Chapter 290: Lorelai, Dinah and Elizabeth at Chilton: Damage assessment.

Out front by the front entrance of Chilton…

Rory was off to the sidelines and was assured that all she could have done was watch. So from a Distance… She watched as the scene unfolded between Leslie, Blossom and the Rhapsody Trio…

Paris: *Walking out and standing across from her targets* Okay. What’re you gonna do now?

Charlene: Nothing. But just one thing. This:

Blossom: *Summoning up some Thunderclouds* You want a battle us so badly, Gellar. So be it. You’re about to find out that you have crossed… the wrong adversaries. Rory is too good to fight you. But that’s where she has us. You want to fuck with her… That’s fine. Just beware that we don’t catch it. Because you’ll regret every second you spent messing with Rory if we catch on to you targeting her. But you screw with us… Or try to over step around us. You better just beg to the god up in the heavens that we don’t tear you apart.

Leslie: This is to put you into your place and beat the reality into you that you’re not the boss of the campus. I might be someone you’re gonna peg as a girl who recently had been spotted wearing those god awful things. But that was because i was once targeted by a trio of diaper fetish bitches known as the Hot Diaper girl babes. They nailed me. So that is why i was wearing them. For a short time. However you’re too self-centered to know and bother consider the fact that i wouldn’t just wildly embrace the fetish without a viable reason. *Shooting fire from her lips and breathing fire from her mouth; Aiming it at Paris* Feel the burn of Elemental Rita. Wanna mess with this rich girl? Go ahead. You’ll find out that this rich girl has claws and she ain’t afraid to use them.

Charlene: *Powering up and ready to fire* Paris, You have been pushing our buttons for a very long time ever since we first started here. None of us got in your face. We didn’t even pick a fight. We were just here to get an education. The best there is in a intelligence ladder and make something of ourselves. But with you around… We had to always watch our damn backs. Always watch our every step as we didn’t know if you were gonna just pop out and try to throw your high-strung act on us and intimidate us into a corner. You act like we threaten you. WAKE UP! we’re not doing anything to make you do that. You’re threatened by anyone who tries to rise above you.

Paris: That’s because i have to be the best. All Gellars are meant to be at their best. Several Generations of Gellar were on top of their game. I have to be as well.

Janie: Just because they had to be on top all the time doesn’t mean you have to. You have a right to be your own person. Just being who you feel inside. Stop trying to be what your parents want you to be if it’s not what you feel you’re to be inside.

Charlene: This is teach you a lesson. It’s gonna hurt us more than it will you. But you drove us to this. Gave us no other Option but to do…

Seconds later…

Charlene: *Channeling her powers and summoning icy snow to surround her and bury her with snow; absorbing the snow and turning into a massive
50 foot snow beast; Stomping and roaring with rage; Blowing Snow and ice out at the target; Launching the attack at (Paris Gellar)* embedding the enemy in a hard case of Ice* Solid Ice entomb–


Zion Lateaz

Zion: *Hoping off the nearby car and Walking over to the scene* What is meaning of this fighting?

Blossom: *Stopping to look over and spotting Zion Walking over* Zion… What’re you doing here? How… H-how did you get here?

Zion: Zion have his ways. Came by riding on top of car. Letting the wind soar by me.

Charlene: Sounds like a long ride if you ask us.

Leslie: Yeah. *Remembering Zion* I think that i happen to remember you. You were the one who turned that one mobster into a human pretzel. Which saved me from the torture that the guy was gonna do to me. Blossom Stood up for me and you came to do away with the guy.

Zion: Back when you were with Mob, Yes?

Blossom: Of course. That’s right.

Zion: Zion remembers this.

Blossom: I remember that you gave that one guy… Morris… The double foot uppercut. That was rather funny. But awesome.

Zion: I can also turn him into a Pretzel. I done this. I know this as i did it. I would have done same to one i carried out of hotel room. But did not.

Charlene: Why?

Zion: It would be wrong to do. Violence is never answer. It only brings out more violence.

Paris: What is going on now? Are we gonna fight and have an encounter… or are we just gonna stand here and talk our brains out?

Zion: S’ cuse me Little girl… Why do you speak in that tone? You no like these girls?

Paris: I’m not here to make friends. What’s it to you anyway? What are you… Like… their big bad protector?

Zion: No no no no no! Not Protector… Guardian.

Paris: Whatever… it’s the same thing. Those girls are a bunch of pretenders and pre-madonna’s. They’re playing this school into believing that they’re normal common girls. But they’re freaks. Rejects and losers. People think that i don’t see what’s going on… They’re wrong. I see what’s up. They’re bringing in new people who happen to only screw up the curve. They think that they can just replace me with these newbies. Out with Gellar and in with these new members. In with people like Rhapsody and Burke.

