Chapter 273: There’s a Delivery from the Burke past.

Sept. 21st 2046…



Burke Mansion
Burke Mansion

Burke Mansion…

6:00 PM…

Leslie’s room…

Blossom Rhapsody 7

Blossom: We do have to meet with Rory over the weekend and start studying.

Leslie Burke 28

Leslie: I know. *Sighs* I just have a bit on my mind is all. I can’t get the possibility of that girl coming to Metropolis out of my head. She’s trouble.

Sora and Carly Rhapsody
Sora and Carly Rhapsody

Sora: We could always do some Digging. Find out the goods on her and maybe find something that can be used against her.

Carly: Who is this girl Mackenzie Kincaid? Why is she such a big deal? Do you have… like some kind of history towards her?

Leslie: Yeah. I do.

Sora: Like what? *Confused*

Leslie rethinks back to the event that pushed the last button which started off the Emancipation and got the time of mental, Emotional and social hell in motion…

“Burke Household…

Living room…

Leslie Burke 10

Leslie: Dad, You can’t be serious? You really want to give in to those Aristocratic people?

Carl V. Burke
Carl V. Burke

Carl: Leslie, You’re our daughter. We endured enough pain. We can take alot of it if we must. But we will not stand to see you getting verbally bashed by the same people who are coming at us. We admire what you’ve done to stick up for us. You have no clear idea as to how grateful we are. But this has to stop.

Leslie: No. You’re my family. My mother and father. i don’t care what they try to do. Shake us if they wish… We are not backing down.

Elizabeth A. Burke
Elizabeth A. Burke

Elizabeth: Leslie, Sweetie… Please. Just get the papers so we can do this. You’re Emancipating from us… It’s the only way to save you. We don’t want you to leave us. We’d want you to stay. However… The prerogative measure of a parent is to protect their young. At any cost. You’re our baby… We seen them kids hounding you and hounding you. Trying to get at us. It’s worked. You’ve been getting in some violent fights trying to stick up for us. You done more than what you should.

Leslie is Fed up with the ongoing animosity and cruel intentions.

Leslie: *Scoffs* I don’t believe this… You two are caving in to those jerks. This is what they are wanting. They want us to be broken up. Doing this… It’s playing into their hand. Doing exactly what they are siring for us to do. By going with this Emancipation… We’re throwing up the white flag of surrender…

From outside…

“Mackenzie Kincaid: We know that you’re still here, you little bitch. You’re sticking up for your parents. You parents are weak and refuse to rub their wealth in the faces of the lower class. We thought that you’d have some smarts and see things our way. But since you want to be weak… Just like your parents… We’re taking you down along with them.”


Leslie Burke 46

Leslie: *Annoyed* Typical. Those jerks just never stop… do they?

Carl: It’s all they know, Leslie.

Leslie: Yeah… Well enough’s enough. *Irate and storming out to the front door* We Burke’s have pride. Dignity and Influence. Those brainless idiots want to play? They’re about to get a chance at it.

Moments later…

Leslie battered and bruised for the last time over standing up for her parents and her family.
Leslie battered and bruised for the last time over standing up for her parents and her family.

Leslie: *With tears rolling down her face* Okay. You win. Mom, dad… We’re in this together. I know that you two are unable to leave from here. There is nowhere else for you to go. Not at the moment. But Emancipate me. Save me from this… You two will still be my mom and dad. Even if the Law manages to think otherwise.

As soon as Leslie was cleaned up a bit and the marks were healed up a little bit…

Carl: You managed to get a bit of shots in to them as we saw through the monitors here. You did good. We are proud of you… More than you’ll ever know. However, this is it. In the next day or two… There will be a Bus-line ticket set for somewhere in Kansas or a state beyond. It’s gonna be to ensure that you are on the way to safety. You need to be safe from here. Laws will state here that you won’t be a Burke anymore. But in our book… You will always be a Burke. Our child. Nothing will change that. Nothing.

Leslie: I hate those aristocratic people. They caused for this to happen. Mom, Dad… Take whatever measures you need to make it here. I don’t want to leave knowing that you two will be struggling. *With tears in her eyes* I’m gonna miss you guys. For the rest of my life.

Elizabeth: We know, sweetie. We know. *Hugging her daughter* We’re gonna miss you too. Everyday.

Nov. 23rd, 2044…

It was the day that Leslie finally was gonna embark on her way to a new place. A state further into the country. Kansas… She had her bags packed. and her lively possessions. The things that she wanted to keep with her as it held something to her. She also saw to take with her… Her Inheritance. What she was able to have given that she was still under age…

She was at the New York Bus Station with her parents as she was saying her last goodbyes???

