Chapter 285: A Sookie St. James Kitchen shakedown. On the Magic Risotto. “What went wrong?”

At the Metropolis Inn…


Since the previous night, Sookie St. James had been cooking around the clock. Cooking and testing each dish. They were all Risotto. All of them. from the 1st one which was the tester. She cooked each one. from scratch. Not leaving anything out. Sookie was one of those chefs who even though were still working their way to the top came out as being forever damned by her profession. Seeing fault in the simplest meal. She would be ever so critical of her successes and equally hard and critical on her failures.

LORELAI: Hey, Sookie, do you know what the menu’s gonna be –

*Sookie shoves risotto into her mouth*



SOOKIE: Wait, I got another one.*shoving more into Lorelai’s mouth.* Better?

LORELAI: Hotter!

SOOKIE: Wait, I got one more – one more *shoves more into her mouth again*

LORELAI: Sookie! What’s with all the risotto? Have we gone ‘theme’ now? Ooh, is it gonna be like the scotch tape store?

SOOKIE: Look, I’ve made 40 recipes, ok, 40. And every single time I come back to the same conclusion.

Dinah: *Walking in Suddenly* Hey guys. What’s up?

Lorelai: Not a whole lot other than Sookie here going total theme. She’s been trying to find fault in her Risotto or find out what could have gone wrong?

Dinah: And… The conclusion would be… what, exactly?

Sookie: That there isn’t any. There’s no fault in my Risotto as it’s been made the same exact way… each time. I made 40 recipes, Dinah. 40. and each time i made them… The same result occurred.

LORELAI: That your’s is better?

Dinah: That your’s is without fault.



Waiter, Brian, comes into the kitchen.

BRIAN: You were looking for me?

SOOKIE: Yes, great! Three weeks ago, guy comes in, Lucent Mills, orders the risotto, doesn’t like it.

BRIAN: The magic risotto? You’re kidding.

LORELAI: Not helping.Actress_Pauley_Perrette_attacked_by_home_0_475907_ver1.0

Dinah: Sookie is already sniffing for suspects over who could have been behind the reason why the Risotto got a not so good review.

SOOKIE: He’s a restaurant critic. He ordered lots of things – probably didn’t finish them. Now in his review he said his waiter had a goatee. Now you’ve got a goatee, and so you waited on him and I need info.

BRIAN: Well what did he look like?

SOOKIE: Like he’s unhappy with the risotto! Or maybe he had an annoying table companion with him that wouldn’t let him concentrate on what he was eating.

BRIAN: Well I serve a lot of people.

SOOKIE: He had a beard, or false teeth, or wig, or those glasses with a big nose.

BRIAN: *to Lorelai* May I be fired now?

Dinah: Sookie, You scared that guy off. *Sighs* we know that you want retribution and satisfaction. But this sort of idea on how to get it… Not exactly how one would deem subtle.

LORELAI: Absolutely. *Brian leaves, Sookie follows*

SOOKIE: What about a guy with an annoying companion and a fake wig who was sitting underneath an air conditioning vent next to a woman with too much perfume on?!?

Dinah: *Looking at Lorelai* What the heck is going on? Is Sookie on a one man crusade?

Lorelai: If only you knew how she got normally when things like this happen.

Dinah: Why do you say that? You saying that it’s worse than this?

Lorelai: No. It isn’t worse… But it isn’t what you’d paint as a warming moment either.

Dinah: Hmm. Interesting. One question though. Is she always this passionate over the food she happens to create?

Lorelai: It’s a craft.

Dinah: A Craft of Psychosomatic repose maybe. But… I guess that it’s like the saying goes. One person’s Psycho is another person’s rising Genius. I actually find her rather amusing and creative. Seriously. Maybe the partial zany insanity that she lets out… pulls out a positive result.

Lorelai: It helps on passing the time.

Dinah: No foolin’.

Lorelai: *Curious* question though… You’re usually at the Football stadium during this time of the day. Shouldn’t you be there now?

Dinah: I should be. However… the Stadium’s closed today. It’s gonna be closed for a week. Apparently the University’s got some Rally going on for a presidential candidate. Didn’t say or specify on which one it was gonna be. I’m banking on the woman. Hillary. But eh… i could be getting my hopes up on the idea.

