Chapter 281: That night at Lorelai’s house. Rhapsody Trio, Blossom and Leslie’s Study session for Chilton.

(Video Conference from Watchtower… In the Presence of the Gilmore’s???)

(The next day meet for Gilmore, Burke, Rhapsody and Lane. Betty close behind in the wake)

Leslie Burke
Leslie Burke

Leslie: *Voice-over* Last time on the adventures of the Rhapsody girls Z! Things started going on. Things that made stuff come out as a bit off the rails. As you know for a time… Short time… I was undergoing a hard point of my life. Dealing with a vast reprisal of the Diaper days. I was a target of the Hot diaper girl babes. They were these sick fetish girls who went around wearing diapers and had been also targeting others. They nailed Jimmy and Sandy Rhapsody and that sent the Metropolis D.A Nick Harrison/Nick Rhapsody into a furious uproar. He was livid with fury and anger. The worst of any emotion. Fury and Rage are two of the most ugliest emotions. The worst ones to have. But he was not a happy camper. Not even close. However he issued for a county order for them girls to be evicted from the city. It was even signed by the Mayor. Yeah… the Mayor of Metropolis. The same one who wouldn’t sponsor my Stadium. Some Mayor… Pfft! Well He got involved and honored the order to force the Hot Diaper girl babes out of the city. It was time to take control again. Aside from that… It was then that new people came in. New faces. One being my new personal guard. Laurence Loomis. He was the first to arrive… Then before long… within only hours of Laurence coming into play…

Two of them had my first name… How sublimal is that? Leslie Gaines, Leslie Brent, Tex Charleston, James Dreyfuss and Regal Mason. They were with such enthusiasm that I gave them each Jobs. Each one… a Job. At my Stadium. But then moments later from that… came these other new faces…

Ridge Mercer… No relation to Tess Mercer… Or… Was there? Jeremiah Brown who is now under the Tutelage of Zoey. Roger Densworth, Forest Winters. Paul Harmon, Paulie Wwllington, Gene Douglas, Ian Gavins and Ken Olivers. Only question was that: Who else were we gonna meet and be crossing? That wasn’t all that was going on. We also recently got the revelation that Carly Rhapsody… The Twin sister to Sora started smoking. Along with her boyfriend Johnny Barlow who happened to do it before her. They were joined in by Tex Charleston. The guy with the James Dean Personality. Also along side Samuel Marlborough. Carly… What are you doing? That was not all that was going on… Blossom and I happened to expose the truth behind the powers that be to the Gilmore girls. Lorelai and Rory were shown things about the Lore of a super-powered persuasion family… The Rhapsody Dynasty. Plus about the concept of there being new recruits to the Super powered line.

“Annie: *Looking at the screens* We got a lot to deal with for the next 10 to 20 maybe 25+ years. and then when we have kids… They’ll likely be brought into doing what we can’t. *Looking at her team and the rest of the New Generation fighters* But… We can do it. We can do this.

Daria: Are you sure that we will be able to handle all that? What if we can’t?

Clint: We won’t be able to handle it with that kind of attitude. Come on, Daria. We can’t doubt ourselves. Not now.

Theodore: You’re the passion of the team and Annie’s the Bliss. We’re gonna need both Bliss and Passion for this. The first threat is with the Ogdru Jahad. The gas mask freak and That guy Rasputin. Love is gonna be needed most of all for this. But it’s only strong when all of its fighters believe. You have to believe.

Daria: I Do believe. I do. I am just saying that we are gonna be in for a killer. The threats are not gonna be so simple. Not like the ones that our parents faced. They faced ones that were tough but in the end… they triumphed. But we… are new to this. We’re way over our heads. There is a high chance that we won’t make it. I believe that we can do it… I know that we can… But we also have to be aware that this isn’t gonna be the easiest thing we’re gonna get into. We have 7 new threats coming our way. They may as well span to 40 years. before they’re done. Before… we are done. It’s gonna be even longer before there is any peace.

Spencer: That sounds just like a friend Rikku and I made. She kinda said somewhat the same thing. The same thing. We know how this looks for us all. But this is our job. We have to do this.

Rikku: We also got a supplier too. Someone else came with us on the Airship.

Amy: Who?

Rikku: *Calling over to the door leading out* Ed’c cyva du lusa eh huf. (It’s safe to come in now).

Seconds later…

Rin: *Walking in* It’s good to see you fighters again. I however must apologize for being absent for a bit. It was considerably hard to adjust with your reality. But i am here to assist with whatever supplies that you’ll be needing. If you’ll still have me along.

Penny: Oh! No no no… It’s not a problem at all.

Raven: Not a problem. We are very thankful to see you again. We would love for you to be around.

Genevieve: *Looking at the fighters* Romancers Z! Aquatic Force Z! Thunderic Force Z! Electrogal, Sailor Zoey, Honolulu Torch Paul… Psychic Wonder Crystal. Esp Twins.You were born from the famous fighters of the past. The Rhapsody Girls Z! The girls of Love, Grace and Fury. The Senshi of love and everything little, Sailor Luna. The Enforcers of Justice, The Rhapsody Brothers. *Having the fighters look at the side screens to watch the feats of the ones before them* You’ve been introduced to the powers that once were and then by the grace of god… entrusted to you. The fighters before you were of Love. Bliss, and serenity. Romance. Peace, Light and grace. Watery embrace. Gentleness. The Fierce temper of fury. The Thunderous rage of Justice. The Nightmare to those who spread anarchy and injustice to the innocent. the Girls of Love, Grace and Fury were the ones who symbolized all that. in one team. The fiery flames of Justice. The Bellowing furious fists of fire and rage. Burning devotion. Trust. The Sparking Charge. The electrical super charger in a 5000 Watt Generator… Waiting to discharge and unleash. The Plasmatic temper of Justice. The Stinger of Plasmatic embrace. The Secret agent of Severity with the Plasmatic touch. The Watery warrior of life. the remarkable power of the sea and waters of Earth. These were the ones who fought for the innocent. Fought for the city. Dealing with their own issues and personal obstacles along the way. Defeating countless threats. The Drule King of Planet Doom. Bent on galactic conquest. The great Evil and the Evil Queen of Dark Kingdom. Queen Beryl. Metaria. Major/General Zod. The Kandorians. Checkmate. Terra. (Regretfully). Going all against the Desolate Demon… Scath. Trigon the Terrible.

Suddenly something clicks on and grabs their attention…

Susie: *Looking to see a strange globe* What’s that?

Tess: That’s a new tech for the watchtower. A Viewing Globe that gives off glimpses of what is going on outside and presents a view of the dangers that are taking place. Hopefully it will work to show you what you’re going against that way you wouldn’t be going blind.

