Chapter 286: Study night a Gilmore, Burke and Rhapsody Trio Unity.

(ON-AIR interview with Empire of the Sun’s Lead singer)

Thursday night…

Oct. 18th. 2046…

Lorelai’s House…

It was Study night. A huge study night and the session was going on with a fast and steady production. Dinah was also there and helping them all prepare. Joshua Lester was there and was helping Betty which also landed help to the others as well in all sense of studying.

LORELAI: ‘The Comedy of Errors’ – written?

RORY: 1590

Dinah:: Published?


Janie: 1698.

LORELAI: Ooh 1623 – close

Dinah: Janie… You’re missing the mark. That was off by a few decades or so. But… You’re close. Too close to being off by 100.

RORY: How is 1623 close?

Alexandra Sandy Rhapsody.
Alexandra Sandy Rhapsody.

Alex: Yeah. I was about to answer that one the same too… Would i have been off just as well as she was?

Charlene Emily Rhapsody
Charlene Emily Rhapsody

Charlene: I don’t think that we’d get it wrong. We might have just thought that she was asking a different question and we were not picking up on it.

LORELAI: You got the ‘16’ part right.

Dinah: The 16 is right. The other half… miscalculated.

Leslie sitting at her desk.
Leslie sitting at her desk.

Leslie: But that’s half. What does that leave for the rest of it?

Blossom Rhapsody Coming out with a surprise.
Blossom Rhapsody Coming out with a surprise.

Blossom: Beats me. I can’t begin to say. However Lorelai is offering her time to ensure that we all pass that Exam that is scheduled for tomorrow morning.

RORY: I was off by 75 years

LORELAI: Well anything under 100 years is close.

Joshua: Sorta figuring.

RORY: What kind of rule is that?

LORELAI: I’m running the study session here. Ok. Richard III?

RORY: 1591.

Janie: 1591.

Dinah: *Raspberries*

LORELAI: *Makes buzzer sound*

RORY: ’93?

LORELAI: *Makes buzzer sound*

RORY: ’96?

LORELAI: *Makes buzzer sound*

RORY: Ok, that’s getting really annoying now

LORELAI: *Makes small buzzer sound*

Dinah: *Sighs* Let’s take a small break. Too much cramming all at once is gonna just be a total waste and only push for your brains to burst and implode. Even my brains are starting to emanate heat and a surgical overload. *Shaking her head* What are they teaching you girls over there anyway… How to study till you were to just drop dead on the spot courtesy of them?

Leslie: Sometimes i wonder. But it’s better than dealing with such a snot like Paris.

Blossom: That’s something i’d say. But it’s undeniable. Paris Gellar is a total nightmare. I don’t know how anyone in their right mind could spend each and every passing day… hanging on to all that ego. All that self-centered personality. It just doesn’t seem… condoning.

Betty: I’d like to have one night where she wasn’t mentioned even one time.

Blossom: We should speak about Carly and how she’s holding up.

Leslie: Yeah. That’s right. She left the hospital looking so completely heartbroken when Johnny didn’t come back for her.

Janie: It sure seemed as though she was gonna bawl. But she kept it to herself and just walked off. Saying that she had to go and see someone. Find someone.

Charlene: She wouldn’t say who. Or why… But she was clearly trying to keep from looking at us and losing it right there in the corridor outside the room that Leslie’s father was residing.

Blossom: Sure hope that she’ll be okay.

Rory: Carly’ll be okay. she seems to be well capable of pulling through. Doesn’t she?

Leslie: Sure does. However… I don’t know about what her sister Sora is gonna do about it. Sora feels terrible and when she learned about the fact that Johnny left and took off without saying a word… She just ditched us and didn’t say one word more. She said nothing to anyone. She walked off to her their house and we tried to call Carly and Sora an hour later… To see if they were okay… We got nothing. No reply. No callback… nothing.

Dinah: I’ll give Alice a call. Or Fred. They’d know something. Because at the end of the day… Sora and Carly answer to them. And the expectations that come of them. Or at least… they should be.