Lorelai: Don’t envy that. Some of the patrons were referring to there being some convention. Being held at a Football Stadium. I guess that Rally was what they were speaking about.

Dinah: Must be.

Lorelai: Michel was gonna vote for the Male Presidential candidate. But i made him submit to voting for the woman Candidate.

Dinah: Ah… You’re already getting into the whole Election bit.

Lorelai: Never too early. Anything to keep a megalomaniac from getting into office.

Dinah: You took the words… right outta my mouth, Lorelai. No lie. because… i happen to feel the very same way. Odd to know that… isn’t it?

Lorelai: Odder than a pair of circus midgets.

That afternoon…

After school…

Image result for metropolis general hospital icu unit

Metropolis General Hospital…

ICU Wing…

Sora and Carly
Blossom Rhapsody
Blossom Rhapsody
Zoey Rhapsody
Zoey Rhapsody
Michelangelo Trent
Michelangelo Trent
Justin Creed
Justin Creed

Sora: *Looking around* What are we doing here?

Carly: I don’t know.

Leslie: *Sighs* We’re here to visit my father. He’s been in here since yesterday morning. He had a very bad heart attack and within a few days from now… he’s scheduled for a triple bypass.

Zoey: *Gasps* What?! Your father’s had a heart attack? Wh-wh-why didn’t you say anything?

Leslie: I didn’t want to worry anyone. I was already distressed as it was over the matter. Getting you guys distressed just as well… wouldn’t have helped anything. It would have made things hard on everyone.

Blossom: Plus, it doesn’t help that Leslie and I have to deal with a total snot nosed bitch at chilton almost on a constant daily basis.

Michelangelo: Who?

Blossom: A Walking menace on two legs. Paris Gellar.

Zoey: She doesn’t sound nice at all. Is she really that bad?

Blossom: You sire to ask such a question like that?

Sora: Not us.

Carly: Never.

Justin: hey Carly. Where’s Johnny?

Carly: Never mind where he is. He’s on a different floor… Getting a shot of something. Let’s leave it at that.

Sora: Carly, what’s really going on with him? Why won’t you just come out with it?

Carly: Because i swore to him that i wouldn’t blab about it to anyone. I’m keeping that promise. You can all ask me and keep trying to press me into saying something about it. But it’s not gonna work. I am not gonna break my promise to him. For anyone.

Sora: Come on… Just tell us. At least get us some piece of mind.

Carly: No. It isn’t my secret to tell. It’s his. It has to be up to him to decide whether he’d want to tell or not.

Blossom: Where is he though? Are you gonna be leaving with him?

Carly: No. I’m not. He and I are taking the afternoon off and spending a little time apart. He figured that it would be better if some time was had to… well… you know, Think. I love him. He loves me. But with the secret he has… some people have started to catch on and he’s startled that people will start making faces or taunt him over it. He can’t help being what he is. It’s just the way things turned out.

Zoey: *Looking at Leslie* Where’s your dad’s room, Leslie?

Leslie: It’s up ahead. Come on.

A Minute later…

Leslie: *Walking into the room with the group* Hey dad.

Carl: Hey, my dear girl. School out already?

Blossom: It’s been out for about a half hour now.

Carl: And you are here already. That’s fast.

Michelangelo: Not really.

Blossom: How’re you holding up in here?

Carl: Not bad. However… this bed does leave a person with undesirable bedsores.

Zoey: How’s the food here?

Carl: It isn’t too bad. Although… it’s not exactly an acquired taste.

Leslie: You’re lucky though. You don’t have to deal with a nightmare from school.

Sora: True. There’s someone at Chilton who’s giving Leslie and Blossom a really shitty time.

Carly: *Nods*

Carl: Who?

Leslie: Paris Gellar.

Justin: Not sure if i will like where this is gonna go.

Carl: Why’s that?

Sora: Because usually we would opt for fighting fire with fire.

Zoey: Fighting doesn’t usually solve anything. Unless it’s for doing what’s right.

Carl: I solely agree. But… i would suppose that if anyone would be liable to throw punches… It’d be Leslie.

