Chapter 276: The Diapering temptations of another unsuspecting Victim.

(Leslie’s Diaper Girl phase: EXPOSED!)

Blossom: *Voice-over* Previously on the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z!

Burke Household…

Living room…

Leslie Burke 10

Leslie: Dad, You can’t be serious? You really want to give in to those Aristocratic people?

Carl V. Burke
Carl V. Burke

Carl: Leslie, You’re our daughter. We endured enough pain. We can take alot of it if we must. But we will not stand to see you getting verbally bashed by the same people who are coming at us. We admire what you’ve done to stick up for us. You have no clear idea as to how grateful we are. But this has to stop.

Leslie: No. You’re my family. My mother and father. i don’t care what they try to do. Shake us if they wish… We are not backing down.

Elizabeth A. Burke
Elizabeth A. Burke

Elizabeth: Leslie, Sweetie… Please. Just get the papers so we can do this. You’re Emancipating from us… It’s the only way to save you. We don’t want you to leave us. We’d want you to stay. However… The prerogative measure of a parent is to protect their young. At any cost. You’re our baby… We seen them kids hounding you and hounding you. Trying to get at us. It’s worked. You’ve been getting in some violent fights trying to stick up for us. You done more than what you should.

Leslie is Fed up with the ongoing animosity and cruel intentions.

Leslie: *Scoffs* I don’t believe this… You two are caving in to those jerks. This is what they are wanting. They want us to be broken up. Doing this… It’s playing into their hand. Doing exactly what they are siring for us to do. By going with this Emancipation… We’re throwing up the white flag of surrender…

From outside…

“Mackenzie Kincaid: We know that you’re still here, you little bitch. You’re sticking up for your parents. You parents are weak and refuse to rub their wealth in the faces of the lower class. We thought that you’d have some smarts and see things our way. But since you want to be weak… Just like your parents… We’re taking you down along with them.”


Leslie Burke 46

Leslie: *Annoyed* Typical. Those jerks just never stop… do they?

Carl: It’s all they know, Leslie.

Leslie: Yeah… Well enough’s enough. *Irate and storming out to the front door* We Burke’s have pride. Dignity and Influence. Those brainless idiots want to play? They’re about to get a chance at it.

Moments later…

Leslie battered and bruised for the last time over standing up for her parents and her family.
Leslie battered and bruised for the last time over standing up for her parents and her family.

Leslie: *With tears rolling down her face* Okay. You win. Mom, dad… We’re in this together. I know that you two are unable to leave from here. There is nowhere else for you to go. Not at the moment. But Emancipate me. Save me from this… You two will still be my mom and dad. Even if the Law manages to think otherwise.

As soon as Leslie was cleaned up a bit and the marks were healed up a little bit…

Carl: You managed to get a bit of shots in to them as we saw through the monitors here. You did good. We are proud of you… More than you’ll ever know. However, this is it. In the next day or two… There will be a Bus-line ticket set for somewhere in Kansas or a state beyond. It’s gonna be to ensure that you are on the way to safety. You need to be safe from here. Laws will state here that you won’t be a Burke anymore. But in our book… You will always be a Burke. Our child. Nothing will change that. Nothing.

Leslie: I hate those aristocratic people. They caused for this to happen. Mom, Dad… Take whatever measures you need to make it here. I don’t want to leave knowing that you two will be struggling. *With tears in her eyes* I’m gonna miss you guys. For the rest of my life.

Elizabeth: We know, sweetie. We know. *Hugging her daughter* We’re gonna miss you too. Everyday.


Carl: *Nods* You sure that you have everything that you’ll need?

Leslie: I’m sure, dad. I just wish that this wasn’t the way it had to be.

Carl: I know. I wish there to be another way to go about this whole thing. I know that we’re doing the right thing in saving you. Giving you a chance at being safe. A chance at survival from all this. But this is certainly not the way.

Elizabeth Burke
Elizabeth Burke

Elizabeth: Most certainly not. There is always the option of all of us going to Metropolis… Right now. But… This is sadly a trip that only you can go on right now.

Leslie: I know. *Seeing the Bus pull in* It’s time. *Sighs* Here goes.

Carl: *Pulling out some side money* Wait. You’re gonna need some currency on hand for the trip. It’s gonna be a few days or so before you reach the state of Kansas. You are gonna be getting thirsty and hungry on the way.

Elizabeth: Carl, dear… she’s got her inheritance for that.

Carl: I know… But this is for her trip. It isn’t right to depend on the Inheritance just solely on food and fluids. There are greater things to spend it on than just food. There’s shelter and some furniture to accommodate her comfort. If she’s to be on her own… these things are gonna be important. She can’t solely have food and beverage and not have a place of safety. Warmth. Protection. Those things mean a great deal for someone. Anyone. Survival. It’s key.

Leslie: *Hugging her parents for one final time* I’ll miss you.

That was then when suddenly… In a heartfelt and emotional gesture, they got into a hug and cried as they knew that the moment was possibly gonna be their final moment seeing one another again.


“Bus 423 en route to Metropolis Kansas…Is now boarding.”

But it was then that Leslie’s bags were set into the cargo hold of the bus…

Bus Driver: *Over to Leslie* You’re gonna have to get onboard, young lady. We’re about to depart from the station in a moment. if we don’t start off soon… we’ll be behind schedule,

Carl: She knows.

Leslie: *Nods; With tears in her eyes*

All that they could do was well up with tears as the moment was there… With just a final hug and farewell… Carl and Elizabeth let go and watched as their only daughter walked over to the bus and got on. They couldn’t go back on what they’ve done so far. It was their darkest hour on the heart… But in that one moment… knew it being the only way. The only option that they had. The Torment and the ridicule. The taunts and verbal assaults were ongoing. They weren’t about to stop. It was unknown to them that there was an aristocrat close by but at a distance watching. Sneering and chortling with glee that what was taking place was the fractured Burke family. What the snobbish people didn’t catch on to was the fact that things were already in place. Leslie didn’t even catch that there were things in place.

As the bus then pulled away and departed suddenly minutes later…

Carl: *looking at Elizabeth* No matter how hard this decision was… We have to keep in mind that this was the right choice. The only choice.

Elizabeth: If only we didn’t have to resort to doing this. Carl, the world is prejudice and callous. cruel and bitter. We know she’ll be fine. But the outside world… They’re gonna only get to her and use her. They’re gonna hurt her, Carl.

Carl: *Hugging Elizabeth* Hold strong, dear. It’s gonna be alright. We’re still a family. Even if we have to be without our daughter. The heart might be gone. But the essence and the energy that Leslie left us… We’ll get by. She’s gonna make it. She’s a Burke. No matter what the courts say. We’ll be together again someday. We have to believe.

Elizabeth: *With a few tears* They’re gonna hurt her… Our poor precious girl… *Sniffling*…

On the Bus…

Leslie: *Sniffling* Rotten Aristocratic creeps. My parents were torn. Poor mom and dad… *Sniffling*


Oct. 19th 2045…

Arnold: *On-Air* You have so much going for you. Alot to live for. However… to the sweet… soon comes the sour as many would say… What led you to Emancipate from your parents. The life that you knew in Brooklyn? What some of the listeners… Like me and i am quite sure that my Niece… Your Best friend Blossom and friends Sora and Carly who are also my nieces… would like to know is what made you leave your family. The ones who brought a wonderful… Loving and highly spirited girl into the world? What made you do it?

Leslie: *On-Air* I was a 12-13 girl. still 13. I didn’t happen to see much of any other choice than to cut loose. It wasn’t as if I wanted to just break from them. *Feeling a little down and upset as she had to think back to why she left her parents* I Love them… But i couldn’t stay a part of them and watch them suffer anymore. I couldn’t.

Arnold: Why? What was so bad that you had to leave and Emancipate from them?

Leslie: I don’t know. I don’t want to really think about it as it is just really sad. But it started 2 years ago. I guess… When i was 11. That was when it started getting worse from what was being done to them.

Arnold: What was going on? What started?

Leslie: It was four years ago. It was around noon. I was in the 4th grade and it was 4 years ago from the week before last. I came home to a broken window and a door. School that day happened to conclude very early that day. I guess that it was where it began as my parents came home angry. I asked them what happened and for no apparent reason… They broke down in tears. It took them 4 hours to stop crying. When they were able to stop the crying and come to their senses… They told me what had happened. That’s when i started to cry. I was only 9 and i was still a bit young and didn’t really have much use to really let out my thoughts about what was being said. I believed it to be all just a mistake and thought it would be just something which would blow over. I actually thought that it would have blown over. But…

Arnold: It never did. Did it? From the way it sounds… it just was the start of the ongoing attacks that pushed you to do something which was the hardest thing you ever thought you would have to do.

Leslie: *Feeling her eyes starting to well up a little* Yeah. It started at work. My father’s work. A rumor started that he was laundering money from his own company. Or the company that he was working for. He was a partner to someone higher up in the Art world. Someone who was really big in fame in the Art world. My dad was like a partner plus Business man for him. But the rumor that got spread and it even crossed his boss who was in fact his partner. The one he was a partner to. Someone who was indeed Jealous of how popular my father was that he wanted to tear him down. The guy my dad said that started it was Steve. Steve. There was never a last name to the guy as that jerk never let it out. But He spread this truly false rumor and it nearly ruined my father. My father was thereby frowned upon by the community. Plus it even reached the kids at the school i went to. The John Wayne Elementary. John Wayne was one of the Idols of mine. How he was fair and direct. Caring and outgoing. The incident got to where my school was and that was when i started getting the brunt of the attacks. The name calling. The teasing and the mocking. I didn’t really get the idea at first. But as it went on i just slowly grew tired of it. It took a while because i was one of the ones who didn’t let it get them down. I didn’t even let it bug me. However there isn’t a whole lot of people who are like that in Brooklyn. As i know of at least. There are few who are like that. Me being one of the few that i know of who get called names and doesn’t let it get to them. Me? It unfortunately… wasn’t the case. It got to me. It got me to start fighting back. That was a year and a half later.

