Chapter 278: School supply run for Rory and a Zany moment with Rhapsody and Burke plus Lorelai.

Thursday, Oct. 11th 2046…


Lorelai and her daughter Rory were on the way to stock up on school supplies. It was only 3 days after the news special report about the Latest epidemic. And since that time… No one’s seen much of Leslie and Leslie was dead set on keeping hidden from everyone. She had no desire to be around anyone as she believed that no one would let her live down the shame. She was tagged as a Diaper girl. Lover. However during the 3 days of her being mostly in hiding and hardly coming out. She was taken notice by a teenage boy.

Laurence Loomis
Laurence Loomis

His name: Laurence Loomis. He was a Teen Model and noticed her walking alone by herself as she was not willing to speak among the crew. She refused. But Laurence took the effort and got her to communicate a little. No one knew who he was and he was yet one who attended Metropolis High.

It was the morning of Thursday, Oct 11 2046… And things were promising to break and change.

At the Metropolis Office store…

LORELAI: Shopping for school supplies – party.

RORY: Nobody demanded that you come.

LORELAI: Are you kidding? How of ten do you get to do things like this? I was thinking, while we’re going crazy, we should get some toilet paper and a plunger next.

RORY: I’ll just do this later.

LORELAI: No, I’m teasing. Come on, get that list of your.

RORY: Ok *puts out a list* I need legal pads,

LORELAI: Got it.

RORY: Tons of pens,


RORY: Some number 2 pencils, three highlighters, an eraser a staple remover and a folder.

LORELAI: You need 3 highlighters?

RORY: Yes.


RORY: Yes.

LORELAI: That’s a very random number.

RORY: Three is not a random number.

LORELAI: No but I mean how did you get to the number 3?

RORY: One dries up, one gets lost, I have one left.

LORELAI: You have really thought this out.

RORY: Yes, I have.

LORELAI: What came first – the chicken or the egg.

RORY: Can we get back to this list please.

LORELAI: Alright. Ooh, hey, legal pads.

RORY: No. Those are purple.

LORELAI: Yes, purple is festive.

RORY: I can’t have purple

LORELAI: Yes you can, they’re on sale.

RORY: I’m going to a serious school now, I need serious paper.

LORELAI: Paper’s paper.

RORY: Not at Chilton.

LORELAI: Alright, fine. Here is your serious paper.

RORY: Thank you.

LORELAI: Ooh and here are your somber highlighters, your maudlin pencils, your manic-depressive pens.

RORY: Mom.

LORELAI: Now these erasers are on lithium so they may seem cheerful but we actually caught them trying to shove themselves in the pencil sharpener earlier.

RORY: I’m going home now.

LORELAI: No wait! We’re going to stage an intervention with the neon post-its and make them give up their wacky crazy ways.

RORY: You’re never coming shopping with me again.

LORELAI: Ooh here’s a card tray…

As they barely left the store…

Janie, Alex and Charlene
Janie, Alex and Charlene

Janie: *Walking over from the side with Alex and Charlene* Hey Rory. Mrs. Gilmore. Shopping day?

Rory: Yeah. Just got done with the shopping for all the needed school supplies.

Alex: *Seeing the bag full of supplies* Whoa. You weren’t joshing us at all. That’s alot of stuff. You really go knee deep in it, huh?

Charlene: You intend to carry all that?

Rory: Of course. I do have a backpack. It’ll be okay. *Curious* Any word from Leslie?

Janie: No. We tried calling her this morning and it went right on to voicemail. She Text back though with a heartbreaking comment. She said: “Leave me alone. I don’t want to talk with anyone about anything anymore. This city is just like Brooklyn. Mocked and teased. Humiliated by people. But what’s worse is that i got Humiliated by the ones who i thought were my friends. They know who they are. You have ties to them… So… Just go away and stay with them. I’ll go my way. you all go yours. If we cross paths, fine. If not… fine. But consider this as goodbye.”

Rory: All because of what happened on Monday?

Lorelai: *Lost* Okay… Someone tell me when we managed to divert our focus on stocking up with school supplies to what resulted in Leslie going ghost and initiating DEFCON 1 on all of us?

Charlene: You really don’t want to go there… do you, Lorelai?

Alex: I don’t really want to get into it. However… I think that it’s gonna be rather hard to let it go. So… We may as well just break it to you.

Janie then explained the incident that happened at Chilton back around earlier that week. They told Lorelai exactly what had happened from the beginning… to the end. Who was involved… Who were there when it happened. What it did to Leslie… As they told her the details, Lorelai’s expression on her face… went cold. She was in outrage towards the idea of someone deliberately humiliating Leslie out of spite and malicious intent. She wanted to do something.

Alex: That’s what happened. Since then, Leslie has closed all contact with her off. She won’t even talk to us.

Rory: Sounds as though she’s insecure.

Janie: That’s exactly what we’re thinking. I mean… it was all done on Monday. Monday. We’re now at Thursday.

Charlene: *feeling frosty and itching to fight* I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on those 3 girls. Those Hot Diaper girl babes. I’d like to get my hands on them and freeze them into arctic Popsicles.

Janie: Won’t be hard to do. I think that they’re right down the block.

Alex: Let’s go get them…

Rory: You 3 looking to brawl?

Charlene: Rory, *On the defense* Those 3 girls turned our friend against us and made her slip into a mentality of wearing diapers and becoming a likely Diaper lover. We’re gonna do what we must.

Janie: Let’s go.

A Minute later…

Penny StarSandy StarFelicity Star

Penny: *With Felicity and Sandy* Hey there Trio… *With a pack of Diapers in her hand* Who’s first to be diapered? *seeing a 4th girl* Ah… A Gilmore girl. Better. She’ll be the first one to be diapered.


ghost world enid yellow

Blossom: *From behind the Diaper girls* Wanna bet on that, Diaper Sluts?!

Felicity: What did you call us?

Blossom: Diaper sluts. *With an hand raised and armed with a ball of electricity* Turn around… Slowly. Right the fuck now. I said Now!

Penny: No. We are gonna turn someone into a diaper girl and you’re not gonna stop us. Our target: Rory.

Blossom: *Firing multiple balls of Electricity at the Hot Diaper girl babes* You’re not gonna touch her. You even lay a hand on her… You’re dead bitches walking.

Felicity: No. You sparky mouthed bitch… You listen and listen good. We’re the Hot Diaper girl babes and we’ll go after anyone we please. You don’t like it? Too bad. We won’t stop and if you even try to prevent us… We’ll just come for you and Diaper your ass. How do you like those apples? *Staring Blossom in the face* Back off , Bitch! Or get Diapered. Your choice.

Blossom: Here’s what i say to that… *Balling up her fist and Pulling the fist back till it’s with full strength; within seconds Launching her fist hard and with full force into Felicity’s stomach* Fuck off, You diaper fetish freak of nature. Get lost and go to hell! You want to fight? Come on. Let’s go… Right here. Right the fuck now! *Looking at Rory and Mrs. Gilmore* Rory, Lorelai… RUN! Get out of here… NOW! Run for safety. Head for the diner and get inside. Stay there.

Lorelai: *Scoffs and in shock* Wh- what in the world? H-h-h-how are you able… to do that?

Blossom: I don’t have time to explain this with you, Lorelai. Just know that i am doing this to save your daughter from these 3 sick creeps. Rory’s a good friend to us. And your best friend. If you value her safety right now… You take her and get to safety… Right now. Go. We’ll explain this expose of powers later. Go. Please.

Lorelai: *Frantic and jittery* Uh– Okay. Okay. But just be careful. Be careful… *Looking at Rory* Rory, Let’s get out of here.

They Run…

Charlene: *Standing ready to fight* You sick girls are really warped. You really think that you’re doing good? Putting innocent girls and boys in diapers. It’s sick and vulgar. You’ve ruined families because of what you’ve done. You hurt people. Some of the people you’ve hurt… were sweet and outgoing. Rich. A well known figure in this city.  One of the ones you’ve hurt was a founder of a stadium. But now everyone sees her as a Diaper girl and Lover because of you. Don’t you have any damn shame? Don’t you feel any remorse at all?

Sandy: Why should we? We live on our own and with our own rules. We don’t care about what others feel. That girl… The untouchable one… She was one of the targets we were to get after. Someone in Brooklyn wants her dead. But we only did the humane thing and just turned her into a Diaper girl/Lover. That’s all. We don’t take lives. We just diaper them up. That’s what we do.

Janie: Well nice work. You made the rich girl… Our friend Leslie hate everyone. She Hates us and we didn’t even do anything to make her hate us. She’s wanting nothing to do with us.

Alex: Enough… Charlene… Fire!

Charlene: *Using telekinesis on the Hot Diaper girl babes and sending them right into the close-by garbage Bins* You girls have got to go. We’re gonna take back our city. Give people back their happiness and peace. The things that you’ve stolen and robbed of them. *clashes her hands together and moves them up forming blue energy and then aims the attack at the target, trapping them into ice* ICE HURRICANE!! *Firing the attack at the Diaper babes* You’re about to face Sub-zero temps!

Felicity: Really? We don’t feel anything. *Shivering*

Blossom: How about Electricity?! *Firing a few shots of electricity at the hot diaper girl babes* Electrocution is a real bitch. And besides… You were asking for a fight. How’s it feel knowing that a young teen was able to kick the living shit out of you? I’ll bet that your diapers are about to feel irritable against your skin right about now. Aren’t they?

Sandy: A Little. But it’s because we are almost at the time where we need to have ourselves a diaper change. We forgot to have one before we left…

Janie: Ugh! That’s just totally disgusting.

Charlene: You 3 are really sick and twisted. Someone should take you to the middle of nowhere… Leave you there with no way back. Or dig a hole and bury you 3 alive. *Firing Ice and Snow at the Hot Diaper girl babes* GET LOST! Go back to where ever it is that you 3 came from and NEVER RETURN! LEAVE US ALL ALONE!

What they didn’t know was that day was gonna be the last day that the Hot Diaper girl babes would be in the city. An order has already gone out to force them to leave. The reports had grown and it reached all the way up to the Mayor and he issued a city injunction demanding the departure of the Hot Diaper girl babes and that they never returned to the city limits. Or anywhere near Metropolis.

The Hot Diaper girl babes took the attacks and showed signs of being literally banged up by the attacks. But as they left and retreated…

Leslie: *Walking over with her Teen bodyguard* Hey girls.

Janie: *Coldly* Hey.

Alex: Nice to see you out in the open finally. Thought that you couldn’t stand being around us anymore.

Leslie: What do you mean?