Leslie: Yeah. But that was because it was to defend you and mom, dad. I don’t do it to just do it and pick fights. It’s not what i do.

Blossom: That’s more to be something i’d do. I was always seen as the typical sparky one.

Sora: That we’ve noticed, Blossom. You and Serena are both with a fierce throw to you. Always standing up hard against the world.

Justin: …

however… What Carly wasn’t told was that Johnny Barlow was facing a defining moment and didn’t figure to tell that he was gonna just let the process go and revert back to being a girl. It was eating him up that for all the time that he tried to fight it… It was impossible. Johnny was meant to be once and forever more as it was as life began… Joanna Barlow.  But it would take a few weeks for the process to revert itself back to All Female. So… as much as he/she didn’t want to… he/she had to go on the road and hide out for a while…


Goodbye Johnny???

Still at the Hospital…

Carl: *Looking at the T.V* I must say that i seem to find a great deal of concern about the stuff going on… On T.V.

Leslie: Why’s that?

Blossom: *Curious* Something a miss?

Carl: The Current elections that are coming up. The Presidential races.

Leslie: So we’ve heard. Who’s all running?

Zoey: Donald J. Trump… the former host of the show called: “The Apprentice” and CEO of Trump University. Has multiple Trump Towers. And Hillary Rodham Clinton. The Secretary of State and founder of the Clinton Foundation.

Michelangelo: That’s right. But, Zoey… how did you know about that?

Sora: We didn’t figure you to follow up on this election. What gives?

Zoey: It’s called… I read the Newspaper and just catch good stories. That’s what gives and i already can tell you that from how the stories are being told… We might have a big mess coming up in the not so distant future.

Sora: Do you think that it’ll start a time of depression for us all? Trump isn’t a nice person. He’s gonna destroy everything that this country was built upon.

Carly: Tell that to the White Supremacists that are backing him. There’s gonna be a whole lot of race wars. All because of Trump and this whole campaign.

Michelangelo: It sounds really bad when you think about it.

Carl: If Trump becomes president… Something’s gonna happen to this city.

Leslie: Like what?

Carl: It could put a strain on the Stadium. You might have to make sections according to race. Color and Culture. Racism is gonna spread ferociously if Trump gets elected.

Leslie: Dad, No. We Burke’s aren’t racist. We’re not gonna conform to the racial cries of the country all because of a candidate that is running for president happens to foster the tendencies for racism and bigotry. No. My stadium wasn’t built for that and i will not allow for it to be run in that way. I forbid it.

Carl: I know that you forbid it, Leslie. I forbid it too. But with a changing world such as this… We’re gonna have to change along with it. Remember Brooklyn? We remained exactly how we were and what we got from that was… Ridicule and taunts. Mockery and social hazing. Leslie, You’ve come a long way since then. Since that time and grew stronger. Socially, financially and civilly. Bolder and wiser. Do you really want to risk losing all that you’ve worked for here. Everything that you have fought for here?

Leslie: *Scoffs* No. I don’t. But just because i don’t conform… it doesn’t mean that i’m gonna lose all that i fought for. Besides… In case you forgot. I didn’t get this far on my own. I had help. I had support. You think it was easy getting this far… building up a stadium like the one that i have now? It wasn’t. I was still being seen with judging eyes and ridicule.  162Before Blossom’s family accepted me and understood me. At all. They looked at me with judging eyes. Judging me. Just waiting… waiting for me to screw up. The whole city loves them. So they’d buy their word much more quicker and sooner than they’d ever go along and take the word of a measly rich girl. The minute that they finally accepted me… They took me in. Protected me and all those who’re like me. But they were the only ones who had. There are still people who are out there who happen to still regard me as just some measly rich girl who is trying to get attention. This city is gonna have people who won’t accept me. But… The last thing that i’d ever consider doing… is something that destroys whatever reputation i do have here and the closeness i managed to achieve with the family. They hate bigotry and i won’t do anything that will make them turn on me.

Blossom: Leslie, Calm down. Can’t you see that he is only speaking rhetorically? He isn’t saying that you should start running the stadium like that. It just wouldn’t be wise. He wouldn’t want that either. It’s just that the whole thing is bad. From all the reading we had done on the Elections that are drawing closer… It’s putting the fear into each and every one of us.