Genevieve: *Looking at the fighters* Romancers Z!. Your powers are of Passion, Bliss and Romance.All that Love upholds. That comes from the Winged angel of Romance. Miss Love. Aquatic Force Z! Your powers are of Ice, Water, Light, Serenity and Grace. The core power that flows within the Bubbly angel of light and serenity. Bubble Maiden. Thunderic Force Z! Your powers are of Thunder, Lightning, Fury and Vengeance. The Core power and element of the Thunderic Fury. Miss Lightning in a Bottle Thunder Mistress. This has been a trying few months for you young fighters and I am sure that Tess would agree. Considering all that you fighters have been through. And yet so fast. This is why as your new Professor. You will get new gadgets. New communicators and power belts. These have already been put in motion and are now. Tess and I have been setting up new enhanced equipment and advanced High tech lighting. Computer systems. and Security systems. Which is why We’re gonna do this…*Pressing a button and Teleporting the room and everyone in it. All the Equipment to another location*

A Moment later…

Watchtower Command center…

P.A.: *Chiming* Welcome to Watchtower Command Center, Rhapsody New Generation…

Crystal: This is a new place. Where are we?

Annie: I don’t think we’re in Smallville or Metropolis anymore. Our mother’s are gonna freak.

Sapphire: And our mother is gonna have a real fit and a half.

Genevieve: *To the girls and guys* Paul… Your Element is of fire. And of Psychic. Your Psychic abilities helps to an advantage to Fire bend your Fiery element. Just like the fiery element that came from the one before you. Alvin Rhapsody. Flaming Soul… The Alpha Male and Captain of the Enforcers of Justice. Crystal, Your power is a core element that comes from Alice. Psychic Wonder First Generation. You’re the second. But you’re with powers second to none from her but with more than the original. In Silent you possess the ability and power to cast Psybeam. But with training… Will learn new techniques. Sora and Carly… Your ESP skills and knowhow is sharp. But sharper they can become with training. With the best Psychic Specialist. Your skills are bound for becoming more than what they have been before. Blossom… You are the one known as Electrogal. Your power draws from the core of the hero before you. Electric Rage. His Lightning power and sparky disposition brought a charge of Justice to those who needed it the most. and Put the fear of it to those who threatened the balance. Zoey… You are the breeding of an Ex-Sailor Senshi. One who did the calling before your time. She was known as Sailor Luna. The Senshi of Love and Everything Little. Till she matured into a complete Human. She was a Humanoid. Loved as a human. By human. as one of the clan. She was loved by the family… how it was before you new generation kids came. This is your new command center. We have been for the past month working and creating new Equipment and gadgetry for you fighters. Tess and I have been working out all the kinks and There is also an old Ally of your parents. The fighters that did the protecting before you…

Chloe: *Walking over* Aha! So you’re the new Generation that Tess and Genevieve have been speaking highly about for the last couple months. It’s a pleasure to be finally meeting you guys face to face for the first time. Your parents never had you meet with me face to face. Some of you might have come after i had moved to Star City with Oliver. But i have come back. here to Metropolis and So has Oliver. I have read up though on all of your feats up till now and You definitely are chips off the block and are sure on upholding the promise and legacy that your parents before you have created. *Seeing some extra additions* These must be your Allies. Ones to help you guys out as well as here. *Spotting a Blue being* Wow! What is it that we have here?

Serena: Don’t worry about this cat like being, Chloe. He’s like a pussycat. He’s a Ronso. from the Sacred Mountain of Yevon. In Spira. Mt. Gagazet. He is from there originally. But now he’s here. And he’s vowed to be a forever ally to us and wants to be a part of the Watchtower family too. We allowed it as it’s the right thing to do and our mother Dinah is okay with it. She trusts him. as we all do. He’s a swell friend. A great friend.

Chloe: I see. Now that’s impressive. So… We have a Ronso here with us? That’s odd but unique. He does have a name. I could not see us here calling him Ronso all the time… right?

Raven: His name is Kimahri.

Chloe: *Pulling up a file real quick on her portable Ipad* Let’s see… Kimahri Ronso… Youngest Ronso of the Ronso tribe. Home: Mt. Gagazet. Was the once said guardian of a Summoner by the name of Yuna. Daughter of High Summoner, Lord Braska. He’s also with a broken horn due to a harsh confrontation by two of his clansmen. Biran and Yenke. *Hisses in Sympathy; Imagining the pain Kimahri feels* Ouch. I’m sorry to hear or read about that part. You gonna be alright?

Kimahri: Kimahri not worried. Time pass… Make Kimahri realize that Kimahri got what Kimahri asked for by not accepting an honest defeat by Biran and Yenke. Kimahri let pride and Ego get in way. It’s Kimahri own fault it happen. Kimahri must live with it. No matter how hard it may be.

Raven: He’s very wise. Very wise.

Chloe: What about the guy behind you all?

Rikku: That’s Rin. He’s An Al-bhed. Like me. He owns a chain of travel Agencies all through Spira. Well… Except for Luca, Kilika and Besaid.

Rin: Ed’c y ruhunypma bmaycina du saad oui, [Chloe]. (It’s a honorable pleasure to meet you, [Chloe].)

Chloe: And it is a pleasure to meet you, Rin. I take it that you’re also gonna be joining along with the new Generation on their Missions and duties when needed, right?

Rin: *Using Al-Bhed Dialect* That’s correct, [Chloe]. I am gonna be their outlet for items and supplies when ever it is that they might need them. It’s the least that can be done considering as to what they are up against.

Chloe: That’s good.

Spencer: And Rikku and I are married.

Chloe: Huh?! *In Shock* Married?! You’re married? You are rather young… aren’t you? 14 and already married. That’s a new one… even for you. *Grins*

Annie: Not really. In Spira… people are said to get wed at a rather young age. Not exactly sure as to why that’d be… but we suppose that Love really knows no age limit. It’s Ageless. Timeless.

Seconds later…

Chloe: *Looking at the new Generation* You fighters are with the elements of your parents. That of the fighters before you. Now… It’s your turn to be in control and fight to protect this city. Protect it from the grips of Evil and Chaos. Disaster. Your new upgrades will help you to accomplish what you are fated to do. Destined to fulfill. *Walking over to the controls* The Energetic power chamber ahead is an interlocked Energy surging Chamber. Once inside…You won’t be coming out till the upgrades process is done. Please step inside and Embrace the power of your newest upgrades.

Mr. Breslin: *Checking the Vitals on the Machines* The systems are a go, Mrs. Queen. The Upgrades are ready for ascension.

Mr. Morgan: *Looking at the fighters* There’s a Lot of upgrades to be given. Mrs. Queen, We should get this done quick. The systems are a go right now… But we don’t know how well they’ll hold out as this is only a test run on the systems. They’ve never been tested at this great of a level before.

Chloe: It’s gonna be alright, guys. We got a tech to help with the hardware. *Looking at the other side towards one of the remaining fighters* Cyborg. There’s never a computer that he couldn’t hack into.

Mr. Morgan: Apologies, Mrs. Queen.

Mr. Breslin: Time to initiate the process…

Within seconds…

The Fighters were inside the Energy surging Chamber, The door closed and sealed them inside activating the energy core…

P.A: *Chiming* Energy Core Chamber now Activated… Powering intensity at Max Power… Upgrade ascension now in process.

Kimahri: *Sensing something wrong* Kimahri senses something wrong. Not like what is coming.

