Chapter 274: Leslie… Cornered by the Hot Diaper girl babes?

(Leslie becomes a diaper girl Against her will; Will she be liable to fight it off?)

Night time in Metropolis…

Leslie was on her own and walking her way over to her friend Blossom’s house…

Leslie: *Wondering* What could have Blossom wanted to see me about? She knows that studying for that test that is in Lit class at Chilton is important. *Walking on her way to her girlfriend’s house* I can already bet that Rory and those 3 girls are studying hard for it. But now the question is… Why aren’t i studying?

As she was walking on…


The Hot Diaper babes. The Star trio were close behind but sticking to the shadows. They were lurking and aiming to take Leslie and turn her into a diaper girl. They were for a while… biding their time and it was believed that they had already got to Jenna Rhapsody. Holly Reedy was also lured in. But there was also Sakura. She too was lured. Although Sakura was already wearing them as she was borrowing some from Rowanda Strickland. The sister to Wade. Jenna wore them at first because of the incident that happened a couple years prior to current… Holly Reedy… Now Just Holly had been put in them due to her total malice and rotten attitude and behavior towards Leslie and the parents to Leslie. But with the Hot Diaper girl babes in the foreshadow… it was more than just grim for the innocent girls who were unsuspecting of the possibility of being targeted by them and the purity and clean nature being in dire Jeopardy…

Up ahead…

Leslie was suddenly walking upon the front of her girlfriend Blossom’s house….

Leslie: *Sighs and relieved* I made it. I sure hope that Blossom’s got a viable reason for insisting that i come over to her place. What could she want? Was she wanting to hold a training session? She’s gonna need the Rusoe sisters there too. They’re part of the team. However… lately… i haven’t seen a whisper of them. Neither has Blossom. Sure hope that they’re alright.

At Blossom’s house…

In the backyard…

Blossom Rhapsody 1

Blossom: *Looking at Janie, Alex and Charlene; sitting down on the chair in the patio* I don’t know what to think about Leslie.

Janie: What do you mean?

Blossom: She’s not the same person i knew. Ever since Betty came around this city… She’s been feeling as if she’s threatened or conflicted. Not sure what to agree on.

Alex: You suppose that there is something deeper going on between her and Betty?

Blossom: Not sure. However Zoey’s been dropping out of school. She’s all with the drive of being something called a troubadour.

Charlene: Yeah. That’s what kinda gets us wondering about her. What is her deal with becoming something like that anyway? Doesn’t she know that without a High School diploma and/or a College Degree… There won’t be any jobs open for her. No one will take her.

Janie: She’s gonna be so lost.

Alex: Any word on our allies from that alternate world that you and the others jolted around in… a few years ago?

Blossom: No. No word on them. As far as i or Leslie know… Wakka is off training and working on his Blitzball capabilities. Luzzu is keeping guard of the Stadium. He’s found himself a place that happens to be a block from the Stadium. From what one of the Informers… Katie O’Connell said that she spotted Luzzu putting money down on a Loft apartment. One that would better suit him. As it’s just him so he didn’t really need a big place.

Charlene: And from the way it might sound… The Watchtower is paying for it all. Aren’t they?

Blossom: As far as i know… yes.


The doorbell rang…

Blossom: *Hearing the doorbell*

Minutes later…

Leslie: *Smiles* Hey Blossom.

Blossom: Hey darling girlfriend…

Leslie and Blossom: *Kissing on the lips*

Leslie: I finally made it. But not sure why. We are with some big exam coming up and we should be studying.

Blossom: And that’s the whole idea. We are. This is a study session.

Leslie: You called me over for a Study session? Blossom, I feel distinctively a sense of disbelief over this. You called me over and made it sound so serious that i dropped what i was in the middle of just to come here. Not that i wouldn’t do so anyway because i wouldn’t even dream to pass up the chance to come see you. But… really? All the hassle… just for a study session? Blossom, I was in the middle of looking at the log books for the staff of employees that we got working for us at the Blitzball Stadium.

Blossom: I’m sorry. But… you know how extreme the coming Exam is. There’s one coming within a few days. Maybe even less. Then another one possibly a week or two later. Besides… It’d look kinda stupid to hold a girl’s night on the night after the exam and see everyone in good spirits except for you. It would be like gloating that we all got good grades and or test scores… all the while… you didn’t. or vice-versa. It’d be the same for the trio and or Rory. She’s got friday nights tied up as she has to have dinner on those nights with her grandparents due to the arrangement behind their paying for Rory’s tuition for Chilton.