Arnold: That was where you had to do something. If anything to stand up for yourself. It wasn’t easy though… was it?

Leslie: No. It wasn’t. However… As it was, The kids were all picking on me. I would get tormented till that moment where i finally decided to just break out and lash back. It even got to my mother as she started getting attacked. The snobbish people… The Aristocratic people… caught on that she wasn’t all in on being like she was a superior breed and one to treat others like they were nothing. She was expected to be snooty like them and when she wouldn’t do it… They all retaliated. Made it to where people avoided her like the plague. She still had her connections and crowds. But she could not hold any big charity events or gatherings. Because of the stigma that was going around. Actually restate that last statement. She could… But hardly anyone came. Only 10 people came compared to the normal 500 people easy. Yeah. It was that bad. It was that bad and it would only be worse in the long run.

Arnold: Did they survive?

Leslie: They did… But their social standing took a big hit. Which came to hurt me most of all… My parents were facing problems and their reputations and careers were going to the garbage chute. I was 11 when it got to be so bad that i had to start fighting back. With that… i mean. That’s where the nickname that the kids at the school started and began.

Arnold: What was the nickname that they had made?

Leslie: “Baby face” Burke… I got myself into several fights with the kids in my old neighborhood as i was standing up for my parents and when I saw the reality that my parents were indeed facing trouble and having issues… Harder issues than the ones that were there when all the torment began… That was when I knew that it was time to break. I was being called “Baby face Burke” Not that much of a insulting or hurtful name to be called. But after being called it every time the chance called for it… It got to the point that i was coming home from school in tears. It was not that bad… But it was just so hurtful.

Arnold: That’s terrible. What do you think made them want to call you that?

Leslie: I never really figured it out. I don’t even recall being one to stop and wonder about why it was that they called me that. I guess it was the stigma of what my parents were being put through that just got them set off. Making them just find some justification in calling me that. Maybe for a joke. Insult. A Laugh. Or because they wanted me to feel just as bad as my parents did or worse. I took it in however… the kids would chant it and even threw rocks at me. Eggs. I fought back and i was able to pack a bit of a punch. I returned the insults back at them and made them recant. It only worked to a certain point.

Arnold: You fought back?

Leslie: Had to. I mentioned that i taught myself how to fight. It was one of the things that i knew i had to do. I had to take a stand somewhere. I was seeing my parents getting trashed by Innuendo and malicious rumors. They made as though they could do their own fighting. But seeing them getting hurt and treated poorly by the Socialite community… I didn’t want to just stand aside and watch. I had to do something to get it to die down a little somehow. If there was any possibility in my helping in getting things to stop. I had to chance it.

Arnold: Did it work?

Leslie: Only for a week and a half. Each time that i managed to fight back. However… I at that time… reached my limit. The last fight i was involved in…

Arnold: It did something to you. Didn’t it?

Leslie: Yeah.

Arnold: What did it do?

Leslie: It pushed me to make the hardest choice that i never wanted to make. A choice that no 13 year should ever have to make. Ever…

Arnold: It was where you had to either make the hardest choice… Emancipate. Or stick around and see as the nightmare pressed onwards.

Leslie: Yeah… How did you know though?

Arnold: It kinda relates to something i faced 2 decades ago. The time when my family and i all had to battle against a Demon Tyrant. One: Scath/Trigon the Terrible. Back in the day… I was a hero. I had to fight for the world to be changed back to how it was before the Demon came and turned all before him into a desolate wasteland.

Leslie: You used to be one of the heroes back then?

Arnold: That’s right. back when i was a hero or fighter… Before i stepped down officially and retired… I had 9 times or moments where i came close to quitting the Hero Shtick. But in the end… i still stuck to it. But it didn’t change. I had to handle the matter at hand. As did the other fighters. It was fate. But that was back in the day. 2 decades ago. However… You. You had to make a choice. And it was a hard one. The toughest one to ever make.

Leslie: Yeah. What did it was the last fight i had gotten myself in. But just to take a stand and stand up for my parents.  The worst one that was also the very fight which got me to call it over and make the choice of breaking off… It was the one that got me angry. Really angry. Because what happened was that the guy that made that rumor. His wife or woman friend had these kids who were part of the Socialite community and were just as mean as the woman was. Just as mean as that guy was even worse than that. They came over a week later and just confronted me. Telling me: “We people have a certain way of acting. You and your family have all that money and should be smearing the wealth in the faces of the Lower class. Make them miserable because you have the type of money that they know they’re never gonna have. But you and your family don’t even care about the money. You’re weak. No backbone. You and your family should just sell off all your assets and give up the money. Be with the poor since you and your pathetic family can’t embellish the perks of being rich and one with the Socialite community” I just lost all sense and threw things in every direction. The whole thing made me mad. Angry. But then… it made me sad. Because i knew that with all my devotion to my parents… All the care i had for them. My love for them… I just couldn’t do anything to stop it.

Arnold: The greatest pain to a son or daughter who cares and loves their family so much that they would stand and stick up for them with out question. Seeing that no matter how hard they may try to stop the torment and the harassment that’s being done towards a loved one or family… There is nothing that can be done.

Leslie: It’s just not fair. It really isn’t fair at all. My parents didn’t deserve to be treated like that. With what was being done… It then got me slowly into a state of shock. I saw what my family was going through and all i could do was watch. I was 11 years old when i saw the very worst of it. The very worst of it and it upset me until finally… it had left me undeniably devastated and heart broken.

Arnold: You hung in there as much as you could. You did more than any loving devoted Daughter or son could have ever done. I am a parent myself. Leslie, I have no doubt. No doubt at all that your mom and dad are eternally thankful to you. Proud and grateful for all the effort you gave to stand up for them.

Leslie: *Sobbing a little* I’m sorry. I-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i just couldn’t do it anymore. I had to break away from there. I had no choice. No choice. It was that or watch as everything i knew of my family… fell to a distant memory. I am actually with the confession that i am terrified that i may have shamed them by breaking from them. They lost alot as it was… Then they face me Emancipating from them?


Oct 1st 2044…

Brooklyn, New York…

Leslie Burke 21

Leslie: *Facing the Socialite Kids* Why don’t you just back off from my family and Me?

Mackenzie: Why don’t you make us, Burke. You think that you’re so tough and can fight back that it’ll make you a somebody. Face it… You’re a Loser. Always have been… Always were and you’ll always be nothing but a loser.

Leslie: Says you! You’re just trying to tear me down because my family won’t cater to the whims of all you stuck-up upper class tightwads. Acting like you guys do. Spreading our wealth in the faces of the lower class and rubbing it in that we have all this high expense stuff and they don’t.

Mackenzie: That’s because it’s the way us Socialites live. We lived a certain way and it’s been that way since the early mid 20th century. It’s been like that and we like it like that. Your family’s been born to a life of privilege and sworn to adhere to certain obligations. Without Exception!

Leslie: So unless my family become snobs… Like you all… We’re never gonna be let be?

Mackenzie: That’s right. We don’t care if you like it or not. Socialites are with certain rules and demands. No one is gonna bend the rules. Not even the likes of you or your family.

Leslie: *Growling and getting livid* Stop trying to act like you’re the grand marshall who’d run us out of town. It’s getting to be really bullshit.

Mackenzie: Too Bad. There are rules and expectations for being a socialite… in the Upper class world. They’re to be adhered to whether your parents or you… like it or not. If you or your parents can’t accept that and find it too hard to do… You and your pathetic family should just give up your fortune and wealth and join the middle or lower class. That simple. There is no room in the Upper class socialite world for rich people who want to sympathize and kiss ass with the lower class peons.


Penny: Hello there. Are you the one that they call Leslie?

Leslie: Huh?! Uh yeah. Why?

Felicia: We have been looking for you. For some time now to offer you a new life.

Sandy: A better life.

Leslie: What better life? You mean… the one that isn’t the one i got. I would like to know what a better life was. However… i enjoy my life for what it is. I know that it isn’t much. But i enjoy it anyway.

Penny: That is sweet. However… that’s all about to change. Because we have been looking for promising girls to be mothered by den mothers.

Felicia: *Seductively* We’re looking for the right girls to be turned into Diaper girls. Diaper lovers. And…

Sandy: *Silently sneaking behind Leslie*

Leslie: *Suddenly becoming alert* W-w-w-who are you?

Penny: We’re The Star Trio.

Leslie: You’re… you’re… you’re the Hot Diaper Babes. *Freaking out* Oh… god. *Starting to try on making a run for cover* You 3 are trying to turn nice together young girls into Diaper girls. Changing them from straight clean people into corrupt souls with a kinky fetish.

Leslie then tried to make a run for it. She had right then caught on to what it was that the 3 hot girls were aiming for. She ran for it and kept running till she knew for sure that she’d lose them. But…

Leslie: *Stopping to catch her breath* Those girls are really twisted. Twisted. *Panting* Blossom was right about those girls. They are into changing each other and rubbing each other too… That’s… *Panting and feeling a little terror* That’s sick. Seriously sick.


Sandy: *Grabbing Leslie from behind and dragging her over to the bushes where the other two were*

A Minute later…


Penny: *Looking at the girls* Girls… We got another girl to be a den mother to.

Felicity: What do you think we should do?

Sandy: We take her over to our place and turn her into a Diaper girl.

Penny: *Nodding over to Felicity and Sandy* Grab her. We already have gotten Jenna Rhapsody and Holly Reedy to become Diaper girls. Suzanne Sexton too. This girl is gonna be a perfect new member to the Diaper girls.

A Moment later…


At the residence of the Hot Diaper girl babes…



Leslie: *Weary* What are you girls gonna do to me? What do you want with me?

Penny: To turn you into something sexy.

Sandy: You’ll love the new life.



Leslie: *Seeing the table nearby lined with diapers and baby powder, Wipes and teen baby clothes* Diapers? Mountains of them. I am not no diaper girl. No way. Besides… I haven’t been in them since age 5. This is not a moment for revisiting the baby days.

Felicity: It’s all the rage though.