Sora: Our mom isn’t feeling too happy about it either.

Carly: Alot of us are looking at foreclosures and being kicked out on the streets if he gets in.

Leslie: What’re we gonna do, dad?

Carl: *Sighs* I wish i knew what it was that we could do… But as it looks at the moment… the only thing that can be done is wait. Pray and hope that things will turn out alright in the end for everyone.

Of course… not everyone was feeling sure about the coming Election…


At the Metropolis University Dorms…

#250: Serena Rhapsody and Carly Black–Jacklyn O’Nestle.


Serena: *Scoffs* Can you believe this guy on T.V “In the Trump administration we will end decades of policies that enrich special interests and foreign countries at our expense. We’re going to take on the big media, big business, and big donors that are bleeding our country dry. We’re losing our jobs. We’re going to renegotiate our disastrous trade deals and illegal immigration. Stop the massive inflow of refugees. Take care of our vets, our great vets. Your jobs come back under a Trump administration. Your income goes up under a Trump administration. Your taxes go way down under a Trump administration. You companies won’t be leaving our country under a Trump administration, they’ll be staying right here.” What the fuck is this guy trying to pull? Everyone who’s with a conscious mind knows that he’s a complete egotistical lying hypocritical bigot. He’s all shit. And these people there in the crowd… Are eating it up. Literally eating it up like it’s Heroin to them. Caffeine to their caffeinated dependency.


Carly Black: Serena, i don’t like the guy either. But talking like that is gonna land us right into federal custody. Besides. There are… in case you didn’t notice. A lot of people who are with racial thoughts but have been icing those thoughts down and condoning anyone who weren’t “White” As they were groomed to feel one way. That America was to be about the freedom and a country of Love. Respect. Compassion and acceptance. Tolerance as well. They’re acting on their Bigotry thoughts and feelings. Their racial beliefs are being coaxed because of how the guy on T.V speaks and how he presents himself.

Serena: That’s total crap, Carly. Total and undeniable crap. That guy is a bastard. A complete Racist. Anyone who would feel any sympathy or pity towards him… They’re just as empty minded and demented as that Son of a bitch Trump.

Carly: Serena, I agree. I feel kinda the same way. However… no matter how we feel… We have to be with some form of civility. We don’t have to like him or accept him. But… if he gets in. We will have to respect him. He’ll be our new (C.I.C) Commander-In-Chief.

Serena: What would your dad say about all this?

Carly: I don’t know. *Sitting down and sighs* I really can’t say. But from what’s going on here. I don’t think he’s gonna want to deal with having me live here. Under the possible ruling of Trump. If that guy gets in. He’ll be seeking to get me moved away from here. Out of this country and back to where he is. Not exactly safe. But in order to ensure that i am not living under the rule of a Racist man seeking office. He’ll do what he must do to ensure my protection and safety. Maybe get you to come to France too.

Serena: If it will get me away from that Lying egotistical Hypocritical bigot Trump… Take me away. I will go gladly. I’m so mad about the Elections that i can’t even focus on the homework that we’re supposed to be doing.

Carly: I understand. Of course… I don’t think that we’re the only ones who’re gonna be feeling the tension or the outrage over the Election.

Serena: *Groans* …

#349: Spencer and Rikku- Gabby Marsden

Spencer Rhapsody
Spencer Rhapsody

Spencer: *catching the rally oSeeing this campaign on T.V… It’s gonna be only moments before someone gets either beat down to an inch of their lives… or dead. Serena’s gonna go nuclear.

Spencer's Wife Rikku Rhapsody
Spencer’s Wife Rikku Rhapsody

Rikku:  I think that she might already had gone on a tyrant. She’s spewing words of malice… Not good. This Election that is going on still… It’s made Serena so mad. It’s making a lot of people mad.

Gabby Marsden
Gabby Marsden

Gabby: Американцы уверены, что действительно получают довольно легко сердится. (Americans sure do get rather angry easily.)

Spencer: Serena really needs to calm down.

Rikku: Try telling her that. But also try to get Aunt Dinah to calm her down. If Serena is pissed over the idea that Trump will become president. Just stop and think on how Dinah will be over it.

