Chapter 284: Next morning altercation with Paris Gellar. “That’s it, you snot-nosed stuck up high riding brat. You mess with Leslie again… decency be damned. We’re gonna brawl.” Rory finally reaches the last straw of tolerance.

Monday Oct. 15th, 2046…


On the outside; sitting by the fountain…

Rory and the girls were studying in peace…


Janie: *Not understanding* What do you mean that you and Leslie did it, Blossom? What did you two do?

Blossom: We took our relationship. To the next level.

Alex: By doing what… exactly?

Blossom: *Making hand gestures to explain* She and… I… Had… Intimacy.

Charlene: *Gasps* Huh?!

Betty: *In Shock* What in the… Leslie, How could you do that with her? You and Blossom weren’t ready.

Leslie: We were ready. We knew exactly as to what we were doing. Blossom and I cultivated our love and sealed the deal.

Alex: That’s nice. Just… *In disbelief* What do you think that your father will say about it? Blossom, Your father is gonna have a hell of a hell raiser.


Janie: That’d be the safest thing to consider. Blossom, Your dad is gonna go ballistic. Having sex at 15. And with your best friend/ Lover?

Charlene: We know that it was all in the means for love. But… You truly should have thought more about it and not rush into it.

Alex: You have not a clue that you’ve stepped into something that won’t be quick or possible to get out of.

Blossom: Look. Leslie and I made this mature decision carefully and weighed in all the options. We were very thorough with our given choice.


Janie: *Worried and deeply distressed* Blossom, Leslie… I really don’t get how you two could be so callous and obliterate over this move. It isn’t that we are not happy for you two. We happen to be happy for the both of you as you two were in love with one another and an obvious solid pair for quite some time. But we can’t lie about this… We are very concerned about the mess that you two have just leaped into. You two aren’t completely ready. You two had still some growing up to do. Plus… If you get pregnant… That’s if you two can even get pregnant. What’s gonna happen to your school life? Your Heroic duties and the obligations that you have with the Stadium? What of those? Something is gonna need to be altered. You do know that… don’t you?

Betty: It’s no secret that you two have made your own mess. Next… You two will try it again but likely wear Adult Diapers and have a sexual fetish with them and get the juice on right after that.

Blossom: *Pulling up a picture* You mean like this? *Showing off the photo*

Betty: That really would disgust a very sensitive person.

Blossom: Maybe. But we would never get into that. We are not like those Hot Diaper girl babes. Unlike them… We’ve got the dignity that is well expected.

Alex: Thank god for that. If you were to start becoming like them… It’d make the city go nuts. They’d never live down the tragedy.

Charlene: They’d take one look at it and start a frenzy that would bring anyone in to mother each other. Kids would start mothering their parents. Animals would start parenting young babies. Young Human babies that is.

Leslie: The world would go mad.


Janie:  Pfft! Mad? No way. Not a chance. Not a chance. It would be a long time before it’d drive them mad.

Charlene: I’m sure that it could be a likely probability.

Betty: The concert was exciting.

Blossom: It sure was.

Leslie: The turnout was way better than expected. There was a whole mass of purchases. People buying souvenirs left and right. Everyone just enjoyed the concert.

Blossom: See? Told you that you’d have nothing to worry about.

Leslie: I wasn’t too worried. But with everything riding on the event and making sure that it went off without a hitch… It was making me nervous.

Blossom: It’s understandable. There was a whole lot riding through the event and playing out.


Janie:  How about Zoey… and those boys that she had with her?

Alex: Zoey was pretty awesome. She must have been floating on cloud #9.

Janie: She sure was.

Rory: I had a great time at the concert. I enjoyed the music that was playing. It was rather nice.

Charlene: Nice. Alot of people are gonna be speaking of it for a long while as it’s still pretty fresh in their minds. Zoey is probably gonna be swarmed by people wanting her autograph.

Janie: Not just her. But also getting at those boys too. Like that one with the guitar. Who was he again… Jeremiah?

