Chapter 279: The next day at Chilton for Rhapsody, Burke and Gilmore.

(A encounter between a Harp and an Angry french Concierge. Lorelai… Interference! Dinah… anyone? Ice the tension.)

It was the next day and things have gotten into motion. More was to come. Leslie’s had some new additions to the Stadium roster. Minimum pay for the newest recruits however… She had to fly under the Radar as there was a Minority labor law to consider. However… That morning was gonna be a mellow one. Although with all the School supplies that they had purchased it was gonna be tediously in difficulty with trying to carry all the stuff with them. From the Bus to Chilton. Organizing them and putting it all in order. Blossom however was on the watch for anyone seeking to taunt Leslie as the echoes of the Humiliation that had hit on that Monday…Earlier in the week.

Chilton’s front entrance…

Rory gets off the bus with bags, runs back into the bus for two more bags, then runs back into the bus a third time for another two. The Rhapsody Trio, Leslie and Blossom Pulled up in Betty’s car as she was Stressed over the recent test that was taken just the other day. It was hard and yet harder still as they were all just starting Chilton. Only had started just the other week. So to them… it was still feasibly new to them. They grabbed their stuff and got out from the car and made off to catch up with Rory who was up ahead…


MAX: Decent effort by most *handing back tests* Good effort by some, exceptional effort by two. Miss Geller, Miss Grant. Ms. Graham. Miss Gilmore. Miss Rhapsody, Miss Burke. Miss Andrews. *handing Rory and the girls their papers with a ‘D’ and a ‘C’. Take these home, learn from your mistakes. Look at the large red circles around various parts of your paper as friendly reminders that to err is human. And that here at Chilton we try to beat that humanity right outta ya! Ok, next up. The test – the dreaded test. Shakespeare! The man we’ve been droning on about for the last three weeks, finally comes back to haunt us on Friday. The 19th of October. This is gonna be painful.This is a big one my friends – multiple choice with an essay section that will count for 20% of your grade for this semester. And don’t be fooled by my kind face and charming personality. This test will be hard, and there will be no makeups. *Leslie and the Trio all Gulp at the mention of there being no make ups*

The bell rings…

Max: *Con’t* Refer to the study materials that I gave you at the beginning of the month and those extensive notes I know you’ve been taking.

Once class had concluded…

The class all started heading out and as did Rory, Leslie, The Rhapsody Trio and Blossom. Betty just behind…

PARIS: Hard paper.

LOUISE: Killer.

PARIS: How’d you do?


PARIS: Me too.

LOUISE: Oh small world.

PARIS: Isn’t it? Madeline what’d you get?

MADELINE: You know I got a ‘B’

PARIS: A ‘B’s not bad.

LOUISE: Oh not at all.

PARIS: Respectable even

LOUISE: I’d be proud.

PARIS: A ‘D’ however, that would be cause for concern.

LOUISE: A cry for help.

PARIS: A job application at McDonald’s.

LOUISE: Would you like fries with that?

PARIS: Hey, you know, not everybody can be smart. As my mother always says, somebody has to answer the phones.

MADELINE: Ok, I have no idea what you two are talking about.

PARIS: No, but Rory does. As does the Diaper girl Burke. She knows. She’s probably about to lose control of her facilities and soil herself in misery. *as the three go in another direction*

Leslie: *Glaring at Paris* Just give me one good viable reason to not let loose on that brat. Just one.

Blossom: Leslie, Don’t worry about that bitch. If she keeps it up… She’ll be getting a just dessert. That is a guarantee.

Janie: What the hell is her problem anyway? Why does she seek to torment Leslie? So Leslie had worn those things… Big deal. It wasn’t as though she’d been wanting to. She was attacked by the sick trio of girls who harbor a kinky fetish. It’s their doing. *Growls* I swear… I hate that Gellar.

Alex: It’d be really refreshing if only we could be able to get off and be able to land a few good punches right into her stomach and face. Knock her down a few pegs or so.

