Chapter 291: Shingo comes in to run interference and insists a warning: “Headmaster Charleston… Choose your words wisely. You have no idea of the woman you’re speaking to. Do you want to face my wife’s fury?”

Goes into Headmaster Charleston’s office…

Inside Headmaster’s office…

The headmaster was speaking with Mr. Medina and going over the incident that occurred in the classroom only moments earlier…


The doors open to reveal Lorelai, Dinah, Elizabeth, Curtis and Joshua who suddenly Walked in and confronted the Headmaster…

Shingo was outside the room standing by…

LORELAI: Excuse me. Hello.

Dinah: Hello there. You open for a good chat?

Elizabeth: You free to speak with us?

Curtis: There better be a good reason for what’s been done today.

Joshua: What’s the big idea for forbidding the young lady from taking the Exam?

CHARLESTON: Ms. Gilmore. Please come in. Mrs. Rhapsody, Mrs. Burke, Mr. Rhapsody. Mr. Lester. Step right in.

LORELAI: Thank you.

CHARLESTON: Have a seat.


Dinah: How kind. But *Feeling displeased* if you don’t mind it… i think that we’d rather stand. If it’s all the same to you.

Elizabeth: That’s double for me.

Curtis: Triple.

Joshua: …

LORELAI: Um, I think there’s been a terrible mistake. Rory told me that she wasn’t allowed to take her test.


Dinah: As were our daughters. They told us as well that they were also unable to to take the test and were told that they could not be permitted to take it.

CHARLESTON: She was late. They were late.

LORELAI: Right, well, see there were circumstances beyond her control. Rory is never late. She’s almost annoyingly on time. I think if you checked your records –

Elizabeth: Same goes for my daughter Leslie.

Dinah: And my girls.

CHARLESTON: Past performance has nothing to do with today’s situation.

LORELAI: Ok, but see, she was up all night studying, I was there, she has a witness.

Dinah: As were my girls… Blossom and Leslie. Plus Betty. They were all studying as i was there and Studied till their heads were about to Pop.

CHARLESTON: She’s not on trial here. None of them are.


Curtis: Sure sounds as though that they’re on trial. Just from how you’re laying it out there.

LORELAI: Well your honor *pause* just a little trial humor, that won’t happen again. Um, see, she got up late, she broke her neck to get here. We don’t live locally as you know.

Dinah: Metropolis isn’t as far as Stars Hollow. Although with that area so conjoined to Metropolis… It’s all part of the same area. City. None of us live locally. It’s a very lengthy distance from where we are… to here.

CHARLESTON: The dog at my homework –

LORELAI: Excuse me?

CHARLESTON: My computer crashed and I lost my midterm.

LORELAI: I wasn’t making excuses.

CHARLESTON: My grandmother and 1st cousin died. My sister took my report to school instead of hers, my religion prohibits studying after sundown. I went blind last night but I’m fine now.

LORELAI: That’s not Rory.

Elizabeth: Nor is it my Daughter and the others.

Dinah: Our daughters are never late. Not ever. Unless they were really sick and then they’d be kept home from school so they could recover and get well again. But seriously… they’re never late. Not ever. I get them up on time and they leave on time and make haste on getting here. In fast time.


Curtis: Same goes for my daughter. However… She gets up on her own and is very pretentious in time. She gets up and doesn’t bull. She gets up. Gets herself nourished. Freshened up… then grabs her school bag and out the door she goes and off to school. She’s followed the same routine for years.

Elizabeth: Plus… My daughter Leslie. She has her Stadium to handle. Business with that… plus her rich girl duties. And it tires her out. Immensely. Not to forget the recent dilemma of her father being in the hospital undergoing a triple bypass. Which is bugging her… She’s stressed out and tired however… she still… STILL! She wakes up and gets prepared… and sees to it that she gets here… on time without fail.

CHARLESTON: *getting up* Ms. Gilmore, Mrs. Rhapsody, Mr. Rhapsody, Mrs. Burke, Mr. Lester, rules are rules. When you’re late, you forfeit the right to take the test.

Dinah: There’s a rule for being late? Here?!

Elizabeth: What the hell?!

LORELAI: Where are you going? *to Max* Where is he going?

Dinah: Please don’t tell us that he’s gonna hold firm on his conviction and remain forbidding my kids from taking the exam.

Elizabeth: Leslie has studied hard.

MAX: Lorelai please, believe me if I could do anything I would. Ladies… Men. I wish that there was something more that i could do. But… i don’t know what can be done.

LORELAI: Yes, you could let her take the test.

Dinah: That’s something right there. You allowing my daughters to take that test. Our kids deserve to take it and they’re entitled to.

MAX: I’m afraid I can’t.

LORELAI: Well that’s not fair.

Elizabeth: It is as if someone were to slap closed the equal rights door and ban anyone it wants at any time from being allowed to take any test at any given time.


Curtis: Exactly how are things normally done here? Is this how you treat all students? Or is it just our kids that you do it to?