Charlene: Yeah.

Janie: they’re gonna be a known sensation before long.

Alex: That’s as if they weren’t like that already.

The girls got to talking a little more before getting with studying again and reading up on their Shakespeare…


As they were studying and getting deep into their studies and reading. Trouble was coming to them. Trouble on two legs and a very high strung attitude.

Janie: *looking to see Paris closing in* We got a hostile… twelve o’clock from the back.

Alex: Here we go…

Paris leans in beside Rory and Leslie close by in the forefront…

PARIS: ‘Let me not to the marriage of true minds admit impediments, love is not love which alters when it alterations finds or bends with the remover to remove – oh no! It is an ever-fixed mark that looks on tempests and is never shaken. It is the star to every wandering bark who worth’s unknown although his height be taken’ You’re going down.

Blossom: Wanna bet? Paris, Why don’t you go and pluck your ugly uni-brow and bug someone who actually gets off on your taunts?

Leslie: You’re such a creep, Plus a psychotic glory hound.

Paris: *To Leslie* Maybe… But you should be careful. Last time we checked… Babies didn’t attend a big girl school.

Leslie: What did you just say?

Paris: What exactly did you think i said… Diaper lover? *Pauses* Yeah. That’s right. I said it. Like the whole school doesn’t know… Everyone knows that you wear diapers, Leslie. Pampers to be quite literate.

Blossom: That would be true if she actually had worn them. But… she doesn’t wear them. She’s been out from those for a couple weeks now.

Paris: And you’d know this because you probably wear them too.

Blossom: No. I know that she’s been out of those because i know Leslie. She isn’t with a diaper fetish.

Paris: Yeah… You probably sleep with her.

Blossom: And how is it that you know this?

Paris: Because why else would you stick up for her?

Rory: It’d be because they’re best friends and would stick up for one another… no matter what.

Alex: *Growls* Why don’t you beat it, Gellar?

Charlene: Yeah… Before someone sends you out packing with a Ice Punch as a traveling companion.

Paris: You try it and there will be hostility coming to you.

Blossom: Really? And what’re you gonna do about it?

Paris: I’ve got some power here. I will use it to crush you. I already have the trigger and seek to use it.

Rory: That’s it, you snot-nosed stuck up high riding brat. You mess with Leslie again… decency be damned. We’re gonna brawl. I have had it. I am not gonna sit by and listen to you trash Leslie or the girls anymore. You got a problem with them… You state it to them like a civilized person. Not hide and talk behind their backs like some Prick. I hear you trashing them… Trashing Leslie every day and you know what… I’m not doing it anymore. It stops. Now.

Blossom: Rory, Stop. Don’t worry. There are other ways to nail Paris. She’s not the only one who can intimidate.

Betty: Don’t waste your breath on Paris. It’s quite clear that she’s got no class. Because if she had class… She’d be more tolerable and obedient. Of course that’s not the case since Paris only knows how to be a total creep and a complete jerk.

Alex: Paris is pathetic.

Paris: I’m pathetic? *Looking at Alex with a glare before looking at the rest of the girls* If i am pathetic. Then why am i part of the Franklin and you freaks and Diaper Lover’s aren’t? Huh? Face it, Leslie is a loser. She has been found to be a diaper wearer. In a Highly academic preparatory school. That’s a automatic sign up to being the poster child for school hazing and ridicule.

Leslie: Maybe… I am a loser. But at least i don’t go striking fear in people just to get my way. People don’t care about you, Paris. They tolerate you because you help them get ahead because they’re afraid to tell you off. They let you stay on top because they don’t want to deal with the bitching that you do with your high strung trap. However… I got something that you don’t.

Paris: What’s that? A Diaper Fetish?

Leslie: No, You self-absorbed moron. A Stadium.

Blossom: *Shooting a shot of Electricity at Paris* Take that. Beat it!

