Chapter 289: The Truth on the Magic Risotto is out. Time to get the facts straight.

(Sookie is back to being peppy and full of life again.)


Metropolis Inn…

Dinah was at work over where Bulldog stadium was and had to do some heavy drills as the Rally had been concluded and the things were back to how they were before the Rally took hold. However… Lorelai was handling her duties as Manager of the Metropolis Inn. Unaware that something was about to occur…

LORELAI: Make sure that carpet is replaced perfectly before they go


LORELAI: I mean perfectly. Nailed down and everything.

MICHEL: Oh you mean that perfectly. Oh I thought you meant the other perfectly. You know the one that could be misinterpreted by the other Michel. You know the one who couldn’t understand what you meant by perfectly. 

*Watches as Lorelai closes the book and leaves*

DRELLA: Hey what do you think about Pat Benatar?

LORELAI: Great idea, can she play the harp?

But the sudden solemn peace that was among the Inn was stopped as a loud squeal from the kitchen sounded. It was from only one person. Sookie.


SOOKIE: Whoo! Whoo-hoo!! *Dancing around in the kitchen* I knew it! I knew it! I knew it! I knew it! I knew it!

Lorelai comes in…

Sookie: I found it, I found it!

LORELAI: You found what?

SOOKIE: His bill! I found his bill!

LORELAI: What are you talking about?

SOOKIE: It wasn’t the risotto, it was the wine! He ordered the wrong wine!

LORELAI: Oh, well great!

SOOKIE: See in the review, he mentioned something about a summer tomato salad which I’ve only made once in the last 3 weeks because Jackson of course decides to get into a fist fight with his tomato grower – that’s a different story.

LORELAI: Yes – save it for Christmas time.

SOOKIE: So Brian, the goatee waiter, only worked one shift last week because his girlfriend kicked him out and he had to move.

LORELAI: Celia kicked him out?

SOOKIE: Well, he didn’t want kids.

LORELAI: But she knew that when they moved in.

SOOKIE: Women always think they can change men.


SOOKIE: So anyhow, I checked the dates, I narrowed the day down and I found a party that had ordered practically everything on the menu including –

LORELAI: The magic risotto!

SOOKIE: Yes, the risotto and a riesling. Ha! A riesling.

LORELAI: Why not just drink battery acid.

SOOKIE: Exactly! Changes the entire flavor of the dish. And the fact that Brian even served it makes me think Celia is a little bit better off without him.

LORELAI: I’m so glad hon, oh!

they hug giggling…

Jackson comes in…

JACKSON: Ok, here are the zucchinis

Sookie takes one and looks at it…

SOOKIE: Too small, take’em away! *Walking off*

JACKSON: Oh, it’s good to have her back huh?


JACKSON: Yeah .*pause* You’re still gonna have to pay for the zucchini.

Lorelai smiles.

She had only started to turn off to go as Michel came in to the kitchen. Usually he never would step into the same room as Sookie and Lorelai. Unless there was a reason or a dire explanation for doing as such…

MICHEL: There is a man with a funny accent on the phone asking for you.

LORELAI: Really? Did you guys exchange the secret handshake? *giggling with Jackson* Lorelai here *into the phone*


Another day at the Bulldog stadium...
Another day at the Bulldog stadium…

Over at the Metropolis Bulldog stadium…

Coach’s office…

Coach Garland: *Looking at the Roster for the season* We’ve got a few new faces this season.

Dinah: Do we now?

Coach Garland: Different than from the last year and year before that.

Dinah: Are they muscular in some sense or do they look like they’re a little run down?

Coach Garland: They’re a little of both. But their agility and evasion is impressive to accommodate for what they might lack in strength and power.

Dinah: I would like to hope for that very thing. Because with how things are going this year… We’re gonna need to raise the stakes a little higher.


The Phone rings…

Coach Garland: *Answering the phone* Metropolis University-Bulldog Stadium. Coach Garland.

Seconds later…

Coach Garland: Dinah, Uh… Do you know anyone from this place Chilton?

Dinah: Not really. No. Why?

Coach Garland: He’s saying that there is something about your 3 girls there…

Dinah: Huh?! *Reaching for the phone* I’ll take the phone.

Seconds later…


Dinah: *On the phone* Coach Rhapsody speaking…

At the Art Gallery…

Elizabeth A. Burke
Elizabeth A. Burke

Elizabeth: *Looking at the Art* Excuse me, Sherry…


Sherry: *Walking over* Yes, Ma’am.

Elizabeth: Something is out of place here. This photo for one… It’s here when it’s supposed to be upstairs in the Showcase wing.

Sherry: That one… Oh, uh… that one is here so people with trouble going up stairs can still have the chance to look at it.

Elizabeth: How’s that…

Sherry: Not sure… but uh, you see… Ma’am, lately this Art Gallery had been getting more people here who turned out being handicapped and wanted to see some great pictures. However… couldn’t as some of the best ones were in the Showcase wing. So… for the time being… we had some of the photos or pictures taken from there and brought down here so they too could get a opportunity of looking at them as well.

Elizabeth: That’s fine. However… next time… run it past me. Okay? The Paintings are not supposed to be moved openly.