On the Radio…

(All Credit for this Interview’s Original Layout goes to Leah Adams. Originally posted on All Access Music.)

Radio: *As Lord Arnold* Ladies and gentlemen… Tonight on the Lord Arnold Variety hour… It’s another special two hour On-air Interview. Our special guest for this special edition is a Musician. A Lead singer who rose from starting off just doing a band known as Sleepy Jackson. But then along the way met a young colleague that was in the same orbit as he was. Back in the year 2030. In 2037… they made their connections and united. Forming the band we all came to know and love with dire affection and familiarity. EMPIRE OF THE SUN. The Lead singer… Is one who originates from good ole’ Australia…



Lord Arnold: *On-Air* Ladies and gentlemen… I present you the lead singer of Empire of the Sun… Luke Steele!

Luke: *Walking in and Shaking hands in greeting*

Arnold: *Smiles* … *Shaking hands and Nods*

Seconds later…

Arnold: *On-air* Thanks for joining us, Luke.

Luke: *On-air* It’s a thrill to be here. A few days after the concert…

Arnold: Yeah… I can imagine. Sunday night was just pulsing with electricity and excitement.

Luke: Even with having a special guest on stage singing along. Playing along. That girl… Zoey has some awe-inspiring ripping talent going on in her. I really was moved by how good she played and sounded. Singing along and she came as one who likely had never heard of our music before… But yet… Knew the words. The lyrics and sang so strongly.

Arnold: She’s one of a kind. But you got to look at her father Zeke and her Ex-Mother Luna. They instilled in her the passion of going for the thing she wanted the most.

Luke: It shows. I never had a special guest quite like her before in my career of playing concerts. Holding concerts and sharing the entertainment with the crowd. But if nothing else… Zoey was the best one there.

Arnold: Don’t forget those boys that were with her. Jeremiah BrownJeremiah Brown, Gene DouglasGene Douglas, Roger DensworthRoger Densworth and Ridge MercerRidge Mercer. They were sincerely amazing.

Luke: They sure are. I’m honored to have had them on the stage with me. They played splendidly.

Arnold: *On-air* With the concert excitement and it’s remaining hype starting to die down… people are starting to go back to just listening to the music. but they’re in no way bound to forget the thrills and the pulsing anticipation that was flowing by the concert. *Pausing for a second before breaking* This Is your Faithful Watchdog Lord Arnold and you’re listening to the Special Edition Of The Lord Arnold Variety hour. As we’re here Interviewing the lead singer of the band: EMPIRE OF THE SUN. Luke Steele himself. We’re gonna take a short break… When we come back… We’re gonna get a look inside Luke’s beginnings. Where his music Career officially started and how it got to where it is now. Don’t go away folks… We’ll be right back.

Arnold Puts on a music track to help pass the time before going back on…

During the break…

Arnold: Luke, this is gonna be a good night. Here’s how we should go about the interview. We start on the talk of your music career. How it changed you and then move right on to how it all began. Where you began with the music. How it got to you and what got you into it. Then as it goes on… Move on to the aspirations of yours and what you enjoy doing on the free time while on break from the concert performing and the tours and public appearances.

Luke: Sounds like a good start for the interview.

Arnold: It’s a special night. And to put some extra flow to the interview… We could put a segment in where you do a live performance on the Air. Via the requests of the callers. The song that gets the most requests… you’ll present. Live. Right here.

Luke: I’ll have to call for my outfit and guitar to be brought to me. But… It’d be a honor to do it.

Arnold: *Nods* …

A second or so later…

Arnold: *Seeing that the song playing was about to finish* It’s almost time for me to get back on the air. We got to get the show on the roll here.

Once the Music ended…

Arnold: *On the Air* That was Chris Brown’s song: Forever. Right here on MRHAP Metropolis. We’re back with more of the Lord Arnold Variety hour’s 2 hour special edition… With our special guest: Luke Steele. *Looking at Luke while speaking on Air* So… Luke, what’s it like for you going out there and playing the music that you play?