Rin: The fighters are gonna make it.

Rikku: Will they be okay in there?

The Energy Core chamber within the new Command center of Watchtower charged the fighters up and energized them with a new look. New gadgets and upgrades. Communicators to place on their wrists. It got blindingly bright within the Energy core Chamber. But with the power coercing through the new fighters… It was bringing upon the world new protectors. New fighters and a New cause for Peace and safety. Serenity.The moment of power was theirs and it was then… when the Upgrading Process was in fact complete…

The fighters stepped out and with new looks on them. They were with an updated look. Stronger… With Wings…

But that was for their new hero apparel. The only thing that they saw for both… was the New Communicators.

Annie: *Looking at the team and the others* We’re with new apparel.

They were open to transform into their upgraded forms…

Genevieve: Your new forms are now yours to embrace, Romancers Z! Your new forms are the same as the original. But now with Wings. A Utility belt with unlimited charge of hearts and love. With an array of useful gadgets that will help you on your coming missions and during your battles in the city as the need arises. Annie, You are the leader. Leading the team with devotion and care. Having faith in the power of your team. Your hero name shall no longer be… Miss Bliss. It shall be forever now known as Madame Romance. Daria… You are the second member of the team. Your power of passion is unbearable and second to none. Leaving a trail of Passion behind in your wake. Dealing the evil forces the positive surge of Passion. Your new hero name is Passion Galore. Clint, You’re the second in command in the team. The Male leader of the team. Picking up where Annie is unable. Helping her lead the team and serving well to the cause. Your Power of Romance blares out a melodic tune of Love, Hearts and Serenading Romance. Leading the Evil forces to freeze and lock up. Therefore your new hero name is Majestic Love! And last be not least… The heartthrob of the Team… Theodore. You are the rear member of the team providing the extra boost to the team and ensuring the end of the Evil forces that lie before you and the team. Your hero name is gonna remain the same. Your power of dancing steps of love and charm. Dishing out a surge of Love and Dancing Heartthrob specialty. The Evil forces quiver and suffer a heart attack caused by your Love dancing embrace. Aquatic Force Z!…

Time passes…

Chloe: Your parents have served this city well. Served the world and gave up their normal lives for a cause. A Cause that now flows in through you. Where ever there is Evil… Injustice being spread… It is now up to you to carry on that torch. That Flame. The Rhapsody Girls Z! have had their time… and their legacy lives on. It lives on through you new fighters. You are the new Generation of fighters. Fighting for what is right and for Justice. Defending the Innocent from the presence of Danger and disaster. You fighters… Rhapsody Romancers Z! Rhapsody Aquatic Force Z! Rhapsody Thunderic Force Z! Electrogal, Sailor Zoey. Honolulu Torch Paul, Psychic Wonder Crystal, Esp Twins. Your fathers and Mothers have stepped down from their fighting days. The world is in need of fighters that enforce the laws of Justice. The world is in need of protectors now yet more than ever… Where ever there is Evil and Chaos… it will be upon the power and oath of the super fighters. Extraordinary fighters that honor the perseverance of Justice, Peace and Serenity. You are the Rhapsody New Generation. It is all up to you now. You have made your parents proud in accepting the duties and the responsibilities of those before you. I am sure that they are deeply proud of each and every one of you…”

Leslie: *Voice-over* It was gonna be a lot to withstand. A ton more to swallow. There was a sense of witchcraft in the horizon… As something was seeming to be off. No one would say it. But where there were change… Something dark would every now and then come seeping from the cracks. The truth came as a total shock to Lorelai and Rory. It had then been thought as where things would be forever different Between the relationship… close friendship… of Lorelai Gilmore and Dinah Rhapsody. Blossom’s Aunt. What also came was the Food review from the food critic. Lucian mills. What was said… got Sookie St. James in a let down motion. Something about one of her dishes that didn’t sound like a celebratory bell ringing sensation. Rory, The Rhapsody Trio and I… Blossom and Betty gone on through another day at Chilton and were foretold of a huge exam closing in soon for the vicegrip. And with a expected concert being scheduled to happen soon and within only a couple days from then… What were they to do? Find out as the story goes on…

That night…

Lorelai’s house…

It was night time and usually they’d all go their separate ways till the next day. However with Dinah going to a Charity function for the University. Janie, Alex and Charlene had to spend the night at Lorelai’s house. Lorelai didn’t mind although hadn’t a idea of where to bunk them. Other than with Rory in Rory’s room. They were not the only one there as Leslie and Blossom were also there along with Betty. They were to have a group study session and do whatever homework that they were to have left from Chilton.

Lorelai was in the Living room and watching T.V. She was indeed showing signs of boredom. However, she was trying to keep it contained.

LORELAI: *to herself* For our top story tonight, a grisly horrible thing that happened in a small town where not grisly horrible things ever happen. Everyone’s shocked. House slides down hill. Liposuction kills, stay fat. *turns off tv* Hey let’s get ice cream. I’m bored. *goes into kitchen where Rory is studying* Hello?

RORY: Mom, I’m studying.

Janie: So are we. The school is a certifiable nightmare. They have us reading all this material.

Charlene: Our head’s are gonna burst… with all this textbook reading that they’re wanting us to do.

LORELAI: Yeah, but I’m talking ice cream. Can’t you take a break?

RORY: I can’t take a break right now.

Blossom: Neither can we. Want to… But can’t. As it is… We’ve already got a not so good grade on our pop-quizzes. Or Tests… We’re not exactly suited up to go on a celebratory excursion.

Leslie: I would just like for Chilton to ease off the excessive work assignments.

LORELAI: Ok, when?

RORY: Are you four?

LORELAI: No, I’m hungry!

RORY: Have some more pizza.

LORELAI: It’s cold.

RORY: Heat it up.

LORELAI: It’s not the same.

Blossom Rhapsody
Blossom Rhapsody

Blossom: Actually… Some people can make a odd delicacy for Cold Pizza. Some people happen to snake by with having cold pizza for breakfast. Strangely enough. But heat some up… It’s gonna be fine. Honest.

RORY: Lorelai go to your room!

Alex: Uh-oh… Sounds like someone’s getting a little cranky. *Chuckles*

LORELAI: Wow, smart girls are mean.

Blossom: No. It’s not that smart girls are mean… It’s because they happen to be more… well… Brainy. That’s all and There’s nothing mean about it. We just have a lot of cramming to do and time doesn’t seem to be hanging on to our side of the court.

RORY: If you let me study now, I’ll play with you this weekend.

LORELAI: Promise.

RORY: Yes, we can do anything you want.

LORELAI: Will you go to the shoe sale with me.

RORY: Yes.

LORELAI: Will you let me try on anything I want.

RORY: Yes.

LORELAI: Will you help me push other people out of the way if they’re going for my size?

RORY: I’ll even run interference for you.

LORELAI: Alright, you’ve got a deal. *leaving kitchen*

RORY: Good.

LORELAI: *coming back in* So – I’m sorry – where did we land on the whole ice cream issue?