Janie: What do you think we mean? On Monday when you were humiliated in front of everyone in class… You were crying like a baby. We were upset because you were once again being hurt. But since then… you avoided us. Ditched us and then wouldn’t return our calls. Like as though we didn’t even matter to you anymore. *Cross and offended* Then you send us this hurtful Text. *Reading the text* “Leave me alone. I don’t want to talk with anyone about anything anymore. This city is just like Brooklyn. Mocked and teased. Humiliated by people. But what’s worse is that i got Humiliated by the ones who i thought were my friends. They know who they are. You have ties to them… So… Just go away and stay with them. I’ll go my way. you all go yours. If we cross paths, fine. If not… fine. But consider this as goodbye.”

Leslie: What do you expect? for me to be sunshine and roses? I was humiliated. Okay? I was teased and mocked in front of everyone. I don’t even know if i will be capable to show my face at Chilton ever again after that incident. Plus… If you want to talk of civility… Blossom was the only one that got up and made off to do something about it. What did you 3 do? You 3 just sat there. with sad faces on you. You didn’t seem to bother try to assist. So… Honestly… Don’t go there. you 3 done enough. However… I’m not the vengeful kind who’d just hold this over your heads. So… Consider it forgiven and forgotten..

Blossom: *Seeing a teenage boy next to her lover* Leslie, Who’s the guy next to you?

Leslie: Laurence Loomis. He’s been made my personal security guard. He’s a teen Model But he knows how to fight.

Laurence Loomis
Laurence Loomis

Laurence: Hey. How ya’ doin? Leslie’s told about you guys. She is also going through a hard time right now. Weening herself from wearing those things. This morning was the first time she went to wearing regular underwear and panties. She’s retraining herself.

Leslie: Thanks Laurence. I didn’t exactly want that out yet.

Laurence: Sorry. I just figured that it’d be in the best interest of yours and your band of contacts that they know of the circumstances and that you’re undergoing a regimen of re-training yourself.

Leslie: I understand. *Thinking* Heard that Carly and Johnny have been spending a considerable amount of time together. Laurence tells me that he learned that Carly’s now smoking?

Janie: Smoking? What?! *Pauses* What do you mean… she’s smoking?

Laurence: Carly has been seen taking Johnny into the restrooms at school… During break time and Carly had possession of a pack of smokes.

Alex: That part… We didn’t know.

Laurence: That’s not the only thing going on that you may have not caught on to yet. There’s someone who happens to related to someone that was in the light last year.

Charlene: Who?

Laurence: *Pulling out his Smartphone and Showing the picture over to the girls*

Tony Ipkiss
Tony Ipkiss

Alex: Who’s that guy?

Janie: He looks rather Hot.

Leslie: He is Hot. If i were only straight. I’d go for someone like him. But i am Gay and already have the one i Love.

Laurence: Yes. Yes you do, Leslie. You’re already with a love. So… You don’t really need to think about finding a love.

Janie: Where’s Betty?

Leslie: She’s taking care of some things. So…She’s gonna be rather tied up for the day.

Charlene: She’s okay, right?

Leslie: Yeah. Of course.

Laurence: *Looking at the people close-by* Where were you heading?

Alex: We were on our way to shop for a mess of school supplies.

Janie: It’s a good idea if we got on over and took care of the shopping.

Leslie: *Smiles* Sounds like a busy morning.

Blossom: You know… Now that we’re all here and perhaps all on our way to the same spot… Why don’t we just all go and get supplies together?

Laurence: Good idea.

Zeke’s Pub…

Zeke Rhapsody
Zeke Rhapsody

Zeke: *Looking at Heinz* Heinz, i am wondering about what’s going on with you as of late.

Heinz: What makes you wonder about that, Mein Liege? Is there something wrong?

Zeke: I don’t know. However… The last couple days… You were coming off paternal and Parental. Giving sage advice to some of the patrons that come in. As if you know what it’s like being a parent. *Seeing the stung expression on Heinz* I know you. We’ve been part of a team here for 12 years. Wondrous years. Been through a plenty of things good and bad and whatever between. You proved to be a real bodyguard and protector for my daughter Zoey. You serve excellent around here. But i must favor to ask… What’s going on?

Heinz: *Looking down and sighs* I guess that i might as well just come out and tell you before you find out the hard way. I don’t think that i can deny it. But i have recently been given a subpoena. I found out via: DNA test that i have 2 boys. Sons that i didn’t even know that i had. I was never married. Never wed. I dated a few times. But it were never serious. Neither was it a one night stand.

Zeke: Heinz, I’m not gonna be making a big deal about it. Just tell me. It’s not a big deal.

Heinz: Well…


Adolf and Bernie Freudenberger.
Adolf and Bernie Freudenberger.

Adolf: *Walking into the Pub with Bernie* Why would dad be here?

Bernie: I don’t know. Maybe because he works here. Our Mom is dying and can’t take care of us anymore. So… Our father is the best option.

Adolf: Right. Because… I wouldn’t want to go and end up in an Adoption agency. They don’t guarantee that you’d be united with your biological family.

Bernie: That’d be awful. *Seeing the bar counter and seeing a couple guys working the bar* Where’s our dad?

Heinz: *Turning to see his two Sons* Ah! Meine zwei Jungen. Kommen Sie hier und geben Sie Ihrem alten Mann, der eine gute alte ‘Umarmung. (Eng. Trans: Ah! My two boys. Come on over here and give your old man a good ole’ hug.)

Adolf: *Running over to their father* Dad!

Bernie: *Running over to their father*

Heinz: *Looking at Zeke* Mein Liege… Meet my kids. Adolf and Bernie Freudenberger.

Adolf: *Smiles* Hallo.

Bernie: Schön dich zu treffen. (Nice to meet you)

Zeke: *Nods* Nice to meet you boys too. You two are new here and since are kids to this guy here… Come on up here and have a seat. First round’s on the house.

Seconds later…

Zeke: Heinz, My friend… Why didn’t you say that you had two kids? It’s nothing to be weary about. Having kids is a genuine blessing.

Heinz: I know. But… What will Ilsa think? She doesn’t really take to kids too well. Well… Except for your daughter Zoey and her pals. The rest… Is uncertain.

Zeke: Hey. Heinz… Don’t worry about it so much. It doesn’t matter really. Besides, As far as things go… The boys are considered part of the family here.

But it was a moment later when Zoey and her boyfriend came in…

Zoey Rhapsody 19

Zoey: *With Michelangelo* Hey dad…

Michelangelo Trent

Michelangelo: Hey Mr. Rhapsody….

Zeke: Hey Sweetheart. School’s out so soon?

Zoey: No. There was none today. It’s a holiday. Columbus day.

Zeke: Hmm… Columbus day huh… That explains why things are quiet here today. I was worried that people were with a late start.

Michelangelo: That would be a theory. But i think that there is supposed to be like some small parade.

Heinz: It would be likely… The radio station didn’t make any mention of it though.

Zoey: Of course it did. You probably just missed the reports. But there is one. It’s supposed to be at the park. At Noon. The Parade starts at the park, going past the beaches and stops at the fairgrounds.

Zeke: Wanna go to it?

Zoey: Not really. Besides, Michelangelo and I are gonna be heading to the Diner in a bit for a Lunch meet with Tara, The Rusoe trio and some of the crew. Sora and Carly’s supposed to show up to join in as well.

Michelangelo: Don’t forget Katie and Jacklyn.

Zoey: Katie O’Connell and Jacklyn Gilmore…

Zeke: Sounds like you two have a rather busy day today.

Zoey: Pretty much. Things have been going on and it’s taking a toll on everyone.

Zeke: Don’t i know it. *Looking to the side* Hey. Have you met two new kids in the fold? They just came in today and they happen to be the children to Heinz…

Zoey: Kids? Hmm… Who?

Zeke: *Nodding over towards the seats at the bar Counter* Them. They’re Heinz’s sons. Say hello to Adolf and Bernie Freudenberger.

Adolf and Bernie Freudenberger

Adolf: *Smiles* Hallo there. Nice to meet you.

Bernie: You one of Pub’s regulars?

Zeke: She is. She’s my daughter.

Adolf: *With German Accent* Ah… Wonderful. Perhaps we can hang out with a nice person like you.

Michelangelo: Don’t see why not.

Zoey: Some of the stuff we’re gonna be discussing… Might not be suitable for you two. You two sure that you’d like to listen to the talk that will be going on?

Adolf: Can we?

Bernie: Please?

Zoey Rhapsody 41

Zoey: Okay. Suit up. We’ll be off in a few minutes.

Michelangelo: It’s gonna be a busy day. *Chuckles* This is gonna be a really interesting day.

Zeke: It’s like this every year. Columbus day in this city was always believed to be rather weird.

Zoey: Do tell… Do tell.

However… While that was going on…

Leslie Burke’s Blitzball Stadium…

Security office…


Head Security Officer Luzzu: Wakka, Lucil… Elma. Security has been rather tight as of late. Not that it’s a raise for concern. But we are gonna need more guards.


Wakka: If it’s that big of a issue, Luzzu… Why don’t you take the considering move and recruit some extra help, eh? You do have that capability, don’t you?


Lucil: Wakka… He would need to run it by Leslie. She’s got to give the okay.


Elma: Either her or Blossom. Those two are the ones who call all the shots and make all the business decisions.

Lucil: We are already stretched thin. But we can’t hire anyone without the okay from Leslie or Blossom or both.

Wakka: That’s all good, ya. But as it is… I still got to find me a team of Blitzers. I know that they’re out there. Only thing that worries me is whether Leslie finished the Business arrangement with the Mayor and treasurer of the neighboring city, ya.

Lucil: So… What’ll you do, Wakka?

Wakka: The only thing that can be done… Keep looking for skilled players who can Blitz. I’ll ask Blossom tonight and see if she can’t get Leslie on the same page. Something’s got to be done to speed things up a bit, ya.

Luzzu: *Seeing a call coming in* … *Answering the phone* Luzzu here… What’s going on out there on the east entry…

Leslie Burke Blitzball Stadium- East entry…

Guard: *On the Radio* There’s a Boy scout here. In black attire claiming to have been scheduled to arrive for an interview with Mrs. Burke. Do you know anything about that?

Luzzu: No. Not that i know of. I read part of Leslie Dossier just this morning as she sent the daily protocols for Security and never mentioned about an interview.

Guard: I see. However… the scout is here.

Luzzu: The Scout have a name?

Guard: Regal Mason.

Luzzu: *Sighs* Send him up.

Guard: Right away.

Within seconds…

Regal Mason

Regal: *Walking into the stadium and heading over to the offices*

Back inside the Head Security office…


Luzzu: It seems as though we got ourselves a predicament. We got some scout coming in claiming to be having an interview. But on the protocols… There aren’t any scheduled for today. That’s not all. The kid is coming for an interview… Possibly from Leslie and she’s not here.

Wakka: What do we do?

Luzzu: We’re gonna need someone to go and inform Leslie. Contact her somehow.