Luke: That’s a good start and easy to explain. The Music that i play is inspired by multiple artists who’ve done it before me. The career of being a music player is something that makes me proud. It’s something that i’ve always had the sense to do. When i go out there i am giving it everything and just… plainly… Letting the music flow. Is it hard at times? Yes. I’ll be honest about that by saying that it does get hard as the promoters and sponsors are rather demanding at times. I have thousands of messages that come to my publicist every day. Requesting special appearances and photo ops. Autographs. Some concerts from time to time and pleads to go to certain venues.

Arnold: It comes from the territory of being in the business… It isn’t as easy as one would expect it to be.

Luke: No. It isn’t. Most people would taper off with it as they get buried by the demands and find the inability to keep going. Making it big out there isn’t as easy when you are having people expecting quite alot from you. The Record producers and the fat cats of the music industry. They expect things from you.

Arnold: What about the ones who happen to make it?

Luke: The ones who are able to make it… They’re the ones who surpass the expectations and were able to hold on. Hold on and not let go. Lots of Artists who are out there… They’re tested and challenged. Daily. It’s a demanding profession. The ones who have the most fans… survive.

Arnold: Popularity and record sales. Those determine the result of the artist or the band’s very survival. But with so many great hits. “We are the people”, “Walking on a Dream.”, Celebrate, Alive, Standing on the shore, Ice on the Dune, Delta Bay, Surround sound, I’ll be around. Where did all this start?

Luke: Ever since i was a young boy. I was into playing music. My family is considered a musical family. My father was a Blues guitarist and Harmonica player.  My Sister Katy, is the vocalist of a Perth indie rock band Little Birdy. My brother Jake, also joined The Sleepy Jackson in 2038 playing computer samples, and has played keyboards for the now defunct Perth band Injured Ninja. The band Sleepy Jackson was started in 2028. And as far as i know… it still goes on.

Arnold: Do you still embrace those roots?

Luke: Not really since i’m now part of the band: EMPIRE OF THE SUN. I’m also a Songwriter.

Arnold: A Songwriter too? Wow.

Luke: Yeah. I wrote most of the songs for the band. With grateful help and assistance from the crew. Nick Littlemore was involved with the writing of the song. He helped with the bridges on some of them. We kinda put our ideas into it and put the pieces together and practiced the songs as they were written. Seeing how they’d sound to us before getting it out there for the ones who’d be listening to them. On the Album and CD Of Walking on a Dream. The 6th track… was written solely by Nick. He wrote it and we made it part of the song list. Added it as one of the songs. However… We didn’t seem to write any lyrics for that one. Just the tune. There didn’t seem to be any words to it.

Arnold: Was any of it hard to do?

Luke: It can be. Because it takes the idea of rhythm and time. Playing and listening to the beat in your head… Listening and getting the right words in.

Arnold: Sounds like something that a fellow listener should be listening to.

Luke: You mean… the girl Zoey?

Arnold: yeah. She is liable to start writing songs of her own. Any advice for the public’s known troubadour soon to be future music artist in the making?

Luke: The only thing one can say to her is that she should never give up. If she truly wants to be a famous singer and guitar artist… Keep on going for it. Don’t let go of that hope and determination. You can do it. She can do it. As long as she keeps focusing on that dream. Reaching for it. Never backing down from what she wants in life. Always hold on to it. Write songs that speaks from her heart. Things that interest her and reach her. Never let it waver.

Arnold: That’s great advice.  I am sure that she’ll keep that close to her heart. *A Second pause* You have been doing concerts in different cities and states. Different countries from time to time as well. Festivals included. Have you had any favorite festivals that you’ve played at so far or any great crowds that you’ve experienced?

Luke: I think that the show at Coachella. That festival of the year was kind of completely ridiculous and that stage was set from 2060 or something like that. You know, there’s that kind of that electricity that’s for the desert and there’s really nothing else like it.