Leslie: That’s like a trap. That deal is a trap. Rory should find a way to break from that.

Blossom: heh heh! *Laughs a little* You really think that she hasn’t tried? be at ease… she’s tried. As had Lorelai. They both have tried. But Emily Gilmore is like a pràda bag on two legs. She won’t let go that willingly.

Leslie: You’re right. *Sighs* … *With her laptop* I’ve brought my laptop with me. So i can probably finish the log books for the workforce revolving the Stadium here… but also look up info on the material we have to study on for the coming exam. Two birds… one stone. Less stress and hassle.

Blossom: *Chuckles* Okay, smart-ass. You win. *grins and smiling amused* You got me. Come on. The girls are in the back.

Leslie: Okay…

It was late at night by time that Leslie left Blossom’s house to head on back home. She knew that she would have to study for the test that was coming up. From Mr. Medina. She didn’t want to fail it either. On the side of it all she had to train her powers. Her new alter-identity. She had her Stadium and that was one thing that she had to keep on the front. She couldn’t lose sight of that. As it was… she had a ton of pressure. Lots of it and it was growing deeper. Much deeper as she also had to wrangle with the fact that she had her old friend. The one from when she was 9. Betty Andrews. She had that to add on to it.

Leslie had some thinking to do and it was while she was deep in her thoughts that 3 shadows came out into view and got in front of Leslie. Leslie didn’t know who they were… At least. Not at first…


Penny: Hello there. Are you the one that they call Leslie?

Leslie: Huh?! Uh yeah. Why?

Felicia: We have been looking for you. For some time now to offer you a new life.

Sandy: A better life.

Leslie: What better life? You mean… the one that isn’t the one i got. I would like to know what a better life was. However… i enjoy my life for what it is. I know that it isn’t much. But i enjoy it anyway.

Penny: That is sweet. However… that’s all about to change. Because we have been looking for promising girls to be mothered by den mothers.

Felicia: *Seductively* We’re looking for the right girls to be turned into Diaper girls. Diaper lovers. And…

Sandy: *Silently sneaking behind Leslie*

Leslie: *Suddenly becoming alert* W-w-w-who are you?

Penny: We’re The Star Trio.

Leslie: You’re… you’re… you’re the Hot Diaper Babes. *Freaking out* Oh… god. *Starting to try on making a run for cover* You 3 are trying to turn nice together young girls into Diaper girls. Changing them from straight clean people into corrupt souls with a kinky fetish.

Leslie then tried to make a run for it. She had right then caught on to what it was that the 3 hot girls were aiming for. She ran for it and kept running till she knew for sure that she’d lose them. But…

Leslie: *Stopping to catch her breath* Those girls are really twisted. Twisted. *Panting* Blossom was right about those girls. They are into changing each other and rubbing each other too… That’s… *Panting and feeling a little terror* That’s sick. Seriously sick.


Sandy: *Grabbing Leslie from behind and dragging her over to the bushes where the other two were*

A Minute later…


Penny: *Looking at the girls* Girls… We got another girl to be a den mother to.

Felicity: What do you think we should do?

Sandy: We take her over to our place and turn her into a Diaper girl.

Penny: *Nodding over to Felicity and Sandy* Grab her. We already have gotten Jenna Rhapsody and Holly Reedy to become Diaper girls. Suzanne Sexton too. This girl is gonna be a perfect new member to the Diaper girls.

A Moment later…


At the residence of the Hot Diaper girl babes…



Leslie: *Weary* What are you girls gonna do to me? What do you want with me?

Penny: To turn you into something sexy.

Sandy: You’ll love the new life.



Leslie: *Seeing the table nearby lined with diapers and baby powder, Wipes and teen baby clothes* Diapers? Mountains of them. I am not no diaper girl. No way. Besides… I haven’t been in them since age 5. This is not a moment for revisiting the baby days.

Felicity: It’s all the rage though.

Sandy: Really. You’d be amazed at how many people in their teens wear diapers. We have 3 brands of Diapers. Huggies. Pampers. and we have Luvs. Which brand of Diapers would you like to wear?

Leslie: Uh… I think that what i just said… has fallen on oblivious ears. I am not into wearing diapers. I am not a highlight for the Diaper girl club or association. I am Rich and i also am an Ex-Mob girl. My parents have only just recently just let that part go about me. I can’t get into this. My parents will find out and i don’t want to screw that up.

