Chapter 282: Parent/teacher night lecture at Chilton.

(Dinah and Lorelai pair up and stand in defense.)

[Sookie st. James depressed and on the letdown]

Metropolis Inn…

Drella is playing the harp…

LORELAI: No Black Sabbath.

DRELLA: No one is listening.

LORELAI: No Black Sabbath, no Steely Dan, no Boston and no Queen.

DRELLA: What happened to make you so cold?

LORELAI: We like that Mozart *heading towards the kitchen*.

DRELLA: I am the Artie Shaw of harpists.


Dinah: *Walking over* Look, Just do it. Lorelai’s the boss here. She’s the manager and she could have let you go right as soon as the Wedding ended… But she hadn’t. She kept you. So the least you can do is indulge her with her expectations and demands. If it makes you happy you can play that stuff on my front yard during the day tomorrow. All day. If anyone asks or says anything… Just tell them that you’re giving the neighborhood some atmosphere.

Drella: A little bit of bribery, huh? Hmm. Sounds devious. *Grins* You’re on.

Dinah: *Looking to see Lorelai heading over to the Kitchen* Hmm… Must be caffeine recharge time. Now that i think of it… I might be in need of a recharge of caffeine as well. *Walking off to the kitchen*

Minutes later…

Lorelai enters kitchen…


Dinah enters seconds after…

LORELAI: Sookie, I need coffee to go.

Dinah: Make that Coffee for 2… to go. Got a busy day. Plus tomorrow is supposedly the Concert. Empire of the Sun is said to be playing at the Leslie Burke Blitzball stadium. Tomorrow.

Lorelai: Really?

Dinah: At least that’s what the guys at the Bulldog stadium are going off over. My daughters are looking into going. Is Rory thinking on going?

Lorelai: Not sure. I’ll have to ask.

Dinah: Either way… I can bet that Leslie will have one reserved for her.

Lorelai: Hmm…

Dinah: But we’re gonna need coffee to go. There’s a lot to get done.

SOOKIE: *holding her head in her hands* There’s fresh over there.

There was something bugging Sookie and as pressed on time that Dinah and Lorelai were… It was enough to get them to wonder what was going on. Wonder what was eating at her….

LORELAI: Ooh, good. *picking up an empty pot* Fresh in my first lifetime as Joan of Arc.

Dinah: This must be the olden times where coffee was in very vague availability.

SOOKIE: Oh sorry. I thought I made fresh. Here. *pouring water* Hey Dinah… nice to see you again.

LORELAI: Bless you. I’m so exhausted and I have to drive into Hartford tonight to go to a parent/teacher meeting.

Dinah:  same here. I usually would be at the Bulldog stadium training the boys. but today they’re running track. Getting their legs in the groove again.

SOOKIE: *sadly* Sounds great.

LORELAI: Yeah. This school is so different from Metropolis High, you know. They send home like a thousand pages of updates every week. It’s a very intense place.

Dinah: With the amount that they send… It’s like they have an army of printers. with it’s own Execution squad. One press and copies go out like country flapjacks.

SOOKIE: Uh – huh.

LORELAI: Last week there was a huge debate over whether plaid scrunchies were acceptable head wear. People took sides, things got ugly, the scrunchie motion finally passed and I’d like to think I was the tie breaker.

Dinah: That’s nothing like what i was going for. I was going for designer wristbands. It’s something that came from my sister Pearl. She kinda gave me the leads towards doing it. Fashion is like a craft for her.

SOOKIE: That’s nice.

LORELAI: Hey, what’s the matter sweetie?

Dinah: Did someone do something to upset you?

SOOKIE: He said it was fine.

LORELAI: Who said it was fine?

Dinah: Who are you talking about, Sookie?

SOOKIE: Lucent Mills.

LORELAI: The restaurant critic.

Dinah: Why would he say that your Risotto was fine? He didn’t have any of it… Did he?

SOOKIE: He said my risotto was fine. And Dinah… He did have it. That’s why he mentioned it in his food review.