Spencer: That’s one thing that i would want to spared of doing. Just the thought of what she’d do… is enough to rattle my frosty hide.

Rikku: Who do we vote for?

Spencer: Hillary. That’s who. I’m not voting that guy in. Not a chance.

Rikku: We’re already divided. Part of the dorm building is voting for Trump. So… We’re gonna have to stay alert. To make sure that we don’t get attacked by his supporters.

Spencer: I know…. *Sighs* I know…

They sit down and watch the Rally on the Television. It was looking grim…

#305: Rita Massey and Erica Harper.

Rita Massey
Rita Massey

Rita: The presidential race is getting to be close to the last. The people out there are violent. Alot are going for the Male Presidential Candidate.

Erica Harper
Erica Harper

Erica H.: Too bad that Bernie Sanders didn’t make it through the Primaries and stopped. It’s as if the end for him came and he couldn’t do it anymore. He then backs Clinton. Which is a plus. They both think that this guy on T.V spewing his lies is just full of himself. Just full of deceptive lies. All he utters out are lies upon lies upon lies.

Rita: I agree. However if he wins it… What’re we gonna do for our university years? Things could change and we might not be able to afford it anymore.

Erica H.: Trump’s gonna ruin us all. That evil man is full of racial beliefs. Bigotry and such hate. Terrible.

Rita: Plus… he’s discriminatory against LGBT’s. Their rights could go all out the window.

Erica H.: It’s sad. This place will feel like a home of complete division and hate.

Rita: We’ve got to do what we can to guarantee that there is Love within this Dorm. We can’t allow for that Evil Man’s hate to win. Love is stronger than anything that; that evil rotten man on T.V can spread out.

Erica H.: I think that i can get my mom to start with getting people to counter the hate that this evil man on T.V is spewing out. I’ll call her tonight. We’re gonna string up that hateful bandit and leave him hanging upside down. Spanking him like a Pinata! Better yet… Why don’t i just lure him somewhere…where he’s alone and then Hog tie the varmint and just call it a day? It’s better than just letting someone like him walk the same streets as we do.

Rita: Anger and annoyance has nothing on you.

Erica H.: Maybe not… But i am not gonna just sit idly by and play happy citizen while the guy calls whatever shots he chooses.

Rita: None of us are bound to do it. Although… The others… They might be ones to suffer for it. Theodore is against Trump. He’s already posting on his Twitter a Anti-Trump Movement Rally. Hopefully getting people to turn right against Trump. Turning on him and go right for the other one…


#201: Annie, Amy, Brenda Rhapsody and Patti Marlborough.

Annie: *Studying* …

Amy Rhapsody
Amy Rhapsody

Amy: *Studying for her upcoming test* Ugh. Physics is giving me a real whiplash. Could someone tell me again how Physics could fit into the Fashion world? God…

Brenda Rhapsody
Brenda Rhapsody

Brenda: Well… I’m taking Geology and Astronomy. I’m gonna be a field operation representative for the U.S.G.S when all this is done.

Patti Marlborough
Patti Marlborough

Patti: Would that be before or after the Election and once the election gets handed to that guy on T.V?

Brenda: Who cares about him? That guy is not important. As far as i am gonna be concerned… He’s nothing more than a chauvinistic pig, A Cheater, A Lying hypocritical Egotistical bigot. A likely pedophile as well. He’s shit to me. And i couldn’t care less about him. The only thing i’d like to hear about him is that he’s about to kick the bucket and push up daisies. Otherwise… The less i hear about him… the better. That man is no angel and not of the people. He’s rude and discriminatory. He’s been doing nothing but cause people to turn on one another and hate one another due to race, Culture, Religion and or lifestyle. It’s cruel. I have no use for people like that. None.

Not many people were feeling happy as they were all having to watch the live broadcast of the Rally being held in the city.  It was not in their city… but it was being held live on national T.V. It was angering many people as it went. The Campaign was gonna be stewing race wars… hate… violence and distrust.

Although… Some of them were not concerned about the Coming Elections that were looming closer from a leap over the horizon…

#320: Roxanne Harris and Lana Greens.