Arnold: if they were to have another Festival like that… would you say of which that you’d do it all again?

Luke: I’m sure that i would. That’s not even a question of if it’ll happen again. I’d do it.

Arnold: I actually have not been in all these years I’ve lived in Metropolis. I know, it’s awful! I would have been psyched to be there even if it were only because i was doing a live radio broadcast there to sponsor the event.

Luke: Oh Really? Wow… What are you doing?! That’s like living in Anaheim and never going to Disneyland!

Arnold: Good analogy. I agree. Some things feel so good that if you were to miss them… You’d be feeling regret for doing so.

Luke: I happen to take my daughter there when i can. Making sure that i have a couple days off so i can get her over to Disneyland and put a warm smile on her face. Seeing her smile makes me happy.

Arnold: It’s the greatest thing to see in your life. A Smile on the children. Seeing their happy faces. Knowing that they’re happy.

Luke: It makes life all the more worth living. Knowing that you’ve made someone around you happy. Bringing someone an ounce of happiness.

A second later…

Arnold: So, you guys were recently in Korea not long ago. How was that? What did you guys do there?

Luke: It was really great. We played a show at the Ultra Music Festival. Actually, my buddy was there and we caught up a bit. I kinda went around Korea with a cinematographer and shot a lot of things.. like the Emperor in Seoul and that was really great. But yeah, it’s really exciting for the Empire because we are getting to be known in parts of Asia so it’s really interesting for us. The culture and customs. We are actually going to Malaysia in a few weeks. Yeah, we are starting to play a lot more places in Asian countries so it’s just great.

Arnold: How long were you guys in Korea? To do as much as you had while there… it must have been at least a couple weeks easy.

Luke: It was only 4 days but that’s kinda good for a tour because you usually are in a place for half a day only.

Arnold: only 4 days? *Whistles* Wow. That’s fast considering when you are touring a whole city or country… depending on the size and how much there is to see. It’d take someone at least a week. If no more than that. Sure wish that i’d have your kind of luck. *Grins and going on* So how did you guys get involved with the Dumber and Dumber 2 soundtrack? How exactly did it happen?

Luke: You know what, I was in New York City and I get this phone call from Peter Farrelly, you know, one half of the Farrelly brothers. And I was pretty shocked. And I said, is this a hoax? And he said no, it’s me. I’m in the same hotel as you. And he was chilling at the bar and he said he’s been a fan of our records. We spent some time in New York so he came around the next day and we caught up at the hotel and we just asked and he kind of said, that would be awesome if you guys had the time. So yeah, he stuck to his word.

Arnold: Were you a fan of the first film?

Luke: Oh yeah, it’s kind of like my favorite film! Yeah, I think they were my favorite movie director team. We’ve been fortunate in this band to have blessings like that happen.

Arnold: Seems like you were met with the goddess of luck and she put a thick and long lasting veil on you where luck just seems to pour out from every orifice on you. You are very fortunate. Never forget that. Never take it for granted. Luck like that doesn’t just land on someone out of nowhere… Not in the magnitude of which it had done on you.

Luke: I just consider myself to be eternally blessed.

Arnold: It shows. Now… with the music that you and Nick create and the songs that are out there done up by the Empire of the Sun… With you on the forefront as the Emperor. Going by Emperor Steele. Alot of people have seemed to wonder. because the inspiration and the desire to form such a band like this had to come from somewhere… How did you two first come together and decide that you wanted to form this band together? Was it Fate? Did it happen to be planned. and just was in need of a bit of a push? How did it happen?