Dinah: Oh no… Sookie. I’m sorry. I am sure that your Risotto is fine. It’s a wonderful creation.

LORELAI: Well isn’t it?

SOOKIE: No it’s not fine. Fine is a word you use when someone stops you on the street that you sort of know but you don’t wanna talk to, so they ask you how you are and you say fine and that’s just enough so they don’t have to keep talking because they don’t want to. And then they can feel good about themselves because they’ve been considerate enough to ask and then if God forbid something actually is wrong they’ll actually sit down and take the time to listen, even though they don’t want to.

LORELAI: Sweetie, I don’t think he meant ‘fine’ as a slam or as a monologue.

Dinah: He wouldn’t dare cross your mettle. Not a chance.

SOOKIE: He couldn’t have meant it any other way.

Dinah: Not true. There are tons of ways he could have meant it. He might have felt that something was off. And that it was only fine because even though you know it’s good. Everyone who’s ever tried it… knows it to be good. Swearing on it to be good. I would know. There are meals that i’ve made too. Some wouldn’t like them too much. But would tolerate them anyway. Sookie, you’re still a great chef. That isn’t gonna change.

LORELAI: Sookie, I hate to see you get so upset over one little review.

SOOKIE: This is pride Lorelai. I mean you know about this risotto. I mean on my mother’s deathbed –

LORELAI: You made the risotto and she lived three more years.

Dinah: Your Risotto did that? That’s saying something. No matter the circumstances. That Risotto has got to be gifted or touched by magic.

SOOKIE: She was supposed to be dead. The doctor said she wouldn’t make it through the night.

Dinah: If Risotto is able to do that… keep someone living for a few more years past their time. Everyone should have that recipe. What’s the recipe?

LORELAI: And she lived because of the risotto – the magic risotto.

SOOKIE: And this guy had the nerve to say it was ‘fine’

LORELAI: I don’t think he knew the story.

SOOKIE: Urgh! *Jackson comes in*

JACKSON: Ok, now before you get all goofy on me, I don’t have your procini’s. I forgot them. I don’t have any other excuse other than plain old stupid human error. And I have the morels, which I know you don’t want. So come on – let me have it.

SOOKIE: Morels are fine.

JACKSON: *putting box down* Did anyone else feel the shift in the space-time continuum?

Dinah: Not really. It’s just a cloudy gloomy day for Sookie. She’s feeling terrible.

Jackson: You’re kidding? *Unaware of the issue* The usually upbeat and energetic Sookie? Feeling depressed… Why?

LORELAI: A reviewer didn’t like the risotto.

JACKSON: The magic risotto? You’re kidding. You couldn’t seriously mean that someone would demean a great recipe like the magic risotto?

Dinah: Look at the latest review. You’ll be shocked to see it on the review. The critic said it was fine. But Sookie thinks it’s a definite mark down.

Jackson: Oh no…

Dinah: the poor girl. I feel so bad for her.

Jackson: ditto. *Noticing Dinah suddenly* Hello. I don’t believe we met. Who might you be?

Lorelai: This is a good Mutual friend of mine. Dinah Rhapsody. She’s Kinda like a side that will kick down those who kinda seek to mock and taunt me. She’s also a Head coach and a Chilton Mom. Dinah, Jackson Melville. He’s our certified Produce guy.

Jackson: Ah… Well… It’s nice to meet you, Dinah. Hopefully if it’s liable… We’ll see you droppin’ by here again.

Dinah: Either me or my daughters.

Dinah then looks at her phone and sees a text…

Text on phone: “Your ordered Tickets are available at main office of Stadium. Inside a small Styrofoam box. 5 tickets. Hope to see you at the Concert.- Leslie.

LORELAI: Well, I gotta go, so try and cheer her up would you?

Dinah: I too… have to go. Got a busy day and only so many hours to do it in. Today is not gonna be a day for relaxing. that i can already guarantee you.