Lucil: It’s gonna be hard as she hasn’t been in contact for the last 3 days.

Wakka: Someone has got to get a hold of her, ya.

Elma: So… Now’s the question to be asked. Who’s gonna fetch her?

If only they knew that Leslie was out in the open again and was currently with the Rhapsody Trio and Blossom…

As for Mr. and Mrs. Burke…

Burke Mansion
Burke Mansion

Burke Mansion…

Carl V. Burke
Carl V. Burke

Carl: Our Dear daughter Leslie has been rather distant with us over the last couple days.

Elizabeth Burke
Elizabeth Burke

Elizabeth: I know. Something is wrong in her. She’s turned into a independent person who is regarding us as people who are to be forgotten.

Carl: No. Elizabeth… It isn’t quite that plain. She’s been hurt and humiliated by the outside world once again. It’s just like Brooklyn. I am quite aware of the idea that i do think of it where Leslie just happens to have a target on her where no matter where she goes… eventually Misfortune and torment shall follow her.

Elizabeth: It’s made her want to strip away all means of her roots. Us. Since Monday… She has not come to us for anything. She doesn’t speak to us. She doesn’t even think to acknowledge us.

Carl: Oh… Come now. It won’t be like that for long. She’s just undergoing a high change… She has just been accepted into a private school. A Preparatory school. Then just recently… Got Humiliated in front of the entire class of hers. It’s gonna take a little time for her to regain her life. Re-take her happy cheerful rhythm.

A Minute later…

Carl: We should set up something for Leslie. There’s something that i came across the other week.

While they were walking over to the Den room of the Mansion…

Carl: Remember when i referred something revolving Kids. Opening up a Job opportunity for the youth?

Elizabeth: I can’t say that i recall that, dear. The venture of providing a Job opportunity for young kids… Seems pretty time consuming. You’re not as young as you used to be and you’re not with the best of health. Not only that… *Looking at Carl; Walking to the Den* How can you Justify taking in some kids? Where will we ever put them? Giving them a Job opportunity would mean that we’d have to house them. How can we do something like that? Leslie won’t be able to handle something of that nature. She’s got Chilton… Her stadium that she founded. She’s already stretched very thin as it is.

Carl: That’s where the idea of her Stadium comes in. We can throw her an idea for an endeavor that provides a Job and a part of something positive.

Elizabeth: That’s if we can get Leslie to even speak to us. She’s going through a rather rough change now. She won’t be able to handle it.

Carl: What do you suppose we are to do about her current state? *Thinking* She’s now got that Teen Model who’s been made her personal Guard. By Leslie’s own accord. She made him her guard.

Elizabeth: Where on earth did he come from though? She had never met him before and only met him just briefly the other day and now… He’s her personal guard.

What Elizabeth didn’t cop out with towards Carl was the fact that she hired a chef to come and cook for the household from time to time. But as they were talking…

Two boys were outside the front gate looking in on the Mansion. They were both 14 and were looking for Leslie. They happened to follow the news about her and the stadium that she’d built. But didn’t really think too much of her till after the recent news break that they caught about her and the humiliation that she had been targeted with. They felt bad for her. Really bad as to them… She came off as a really sweet and lovely girl. Their names… Were: James Dreyfuss and Tex Charleston. James was an extreme sports athlete. He did some very hard Skateboarding in the local Skate Park that was in the fairgrounds. He came from a family of Extreme players who thrived on the concept of Extreme competing. Skate boarding. Roller-Skating, Bungee Jumping, Sky-Diving. It was all Extreme… All the time. So with that being the core of them, it was not any mystery as to where James got his huge knack for Extreme athletic foreplay from. How he was enticed with all things Extreme. Even if on the other side of his personality… He was a compassionate and friendly person. Feeling sympathetic and courteous to all who were around him. Tex Charleston was one with a James Dean attitude. He had it all except for the secret that he took on smoking. But he wasn’t one to flash out his complete fascination over the James Dean train of mind. Tex was one of those who saw anyone he came across to be a friend although they didn’t seem to return the sentiment. Tex didn’t happen to have any real friends as most of the kids didn’t understand him. To the majority of people around school… He was seen as a nobody. A Loser. Which made him very lonely. So with the James Dean attitude and his yet very lonesome existence, Tex was one who didn’t seem to be easily understood. He was hoping that he’d at least earn at least one friend. He was hoping that it’d be Leslie Burke who’d be his friend. As well as James Dreyfuss who would step up to be his friend along with Leslie.

James Dreyfuss
James Dreyfuss

James: *With his skateboard; looking in through the front gate* The Mansion looks rather huge. Can’t believe that a young girl like Leslie would live here. What do you think, Tex?

Tex Charleston
Tex Charleston

Tex: I don’t know. Leslie is said to be a rather Rich girl. A Stadium and with an inheritance. She’s sure loaded. But she is seen on the news reports as one who doesn’t care about Money. She just stays right on with who she appears to be. A girl just making her mark in the world.

James: I hear that she’s got some Sport program going on at that stadium of hers. Something called… Blitzball.

Tex: That’s a game from Spira. FF-X. There is no way in anyone’s mind that such a game could be formed in this reality.

James: Maybe not… But there’s been talks of it being put in the stadium sports line-up. They don’t have soccer. And the way that the stadium arena looks… It’s as if it’s been made to look like a sphere arena… But with no actual glass.

Tex: We should see it then. It’s gotta be something colossal. Where could she have gotten the idea?

James: We should find out. But i don’t think that she’s here. Doesn’t seem to be anyone here. *Hearing silence*

Tex: Think we should head to the stadium and see if she’s there?

James: Let’s wait here a little longer. Something is bound to turn up.

But the day was gonna get a little more interesting as it went on. It was not even noon yet that day and things were starting to become more solid. More twists were coming in. The crew were all out and making the plans to meet. There was something foretold to go on… Soon.

As for Carly…

Image result for metropolitan apartment building

Johnny’s Apartment…

Carly and Johnny were sitting and watching T.V while talking. Carly however was now smoking and she looked at Johnny thinking about what they could do for Leslie. They happened to have spent the last few days trying to come up with something that would help Leslie overcome the mess that she was dealing with. Help her beat the latest epidemic.

Carly Athena Rhapsody 33

Carly: *Smoking* Johnny, we need to get ready to head over to see the crew. As it is… I was not at my house last night and i stayed here. My mom is not gonna be happy with the fact that i wasn’t at home last night. My sister Sora is likely to ask questions and ask me where i was. She might already know that i was with you… the others may also know. But it won’t stop them from asking.

Johnny: I know. *Looking at the time Before putting out his light* I’ve been trying to think of something that we could do to help Leslie. I’ve come up empty. We could just support her and just let her know that we’re there for her if she ever wants to talk about it and or discuss it. Getting it out into the open.

Carly: Perhaps… That’s the only way.

Johnny: We can still go around town and enlist some help… People are bound to be supportive. Aren’t they?

Carly: Of course they are. We should get started if we are to do any good with getting some help for Leslie. The others will be expecting to see us for Lunch. Meeting up for a conversation… *Putting out her smoke before grabbing her cell and wallet* Let’s go.



Watchtower Command center…

Tess: *Looking at the overhead and screens* We’ve got a team going over to the house where the Hot Diaper girl babes reside. They should be en route and at the location soon.


Genevieve:  That’s not possible. Tess, They can’t be on their way there. Those girls aren’t there.

Tess: What do you mean?

Genevieve: They were said to have been evicted from that house an hour ago. They’re on the streets and are told to be in process of being taken out of the city. They should be gone from the city in the next hour. Taken far away to the upper west coast.

Tess: The team is already on call. *Calling out to the team* Response team… Stand down. I repeat… Stand down.

Genevieve: …

Suddenly something comes up on one of the side screens that catches both her and Tess’s attention…

Tess: *Noticing something on the screens* Something’s coming in.

On screen…

A Picture of the street just outside the fairgrounds…

A Young teen is seen carrying a tune…

Ridge Mercer

Young Teen: *Singing in the style of Davy Jones* “Oh, I could hide ‘neath the wings
Of the bluebird as she sings.
The six o’clock alarm would never ring.
But it rings and I rise,
Wipe the sleep out of my eyes.
My shavin’ razor’s cold and it stings.

Cheer up, Sleepy Jean.
Oh, what can it mean.
To a daydream believer
And a homecoming queen.

You once thought of me
As a white knight on a steed.
Now you know how happy I can be.
Oh, and our good times start and end
Without dollar one to spend.
But how much, baby, do we really need.

Cheer up, Sleepy Jean.
Oh, what can it mean.
To a daydream believer
And a homecoming queen.
Cheer up, Sleepy Jean.
Oh, what can it mean.
To a daydream believer
And a homecoming queen.

[Instrumental interlude]

Cheer up, Sleepy Jean.
Oh, what can it mean.
To a daydream believer
And a homecoming queen.

[Repeat and fade]”

Tess: *Looking at the young teen on screen* Who is that kid?

Genevieve: *Looking towards the screen* I’m not sure. He looks new. But he does have a voice which could make him a real Singing Casanova.


Sirens start going off and sounding with an emergency…

P.A: New threat… Imminent. New Threat… Imminent.

Tess: *Seeing fire and bones coming into view on screen* What is that…

Genevieve: …

Chloe: *Looking at the screens from the side and pulling up the data* Ghost Rider… The Devil’s Bounty Hunter. Collecting on the devil’s deals.

Tess: We need the fighters here…  Now. *Issuing a call out*

Chloe: Tess, Hold the fire. Hold on the call. We can’t have them come here. It’s not time. The only thing we can do for now is conduct a Video conference. But for now… We have to ensure that the fighters resume a normal stand. There is no Marshall law on having them in on the fight right now. *Looking at Genevieve* Genevieve… Start getting the research together and the data that comes in. It’s coming in now fast. Start gathering all the data on the imminent threat. And Prepare for a Video Conference with the Rhapsody fighters. And With Blossom’s small team of new-aged fighters. Have them aware and insist that for the time being… that the best course of action for right now is for them to keep their eyes and ears open. To stay on guard but not to engage on the threat till the time is necessary.

Genevieve: That won’t be hard. They won’t be able to stretch themselves any thinner than they’ve been doing. The fighters have College and the younger ones are in high school. 3 of them are attending Chilton. Leslie, Blossom and Charlene. But Charlene is not part of Blossom small squadron.

Tess: That could all very well be destined to change.

But as they were talking…


Kimahri: *Walking in* Kimahri sense dark trouble. Kimahri think Fighters need to know what is coming.

Chloe: *Looking to see Kimahri* Hey Kimahri… Good to finally see you show up. You’ve been gone a while.

Kimahri: Kimahri knows. Kimahri apologize for being absent. Been keeping watch over city and saw lots of trouble stirring. Kimahri saw signs of something dark coming.

