Chapter 280: Food Critic’s review and the saddening letdown for Sookie St. James.

Later that day…

Rory Leigh Gilmore, Janie Abigail Rhapsody, Alex Rhapsody, Charlene Emily Rhapsody, Leslie Tina Burke, Blossom Cassandra Rhapsody and Betty Andrews.
Rory Leigh Gilmore, Janie Abigail Rhapsody, Alex Rhapsody, Charlene Emily Rhapsody, Leslie Tina Burke, Blossom Cassandra Rhapsody and Betty Andrews.

Metropolis Inn…

Lorelai rifles through mail…

LORELAI: Oh my God! *Running over to the kitchen*

LORELAI: Sookie, Sookie.

SOOKIE: Ok, ok, just a minute.

LORELAI: I’ve got it.

SOOKIE: The review?

LORELAI: It’s here.

SOOKIE: Ooh, where it is?

LORELAI: I’m looking.

Rory Leigh Gilmore, Janie Abigail Rhapsody, Alex Rhapsody, Charlene Emily Rhapsody, Leslie Tina Burke, Blossom Cassandra Rhapsody and Betty Andrews.
Rory Leigh Gilmore, Janie Abigail Rhapsody, Alex Rhapsody, Charlene Emily Rhapsody, Leslie Tina Burke, Blossom Cassandra Rhapsody and Betty Andrews.

Rory enters with tons of bags. As do Janie, Alex and Charlene with Leslie, Blossom and Betty.

LORELAI: Oh, behold in theaters now, the thing and creatures who read a lot.

Rory drops all the bags at once followed by the girls…

RORY: Chocolate?

Janie: Sweet recharge… Anyone?

Leslie: That school is a literal energy drainer.

SOOKIE: Glass measuring cup. Lorelai look, look.

LORELAI: I’m sorry.

RORY: Jeez, who’s naked?

Blossom: naked? Uh… What’s going on?

Betty: Who’s the naked hunk in the mag?

LORELAI: Uh, Lucent Mills – food critic.

RORY: Yeah? How’s his butt?

Betty: *Starry-eyed* Wow… That guy looks like a total cutie. What a hunk!

LORELAI: Oh, no. He’s supposed to do a review of the restaurant – oh, here it is.

SOOKIE: Is it – is it good? Is he mean, should I cry?

Blossom: The Food critic? Mean? Better not be. If he tries dissing your cooking, Sookie. He’ll get a nice electric punch in the choppers.

Sookie starts to chuckle a little feeling there being a bit of a joke in what Blossom said…

LORELAI: Here we go. ‘The words divine, delectable and delirious don’t begin to describe the delicious experience of dining at the Metropolis Inn.’ Oh I’m smelling rave!!

SOOKIE: Really?

LORELAI: ‘Only chef Sookie St. James can make a simple salad of hot house tomatoes and assorted fresh herbs seem like a religious experience. Her lobster bisque is worth every sinful cream filled rich sip’

SOOKIE: See I don’t use that much cream. I just use a very concentrated lobster stock and it really makes it –

LORELAI: Sookie, he’s not here.

Blossom: Maybe not… But come on. Can’t you see how excited and deeply tickled with delight she is? Let her have that second of success in triumph.

Leslie: I never had her cooking. But i would most certainly try it. I won’t be picky.

Blossom: Leslie… You had some of her cooking. Remember Monday… She brought you over some of her home made s’mores.

Leslie: Oh yeah. That’s right. Those were different than the S’mores i usually would have. But i tried the ones brought over Monday. I loved every bite. I might have been broken up emotionally due to what happened to me that day. But i enjoyed them. Sookie’s a swell cook. Marvelous.

Sookie Blushed at the compliments and felt pleased that her food made someone really happy.

Seconds later…

SOOKIE: Ok, go on.

LORELAI: ‘The entrees are as heavenly as the starters. Though the much lauded risotto was perfectly fine, it was the simple handkerchief pasta with brown sage in a butter sauce that sent me through the roof’ Sookie this is unbelievable! I’m going to have this framed for the dining room!

SOOKIE: Oh, yeah. That’d be swell. Can I see that again?

LORELAI: Yeah. So we should celebrate huh? *doing a little twisty dance step towards Rory* Girls on the town?