Paris ran off as the shot hit her and felt jolted up from the attack. Rory was at her point of tolerance and she was beginning to lose it. As were Janie, Alex and Charlene. They were growing to be fed up with Paris.

Leslie: I am not the violent one. I don’t favor in violence. But Paris is really starting to push it. This is exactly the similar crap that i had to deal with back in Brooklyn which eventually led to me having to part from my parents for a while. Causing me a year and a half of being only half complete. Paris Gellar makes me so SICK! Grrr! *Annoyed*


But back in Metropolis…

At Metropolis High…

Zoey and her band were all practicing playing guitar. Jeremiah was following Zoey’s lead and learning to play as she was. Ridge Mercer, Gene Douglas and Roger Densworth were singing as a trio. Singing something country. Ken Oliver, Ian Gavins and Forest Winters stood guard as and posed as backup singers. Paul Harmon and Paulie Wellington played the harmonicas as they were best skilled at playing the harmonica. Ever since the concert and the taste of Stardom… Zoey was seeing stars. But she did make sure that she spent some time with the girls. And her boyfriend Michelangelo. He supported her and wanted to be there for her. Zoey felt so alive knowing that she was well known for her Troubadour phase and that she could play a guitar extremely well.

In the Cafeteria…


Justin Creed
Justin Creed

Sora: *Walking with Justin* Last night was great. Those guys that you know about… Tommy… Adam, Kat and Ashley. They seemed really nice.

Justin: They’re Cool. We hang out a bit at times.

Sora: Carly met them… But i don’t think that she was saying much. Not that i am surprised as she was too into Johnny. Johnny’s a nice guy. Sweet to a fault. A well together teen. But the habit he’s got… It’s changed my sister and i really can’t stand it.

Justin: Neither can I. I would ask of where she is… But i think that i already know as to where they’re at.

Sora: In the boys restroom. Not sure how Carly’s able to pull it off as she’s a girl and she can’t hide that.

Justin: She’s been able to… so far. But sooner or later… she’s gonna get caught and it’s gonna come to bite her in the butt.

Sora: Of course. But what can i do? She won’t see reason. Can’t tell my mom. She won’t be able to do anything about it… other than try to ground her maybe. That’s about it. Carly’s Adamant in sticking with Johnny and doing the habit with him and helping him that she’s not thinking clearly.

Justin: Maybe she is. The habit she’s doing… is wrong. But maybe… She’s acting out and trying to find a new image for herself. And starting it by doing what she’s doing now and while helping Johnny.


Justin’s Communicator goes off…

Justin: *Pauses* Was that what i think it was?

Sora: Yeah. I think so. It sounded like the gadget on your wrist had gone off.

Justin: Oh man… What does Alpha 6 want now?

Sora: I haven’t a clue.

Justin: I gotta go. Sorry that i have to bolt off like this. I’ll catch you later, Sora. *Kissing Sora suddenly on the lips; blushing while kissing*

Sora: *Smiles* Okay. *Kissing back*

As soon as he was gone…

Sora: *Sighs* Off he goes again… They must have him on the run and busy. Whoever this Alpha 6 is… It better be nice to Justin.

As for Carly…

Boy’s restroom…

Carly Athena Rhapsody 23

Carly: *Smoking* Last night was amazing. That band is hot.

Johnny Barlow
Johnny Barlow

Johnny: Don’t forget… *Lighting up* Your cousin Zoey who was also up there. She actually played hard up there on stage. I was there with you and listening to the concert as it played. I enjoyed every second of it. *Smoking*

Samuel Marlborough
Samuel Marlborough

Samuel: *Smoking* That place was jam-packed with people. Even those weird ones. Like that gilmore girl. Whoever the heck that was.

Carly: That was Rory. Attending the concert with her mother Lorelai.

Johnny: Carly, Doll… I don’t think Samuel cares who they are. He only wanted to know about the one. Not about who the older one was.

Carly: *Smoking* Sorry.

Johnny: It’s okay. Don’t worry about it.