Blossom: *Groans* Would you stop, Lorelai? What’re you trying to do? Make us all drool with a hunger attack for sweets?

Leslie: The talk of food is making me feel as though my stomach is empty. You’re in the lead of making me start turning ravenous.

Rory gets up and goes to her room.


Janie: You really wouldn’t want to know the answer to that… would you?

Lorelai: But…


Alex: We’re all trying to study. And you’re speaking of food. Do you have any idea what that’s doing to us? It’s derailing our concentration.

Charlene: Where’s Betty?

Blossom: She’s outside. She’s doing her studying outside where there’s fresh air. Fresh air is something she enjoys.

But it was then… as they were talking that something happened…

Blossom had her Laptop/tablet on and was doing some reading on the material discussed over in class. When suddenly…

A Video comm popped up and activated…

Audio: Incoming Video Comm transmission from: Genevieve Teague, Tess Mercer and Chloe Queen.

Lorelai: *Startled* W-what was that?

Leslie: That was an incoming call notification from the command Center.

What they didn’t know was… As they were preparing for the call to start and thereby conducting a video conference…

At Metropolis University…

University Dorms…

Room #250…

Serena Rhapsody
Serena Rhapsody

Serena: *Looking at Carly* How the hell is Watchtower able to contact me here? I don’t have any source of communications with the capability to get in touch with them.

Carly Black: I can’t tell you how it is possible. All i can tell you is that somehow it’s happening.

Serena: It’s not as if i can get a hold of anyone. They’ve all gone their separate ways since we’d all began moving into these Dorms.

Carly Black: It might seem as though they have… but when it really got to the bottom of the matter. You guys are still closer than ever. It’s just that things have changed a little. That’s all. You and I are no different. The other night when our roommate was gone for the night. We had our moment. That intimate moment.

Serena: We did. It felt sparky. It was perfect.



Paul: *Knocking on the door before coming in* Hey there. Everything alright?

Serena: Yeah. *Seeing Paul* Hey Paul. What’s going on?

Paul: Nothing much… I was actually meaning to ask you the same thing. Did you catch the word from Theodore and Clint about there being a Video Comm… conference coming from the Watchtower Command center?

Serena: They didn’t mention it to me… I happened to catch it myself in here. My Laptop has started to go mad and kept chiming in a notification saying that there was one coming in. What about the others? Are they getting the same thing too?

Paul: As far as i know… It’s hard to say. Of course… You could always call and ask.

Seconds later….

Annie, Amy, Susie, Sapphire and Raven show up. Crystal, Spencer, Rikku, Clint and Theodore follow right behind and seconds after they arrived at the door, Penny and Christina plus Daria appeared to the scene. All the fighters were suddenly there and it was then that Serena pulled up the Video screen and turned it on… Seeing Blossom… Leslie, Nicole, Ellie and Lana. Charlene, Sora and Carly and shockingly the two Gilmore’s who shouldn’t be there in the Video conference…

Serena: *Looking to see Blossom with a couple of faces* Hey there Blossom. Been a while since last we’ve all seen you and the others.

Blossom Rhapsody Coming out with a surprise.
Blossom Rhapsody Coming out with a surprise.

Blossom: It has. However things have changed a bit. Leslie’s here and is one of us now…

Paul: *On Screen* Say what? Come again?! Blossom, Did you just say that Leslie is now a part of the Super-powered persuasion?

Blossom: Oh… Not just my girlfriend and Lover Leslie. There’s a trio of girls. The Rusoe trio… They’re part of this too. And yes. They have been training secretly every few days or so…since they got the powers.

Annie: How is that even possible?


Genevieve: *On screen* Fighters… Please. Calm down. There is indeed a reasonable explanation for why dear Leslie and the 3 girls have been made supers. It is due to the idea that for the imminent threat that dares to loom upon the near horizon… It’s gonna take more than just your skills and wits to undergo this threat.

Annie: What threat are you talking about?

Tess: *Putting up the Video*

Video: *Playing the Intro* “It’s said that the West was built on legends. Tall tales that help us make sense of things too great… …or too terrifying to believe. This is the legend of the Ghost Rider. Story goes that every generation has one. Some damned soul, cursed to ride the earth… …collecting on the devil’s deals. Many years ago, a Ghost Rider was sent to the village of San Venganza… …to fetch a contract worth 1000 evil souls. But that contract was so powerful… …he knew he could never let the devil get his hands on it. So he did what no Rider has ever done before: He outran the devil himself. The thing about legends is… …sometimes they’re true.”

Paul: Mephistopheles. Didn’t we hear about that a couple or so years back?

Spencer: Of course we did. We were told about that by this mysterious spirit.

Leslie: What?… What’re you guys saying? That you were aware of this before being told?

Sapphire: I don’t think it’s that simple there. There is a lot to Consider. Like for one thing… How did you get abilities?

Leslie: Ask Blossom. She took us right over to the Watchtower once. It was on the same day that i finally reunited back with my parents.

Nicole: We remember the events that occurred on that day at the Watchtower Command center.

Leslie then recalled back to the day of her parents and her re-uniting back together again…

“At the Watchtower Command center…

10 AM…

Blossom was there with her friend Leslie and meeting with Tess and Genevieve. It was time to make the change. Leslie’s resolve was made and clear. She wanted to be a fighter and she knew that with all the correcting that she had done… She knew that it was the lead to being something better. She had created a Massive Blitzball Stadium. Giving something back to the City. Something major. She paid back all her debts to the public and even cut some deals with some of them too… To offer them a piece of the fortune. Working one of the Venues at the Stadium. She called the Stadium: “The Leslie Burke’s Metropolis Blitzball Arena.” Of course the name was always there. She was just having to work at making it all a reality. It was all becoming a deeming reality to her and She knew it. With help from the fundraising that the concert had done. All courtesy from Amy Diamond. Leslie’s dream was gonna come true. It was closer than it has ever been. But the Mysterious 25 Million was still bugging Leslie… Even if she knew that she couldn’t ask Blossom what she knew. it didn’t make the idea of not knowing any less bugging in the back of her mind.

Leslie and Blossom were at that current time… at the command center and preparing Leslie for the gift of a super fighter. She was wanting to Have the powers of Geo-thermokinesis, Fire and Ice. She was not the only one there with Blossom. The Rusoe Trio were also there and wanted to become fighters. They wanted to serve a cause for the Super powered persuasion. Giving the new aged fighters more of a source of strength in allies and firepower. Nicole looked at her sisters and they right then decided to be the Elemental Earthly Trio. Having a bit of everything. Nicole specialized in the element of Wind and Light. Using the Wind to serve a special purpose. Ellie Specialized in the Element of Electricity and Light. With some fire. Lana Specialized in the Element of Earth. Geo-thermokinesis and Golem forming. She saw herself as a bit of a Wizard in waiting. They however all took to the idea of fire. Creating it and Manipulating it to great use. Fire breathing and Self Detonation. But the self detonation would be of a very last resort.

Genevieve: So… You 3 want to be super fighters?