Blossom: Paris, Why don’t you shut the hell up? Not everything is a conspiracy. So we are here. Big damn deal. We’re gonna get in fair and square. If the people want us… Then it’s their choice. You make as if only you’re supposed to be the top dog. That’s gonna stop.

Zion: Girl needs to be taught lesson. *Walking over to Paris and grabbing hold of her; Turning her into a Human Pretzel* Hostile girl need cool off.

Janie: *Looking to see a couple of cars coming from only a short distance* I think that we got company. Zion needs to get out of here. fast.

Blossom: Why?

Alex: Because that’s our mom’s car coming from not too far a distance. She doesn’t know of Zion being here. Just us. She’s gonna ask questions and so will the other parents who might be approaching close behind.


Leslie: Zion, We know that you mean well… We are appreciative of you being here to help put a stop to the hostility that was being expressed by that brat Paris. But, you have to get out from here. Please.

Zion: It’s alright. But please… No more unnecessary violence. Violence never answer. It only make matters worse.

Leslie: We agree. However a person… no matter who they are. Big, Small, Black, White, No matter the race. Culture, Custom, Whatever… They can only be pushed so far before they happen to reach their breaking point and snap. It’s gonna happen with anyone. You reach your breaking point… You’re gonna just snap. Not that it’s an excuse… However… That’s what people do. They react. Eventually… They are gonna snap.

Blossom: If it’s that easy to just let loose… We’re in trouble. Big trouble.

Janie: Rory’s already back inside and inside the main hall. We would be wise to get ourselves back inside there too and wait. Not stand out here prancing around.

Alex: It’s nice to be seeing you again. But… We really must get on our way back inside…

Moments later…

Inside Chilton’s main building…

Main hall…

LORELAI: Rory what happened?


Dinah: Janie, Alex, Charlene… You girls alright?

Elizabeth: *Walking over to her daughter* Leslie, what happened?

RORY: I got hit by a deer.

LORELAI: You got what?


Curtis: Hit… By a deer? Is that even possible?


Blossom: If you’re about to call it seemingly crazy, dad… Spare us. We already know how nuts it sounds as it’s something you normally wouldn’t hear as it never has happened before. But… I am afraid that it’s exactly how it sounds.

RORY: And then I was late and they wouldn’t let me take the test.

Leslie: They wouldn’t let us take the test. It was like we were being denied the right to take it. We studied for it and turned our minds into a pool of boiling brain matter over it. All for nothing.

LORELAI: *gasps* What?!

RORY: They wouldn’t let me take the test so I –

LORELAI: Oh no you’re kidding me?

Curtis: After all the hell you put yourself through… They tell you that you’re not gonna be allowed to take the test?

Elizabeth: That is really a shitty thing for them to do. A really Shitty thing.

Dinah: What a total fuckin’ crock!

RORY: Mom…

Janie: Mom…

Blossom: Dad…

Leslie: Mom.

Shingo: *Walking over from down the hall* Girls, Dinah… honey. *Kissing his wife on the lips* What’s going on? How come our girls are out here and not in class?

Dinah: they were not being allowed to take the test that they were studying madly for.

Shingo: You’ve got to be kidding? Them?! *In Dismay* Oh no. This is terrible. It is upsetting. After all the effort they made in studying and getting multiple study sessions in all to prepare for the test… They get told that they’re not allowed to take it. That’s not right at all.

Elizabeth: What do you suggest that we do?

Curtis: We take care of it. Girls, You stay here. Wait here. We’re gonna get to the bottom of this.

LORELAI: No, it’s ok. Just sit right here, I’ll handle this.

Dinah: We all will. After all the hell that you girls have gone through to prepare for the exam and then to be told that you can’t take it… No. This crap is gonna be handled. You have rights to take that test just like the other kids. No one is gonna just forbid you from it and leave you with enduring an incomplete. Not happening.

Elizabeth: Leslie, You’re stressed out with too much. You have that Stadium to run. You got school. You also have that so-called Hero duty. You’re stretched so thin and it’s getting more and more critical. But with all the time you squeezed in for Studying. Stressing yourself out with that… then the stadium… then as of last Sunday when your father had the heart attack and wound up in the hospital… Worrying about him. Now to be told that you can’t take the test… One that you’ve tore yourself apart over… It’s not gonna be dropped. It’s gonna be handled. Today. We’re not leaving here till it get’s handled.

To be continued…


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