Blossom: That’d be amazing.  But Sookie… Damn girl… You’re on fire. That Review is a real highlight. We’re all proud of you.

Janie: yeah. You’re a real amazing Cook. Seriously.

Charlene: We should all celebrate. To ring in this special occasion. But there is a small decline in that. Studying.

Betty: Yeah. *Sighs*

Blossom: …

RORY: I can’t. I have to study.

Leslie: I have to do some meet and greets at the Stadium. Making sure that the new workers are doing well on the jobs. I am also gonna be doing some Studying while there as well. I’m gonna be double-tied up with details.

SOOKIE: You know I should really get started on this shopping list.

Blossom: I need to make some calls and ensure that the Music Group: Empire of the Sun will be performing and doing a show at the Stadium. Check the log books. See that they’re in order. On top of studying.

Betty: I got to get to studying too. Plus do some reconnaissance. Following the trail of that brat Gellar. She’s up to something and the others aren’t doing something about it. So… I’m gonna be doing the recon. If she’s even thinking on hurting Leslie. We’ve got a problem.

LORELAI: What is going on here? We are young and fiery women. Studying? Shopping lists? Working? Recons? Where’s ‘to hell with it all’? Where’s ‘Throwing caution to the wind’? Where’s – oh shoot – the linen delivery *leaves fast*

RORY: You go girl.

Janie: go get’em hot feet.

Blossom: *Looking at Rory* About today at Chilton… Hope that things are still alright between us. Some of the things that were said…

Rory: Don’t worry about it.

Charlene: Things did get pretty heated up. However i think that it’s all par for the course due to the constant torment from Paris. She is really… an unfriendly person. She is seriously hostile. Way too hostile.

Rory: It’s fine. Paris is just good at getting under a person’s skin. It’s what she does.

Janie: Someone should make her stop.

Leslie: As if that will happen. Paris is like the devil in Prada. A bad penny that you don’t want but keep on running into.

Rory: i know.

Leslie: There’s nothing going on at the stadium really except for people shopping in the stores that are inside the east wing. I have a Sky box that’s made for the founder of the Stadium. Me. It’s got Home entertainment center. A Mini-bar. A Living quarters and deluxe seats. A Table as well… You could hang there for a bit to have time to study some.

Janie: That’d be perfect. we can try that.

Rory: You sure?

Leslie: Why not. It’s got to be used sometime. So far there’s been no need for one to be occupied. However… It’s gonna be seeing use soon.

Blossom: Let’s get going. It’s gonna be a rather busy afternoon for Leslie and I.

However as for the others…


Zoey: *Walking over to the Pub with her Boyfriend Michelangelo* I don’t know what to think about Carly and her Smoking. I recall that i did it for a short time and i got nothing but ridicule. I hated it. I got cleaned up though. Better for it. But now that Carly’s doing it. I just don’t know.

Michelangelo: I don’t know either. There’s the fact that Sora is at a loss. She happened to walk home on her own this afternoon. When school finally had let out. She didn’t even wait for Carly. She just walked. I don’t think that it’s at that point to say that Sora and Carly might be having a falling out.

Zoey: A Falling out? Them? Not a chance. They’re like so together.

Justin Creed
Justin Creed

Justin: You guys want to tell that to Carly? She is believing it to be something else. I am with eyes for Sora. I don’t fall for Carly. But even i can see that something is up. Carly feels that Sora is walking completely from her.

Nicole: What do you plan to do? Surely they can’t be allowed to just break apart from each other. They’re a match. A known pair of Esp wizards. Reading minds like it’s religion in their heart.

Ellie: There must be something we can do.

Zoey: Yeah. Stop smoking. That will bring them back together. Carly has been smoking. With her boyfriend Johnny Barlow. But are joined by Tex Charleston and Samuel Marlborough.

Lana: Carly smokes now? Why would she do that?

Michelangelo: Ask her boyfriend Johnny. He’s with the answers.

As they walked… They saw that something was going on…


Jeremiah Brown
Jeremiah Brown

Jeremiah: *Playing Guitar*

Ridge Mercer
Ridge Mercer

Ridge: *Singing* “All my lovers surround me

Like virgins clean today
Waist deep in the water
Pushing my body away

Oh what lengths we go
To put the past away
Oh how many drops can you squeeze out to explain
What happened one day?