Nicole: Yes Ma’am. We know that there are multiple more threats out there that seek to bring disaster. There are people still out there who seek to place blame on the Rhapsody Clan for all the disaster that makes way to the city. They have been through enough.

Ellie: We want to help out. The City isn’t gonna be at peace for long. Blossom senses it. She’s one of the fighters. It’s part of the hero Psyche. They know when something wicked is cooking and just itching to pop.

Lana: I don’t like Chaos. And no… I don’t want to be told that it’s fair. It isn’t. It never brings a fair balance. All it does is cause people… Innocent people to be hurt and that isn’t right. It isn’t right. We might not have any experience in the use of elements and may be over our heads. But We know that this world… this city is in trouble. The Rhapsody New Generation have the knowhow. They seen the mess that goes on as it’s come and struck time and time again. But they can’t be expected to do it forever. It isn’t fair to the City. Nor to them.

Leslie Tina Burke in the process of becoming a Super.
Leslie Tina Burke in the process of becoming a Super.

Leslie: They got a point. As great as the fighters are and for doing the things they do every single day when the call to action comes… There’s gonna be a time when they reach their limit and come to the point where they can’t do it anymore. They need help.

Blossom: *Scoffs* Wha- I… I… I don’t believe this. You mean to say that we fighters are near washed up?

Leslie: No. I’m not. But Blossom… You and your cousins… They were doing this type of stuff for 4-5 years now. Your Aunts and Uncles. Parents. for 10 to 20 years. That is a long time. They stepped down and retired. But even they could tell when it was time to say that enough was enough. There can’t be an ongoing thing for them… Where they can do the hero work forever. Sooner or later down the road… It gets to that point where the super powered Mojo fizzles or starts to short or tucker out. Some heroes… They just can’t go on doing it forever. It’s isn’t possible.

Blossom: How is it that you know this, Leslie? You didn’t know this till I told you about my family and how far back the powers we had went…

Leslie: You’re right. I didn’t… But it doesn’t take a pencil neck geek to realize and consider the obvious. Does it?

Nicole: That’s true. It doesn’t.

Chloe: It’s okay. You girls are gonna be part of a new breed of fighters. Blossom is your leader and Captain of the new age of Super power. When she calls and summons… You have to respond. A Note and official documentation of your new identities and responsibilities are being made and a copy of them is being delivered to your parents. Leslie, Your parents are also gonna be told of this and placed in the loop. Rich people have tons of power and if they don’t like what’s going on or have issues with what comes around one of their own… They have the option of shutting a place down. We can’t have that. So we’re giving them a full detail on your new identity. You’ll still be who you are. Leslie T. Burke. But in official decree… You’re gonna be known a lot for your heroic name. Identity. Nicole, Ellie and Lana… You 3 are in the same boat… Just not Rich. However the element of concern still applies. I do have to warn you that once you are given these powers… They’re with you forever. Till the time in the distant future arrives where the powers dissipate and flicker off. It’s how most super powered fighters receive and then later on way down the road lose them. Telling them that it’s time to bring their hero days to a close.

Mr. Morgan: We’re setting up the Energy Core Chambers now, Mrs. Queen. It’s gonna take a few minutes to get the Vitals online and the Biological read-outs to interact.

Mr. Breslin: We should do a retina Scan on them and run them through the Bio-Capsule. Scanning them and getting medical and Psychological readings. It’ll give a guide on what Elements would best suit them and what outfits they’ll get.

Chloe: Right…

Blossom: It won’t hurt them… Will it?

Chloe: No. The Scans and Bio-readouts are just to get a record of the subject. Better in helping us help the ones in need. Ones who are being given upgrades and or Powers for the first time. If there is anything that reads out being a Medical concern… or if they are unable to be given abilities because of what the Medical read-outs determine… The Bio-Capsule will find it. The Bio-Capsule is a new Machine. We had it since the 4th of February of this current year.

Nicole: I don’t think our parents will like that. But we’ll trust Blossom’s word and she trusts you guys. You guys know what’s what.

Ellie: Uh-huh!

Leslie: Right.

A Minute later…

Leslie went in first…

P.A: *Chiming* Bio-Capsule doors now closing…

The door then start closing and within seconds become sealed…

P.A System: Bio-Capsule now Running initiative Scan on Subject: Leslie T. Burke…

P.A System: Now Running Retina Scan and Biological read-out…

A Minute later…

The Bio-Capsule then unseals and the doors open…

P.A System: Retina Scan and Biological read-out complete. Initiative Scan Complete. Medical Report Diagnosis on Subject: Leslie T. Burke… Clean bill of Health. No Medical warnings found. Dexterity: 35. Agility: 32. Strength: 38. Constitution: 48. Mental: 60. Heart: 90.

A Moment later…

P.A System: Retina Scan and Biological read-out complete. Initiative Scan Complete. Medical Report Diagnosis on Subjects: Nicole, Ellie and Lana Rusoe… Clean bill of Health. No Medical warnings found…

Chloe: The Bio-Capsule reads for Leslie that she’s Prone to Shadow Mimicry… The ability to turn into a shadow. Night Vision. Laser Emission where she can bend Wavelengths and Shoot Lasers. But she also has Ice Breath and Fire Breathing. Geo-Thermo-kinesis. So… A hero name for her would be an Upgraded Version of Rita The Hammer. Elemental Rita. She’ll be the new and Improved Rita the Hammer. But not a Mob Girl. A Hero. As for the 3 girls… You 3 will be… The Elemental Earthly Trio. Which as the Bio-Readouts determined… Having a bit of everything. Nicole with the element of Wind and Light. Using the Wind to serve a special purpose. Ellie with the Element of Electricity and Light. With some fire. Lana with the Element of Earth. Geo-thermokinesis and Golem forming. But with the 3 of you together… You’d have Fire. Fire Breathing, Hell-fire and Holy-Fire Manipulation and Pyrokinesis. Self Detonation. That’s not part of it. It’s an Ability that doesn’t work like it’s intended.

Before long…

Mr. Breslin: *Checking the Vitals on the Machines* The systems are a go, Mrs. Queen. The selected Elements are ready for ascension.

Mr. Morgan: *Looking at the soon to be new heroes* The Energy Core is ready. It’s got the Data put in and is set to activate. Giving them a Communicator, An Outfit. Plus a direct link to headquarters.

Chloe: Very good. *Recalling something* Oh… There is also one other thing… You girls also are capable of ESP. Extra-Sensory Perception. Reading the minds of others and Seer. Foretelling of things that are in risk of coming. But that part only works in moments of Excitement, Stress and Extreme Sadness. It only will work for a few minutes at a time.

Blossom: I’m gonna lead them?

Genevieve: That’s correct. You’re now a Leader. A Leader of a team of your own, Electrogal.

Mr. Breslin: Time to initiate the process…

Within seconds…

The Rusoe Trio were inside the Energy surging Chamber, while Leslie was in the secondary Energy surging Chamber. The door closed and sealed them inside activating the energy cores…

P.A: *Chiming* Energy Core Chamber now Activated… Powering intensity at Max Power… Elemental ascension now in process.