Roxanne: Lana, *Annoyed* i really don’t want to get into it with you. Okay? I’m having enough problems with trying to get my daughter Emerald a babysitter. I don’t need to be worrying about what may come if that guy on T.V gets elected into office. He isn’t the center of the universe. Okay? my daughter is. Dan and my daughter are the only things that should matter.

Lana Greens
Lana Greens

Lana: Hey. I am not saying that you should be worried about what that guy on the T.V is liable to do… But you should know that if he gets in office… What would that mean for you. He doesn’t care about people. He just says that he does and is gonna say whatever possible to get people to vote him in. To Elect him. That guy is a liar. Some of his clear promises… As follows: ”

His tax plan.

Tariffs to prevent jobs from going overseas.

A revenue neutral energy plan.

A school choice plan that ends Common Core.

A plan that repeals Obamacare and replaces it with health savings accounts.

A plan for affordable child and dependent care.

The wall.”

Roxanne: …

Lana: Do you really think that he’s gonna give a damn about you? You are a teen mother. Still a teen… Young. No job… No money and with nowhere to go. You got in here a few years before your time because of your boyfriend’s father Double Agent Avery. He sees you as like a part of his family. Which is a huge blessing. Very huge. But seriously… that guy on T.V… He is not gonna care about you. or anyone that happen to vote for him as to him… by day’s end… All they are… are either productive citizens… Or Unwanted pieces of scrap. Unproductive and tediously worthless.


Roxanne: And you think that the other one would be better?

Lana: Actually… Yes. I do. Why? Because we know where she comes from as she’s been through the political hoopla before. She’s been in their webs before. So she knows what to do to get in office. We know more of what to expect from her… more than we would if that beast came in. I am not saying that she’s the total best. But at least… with her… We will know more on where we’re to stand and where thing’s will go.

Roxanne: Oh… Okay. *Sighs*

She then had to think about where to put her young daughter. She couldn’t ask for Dan to watch Little Emerald. Dan was also within the Dorms as well. She couldn’t ask her mother and sister. They weren’t gonna be always available to be able to babysit her and and raise her some during the time that Roxanne would be in College. Earlier than an average teen. But still… What was she to do?

#330: Charlie Rhapsody, Dan Rhapsody and Chris Bentley.

Chris Bentley
Chris Bentley

Chris: *Writing notes on the Rally playing on the T.V.*

Dan: *Walking out of the Dorm room; With Charlie and heading to the Lounge* I am not about to sit and listen to the garbage that the man on T.V is saying. I am not listening to that man. I don’t see how anyone could just withstand the sound of that guy’s voice. Not that it’s bad… However… He’s making promises… But problem is… Will he keep them?

Charlie: I don’t know, Dan. *While walking over to the lounge* I can’t say as most of us… feel as though he’s the beginning of the end. For the whole country. He’s gonna cut Social security. Or the Floozies that he nominates as a member of his administration… will. A couple of them had tried to get it cut for years. But couldn’t. And those who want it gone… will do anything to see it happen. That means… going for any candidate and backing any one who’ll be liable to make it happen.

Dan: True. But… We don’t know that. He could be true to his word. As it is… he’s not in yet. He hasn’t been elected.

Charlie: Not yet. Of course… I’m worried for my sister Zoey. She’s into Music. Becoming a famous singer. A troubadour and with the elections coming up… I am not quite sure if the current path she’s wanting to take is gonna be able to remain a reality.

Dan: I wish i could say… But the matter is just as we suggest it would be. A Mess. I mean… Let’s stop and think about the guy Trump. What do we really know about him? Or how his world is like. The world he comes from. What if he is the one who’ll actually save us… this country? What then? I’m not saying that he’s the best choice. I’m not saying that he’s not. But…

Charlie: You must look at all sides to the picture. Right?

Dan: That’s right. Alot of people might say… “Trump’s gonna be the end to us. We must make sure that he never gets to the White house.” Others might say… “Trump is the type of person who will be the one who’ll save us. The Democrats have had their time and now things are worse than ever. Those Liberals are gonna be dealing with the Republican’s way now.” Some of us… Might be secretive and go for Trump… against the other’s will. Some of us might go for Hillary against the other’s will.