Sandy: Really. You’d be amazed at how many people in their teens wear diapers. We have 3 brands of Diapers. Huggies. Pampers. and we have Luvs. Which brand of Diapers would you like to wear?

Leslie: Uh… I think that what i just said… has fallen on oblivious ears. I am not into wearing diapers. I am not a highlight for the Diaper girl club or association. I am Rich and i also am an Ex-Mob girl. My parents have only just recently just let that part go about me. I can’t get into this. My parents will find out and i don’t want to screw that up.

Penny: They won’t ever know. If they find out… Tell them that you’ve got incontinence. It’s not a lie. Because… *Looking down and seeing a wet spot on Leslie’s pants around the groin area* It looks like you’re a little wet. A bit wet.


Leslie’s Room…

Leslie was in her room by time it was all over and she woke to see a couple rows of Pampers Cruisers Diapers. Baby Powder and Baby wipes. She paused and felt a shot of dread. She could only pray that she was just dreaming. But she wasn’t dreaming. She wasn’t dreaming at all.She lifted her covers and looked at herself. What she saw that moment was a diaper. On her. She was put in a Pampers cruisers Diaper.and with a note on her saying: “You’re now a diaper girl. Expect to be seeing us more often. We’ll be seeing you again. And don’t even think about denying the fact that you’re a Diaper girl/Diaper lover. The news has been spread and people in the city know now. Or do they? -The Hot Diaper girl Babes.”

Leslie was petrified and embarrassed. The 3 hot girls were after her for some time and had now finally got her. Leslie was now a Diaper girl…

Leslie: *Looking at herself and Then getting out of bed; Walking over to her mirror* This is a dream. This has got to be some kind of dream. It’s got to be a dream. It can’t be real.

Seconds later…

Leslie: *Screaming* NOOOOOOOOOOO!

Thankfully the door was locked to her room so no one could come in. But someone else saw. A Video screen came on and revealed…


Blossom: *On screen* Leslie? *Seeing the Diaper* Uh… Leslie, What the heck are you wearing?

Leslie: *Pauses and looks to see Blossom on screen* Hey Blossom. Surprised to see me like this?

Blossom: No. I am struck in shock. That’s what i am… What’s with the Diapers and you being in one? Did your parents do this?

Leslie: No. It wasn’t them. Besides you and I know without any doubt that if it were them… they’d know and remember doing so and I’d know because i would be interrogating them.

Blossom: Who did it then?

Leslie: You know those 3 strange teens that we saw? The ones that you mentioned about that rub each other and change each other. Performing some kind of mating ritual?

Blossom: The Hot Diaper Girl Babes?

Leslie: Yeah. Them.

Blossom: Okay… What about them? *Pauses* Wait! Are you saying that they were the ones who put Diapers on you?

Leslie: Yeah. They are the ones that did it. Saying that it was all the rage and a new way of life.

Blossom: Not for long… I’m gonna go and fix their gizzards. They want you… They’re gonna have to get through me.


Leslie: Blossom… *Scoffs* It happened. It’s too late. I am now a Diaper girl. Yeah. I am a diaper girl. I wear Pampers Cruisers Diapers. Blossom, I know that you would just love to fire at them. Electrocute them. But this is just something which can’t be fixed.

Blossom: *Glaring* Wanna bet? You’re one to forget that… anyone who tries to screw with you and i hear of it… happen to be asking for a nice ass-kickin’. You might be a Diaper girl now… But you’re not gonna be alone in that. You’ll soon be finding out what i mean.


Blossom: *Looking for the 3 girls* Where the fuck are those 3 bitches? I am gonna shock them to an inch of their damn lives. Screw with my love Leslie, will they? *Itching to fight* Well… We’ll just see about that.

She was itching for a fight. She loved Leslie dearly and deeply. It had for a while gotten to the level where any attack on her love Leslie was like someone attacking her heart. Blossom was not the type of person who’d just sit idly by and persist to allow it the chance to go on. She didn’t let anyone get away with hurting those close to her or to those that she loved dearly. She didn’t like seeing anyone she cared about harmed. She might have been the sparky girl… But that was to show up some strength.

Blossom ventured through the entire park. The whole park and gave each portion a cavity search. She wanted to get her hands on the Hot Diaper girl babes. Ring their necks and ring them good…

Blossom: *Calling the 3 girls out* Come out and face me, You diaper sluts! Come on out. Now! I know you’re here somewhere. Get out here… Right now! You want to look for another victim. Another girl to turn into a diaper girl so damn badly? Try me. I know you’re the cause of my lover being in diapers. I know that you’re behind it. Penny, Sandy… Felicity! COME ON OUT, YOU DIAPER GIRL SLUT COWARDS! COME OUT!

That was when the sound of footsteps were being heard. The sound of footsteps by the pair of 3. 3 shadows were in seconds in view and it was then that Blossom watched to see whose shadows those were.

Seconds later…

Penny: *Walking over from the path ahead* What do you want?

Felicity: Yeah.

Blossom: You 3 diaper bitches know what the fuck it is that i want. I want you to reverse the damage that you’ve done to my best friend/lover Leslie.

Sandy: No. We did what we did because she deserves to be in them. Someone from Brooklyn has sent their regards.

Penny: Leslie is a loser to the one in Brooklyn and the one that hates her… wants her destroyed in every way imaginable.

Blossom: Who? Who from Brooklyn is seeking to destroy her?

Felicity: Someone that stopped at nothing to cause for her family to break apart.

Blossom: *Realizing the name* Mackenzie Kincaid. She’s the one that did it.

Sandy: No. Someone else. Someone that her father would know.

Blossom: Reverse it! NOW!

The Hot Diaper Girl babes: No. We are the Hot Diaper girl babes. Living to turn innocent girls into diaper lovers. We won’t stop. We already nailed the seemingly untouchable Leslie T. Burke. She’s now a diaper girl and lover. We don’t care. Stop us… and the next girl will be you. We are here to mother all you girls. And we will get what we want. Loves and Kisses… Babies.

That’s when Blossom got even more pissed.

ghost world enid yellow

Blossom: You know what… *Pissed* I am done fucking around with you. *Emitting electricity and with intent on firing at the girls* Either you undo the damage that you’ve done on my girlfriend and Lover Leslie… Or i give you my word that you will be dealing with your worst nightmare. ME!

Penny: *Walking away with the girls* Stand there all you like. We don’t care. We’re not gonna undo the damage that was done upon Leslie. We’re the hot diaper girl babes and we’re gonna do what we please. Get in our face again and the next one to be diapered… will be you.

Blossom: FUCK YOU PENNY STAR! EAT SHIT! *Firing a shot of Electricity at the Diaper girl babes*

Ellie: *Running over from the side to aide Blossom* Blossom, I got the distress call. What’s going on?

Blossom: *Pointing towards the 3 girls* Them. They nailed Leslie and placed her in Diapers.

Ellie: What?!

Blossom: Of course. That’s what happened and they’re not gonna stop. They are relentless.

Ellie: Don’t worry. I’ll get them. *Running after the 3 girls and firing a Ray of Light at them* Take that… Diaper skanks! Take that… and That! This is for the Blitz Star! *Emitting Light and Shooting it at the girls* Get the hell out of the city. Leave our friends alone! Come near any of our friends again… We’ll give you a lot more of the pain. FREAKS!

Penny: *With her sisters; Taking the attacks and stunned* OWWWW!

Sandy: *Looking at the sparky girl* Now you’ve done it. The next one to be diapered is you. Watch your back.

Blossom: No. You watch yours, Bitch! You even as much as come near any of my friends… family or my Lover Leslie anymore… ever… You 3 will wish that the attack that was just done on you… Paralyzed you and put you out of your fucking Misery.

Felicity: We’re going to the Police. We’re gonna see that you’re arrested.

Blossom: Wanna bet? *Pulling out her phone and pulling up her speed dial* I got the # to the Commissioner. Wanna call him? Go for it. Do it. Just as long as you also state and confess to the fact that you attacked my lover Leslie and have been going around the city turning innocent girls into diaper girls and lovers against their wills.

Penny: *Angered and annoyed* … You little snot-nosed Brat. You’re gonna be so sorry.

Blossom: We’ll see about that.

Ellie Rusoe 1

Ellie: You mess with us… You’ll lose. Because you’ll soon find out that when we take care of business and are out defending those we care about and coming to the aide of the innocent… we don’t play. And plus you’ll find out that some of us fighters have been doing this… a long long time.


Blossom: *Walking in and huffing* Damn it! There are attacks on innocent young girls. They’re being attacked by these sick fetish obsessed girls and no one’s doing a damn thing about it.

Zoey: *Looking to see Blossom coming in all in a tizzy* Blossom, what’s the matter with you? Why’re you so pissed?

Blossom: *Scoffs* You really have to ask, Zoey? Why don’t you wake the hell up? Wake up! There was an attack the other day and Leslie was the victim.

Zoey: *Shooting up in a panic* WHAT?!

Zeke: Leslie Burke was attacked?! *Confused* What… What do you mean? Attacked? Attacked by who?

Blossom: 3 sick fetish acting girls. Penny, Felicity and Sandy Star. The Star Trio.

Zoey: What did they look like?

Blossom: They looked like diaper girls as they were wearing diapers. Walking around in the open with just a shirt and a diaper.

Sora: Are you saying that these girls attacked her?

Blossom: From what i heard… Yeah. they attacked her and i confronted them. I confronted them and demanded that they reverse whatever damage they’ve done upon Leslie. They said… “We’re not gonna undo the damage that was done upon Leslie. We’re the hot diaper girl babes and we’re gonna do what we please. Get in our face again and the next one to be diapered… will be you.” Whatever the hell that means.

Zoey: They’re the ones who must think that wearing diapers are the best thing in the world and all the rage.

Sora: That’s kinda sick. Really sick.

Blossom: You really don’t know the half of it. Do you?

Carly: Where’s Leslie?

Zoey: Yeah. Isn’t she usually… with you?

Blossom: Yeah. But this afternoon she and Betty are hanging out. Said something about having something rather personal to do. Something between them. I didn’t ask as it must have been really confidential.

Sora: She’s okay though, right?