Here one of them stay behind
And trailed me from afar
I saw her eyes lit up
Like colors in the dark

But when our gazes met
I was half a world away
It still shortens my breath
As I turn to say

“When we meet another way
You wont recognize my face”
When we meet one way or another
You wont You wont speak up, speak up, speak up”

“When we meet one way
You wont recognize my face”
When we meet one way or another
You wont You wont speak up, speak up, speak up”

And one day it soothes me
The next it bleeds me dry
It plays out like a lifetime
Before the morning light

How beautiful it was to be anything at all
But somehow it strikes me
That time can’t beat all

“When we meet another way
You wont recognize my face”
When we meet one way or another
You wont You wont speak up, speak up, speak up”

“When we meet one way
You wont recognize my face”
When we meet one way or another
You wont You wont speak up, speak up, speak up”

You wont speak up, speak up
You wont speak up, speak up
You wont speak up, speak up”

 But they weren’t the only ones…

Zoey: What’s going on here? There’s a crowd close by my dad’s Pub.

Michelangelo: And there’s a couple people just standing and watching something. Someone singing and another playing Guitar.

Molly Christie Luthor
Molly Christie Luthor

Molly: *Running over* Zoey. Michelangelo… You’re not gonna believe this. There’s a guy over there singing. You’re not gonna believe it though. He’s related to someone.

Zoey: Who?

Molly: You won’t believe it. But that teen over there is Ridge Mercer.

Michelangelo: You’re kidding!

Molly: No. I’m not. I’m not kidding. Seriously not kidding. He is Ridge Mercer. Although… He doesn’t seem to be related to the woman that you guys might know. It’s just that the last name seems rather familiar. Too familiar to be quite honest.

Ellie: What about the Guitar player?

Molly: That’s “Rocking Dynamic” Jeremiah Brown. He can really play. He’s been heard playing at Town Hall meets. Recognized for his unflawed talent at age 9. He’s been playing since. He’s now like 15. *To Zoey* The part that is really rev-elating… Is the fact that… He’s been in search of a partner. Someone who could take him under their wings and go far. Looking up to them. I think that he’s looking for… You.

Zoey: Me?! *In shock and disbelief* W-why me? I’m nothing special. I’ve only done a little bit of the Troubadour kick. However… i haven’t done that in like days. It’s actually been a week since i last done it.

Molly: I haven’t a clue. I really haven’t a clue. But he’s intent on finding you. As well as does That singing Teen Ridge Mercer. Those guys who are gazing at them… They too want to hang to you and be in union with you. They’re looking for someone just like… you.


Zoey: Okay… Molly, That right there is not amusing. I am not looking into being a leader of a band of musical prodigies. I mean… *Scoffs* Really. What would i do with being a leader to a band? Molly, In case you didn’t seem to gather the memo… I can barely swing it with my being a troubadour and also going to school. Trying to keep on the level with being a casual High school Teenage girl. There isn’t anyway that i’ll be able to be all that… and be their prodigal leader. They’re in need of someone who can put all focus on them. Nothing else. I can’t do that. If there is one thing i know about being a Leader to a band given though i’m not one… It’s that to be a leader… You have to be committed. On the ball and be able to pick up gigs and handling things as financial endeavors for the band. Being able to come up with a back up plan on the fly. I can’t do that. Not even close.

Michelangelo: Yes you can. I’ll help you out with it.

Justin: Besides… you also can ask that rich girl Leslie Burke to sponsor you. She’s all for that.

As they got closer…

Roger Densworth
Roger Densworth

Roger: *Walking over* Hey there. You guys must be here to see Ridge and Jeremiah, Right?

Zoey: Not exactly. We were on our way to see my dad. At the Pub that happens to be right by where you guys are putting up a show. What’s going on anyway?

Roger: What… You mean that you don’t know about the Empire of the Sun?

Michelangelo: Of course we do. But we’re just a bit in shock… Seeing the commotion that is going on here.

Forest Winters
Forest Winters

Forest: It’s okay. It’s just a local gathering. Ridge is just looking for gigs to come spurring in his direction. Young singing sensations don’t come often. Not in metropolis anyway.