The Energy Core chamber within the new Command center of Watchtower charged the girls up and energized them with a new look. gadgets, Communicators. It got blindingly bright within the Energy core Chamber. But with the power coercing through the new fighters… It was bringing upon the world new protectors. New fighters and a New cause for Peace and safety. Serenity.The moment of power was theirs and it was then… when the Process was in fact complete…

The girls stepped out and with new looks on them…

Nicole: *looking at her sisters* Whoa! We’re… We’re…

Rusoe Trio: *Shrieks and Squeals happily* STARS! Super Heroes!

Ellie: This is so amazing.

Lana: What powers do i have again?

Nicole: Element of Earth and Geo-Thermokinesis. Golem creating. Why not create one?

Ellie: Not here… this place is like the Technical fortress or something. If we use our abilities here… it might cause damage to this place. I don’t want to risk that.

Lana: It’s best if we waited before doing something like that.

Leslie: *Feeling a tingling sensation flowing through her fingers* Wha-what’s this? *Shooting Lasers from her fingers* Holy cow! I… I just shot Lasers from my fingers. Is that normal?

Blossom: Now that you’re a Super… Yeah. It’ll be normal as time goes on. It just will take time to grow accustomed to it all.

Leslie: *Releasing Ice and firing Ice from her breath* Ouch… Cold. So cold. There’s ice coming out from me. Ice and frost.

Blossom: Just wait till you get angry. You’ll be feeling the flames licking your lips and tongue, Leslie. As they would say… Welcome to the world of the Super powered Persuasion.

Tess: Now that you are heroes… The only thing left to do is to get you officially synced up with Watchtower. And Of course… the option of choosing a hero name that will best suit you… is still open for grabs.

Blossom: Leslie, Nicole, Ellie and Lana… Let’s get you officially synced up. You’re now part of the hero team.

It was within seconds later that they got ready to be connected to Watchtower’s Systems…

Chloe: Ready for Sync up. *Starting the Sync up for new members*

Leslie: *Pressing her earpiece; Activating it* Elemental Rita/Rita the Hammer 3.1 Online.

Nicole: *Pressing her earpiece; Activating it* Aero-Light Online

Ellie: *Pressing her earpiece; Activating it* Electro Flame-Light Online

Lana: *Pressing her earpiece; Activating it* Geo-thermal girl Online.

The Rusoe Trio: *Pressing their earpieces; Activating it*  Elemental Earthly trio Online.

Genevieve: You 4 are new to the duties of the hero. However it’ll come to you in due time. *Looking to the Viewing globe* Behold the Viewing globe. See what lies before you.

They walk over to the globe and watch as the pictures start coming to play…

A Fired Shy Artist being given a gift and seeking to take down a cosmetic company that harbors a dark secret. The artist herself goes under the mysterious and slinky fighter with the cat-like senses. “Catwoman”.

Tess: That is one of the things yet to come. With the coming of age… It is gonna take the help of you 4 to come to the aide of the other fighters and to have the back of the woman that you see before you in the globe…”

Clint: Oh Good. So… that means that you’re one of the super-powered breed. Rita the Hammer returns… But is now Elemental Rita. Creative name.

Lana: That’s her. But Nicole, Ellie and I are the Elemental Earthly trio.

Raven: You’ve got to be kidding us. You 3 are now supers? Are we even hearing right or is this just some trippy dream where as soon as we wake up… See that none of this is happening?

Blossom: It’s happening.

Charlene: Plus… I too am a super and i think that you guys may have caught on to that idea for a while now.  At least over the last 2 years. Just about.

Clint: That… we got. We have had that figured out for a while. Although we didn’t say anything of it as it wasn’t something to preach. Blossom, You and Leslie are supers. Well… we knew that you were. Always had. It was in you the whole time and you showed no trouble in letting that fact out. Leslie though… Is new to all this. If she’s gonna be part of the bree… Which she is now and must have her own little secret connections to Watchtower that none of us might know about. She’s gonna have to train. Train her skills hard and long. As well as the trio. They’re gonna have to train hard.

Spencer's Wife Rikku Rhapsody
Spencer’s Wife Rikku Rhapsody

Rikku: That’s needless to say as if they hadn’t been doing so to begin with.

Serena: *Catching someone there with Blossom, Leslie and the Rhapsody trio* How’s the lady there with you guys? She’s different.

Charlene: That would be the most logical observation. But… The woman you see is a friend to our mother Dinah, Serena. Say hello to the manager of the Metropolis Inn. Lorelai Gilmore. Plus she’s also got a daughter… Rory Gilmore who’s her daughter and best friend.

Leslie: She’s also the new sworn protector and keeper of the secret. About the Lore of the whole family. Made one the day before last.

Spencer: Hmm. Is she trustworthy?

Blossom: I would believe as though she could be. If she were to blab to others… She would have thereby done it by the first shot she had.

Lorelai: *Looking at the crew* Hey guys.

Blossom: Lorelai… This is a Voice Comm group chat but is on transmit-ion with Watchtower Command center. The ones you see here are my cousins. They’re supers too. The Rhapsody Romancers Z!, The Rhapsody Aquatic Force Z! and the Rhapsody Thunderic force Z! Honolulu Torch Paul, Psychic Wonder Crystal, The ESP. Elemental twins. They’re the heroes. My family of heroes.

Lorelai: Wow… Heroes. Super fighters!


Genevieve: *Looking at the fighters and then at the civilian* Ma’am… I am sure that meeting you would be a surprise. However… This is a Private Conference between the fighters, Tess and I.

Blossom: Genevieve, It’s alright. She’s safe to listen in. She’s been sworn to secrecy and vowed to protect the secrets of the Clan. And the fighters and of the Allies that are associated with us all.

Genevieve: Very well. It’s understood, Electrogal. But she can’t join in on the conversation. She can listen. But she won’t have clearance to speak during the conference here. What is said after the conference is fine. As it’s just concern. Curiosity.

Leslie: Sounds fair.

Seconds later…

Genevieve: *On screen; addressing the fighters and allies* As you all know given the small mention of there being a possible threat in the immediate future. Something dark is on the way. At 11:35 AM On Oct. 11th 2046. Watchtower Command center picked up Data transmitted from the Watchtower Orbiter. Classifying a Dark and fiery threat. Souls in wake. Foreshadowing a battle between two Demonic beings who walk in the form of human. But are anything except human. A Field Operative… One known as Kimahri. He foretold of seeing a dark entity. A Evil cloud looming… not too far from the horizon. As the Data poured in… It provided us a photo of your soon to be main Antagonist of the threat. The hero… Johnny Blaze©/Ghost Rider. The Villain: Black-heart/Dark-heart. However some of the details have changed. It’s not only 1000 evil souls… It’s 2000. Raising hell on earth. “Long ago, he made a deal… to save someone he loved… What he didn’t know was the price he would have to pay…” 

Serena: Okay… So this Blackheart… He’s the obvious son of the devil himself and he’s looking to rise up to complete power and Raise Hell upon Earth. Take control of all living things on the planet.