JACKSON: Uh sure.

LORELAI: *to Sookie* Sweetie please don’t worry about it. Everyone knows you’re the best.

Dinah: So what if one person… a Critic called your risotto to be just fine. It’s just one guy. The many who know that it’s more than fine… outweighs the one who thinks of it to be fine. You will be fine. Just have faith and believe that its true. You’re gonna be okay. Honest.

As soon as they happened to walk out of the kitchen…

JACKSON: So, I hear the huckleberry crops are gonna totally suck this year!

Sookie just looks at him… She just felt down to the point where not even the slight attempts of humor were perking her up.

That evening…

At Chilton…

MAX: We are gonna be focusing on Elizabethan literature. Shakespeare, Marlowe, Bacon, Ben Jonson, John Webster –

DAD #1: Yeah, is Marlowe really that significant?

MAX: Well we wanna give as complete an overview as possible.

MOM #1: Yes but will he be included on the Advance Placement test?

MAX: Well we can’t know exactly what will be on the AP test, but it will definitely be important for future studies when your kids hit their universities.

DAD #1: But to get there, they need to pass the AP test.

MAX: Right, well it’s all important and it could all be on the test.

MOM #2: How do we find out?

MAX: Well you can bribe somebody on the AP committee *Catching the parents starting to discuss amongst themselves as ideas began to pop into their heads*

MAX: I was just kidding. I’m just kidding.

Lorelai enters…

Dinah comes in seconds later…

LORELAI: I’m so sorry. I had this terrible pot hole incident. And – you don’t care. Please go on. *Walking into globe*

Dinah: Traffic really can grate on a person. Good thing we were in good spirits. Otherwise it’d be not so pleasant.

MAX: Whoa, whoa.

LORELAI: What in the world? *attempt at a joke that no one laughs at*

MAX: You ok?


Dinah: Walking into a globe… That’s gonna make anyone look like they’re a bit tipsy. You okay, Lorelai?

LORELAI: Uh huh. I’ll just sit now.

MAX: I don’t think we’ve met. *Looking to see Dinah* …

Elizabeth Burke
Elizabeth Burke

Elizabeth Burke,

Curtis Rhapsody
Curtis Rhapsody

Curtis Rhapsody and Joshua Lester walk in seconds later…

LORELAI: Oh, I’m Lorelai Gilmore – Rory’s mom.

Dinah: *Greeting* Hey there. How are you? Dinah Rhapsody. Janie, Alex and Charlene’s mother.

Elizabeth: Elizabeth Burke. Leslie’s mom.

Curtis: Curtis Rhapsody. Blossom’s father.

Joshua: Joshua Lester. The Private security guard and guardian to Betty.

MAX: Glad you could join us. *to parents* Rory is one of our new students. As are Janie, Alex and Charlene. Betty, Blossom and Leslie. They’re some of the newest and yet brightest students that we have here at Chilton.

MOM #1: How nice. Now the AP test –

MAX: Right well, we are preparing them as best we can *Lorelai serving herself some coffee*

Dinah and the rest also fix up a cup of coffee as they were starting to feel as though they were beginning to crash.

MOM: I’ve hired a tutor for Bethany.

Joshua: I have had some time for ensuring for Betty to Study up on the material. Betty does alot of researching for the Material.

Curtis: My daughter Blossom has her own method of studying. Which seems to work as she doesn’t cram. She studies a certain amount at a time just so she can absorb the material. It’s alot to learn. But between the study sessions she holds with her cousins and friends… and the job she has at the Stadium that she and her girlfriend formed… She’s like two people in one.

MAX: Always a valid option. She sure sounds like she’s a avid studying pupil.

Dinah: as are my girls.

Max:*To Dinah* I am aware of that.  Your 3 girls are very spirited and extremely focused.

LORELAI: Mmm. Jesus, Mary, Joseph and a camel *whispers* This is really bad coffee. *louder* So this AP test, what are we going to do about it huh?