Chloe: I think that there is an answer to that… Kimahri behold the Viewing globe.

Chloe then puts the images through the Viewing globe presenting the imminent coming threat…

Chloe: Behold Mephistopheles… And his Son Dark-heart. Two Evil forces battling it out and seeing to claim the contract of San Venganza before the other. But in order to see that Mephistopheles got a hold of the contract before his son could… He’d enlist a rider. A ghost rider. Some damned soul, cursed to ride the earth… …collecting on the devil’s deals.

Kimahri: *Shaking his head in disbelief* Kimahri not like the sound of this threat that comes.

But as for an ally that the fighters had not but a short time ago and while dealing with their senior year in high school…

Stanley’s apartment…

Stanley Ipkiss was now an adopted father and had adopted a young 14 year old teen Named Tony. Tony Cress… But now Tony Ipkiss. What he didn’t know was the part where his adopted son was a Swim Suit Model for young Teens and every so often doing poses that were a tad too mature. He loved his son immensely and wanted to see something better for him. But seeing the Overly mature poses was a little overdoing the level of decency and tolerance. With his being witty and comical… laughing about things and keeping a high upbeat manner of things helped him deal with the fact that Tony was in a rather explicit line of work. In his viewpoint of the matter… A good joke or two were needed greatly…

Image result for the mask 1994 Stanley Ipkiss

Stanley: Tony, I really would wish that you wouldn’t do that type of stuff. It isn’t innocent as you might believe it is. I know from experience that it’s not something to get into. Doing raunchy poses… You’re only 14 years old. You should be enjoying what innocence you’ve got in you.

Tony Ipkiss
Tony Ipkiss

Tony: I am already in the Modeling agency. They took me in and have me under contract. Non-binding too, Dad. Being 14 means nothing to the photographers there at the Modeling agency. To them… it just means more business and more money being brought in to them. I signed the contract with them and they’ve got me trapped in it.

Stanley: It isn’t the end of the world. You could find a way out of it. Just do something that they find as a breach in contract.

Tony: That won’t be so easy… as they actually tolerate just about anything.

Stanley: What about finding another job? If you have a different Job… They’ll have to let you go. There won’t be anything that they could do to ensure that you stayed with the Modeling Agency.

Tony: Like that Stadium now up and running.

Stanley: Which stadium do you mean? There is only one stadium. The university.

Tony: no… There’s two. One is some Blitzball Stadium. Someone founders it. Someone by the name of Burke. Leslie Burke. I think…

Stanley: *Pauses* Leslie. The once Mob girl turned normal rich girl?

Tony: Yeah… You know her? *Curious*

Stanley: Of course. She and I crossed paths sometime ago during the Mob Era. Busted me out of Jail and help prove my innocence. Proving that i wasn’t this Mask character.

Tony: *Wide-eyed* Whoa… She helped you out with trying to regain your life?

Stanley: Yeah.

Tony: Do you happen to know where she could be now?

Stanley: No. Last time i saw her… She was with a group of people who were into doing good.

Tony: Hmm… Who’d be the fastest way to Leslie?

Stanley: The quickest way to her is probably… I’d say… Blossom. She and Leslie were constantly seen together. As very close pals… So She’d be your best bet.

Tony: So… Find this girl Blossom… I will find Leslie.

Stanley: Right.

Of course with the progression of the day as it was pressing on… The day’s events were bound to follow. However in the city…. there was said to be a Parade. It went on for a good solid hour and ended at Noon. Blossom, the trio, Leslie and numerous others were intended to meet up at Luke’s Diner for Lunch hour. They had things to speak about and it was there where Blossom swore to Lorelai that the truth would come out…


Luke’s Diner…

Luke: *Pouring Coffee for Lorelai and Rory*

Blossom: *Walking into the Diner with Leslie and the crew*

Zoey: *Walking in with Adolf and Bernie. With her boyfriend Michelangelo right beside her* Hey Luke… *Seeing Lorelai and Rory* Hey Rory.

Rory: *Turning to see Zoey and the crew* Hey there Zoey… Michelangelo, Blossom… guys. School let out for you guys too?

Sora: Let out? *Confused* There was no school today, Rory.

Johnny:  *With Carly* Besides… The whole town’s gone Columbus day Mad… On our way here… Carly and I must have come across a good 45 pieces of decorations all highlighting Columbus day.

Katie: *With Jacklyn* Well… It is the day that marks another anniversary of when he arrived to the new world.

Leslie: Must be my first time getting to experience it. I never was able to do so back in Brooklyn. Didn’t have any friends there to celebrate it with.

Blossom: That’s sad. Being left out of things.

Leslie: Well… I’m used to it. It happened a lot to me over the years and i just learned to accept it. No one wanted me around. I knew how to take a hint.

Alex: No one should be left out of things.

Janie: We all agree.

Zoey: We should all sit together and hang out.

Rory: That’d sound good.

Lorelai: There’s not enough tables for everyone here to gather. Most of the tables are taken… *Looking thru the Diner* There’s only 3 tables open.

Luke: A couple tables are about to open up. 4 of them are about to be cleared.

Minutes later…

They were all positioned at the tables and prepared to get right to the chatting… There was indeed a lot to discuss. Or so it may have appeared.


Blossom: *Looking at the girls and allies* Here’s what we know. 5 things that have been circulating over the last couple weeks or so. One being the finally concluding and ending epidemic of the Diaper girls. You may have heard the details and the news breaks that were being spread around about the trio of Sick fetish girls who go by the identity: Hot Diaper girl babes.

Leslie: I really don’t think that talking of them will be of much use, Blossom. Those girls aren’t gonna stop. Nothing will make them stop.

Michelangelo: How could you say that?

Leslie: Because it’s true. It’s true and you know it. They have nailed multiple people. Two of them being members of your family. *Looking at Zoey, The Trio, Sora and Carly*

Blossom: Leslie, That is only brushing the issue. *Sighs* The sick hags targeted Sandy and Jimmy Rhapsody. They’re the adopted kids of… The family Matriarch Rikku L. Rhapsody and Nick Harrison who took the name Nick Rhapsody. Since that time…the family Matriarch has shielded them and is issuing for them to be home schooled. It’s done. Leslie… You were also targeted by the hot diaper girl babes. It’s one of those things that i’ll never be able to live down as i was supposed to come to the rescue to prevent them from nailing you.

Leslie: It isn’t your fault, Blossom. it isn’t as if you’d known that it was gonna happen. It was just bad luck. I am overcoming the situation… It’s just gonna take some time.

Lorelai: Rory heard about what happened to you. She told me. I can only feel appalled and truly sorry that you were put through that. Did Sookie come to see you?

Leslie: Sookie? *Thinking* Sookie St…. James? Yeah. She did… Wait a minute. She said that she was sent over… By you. You sent her over to my place?

Rory: She did. We both did.

Leslie: That’d explain the Pizza and S’mores that i had that night. Not exactly the kind of food to wallow by. But the sincere thought was touching. I appreciate it.

Zoey: Be that as it may… The Epidemic is still going on. It is threatening to grow and become more of an issue.

Nicole: That is why it’s gotta be stopped.

Ellie: What about the order that the city had just put out?

Michelangelo: What order would that be?

Nicole: Oh… I think that i know what she is getting at. There is word that the District attorney has issued an injunction to have the Sick fetish trio eradicated. Taken out of the city and sent far away. Never to darken our city again.

Sora: Seriously?

Carly: When was this?

Nicole: Just yesterday.

Lana: It’s true. They’re right now… if we’re not mistaken and as we speak… being surrounded at their house or where they reside and being forced out. With teargas.

Leslie: Will that work?

Laurence: It’ll work. But Leslie… You shouldn’t need to worry anymore. The torment is over. It’s all over.

Leslie: Well… That’s fine. But it doesn’t make me feel any more full of assurance. I am still with tendencies towards wearing those things. The only thing that will get it to sweat out of me… Is some serious Lecturing. But i guess that if i happen to be fortunate… It’ll blow over soon and without much thought.

Blossom: Of course. We’re gonna be there for you, Leslie.

Michelangelo: We all will.

Janie: Anyone that hurts you… Hurts us. We don’t back down from anyone who tries to threaten you. No way.

But as they spoke…

Luke: *Bringing over a round of beverages* cokes. And Coffee. Enjoy.

Zoey: Thanks Luke. *Smiles*

Seconds later…

Blossom: *Looking to see two boys looking outta place* Who’re you two?

Zoey: Them? They’re the sons to Heinz Freudenberger.

Sora: Huh? Sons. But we thought that he didn’t have any kids.

Michelangelo: So did we. However… As how Heinz explained it to us and told it… Years ago… He supposedly had this thing called a one night stand and got into some moment of intercourse with a girl. He doesn’t know who it was but… apparently that one night set the wheels in motion for there to be kids procreated. For years… he didn’t happen to know. He was made to believe that nothing happened. Till just the other day that he found out the revelation that he had 2 sons. Which are the boys you see here. Adolf and Bernie Freudenberger.

Lorelai: They must be nice boys.

Zoey: They’re kind. The best guys. Courteous and kind spoken.

Rory: *Smiles at the two boys* It’s nice to meet you two.

Adolf: Nice to meet you too. It’s a privilege.

Bernie: Our dad works at a Pub. He does honest work.

Adolf: We would be with our mother… But she’s dying and won’t be around much longer. Our dad is the only parent we got left and it was thought best if we stayed with him. We didn’t want to be thrown into the system. Plus wanted to see our father and find out who he was. So we came to him. Found him at a Pub. A rather cozy one too.

They all got acquainted with the boys and spoke with one another for a few minutes before getting along with the next subject that happened to be on the tip of a couple people’s minds…

Laurence: Carly… A bunch of us here are all wondering and concerned. When did you start smoking and why?

Blossom: Exactly. We don’t get how you’d start the habit and try to hide it. Especially since you and Sora only did that for a couple or so days as it was during that very small and indeed brief Stint of being in the Mob… Along with me and Leslie. Before she and I busted loose from the Mob’s vicegrip.

Leslie: The Mob was my mistake. However before i knew anyone in Metropolis and got an actual sense of belonging… I didn’t know where else to go. Plus… No one really took me in. So… I did what i had to do in order to make it here till… I made my first official friend. Blossom. She befriended me without hesitation. then as time passed… Well… i got more and more friends. But that was very slow going.

Sora Ashley Rhapsody 5

Sora: So we’ve noticed. But that’s all in the past. We all grew past that and we’re all pals. That’s not gonna stop. But… *Looking at Carly* Carly… What the hell is the matter with you? Smoking? What… or should i say… Who got you into doing it?