Luke: We got introduced by a mutual friend who was actually the first guy who signed me at EMI Records when I was about 20. I guess he’s a bit of a musical matchmaker. He knew Nick through the dance music scene and he kind of organized for us to meet at a bar. We really got along and began work the next day. And that was back in about 2030. And then we sort of didn’t see each other for about 5 years. And then bout 2036, we decided to do a few more sessions. And by that point, both our respective bands had kinda grown a bit tired and needed to go into semi-retirement for a bit. And it seemed like a good chance to do something a bit more free. You know.. and without rules and regulations… I think in your 20s, the world or the jungle or the industry tries to conform you, or transform you and I think in our late 20s, we started Empire and we thought you know, we are trying to be cool and we work and we don’t care anymore.

Arnold: How do you think your friendship with each other has grown over the years?

Luke: You know, I think its just getting stronger and stronger. We’ve been through a lot. Our second record was like, it wasn’t fun for either of us. It was a real wrestling match in every possible way. It was..The perils of success, fighting with the integrity of your soul.. It was really challenging and I think that was the biggest test. It really was. It was tense and if you can make it past the second one, you know you really have something. We kind of understand now how it works a bit more. I think on the first record, we were pretty lucky, we were just having fun. We did the record for nothing and gave it to the company. The second record, we had the opportunity to travel to any studio around the world to work with anyone we wanted to and we kinda did. We recorded everywhere from The Neptunes in Miami, to Rico Love in Los Angeles to my studio in New Zealand and London. All these parts made it great. Everyone is the sum of it’s part made it great. I write melodies and chords. We dabble in each others paintings and we kinda realized that we all have a distinct role.

Arnold: That’s the thing. In our lives… in everything that we do… We’ve all got this certain role that we’ve got to play. It’s like a hand of cards that you get dealt. God’s got like likely a gazillion plus cards and each living being gets a matching # of 7 cards. And in those cards… It kinda tells of what your life’s gonna be like. What your fate will be and where you’re gonna wind up. Who you meet and so forth. Now with writing music… You have to dig deep into yourself and anywhere you can for that inspiration. That spark. You write Melodies and chords? Your role in the band is that… But… What’s Nick’s role?

Luke: Musician and Record-producer. He had a sole involvement in getting the debut single for the first album out. The first track was the title of the first album that was done. Called “Walking on a dream”. But it was during the year of 2038… from the 4th month till September… I couldn’t reach Littlemore. From September on… I without Nick… Performed tours in Australia. But when i’m not on Tour… Live in L.A.

Arnold: L.A. The City of angels. I’ve heard of that city. Planning to do a Christmas live special there. *Motioning to Luke that it’ll be spoken of during the break* What music are you listening to? Any new artists that you are enjoying?

Luke: Well, I’m kinda a bit out of touch with what’s happening musically right now… Oh god, hmmm.. I can’t really think… I like sort of snippets of artists all around the world. I do love the stuff Skillrex is doing now. It sounds like something from 2060 or something…

Arnold: I’ve read and i’m sure that most of the music lovers who have listened to your songs and enjoyed them from the start and followed along have read that you guys have said that Ice On The Dune is about escapism and like an exploration of the imagination. Can you explain a bit further? How is that different then the theme of Walking On A Dream?

Luke: Every song has a different kind of story to it. That’s kind of been what the band has been about. You know, there’s magic moments everywhere. When a boat has been shipwrecked and then the tide comes in and then it begins dancing again on the water. Or you know, there’s someone who has been paralyzed and then healed by the dancing hands of god and they walk again. Or a sickness being cured or a bird with a broken wing takes off. You know, we kinda of like want that sweetness. When you hear a song, it makes you feel warm,. Everyone has their song that takes them to that other place. We kinda just began the band like that. Let’s make songs that are sweet as the heavens, you know, the land of milk and honey. Lets make it full of color, let’s bring all the colors of the rainbow, all the riches of heaven and give it to people. It’s about everything that is about all that. Bring it to people’s hearts.

Arnold: There seems to be some kind of a EDM shift on Pop radio now. With this new album, you seem to be moving toward a more radio-friendly sound. Do you agree? Was that always a goal?