Blossom: Define “Okay”. She’s got a crack in her foundation. But that’s all i can say about it.


Zeke: *Standing by the entrance of the Pub* Excuse me… But what do you think that you 3 ladies are doing?

Penny Star Felicity Star Sandy Star

Penny: *With a diaper in her hand* We’ve come to get another girl. We’re out to turn innocent girls into diaper girls and lovers. Which they will become whether they want to or not.

Felicity: The one we want this time is that sparky brat. Where is she? *Standing ground* We know she’s in there. That she’s here.

Zeke: It’s none of your business as to whether or not she is inside. She’s here. But you’re not. Leave.

Penny: No. Give us that girl. It’s either her or the one that walks around with the guitar and speaks of being a troubadour. Either way one of them will be turned into diaper lovers.

Sandy: That’s right.

Zeke: *Realizing who they meant* You 3 diaper whores stay the hell away from my daughter Zoey.

Penny: No. You’re gonna learn soon enough that we diaper babes get what we want. We want all girls to be put in diapers. Turned into diaper lovers. We won’t stop till that happens.

Zeke: *Forcefully Demanding and Bellowing* GET OFF MY PROPERTY! Come near my daughter or my building or near my property… Ever again and i hear it… I will file a police report on you 3. So fast that you’ll be with a case of whiplash. The next diaper changing psychotic fetish you’ll see… is inside a 3×6 Jail cell. *Pointing away from his Pub* GET OUT OF HERE!

Sandy: Just you wait… We’ll get them.

Gabe: You 3 were just told to leave. I think that if you 3 were smart and with common sense… You’d take the train and beat it. You 3 want to walk around wearing those things. By all means. Knock yourselves out. Drown in your sexual fantasies and be merry. Just not around here. You’re not to go after young innocent girls. It’s wrong to do and could make you 3 out to be like pedophiles. Just do yourself a favor and let it all go. Stop the act and go away.

Felicity: …


Michelangelo: Hey Tara. What’s up?

Tara: Whatever it is that’s on the mind today. Of course… one of the things that are on the mind is the incident that draws from what happened to Leslie. With the incident that had struck Leslie… I could be premature… But it could turn her back into her Mob identity. Smoking. I never saw her do it. Not once. But i did hear that she has done it. So did Blossom for a time.

Zoey: What the hell? What the hell are you trying to do bringing up the past that was to be buried?

Tara: Nothing. I am just saying… that i am rather concerned. Leslie’s come a long way from those days. A Long way. But now with this… I don’t know how she’ll get over it. This is worse than her days of Mob girl. Robbing the city and working with the Mob. Alot worse. This could screw her mentality. Slide her all the way back to the baby days where she comes to believe that she is a baby. We know that she’s not anything like that. A baby wouldn’t be capable to build a Stadium. Founder it.


At Leslie’s house…

Leslie Burke 16

Leslie: *Listening to the Radio; Laying on the floor and changing herself* So far… No one other than Blossom knows that i’m wearing these things. original *Disgusted* Damn Diapers. I am supposed to become this diaper girl or diaper lover. But that is not me. Never was. However… Those hot diaper girl babes will be expecting to see me adjusting to being a diaper lover. *Scoffs* I can’t believe that i am in these things. Those girls must be loving this.

As she was changing herself for the night…

Video screen turned on…

Blossom: *On Screen* Leslie, you there?

Leslie: *Getting up a minute later* Yeah, What is it, Blossom? I just had to change.

Blossom: You mean… Change your you know what…

Leslie: Yeah. But please… keep quiet about that. I’d rather keep it a secret for as long as i can. Those girls are expecting for me to call them. But i don’t intend to as i want nothing to do with them. They already managed to cause me to have incontinence. I now have to depend on these things to give me protection. So i don’t wet my pants. But i have been wearing these to bed. Wearing only an over shirt and a diaper.

Blossom: Maybe it was fated to happen. Those Diaper girls did seek you out. I have a feeling that it was someone from Brooklyn who’d hated your family and you so much that they wouldn’t think twice than to target you and or your family. It wasn’t that girl Mackenzie Kincaid. That was proven. It was factual as well. But it doesn’t bare the assumption out that it was a direct attack against you. A Personal one. Leslie… I know you really well and more than i ought to… to know that you wouldn’t go around and be with any desire to piss someone off to the point where they’d see nothing greater than to harm you and tear you apart. It isn’t you. You’re more the: “I’ll stand my ground against oppressors and intimidating adversaries who dare harm my family and friends” kind. You wouldn’t go looking for a fight. You’d let the fight come to you and fight back diligently.

Leslie: Sure. Am i to be that transparent?

Blossom: *Seeing Leslie in a diaper* Oh god… Just seeing you wearing those… It’s enough to knock a girls brains out. Do you even enjoy wearing those things?

Leslie: *Sarcastically* Oh yeah… I have been thinking about becoming a diaper girl for some time now… Just that i didn’t want to say anything and spoil the shocking revelation till it was time. *Scoffs* Are you daft? No… i don’t like wearing Diapers. Pampers Cruisers… they don’t hurt. They’re comfortable and well fitted. But it’s definitely not an acquired example of a power trip. The sheer thought that i am in these… it’s enough to make me want to put my head into a wall. I haven’t worn these since i was like 4. Pull-ups till i was 5. But to be straighter than this… i don’t savvy this new leaf in life. i don’t savor it at all. I hate it.”

Blossom: *Voice-over* And Now… The Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z!…

Monday, Oct. 8th 2046…

Metropolis High school…

Front Gate…

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It’s been a week since the unthinkable had happened to Leslie. Her encounter with the Hot Diaper girl babes was one that just didn’t bode with her getting past unscathed. She was placed into Diapers. Pampers Cruisers. It was not as if it was premeditated or sired. But the part that made it a direct hit was that this had been a hit of retribution. Someone out there from Leslie’s past… wanted her destroyed. Socially and publicly. This Diaper attack was if nothing more than a sneak attack… Was a good and innovative move.

But it was a week later since the incident and no one knew that Leslie now wore Diapers. That she was now a Diaper girl soon to be Diaper lover courtesy of The Hot Diaper girls babes who have the fetish and kink to turn all girls in their path… and grasp into Diaper girls. That morning… As for Zoey, Sora, Tara, Macie, Mackenzie, Beverly, Justin, Michelangelo, Lane, Jessica, Molly, Zoey Creek and Hikaru…

They were still in a bout of confusion and worry. Concerned about Leslie and how she was holding up. Not at all aware that Leslie was in diapers. Wearing them in public. From first glance… they wouldn’t have noticed as she was wearing her Chilton School Uniform and the Skirt was covering the fact. Covering the sight of them. Zoey and Tara were worried about Leslie and so were Michelangelo and Sora. Hikaru took offense of it as the Diapers mess took her sister from her and pushed her mom to disown Sakura…

Zoey: Leslie sure seemed to be rather bugged about something.

Tara: Very bugged. As if someone was after her. Blossom wasn’t speaking to her at all. She didn’t want to be around Leslie much as she was weary.

Michelangelo: It was as if she didn’t know what to say to Leslie without making her self-conscious about the torment she was suffering from. I might be wrong about this… But i think that those 3 girls have done something to her. Something deeply horrible to her and it’s enough to make Leslie want to shield away and not say much. As if she’s scared about what we’d think.

Molly: Oh no.

Mackenzie K.: You don’t think that it made her anti-social… Do you?

Zoey: I don’t think so. Plus… she can’t be that. She can’t afford to be that as she’s the founder of the Stadium. She’s a public figure and a known face. People are gonna expect to see her out there and in the open.

Zoey Creek then came in…

Zoey Creek
Zoey Creek

Zoey creek: Hey girls… I’m glad that i’ve found you guys. To tell you this before it became city wide tell all gossip.

Tara: *Looking to see Zoey Creek* hey there, Creek… What’s on the fly? Something biting you?

Zoey Creek: Not much. but there is something that you are gonna need to all know. It’s Leslie.

Molly: What about her? She okay? *Concerned*

Beverly: She’s not in trouble… is she?

Sora: What’s up?

Zoey Creek: She’s not in trouble. But she is a diaper girl. She’s wearing diapers.

Tara: Say What?!

Lane: *In disbelief* You have got to be kidding me. Johnny Barlow and I heard that Leslie was attacked by the Hot Diaper girl babes. But not the fact that Leslie was wearing diapers. Where did you hear this?

Zoey Creek: This isn’t something i heard… It is something that i saw. Something that i happened to catch.

Zoey Creek didn’t know what to expect from the crew. But she knew that she would have to inform them.

Zoey Creek: I was out the other day. Just minding my own business and didn’t think that i’d see Leslie out on her own and without Blossom with her like she usually would. But she was out and walking into the local Supermarket and walking over to an aisle…

Zoey Creek then flashes back and explains…


Zoey Creek: *Voice* Leslie didn’t see me close-by following her. But i was wondering what it was that she seemed to be up to….

Cut back to present time…

Zoey Creek: It isn’t good.

Hikaru Rhapsody
Hikaru Rhapsody

Hikaru: This happens to offend me as i lost my sister to the diapers. If Leslie’s gonna become a Diaper lover… *Walking off* Tell her to stay away from me. I don’t want anything to do with a diaper lover.

Zoey: Hikaru, What’s gotten into you? Leslie’s your friend. You’ve known her for a while now. Befriended her. Leslie isn’t a diaper lover. She’s struggling and is going through a rather tough time right now.

Hikaru: Zoey, I am aware that she is. *Sighs and turning to face Zoey* But i will not have anything to do with her if she’s gonna be wearing diapers. In case if you haven’t noticed… I don’t have a young sister. Sakura is gone. She got lost to the Diaper Disease. I’ll never get to see her again. You really think that i am in anyway happy about it? No.

Justin: Leslie’s not gonna be lost. Not as long as we’re all having her back.

Sora: That’s right. We got to hold on for her.

Jessica: *Looking to see Carly being gone from the group* Where’s Carly?