Carly: No one. And Don’t any of you even dare look at Johnny and blame him. It isn’t his fault either. If you really want to know… It’s the fact that i choose to do it. I wasn’t pushed. Coerced. Forced. Manipulated, tricked… Conned or blackmailed. I choose to. But i am doing so… To help him quit. He got into it because he was… *Seeing Johnny shaking his head no; as if asking for Carly to not speak of it* Hurt badly. In the worst way. We can leave it at that.

Janie: That’s going without saying… However, This is something that spanks of the scenario of Luna/Zeke and Martin Love Triangle.

Zoey: That kind of reference is starting to get really really repetitive now. I just would like to not think of that… if you don’t mind.

Johnny: It’s not something that i’d like to speak about. All that anyone should know is that i smoke and i don’t regret it… Not really. I accepted my fate and i am taking it like a grown person. Is it unhealthy? Yes. Am i going to eventually be paying for it health wise? Yeah. However, Carly is helping me break from all of that. It’s taking some time. But she’s risking her innocence over this and it’s going to be a lot to handle. I am being helped by her.

Alex: Come on… There are other ways to get help. There are other methods of getting help. All you need to do is just seek help. Talk with people who can share what you’re feeling. One who’s had things similar to what happened to you. Talk it out.

Michelangelo: Exactly. You don’t need the habit. It’s just sad that you have it. And disturbing that Carly is doing it too. All we can do is wish that you two would quit  it.

Blossom: We can’t accept the idea that you are gonna be doing that… all in the intent of helping Johnny out. Getting him cleaned up. He’s a good guy. We even like him a whole lot. Interesting in a bit of ways. We like his company. But… Smoking? It has to end. I have done it for a short time and it won me these pains in the ass. The bullshit wrath of Holly Reedy who was also trying to bad mouth, trash mouth and stir some shit to literally F**k Leslie over. I won getting ridiculed by for a time… Zoey. But she was with misunderstanding. All from the smoking and yeah… It was a huge load of shit that i will not do again. Ever.

Zoey: Plus… With all that… We managed to gain friends. Tara Marco. Among others.

Katie: Nice.

However before long… They saw that they had to wrap up and get going. But there was more to speak on.. One being about what Lorelai saw come from Blossom Hours earlier…

Lorelai: Something about all this seems very compulsive and very confusing. One being… The stuff that i saw coming from some of you guys this morning. The Electrical spark that you were able to emit from your hands, Blossom. What was that?

Leslie: Blossom, I got a small sub-station of you know what at my place… In my room. I think that with us… It’s time that we showed her exactly what your family is about. If we want to keep on the good graces and within the circle of being close friends with Rory… and Lorelai. Plus their inner circle… We need to indulge their curiosity and tell them what they need to know.

Blossom: *Nods* You’re right. Let’s go. Time to show them exactly what the real deal is.

What they didn’t know was that over by the Burke Mansion, there was a surprise waiting for Leslie. There were 2 boys there who had been waiting for her and yet… Leslie wouldn’t be one to meet with them at that time as now… They had to explain their involvement with the powers that be to Lorelai and Rory. In hopes that they’d understand.

A Moment later…

The Burke Mansion…

Leslie’s room…

Lorelai: *Looking at the sophistication of the room* Nice room.

Rory: This Room’s your’s, Leslie?

Leslie: Yes it is.

Adolf and Bernie Freudenberger.
Adolf and Bernie Freudenberger.

Adolf: *With eyes widened*

Leslie: *Walking over to the side of the room* This is my room. It might look a little big. But it’s accommodating to fit any dweller’s needs. *Stepping over to the closed Portion of the room and opening the doors*

P.A: *Chiming* Watchtower Sub-station now activated… Welcome to Watchtower, Mrs. Burke.

Leslie: Thank you, Watchtower. Ready to start saving the city?

Blossom: Leslie, time to show the Gilmore gals… the truth about us and the powers that be.

Leslie: Right.

Zoey: This is something that they’re gonna need to be caught up to speed with.

Blossom: *Working the controls with Leslie and Pulling up the Archives* Lorelai… Rory. Come and behold the truth. *Explaining* The Rhapsody Girls Z!. There is Paige Cass Rhapsody… She is the leader of the Group. she is also the Daydreamer and into eating sweets and reading comic books about superheroes… When she isn’t out fighting crime and Evil forces… She is at the Candy store eating sweets. Pearl Lucy Rhapsody… She is the Baby of the Rhapsody Girls Z! She is the one who is with bubbly charm and feels most of the emotions… she feels things greater than the leader and the tough one of the group. She is into Fashion. She is on the spare time when not out fighting Evil and beating crime… she is seen at the Fashion store buying dresses and buying fashion accessories. Then there is the tough one… Dinah Ellen Rhapsody. She is the Tough one of the group. She is with a spunky attitude and is like the Tomboy of the crew. She hates Skirts and dresses and is said to go postal if one were to recite the line: “Hey Dinah…. You look cute in a skirt” She will go postal and lose all sense of calm. When she’s not out Fighting Evil and beating Crime to the floor… she is at the park shooting hoops. She is into sports. Football, Baseball, Wrestling. Hockey and  Basketball. Their hero names that they are known by are Miss Love, Bubble Maiden and Thunder Mistress. Although they’re now primarily retired. off the beaten path of Herodom and into a casual life of being Normal.

Lorelai: Dinah is This same hero mentioned in the detail… isn’t she?

Blossom: That’s correct. But there’s more… Alot more to it than that…

It must have been at least 3 hours of details and describing about the powers that be. Blossom also showed her power and explained as to where she got them from.

Blossom: Lorelai… This is not a game. Not something to blink away. Here is something from a couple years ago… A Major Video conference between the fighters… This is before Leslie and I crossed the paths…

Blossom then commanded the Watchtower controls to kick in…

Blossom: *Commanding for the overhead screen to activate* Activate Screen…

The screen then plays the Video and Plays the Audio…

Blossom: *Looking at Lorelai* Take a listen.

“Amy: *Looking at her sisters* Okay… Are we sure that we want to do this? Once we start this… There is no going back till it’s done. This is gonna be a long Video conference.

Susie: I’m ready.

Christina: Me too… But i just hope to god that we know what it is that we’re doing.

Penny: We do. We’re doing the right thing.

Spencer: This is the only chance we have at doing this.

Rikku: It’s gonna be alright.

Amy:Right. *Turning on the Video Screen* Here we go.

A second later…

Amy/Angelic Bubble: *Contacting the other teams and fighters* This is the leader of the Aquatic Force Z! Calling the Romancers Z! The Thunderic Force Z!, Electrogal… Sailor Zoey and Sailor June, Sora and Carly, Paul and Crystal. Respond. I repeat… Respond. This is the leader of the Aquatic Force Z! Calling the Romancers Z! The Thunderic Force Z!, Electrogal… Sailor Zoey and Sailor June, Sora and Carly, Paul and Crystal. Respond. I repeat… Respond.

Annie/Miss Bliss: *Appearing on a side screen* We’re here. Ready to blow a kiss of Romance.

Sapphire/Miss Thunder: *Appearing on a side screen* We’re here. Thunderic Force Z! ready to Electrify!

Blossom/Electrogal: *Appearing on a side screen* Electrogal here. Electrocuting one bad creep at a time.

Zoey/Sailor Zoey: *Appearing on a side screen* Sailor Zoey here…

June/Sailor June: *Appearing on a side screen* Sailor June…

Sora: *Appearing on a side screen; With Carly* The twins are here.

Paul *Appearing on a side screen* Honolulu Torch Paul… Time to flare up.

Crystal: *Appearing on a side screen* Crystal here…

Kimahri: *Appearing on a side screen* …

Amy: We all are here to talk about the threats that are coming for us. We have one year as for what Tess had said to us one week ago. She stated that we were gonna be faced with the first on… in the month of October… of 2044. In one year. But before that day in the next year… we were gonna see changes happening. New looks. more uncommon Allies and help. from people we would not expect. But time is short.

Daria: One year… That means… that on this day next year. Next October is a year and 3 quarters. This is not the only threat though… is it?

Annie: No. It isn’t. We also got one of a threat that smacks of an element revolving a Mob. The Mask… A Mask that was created by Loki. The Norse god of Mischief. We have also to deal with the ideals of a mother daughter life. help fix and make better where we can. We also are going through a Catwoman dilemma. Then there is a run with a natural disaster. We also have a threat revolving… Or not a threat of a natural part. But There are these creatures called Leviathans.

Serena: Leviathans? You’re kidding. Where? Here? In Metropolis?

Sora: Does that mean what i think it could mean?

Carly: I don’t know. But it most certainly doesn’t sound good. That’s quite understandable.

June: We also might have one dealing with the talking Mallard. Or Duck. Howard. But that is a threat that only 4 of us can deal with. It’s a dilemma with specific rules.

Spencer: What about the one dilemma revolving trip to the past. Helping a Unit during the Korean war?

Amy: There’s no recollection of that.That is something we can’t do. We can not change the course of history. Changing what was.. what has been. That is literal Heresy.

Raven: What about the Meteor Rock Epidemic?

Zoey: What about that?

Kasey: *Joining for a second* I’m not a fighter like you guys… but there is something that you might want to know. I ran into Erica Diamond on my way back from the Wedding Chapel. After we all left. Hallie and I took a walk through the city. To hang a little and a fellow Bikini girl that we know… Erica Diamond came past us and warned us of a Meteor rock sighting. She saw a whole swarm of them at Metropolis park. Green Rocks. Red Meteor rocks too. But she also managed to speak of seeing a hoard of Blue Meteor rocks. It might be nothing to worry over. But…with past experience of what has been taking presence in the city… Chances are that you might want to set some time to catch a look at that. Paying a little time to investigate. *Stepping out*

Paul: Hmm… That is something to think about. Didn’t we hear some of the news breaks mention something about a mysterious sighting of strange rocks?

Blossom: We did. But i couldn’t catch it as Perry and Marty were wanting to watch American Horror story. I don’t know why they would want to watch that show… It’s so deranged and demented. It had this one song that really is haunting. *Hearing the tune again* Ugh! That tune is driving me nuts.

Sapphire: *Joking around a little with Blossom; Harmonizing a little of the tune* I know (I know) You belong to somebody new But Tonight you belong to me Although (although) we’re apart Your part of my heart And tonight you belong to me…

Blossom: Sapphire, What the heck was that for?

Sapphire: Nothing. But it’s just to show you how silly it is to be tweaking over a song. It is just a song. That’s all it is. Nothing more.

Rikku: What about the first threat that’s gonna be coming at us?

Susie: We need to discuss that. But first we need to figure out what the BPRD is. What is the BPRD?