MAX: Well the next test is scheduled for next month, um, the 27th, Saturday at 7:00 am. *Spotting Lorelai raising her hand* Ms. Gilmore?

LORELAI: Uh, where is the test?

MAX: It will be given here.

Curtis: Better hope so. It is a school after all. So it’d only make sense to have the test within school.


MAX: Right.

Elizabeth: Good.


MAX: Great, any other questions?

LORELAI: Yeah, um, can parents come?

MOM #1: What?!

Elizabeth: Lorelai… I really admire the idea that you’d like to see what it’s like for the children to take a test. But honestly… It’s no place for parents to be. Where would they stand? Where would they sit?

LORELAI: Yeah, it’s a big exciting test. I just thought – I’m sorry is that stupid?

MAX: No it’s not stupid.

LORELAI: I just thought I’d like to see the excitement.

DAD #2: It’s a test.

Curtis: That’d be your opinion, sir. Some people happen to find that watching a test can be of educational value. Bringing you back to the days when it was you who would be taking these types of test.

LORELAI: Yeah I know.

DAD #2: What’s exciting about a test?

LORELAI: Do you play golf?

DAD #2: Yes I do.

LORELAI: You explain yours, I’ll explain mine.

MAX: Ok, why don’t we get back to the meeting.

MOM #1 *to Mom #2* That’s the one who voted for the scrunchies.

MOM #2: Must be a scholarship student.

LORELAI: Um excuse me –

Dinah: *Standing up to the woman* You know what, Lady… Back the fuck off. her daughter isn’t on scholarship. Her daughter didn’t pay anyone off. She was accepted. Fair and square. Want to start something… By all means. Just be sure to back it up. Because… you’re about to get knuckles if you don’t stop that snide remark at Lorelai’s daughter.

Mom #1: *Whispering to the other Mom* She’s got to be the one they said was unhinged and snaps at people.

Mom #2: Thankfully… My daughter Paris isn’t snappy like that.

Elizabeth A. Burke
Elizabeth A. Burke

Elizabeth: *Towards the Mothers* That will be quite enough. What is the matter with you ladies? Do you know her? Do you know her life? Talking ill towards Lorelai is uncivilized and uncalled for.

Mom #2: No. But clearly she’s not with a full deck. And you have a daughter who was reported to have been wearing diapers in school. Not a civilized way to look in a prestigious school. So you have no right to tell us how we’re to be towards Ms. Gilmore.

Joshua: HEY! Lady, you don’t know a god damn thing. You don’t know her Daughter. Or theirs. Nothing about them. So in case you don’t comprehend… Here’s something for you. English. Do you speak it?! Learn it well. BACK OFF!

Curtis: Alright. that’s it. Ma’am… that’s enough. You are not saying anything we want to hear…. So. We’d advise for you to shut up. While you have that chance.

Mom #1: Did you… just threaten us, Sir?

Dinah: No. It’s a promise. Your daughter Paris threatens our daughters… She threatens us. You… Bitch. Better put that brat on a leash. If she screws with our kids again and we hear of it. You and us are gonna have a go.

MAX: You know, I think this would be a good time for a break. There’s coffee in the back.

Lorelai, Dinah, Curtis and Elizabeth stand up by the black board… some on the verge of popping off at the other Mothers in the room…

MAX: What were you gonna do – hit her?

LORELAI: No, I just – I had some good verbal comebacks ready.


Dinah: However… I was in the near thought of laying that woman out. The nerve of them talking at us like that. Who the hell do they think they are anyway? What? They think that since their kids attend here… that they can just talk down or insult anyone that they deem as weak and lowly?

Sips coffee…

LORELAI: It – it just keeps getting worse.

MAX: Well you know not drinking it is always an option.

LORELAI: Not in my world.

Dinah: Besides… Coffee is like a source for a fix. Can’t survive without having a caffeine fix.

MAX: I’m Max Medina.

LORELAI: Nice to meet you.

Dinah: Nice to meet you. Mr. Medina.