Sora: I don’t know… We usually walk to school together. However this morning… She said that she was gonna be hanging with Johnny. Said something about helping him kick something. Not sure what it was though… She wouldn’t speak about it.

Tara: It’s not anything bad… is it?

Sora: I don’t think so.

Beverly: Do you think that Leslie’s alright?

Zoey: We hope that she is.

Michelangelo: Let’s head to class. It’s almost time to be in class anyway.

Zoey: I guess. Besides that worrying about Leslie so much is giving us all grief. We don’t what’s gonna happen to her.

Zoey Creek: *Walking off to her class* I got to head off to class. But i felt that you guys would like to know what’s up with Leslie. What’s been going on with her.

Molly: Yeah. Thanks for the details, Zoey. It helps to know how Leslie’s holding up.

Zoey Creek then heads off…

Tara: *Sighs* Now what’ll we do?

Sora: Not sure. However… If Leslie has become a Diaper girl/TBDL… there’s gonna be a huge shake up at the Stadium.

Lane: Don’t think like that. For all we know… It could all blow over and go back to how it was before the incident happened.

As for Carly…

In the girl’s restroom…

Carly and Johnny were hanging out and talking. Carly for the last week had been hiding a secret from her sister and the others about what she was recently doing. On top of the Diaper dilemma and the possible horror that Leslie could have been turned into a diaper lover… Carly has begun to delve into the habit of smoking. With Johnny… A Transgender boy. Of course… This part of it all… Was smacking of the likely same scenario of the Luna Rhapsody/Martin Marco and Zeke Mansfield Love Triad. The same quarrel. But only thing that split it from the other was that it was a different time.


Carly: Johnny, You do know that you’re gonna have to pose as a girl while being in here. You’re with a wig. To make yourself appear as a girl.


Johnny: Carly, I do happen to be a transgender. I was a girl… and getting treatments on being transformed into a boy. I know how to still play the game of being a girl. Don’t worry. It’ll be fine.

Carly: I’m not worried about that. I’m just worried about our getting caught doing this in the girls restroom. But most worried about Leslie. No one’s heard from her all weekend and hasn’t made any calls or done a public appearance since last week.

Johnny: *Thinking* Now that you bring the matter up… That does happen to sound a bit like means for a concern. Lane and I have heard that she were attacked by the 3 girls walking the streets of the city in diapers. It’s like they were just biding their time before making a strike. What gets me though is… What did they really do to Leslie? How come no one’s seen her much since last week? Is there more going on with her than what we’re being told?

Carly: That’s the whole point. Nobody knows. No one’s seen Leslie since before the weekend. She hasn’t made much contact and the part that seems truly off is that she hasn’t spoken much to her Love Blossom.  Even she hasn’t heard from Leslie much and that isn’t normal. It is rather a bit for concern.

Johnny: We are gonna need to do something. Not sure as to what exactly. But something will need to be done about that. *Suddenly pulling out his pack of smokes and pulling out a smoke* Want to have a light?

Carly: *Weary* Okay.

Johnny: *Holding out the pack in front of Carly so she could grab a smoke from it*

Carly: *With a smoke in her hand a second or so later and placing it in her mouth* …

Johnny: *Placing his smoke in his mouth and getting out his lighter and lighting Carly’s smoke before his own*


Carly: *Smoking* Johnny, Are you sure that we’ll find a way to help Leslie?

Johnny: *Smoking* I am sure. We just have to get to thinking is all. Lane and I heard about Leslie getting nailed by the Hot Diaper girl Babes. But… What we do not know is the depth of the incident. The only way we will know what happened is by finding Leslie. Getting to her and asking her directly. She’s the only one who’d know.

Carly: *Smoking* That would work… However there’s one problem behind that. She won’t talk to anyone. She closes up whenever someone brings up the mention of the Diaper girl babes. She just won’t open up about them. Either she’s afraid of what they’ll do if she tells about what they’ve done to her… Or because she is protecting them. Not wanting to say anything and open them to an attack from the outraged citizens of the city who seek to run the Hot Diaper girl babes out of the area.

Johnny: Hmm… That could also be another theory. It is possible that Leslie might have become what we feared. Unless it’s all to cover up something.

Carly: Cover up what?

Johnny: *taking a puff and shaking the ash off the smoke* … Well… Let’s see… Leslie got encountered by the Hot Diaper girl babes, right?

Carly: *Nods* …*taking a puff and shaking the ash off the smoke* Yeah.

Johnny: She got cornered by them and knocked out… Only to then by the dawn of the next morning wake up in her own bed… But with only a shirt and a Diaper on. A Pampers Cruisers Diaper. Which we heard Blossom tell us. But then Leslie backs away from us a bit. Backs away and becomes anti-social. She won’t speak to anyone. Nor to her girlfriend Blossom. Especially when she’d done so before. Now she doesn’t. That’s a Red flag. It’s something to make a person stop and think: “Wait a minute here! What’s wrong with this picture?”

Carly: You thinking that the Leslie we have come to know could be transcending into a…

Johnny: *Nodding hesitantly* …

Carly: *Gasps* Oh no…

Johnny: It might be a bit too hasty to think of it in such a way. But it does seem to come out just in that way.

What they were fearing was the possibility that their friend Leslie T. Burke was turning into a diaper lover. Carly didn’t want to believe it. Neither did Joanne/Johnny. He too didn’t want to believe it nor buy into it. He was not ready to buy into it. The others didn’t want to consider the idea that Leslie was now… A Diaper Lover. She wasn’t like that… However, the behavior that was coming from Leslie over the last week bled into the belief that she was turning into one…

At Curtis and Megan’s…

The Kitchen…


Wakka: *Fixing something to eat* Can’t seem to get a hang of these Kitchen appliances. These Machines are rather complicated. This is definitely not Besaid anymore. *Grabbing the Mayonnaise, Ham and cheese* This isn’t my idea of something filling, ya. But it is much better than just trying to figure out the appliances and wind up making a big mess.

Wakka barely looked at the clock close-by and saw that it was almost time to clock in to work…


Wakka: *Groans* Aaaaggghhh! How the heck am i gonna do this? I gotta clean up this mess… Get changed… Cleaned up and then have everything locked up and turned off. All in the next 50 minutes… It’s a 10 minute walk over to the Stadium… *Sighs* I better get started. This is gonna take some work.



Curtis: *Walking into the kitchen to fix a cup of coffee to go* Morning Wakka. You getting ready to head off to work?

Wakka: Will be. Got a mess to pick up. Plus trying to get a hang of trying to run these Machines here… It’s not easy. Kinda makes a person who comes from an island feel that they don’t belong, ya.

Curtis: Don’t think like that. You belong. You are part of the Stadium crew… Working for that Rich girl Leslie. One who is a very close heartened friend and considered family member to us. Plus you’re part of this huge family… So… You do belong. That’s not just hearsay.

Wakka: Guess you’re right, ya. It’s just tough trying to get used to the customs of the mainland. The machines are hard to figure.

Curtis: You have a laptop… Look up on the manuals for the stuff here. You are not alone. You’ll get a hang of things. Don’t give up. *Nods*

It was a rather slow day for them and since there was not much to do… Curtis was going a little slow on heading for work. It was to be a rather slow and maybe a rather dead day… Or so they had felt to believe. Wakka had to start going around recruiting Blitzball players. Getting a team together and teaching them the art of Blitzball. However… It was going slow for him too and he was not doing so hot that day. Was it seeming as a bad day for him? Or was it just a rather slow start?

A Moment later…

Wakka: *With a Coffee thermos* It’s gonna be one of those days, ya.

Wakka was by that time ready just as he got the call from work. He didn’t know what was to transpire at the stadium or with Leslie that day and he didn’t seem to catch the talk of the town that Leslie was seen wearing Diapers. He didn’t even know and if anyone happened to know… Blossom was one to know however she wasn’t about to let it out. Leslie didn’t want others to know and Blossom was being sworn to secrecy. Sworn to secrecy and was not about to spill the secret and spread for all to know.

Wakka was eventually gonna catch wind of it and it wasn’t gonna settle with him…

As for The Family matriarch…

At the Metropolis Courthouse…


Rikku L. Rhapsody: *Looking at the case files of the last 8 clients* … Alvin Kramer… He’s the one that cheated on his wife Alice. That one was declared terminated. The case was proven to show that Alvin committed Adultery on Alice. Cheating on her and hurting his kids.

Mrs. Bishop: Alvin Kramer? he came in to see me yesterday asking about an extension for getting divorce settlement. I didn’t know what to tell him other than the fact that the settlement is to be spoken over between him and his wife.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: You would have been better off just telling him that the case was already closed and deems itself concluded as done. That all matters were in fact settled and agreed upon by the court hearing. That’s how the procedure and the proceedings progressed.

Mrs. Bishop: What’ll we do if he comes back? *Looking at the time* He’s gonna come back and expect for an expansion to be granted.


Rikku L. Rhapsody: *Grins* That’s what the option of denying is for. Do it enough times… He’ll give up and move on.

Mrs. Bishop: True. Besides we’re here to help people get on their feet while during their Custody battles. Trying to prove that they can support the kids that he or she manage to have.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: First step is to maintain a livable domicile. A place of residence that is stable and durable. Keeping it clean. Second step is to obtain a good paying job and it’s enough to cover the rent of your place of residence, the bills… food. and it can raise the kids you have. Whether or not they stay with you or your better half… or if it’s your Ex.

Mrs. Bishop: That’s how it usually is supposed to be. However… not many people see it as that way. It’s at times seen as something to use and twist to suit the favor of the person in question.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Making our jobs rather hard.

Mrs. Bishop: Doesn’t it always?

Minutes later…

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Hey… Have you heard about the reports of a trio of girls going around town wearing only a shirt and … disposable baby underwear?