Betty: Good thinking. But there is a problem. No Brass knuckles and there’d be too many spectators. Too many people around. You’d never be able to sneak one off without someone catching it.

Leslie: At this point… i don’t think i’d care. Someone needs to show her what fer’.

Blossom: I agree. *Looking at the papers* I got a D. Janie, Alex… Charlene. What did you guys get?

Janie: I got a C.

Alex: C+.

Charlene: C-.

Blossom: What about you, Leslie?

Leslie: I think that in all fairness. Rory and I tie for a straight “D”.

Betty: C. But i think that it’s close to a B. I am just a few points down from a B.

Blossom: We’re definitely gonna need to do a whole lot of studying and cramming. Our test results are gonna be just… Nightmarishly Annoying.

Janie: Mr. Medina is not a bad teacher. Although… some of the things he lets out… Leaves you guessing.

Betty: Something will have to be done though… about Paris. I don’t think you guys heard about what Paris has been doing.

Blossom: Unless it’s about Paris going away and never coming back to torment Leslie again… We don’t want to know.

Alex: Paris lives to clearly torment Leslie… Tormenting Rory and it sickens us as Rory knows that Paris is trying to humiliate her and yet… Won’t do a thing to fight back.

Rory: That’s not true.

Charlene: Really? It’s not? Fascinating. Then tell us as to why every time Paris strolls by and makes viable facial expressions or coughs out Snide remarks about you… You just stand there with a doe-eyed bambi look on your face. Making off like you couldn’t give a damn if Paris comes closer to Humiliating you? Huh… Tell us why you walk around allowing it? She’s even tormenting Leslie and you don’t do anything to ward Paris off. You just go on and make with allowing it.

Betty: Sadly… Rory, It’s true. You’re not taking control and telling Paris off. You need to stand up for yourself. Especially since now knowing that Paris is plotting to post an article about Leslie being seen in those things. She’s only biding her time before she actually pulls the pin and officially puts it into the Franklin.

Blossom: Well… That settles it. *Looking at Rory* Do you still think that the other cheek should be turned and blow it off?

Leslie: I’m voting no on that one…

As they were walking…

TRISTIN: Hey Mary.

RORY: And it just keeps getting better.

Blossom: Just when we thought that the Halls would be in peaceful array.

TRISTIN: Oh you look sad.

RORY: I’m fine.

Leslie: So are we. We can manage just as well as anyone.

TRISTIN: Bad grade?

RORY: I have to go.

Janie: Bad grade?! Define bad grade. Enlighten us on how you happen to already know of it that we’re with bad grades.

TRISTIN: You know what Mary, *stopping her* see I can’t figure out why we’re not friends. I think it’s because I make you nervous. And just so you girls can be at ease… It was heard from Paris and her two posses. They seem to acquire you as their favorite subjects to speak about. And for some tenacious reason… Paris happens to speak of interest to you, *Looking at Leslie* Leslie. Speaks about your little secret.

RORY: I think it’s because you can’t learn my name. And whatever Paris knows about Leslie’s humiliating secret which is now old news… It’s not for her to know. It isn’t any of her business.

TRISTIN: Do you have a boyfriend?

RORY: None of your business.

Blossom: Do a favor, Boy wonder. Take a sparking powder and short out.

TRISTIN: Is that a ‘no’?

RORY: Is there no one else at this school you can bother?

Betty: Yeah. Like a gossip Lover with a self-centered personality.

TRISTIN: See, I think you like me, you just don’t know how to say it.

RORY: Oh boy.

Charlene: Are you always this delusional or are you trying out your failing charismatic charms? *Disgusted*

TRISTIN: What are you doing Friday night?

RORY: I’m busy.

Leslie: We’ve got things to do and are busy studying. I myself have a Stadium to run. So… I think that i’ll take a rain check on that pass for a date. Plus… Insta-facto… I’m gay. So… Don’t think about it. Blossom is also Gay too. So she’s out.