Penny: They won’t ever know. If they find out… Tell them that you’ve got incontinence. It’s not a lie. Because… *Looking down and seeing a wet spot on Leslie’s pants around the groin area* It looks like you’re a little wet. A bit wet.

Leslie didn’t wait to see what would happen next. She bolted out and tried to once again make a run for it. But this time… Sandy grabbed her and the other two knocked her out.


On the street down from where the Encounter happened…

Zoey Creek: *Walking down the street to see where the screams were coming from* Hmm… The screams were here. Somewhere. Erica Harper said something about catching sight of 3 girls cornering a innocent teen. But… where is she? Where could she be?


Zoey Creek: *Looking ahead and seeing signs of there being a struggle that occurred moments ago* Something must have happened here. *Walking over to take a closer look; Reaching the spot where an incident took place* Oh no… This isn’t possible. Leslie’s been taken. Her laptop is here… but she’s gone. *Looking down* I better just grab her laptop, and take it to where she lives. It belongs to her anyway.

However the word by that time’s been primarily passed by a few passerby’s who happened to see the incident…

Later on…

around morning…


Burke Mansion…

Leslie’s Room…

Leslie was in her room by time it was all over and she woke to see a couple rows of Pampers Cruisers Diapers. Baby Powder and Baby wipes. She paused and felt a shot of dread. She could only pray that she was just dreaming. But she wasn’t dreaming. She wasn’t dreaming at all.She lifted her covers and looked at herself. What she saw that moment was a diaper. On her. She was put in a Pampers cruisers Diaper.and with a note on her saying: “You’re now a diaper girl. Expect to be seeing us more often. We’ll be seeing you again. And don’t even think about denying the fact that you’re a Diaper girl/Diaper lover. The news has been spread and people in the city know now. Or do they? -The Hot Diaper girl Babes.”

Leslie was petrified and embarrassed. The 3 hot girls were after her for some time and had now finally got her. Leslie was now a Diaper girl…

Leslie: *Looking at herself and Then getting out of bed; Walking over to her mirror* This is a dream. This has got to be some kind of dream. It’s got to be a dream. It can’t be real.

Seconds later…

Leslie: *Screaming* NOOOOOOOOOOO!

Thankfully the door was locked to her room so no one could come in. But someone else saw. A Video screen came on and revealed…


Blossom: *On screen* Leslie? *Seeing the Diaper* Uh… Leslie, What the heck are you wearing?

Leslie: *Pauses and looks to see Blossom on screen* Hey Blossom. Surprised to see me like this?

Blossom: No. I am struck in shock. That’s what i am… What’s with the Diapers and you being in one? Did your parents do this?

Leslie: No. It wasn’t them. Besides you and I know without any doubt that if it were them… they’d know and remember doing so and I’d know because i would be interrogating them.

Blossom: Who did it then?

Leslie: You know those 3 strange teens that we saw? The ones that you mentioned about that rub each other and change each other. Performing some kind of mating ritual?

Blossom: The Hot Diaper Girl Babes?

Leslie: Yeah. Them.

Blossom: Okay… What about them? *Pauses* Wait! Are you saying that they were the ones who put Diapers on you?

Leslie: Yeah. They are the ones that did it. Saying that it was all the rage and a new way of life.

Blossom: Not for long… I’m gonna go and fix their gizzards. They want you… They’re gonna have to get through me.


Leslie: Blossom… *Scoffs* It happened. It’s too late. I am now a Diaper girl. Yeah. I am a diaper girl. I wear Pampers Cruisers Diapers. Blossom, I know that you would just love to fire at them. Electrocute them. But this is just something which can’t be fixed.

Blossom: *Glaring* Wanna bet? You’re one to forget that… anyone who tries to screw with you and i hear of it… happen to be asking for a nice ass-kickin’. You might be a Diaper girl now… But you’re not gonna be alone in that. You’ll soon be finding out what i mean.

The screen cuts out…

Leslie: *Sighs* Wow! I sure keep forgetting what a hot heat she is when things like this happen.

From outside the door…

Elizabeth Burke: Leslie, Sweetie. Are you alright?

Leslie: *Coughing out in a cover-up* Yeah. I’m alright. I’m just getting my stuff set for Chilton for the day.

Elizabeth Burke: Oh… well, hurry up, Leslie. You have to take your sister to school this morning as your father and I have a pressing matter to go to.

Leslie: I will…


Her cellphone rang…

Leslie on her phone

Leslie: *Answering the phone* Hello.