Mrs. Bishop: Oh… You mean Diapers? Yeah. i heard the talks of there being this trio out there. I didn’t think that they’d be just out walking the streets wearing just a shirt and those disposable things.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Neither did i. I didn’t even hear about them when they were said to be in the city somewhere. I didn’t even know that there’d be types of people who’d just have some fetish revolving the wearing those things that babies wear. I heard that around the ending weeks of last year… Sid had put his daughter Holly in diapers. Which were a punishment to her for her complete hostile behavior towards the Rich girl Leslie. But a while before that… there was the concept of my niece Jenna Rhapsody being put in diapers because of being victimized by the wave of Child M—-tation. After Holly Reedy’s incident and being punished… It was only a little down the line. Only a somewhere around Christmas and beyond… My granddaughter Sakura was lost to the Diaper fetish fulfillment courtesy of a boy that was around her age. The sister to the boy which was around Sakura’s age… Was into wearing. It got into Sakura’s mind and led her to think that wearing them was a good popular thing to get into.

Mrs. Bishop: However… that trio of girls… They’re a real problem.

What they didn’t know was that as they were talking…

On the outside in the residential domains of Metropolis…

Penny Star

Penny: *With a Diaper in her hand and Some Baby wipes and powder* … Hmm… Who’s next to be turned into a Diaper girl? *Walking around*


Sandy: *Walking by while heading home* Another short day. School sure has a lot of short days… doesn’t it?

Jimmy: It’s the new line for school. The new system. Alot of schools in this county i guess took to the idea that since short school days worked best for the young members of the city and since it had begun during the Mob Era… The City integrated the new School’s system where the days would be shorter. Not too short… But just not as long as it used to once be years ago.

Penny: There’s a way to make school fun. *Coming out into view and stepping in front of Sandy and Jimmy*

Sandy: *Pauses in confusion* Huh?! What do you mean? Who are you?

Penny: Penny Star. I’m a Teen Model.

Jimmy: A Teen Model? Why do you wear those things then? Models don’t wear those… Do they?

Penny: Actually… They do. Some do anyway.

Sandy: Must be an exciting life for models to wear whatever they like and look good in it. Looking good wearing it.

Penny: Wanna be a Model?

Jimmy: … Uh, A Model? Us?

Penny: Sure. Models are being made everyday. My sisters and I run a Modeling agency at our home. There’s at least 18 other Models that we’ve made. They were unhappy people and miserable. But the second that they became Models… Things looked up for them.

Sandy: Okay.

Jimmy: Our mom and dad won’t be too open about this. However… seeing that we become something special… Something big… It might make them feel excited.

Uh oh… Sandy and Jimmy Rhapsody… What are you doing? You’re being lured by one of the Hot Diaper girl babes. She’s conning you into thinking that you’re gonna be Models… Unaware that the real intent is to turn you into something else… Snap out of it fast. Don’t believe them! Somebody come to the rescue… fast…


A moment or so later…


At the residence of the Hot Diaper girl babes…

Penny Star

Penny: *Walking into the house* Sister’s, I’m home.

Felicity StarSandy Star

Felicity: *Walking out from the back room with Sandy* Hey Penny. How’s the search for another innocent victim?

Sandy: Find someone?

Penny: 2 young kids. Early Middle-school kids. A Boy and a girl.

Sandy: A 2 for one opportunity. *Grins* Nice work. They’ll be perfect to add to our list of clientele. Let’s get them into two separate rooms… We have a couple of ruthless people in there that will do what needs to be done to prep them.

Penny: *Nods*

Sandy Rhapsody: *Seeing Rows of Diapers in the back room* What’s going on?

Jimmy: Sis, I think that we’ve been had. Something very fishy is going on here and i think that these 3 girls are right in the brink of it all. I in fact… don’t think that they’re actually models as they’re trying to make us believe.

Sandy Rhapsody: What’re we doing here then? Why’re we here?

Penny: The real reason is about to be realized…

Jimmy: … Sis, Let’s get out of here. We gotta get out of here.

Sandy: You’re not going anywhere…

Sandy Rhapsody: *Gulps*

Penny: Grab the boy and Take him to one of the rooms and Strap him to a table. *Motioning for her sisters to knock the boy out*

Once they got the boy in to one of the rooms; locked and had the boy strapped to the table.

Penny and the girls got Sandy into a room and had her in a position where it made her pass out. Jimmy was out cold and with them both out cold… It left it open for the Hot Diaper girl babes to do what they intended to do. Felicity worked on Sandy Rhapsody and undid her Pants and pulled them down. While Sandy Star held her up. Felicity then grabbed the sides of Sandy’s girl underwear and pulled them down. Before grabbing a diaper…

Felicity: Subject’s Name: Sandy Rhapsody age 12. Diaper brand of Choice: Luv’s Ultra. Size 7.

A Minute later…

Sandy Rhapsody was woken up and shown a mirror. Looking at herself and saw that she was now in diapers.

Felicity: Welcome to the Diaper clan, Sandy. You’re now a diaper girl.

Jimmy was placed in Huggies Little Movers Size 7. Turned into a Diaper boy. the first of a possible many.


Sandy and Jimmy Rhapsody: *Looking at the hot diaper girl babes* We’re ready to follow your word. We shall become Diaper lovers.

It’s done… The Hot Diaper girl babes have now turned 2 more innocent young kids into Diaper lovers. It would be later that night when they’d be back in their home and in their rooms. With 6 packs of the Brand of Diapers that they were put into… Their mother and father were gonna be devastated… However at that moment… Sandy and Jimmy were being mothered by the girls. How much more of this was the city expected to endure and take? When was it gonna end?

As for The Rhapsody Trio, Blossom, Leslie, Rory and Betty…

It was a Monday afternoon when it came more suspicious that Leslie was hiding something from her best friend/girlfriend/Lover Blossom. She was hiding things and was foretold to be seen buying several packs of Pampers Cruisers. Seen by a family Informant. (An informant is someone who keeps their eyes open and alert and ears clear. Listening in for any useful information that benefit a person/Group or clan/Organization.) Blossom was most suspicious as she and Leslie would always be hanging out together and would always be beside one another. All the time… every chance they got. But as of recent… Things had seemed different. The only development that was imminent that afternoon was the fact that… that afternoon was the afternoon where something was believed to transpire. Something was foretold to occur… But the question was… What? And if something was believe to hit… When?

At Chilton…

Main Hallway…

Janie: Thank god that school is almost done for the day.

Alex: *Walking with her sisters, Rory, Betty, Blossom and Leslie* That Paris is beginning to get on our very last nerve.

Charlene: She constantly acts as if she’s got this nagging belief that she’s got some chip upon her shoulders and making as if she’s got a frickin’ bee
up her ass. *Annoyed*

Leslie: You can say that again and i’d still think that you’re on something. Paris is just being Paris. She thinks that we’re trying to out do her. Which we’re not. But in her eyes… We’re the competition and the enemy. To her… We’re the threat. The part that seems to be a problem… Is that we’re not trying to out rule her. We’re just here to learn and get the best education there is. That’s it.

Blossom: Try telling her that. Paris has us in her sights. She’s got us marked down in her book of targets.

Janie: The day is almost over. That should be a relief and then some.

Charlene: What’s up with the Stadium? Is the Sports program gonna be online?

Leslie: *Shaking her head* I think so. I’ve already met with the Mayor and Treasurer yesterday. They’re just now going over the paperwork. I have to meet with them again this weekend to make sure that everything is sound perfect.

Janie: So? It should be fine now… right?

Leslie: yeah.

Rory: How is it that the program is taking so long to be accepted?

Leslie: That’s a good question, Rory. But the answer to that is due to the Mayor of Metropolis not stepping up to sponsor it… After being told 3 times of how the program would birth a new sport and in fact bring
revenue to the city. Since he wouldn’t take on… If it weren’t for the Swedish pop artist Amy Diamond… having a concert in Topeka sometime ago and the mention of the program catching the attention of the Mayor of Topeka and the treasurer… The Program would have still been a no go.

Blossom: I happen to make some calls. And not to beat the stick here too early… But i happened to get a hold of a Austrailian Electronic Music duo. Empire of the Sun… Luke Steele and Nick Littlemore. They’re currently booked for the next 3 weeks. But… I’m expecting to get a letter in the next few days. We’re gonna have to make arrangements on getting the Arena to look like a stage. Although… I think that with this concert… The Stadium will be getting a taste of international recognition.

Alex: Blossom, You’re not serious about that… are you?

Betty: Does Leslie even accept it?

Leslie: No. I don’t… I am ecstatic and beaming with delight. I’m all for it. *Wanting to just Kiss her girlfriend Blossom a hundred times in gratitude*

As they were walking…

Leslie: *feeling a little uneased* …

Blossom: *Looking at Leslie* Leslie, You okay?

Leslie: Yeah. I’m okay. I’m just thinking. *Looking to the side* I’ve gotta use the girl’s restroom. I’ll meet you guys in class.

Blossom: Same here. *Sensing something is up* I better use the restroom myself while thinking about it.

Janie: *Nods* Okay.

Rory: Don’t take too long. The teachers might not like the idea of you being late to class.

Blossom: *Playfully being sarcastic* well thanks for the heads up Captain obvious. Heh heh heh!

Rory: And now we say good-bye. *Smiles*

Inside the girls restroom…

School girl #1: God… that class is so irritating. *Wiping off the dirt from her face* too bad that i can’t drop from it. That way i won’t have to deal with those girls. The Sparky one and that Rich snot.

School girl #2: That would be the least of your worries. I heard that one of them got attacked by a trio of girls who walk the streets in Diapers.

School girl #1: Which one?

School girl #2: Don’t know. But i wouldn’t be surprised if it turned out being the sparky one that got nailed by those 3 fetish girls.

School girl #1: That would knock her down a couple pegs.

School girl #2: Good. *Heading out* Let’s head off to class. We don’t wanna be late.

A seconds later…

Leslie and Blossom walk into the restroom…

A minute later as soon as they were in front of the mirror…

Blossom: *Turning Leslie over and getting Leslie to face forward at her* Okay, Burke… Out with it. What’s going on with you?

Leslie: What do you mean?