Sora: It’s good that we were informed of this… We had Kasey dig into some research on it for us. The BPRD is known as the Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense. The BPRD was founded in late 1944 by Professor Trevor Bruttenholm to combat various occult threats uncovered in operations against Nazi Germany. It initially had strong links to the USAAF and was based at a military airbase in New Mexico, but later relocated to a custom built facility in Fairfield, Connecticut. It maintains strong links to various branches of the United States Armed Forces to this day. It is a private organization that receives funding from several major governments (mostly the United States and United Kingdom, although other countries including Canada, Japan, France, and Italy have been mentioned). Professor Bruttenholm served as director until the late 1950s when he stepped down to return to field work. The current Director is Dr. Thomas Manning. Under Manning several “advanced skills agents” were added to the agency including Liz Sherman and Abe Sapien. Professor Broom is A British academic well versed in the supernatural, Trevor Bruttenholm was a member of the British Paranormal Society. He was an advisor to U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt when the Allies realized that the Nazi leader Adolf Hitler was racing to use the occult to turn the tide of World War II. Project Ragna Rok, a plan to use black magic to win the war, was put in place by the supposedly deceased mystic Rasputin. However, on December 23, 1944 in East Bromwich, England, a youthfuldemon came into the possession of Bruttenholm, not Rasputin. Rasputin retreated to the Arctic and Bruttenholm named the creature ‘Hellboy’.

Carly: Apparently Hellboy… whatever it is… or she or he… is… it’s said that Hellboy is a government agent. Raised to be normal and not embracing his demonic heritage. He’s also Government funded too. He’s bright red and has a tail. Not very common for a government agent to possess those things.

Zoey: Not common… but it is definitely new. He is… friendly, i would hope.

Annie: We all would hope.

Clint: What do you suppose we ought to do?

Theodore: We should think about it first before going for it. This place is over by the east coast. That’s about few 100 miles from here. Do we really want to do this? What about this city here? Who’s gonna protect this city? We’re all this city has apparently. Things have been happening in this city and the one guy… what was his name? Clark? The one guy who should be giving a damn about what’s happening in the city… Just sits on his butt while all hell freezes over before he decides to notice and go: “Hey, Something’s going on in this City. Maybe i should check it out and see what i can do to help take care of it.”

Spencer: Our parents before us… had their share of issues with him. Each time something happened… he’d come and criticize them. All the time. I myself looked back at the records of 18-19 years prior. What i found was that our parents took part in taking a person’s life. There are tapes saying that it was a lab accident. Which is the reigning theory and it’s been pointed. Proven. But what ever went on… it was the hardest choice they had to make. One that they knew they’d never be liable to walk away from without it haunting them for a long time coming. However… they were trying to come to terms with it… try to make what amends that they could. Just that when they had started… In came Clark with his self-righteous guilt trip and sanctimonious platitudes.

Clint: That’s the part that really gets me. Our mom’s and dad’s were part of the extinguishing attempt in disposing of someone. Who?

Spencer: Not sure. there was no name found.

Annie: Be that as it might sound… We need to think about what to do over the upcoming dilemma. This is something that we need to think of. Consider. This is our first threat. Official threat…

Serena: Hey… Come on… There is someone here that has been veering to say something. And that someone is Blue… With a tail. Whiskers and is at least 5 ft tall. Also… a Ronso. And has a Broken horn. But most of all… Our good friend. Kimahri, You’ve been standing there and just silent like a wallflower. You know that you’re part of this. You do have that right to speak.

Raven: That’s right.

Kimahri: Kimahri Just listen. But think fighters should go along with taking care of problem. Not let Problem go unattended. Letting Problem go unattended never help make things right.

Sora: What about the City? Who’ll watch over the City while we are gone. We have a year before all this is said to begin… But when that time comes… Who’s gonna be watching the City? We all know that we can’t depend on Clark Kent. Our parents sure couldn’t. Half the time when Clark was needed… He was found somewhere else sitting in perpetual bliss while a bout of trouble happened to twirl around his doorstep. He sat and waited till it got to be too bad before he felt up to doing something.

Carly: That is true. very true. Need classification? Ask our fathers and mothers. They’d tell about it.

Blossom: Kimahri, What will you do?

Kimahri: Kimahri will protect and watch city. Kimahri will do what Kimahri can to protect the ones in need. Fighters need not worry about leaving city unprotected.

Zoey: Well.. We got one year before this is to all begin. But for now… we have to worry about our grades. School. Getting our lives in order again.

June: It will be hard to do.

Sapphire: No. No it won’t. It will be easy to catch up. All we need to do is dig up for extra credit.

Daria: *Scoffs* Yeah right. Like the teachers are really gonna consider giving us extra credit. We don’t even have that good of grades. We missed nearly 3 and a half months of school. That’s a big percentage of grades. It is gonna be a miracle if we were all to be able towards gaining back half of that at least. if possible.

Sora: We’re dealing with the same thing for our classes.

Carly: We too are behind.

Sora: There are some things about our first coming threat that everyone will need to know. It could be a life saver.

Zoey: Things as in…

Carly: Well… for one. Hellboy. the one we’re gonna likely see… He’s red, 6 feet tall. He’s got a tail and his right hand is considered to be a stony like hand. A Thick stone like bracelet that is considered to be a jackhammer. It could demolish a brick wall with just a couple of hard massive hits. upon his brow is set a crown of flame. He was summoned by Grigori Efimovich Rasputin. In 1944. During the final months of WW2. during Project: Ragnarok. However you’d never know it because the horns aren’t there. The things that are there… are two stubs. Stumps where the horns would normally be.

Raven: *Pauses in suspense* Rasputin?!

Clint: That guy… we learned about him sometime ago in history class. It was on the day of the Meteor shower. 2 weeks ago. It was told that in 1916… at a dinner held in his honor… he was poisoned, shot, stabbed, clubbed… castrated and finally drowned.

Susie: That’s not all though, we’ll bet… is it?

Carly: No. In 1944… Rasputin was manning the Project: Ragnarok. Thereby attempting to awaken something known as the Ogdru Jahad. The Seven gods of chaos. It was fortunately stopped. But the portal he opened was opened long enough to provide a glimpse of hell. For all to see.

Sora: Our parents 15 years ago went against the big bad demon Trigon. That is a feat that not many could do and live to tell tales on. But this one is gonna be way different. There is more to it than that…

Paul: Why’s that?

Carly: There’s this gas masked freak. Karl Ruprect Kroenen. Hitler’s top assassin. Head of the Thule Occult Society.

Crystal: That’s who we’re going up against. or someone we’re gonna have to deal with?

Sora: Afraid so. Plus fighting him will be tough because… He’s with these knives and blades that he forms from his hands and can ricochet any attack that comes his way.

Serena: That’s not gonna be pretty. That’s gonna be a challenge and then some.

Raven: On top of facing Rasputin… Possibly. Working with a Devil like being. Dealing with a gas mask freak… That’s gonna be alot of work. or some hard hits. We’re gonna need a sneak attack to beat that gas mask.

Sora: There is something else too. The BPRD has this director. Someone named Tom Manning. He isn’t one who’s very nice. He is very demanding too.

Serena: And not only that… It’s the fact that we have to face a relic from the Nazi’s. A Gas Mask freak. How exactly do we face someone or something like that?

Blossom: Who the heck knows? But just know that i am not gonna be keeping up with the heroic power act to save this city. Today during break at school… was the final straw.

Sora: What happened?

Blossom: Do you really want to know… or does my voice or tone about the incident say enough?

Zoey: It is best if you didn’t know. Just that there were a group of 4 4th and 5th grade girls… 4 girls trying to stir up some sort of Stink about us all. Our family. Kimahri came in though and scared them off. Stood up for us. *Looking at Kimahri* Good run of interference, Kimahri. it was a fast save.

Kimahri: Kimahri protect young pups from trouble. Kimahri there to protect friends. come to friends aid.

Annie: Awwww!

Amy: So… Is it decided? Everyone… What say you?

Susie: I’m in.

Christina: I’m in.

Penny: I don’t know if i am up for something like a threat dealing with a Nazi relic and Rasputin… But this is not about me. This is to do what’s right. So… I’m in.

Spencer: Rikku and I are both in. We want a part in this.

Rikku: Yeah!

Sapphire: You don’t have to ask for me to be in. I’m in.

Raven: I wouldn’t have it any other way. Some smarts would serve this plan well.

Serena: Count me as another member. I am all in.

Annie: Love needs to be tested. i’m in.

Daria: Same here.

Clint: I am in it too. Sir Love can’t just stand aside in the sidelines and not get in center of it.

Theodore: And me… I got a will to dance a serenade. If Evil wants to come a knockin’… then this dancing heartthrob is ready to give Evil a heart attack.

Blossom: I’m in. This is our calling. Family joins family.

Zoey: June and I are coming too.

Sora: So will Carly and I.

Paul: Crystal and I are gonna start training. But we’re in.

Kelly: *Voice* I’ll be there with you guys. Angelic Kelly shall be there for you.

Kimahri: *Looking in all directions* An Unsent.

Janie: *Popping in* No. That’s not an Unsent. It’s one of the Bikini Girls. We know who it is too… but we can’t tell you. It is a secret. No one can know who she is. Per promise that was made to someone greater. One of a much much higher power.

Spencer: Enough said. That’s a good enough answer for me. I won’t question it.”

Blossom: However… Things since that time has changed… 3 times and hands were switched. Altered and revised. 2 times. Before the start of this current predicament… We’ve added 4 new fighters of Justice, truth and for the Innocent. Leslie Burke 57Leslie Burke-My lover/Girlfriend-Elemental Rita. Nicole RusoeNicole Rusoe. Ellie Rusoe 1Ellie Rusoe. Lana RusoeLana Rusoe. The Rusoe Trio-The Elemental Earthly Trio.

Leslie: There is something more… The next Generation… Which Blossom happens to be part of… They used to be beginning and running the introduction of the fated Heroic Life. What to expect in the hero business. But as Blossom had told me. This is something she has about a month ago… permitted access for me to finally see. But now you’re to see. *Commanding for the overhead screen to activate* Activate second Screen…

The Overhead plays the recording and video…

“Annie: *Looking at the screens* We got a lot to deal with for the next 10 to 20 maybe 25+ years. and then when we have kids… They’ll likely be brought into doing what we can’t. *Looking at her team and the rest of the New Generation fighters* But… We can do it. We can do this.

Daria: Are you sure that we will be able to handle all that? What if we can’t?

Clint: We won’t be able to handle it with that kind of attitude. Come on, Daria. We can’t doubt ourselves. Not now.

Theodore: You’re the passion of the team and Annie’s the Bliss. We’re gonna need both Bliss and Passion for this. The first threat is with the Ogdru Jahad. The gas mask freak and That guy Rasputin. Love is gonna be needed most of all for this. But it’s only strong when all of its fighters believe. You have to believe.