Frank Greens

Frank: *Shaking the ash of his smoke* Mason and I didn’t see the concert. We had better things to do.

Mason Lauder
Mason Lauder

Mason: Yeah. Plus outside the front gates of that stadium… there were a couple of faggots. Queers. A couple of boys dressed like girls and they were holding hands and kissing. Like queers.

Tex Charleston
Tex Charleston

Tex: How would you know what a queer looks like? You never saw one before last night. How do you know if they were queer?

Mason: Because they were kissing each other. They were a couple of boys dressed as girls kissing and looking as if they were lovey-dovey.

Tex: *Smoking* Yeah. You’re a real gentleman in waiting, Lauder. Really an instant made gent. I wonder if you kiss your mom with that mouth.

Mason: No. My parents are assholes that i couldn’t give a shit one about. *Pulling out a smoke and sticking it in his mouth. Placing it on his lips; Lighting up; Smoking* Frank doesn’t care about his parents either as they don’t pay much of any attention to him. They neglect him.

Carly: That’s sad. *Puffing on her smoke* That really is sad. What do you do at home with parents that don’t even notice you or show any care?

Frank: Whatever i want.

Carly: Why would your parents just ignore you though?

Frank: Because to them i’m the Bastard child. The Son that they never wanted. It’s okay though. Because with them out of my hair or staying out of my way… I can just go as i like and not be stopped.

Mason: Same here. If my parents were to vanish… i couldn’t care less.

Johnny: Sounds like you hate family. Wish i could say the same as well… but i can’t. I Emancipated from my family. for reasons i don’t want to speak about.

Samuel: We’re not pushing to find out. If you don’t want to discuss it. It’s your right to choose not to.

Tex: That’s right.

Although as they were talking…

Brandon Mallory
Brandon Mallory

Brandon: *Walking in and catching sight of a girl inside one of the stalls with a group of boys smoking* Hey. What do you guys think you’re doing in there smoking. There’s no smoking in school. Put that out. *Catching sight of Carly* You… Come with me. We’re gonna go to the Counselor’s office. You’re in trouble.

Carly: *Gulps* … *Putting out her light and following Brandon*

Johnny: Carly… You gonna be okay?

Carly: I don’t know. It’s too early to say.

Johnny: I’ll call you later.

Carly: Multi-way conversation?

Tex: Sure thing.

Samuel: Provided that you’re not in hot water.

Carly: *Grins*


Once Brandon and Carly were out in the hall and up the other side of the hall…

Brandon: Carly, you okay?

Carly: Yeah. *Lost* Who are you?

Brandon: I’m Brandon. Brandon Mallory. I’m a Teacher’s T.A and also son to a Police officer. I got you out from there to save you.

Carly: They weren’t bad guys.

Brandon: No. They were vagrants. Frank and Mason are two boys who were caught Vandalizing walls.

Carly: How do you know that they had?

Brandon: Because my father’s caught them a few times in the past. a couple months ago. He caught a couple of young teens spray painting the side of the one wall and tagging it. Marking it with spray paint.

Carly: You don’t think that Johnny’s like that… do you?

Brandon: No. he’s not like that. However… if he starts hanging around those two longer than you two and those boys are right not… Those two vandals… Will start to rub off on you and Johnny.

Carly: Perhaps you could help me… help him. Help him quit the habit.

Brandon: What habit?

Carly: Smoking. He smokes. And sadly… so do i. But out of sympathy for him.

Brandon: That’s sad. I feel bad for you. You know? I heard about you and your sister going through a rough time when it came known that you two were facing a father that was cheating on your mom.

Carly: What… H-h-h-how did you know about that? My sister and I didn’t spread it to anyone.

Brandon: You didn’t have to. A couple guys i know overheard and told me.


A Couple of middle school boys walked over. It was as if they were there with Brandon. What could they want with Carly?

Aurora Grantham

Aurora: Hey Brandon. What’s with getting involved with the girl?


Ben: She’s really pretty.