Elizabeth: It’s an honor.

Curtis: *Nods*

MAX: I apologize for the behaviors of some of our guests tonight. It’s a tense time for some people.

Dinah: Their tense time… or ours.

Max: Hmm… Good point.

LORELAI: The SAT season?

MAX: The waking hours. *Lorelai giggles*

LORELAI: Hey, are you this nice to my kid?

Dinah: As well as mine?

Elizabeth: not to forget my daughter Leslie.

MAX: Yeah, it’s easy. Rory’s a sweet girl. As are those girls. They sometimes tend to get a little talkative… But they’re very diligent and exceptionally eager to learn. They sire to ask questions during the lecture. In fact… We had a discussion yesterday about Dickens. Leslie jumped at the shot and asked a very intriguing question. About what inspired Dickens to become a writer and where his first book began. Paris Gellar tried to over shadow… but Leslie held her own. The others… they asked questions too. You know… I never had such enthusiastic students like your girls before. They were indeed focused.

LORELAI: Yeah she is, she is.

MAX: *pulling Them aside* How ‘re they liking Chilton?

LORELAI: Oh, she loves it.

Dinah: *Grins* they all love it.

Elizabeth: She’s deeply moved by it. Loves it.

MAX: Really?

LORELAI: Oh yeah. I mean it’s an adjustment of course, but she’s always wanted to go to Harvard and this is how she’ll get there.

MAX: Harvard?

LORELAI: Yeah. Ever since she could crawl, I’ve really wanted her to go there.

Elizabeth: Leslie’s been a strong mind. She’s always had the will to ascend high and far. It’s not a surprise that she was meant for this place and to get the best education around. But she’s always wanted to go right for Yale. I think that she’s had a seemless gleaming eye for it.

MAX: It’s a great school. As is Yale.

LORELAI: I actually bought her a Harvard sweatshirt when she was 4, which of course was way too big for her, so she used it as a blanket for a while and then as a make shift diaper on this really ill-fated shopping trip and now I’ve told you a story that would so mortify her, she’ll kill me when she finds out you know.

MAX: Don’t tell her then. It’ll be our secret.

LORELAI: Well I appreciate that.

MAX: So are you a B-52’s girl?

LORELAI: What? *looks at her shirt and giggles* No, I’m a klutz girl who should not drive with a coffee in her hand. I, uh, had it in the car.

Dinah: I’m more of a One Republic kind of girl. Listened to them a lot while i was a teenager. It was during the teen years.

Curtis: I wouldn’t doubt that. We were with a bit of Miranda cosgrove and Justin Bieber. However… That’s a understatement. We are more of a mix of things.

MAX: You know I hope Rory adjust to this place. We need her here. As well as we do need the other girls here too… Janie, Alex, Charlene…Betty, Blossom and Leslie.

LORELAI: Thank you. That’s so nice.

MAX: And I hope she’s not too disappointed about her paper. Because it’s very hard to catch up on all that reading material. I know a ‘D’ seems pretty dismal –

LORELAI: Rory got a ‘D’?

MAX: Yeah, but – So has Leslie.

LORELAI: She’s never gotten a ‘D’.

Elizabeth: Neither has Leslie. She’s been so high in her studies when she gets on with the studying. She’s always with the intent on keeping on the equal limit. The lowest grade she’s ever gotten was a C-.

Dinah: My girls were so quiet the other day. I thought that they were with alot on their mind. How could i not have figured that it was something to do about a test? *Sighs; Scoffs* Damn it!

MAX: It’s the first paper she’s had to turn in, she’s bound to falter a little.

LORELAI: Oh man, this totally explains the ‘no ice cream’ thing. God I’m such and idiot!

Elizabeth: This would explain the whole Avoid and deny act. Leslie didn’t even come down for dinner that night. Had no appetite. Her father and I thought of it as just her being rather under the weather as she wasn’t exactly feeling all that hot that night.

MAX: The ice cream thing?