CHARLESTON: Ms. Gilmore, we are not here to be fair, we are here to educate. And for your vital information Young man… We run things a certain way. This isn’t the same as the normal schools. It is a highly academic school. Competitive and high expectancy.

Dinah: *Scoffs* You mean… a place for the conceited to just thrive… While anyone else who happen to struggle get left to choke on the fumes that get left by those who think that they’re better than anyone else.

Elizabeth A. Burke
Elizabeth A. Burke

Elizabeth: I am a Socialite heiress and i know stuck up people and conceited in warn when i see it. You sir… *To Charleston* Are surely fitting that bill. Don’t tell us what’s fair when clearly… you have no absolute concept as to what really is fair. And Educate? Educate who? Rotten hearted kids who tear at anyone who isn’t at the same level as they are? Is that what this place is? Because if that’s what this place is all about… I should consider on pulling my Daughter out and put her back in her old school in Metropolis. This is not the type of environment My husband and i wanted for our daughter Leslie. It’s the type of environment that we sought in vain to get her free from.

LORELAI: Yes and I’m asking you to please educate my kid.

CHARLESTON: We will, when she’s on time. Have a nice day. That shall also apply to the others too. When they’re on time… they shall be taught. Not before.

LORELAI: Are you holding that door open for a reason?

Dinah: Is there something you want to say to us that you’d be unable to get out with a civil tone?

CHARLESTON: Our meeting is over.

LORELAI: Like hell it is.

MAX: Lorelai.

Dinah: Excuse me?! Over?! *Pops off* OVER?! Are you off your deranged nut? Or are you just completely suicidal? Do you want to get your old wrinkly ass kicked?

Charleston: That’ll be enough, Mrs. Rhapsody. Outbursts in that manner are not required or helpful to this matter.

Dinah: You want to say that to my face? Come over here and say that. You are asking for it. You forbid our daughters from taking the exam all due to them being a few minutes late. We told you the reasons behind it and you see them as an excuse. Like we are all just bullshitting you. It’s a complete sack of pathetic crap in a box. An annoying eyesore and irritation.

Curtis: My daughter is not at fault here. It was not her fault that she was late. She was up all night studying as per what was told to you. What more do you need? Someone to hold your hand, Sir?

Elizabeth: Neither is my daughter Leslie.


Dinah: *Cross* I am in no mood for the tight-ass crap today. I have a lot to take care of today at work and i was in the middle of coaching the Football team at the University when i get a call from here about my daughters being told that they were not gonna be allowed to take the test. A Test that they studied for several days. For the last 2 1/2 weeks. Many sessions of studying. They woke up a little late and it’s only logical since they had been studying their damn brains out till it was sizzling and catching itself on fire. But then because they were a few minutes late… they get forbidden from being able to take the test. That’s Bullshit. Complete and utter bullshit.

Charleston: It may be unfair to you and there’s no doubt that it is indeed strict, Mrs. Rhapsody. But that is how things are done here. That’s life and that’s Chilton.

Dinah: Why i oughta! *Getting more steamed and in closer probability towards coming out with claws drawn and ready to land punches* You’re cruising for a real ass-kickin’. It’s a dangerous place to find yourself in. It isn’t a threat… It’s a promise. You either allow for our kids to take the test… or else… We’re gonna brawl and someone’s gonna be goin’ to the infirmary. It won’t be us. So… If you want to see smiles and calmness restored… You better fix the problem.

Charleston: *Not amused* That shall be all for today. You can leave now!

Shingo Rhapsody
Shingo Rhapsody

Shingo: *Suddenly walking in* Okay… That’s enough. Dinah… Honey. Enough. Don’t do it. You’ll only wind up hating yourself and regretting your actions for a long time. Think about the girls. This could cost them the ability to come back to school here. We’ve got them here. We were lucky. If they get knocked out of school… There won’t be any chance they’ll be able to get another shot. *Looking at the Headmaster* Headmaster Charleston… Choose your words wisely. You have no idea of the woman you’re speaking to. Do you want to face my wife’s fury? Because… i can assure you. I have seen her when she’s off the edge and high on the warpath. She’s violent and brutal. You don’t want that. So… Word to the wise… Think of your words wisely. Because… you’re gonna be facing shocking hell if you push her any further and anger her. You see how she is right now? She’s really close to losing it. On the last thread of resistance. You’re fortunate that there’s still that thread left. But if you push her and anger her anymore… that thread will snap and you’ll be in trouble. I see how she is when she’s like that and know what comes. You don’t. So… Do yourself a favor. Fallback. While your chances are in good stable status.

Charleston: Making intimidating idle threats… isn’t gonna help the situation. And will only result in the dire expulsion of your girls. I would advise you to think clearly and more humanely.


Elizabeth: *Unimpressed* You know what, Mr. Charleston? I really don’t find your tone and attitude to be the least bit acceptable. This is the same atmosphere that caused our Daughter Leslie and us to break apart for a little while. If this is gonna be like that… I am gonna move to pull her out from this place. My husband and I went through hell over that once. We’re not doing it again.

To be continued…


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