Daria: I Do believe. I do. I am just saying that we are gonna be in for a killer. The threats are not gonna be so simple. Not like the ones that our parents faced. They faced ones that were tough but in the end… they triumphed. But we… are new to this. We’re way over our heads. There is a high chance that we won’t make it. I believe that we can do it… I know that we can… But we also have to be aware that this isn’t gonna be the easiest thing we’re gonna get into. We have 7 new threats coming our way. They may as well span to 40 years. before they’re done. Before… we are done. It’s gonna be even longer before there is any peace.

Spencer: That sounds just like a friend Rikku and I made. She kinda said somewhat the same thing. The same thing. We know how this looks for us all. But this is our job. We have to do this.

Rikku: We also got a supplier too. Someone else came with us on the Airship.

Amy: Who?

Rikku: *Calling over to the door leading out* Ed’c cyva du lusa eh huf. (It’s safe to come in now).

Seconds later…

Rin: *Walking in* It’s good to see you fighters again. I however must apologize for being absent for a bit. It was considerably hard to adjust with your reality. But i am here to assist with whatever supplies that you’ll be needing. If you’ll still have me along.

Penny: Oh! No no no… It’s not a problem at all.

Raven: Not a problem. We are very thankful to see you again. We would love for you to be around.

Genevieve: *Looking at the fighters* Romancers Z! Aquatic Force Z! Thunderic Force Z! Electrogal, Sailor Zoey, Honolulu Torch Paul… Psychic Wonder Crystal. Esp Twins.You were born from the famous fighters of the past. The Rhapsody Girls Z! The girls of Love, Grace and Fury. The Senshi of love and everything little, Sailor Luna. The Enforcers of Justice, The Rhapsody Brothers. *Having the fighters look at the side screens to watch the feats of the ones before them* You’ve been introduced to the powers that once were and then by the grace of god… entrusted to you. The fighters before you were of Love. Bliss, and serenity. Romance. Peace, Light and grace. Watery embrace. Gentleness. The Fierce temper of fury. The Thunderous rage of Justice. The Nightmare to those who spread anarchy and injustice to the innocent. the Girls of Love, Grace and Fury were the ones who symbolized all that. in one team. The fiery flames of Justice. The Bellowing furious fists of fire and rage. Burning devotion. Trust. The Sparking Charge. The electrical super charger in a 5000 Watt Generator… Waiting to discharge and unleash. The Plasmatic temper of Justice. The Stinger of Plasmatic embrace. The Secret agent of Severity with the Plasmatic touch. The Watery warrior of life. the remarkable power of the sea and waters of Earth. These were the ones who fought for the innocent. Fought for the city. Dealing with their own issues and personal obstacles along the way. Defeating countless threats. The Drule King of Planet Doom. Bent on galactic conquest. The great Evil and the Evil Queen of Dark Kingdom. Queen Beryl. Metaria. Major/General Zod. The Kandorians. Checkmate. Terra. (Regretfully). Going all against the Desolate Demon… Scath. Trigon the Terrible.

Suddenly something clicks on and grabs their attention…

Susie: *Looking to see a strange globe* What’s that?

Tess: That’s a new tech for the watchtower. A Viewing Globe that gives off glimpses of what is going on outside and presents a view of the dangers that are taking place. Hopefully it will work to show you what you’re going against that way you wouldn’t be going blind.

Genevieve: *Looking at the fighters* Romancers Z!. Your powers are of Passion, Bliss and Romance.All that Love upholds. That comes from the Winged angel of Romance. Miss Love. Aquatic Force Z! Your powers are of Ice, Water, Light, Serenity and Grace. The core power that flows within the Bubbly angel of light and serenity. Bubble Maiden. Thunderic Force Z! Your powers are of Thunder, Lightning, Fury and Vengeance. The Core power and element of the Thunderic Fury. Miss Lightning in a Bottle Thunder Mistress. This has been a trying few months for you young fighters and I am sure that Tess would agree. Considering all that you fighters have been through. And yet so fast. This is why as your new Professor. You will get new gadgets. New communicators and power belts. These have already been put in motion and are now. Tess and I have been setting up new enhanced equipment and advanced High tech lighting. Computer systems. and Security systems. Which is why We’re gonna do this…*Pressing a button and Teleporting the room and everyone in it. All the Equipment to another location*

A Moment later…

Watchtower Command center…

P.A.: *Chiming* Welcome to Watchtower Command Center, Rhapsody New Generation…

Crystal: This is a new place. Where are we?

Annie: I don’t think we’re in Smallville or Metropolis anymore. Our mother’s are gonna freak.

Sapphire: And our mother is gonna have a real fit and a half.

Genevieve: *To the girls and guys* Paul… Your Element is of fire. And of Psychic. Your Psychic abilities helps to an advantage to Fire bend your Fiery element. Just like the fiery element that came from the one before you. Alvin Rhapsody. Flaming Soul… The Alpha Male and Captain of the Enforcers of Justice. Crystal, Your power is a core element that comes from Alice. Psychic Wonder First Generation. You’re the second. But you’re with powers second to none from her but with more than the original. In Silent you possess the ability and power to cast Psybeam. But with training… Will learn new techniques. Sora and Carly… Your ESP skills and knowhow is sharp. But sharper they can become with training. With the best Psychic Specialist. Your skills are bound for becoming more than what they have been before. Blossom… You are the one known as Electrogal. Your power draws from the core of the hero before you. Electric Rage. His Lightning power and sparky disposition brought a charge of Justice to those who needed it the most. and Put the fear of it to those who threatened the balance. Zoey… You are the breeding of an Ex-Sailor Senshi. One who did the calling before your time. She was known as Sailor Luna. The Senshi of Love and Everything Little. Till she matured into a complete Human. She was a Humanoid. Loved as a human. By human. as one of the clan. She was loved by the family… how it was before you new generation kids came. This is your new command center. We have been for the past month working and creating new Equipment and gadgetry for you fighters. Tess and I have been working out all the kinks and There is also an old Ally of your parents. The fighters that did the protecting before you…

Chloe: *Walking over* Aha! So you’re the new Generation that Tess and Genevieve have been speaking highly about for the last couple months. It’s a pleasure to be finally meeting you guys face to face for the first time. Your parents never had you meet with me face to face. Some of you might have come after i had moved to Star City with Oliver. But i have come back. here to Metropolis and So has Oliver. I have read up though on all of your feats up till now and You definitely are chips off the block and are sure on upholding the promise and legacy that your parents before you have created. *Seeing some extra additions* These must be your Allies. Ones to help you guys out as well as here. *Spotting a Blue being* Wow! What is it that we have here?

Serena: Don’t worry about this cat like being, Chloe. He’s like a pussycat. He’s a Ronso. from the Sacred Mountain of Yevon. In Spira. Mt. Gagazet. He is from there originally. But now he’s here. And he’s vowed to be a forever ally to us and wants to be a part of the Watchtower family too. We allowed it as it’s the right thing to do and our mother Dinah is okay with it. She trusts him. as we all do. He’s a swell friend. A great friend.

Chloe: I see. Now that’s impressive. So… We have a Ronso here with us? That’s odd but unique. He does have a name. I could not see us here calling him Ronso all the time… right?

Raven: His name is Kimahri.

Chloe: *Pulling up a file real quick on her portable Ipad* Let’s see… Kimahri Ronso… Youngest Ronso of the Ronso tribe. Home: Mt. Gagazet. Was the once said guardian of a Summoner by the name of Yuna. Daughter of High Summoner, Lord Braska. He’s also with a broken horn due to a harsh confrontation by two of his clansmen. Biran and Yenke. *Hisses in Sympathy; Imagining the pain Kimahri feels* Ouch. I’m sorry to hear or read about that part. You gonna be alright?

Kimahri: Kimahri not worried. Time pass… Make Kimahri realize that Kimahri got what Kimahri asked for by not accepting an honest defeat by Biran and Yenke. Kimahri let pride and Ego get in way. It’s Kimahri own fault it happen. Kimahri must live with it. No matter how hard it may be.

Raven: He’s very wise. Very wise.

Chloe: What about the guy behind you all?

Rikku: That’s Rin. He’s An Al-bhed. Like me. He owns a chain of travel Agencies all through Spira. Well… Except for Luca, Kilika and Besaid.

Rin: Ed’c y ruhunypma bmaycina du saad oui, [Chloe]. (It’s a honorable pleasure to meet you, [Chloe].)

Chloe: And it is a pleasure to meet you, Rin. I take it that you’re also gonna be joining along with the new Generation on their Missions and duties when needed, right?

Rin: *Using Al-Bhed Dialect* That’s correct, [Chloe]. I am gonna be their outlet for items and supplies when ever it is that they might need them. It’s the least that can be done considering as to what they are up against.

Chloe: That’s good.

Spencer: And Rikku and I are married.

Chloe: Huh?! *In Shock* Married?! You’re married? You are rather young… aren’t you? 14 and already married. That’s a new one… even for you. *Grins*

Annie: Not really. In Spira… people are said to get wed at a rather young age. Not exactly sure as to why that’d be… but we suppose that Love really knows no age limit. It’s Ageless. Timeless.

Seconds later…

Chloe: *Looking at the new Generation* You fighters are with the elements of your parents. That of the fighters before you. Now… It’s your turn to be in control and fight to protect this city. Protect it from the grips of Evil and Chaos. Disaster. Your new upgrades will help you to accomplish what you are fated to do. Destined to fulfill. *Walking over to the controls* The Energetic power chamber ahead is an interlocked Energy surging Chamber. Once inside…You won’t be coming out till the upgrades process is done. Please step inside and Embrace the power of your newest upgrades.

Mr. Breslin: *Checking the Vitals on the Machines* The systems are a go, Mrs. Queen. The Upgrades are ready for ascension.

Mr. Morgan: *Looking at the fighters* There’s a Lot of upgrades to be given. Mrs. Queen, We should get this done quick. The systems are a go right now… But we don’t know how well they’ll hold out as this is only a test run on the systems. They’ve never been tested at this great of a level before.

Chloe: It’s gonna be alright, guys. We got a tech to help with the hardware. *Looking at the other side towards one of the remaining fighters* Cyborg. There’s never a computer that he couldn’t hack into.

Mr. Morgan: Apologies, Mrs. Queen.

Mr. Breslin: Time to initiate the process…

Within seconds…

The Fighters were inside the Energy surging Chamber, The door closed and sealed them inside activating the energy core…

P.A: *Chiming* Energy Core Chamber now Activated… Powering intensity at Max Power… Upgrade ascension now in process.

Kimahri: *Sensing something wrong* Kimahri senses something wrong. Not like what is coming.

Rin: The fighters are gonna make it.

Rikku: Will they be okay in there?