LORELAI: Look, I-I’ve gotta go.

Curtis: as do we. If Blossom is enduring the bad grade on her test paper… I know how she gets. She isn’t gonna be sounding happy.

Elizabeth: Neither is Leslie.

Dinah: *Looking at the time* Oh no… No. The concert. It’s tonight. No. wait. It’s tomorrow night.

MAX: Well I’m sorry if I’ve said something to offend you.

LORELAI: Oh no-no-no-no. It’s just that if Rory got a ‘D’, she’s not feeling too good right now and I’d really like to be there.

Dinah: As goes for our girls. We’re gonna need to be there to see on raising their spirits a bit.

MAX: I understand.

LORELAI: So, it was nice meeting you.

MAX: You too.

Dinah: It was swell to meet you. It’s good knowing that my girls are being taught by a very caring man.

LORELAI: Um, keep up the good work.

MAX: I will.

LORELAI: Don’t ever make coffee ever again.

Dinah: Yeah. Because… no offense. This coffee tasted as though it were literally burnt. Burnt… Hazelnut flavored coffee. Not exactly a memorable taste.

MAX: I won’t I promise. Oh – *Lorelai almost walks into globe again*

LORELAI: Oh, ha ha ha. Thanks. *grabbing her purse* Bye.

MAX: Bye.

As for Rory, the Rhapsody trio, Leslie, Blossom and Betty…

At Luke’s Diner…

Rory’s sitting at a table, tries to write but the tip of her pencil breaks. She throws it in frustration…

LUKE: Here.

RORY: What’s that?

Leslie: Pie? At this hour? Are you trying to upset our dinner?

Janie: When is dinner? Anyone know?

Charlene: What’s with the pie?

LUKE: You look like you need pie.

RORY: I do?

LUKE: Violent pencil tossing usually signals the need for pie.

Blossom: If that is the case… we should do that more often. *Winks*

RORY: What if I’d thrown a pen?

LUKE: I would’ve brought you a trout.

RORY: What?

LUKE: I don’t make the rules, I just carry them out.

Lorelai comes in…

As does Dinah, Elizabeth, Curtis and Joshua…

LORELAI: Hey, Backwards baseball hat – new look for you. *looks at Rory* She’s eating pie? Did she even have dinner?

LUKE: You raised her, I just serve.

Dinah: What about my girls? Eating Pie before dinner… It’s gonna ruin their dinners. That’s if they’ve even had dinner yet.

Elizabeth: They did have dinner… didn’t they?

Luke: They’re your kids. You raised them. I just serve to the needs of the customer.

Lorelai goes and sits with Rory…

LORELAI: Oh hello, bookworm.

RORY: Finally, where were you?

Janie: Yeah. What was keeping you, mom?

Alex: we’ve been waiting for the last couple hours.

Leslie: It’s a good thing that we were able to keep ourselves company and occupied. That way we would not be growing frantic over where you were.

LORELAI: Well, um, actually we were in Hartford.

RORY: Why?

LORELAI: I was there for the… *signals Rory to finish the sentence*

RORY: Parent/teacher meeting. Oh, my God. I forgot.

Leslie: I didn’t even think that Chilton would have Parent/teacher meetings.

Blossom: How did it go?

LORELAI: It went very well. I was extremely charming. I won the whole crowd over. They made me queen.

Dinah: Lorelai… don’t deviate from the truth. the other moms were trying to screw with you and tried to insult you. and us.

RORY: So I guess you talked to Mr. Medina.

Blossom: What all did he say?

LORELAI: Mm-hm. Why did you let me whine about ice cream and shoe sales when you had something major going on?

Dinah: He told of how you girls got “C’s” and “D’s” on your test that was recent.

RORY: I know.

Leslie: That we know.

LORELAI: I hate when I’m an idiot and I don’t even know it. I like to be aware of my idiocy – to really revel in it, take pictures. I feel we missed a prime Christmas card opportunity.