Luke: Yeah, I guess.. That was a progression that came with the first record. When we toured with Walking on a Dream. We were right in the eye of the storm when EDM was really all around. So, on this latest album, we’ve made it a little more Hi-5. I guess we were influenced by living in America at the time when we recorded it.

Arnold: I have heard that your stage shows are quite the production- the outfits, the dancers, the LED visuals and more. How much fun do you guys have doing all that?

Luke: It’s kind of like a dream. The dancers and everything.. We kind of spend a lot of time thinking of all the possibilities…

Arnold: Tell me about your clothes. What are the concepts for them? What inspires you?

Luke: I guess everywhere. It kind of begins before time. We have all of these cultures that are just waiting for us to use, from Aztecs, to Geishas, it’s all just there.. You just gotta become the inquisitive scuba diver and pull out the lobster.

Arnold: Like taking the plunge. Going for the chance and just tapping into something bigger than normal.

Luke: That’s how it begins.

Arnold: Ever think of starting a fashion line?

Luke: I’ve been trying to start that for about 5 years! I need to do it. Maybe this will inspire me to just do it!

Arnold: What’s a favorite memory or something interesting that’s happened with the band on-stage, in the studio or elsewhere? Recall a moment that has really stood out for you.

Luke: Oh yeah, I have a favorite experience! So I always ask my manager, “can you get in touch with this guy? I wanna work with this guy or can you reach out to this director?” and one that I’ve always asked him a bunch is, “can you see if Lindsay Buckingham wants to work with us?” He came back and said yes. So this guy is so cool. He recently got back in touch and he emailed Nick and I together and just said you know, guys, Fleetwood Mac is taking a break, so I’m around, so let’s get in the studio. So, Lindsay came down to our downtown studio by himself and jammed with us for two days. And this guy is like the coolest rock star in the entire Earth. He would say, “I don’t know why you guys want an old guy like me playing with you”… That was a total high. I’ll never forget it.

Arnold: Do you guys have any pre-performance rituals before hitting the stage? Anything that would just… happen to get you amped up?

Luke: Yeah, there’s personal things. Like a mental patterns you do in your head. We have a pre-show breakdown. Lately before every show, I’ve tried to wait for a word… sometimes, it might be like “United”, “or we need to bring electricity to the crowd”, “there needs to be lightning in the performance”, or “it should be unpredictable”.

Arnold: When you guys aren’t writing new material or performing, what do you guys like to do for fun?

Luke: I think one of my favorite past times is surfing and riding in a convertible up the PCH.

Arnold: With the steady success and fame that has come upon the band and with all the good fortune that landed into your direction… Where do you see the band in 10, 20, 30 years? What do you see happening?

Luke: You know, I have pretty big visions. I see maybe having a giant amusement park where it’s just has everything from a cinema, restaurants, Empire clothing factory. There could be a giant studio. Where the world can come and watch the music being made. I really want to connect worldwide, start a family of believers. I wanna start our own world. That’s probably in the next 5 years. We have 5-10 shows till the end of the year and well probably end up touring through next year. And I think that’s important. There’s such demand for live music right now. People want to get away from their phones and lives.

Arnold: It’s true. Although many of them seem to find it a little hard as it’s become such a necessity for so long that it’s though that they seem to feel that without it… They’d be lost. Their usual lives… can have a break. But it is the phones. They’re the issue as people depend on them so so much and feel as if without them… They’d have not a sole idea of where to turn to.  However… you’re with a point. People are so well in need of live music now… more than ever before. Much more than they had ever done prior.

(All credit goes to the creator of the original version of the interview.)

Arnold: *On Air* We’re gonna take a short break. But when we come back… we’ll have more from the Emperor Steele. As we come back with more of the 2 hour special Edition of the Lord Arnold Variety hour. Don’t go away. Phone lines are open for requests. You know the #. 1-219-591-4918 That’s 1-219-591-4918.  Here’s a song from Killswitch Engage… Darkness Falls. Right here on MRHAP Metropolis.