Brandon: Of course she is. But i do believe that she’s taken. By someone named Johnny Barlow.

Aurora: Johnny Barlow? *gasps* Wouldn’t you mean Joanna Barlow?

Brandon: Joanna Barlow? Who’s that?

Carly: *Shrugs* Beats me. How should i know? I only know a Johnny Barlow. Not Joanna.

Ben: That would be something to ask from Johnny. See what he knows.

Aurora: He is the only one who’d know who Joanna is. *Walking over to Carly* Where’s your sister?

Carly: She’s with her boyfriend. Or with the others. She and I don’t hang out as we used to.

Ben: How come? Did you guys have some sort of fight?

Carly: Well… Not exactly. She and I are just not seeing eye to eye about something.

Aurora: Like what?

Carly: Smoking. I happen to do it. As does Johnny, Tex and Samuel.

Ben: Why would you do something like that?

Carly: I don’t know. I just… Don’t know. Maybe to be of a lead of support for Johnny. I mean… he’s going through a lot. And dealing with what he had to go through… I think it’d speak for itself… Wouldn’t you?

Aurora: If a person had to go through all that and just in the time that he had to… They’d go insane and come off as if they need a padded cell.

Brandon: Everyone is different in how they handle certain situations.

Carly: You’re right.

Carly was thinking about the concert that took place the previous night. She was remembering all that had taken place that night. She was feeling alone all because she didn’t have her sister around her anymore. She missed being with her sister Sora.

All while they were speaking… A fellow classmate walked by with a set of books and stayed to herself. She was rather shy and didn’t know anyone. The girl was considered a new girl as she was barely starting school. She was only there for a week and didn’t know anyone there. No one really knew who she was and yet were aware that she was one of them… Her name was Jessica Caldwell…


Jessica Caldwell was a girl who went around in semi-flashy clothes and just kept to herself. She was on the outside and while in the public, tried to keep to herself. She hardly would speak with anyone as to her… they were not ones that she’d like to be around. The fellow boys and girls that passed her by looked at her and saw that she was wearing semi-revealing clothes. Clearly what they believed was that she had a secret life that no one knew about. She was spending her nights at home on her computer chatting online with older boys and older men online. Getting them sexed up and planning a meet with them. No one knew of it. No one. Not even her father.  14801117_10210966413895967_2049197000_n Eugene Caldwell.

Image result for male strip club exterior

Image result for Male Strip Club

Eugene Caldwell was a Stripper model who makes a big huge living enjoying fetishes in his bedroom with Diapers, Baby powder, Wipes, And baby bottle. But worked at the Local Strip club. Called Destiny Live Nudes… XXX. But the career that he does… He happens to hide from his daughter although what his daughter is doing is worse than what does for a career. Jessica Caldwell is 14 and on the swim team. However had her secret of posing as an older teen to have some mature fun. However… she lies about her age in order to do so for the reason that she believes as though she she had something thereby to prove.

But during the days while he was off work… Eugene would stick around at home and lounge around in a bambino diaper. He would just drink from a baby bottle and be as happy as a clown. Never allowing for the outside world to judge his choice of living. Eugene though was not aware that he had a couple windows to his house open. But the good thing that was on his side was that with the fortunate relief… no one was watching and it turned out to be a serene quiet day out and no one was around to catch him.


In Eugene’s Bedroom…


Eugene: *Grins while looking at himself in the mirror* That was refreshing. All i needed was a nice change. Now i can get dressed up and head out.

At Zeke’s Pub…

Zeke Rhapsody

Zeke: *Looking at the logger* What the hell is this? What’s going on here? 200 for a new Garbage disposal. 450 for a new Propane tank. 30 for a Mirror. Where’re all the expenses going?

Gabe: *Shaking his head in dismay* Those aren’t going for those items… They’ve gone to the insurance. And they’ve upped their premiums.

Zeke: Say what?! Since when?

Gabe: Since Trump’s running for president. Things have gone up and it’s all rising to pay for some of that grease ball’s campaign.