Elizabeth: Leslie, Why were you being so silent and so avoid-ful the other night? If it was about the recent test… You should have just said something about it. Maybe i could have helped you with it or something. I Kinda feel as though now… i was the absent minded mother to your problems. It should have been something to bask in. To just embrace it or something.

RORY: I’m sorry.

Leslie: Sorry, Mom.

LORELAI: You should’ve told me.

RORY: I couldn’t.

Jamie: It was too depressing and we couldn’t say anything. We didn’t want you to think that we were failures.

Dinah: you girls could tell me anything. You know that you could tell me anything.

LORELAI: You couldn’t tell me? You tell me everything.

RORY: It was too humiliating.

LORELAI: Oh, honey, you once told me that you loved ‘Saved by the Bell’. What could be more humiliating than that.?

Blossom: …

Curtis: Blossom, You once happened to let out that you loved to watch “Clarissa Explains it all”. What on earth could have been indeed more humiliating than that?

RORY: I couldn’t form the words. I couldn’t even say it. I couldn’t even comprehend it. It was…a ‘D’. I got a ‘D’, I’ve never gotten a ‘D’ – ever.

Leslie: We couldn’t form the words. I couldn’t form the words pointing the concept that it was a “D”. I always did the best in getting straight B’s.

Elizabeth: Your father and I know. We know that you try really hard.

Blossom: I’m used to getting B’s and some A’s. However… C’s and D’s? It’s almost like as if i was slacking. I wasn’t slacking off. I was trying to take all the notes that i possibly could.

LORELAI: I know.

RORY: Even when I broke my arm and couldn’t write for a month, I still got an ‘A-‘

LORELAI: That was a different school.

RORY: I know. It was Metropolis High. A ‘D’ at Metropolis like an ‘F’ at Chilton. It’s worse, it’s like a ‘G’ or a ‘W’.

LORELAI: So I’m guessing the spelling test didn’t go well either?

RORY: A ‘D’. I suck.

Leslie: I should just crawl under a rock and stay there. A ‘D’… That is almost the same as someone saying a person wasn’t even trying to get ahead in life.

LORELAI: You don’t suck.

Elizabeth: Leslie, You don’t need to crawl under anywhere. You’re gonna be fine. Okay? You will. That’s why on monday… Your father and I are gonna see on getting some aid to help carry the load.

RORY: I can’t do this.

Janie: Neither can we. This type of heavy cramming isn’t like us. We haven’t done any of the heavy cramming like this before and for all the studying that we’ve been having to do… Our brains have started pulsing and making like they were about to explode.

LORELAI: Listen, a ‘D’ is bad, ok. But all this talk about ‘I suck’ and ‘I can’t do this’ and self pity – that’s worse. That’s not you. You didn’t feel sorry for yourself when it took you three months to learn how to ride a bike, and you won’t now.

RORY: Four months.


RORY: It took me four months

LORELAI: Really? Four months?

RORY: Yeah, you wanna belabor the conversation?

LORELAI: Alright, forget about the bike. Listen, a ‘D’ is one grade. It’s not the end of the world. You’ll catch up, you’ll do better. You are of hardy stubborn stock, my dear. If there’s one thing I gave you, it’s my stubbornness.

RORY: I’m not stubborn.

Jamie: Neither are we. We’re if nothing more…Just very ambitious towards what we are aiming for.

Blossom: Plus… Me, I’m Sparky. But that’s a no brain’er.

LORELAI: Yes you are.

Dinah: You girls are stubborn. I know as i was like that when i was your age.

RORY: No I’m not.

Janie: Neither are we.

LORELAI: Fine you’re not.

Dinah: As you wish. You’re not stubborn.

RORY: Thank you.

LORELAI: You’re welcome. You can do this Rory and I will help you. I will get you through this, now put that ‘D’ behind you. Now what’s next?

RORY: I have a test on Friday. This upcoming friday.

Betty: This test doesn’t worry me. However… If it’s as major as the teacher said… I will need to see that i am well prepared for it.