Gene Douglas
Gene Douglas

Gene: You’ve gotta blame the super powered persuasion members for that. But then you also gotta blame the times. It’s just that with the new stadium around… Talent agencies are just not showing much activity. However it isn’t the Stadium’s doing either. It’s just hard times.

Ken Olivers
Ken Olivers

Ken: So what? It doesn’t change what is.

Ian Gavins
Ian Gavins

Ian: *Looking to see the group* Hey there… *Looking to see Zoey* You must be… the one that’s a known troubadour.

Nicole Rusoe
Nicole Rusoe

Nicole: You mean Zoey? Yeah. She’s done some time as a troubadour. Who’re you?

Ian: Ian Gavins. I’m with the crew who are watching and hangin’ with Ridge Mercer and Jeremiah Brown. Gabe, Ken, Forest and Roger are with the crew too.

Gabe: Zoey, You should consider taking Jeremiah and Ridge under your wing. You have a load of talent. A ton of talent. Plus… Roger and Ken heard you going through the main hall at the school Singing with your guitar. You got a whole mess of heart in that voice of yours.

Michelangelo: Zoey, That’s a lead for a load of compliments. You’re being noticed by the guys here. That’s saying something.

It was then that Zoey made a decision and offered them all to come along with her to her father’s Pub. She didn’t know who they were. But knew that somehow… she may have been destined to meet them.

A Moment later…

Zeke’s Pub…

Zeke Rhapsody
Zeke Rhapsody

Zeke: *Looking over at Heinz* Heinz, It’s almost time to head off to pick up my daughter.


Heinz: Not to forget that it’s almost time for me to pick up my two boys. They’re in Elementary school still. I have to go and retrieve them too. *Suddenly seeing Zoey walking into the Pub with the gang but also with some new faces* Holy Toledo… Mein Liege… We’ve suddenly got a full party coming in.

Ilsa: *With a Wide eyed look upon her face* Wow! Look at the new faces. *Grins* Zoey, Who did you for friends this time?

Michelangelo: We wouldn’t consider them… friends. Not yet. But they’re certainly one of a kind.

Michelangelo: Say hello to the guys… Ridge Mercer. The “Rocking Dynamo” Jeremiah Brown. Ken Olivers, Roger Densworth. Ian Gavins. Forest Winters, Paul Harmon, Paulie Wellington and Gene Douglas.

Nicole: They were all met just outside from the Pub here. They were putting up a gathering. Saying that it was to bring up some hype for a music group called: Empire of the Sun.

Molly: They even were with sights for Zoey.

Justin: Somehow… They were looking for her.

Heinz: Good lord… You believe so?

Michelangelo: They had to have been looking for her. They were in no means to wait. I think that it may have been a Lo-Jacking plot. But they claim to have heard of Zoey for a while. *Shrugs*

Zeke: Well… It’s good knowing that my darling daughter’s found a group of friends.

Ellie: On top of us.

As they were talking…

Jeremiah Brown
Jeremiah Brown

Jeremiah: I have been looking for someone to be my mentor.

Ridge: And i can be like a Vocal. Lead or back-up.

Justin Creed
Justin Creed

Justin: What about the situation going on between Sora and Carly?

Zoey: What about it? We can’t make Carly quit the habit.

Justin: What’ll we tell Sora. She is gonna inform their mom.

Michelangelo: Carly’s been under the habit of smoking. It’s her belief that she’s doing it in sympathy to her boyfriend Johnny and is seeking to help him quit. Trying to get him help. But all she is doing is getting herself addicted to the habit. Her sister isn’t happy at all. After school today… Sora was seen walking home. Without Carly. She didn’t even wait for her.

Lana: Something is going on. It’s driving them apart.

Zoey: Yeah. It’s Carly’s smoking. That’s what’s doing it. If you happen to recall… When i had a period of time when it was me who was smoking… Everyone seemed to frown at me over it. But when Leslie and Blossom had done it for a time… No one seemed to bat an eyelash. However… When i did it… Sakura got into it trying to shake me out of it. Failed. Then she gets disowned by her own mother. Then before long… Becomes a Diaper lover and is currently living with her boyfriend Wade and his sister Rowanda.

Zeke: I’ll call her mother and let her know.

Zoey: Right. Of course… It will make Carly mad at me because she’ll think that i squealed on her.