TRISTIN: What, you gotta be back at the convent by 5.

RORY: Please leave me alone.

Betty: Yeah… before you get a surprise that is unexpected.

TRISTIN: Well…since you said please *Stepping aside* Later…Mary.

Leslie: *Annoyed* Ugh! That guy is a total pain. Can’t he just do the decent thing and learn Rory’s name. Or be more… Courteous? God!

Alex: I don’t know. I don’t know what to say to that… But that guy really is a piece of work. He is constantly trying to pester Rory. As if he’s got nothing else better to do. It’s like he has a Rory Gilmore magnet attached to his brain that just draws him to Rory and thereby try to irritate her.

Charlene: I agree. *Looking at the passing by school dwellers* We better get off to class. We can’t allow for anything to add the part of being late to our day.


As for Lorelai…

Metropolis Inn…

Drella runs her harp into Michel…

MICHEL: Aah! You imbecil!!

DRELLA: Back off chevalier.

MICHEL: You’re stupid, blind and clumsy.

DRELLA: Well at least I’m not French.

LORELAI: Hey, what’s going on?

MICHEL: She ran over my shoe.

DRELLA: He got in the way.

MICHEL: You aimed for me.

DRELLA: Yeah well.

LORELAI: Ok, hold on.

MICHEL: She scratched my shoes.

DRELLA: What a baby.

MICHEL: These are $300 Italian loafers.

DRELLA: Wonder if Versace makes a pacifier.

MICHEL: You’re fired.

LORELAI: Excuse me?

DRELLA: You can’t fire me.

MICHEL: Then I dock your pay.

LORELAI: Alright.

MICHEL: Can I kill her.

LORELAI: Not before high tea.

MICHEL: Fine, then I will curse you constantly and in several languages.

DRELLA: Going for the other foot.

LORELAI: Oh no! Drella, to your corner now

Drella leaves…

MICHEL: I win.

LORELAI: Michel you’re a grown man, now go to your desk and act like one.

Lorelai was still shaking off in her mind the complete tell all that she was witness to. She didn’t know that her good friend Dinah was all the things that were foretold in the videos and audio recordings that got shown and presented by Blossom and Leslie. Although she was unable to hide it from Michel. Michel… even though usually coming off conceited and very cold-toned… Felt that something was up.

Michel: You know, Lorelai. I don’t normally ask this as you’re in your own mind and with a weird personality. However… I am unable to deny the fact that something indeed is bringing you distress.

Lorelai: It’s nothing. I just have this unnerving feeling about what i found out yesterday. That’s all.

Michel: Would that be whatever your dubious friend that you’ve been hanging around with is hiding?

Lorelai: No. It’s just something about her that she vaguely would reveal but yet keep hidden. Something that she used to be.

Michel: Would this be of her secret… The life she used to adhere to? The super-heroic life?

Lorelai: Yeah. She used to be this super heroine. I’ve heard of it from my mother. She would mention of reading about her in the Hartford Press. There are things about her that i had never been told of before. I found out about it all from her Niece Blossom. She divulged something to me. Something about how her entire family was with these super abilities.

Lorelai recalls back to the previous day when she had finally seen a demonstration of super abilities…

“Blossom: *Firing multiple balls of Electricity at the Hot Diaper girl babes* You’re not gonna touch her. You even lay a hand on her… You’re dead bitches walking.

Felicity: No. You sparky mouthed bitch… You listen and listen good. We’re the Hot Diaper girl babes and we’ll go after anyone we please. You don’t like it? Too bad. We won’t stop and if you even try to prevent us… We’ll just come for you and Diaper your ass. How do you like those apples? *Staring Blossom in the face* Back off , Bitch! Or get Diapered. Your choice.

Blossom: Here’s what i say to that… *Balling up her fist and Pulling the fist back till it’s with full strength; within seconds Launching her fist hard and with full force into Felicity’s stomach* Fuck off, You diaper fetish freak of nature. Get lost and go to hell! You want to fight? Come on. Let’s go… Right here. Right the fuck now! *Looking at Rory and Mrs. Gilmore* Rory, Lorelai… RUN! Get out of here… NOW! Run for safety. Head for the diner and get inside. Stay there.