The Energy Core chamber within the new Command center of Watchtower charged the fighters up and energized them with a new look. New gadgets and upgrades. Communicators to place on their wrists. It got blindingly bright within the Energy core Chamber. But with the power coercing through the new fighters… It was bringing upon the world new protectors. New fighters and a New cause for Peace and safety. Serenity.The moment of power was theirs and it was then… when the Upgrading Process was in fact complete…

The fighters stepped out and with new looks on them. They were with an updated look. Stronger… With Wings…

But that was for their new hero apparel. The only thing that they saw for both… was the New Communicators.

Annie: *Looking at the team and the others* We’re with new apparel.

They were open to transform into their upgraded forms…

Genevieve: Your new forms are now yours to embrace, Romancers Z! Your new forms are the same as the original. But now with Wings. A Utility belt with unlimited charge of hearts and love. With an array of useful gadgets that will help you on your coming missions and during your battles in the city as the need arises. Annie, You are the leader. Leading the team with devotion and care. Having faith in the power of your team. Your hero name shall no longer be… Miss Bliss. It shall be forever now known as Madame Romance. Daria… You are the second member of the team. Your power of passion is unbearable and second to none. Leaving a trail of Passion behind in your wake. Dealing the evil forces the positive surge of Passion. Your new hero name is Passion Galore. Clint, You’re the second in command in the team. The Male leader of the team. Picking up where Annie is unable. Helping her lead the team and serving well to the cause. Your Power of Romance blares out a melodic tune of Love, Hearts and Serenading Romance. Leading the Evil forces to freeze and lock up. Therefore your new hero name is Majestic Love! And last be not least… The heartthrob of the Team… Theodore. You are the rear member of the team providing the extra boost to the team and ensuring the end of the Evil forces that lie before you and the team. Your hero name is gonna remain the same. Your power of dancing steps of love and charm. Dishing out a surge of Love and Dancing Heartthrob specialty. The Evil forces quiver and suffer a heart attack caused by your Love dancing embrace. Aquatic Force Z!…

Time passes…

Chloe: Your parents have served this city well. Served the world and gave up their normal lives for a cause. A Cause that now flows in through you. Where ever there is Evil… Injustice being spread… It is now up to you to carry on that torch. That Flame. The Rhapsody Girls Z! have had their time… and their legacy lives on. It lives on through you new fighters. You are the new Generation of fighters. Fighting for what is right and for Justice. Defending the Innocent from the presence of Danger and disaster. You fighters… Rhapsody Romancers Z! Rhapsody Aquatic Force Z! Rhapsody Thunderic Force Z! Electrogal, Sailor Zoey. Honolulu Torch Paul, Psychic Wonder Crystal, Esp Twins. Your fathers and Mothers have stepped down from their fighting days. The world is in need of fighters that enforce the laws of Justice. The world is in need of protectors now yet more than ever… Where ever there is Evil and Chaos… it will be upon the power and oath of the super fighters. Extraordinary fighters that honor the perseverance of Justice, Peace and Serenity. You are the Rhapsody New Generation. It is all up to you now. You have made your parents proud in accepting the duties and the responsibilities of those before you. I am sure that they are deeply proud of each and every one of you…”

Blossom: That was the ceremonial leading to the next threat. Which was the part or threat revolving the Ogdru Jahad. My family and I fought that. The new Generation of fighters. This was before Leslie and I came to meet or before we even made contact.

Blossom then pulls up some old Archives and presents them to Rory and Lorelai. Granting them a viewing of them.

Each one of the clippings that they saw had them stunned. They looked at Blossom and at the others with a wide eye. Unable to shake off the astonishing shock that became them.

That night…

Image result for night sky

Image result for metropolis superman

Downtown district…

The Leslie Burke Blitzball Stadium

Leslie Burke Blitzball stadium…

Leslie’s Office…

Leslie Burke 57

Leslie: *Looking at the boys* It’s a first time that i spoke to any guys with the same first name as mine. But i’ll get right to it. You guys were looking for something fulfilling. Two of you were spotted outside the front gate of my home. My head security guard Luzzu dealt with one of you. Now… I am gonna deal with you guys. I run a very tight ship. Not because i want it that way. It’s because i have to. I can’t afford to settle for any slacking or problems as This is not my only endeavor. I am also a High school attendee. Chilton Preparatory school. I have that as well as this and it proves to take a lot of effort. Lots and loads of it. Plus… I also founder this Stadium. My Co-Founder Blossom is gonna set up a payroll for you boys. But… Before we get into that… Tell me. What are your names?

leslie gaines
Leslie Gaines

Leslie Gaines: I’m Leslie Gaines. I’m originally from Brooklyn, New York. The Aristocratic side…But on the lower level. My Father and I work on security grounds. My dad’s a Cook. A chef. I stand with him as a bodyguard sometimes. But i also ride on my Motorbike. I do that often as it’s how i travel. No license needed for it as it’s Built from scratch. I’m good with my hands. learned to build things when i was young. from when i was like 6 years old… i wanted to build. It was when i was 8 that i got the idea of building myself… my own motorbike. I built it from scratch. My dad helped. He even came across a helping hand a couple times. From someone named Carl…

Leslie paused at the mention of the name. She couldn’t have been faced with a face with the past that fast. It couldn’t be that simple and that conspicuous. But as she listened and put the pieces together… She started to realize that the teen was not part of the group of people who were trying to rattle her and press her into becoming a snob and force her to become something she never was. She couldn’t put special favor to him… But she has now come to realize… that Leslie Gaines was not part of the School Hazing…

Leslie Brent
Leslie Brent

Leslie Brent: *Looking at Leslie* I’m Leslie Brent. I’m originally from Queens, But came here with my sister Lauren. Living rich as it’s in the will of my parents. They died last year and left us the entire fortune. We came here to Metropolis for a better life and a safer living. My sister Lauren is out looking for a Job that can pay under the table. She and I are rich. But we don’t rely on the money that we possess from our parents wills. We just use it as needed. but we insist on making out own way… I am a bit of a minor Cross-dresser, So if i happen to show up wearing things that are not normal… Don’t think of me as mental. I’m just a little… gay.

Leslie: Hey. Leslie… It’s okay to be gay. I happen to be Gay myself. My Co-founder Blossom also happens to be my girlfriend and lover. So…. Trust me… I know. I understand it. It’s okay.

As they were talking…

A young girl strolled in through the hallway just outside of the office. It was not crossing anyone’s mind that it could have been someone looking for their family…


???: Where’s that brother of mine? He comes here to see someone and doesn’t say who he’s seeing. Where could he be?

Still in the office…

Regal Mason

Regal: *Saluting in formation* Regal Mason. Army brat and scout. My father’s Admiral Gerald Mason. Leader of the 3rd squadron of the Metropolis Army reserves. I am loyal… Dedicated to my cause and morally on guard. Defend those of my countrymen. Devoted and proud to serve wherever.

Leslie: *Chuckles* Wow. You sure do speak your mind there. Don’t you? Well… I can’t provide you with a high job. But i will tell you what i can do. I’ll hire you with a pay of 200 a month. To start. But your job is to guard the V.I.P Skybox. That is the main quarters that is used by me and my guests. A guard station will be set up there. You can serve as a guard there. And on the side… Be a scout. Keeping an eye out for anything that is out of the normal. Anything that seems to be of concern.

Regal: Right. *Nods* I shall get on it.

Leslie: Easy there Army boy… It’s night time. I’m certain that the Sky boxes up there will be fine for the night. There’s a night watchman that does the nightly rounds up there. You have the job though. Starting at dawn.

James Dreyfuss
James Dreyfuss

James: We’ve come to join you. Some of us have heard about the humiliation that you were dealt. We want to be with you. I’m into the extreme sports. Skate boarding. Roller-Skating, Bungee Jumping, Sky-Diving. Hard skate-boarding at the old Skateboard park that is now mainly run down. But any sport… I will get into.

Leslie: Hmm. *Thinking* If that’s what you consider… Then there’s something that can be done about that. *Picking up the phone and dialing* Let’s hope that he’s still awake.

Seconds later…

Leslie: *On the Phone* Wakka, It’s Leslie.

Wakka: *On the Phone* What’s going on, Leslie? Something the matter?

Leslie: No. Nothing’s the matter. But i’m calling to let you know that… I think that I’ve found another member to the Blitzball team. James Dreyfuss. He arrived here just a moment ago.

Wakka: He wants to be a Blitzer,eh? Well… That’s great. I must meet him, ya. How do i meet him?

Leslie: I’ll have to bring him over to you. I shall be over soon.

Wakka: Better hurry though, ya. It’s almost time for shut-eye. Tomorrow’s another day.

Leslie: Always a brand new day.

Once the call ended…

Tex Charleston
Tex Charleston

Tex: So? This your place?

Leslie: It’s been founded and built by me. So, What do you think?

Tex: Cool. How much do you work here?

Leslie: A lot. But i also have school too. So it’s back and forth.

Tex: *Grins* You sound busy. *Poses a salutation* Sup’? Tex Charleston. I am a pretty loner and a suave guy with a James Dean personality. *With a pack in his pocket* I’m gonna head outside for a light. But accept me into your roster here… Whatever you insist that i do… You got it. I’m good at spit-shining things. Organizing things that need a fixing and clearin’ up.

Leslie: *Chuckles* You sound as if you’ve got a load of a personality. James Dean i would figure. Right?

Tex: Oh yeah.

Leslie: And you said that you’d be going out for a light. As in: “Smoking”?

Tex: Yeah. It’s Parliament Reds. I get them from a lone Bad boy who also smokes. Samuel Marlborough. He has GPC Red. His parents didn’t happen to care about him. He’s a teen without a family. Me… I’m with a mother who is so oblivious to things that you could be walking in the open with a thong and she’d never catch on to it.

Leslie: Ouch. That’s kinda Harsh.

Tex: It is. But it’s the truth. Sometimes the truth can hurt. But it’s a whole lot better than stirring up a huge lie.

Leslie: Unless the lie is to protect someone you love. But even that is pushing it.

Leslie looked again at the boys standing before her and Sent a text fast to Blossom and instructed for her to add the boys to the Payroll. She didn’t waste any time to get the gears moving. She saw potential in them.

It has been a long day and a ton of things have come and gone. But now the truth of the clan was out. It could not be covered up. Lorelai and Rory were gonna be unable to look at their friends in a normal light again. Things were coming to pass and to light. Leslie’s breakthrough from the torment that had become her was shattering and she was coming out from the personal hell. Overcoming the mess that had come unto her. What was next for Leslie, Blossom and the allies? Would more developments come in behind the arrival of new allies and faces that were springing a leak? What about the Video conference that was said to take place? Who’d be around to catch wind of it? Of course… What’s this? A Major Exam is looming off the coast… Will Blossom, Leslie, Betty and the Rhapsody Trio be capable to hold out? Find out in the next Chapter of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! as the Saga continues…


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