Chapter 288: Exploding Rory and crew. The limit is reached and a Chilton Classroom scene ignites with a spark, Frost and a temper.

(Rory and crew to Paris: “What the hell is wrong with you that you have this constant need to be the biggest jerk in the entire world?!”)



It was silent and hardly anyone out at all by the time Rory pulled up and parked the car. Blossom and Leslie got out right fast and went to find a place to hide and where they wouldn’t be seen and change really fast. There wasn’t a second more to lose. They knew that time was running extremely short. It was with only less than a couple minutes left.

Before long…

They were changed and somewhat decent…

Rory’s running down the hall pulling her socks up, taking out her ponytail ad tucking in her shirt. The girls were right behind her and they too were making a mad dash over to the class where the test was being given. Hoping to all things that they were not late and were able to make it…

A Minute later…

Rory and the girls Enter the classroom and pray that they were on time. However, something was telling them that they were late. Ran out of time getting there so the test could have been taken. They hoped that it wouldn’t be the case… But…

Leslie T. Burke
Leslie T. Burke

Leslie: *Panting and trying to catch her breath*

Blossom Rhapsody
Blossom Rhapsody

Blossom:  *Trying to catch her breath* Oh… god. Thank god we’ve made it. *Panting*

Janie, Alex and Charlene
Janie, Alex and Charlene

Janie: *With Alex and Charlene* …

Betty: We’re here.

RORY: I’m sorry.

MAX: Everyone back to your tests. Miss Gilmore you’re gonna have to wait in the library. So goes for you girls.

RORY: But what about the test?

Blossom: Yeah. What gives?

Leslie: We got here and almost got into a wreck. just getting here.

Janie: You better believe it. It’s true.

MAX: I’m afraid you’ve missed the test.


Blossom: Come again? We’re what? Late? Oh no… hell no. We’re not late.

Alex: We are just a couple minutes late. But that’s all. Just a couple of minutes.

Betty: Exactly…

MAX: We start class promptly at 8:05.


Janie: It’s no different than the time that Metropolis high starts the first class.

MAX: That’s when I need people to be in their seats.

Alex: Could you please be more specific on that? Because us girls are a little slow on the sophisticated statement you’re pushing with.

Charlene: Plus… We’re still a little sleepy. Long night of studying kinda does that to a person. Every time.

RORY: Please.

MAX: I’m sorry but it’s the rules.

Leslie: The Rules? Uh… okay. You’re gonna have to cough that line again. Because that is not true. I read the rules of this place. As did my mother and father. Nowhere did it say that we had to be in our seats at 8:05. For Test taking. Nowhere in the rules did it say that.

RORY: But you don’t understand! I was up all night studying and then I missed my bus so I had to drive–

MAX: Let’s discuss this outside.

RORY: So I’m driving down this road and I stop and I get hit by a deer.

MAX: You hit a deer?

RORY: No I got hit by a deer. You don’t believe me? I’ve got antler prints on the side of my mother’s car.

Blossom: It’s true. *Scoffs* What? You don’t believe her? Us? Come take a look at the Car she was driving… You’ll see where the deer hit against the car before going on and just trotting off on it merry way.

MAX: Rory, come on. Blossom… this is nuts. A deer wouldn’t just hit a car just out of nowhere. You girls need to go. You can’t take this test. I’m sorry.

RORY: No! You have to let me take this test. I’m ready for this test. I know everything there is to know about Shakespeare.

Janie: So do we. Ask us anything about him. Anything… We’ll tell you. Right here. Ask. Ask us what we know.

MAX: Ok, ok, you have to calm down now.

RORY: I know his birthday and his mothers name and that kind of –

Charlene: We know the plays he is famous for. One of his Quotes… “The wine-cup is the little silver well, Where truth, if truth there be Doth dwell.”

PARIS: *whispers to Louise* Losers.

RORY: *Turning around to her* And just what is wrong with you huh?! You already have everything! You already have the grades and the status. What the hell is wrong with you that you have this constant need to be the biggest jerk in the entire world?!

Blossom: That tears it! Paris, You want to start shit… So be it. Outside in ten minutes. You’ve crossed our line for the last time.

Leslie: *Looking at Blossom* Blossom, Don’t waste your time on this conniving bitch. She’s not worth it. She’s just trying to russle Rory’s feather’s and ours as well. She thinks that she’s gonna get us down… Not quite. I used to be a Mob girl… And if pushed… i could let out some of my old Mob girl persona. But it’ll be wasted on her as she’d be too obtuse to understand.

MAX: Ok, let’s go.

Betty: Go where?!

Alex: Outside? Why? We have a right to be here too. Or did that change?

Blossom: No. Leslie, This bitch is gonna be made to pay. She has to be a jerk to us. To you. Rory. Anyone. If we don’t put her in her place… Who will? Who’s gonna step up?

Charlene: *Secretly Emitting some frost and using it on Paris* Someone needs to ice that brat up and put some fear in her. Her tyrant behavior… has got to be made to stop.

RORY: *To Paris* Huh?! What’s ?! What’s up quippy?! Why so silent?

MAX: Outside – now.

Leslie: *Whispering to Rory* Don’t worry. We’ll get her.

Blossom: *Whispering* Retribution shall be had.

Rory and the girls all walk by Tristin who’s smiling. But they were serious about letting Paris have it. Blossom wanted to fight. It was in her eyes… and her voice. The tone and the posture that she had exposed the fact… that she was white hot mad.

RORY: And for the last time – the name’s RORY!

Leslie: Yeah. Learn it. She isn’t Gary Stu, Mary Sue… Georgie porgie… Mary Magdalene or any biblical names you can conjure up. Her name is… was and will always be: Rory Gilmore. Same goes for me. Leslie T. Burke. My Girlfriend Blossom C. Rhapsody. Her Cousins Janie, Alex and Charlene Rhapsody. My Past friend Betty Andrews. Those are our names. From now on… You’ll address us by those very names and nothing other. *Suddenly breathing fire from her mouth in fury*

Janie: *Gasps* Leslie! No… Don’t do it. Calm down. This is no place to let loose on the super abilities.

Charlene: *Freaking out* Leslie! Don’t do it. Heroes don’t openly attack. They do it only as a defense. Not offense. *Using her frost to Put out the fire* … I am gonna regret this somehow… But… *Walking over to Tristan* Tristan, Hold still. *Gently resting her hands on the shoulders and using Empathy on Tristan* Don’t ask on how i can do this. But let’s just say that i am one of the very gifted ones who can do it. Found out that i had it during the Mob Era and yet i couldn’t focus and harness it as i didn’t understand why i had these gifts. I was feeling like a freak because of it. However… I eventually had to train myself with it and gradually came to accept it for what it was. A gift.

Tristan: *Nods in shock and understanding*

Rory storms out. and out goes the other girls. Leslie and Blossom as well as Janie, Alex and Charlene plus Betty. They were all mad. Angry at the fact that they couldn’t take the test. Then to hear Paris mutter under her breath. It was enough to push them all over the edge. Charlene wanted to nail Paris to the wall and they waited outside so it could happen. Biding their time. Leslie saw this as personal in some way. As did Blossom. Rory however… was too much in dismay. But she did happen to condone the feelings and the intentions that Leslie and Blossom were harboring. She wanted to let loose as well… However it would seem so not like her as everyone knows that it isn’t like her to snap off and throw punches.

To be continued…


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