Carly Black: Hmm… Sounds like trouble might be stewing among this threat.


Sora: *Appearing on screen joining the Conference* Sorry for being a little late. Was hanging out with Justin Creed. He and I were having a mini-date. Don’t know what my sister Carly is doing… And to be honest… I don’t care.

Sapphire: How’s that, Sora? What’s the itch?

Blossom: It’s because… as of recent. Carly has taken up smoking. It all started days after her meeting and spending time with this guy Johnny Barlow.

Raven: Hmm… Something’ll have to be done about that?

Susie: Any suggestions?

Paul: If only we could break from the Dorms for an hour. I’d be able to try and pay a visit to Carly. Find out what her issue is.

Crystal: It’s got to be Teen angst.

Amy: It has to be.

Sora and Carly Rhapsody
Carly Rhapsody

Carly: *appearing on screen* Hey everyone. *Looking at Sora* Sora…

Sora: Hey.  Where’s Johnny? You done puffing?

Carly: Sora, knock it off. Johnny isn’t the one that got me to do it.

Sora: Bullshit. He is too… Because before he came… You didn’t take up smoking. Then he comes and all of a sudden… you are lighting up.

Carly: Sora, He is not the one that got me to do it. So… do a favor and back off. DROP IT! Johnny told me what got him to start the habit. He told me the whole story. Of course that he once offered me a light. Like a sign of trust or something. Even though he trusts me anyway. I was weary… but i went for it anyway.. I made the choice. It was me. Not Johnny. No matter what try to get me to believe, Sora. It was not Johnny’s doing. It was mine. I choose to do it and i am also trying to help him quit. I’m sacrificing alot and putting my self on the line for him. And if you want to ask why… I’ll tell you why. It’s because… I Love him. Okay? I love him.

Sora: If he didn’t get you to take it up… then Stop Smoking. Otherwise i’m telling mom. She’s been through enough over the last year and a half. She doesn’t need anymore pain. I haven’t told her about you smoking because of 3 reasons. 1. You’re my sister and i love you. 2. Because i don’t want anymore pain to come at mom. and 3. I don’t want it to hurt you to the point where we’re no longer together and wind up going Solo. I was away from you this afternoon because i was hurt. And if you were in my shoes… you would see why. I was hurt. Carly… You need to stop this habit. It isn’t like you. You’d never do something like this. Never.

Carly: You know… Maybe you’re right. We need to be solo for a while. It’s obvious that all i seem to be doing is hurting you with this and no matter what i try to explain to you about what i’m trying to do to help Johnny… You are not believing me. So… I think that until Johnny is able to quit the habit and is helped to be better. We need to be apart. I don’t want to hurt you, Sora and just now… i saw the pain in your eyes. I can’t do it anymore. Till Johnny’s cleaned up. I am going Solo. Sorry.

The Video conference went on as they discussed more about the threat…

Blossom: Is there more to this threat?

Genevieve: Yes. The contract is missing.

Leslie: Contract?! *Confused* What do you mean the Contract went missing? What contract?

Genevieve: The contract of San Venganza. One worth 2,000 Evil souls.

Ellie: It went missing? When did that happen?

Genevieve: After the first Ghost Rider found the Contract and Outran the devil himself.

Spencer: I think that i see somewhat of the tale there behind it. The Devil was after that one contract. To Mephistopheles… that contract had to have been like the holy grail to him. The Cornerstone to what he’s aiming for. So he had this Ghost Rider. Carter Slade go and fetch this contract and somehow… somewhere along the way… The Rider must have sensed mass Evil coursing through the Contract. An astronomical portion of Evil in waiting within the contract itself that proved to be so Evil that it would not just bring hell on Earth. But would bring the world to its very knees. He knew that somehow that he’d have to make a jump and decide what to do. By doing so… he did the only thing that could be thought to be done. What no rider had ever done before. Run. Run and never look back. Outrun the Devil himself and ensure that he never gained possession of the contract. Ever. As to where Carter Slade is… or where he’d hid the contract… It’s anyone’s guess.

Rikku: How do we ensure that none of this comes to pass? If the Devil… Mephistopheles… is seeking to gain possession of it… He’s gonna need someone to go after it. Search for it and find it. Not stopping till it’s found and then bring it to him. However… Who’d do that?

Paul: A ghost rider. Of course… it’d be hard to find one as not many people would just valiantly hand over their souls and expect a hefty little peace offering.

Serena: Maybe he’s got one in mind. Question is… Who is it? What would he do with the one he’s got in mind?

Christina: That’s what we’d like to know. How close is this threat?


A Voice breaks through the feed…

“I’m closer than you think. My father thinks that his latest creation can take me? You fighters think that you can stop me? I don’t know who’s more pathetic? You… or my father?!”

Leslie Burke 21

Leslie: Oh… *Shook up* Uh, I don’t think that i like the sound of that.

Nicole: Neither do i.

Ellie: That goes double for me.

Lana: Triple.

Blossom: We’re gonna need a bit more help than what we got now…

Genevieve: We’re gonna summon up the ones who work for the Stadium.

Leslie: Who? Luzzu, Wakka, Yuna, Lucil and Elma?

Genevieve: Yes. When it comes time.

Leslie: I’ll give them the heads up tomorrow. Tomorrow is Saturday. It’s usually the time of the week where i gather them all in and Update them on what’s going on and on things that may be coming up…

Blossom: Such as?

Leslie: The Music Concert that is supposed to be going on at the Stadium in only a few days from now. In fact… It should be within the next couple of days. Tickets have already become available for $40 dollars. But it covers the seat. Concessions and A compartment to have their belongings in for safe keeping during the concert.

Genevieve: You wouldn’t be talking about the band: Empire of the Sun? Would you?

Sora: I do believe that she is referring to that band.

Genevieve: You could not be certain that they’d come. They’re mostly in the United Kingdom or Australia.


It was then that some of their focus went on towards putting an end to the arguments and unsettling quarrel between Sora and Carly…

Sora: …

Genevieve: Surely… we may have heard enough of the quarreling between you and Carly, Sora. You two are having a rather unsettling little fight. One that is indeed unnecessary for a couple of girls to be having. Now… Carly is doing a very unhealthy habit and is doing undeniable harm to herself. But she isn’t hurting others with her choice. However… that is not the case… She’s a fighter. One of the fighters with a cause that involves making a choice that will affect her better judgement. You’re not existing for just yourself. You’re living for all those who surround you and left in your wake. This Quarrel is to stop immediately. It is not how dignified and devoted fighters are to behave. Sora… Carly, Whatever disagreement and issues you have among the two of you… You’re to swallow your pride and get past it. Do i as your professor make myself Abundantly clear?

Sora: Yes.

Carly: Yeah. We got it.

The Conference ended only a moment later and with the known fighters welcoming the newer fighters to the group. It was a start for new fighters to be sprung forward. Sora and Carly took the command of Genevieve and got past it. They knew that there were others… many others who all happened to depend on them. Count on them to be there for them and come to their rescue and defend. However… How would they be liable to do so if they were in a quarrel and were fighting against one another… Having a fight amongst each other?