Blossom: You know what i mean. *Scoffs* I swear… I don’t get you… On the night that you came over to my house which was last week sometime… You were all happy while at the same time overwhelmed with paperwork. But you were like close and outgoing. Social… Part of the crew and just one with the world. Then when you got met by the Hot Diaper girl babes…
You were feeling victimized. But then before an eyelash can be batted… You’re pulling away. Becoming anti-social… Plus happen to recently seem
emotionally detached. As if you’re afraid to be around anyone for a long period of time. Now… enough side-saddling. What is going on with you?

Leslie: Nothing is going on with me. Okay? I just don’t want to talk about it.

Blossom: Well… I do. Because now it’s gotten to me and it’s driven me bats. Since the incident happened to you… I couldn’t focus on much of anything hardly as i was worried to death about you. Now… what the hell
is going on with you?

Leslie: *Afraid of letting it out* I can’t tell you. I just can’t tell you. It’s too painful for me to even say it. Because just the idea of it… It’s what got me wearing diapers.

Blossom: So i heard of that. But, Leslie… Come on. What’s so bad that you feel as if you had to pull away from us? Away from me? From everybody?

Leslie: *Sighs; with tears in her eyes* I was sexually violated by those 3 girls. I was out cold and they had me at their place. They stripped me naked and i know they did as even though i was out cold… i knew that i
was still able to feel the chill. I felt the cold alot more than i would if i were still in clothes. But they stripped me naked. and molested me. Before putting me in diapers. Pampers Cruisers… Size 7.

Blossom: Oh my god… *Gasps in terror and heartbreak* Oh my god… Leslie. Why didn’t you just tell me? Did you think that i wouldn’t be one to understand or feel any sympathy? I can’t believe it. You got sexually violated by the Hot Diaper girl babes and didn’t even think to let me in. If i knew… I could have gone out fighting and getting you Justice. What was done to you was a huge crime.

Leslie: *Crying into Blossom’s arms* I wanted to tell you. I wanted to let you in on it… But i was afraid that you wouldn’t want me if i were to tell you what really happened.

Blossom: Leslie… *Hugging her best friend/Girlfriend* Come on. It’s alright. There is no way that i’d leave you. Remember the time that you told me that you made a deal with the Mob all for the sake of gaining experience in being a Mob girl. And the deal was where you’d offer my family and I up on a platter. Or at least make them think that you’d do so… I was truly offended and was itching to let loose. Or just leave you. But i didn’t. I still stayed with you. I wasn’t gonna give up on you and i never will.

Leslie: *Sobbing* You’ll never leave me. But the others would.

Blossom: No they wouldn’t.

It took a minute for Leslie to gather her emotions and snap out of her emotional detaching episode. It was gonna be a hard detail to move past. With Leslie being a victim… There was gonna be a question to answer…

Were there more victims to come?

Leslie: *Pulling out a diaper from her backpack* I’m going to the stall there to change myself. Blossom, Make sure that no one comes inside till i’m done. Doing this type of stuff is bad enough. The last thing i need is to be seen doing this by a fellow Chilton school attendees.

Blossom: Okay. But just pace yourself. I will try to hold the people off. But i’m not sure for how long. This isn’t like Metropolis High. It’s a different atmosphere. Different locale. *Going over to the door* Try to chin up, Burke. Secret maybe out… But you’re still in the lead of things. Try to keep positive. This girl’s got your back. Girlfriend’s got your back. No bull about that.

What they didn’t know was while they were talking… a fellow classmate was outside and overheard the conversation. Something was gonna go down. Something terrible… Leslie, Beware.

A Moment later…

She was trusting Blossom with it and had just told her a deep and gut-wrenching secret that happened to her. It was not as if she looked forward to speaking of something so sensitive and tense. But now that Blossom knew… Question was now gonna eventually be… Who else would catch on to the deep secret? When?

Leslie walked on out of the restroom and with a calm look on her face… Having the stuff put away and where it wouldn’t be seen.

Inside the history class…

There was a relief in the atmosphere as Paris Gellar and the two lackeys that follow her weren’t there that day. It turned out that they were sick. Stayed home from school due to feeling under the weather. However… there were another classmate inside that was not very nice. Had a thrill to pull pranks on people from time to time.

Mrs. Ness: Okay Class… Today for the weekend you were to write about a historical piece. Something from a point of time in history. A place. A City… A person. Something that defines you and revolves you and your
family. How your family’s name and legacy will carry on for many decades after you and those before and after you are no longer walking the Earth. Let’s go ahead and start things off with… *Looking at Leslie* Mrs. Burke. why don’t you come to the front of the class and read your piece?

Leslie: *Nods* Okay. *Standing up and grabbing her paper as she walks over to the front of the class; Turning to face the class* I’m gonna read something that i think defines me as it’s part of long line in my family name. A fortune that’s been in my family for more than 10 decades. The Burke Art’s academy, In Brooklyn, New York. It was started in 1970 by my 6th
great grandmother Laura Kim Burke. She was the one that saw a vision for all things art. She had skills in Math, Science, Tech, Art and Accounting. She knew every nook and cranny that went on in the Arts
academy. When she started the academy… it was only a 2 story Apartment Mini studio as it was only in it’s beginning days. But she had many aspiring artists who came with fresh and vital ideas that came in and spring in the decade… It wasn’t till 1984 when it grew and expanded to a 6 story and took over 2 whole blocks of the city. It got it’s heyday in that time as some of the hottest artists of music and Movie entertainment took wind of it and started doing their business with the Academy. Having record artists and Soundtrack photos for motion pictures to be with a place in the academy. Put on display for all to see. It would hold huge charity events every 5 months to bring in more revenue and business. However… It was during the time of my 4th great grandmother Ashleigh Carol Burke that the Burke Academy was facing a bout of financial hardships and doomed to close. Some of the businesses started feeling unsure about remaining in a business deal with the Burke Arts academy. It was due to business getting a little slow and dismal. Around the early 90’s… the Academy started to get a resurgeance and it was then that with some long shifts of 20 people at a time. for 7 days… The Academy received it’s long awaited Make-over. A New Marquee. New sign. Plaque. With a couple of star-studded additions to the outside… and the front of the Academy grounds. Some new additions on the inside and in the center of the academy…

As she went on…

A classmate got up from the side and excused himself to go use the restroom. However it turned out that he wanted a good reason to be up from his seat and without anyone looking… He gently pulled the string on the back of Leslie’s Skirt and… Down it went… Revealing…

A Diaper!!!

Classmate: *Pointing at Leslie while looking at the close-by classmates* Hey look… Burke’s wearing diapers. She’s a teenage baby diaper girl. *Laughing and Jeering* She’s such a baby. A freak!

Class: *Laughing at Leslie*…

Classmate #2: *Snickering and taunting* Hey Burke… Where’s your pacifier? Where’s your bottle? Isn’t it past time for your nap, Baby?

Leslie: *Pauses; Looking at Blossom confused*

Blossom: *Motioning with her eyes for Leslie to look down*

Seconds later…

Leslie looked down and saw that her skirt was down and that the secret was now out… She panicked and became so embarrassed that she felt herself starting to break into some tears. She was in the sights of the whole class who were jeering and laughing. The Rhapsody Trio stood there and looked shameful as they felt so bad for her. Blossom looked at the
classmates and glared at the one who went near Leslie and caused for her skirt to come undone…

Blossom: *Getting up and walking over to the teenage guy close-by* You’re a dead man. You hurt my girlfriend… You will pay. *Shoving him into the wall* Look at what you’ve done to my love Leslie. YOU SON
OF A BITCH! You hurt her. She’s wearing those things because of 3 girls with the knack for Diapers had gotten to her and put her in them. She isn’t a baby. Nothing of that. They single-handedly fucked her over together. She’s a mess now. She’s a total mess and it’s all their fault. They made her life hell and destroyed her. But you just humiliated her. In front of everyone. You BASTARD!

Class: *Chanting at Leslie* “Baby Burke. Little Baby Leslie. Loser Leslie. Loser Loser… Diaper girl Burke. Diapers are her. Leslie the Diaper girl sissy. Pew! Leslie stinks. She needs diaper change. Nasty Girl. Sick. Baby
baby Burke…”

It was enough to get to the others in the school. The news had spread and with everyone hearing… It rang deep into Leslie’s ears…


Surrounding school Dwellers: “Baby Burke. Little Baby Leslie. Loser Leslie. Loser Loser… Diaper girl Burke. Diapers are her. Leslie the Diaper girl sissy. Pew! Leslie stinks. She needs diaper change. Nasty Girl. Sick. Baby baby Burke…” “Baby Burke. Little Baby Leslie. Loser Leslie. Loser Loser… Diaper girl Burke. Diapers are her. Leslie the Diaper girl sissy. Pew! Leslie stinks. She needs diaper change. Nasty Girl. Sick. Baby baby Burke…” “Baby Burke. Little Baby Leslie. Loser Leslie. Loser Loser… Diaper girl Burke. Diapers are her. Leslie the Diaper girl sissy. Pew! Leslie stinks. She needs diaper change. Nasty Girl. Sick. Baby baby Burke…” “Baby Burke. Little Baby Leslie. Loser Leslie. Loser Loser… Diaper girl Burke. Diapers are her. Leslie the Diaper girl sissy. Pew! Leslie stinks. She needs diaper change. Nasty Girl. Sick. Baby baby Burke…” “Baby Burke. Little Baby Leslie. Loser Leslie. Loser Loser… Diaper girl Burke. Diapers are her. Leslie the Diaper girl sissy. Pew! Leslie stinks. She needs diaper change. Nasty Girl. Sick. Baby baby Burke…”

They chanted over and over and all Leslie could do was cry. She ran off and went to the front entrance of the school and didn’t even say a word. She took a bus off to her house and cried… Sobbed the whole way there. She was totally humiliated…

At Zeke’s Pub…

That afternoon…

Zeke Rhapsody
Zeke Rhapsody

Zeke: *Working the counter* It’s another long day.

Heinz Freudenberger
Heinz Freudenberger

Heinz: It usually is, Mein Liege. We’ve been dealing with a long # of big shifts. Hardly anyone’s come in throughout the last week. It’s gonna be that way for a while. Since the other day or last week when there was a possible infiltration of those sick fetish girls… No one is coming out. They’re all terrified and in fear for their kids. Sons and daughters…


Gabe: I got a daughter that’s at the Metropolis YMCA. She’s all i got and she was adamant on being let to resume her normal routine. Those Diaper freaks are still out there and who the hell knows what the heck they’ll do? Those girls have made it no secret that they would incite dominance over all the young girls and boys.

