous school consider on taking them back if it ever did come to them transferring back and returning to Metropolis High? Find out what happens next in the next chapter of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! As the saga continues…


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