Charlie: The general consensus is undecided. *Sighs* i would not vote for any of them. I’d be all for going along and voting for the Senator from Vermont. Bernie Saunders.

Dan: We should ask the people. What they want. Some of the people happen to place great blame on Obama for what’s been going on in the country. He’s dragged this country down… Even though he claims that the Unemployment rate is down. The only good thing he had done… Is help us all sack and toss the Terrorist Mastermind Bin Laden. That’s the one thing that he had done.

Charlie: What about the things that Hillary done? She’s had those secret Emails. They had Classified Emails. Top Secret letters. None of which has been proven.

Dan: I guess. But alot are concerned about Trump’s Nuclear talk. There was an article done up by the New York Daily News a few months ago. Speaking on the Nuclear issue. Part of the article read: “Trump’s policies would reverse decades of bipartisan consensus. Even letting friendly nations go nuclear would make it harder for us to prevent rogue regimes from doing the same. Trump would risk unleashing an arms race in places like East Asia and the Middle East, expand the amount of nuclear material in the world and increase the chance of terrorists acquiring some of that material and using it to attack the U.S. As I have said, that’s the single gravest national security threat we face.” There have been people talking about it in fear.

Charlie: It’s a scary world. We got either a Megalomaniac who’s all for treating this country like a Business. Or Hillary. The one who’s being put under the microscope because of those Emails.

But what they didn’t know what there was just more to the election than just what they heard. Alot of people have mixed feelings over the Election. Trump Supporters were coming out to support Trump. But there were Hillary Supporters who were all shooting for supporting her and backing her up. Dethroning those who were all for Trump. Some were choosing sides. The old racial group… The K.K.K was stepping out and voicing their support for Trump. But on the general census of it… There was more to it than just the apparent signs that things were gonna be turning bad.

From one person’s point of View… The country was gonna be falling down and into the crapper. However… There are some who would see it as a new beginning. Uncertain of what is forecasting along the horizon. Diversity was changing as the times were changing and evolving in Metropolis. Nothing was as it once had been. They had blacks. Whites. Two sides feeling as if they were strangers. The certainty that Trump would become president… It was enough to put the pinch on the tolerance for both races. Not that it was expected. But the views of the people… were not as they were. Some of the Allies who used to be all for every side. Black and White. They were now beginning to shift to choosing one side over the other. Times were changing. Cops were being killed off in street shootings. Gun fights were erupting and it was growing. Some of the fighters were becoming unsure about if the morality of being Equal of all sides. whether they be black or white or Indian or Hispanic… was as strong as it should be. The Elections were still going but already… they all were feeling the heat…

Serena hated Trump. As did multiple others. However even though they hated him. They couldn’t deny the fact that if he won… Things would change and they’d all have to make a choice. One that could forever mark them as traitors…


#312: Clint and Theodore Rhapsody-Patty Dean

Patty Dean
Patty Dean

Patty: *Typing up her Political paper*


Clint: Theodore, you got mail here.

Theodore: *Looking up from writing an entry in his Criminal Justice Notepad* What? What’s the mail? Anything good?

Clint: Nothing much. However you do have an offer here for joining the F.B.I Academy.

Theodore: *Pause* What?! I got what?

Clint: *Bringing the letter over* This. It just came in today and it’s enough to make anyone pause in shock from the sudden surprise. Why would you be getting an offer like this? You’re still trying to learn the ropes of the Criminal Justice basics. Learning about what the points are in the Criminal Justice Bracket. What it’s about and what is expected.

Theodore: Hey… I’ve been doing some extra reading. So i know what’s to be done in the field. Law and Order. Procedure. It’s just that simple.

Clint: Will you be willing to go through with it once Donald Trump gets in office and if he wins the election?

Theodore: Clint, *Scoffs* That is the most boneheaded thing that you could ever say.

Clint: What? I’m just stating a viable view on the crock of crap that is being spread upon the Television. The Rally on T.V is showing Trump.

Theodore: So? He’s holding a Rally. And this is news to me in what way exactly? Clint, You need to stop with the paranoid liberal nonsense. Trump is just some business floozy who’s running for president. He hasn’t been elected yet and there is still time before we all got to worry over what the hell it is that he’s gonna do… not do. Say… not say. Whatever.