Sherry: Sorry, Mrs. Burke.

Elizabeth: It’s okay. You were only doing what you believed would have been best feasible for the local visitors and patrons.


The Desk phone rings…

Elizabeth: *Walking over to the desk and grabbing for the phone* …

A second later…

Elizabeth: *Answering the phone; On the phone* Burke Arts studio… Elizabeth speaking…

At Metropolis Limousine Depot…

Depot office…

Shingo Rhapsody
Shingo Rhapsody

Shingo: *Cutting Checks for the workers and setting them up for the drivers* Payday for the workers. There’s been a lot of business coming in and people have been just in need of business. Rides from here. In this month alone… There’s been a grand accumulation of 50,000 just in this month alone. The Month alone. It’s gonna be a wonderful month. There’s only a couple weeks left in this month and we’re already 50,000. in the high green. In the High Greens. November is gonna be another great month… I *Breathing in deep with delight* can just feel it now. With just a few more months… Just a few more… I can put some money down on a high expense paid cruise and take the wife and girls. Just a few more. 10 more months.

But as he was writing up the checks…

The phone rang out and he didn’t expect any calls at that time so he happened to let it ring and ignore it. But when it rang again… He looked and saw that it was from Chilton. That was when he stopped what he was doing and picked up the phone and answered it.

Shingo: Metropolis Limousine Depot, Shingo here. How can i be of service?

At the U.S.G.S Metropolis Chapter…


Curtis: *On the phone* Would you repeat that again? My daughter was what? *Wanting to explode and at the edge of tolerance*

Curtis was having a rather stressed day so far and with the sudden briefing from the school, he was losing his patience. Not at his daughter… But at the stress that he was under. It was not a good day for him and it was getting worse as the day went on and played on.

Of course…

as for the crew and circle of friends…

Metropolis High School…

Main Hall…

Lane: *Walking* I heard that the Radio station broadcast a live interview with that guy from: Empire of the Sun.

Zoey: Same here. The guy seemed very expressive.

Sora: We heard that they’ve been asked to grant an appearance to be on the Webcast show iSerena.

Lane: iSerena?! What’s that?

Zoey: Oh… It’s a Webcast show internet show that our cousin Serena and her girlfriend and lover Carly Black formed and put together. had it going for about almost 3 years.

Sora: They had done about a total of 600 webcasts. They’re still going forward with it.

Lane: You think that Luke Steel will be into making an appearance on a webcast show?

Carly: Of course. Why wouldn’t he? This is like a public appearance. There’s no way that he’d pass that up.

Zoey: Ever since the concert… The whole town’s gone into this hype.

Sora: The whole city’s still to this very moment talking about the band. Emma and Polly Rhapsody are going around and moving like they’re high above cloud #9.

Lane: You serious? Them? *Pause* They’re not going around like they’re high above cloud #9… They’re Drunk and lovesick over the band.

Zoey: That’s a no-brainer. They’ve been out there all week just dancing in a daze.

Michelangelo Trent

Michelangelo: *Walking over* Hey Zoey. girls.

Zoey: Hey Michelangelo… What’s going on?

Michelangelo: Nothing so far. However… Heard that the Adoption agency is looking for Leslie.

Zoey: What?! What for? What would they want with her?

Michelangelo: Beats me… But, Zoey… I barely heard it on the Radio and one of the agents from the agency was overheard saying that they were looking for her. Something about awarding her a child or two.

Sora: How the heck can she be awarded Children… We’re all still in high school.

Carly: This is all just really crazy.

Zoey: Would Leslie be one to accept the responsibility of taking care of a couple kids? Raising them and teaching them things about life?

Michelangelo: What gets me is that the adoption agency is going after anyone who’ll be best fitting for being able to raise a child and have the responsibility of caring for the Kid or kids.

Zoey: It’s gotta be a total mistake. It isn’t like Leslie is looking to raise a kid. She’s got way too much to handle right now. Chilton. The Stadium. Her family issues like… What’s going on with her father. What’s more is that her father is said to be going in for a triple bypass. Sometime today. Leslie’s probably not considering that right now… Because of the major test that she’s having to take today. But it’s not as though it hadn’t crossed her mind.

Sora: I think that Leslie would be a wonderful mother. So would Blossom. They’d be swell parents. However… It’s gotta be on their terms and something that they truly feel ready to do.

Lane: Unless it happened to be something that they were thinking of doing.

Zoey: That’s rather doubtful as… Blossom’s a little bit of a talker. If there was something like that going on between them… She’d say something about it by now.

Sora: She usually does.

Carly: It’s rather chilling to know how there isn’t anything sacred in the family. Blossom’s always gotta come out with all the talk.

What they didn’t know was that over at Chilton… A domestic unrest was about to unfold. It was no surprise to anyone as the tension was bound to happen as there was a obvious issue with the antics and the mess revolving one high-strung hot head named Paris Gellar. However… Even though a fight was itching to erupt between Paris and the girls as the tension had been building and the hostility was elevated to a level pass their own.

What were the parents gonna believe and see once they finally arrived to assess the incident and conduct an attempt at damage control? Find out in the next chapter of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! as the saga continues…


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