Zeke: Heinz… It’s almost time to go and head over to the High school to pick up my daughter. *Looking at the time* It’s getting close to that time.

Heinz: *Switching the glass coasters to the afternoon sets* What about the afternoon run? Someone’s got to get a start on that and it’s already 1:59. This is gonna take me at least 40 minutes to do.

Zeke: Have Warren and Ilsa do it. They know the drill and run on how to get them set.

Heinz: *Nods* You got it.

Zeke: Gabe, Make a call in the office. Call out to your daughter and tell her to be on alert. But not to draw any unnecessary attention to herself. If the sick trio is out there… Any uncommon moves will draw them to her.

Gabe: What if she asks about the situation?

Zeke: Tell her to make her way over here… But to keep low-key. Just till she’s inside the 10 meter radius of the property.

Gabe: *Nods* On it.

As they were talking…

Genevieve: *Walking in* Excuse me… I hope that i’m not intruding.

Zeke: *Turning to see Genevieve* Genevieve Teague… What a surprise seeing you coming here. How’re things going over at the Command center?

Genevieve: They’re going adequately well. Not much activity has been stirring throughout the city. However… Tess and Chloe had been following the recent situation revolving the current outbreak. The sighting of 3 seductive girls… Known as the Hot Diaper girl babes. Chloe caught on to the data and found that the trio made a passing through here last week. Then for a few days till today… They tried to make their way here again.

Zeke: *Sighs* I would have figured that you’d catch the winds of it. You people at Watchtower usually do. It kept us in safe harbor for many many years. But really… For the very sake of my daughters and Son. Please… Let this go. I am begging you.

Genevieve: Zeke… I am wishing that we could. But the outbreak is growing. As of the last hour… 2 more victims were apprehended by the Hot diaper girl babes. Chloe pulled up the sat 5 readings from the Orbiter. It’s a couple members of the family. The son and Daughter of the Family Matriarch. Sandy and Jimmy Rhapsody. They were taken by the leader of the trio. Penny Star. Tess is gonna be over here in an hour with a copy of the Audio files and a portable laptop. I’m gonna be here with her. She had me come here to give you a heads up and inform you of the situation.

Zeke: I see. *Looking at Heinz* Heinz, get to Zoey. Now.

Heinz: On it.

In the office…

Gabe: *On the Phone* Rosalie, I know that you can be safe. You know that your father trusts you and has faith that you can be careful. But there’s been several sightings of those sick girls who have the kinks for wearing Diapers and putting innocent young people in them. Your dear old dad doesn’t want you to be their next victim.

Rosalie: *Over the Phone* Dad, I’m gonna be okay. I’ve been keeping an eye out for them and know how to divert their attention from me. I make like i’m an grown lady. Throwing them off guard and ward them off. I’m just sorry that others weren’t able to figure that out and do something to veil themselves so the Hot Diaper girl babes wouldn’t get to them so easily.

Gabe: It’s sad indeed. They’ve already made a few new hits and are looking to make a bit more. Those Diaper girls are already with 2 new victims. Both are members of the clan.

Rosalie: Which one? You mean The Rhapsody Dynasty?

Gabe: Yes.

Rosalie: I ran into one of them the other day. One of them happens to come to the YMCA as well. Hallie Rhapsody i think her name was. I met her. She never mentioned about there being a wave of attacks being done by the Hot diaper girl babes.

Gabe: She probably didn’t know. However. If she is there with you… Do the clan a solid. You get to her and tell her that the hot diaper girl babes had marked her as their next target and will do anything to get her. She doesn’t need to know that it isn’t true. What matters is that you make her think it’s true and tell her that you are gonna take her to the Pub. Bring her here. The Hot diaper girl babes won’t come here anymore as they now deemed this place a blind man’s location.

Rosalie: Okay… I’ll get to her. Get her to come along with me. I’ll settle with the cover. What if she doesn’t buy the cover?

Gabe: I don’t know… However… whatever you do. Don’t let her alone. If it really does come to light that she’s next on the Hot Diaper girl babes target list. Leaving her on her own will make her a easy target. Don’t let that happen.

Rosalie: I’ll get to her.

Gabe: Rosalie… Be careful.

Rosalie: I will.

A Moment later…

At the Bar area of the Pub…


Genevieve: *Drinking a Merlot* I Must say though that this place truly feels safe and peaceful. It makes a person feel welcome.

Zeke: Indeed. I seek to keep it that way.

But it was only a moment later than that when…

Tess: *With the Portable Laptop and Tablet* This is getting more and more serious. More people are being hit by these girls out there who have the sole purpose of seeing all young girls in their wake… wearing diapers. Thereby returning the young girls and as of recent young boys into Diaper lovers. Stopping at nothing and leaving a trail of devastated families in their wake for what they’ve done to the innocent children.

Zeke: Is this what you guys spend your days doing? Following up on all the pain that those girls cause? *Sighs* You guys must be enjoying the pain which those girls perform and leave behind. I would be wishing that the mess is left alone. Because putting our attention towards it… It’s giving those sick girls exactly what they want. They are wanting recognition. And we’re all giving it to them. Ignore them… Blow them off and they’ll eventually give up because they’ll realize that no one is gonna acknowledge them and follow them. They’ll tire out and quit. Don’t feed the flames and it’ll die down.

Tess: Zeke, We understand your concern towards this. But we’re to believe that by ignoring what’s happening… It’s only gonna give the issue leadway to continue on. It’s a situation that’s gotta be faced. It has to be made priority and taken care of.

Genevieve: Tess, Play the audio of what was captured.

Tess: *Nods*

A Minute later…

The Audio plays…

“Penny: *With a Diaper in her hand and Some Baby wipes and powder* … Hmm… Who’s next to be turned into a Diaper girl? *Walking around*


Sandy: *Walking by while heading home* Another short day. School sure has a lot of short days… doesn’t it?

Jimmy: It’s the new line for school. The new system. Alot of schools in this county i guess took to the idea that since short school days worked best for the young members of the city and since it had begun during the Mob Era… The City integrated the new School’s system where the days would be shorter. Not too short… But just not as long as it used to once be years ago.

Penny: There’s a way to make school fun. *Coming out into view and stepping in front of Sandy and Jimmy*

Sandy: *Pauses in confusion* Huh?! What do you mean? Who are you?

Penny: Penny Star. I’m a Teen Model.

Jimmy: A Teen Model? Why do you wear those things then? Models don’t wear those… Do they?

Penny: Actually… They do. Some do anyway.

Sandy: Must be an exciting life for models to wear whatever they like and look good in it. Looking good wearing it.

Penny: Wanna be a Model?

Jimmy: … Uh, A Model? Us?

Penny: Sure. Models are being made everyday. My sisters and I run a Modeling agency at our home. There’s at least 18 other Models that we’ve made. They were unhappy people and miserable. But the second that they became Models… Things looked up for them.

Sandy: Okay.

Jimmy: Our mom and dad won’t be too open about this. However… seeing that we become something special… Something big… It might make them feel excited.

Penny Star

Penny: *Walking into the house* Sister’s, I’m home.

Felicity StarSandy Star

Felicity: *Walking out from the back room with Sandy* Hey Penny. How’s the search for another innocent victim?

Sandy: Find someone?

Penny: 2 young kids. Early Middle-school kids. A Boy and a girl.

Sandy: A 2 for one opportunity. *Grins* Nice work. They’ll be perfect to add to our list of clientele. Let’s get them into two separate rooms… We have a couple of ruthless people in there that will do what needs to be done to prep them.

Penny: *Nods*

Sandy Rhapsody: *Seeing Rows of Diapers in the back room* What’s going on?

Jimmy: Sis, I think that we’ve been had. Something very fishy is going on here and i think that these 3 girls are right in the brink of it all. I in fact… don’t think that they’re actually models as they’re trying to make us believe.

Sandy Rhapsody: What’re we doing here then? Why’re we here?

Penny: The real reason is about to be realized…

Jimmy: … Sis, Let’s get out of here. We gotta get out of here.

Sandy: You’re not going anywhere…

Sandy Rhapsody: *Gulps*

Penny: Grab the boy and Take him to one of the rooms and Strap him to a table. *Motioning for her sisters to knock the boy out*

Once they got the boy in to one of the rooms; locked and had the boy strapped to the table.

Penny and the girls got Sandy into a room and had her in a position where it made her pass out. Jimmy was out cold and with them both out cold… It left it open for the Hot Diaper girl babes to do what they intended to do. Felicity worked on Sandy Rhapsody and undid her Pants and pulled them down. While Sandy Star held her up. Felicity then grabbed the sides of Sandy’s girl underwear and pulled them down. Before grabbing a diaper…

Felicity: Subject’s Name: Sandy Rhapsody age 12. Diaper brand of Choice: Luv’s Ultra. Size 7.

A Minute later…

Sandy Rhapsody was woken up and shown a mirror. Looking at herself and saw that she was now in diapers.

Felicity: Welcome to the Diaper clan, Sandy. You’re now a diaper girl.

Jimmy was placed in Huggies Little Movers Size 7. Turned into a Diaper boy. the first of a possible many.


Sandy and Jimmy Rhapsody: *Looking at the hot diaper girl babes* We’re ready to follow your word. We shall become Diaper lovers.”

Zeke: Sandy and Jimmy Rhapsody are now Diaper lovers. Because of those girls. *Nods and lets it sink in a bit before making up his mind* Okay. If that’s how they care to play it. So be it. Starting tonight… I’m gonna start making calls. Getting people together to form a lynch mob. Those 3 skank girls are out of this city. Playtime is over.

Genevieve: We can start getting the data out and sent to all local law enforcement. Get them to watch on any and all activity being done by the Hot diaper girl babes.

Zeke: Get on it. Tonight.

To be continued…


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