Clint: How the heck can you just sit there and not be affected by that guy? *In disbelief* Don’t you even realize that the things he’s vowing to do is gonna wreck everything? The GOP is gonna repeal Obamacare and they’re saying that it’s lied to the people. What about them? what’d they been doing. The Representatives are gonna cut Social Security. That’s gonna destroy a lot of people. Put a lot of people in harm’s way as it’s all they have.

Theodore: *Sighs* Clint, I get the grave issues that are being thrown around in the government. I don’t want anything to happen either. But honestly… how are we to stop them from doing it… if they’re all just bound and determined to do it whether we want them to or not? It’s like trying to Chill fire with Nitroglycerin. I don’t want Trump in office as… yes… i too believe that he’s the most awful person for the position. The cruelest person that manages to wear a suit and tie. Trying to make a name for himself. And if anyone is thinking about trying to off him. Take him out from the line-up permanently and seeing him sent on a one way ticket down the river Styx… forget it. Because now that he’s running his campaign and running for president… He’s got secret service. His own secret Service protecting him. Wherever he goes… they’ll go. You can’t touch him. He’s untouchable now and anyone dumb enough to try anyway… won’t get a chance to think twice about it another time… as the secret service agents will pop one off at you and that’d be all she wrote.

Clint: Not many people will care if SSI goes and the affordable care Act gets taken apart and stopped. They’ll go to the first person they insist is responsible. That’s Trump. Only because of the promises that he’d made and then broken once he officially got sworn into office. They’ll go right to the head of it all and march in protest. It’s just that simple.

Theodore: His vow to put Clinton in prison… That’s one that the people would be insisting that he keeps. Because of the supposed Emails. That right there will always be a factor in what Clinton had done. Clinton is guilty in that. But Trump’s no sweet little angel either. He too has his own dirty laundry that he is gonna seek on trying to cover up. Clint… They’re politicians. That means that they’re dishonest and sneaky. If they’re not there kissin’ babies… they’re stealing their lollipops. But also that they tend to ensure that they keep their options open.

Clint: You mean like the allegations of 2024? The lawsuit or case against him for having sex with a minor? The victim’s speaking of it. But you know one thing for sure that it’s gonna be covered up. Swept under the rug as the House of Reps. are gonna see to it that he takes office.

Theodore: No kidding. Didn’t you figure it out yet? It’s the cover-up angle. The cover-up machine is gonna be at full swing.

Clint: Our cousins at home… They’re gonna be thinking what we’re thinking if not something different. Something fishy is goin’ on and it has a really rancid aroma. It’s not good.

Theodore: I don’t know… *Looking at the T.V* Hmm?!

Clint: What? *Pauses and looking at Theodore* What’s up? Something the matter?

Theodore: Something’s going on. T.V. Uncle Arnold… He’s there at the Rally.

Clint: Wha– How in the– *In disbelief* Oh… You’ve got to be kidding? What the hell is he doing there? Doesn’t he know that he’s in Trump Territory?

Theodore: I think that the concept didn’t quite reach him as it does everyone else.

Clint: Not to forget that tonight’s supposed to be a Special 2 hour edition of the Variety hour. The band that was playing last night’s being interviewed on the air. At 8.

Theodore: We’re gonna need to listen in for that. We went to the concert… But to hear the interview… That’s gonna be something which only goes on once.

Clint: *Nods*

Twists and turns come on further. More on the Upcoming Exam. More on the fate of Leslie’s father and more on the angle of the crew revolved along PR: Turbo. An on-air interview… with the lead singer of the Band: Empire of the Sun and more. More new faces and things to come…

Things were changing and they all knew that it was gonna still be in the wheels for what was to come. The fighters all knew. Knew it all too well. The younger members and the new made fighters were getting the brunt of the things to come. The upcoming election was nearing and with all the concerns and worry that was thus befalling upon them… There was little that could be done to ease their anxiety. Some of them knew where some of the problems that were looming from the coast… Meant trouble for their way of life. There was the test coming and The Rhapsody Trio, Leslie, Betty, Blossom and Rory had to settle up and prepare. However… would they be?

Find out in the next chapter of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! as the Saga continues…


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