Lorelai: *Scoffs and in shock* Wh- what in the world? H-h-h-how are you able… to do that?

Blossom: I don’t have time to explain this with you, Lorelai. Just know that i am doing this to save your daughter from these 3 sick creeps. Rory’s a good friend to us. And your best friend. If you value her safety right now… You take her and get to safety… Right now. Go. We’ll explain this expose of powers later. Go. Please.

Lorelai: *Frantic and jittery* Uh– Okay. Okay. But just be careful. Be careful… *Looking at Rory* Rory, Let’s get out of here.”

Lorelai: I don’t know what to think about Dinah anymore. I for a while thought that everything i heard about her being this hero was all just tales and rumors… But now…

Michel: *With french accent* Lorelai… You are losing it. There are no super powers… They don’t exist in society anymore. The only place that they ought to exist within are in comic books. No other place.

Lorelai: Then how do you explain what it was that i saw, Michel? i didn’t just dream it. Make believe it. It happened.

Lorelai spent a few minutes trying to come to some light in convincing Michel that something more was going on. However to no avail… He was not seeing it as convincible.

At Metropolis High…

Zoey: *Walking down the hall* What was Blossom thinking in bringing Lorelai and Rory into the Inner circle and tell of our family’s powers?

Michelangelo: Her telling of the powers that your family has and possesses… Was a rather innovative move on her part. But without knowing… May have put them in danger.

leslie gaines
leslie gaines

Leslie: *Walking over from the left* Hey there…

Sora: *Seeing a unfamiliar Teen* Who’re you?

Leslie: Leslie. Leslie C. Gaines. C for Conner.

Leslie Brent
Leslie Brent

???: *Walking over with Regal* Hey guys. What’s going on?

Michelangelo: Not much. Just dealing with the end of the sickening epidemic that has been going on.

???: What Epidemic is that? The Diaper girl epidemic?

Sora: Yeah. That… But how did you know?

???: Read it all in the newspapers. It’s been going on for some time and read that the D.A is off the walls with anguish. He is offering $300 dollars to any who finds anyone tied to the Hot Diaper girl babes and brings them in. Luring those girls in and locking them up.

Johnny: That serious, huh?

???: Yeah. It could be just as serious. But if i were to be like one of you… I’d be copping out to the fact… When you piss off the bull… You’re gonna get the horns and they’re not about to pull punches.

Zoey: You have a good point. I would agree to that. But we should have seen that eventually the D.A was gonna get pissed and rollin’ for a fight. Looking to get some shots in. I know that i would.

Justin: To protect the ones you care about. You’ll do what you must. However… Violence will only beget more violence. It’ll only foster more violence to emerge.

Michelangelo: Although sometimes… violence is the only answer. It is wrong. It doesn’t solve anything. It won’t make anything better for anyone. Even if the alternative calls for nothing less.

Sora: *Looking to see another unfamiliar Teen* Who’re you?

Leslie: Leslie. Leslie Brent.

Sora: Nice to meet you guys.

Zoey: You must be new.

Leslie Gaines: We both are. We’ve been here for about a couple weeks. My family is originally from Brooklyn, New York. The Aristocratic side… But low level. I’m like a bodyguard. Plus a mechanic. I built my own Motorbike. From scratch. My dad helped out a bit… But…i did the building. I’m quite good with my hands.

Leslie Brent: I’m originally from Queens, But came here with my sister Lauren. Living rich as it’s in the will of my parents. They died last year and left us the entire fortune. We came here to Metropolis for a better life and a safer living. My sister Lauren is out looking for a Job that can pay under the table. She and I are rich. But we don’t rely on the money that we possess from our parents wills. We just use it as needed. but we insist on making out own way… I am a bit of a minor Cross-dresser, So if i happen to show up wearing things that are not normal… Don’t think of me as mental. I’m just a little… gay. It’s the same thing that i told that girl at the Stadium… whatever that was exactly… That i was a little bit of a cross dresser. Not in sense that i am mental. I even wear my sister’s clothes. Don’t think me weird. Just see me as a very peculiar teenage boy.