(As it was… This was a split alternate reality where A presidential election was going on and Trump was in the leads to win. A Nightmare to all innocent American Civilians…)

T.V: *Broadcasting* “The man has very strong control over a country,” Trump said of Russian President Vladimir Putin, pointing out he has an 82 percent approval rating. “It’s a very different system and I don’t happen to like the system, but certainly, in that system, he’s been a leader, far more than our president has been a leader.”


Heinz: *Seeing the news reports on T.V about the candidate’s campaign trail* Holy Toledo! Somebody had fun. That guy… he’s belittling Obama. Wait… I thought that Trump was already the president.

Ilsa: No. He’s not… but his influence is spreading far. He’s far more intimidating. than the other one. Earlier this year… That beastly man tried to push the nail into that Woman Candidate and accuse her of pulling the Woman card angle.

Heinz: Hmm…

Ilsa: it’s unfortunate to know this… But Clinton was reported to have said on national T.V… Image result for hillary clinton january 31st 2016 Columbus Ohio“if fighting for women’s health care and paid family leave and equal pay is playing the woman card, then deal me in.” After Trump said this: QUOTE: “She’s playing that card like I’ve never seen anyone play it before,” Trump said of Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton. “All I’m doing is bringing out the obvious, that without the woman card, Hillary would not even be a viable person to even run for a city council position.” It was all on national Television.


Gabe: Well… be that as it may… *Fixing up another glass of Pepsi for the customer* It doesn’t leave us with much relief knowing that the election is getting brutal. People have been turning on one another. With all the hype that was being spread throughout the entire city… Centering around the band: Empire of the Sun. Using the stadium as the core of the main event. The excitement of the concert. Nobody had paid much attention to the changes. It’s been going on for a week and yet… we didn’t take notice as we were too busy trying to keep this place above water.

Heinz: That’s very nice to know. Would that be a way of saying that things are gonna just gradually fall apart?

Gabe: That depends on how the upcoming presidential election turns out. We don’t know. It could go either way.

Zeke: *Walking over to switch the signs on the door* It better go for the female Candidate. My daughter Zoey… hates Trump. As does my Niece Blossom. A bunch of my nieces and all of my sister in laws… Brother in laws… They have no desire to see a Trump presidency. I am already making it no secret. If he takes office. My entire family’s gonna more than likely travel to Italy or Australia. As far away from Trump America we can possibly get.

Heinz: Same here. I will not allow for my twin boys to be subject to the mayhem and torture of that impudent and unhinged Schwein. Not doing it. If the masses want him. They can have him. But i’m… out.

Ilsa: Who’s saying that you have to live under his rule? You don’t have to live under his ruling if you don’t want to. We just have to live as we are now. It may be tougher… but we can’t lay around and wait for him to come and put his rule of law on us.

Zeke: We all need the Rule of law. It’s got to happen however the presidential candidate favor for it to happen. However… We don’t have to agree to it. Plus we do have a voice.

Heinz: Sure we do. We voice our opinions and views… and it gets to the ones that should hear it… only to just get ignored and blown off like it don’t mean nothing.

Gabe: Sounds like Heinz has irritation against the Presidential Candidate.

Zeke: Sounds that way. But… as much as i would like to be all bent out of shape over it… I have a business to run and you guys should try to not let it get to you. I mean… I get the idea that you don’t like what’s said to happen in the near future. But there isn’t really a whole lot we can do… Short of Voting on day of Election. That’s all we can do. That and pray that things turn out for the best.

However… there was more to come. Much more. More of what went wrong with Sookie’s Risotto. The Aftermath of Zoey’s taste of Stardom. The uncertainty of what was to come upon the City if the wrong man won office. The upcoming Test at Chilton and Carly’s struggle with herself. Losing herself as she tries to help her boyfriend Johnny/Joanna. What was gonna happen next for the clan? What were they soon to face? Find out in the next chapter of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! as the Saga continues…


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