Penny: *Over the phone* How’s the fresh diaper?

Felicity: How does it feel to be a Diaper girl?

Leslie: I don’t know. I can’t say that i enjoy it. You guys made me one against my free will.

Sandy: We didn’t do anything that you didn’t want. Besides. You deserve to be a Diaper girl. We’re originally from Topeka. But we had a couple of people from Brooklyn come to us. Telling us to watch out for you. Ordering us to humiliate you. But we aren’t gonna do that. We just wanted to turn you into a simple ordinary Diaper girl. Nothing else.

Penny: That’s right.

Leslie: Well… good going. *Sighs* My girlfriend is on the war path. Want me on the side of being a Diaper girl… Tell me what it’s like to be one. The truth.

Penny: It’s great. There are those who use them… to use as a bathroom. Other’s use as a kinky arousal. Some can use it to wear in public or in private. There are those who feel the pleasure to just wear them for the sake of doing so.

Felicity: The upside of wearing them are: 1) Can watch movies without missing anything. 2) Don’t have to get out of bed when it’s cold. 3) Don’t have to wait for people to get out the bathroom. 4) Don’t have to give up your place in the roller coster line. 5) Can go long distance without needing a bathroom break. 6) Can enjoy watching your brother/sister squirm because they have to go to the bathroom while knowing you don’t have to worry about it. But don’t do it unless it’s something you are into. Or seek to spend countless time trying to cover it up from those you don’t want to have see you in them. 7) They can help keep you warm in the winter. 8)Can keep you dry if the bench you sit on was wet. 9) If they happen to be thick, guys have some protection if a girl kicks them there in the personal area. 10) Keep the bed dry so you don’t wake up in a cold wet bed.

Leslie: You’re trying to tell me to use it as a restroom.

Sandy: It’s not like that. Not at all.

Leslie: There is more, isn’t there?

Penny: Yeah. Like knowing that you became addicted to wearing them.

Leslie: Such as?

Sandy: 1. Monitor whether your thoughts are consumed by wearing them. You may find yourself continuously thinking about them and wearing them. If you think about them and them wearing constantly in a way that interferes with daily living, it may signal a problem. Persistent thoughts about obtaining a certain thing can be a marker of addiction. You may struggle to get things done because you are thinking about them. Has your work productivity declined, or are you finding it harder to get things done around the house?
You may find your thoughts getting off track due to thinking about them or just the concept of wearing them.

Felicity: 2.Ask yourself if your them wearing interferes with daily living. If you struggle to engage in normal, functional behavior (such as getting up, going to work, buying groceries, and cleaning) because of your them wearing, this also may be a problem. Interfering behaviors can be emotionally painful, and it’s important to regain control of behaviors before they spiral out of control.

Penny: Note if they interfere with relationships. If you’ve had difficulty relating to people due to your them usage, this may be a problem. You may struggle with family or your partner because of them use, yet still use them despite the problems they cause in your social life. When habits or lifestyles interfere with social functioning, yet you still continue to engage despite the problems they cause, it can indicate an addiction. Reflect whether you’ve experienced relationship decline since using them regularly. Think about whether your relationships with friends, family, co-workers, and partner have suffered. Declining relationships may be limited or no contact, more tension, or difficulty relating.

Sandy: 4. Monitor your behaviors. If you’ve noticed that your behaviors have changed since starting to wear them, reflect on their impact on your life. If you’ve noticed that you cannot go without them, spend a lot of time in diaper-related activities that detract from daily functioning, and have limited interests due to your fascination of them, this can be behavioral markers of addiction. You may try to cut back on the usage, but find yourself unable to limit your  usage. You may continue to use them even when negative outcomes are likely, such as not having enough money to sustain them each week. You may even try to stop wearing them altogether and find it too difficult.

Penny: 5. Examine how they make you feel. If they make you happy and are a satisfying part of your (or you and your partner’s) environment there is nothing to fear. Should they make you feel sad, socially isolated or depressed, consider changing your use. If you’ve developed a dysfunctional emotional response to wearing, this may mark a degree of addiction. Examples of dysfunctional responses may include feeling extremely anxious when you run out or when in situations you cannot wear one, running to them as the only thing to soothe you, or feeling emotionally dependent on wearing them. Think about the way they make you feel, both before you wear one and while you wear one. Ask yourself if you have any negative feelings about wearing them.