Sora: We won’t see you as weird. We can’t see that in you. You’re nothing of the kind. We understand what you’re like. We are a bit strange. My sister Carly and I have ESP. We can read minds.

Leslie G.: Your sister and you can read minds. Sounds pretty cool.

Leslie B.: Where’s your sister anyway?

Laurence Loomis: She’d be with Johnny Barlow, Tex Charleston and Samuel Marlborough. Tex Charleston is the guy with the James Dean persona. Samuel though is a bit of a bad boy. Trust me. I’ve seen his colors.

Zoey: Wow. What about the others?

Laurence: There’s Ridge Mercer. No relations to someone you guys know. I don’t think. But he is known to be a singer. He has been seen around school and around town harmonizing a tune. He’s got the voice that’s a mix of Justin Bieber when the Pop-star Beiber was younger. like 13-14 years old… Lil’ Romeo, Davy Jones and Bruce Springsteen with a hint of Neil Diamond and John Mayer… fronting a little Paul McCartney. Call it weird… But that teen… He’s a literal dynamo. There’s also Jeremiah Brown. He can play guitar like the absolute best of them.

Zoey: I’ll have to hear them sometime.

Laurence: Oh. You will. *Chuckles* I can promise you that. You will.

Since it was Break time… They spoke on about what they knew about the possible dangers of Lorelai and Rory knowing about the powers that be. They were concerned. It was showing.

However in the Men’s restroom…


Carly: *Lighting up and Passing the lighter around*… *Smoking* I can’t believe that Laurence exposed my secret. I was trying to keep this all a secret so i can help you quit the habit, Johnny. Now i’ll have to find a way to mask the smell so i can throw the others off. *Sighs*

Johnny Barlow
Johnny Barlow

Johnny: Well… What do you want me to do about it, Carly? I can’t make them back off. *Smoking* I can’t go against your family. You know that. All it would do is make more trouble for you and that is the last thing that you would need. I feel bad for you already knowing that your secret has been revealed to them. And your sister Sora heard of it. They’re all gonna suit up to hold me responsible for it even though you told them to not shift the blame towards me. As it was not my doing.

Carly: *Smoking* I never would allow for them to hold you responsible. Johnny, It isn’t your fault. You never caused for this to happen. The only crime you might have done was try to reach out because you truly wanted help on coming clean. You’re not guilty of anything.

Tex Charleston
Tex Charleston

Tex: *Smoking* It’s not your deal, Rhapsody. Johnny’s his own man. He’s got to make that jump. He can choose to take the blame for getting you hooked. Or he could fight it. But either way he looks at it. A choice will need to be made. He knows that it wasn’t his doing for you smoking. You’re smoking Parliaments. Johnny got them for you by your own accord. But it was you who chose to do it. Not him. Nor did he push you into it or coerce you. You should know for your own… You made your own choice. If your sister isn’t pleased with what you choose… You should ask yourself one thing: “Is what you’re now doing… gonna be well worth the goal at the end… Is it worth the pain?”


Carly: Tex… Not that i don’t see what you’re saying. But what makes you certain that it was just how you think it is? You don’t know me enough to determine something like that.

Johnny: She is doing it for me. She loves me. She’s risking a lot as it is because she’s doing what she’s doing for me. Her sister is already on her back over it. As are the others.

Samuel Marlborough
Samuel Marlborough

Samuel: *Lighting up another smoke* … *Smoking* Will you guys just cool it? It’s not the end of the world. So they know about the secret… And? It isn’t as if it was all pre-planned. Like you were intending for them to figure it out that you were taking up the habit. You were trying to keep it a secret. For as long as you could. Weren’t you, Carly? It was all fine. Till Laurence “The Local snitch and whistle blower” Loomis decided to open his big mouth and expose. *Looking to the side a bit* Carly… What were you talking about before we got on to who’s fault it was or wasn’t for your choosing to smoke?