Music plays…

Later the same evening…

Arnold: *On-Air* It’s been a great interview and a wonderful show. And now… without further adieu and time to waste… You listeners out there have been calling non-stop. casting your requests and choices of what song you’d want to hear live on the radio performed by yours truly… the lead front for EMPIRE OF THE SUN. *Looking at the votes and the tallies* Here’s your winning pick… *Pressing the button and setting for the Live broadcast to begin* From the top of the beacon and done to present for your listening ears from across the city and spanning through the entire country. Ladies and Gentlemen… Give it up for EMPIRE OF THE SUN!

Back at the Gilmore house…

Lorelai comes into living room with coffee…

LORELAI: Go on, I’m listening.

Dinah: You girls are getting good with the details and are piecing them well.

Janie: That’s one thing a person does when studying something complex like Shakespeare or T. S. Elliot.

RORY: The sonnets are 154 poems of 14 lines

Leslie: Some are like paragraphs. Others are like one liners.

LORELAI: Except?

Blossom: How could we know? You think maybe… it’s 2 lines less and only 126 poems.

Dinah: That’s pretty good. You girls are getting a real hang of it.

RORY: Except for 126 which is 12 lines.


RORY: They are written in iambic pentameter.

LORELAI: Except?

RORY: Except 145 which is in tetrameter.

LORELAI: Rock on sister.

RORY: Really?

LORELAI: Not one mistake.

RORY: Wow.

LORELAI: How do you feel?

RORY: Nauseous.

Leslie: We feel as if our heads are about to burst with overload.

Alex: It’s gonna get like that more often.

Charlene: *Laying her head back* Ugh. Don’t remind me.

LORELAI: Yeah well, I don’t think the fries and the horseradish sauce was the best idea we ever had. You girls yourselves had 4 helpings of Spinach and Pizza bagel bites. With a couple tall glasses of Chocolate peanut butter smoothies. I have heard of mixing drinks before. But… you girls really let one loose.

RORY: It was satisfying in the moment though.

Dinah: Of course i think that now since that phase is done with them… they’re gonna go straight.

LORELAI: I think you’re going to blow that class away tomorrow.

RORY: You think?

LORELAI: I think. What do you say we call it a night and get some beauty sleep?

Dinah: You girls should get some rest too. It’s late and Blossom… You and Leslie should get some rest yourselves. You two have been pushing each other way to hard. With the way you’ve been going on and pressing along… It’s a miracle that you two haven’t had your head just exploding like a hotplate.

RORY: You go, I wanna review my notes one more time.

Blossom: We also want to make sure that we didn’t overlook anything and have it all covered.

Betty: There’s gonna be a lot to look to on the test. We have to be sure that we’re all on the same playing field.

Leslie: We will be. We will be.

LORELAI: Oh that’s ok, I’ll stay up.

RORY: *While heading off to the kitchen* Mom, go to sleep.

Janie: You should try to get yourself some sleep too mom.

Alex: You are gonna need it for the next day. You won’t be able to train the football team running on fumes.

LORELAI: No, I’m not even tired. I was just thinking of you.

Dinah: We’re just thinking about you girls. You’re the ones who’re gonna need it the most. That test is gonna take a lot out from you all.

Joshua: You’ve all studied well and long enough.

Later that night, Rory and the girls go into the living room and find Lorelai and Dinah fast asleep on the couch. Joshua in the chair. She covers her with a blanket and goes back to the kitchen. Janie, Alex and Charlene cover their mother up with a blanket as well to help her keep warm before going back to the kitchen. Leslie and Blossom came with the trio and Dinah so they didn’t have to worry. However they did have to keep awake for just a little longer. Even though they were passing out from exhaustion. Later that night, Lorelai wakes up and goes into the kitchen to find Rory asleep at the table. She sits down and puts the blanket around Rory as well and falls asleep as well. Dinah got up and saw her daughters asleep at the table as well and just the same… Placed the huge blanket around them and herself. Within seconds went to sleep and there they all were for the rest of the night…

To be continued…


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