Felicity: 6. Be honest if you isolate yourself by wearing them. Wearing them at home may create a sense of safety in the home, and a feeling of fear if you leave the home. If you tend to shy away from leaving the house because you are wearing them, consider only wearing them in the privacy of your own home. Isolation begets more isolation, to the point where social interaction can become awkward and uncomfortable. Before getting to that point, make sure you have plans to be with other people regularly. Create a schedule for when you wear them and when you do not. Don’t let them wearing interfere with you living your life and making time for friends and family.

Sandy: 7. Reach out for help. If you struggle with your relationship to them or want to change your them habits, talking to a therapist can be helpful. A therapist can help you understand and work through the emotions associated with wearing them. You can begin moving away from wearing altogether or work on creating a more healthy relationship with wearing if you struggle to balance a healthy life with wearing them. Seeing a therapist can help with any conflicted feelings you have about having a fetish or telling a partner.

Penny: However it never will get that way. You look lovely in them.

Sandy: *Cooing with her diaper* You’ll be like a little pretty baby.

Leslie: *Nods* I can get used to it. It just will take a while. *In her Mind* That’s what i’ll get them to think. But as soon as i find the opportunity… i’m gonna get out of them and toss the stuff away. The whole idea of wearing these things is Lame and just Stupid. Let them talk about how good it is… I’m not gonna let it rule me. That’s for sure. *Dead set against adhering to the demanded lifestyle*

Penny: But there are down sides to wearing them.

Felicity: You don’t want to know what they are… do you?

Leslie: Yes… i do.

Sandy: You sure?!

Leslie: Yes.

Hot Diaper girl babes: well… Okay. But don’t say as to that we didn’t warn you.

Minutes later…

Penny: The Cons of wearing them…

They went over the Cons of what it would be like to wear Disposable underwear (Which babies wear). and revert back to being a baby. Which of course was gonna only hurt Leslie. It seemed as though that no matter where she went. What she did… something… someone from somewhere would get to her and try to do anything possible to hurt her and inflict pain onto her however possible. She listened to all the info and the things to expect. What she didn’t tell them and they’d never know was that she was gonna only play it up that she would wear them… But then when that opening came… ween herself and take back control. As she was entitled to…

Seconds later as soon as they were done…

Leslie: Thanks. I’ll keep that in mind.

The call ends…

Leslie then got on some pants and made sure that it was secure. Hoping that no one would ever notice that she happened to be wearing. If it progressed further… A Lover would be what she’d become.

She unlocked the door and looked at her sister…

Leslie: Hey Laura. You ready to make way to school? It’s your last year of Elementary school.  I however already believe that you know that.

Laura: Yeah. But… Leslie?

Leslie: Yeah?

Laura: What was going on in there?

Leslie: What do you mean?

Laura: I heard all this talking about baby stuff and wearing them.

Leslie: Oh that. *Trying to cover her new humiliating secret* That was Blossom. My girlfriend. She and I were talking about the growing concerns of there being appearances of a trio of girls who are known as the Hot Diaper girl Babes. Girls who are wearing Diapers themselves and looking for girls to be Den Mothers to.

Laura: Hot Diaper girl babes? Never heard of them. Are they bad?

Leslie: Not sure. But as it’s been found out… They’ve nailed a few girls already. Suzanne Sexton, Jenna Rhapsody. Sad enough. Sakura Rhapsody being the newest member to being a part of those who’re wearing those humiliating things. However… they’re gonna be gunning for more. More of innocent girls to turn into Fetish girls. Fetish lovers.

Laura: You don’t think that they’ll come at me… do you, Leslie?

Leslie: What?! Nah… Not a chance. They wouldn’t come at you.

Laura: Are you sure that they wouldn’t? Wh-what if they were to come at you? Those kinds of girls are not very safe and innocent…

Leslie during that moment suddenly suffered a vague memory…

It was where she became frozen in deep thought. Thinking back to what happened and with the memory of what happened… It stunned her and put her in a temporary paralysis. Because now she had to figure on how she was gonna hide it from the girls and crew. That was where the real trouble would ensue…

A minute later…

Leslie: *Shaking off the memory* Hey. Don’t worry about them. Okay? They are nothing for you to worry about. They will not come for you. If they do… I’ll handle them. Making them sorry for even attempting.

Laura: Okay…

As for Blossom…

She was on her way to find the 3 girls known as the Hot Diaper girl babes. She was angry and looking for payback. Going after the 3 Diaper girls. The hot Diaper babes were not gonna expect an encounter from her. However… Blossom was gonna get them…

To be continued…


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