Carly: Nothing. It was just something that my sister Sora and the others were talking about. I too…

Johnny: You mean… the part where your sister Sora, Cousins Zoey, Janie, Alex and Charlene were discussing about how they were discomforted over the fact that Blossom and Leslie… that Rich girl divulged the truth about what your family was like. What they had done… to Lorelai and Rory Gilmore?

Carly: Yeah. It was something that my family is known for. What my family used to do back in the day. Sora and I are known to the city as the ESP. Twins. She and I can read minds. Blossom can draw out Electricity from the air and any power sources around her and create Electricity… Firing it at her targets. Whoever they may be. There are many others. Many others who have powers and abilities. This city always saw my family as a clan of people who were rather out there. But we try to keep others from knowing too much or knowing anything about it at all. Because if they knew about us… What we could do. *Smoking* They could be put into danger. Any of our enemies or any threat that was out there who happened to aim at us… meaning my family. They’d go for our allies and or friends first for leverage and a way to coax us out. Lure us.

Tex: So… *Smoking* You mean to say that you’re like one of them. One who happens to possess abilities?

Sora and Carly 42

Carly: Yeah. *Smoking* But it isn’t as deep as it once was. The threats have all mostly died down and since then alot of our abilities have diminished. Powering down. Because since there happen to be no threats in the world. No super natural occurrences that break out… We don’t have much of any real need to have or harbor these special abilities.

Johnny: Wait. Are you saying that your family’s power is all but near gone?

Carly: Not really. There’re still a huge trace of abilities left inside. But if we don’t come across a need for having them soon… There won’t be any telling as to whether they’ll remain… Or if they actually will fade away and totally die out.

Samuel: What about the part about where you said that your cousin Blossom and that Rich Girl Leslie Burke… discussed and busted the secret wide open to someone.

Carly: Telling about it to Lorelai And Rory.

Samuel: Yeah. What was that about?

Carly: it was nothing. Except for the fact that by Blossom telling Lorelai and Rory the literal truth about the family and what they were about… what they possessed and could do… It put them in the direct line of fire as anyone… Enemies. Mortal enemies that would seek to do us harm… Would go right for our allies and friends to start. To pass warning to us. Or Lure us to come out into the open so they can come at us. Directly. *Reading Tex’s Mind* Yes. You’re right, Tex. It is a crock… Or would be to those who happen to not believe or buy into the whole gimmick. But to many who do… It’s far from being considered a crock. It’s real. Unfortunately.

Tex: *Pauses and in bewildering disbelief* H-h-h-h-h-how were you able to know what i was about to say?

Sora and Carly 47

Carly: *Pointing to her head* Uh… Tex. Remember i mentioned that my sister and I Possessed ESP?

Johnny: She’s good.

Samuel: What do you think the others are up to?

Carly: Not sure. *Finishing her smoke* If i know my sister and my cousin’s… They are probably chatting about the Now ended Epidemic that had been going on and about how My cousin Blossom inadvertently brought Lorelai and Rory into the fold of the powers that be which may have endangered them highly.

Tex: Sounds like they will be remembering that for a while. Won’t they?

Carly: I guess so. They are gonna be thinking about that for a good long time. It only happened yesterday when it was exposed.

Back where the others were…

In the Cafeteria…

Zoey, Michelangelo and the crew were hanging out and while hanging out wondered about Carly. Sora was not feeling talkative as she felt like she was losing her sister Carly. She walked away and just went to be alone as she needed to be alone to do some deep thinking as to what she was to do about her sister Carly. Whether she should tell their mother or just write her off… She didn’t know what to choose. What she didn’t know though is that as she was walking on her own to be alone…

To be continued…


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