Janie: We’re already studying for it now. Or we’re trying to. It’s just not as easy as it seems.

Alex: How are we gonna be able to pass it? We’re studying till our ears went numb. Our hands are tingling too.

LORELAI: Ooh a test! Great!

RORY: It’s on Shakespeare.

Leslie: The guy with numerous famous known plays.

Elizabeth: We always did admire his works.

LORELAI: Bard with a beard – love it!

RORY: It’s worth 20% of our grade.

Blossom: That’s alot. There’s alot to look forward to and worry about. This test isn’t the most simple. *Groans* It already gives me a headache just thinking much about it.

LORELAI: Just makes life interesting. Now what do we have to do to get you an ‘A’ on that test.

RORY: Do you really think I can do this?

LORELAI: I bet you a dollar.

RORY: That’s it? That’s all my future’s worth – one dollar.

Dinah: Lorelai… You don’t lessen the value of one’s education. It may be a joke now… But stuff like that does tend to stick…

LORELAI: Well you did get a ‘D’.

Rory chuckles…

Curtis: Blossom, Ready to head for home? It’s time for Dinner.

Blossom: Could we have it here tonight?

Curtis: What’s wrong?

Blossom: Nothing. There’s just something should be said first.

Leslie: Like what? *Catching wind of what Blossom was saying* Blossom, You alright?

Blossom: Yeah. There’s just something that i kinda forgot to bring up.

Leslie: What do you mean?

Blossom: Before we left the stadium… Where we closed up the office for evening… You were off doing something. Something personal, I’d figure. I got a call… from the Band members of the Music Group: Empire of the Sun.

Leslie: You have?

Blossom: Yeah.

Leslie: What did they say?

Blossom: They said that they were gonna be here early in the morning tomorrow. To get set up and prepare for the concert.

Leslie: At the Stadium you mean. Right?

Blossom: Yes. They’re coming. They were just about to get on the plane leaving Sydney, Australia. To make their way over to Metropolis Airport. Here. They’re taking the red eye over.

Suddenly the cellphone rings again…

Leslie: I think that’s mine doing it this time. *Answering her Cellphone* Leslie Burke’s Blitzball Stadium… Leslie Burke.

Image result for Luke Steele

Luke Steele: *On the phone* Excuse me… I’m calling about the concert that was supposed to be done tomorrow night at the Stadium.


Leslie: Yes. My Girlfriend and business partner Blossom passed along to me the details. Saying that you were gonna come to do a concert at the stadium. Said that you guys were all for it and that you’d do a show or two. I do although… have some conditions. Not major ones… Just some adjustments. We can meet in the morning to talk it over and get it smoothed over. But for right now… Enjoy your flight… And I’ll meet with you tomorrow.

Luke Steele: Aye’ It sounds like a good plan. I’m looking forward to playing there. And the arrangements? There’s no worries about that. It’ll be dealt with in due time. We do have till tomorrow night to have it all figured. It’ll be all fine. See you tomorrow in the morning.

Call ends…

Blossom: So… What’s the scoop?

Leslie: Who can say: “We are the people that rule the world, a Force running in every boy and girl”?

Janie: Uh… What?

Alex: Who do you mean?

Blossom: I think that i know who you mean. Empire of the Sun!

Leslie: exactly. They’re coming here. They are on their way here right now and will be at the stadium early tomorrow morning. They’re coming to perform a concert for everyone.

Rory: But… we’re supposed to be studying tomorrow.

Betty: We can have a day off. Besides… we sure have earned it. So have you, Rory.

Dinah: The Concert is tomorrow and we’re gonna be having fun.

Doralee Harper: *Overhearing the conversation; to self* Hmm… With the talks about this concert… I reckon that i better check it out. I do have some extra cash that i managed to tuck away. Seeing the concert may be something of a luxury. At least for a Rancher like me. Ever since my oldest daughter went off to college… It’s gotten rather lonesome and depressing.

To be continued…


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