Justin: It isn’t gonna mean anything in the end… Because when it’s all done… Carly will be glad you did it. You’re doing the right thing.

It was only a moment later when…

Jeremiah Brown
Jeremiah Brown

Jeremiah: I need a Mentor. Someone who’s best skilled at playing guitar and making Music.

Zoey: How well can you play?

Jeremiah: I can play really well. Watch this…

Jeremiah then plays the tune: Shades of Gray. Plays it with heart…

Ridge Mercer, Roger Densworth and Paulie Wellington join in. Ridge singing and the other 2 playing remaining instruments to carry the tune. Roger and Ridge both did the singing vocals…

Ridge: *With Roger; Singing* “When the world and I were young
Just yesterday
Life was such a simple game
A child could play
It was easy then to tell right from wrong
Easy then to tell weak from strong
When a man should stand and fight
Or just go along

But today there is no day or night
Today there is no dark or light
Today there is no black or white
Only shades of gray

I remember when the answers seemed so clear
We had never lived with doubt or tasted fear
It was easy then to tell truth from lies
Selling out from compromise
Who to love and who to hate
The foolish from the wise

But today there is no day or night
Today there is no dark or light
Today there is no black or white
Only shades of gray

Instrumental interlude…

It was easy then to know what was fair
When to keep and when to share
How much to protect your heart
And how much to care

But today there is no day or night
Today there is no dark or light
Today there is no black or white
Only shades of gray
Only shades of gray”

Zoey Standing with a smile and amazed by the performance.
Zoey Standing with a smile and amazed by the performance.

Zoey: Oh my god… You guys recall that band? The Monkees. That’s amazing. You really can play amazing. *Looking at Jeremiah and Ridge* I’ll be the Mentor. You guys obviously wish to be troubadours. Know the art and the craft. Well… I don’t know much about it as i too am learning the ropes as i go. Although… I’ll teach you what i know. Also some tricks to it also.

Jeremiah: Thank you. We’ll work hard.

Zoey: Good. But the first rule is. Don’t over stress. Let the music come to you. It’s got to come from your heart.

Gene: That’s good logic. A good rule to remember.

Roger Densworth
Roger Densworth

Roger: *Looking around the pub and checking out the small arcade that was stationed in the back* You’ve got to be kidding. Final Fantasy 12 is here. That is the kind of game that only a PS 2 would have. There’s an arcade game for it too? *Noticing the Console suddenly* No… There’s the Console right there. Game night.

Paulie: Dude, No… no. Come on. This is not a flop house. You should think better of this place as a pub. A place to gather and have a few drinks and unwind. We can’t have a game night here and just make off with it being a domicile here. As though we live here.

Zeke: It’s a friendly place. So… If you boys want to have at the games. It’s totally fine. Living here is out as your parents might be wondering where you are and be worried sick if you didn’t happen to return home. Otherwise… You boys can play on the Video games whenever you like.

Gene: When do you have Karaoke nights?

Gabe: *Walking out* We have those every Friday night from 7:00 to 11:00 PM. Jukebox nights are on Wednesdays from 6 in the Evening to 11 at night. Tonight’s Friday. So… It’s gonna starting a couple hours or so.

With things starting to happen too too fast and with more things about to unfold… There was no telling as to where it was gonna lead them. What were to expect next? How about Rory and her Chilton crew. Leslie, Blossom, Betty and the Rhapsody Trio? Test day was gonna approach them. It was destined and fated to arrive. But as far as they knew, there was still some time. As for Sookie… She was feeling let down as she believed that something in the food review wasn’t right. That something was wrong. Plus something else was looming into their lives. Which would bring in the older members of the new Generation. What was next to happen towards the gang? Was the Video conference gonna be on cue? Would more unfold on the new revelation of Carly under the influence of a habit? When would the foretold Concert come into play? Would more people start showing up to become allies to the yet younger members of the New Generation? It appears as though Zoey’s now slowly turning more and more into a sure visible Troubadour. She’s now a Mentor. And what’s this… Leslie’s soon to be granted a couple of Sons. Or would time have to wait for 15 years or so before the gift of Children hit her orbit? Find out what’s all next… in the Next Chapter of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! as the Saga continues…


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