With that being fact… Carly and Sora had to make amends. Had to bury the disagreements they were having and focus on the issue that was gonna come looming in their corner in the sometime soon near future…

As for Leslie, Blossom, Janie, Alex and Charlene… They got with the studies and spoke about the work that would be had in school. They didn’t want to dive too deep into the new threat that was imminent in occurring in the close future. Of course they now had the curiosity of one Lorelai and Rory to handle. How were they gonna be able to explain to them what was coming? They were gonna be in the path of danger soon and that was the very last thing that any of them wanted…

Things were quite peaceful for the rest of the night…

The Next day…

Oct. 13th 2046…

On the way to Lane’s…

Leslie was at that stadium that day as she had to take care of some business over in the stadium. Things had to be prepared for the upcoming concert that was indeed looming closer to the date. Leslie already had tickets going out. It was a fair deal. Blossom was also with her. There was a team there already doing their sworn duties as given by Leslie herself…

As for the Rhapsody Trio…

enters house…

Janie: Saturday and we’re gonna see Lane. Something going on?

Rory: Studying.

Alex: More Studying? Rory, We’ve all studied enough last night. With all the studying we’ve done… it’s a miracle that our heads didn’t implode and burst.

Rory: It’s a hard school. Chilton is excessive.

Charlene: Gee… *Scoffs* Why thanks for the heads up on that one, Captain obvious. We all know that. But that doesn’t mean… that we have to study till are brains are smacked out from our heads. You can only do so much studying till you reach that point where you have to cut. Let fate take it from there. Just because that over-competitive brat Paris wants to study her damn brains out… doesn’t mean that you have to put yourself in the ringer.

Rory: I can’t ease off. Neither can you guys. We didn’t do so good with the test we’d taken the other day. We failed it. Most of us got C’s and D’s. That’s not exactly a step forwards to the ivory tower in our eyes.. Come on… Let’s find Lane and get some more studying done. With the next test that comes… soon. We’re gonna need all the studying that we can possibly get.

Janie: *Sighs* …

RORY: Lane?!

LANE: Rory?!

RORY: Right or left?!

LANE: Left!

Rory goes left…

As do the trio.

RORY: I thought you said left!

LANE: Sorry – my left, your right!

RORY: Ok. Marco…

LANE: Polo!

RORY: Marco…

LANE: Polo!

RORY: Hey Marco.

LANE: Hey Polo, you’re late. hey girls. You Joining the Study session?

Alex: Yeah. We at first were gonna let fate take it from here on… But Rory got us. We caved. *Shrugs* Go figure.

RORY: Sorry. What is that?

LANE: 12 calories.

Janie: Looks like raw meat or tofu.

Alex: Please… Please, Lane. Don’t tell us that your mom is expecting you to eat that.

Lane: *Nods unfortunately* …

Janie: Ugh! What the hell is she? Draconian?

Charlene: We’ll fix that woman’s little game. *Pulling out a Twix* Here. *Tossing it over to Lane* Heritage is one thing… But we’ll all be damned if you’re gonna be denied a slice of the American customs. Whether it be food, Movies, Books, T.V or whatever. You’re entitled to have a bit of that. So… she can just stow her high and mighty bible thumping beliefs that the american customs are just full of Sin.

Lane: *Grins with intrigue* …

RORY: Here *gives Lane a snickers*

LANE: Oh my God bless you! You girls are like lifesavers from this old tradition nightmare. Literally.

Rory pulls out a big binder…

As do the girls…

LANE: Man, what’s that?

RORY: My notes.

Janie: Our notes. And we have to take a whole lot of notes. Enough to shame a scholar.

LANE: Really?

Alex: No lie.

RORY: I don’t think Shakespeare knew himself this well.

Charlene: You should think about the same going for Socrates and Aristotle. Not to forget Napoleon Bonaparté. Imagine if we had to study about those. Oy! Our heads will be pounding like a bass-a-nova Drum.

But before they could study…

WOMAN: Ooh, I like, how much?

MRS. KIM: $500

WOMAN: Is that the best you can do?

MRS. KIM: $450

WOMAN: I’m not so sure *turning to leave*

MRS. KIM: $375 and you take it right now.


MRS. KIM: We appreciate your business. *to girls* Move.

RORY: *as they pack up their books* I really miss Metropolis High.

Janie: So do we. It’s not the same anymore for us… We miss the safety and comfort of everyone we knew there.

LANE: You’re kidding right?

RORY: No. Chilton’s just – I don’t know, hard.

Alex: Really. You could ask Leslie and Blossom to clarify. They’d feel the same as we do.

LANE: What do you care? You were always miss everything-so-easy-at-school. This should be a snap for you. Plus… you girls were always sliding by with high grades as you were always on the top. Always seemed to have your homework done and way ahead of time. Classwork too.  This stuff should be no more than a breeze for you 3.

They start to put their books down on a table…

MRS. KIM: No, this is sold. Move. What’s that? *At snickers*

RORY: Oh, that’s mine.

MRS. KIM: That is chocolate covered death.

RORY: With a creamy caramel surprise.

They move again…

LANE: Um, so this guy asked about you today. As did those 3 boys who were… should i say… Hot!

RORY: What guy?

Charlene: What guys? You talking about Peter Hollister, Keith Lerner and Grigori Sherman?

LANE: The new kid – tall, perfect. Those new guys… Yeah. Them.

RORY: What’d he want to know?

Janie: What did they ask about us? What did they want to know?

LANE: Where you were.

RORY: Well what’d you say?

LANE: Oh I told him you were just too smart for us and that you had to go to the genius school.


LANE: He really like that. I guess he must be into brainy chicks. Those guys as well. They were looking pretty flustered with puppy love. You 3 must be lucky. Those 3 guys were seen with pictures of you girls. Idolizing them like they were gods.

RORY: Well I’ll keep my eyes open for one for him. *putting stuff down on another table*

Alex: We’ll do the same. Oh god… *Putting stuff down onto another table*

MRS. KIM: No – sold.

LANE: Mom.

MRS. KIM: Move.

LANE: Well where do you want us to go?

MRS. KIM: Library.

LANE: I hate sales!!

Janie: What the hell is her glitch? I swear… It is like every table we come across has an alarm saying: “Don’t touch me… I’m Sold. Back away from the table. Back away. We are sold.”

Charlene: Let’s get out of here. Lane, Rory… We’ll go to our house. We can study there. Talk and Mingle. hopefully we’ll be able to get some studying done.

Rory: Sounds good.

Janie: Let’s book.

The concert was gonna come closer as time went on. The whole city was rearing for that concert and Leslie was already issuing the tickets. They were made available at the Metropolis Inn for all who were interested to come to the concert. Rory and Lane as well as the Rhapsody trio were in the midst of studying. Unaware that there was a surprise waiting for them at the house. What would Sookie feel like because of the Food critic’s review? Was she gonna be high spirits again? Or was there depression bound to set in? Come on… She’s in need of some cheering up. Find out what’s next in the next chapter of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! as the saga continues…


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