(Spoiler Alert: Don’t pay attention to the spoiler. What happens sometime in the future past that moment. Draw out your own Conclusions. They reunite back together… In the Future.)

Carl: *Nods* You sure that you have everything that you’ll need?

Leslie: I’m sure, dad. I just wish that this wasn’t the way it had to be.

Carl: I know. I wish there to be another way to go about this whole thing. I know that we’re doing the right thing in saving you. Giving you a chance at being safe. A chance at survival from all this. But this is certainly not the way.

Elizabeth Burke
Elizabeth Burke

Elizabeth: Most certainly not. There is always the option of all of us going to Metropolis… Right now. But… This is sadly a trip that only you can go on right now.

Leslie: I know. *Seeing the Bus pull in* It’s time. *Sighs* Here goes.

Carl: *Pulling out some side money* Wait. You’re gonna need some currency on hand for the trip. It’s gonna be a few days or so before you reach the state of Kansas. You are gonna be getting thirsty and hungry on the way.

Elizabeth: Carl, dear… she’s got her inheritance for that.

Carl: I know… But this is for her trip. It isn’t right to depend on the Inheritance just solely on food and fluids. There are greater things to spend it on than just food. There’s shelter and some furniture to accommodate her comfort. If she’s to be on her own… these things are gonna be important. She can’t solely have food and beverage and not have a place of safety. Warmth. Protection. Those things mean a great deal for someone. Anyone. Survival. It’s key.

Leslie: *Hugging her parents for one final time* I’ll miss you.

That was then when suddenly… In a heartfelt and emotional gesture, they got into a hug and cried as they knew that the moment was possibly gonna be their final moment seeing one another again.


“Bus 423 en route to Metropolis Kansas…Is now boarding.”

But it was then that Leslie’s bags were set into the cargo hold of the bus…

Bus Driver: *Over to Leslie* You’re gonna have to get onboard, young lady. We’re about to depart from the station in a moment. if we don’t start off soon… we’ll be behind schedule,

Carl: She knows.

Leslie: *Nods; With tears in her eyes*

All that they could do was well up with tears as the moment was there… With just a final hug and farewell… Carl and Elizabeth let go and watched as their only daughter walked over to the bus and got on. They couldn’t go back on what they’ve done so far. It was their darkest hour on the heart… But in that one moment… knew it being the only way. The only option that they had. The Torment and the ridicule. The taunts and verbal assaults were ongoing. They weren’t about to stop. It was unknown to them that there was an aristocrat close by but at a distance watching. Sneering and chortling with glee that what was taking place was the fractured Burke family. What the snobbish people didn’t catch on to was the fact that things were already in place. Leslie didn’t even catch that there were things in place.

As the bus then pulled away and departed suddenly minutes later…

Carl: *looking at Elizabeth* No matter how hard this decision was… We have to keep in mind that this was the right choice. The only choice.

Elizabeth: If only we didn’t have to resort to doing this. Carl, the world is prejudice and callous. cruel and bitter. We know she’ll be fine. But the outside world… They’re gonna only get to her and use her. They’re gonna hurt her, Carl.

Carl: *Hugging Elizabeth* Hold strong, dear. It’s gonna be alright. We’re still a family. Even if we have to be without our daughter. The heart might be gone. But the essence and the energy that Leslie left us… We’ll get by. She’s gonna make it. She’s a Burke. No matter what the courts say. We’ll be together again someday. We have to believe.

Elizabeth: *With a few tears* They’re gonna hurt her… Our poor precious girl… *Sniffling*…

On the Bus…

Leslie: *Sniffling* Rotten Aristocratic creeps. My parents were torn. Poor mom and dad… *Sniffling*”

Blossom: So… She was the one that got the hell for you rolling?

Leslie: Yeah. She is. *Feeling sore and unhappy* I will tell you this though. If i see her… I will punch her lights out. Returning the favor back for the hell she caused my family and me. For the pain she inflicted on my family and i.

Sora: Leslie… That’s not gonna solve anything. Violence solves nothing. All it does is begets more violence. More pain and more tension. It won’t solve anything. It’s gonna make it worse.

Leslie: *Scoffs* Then what am i supposed to do? Just let them get away with it?

Carly: No. That’s not what she’s trying to say. She’s just saying that returning payback against someone… it’s seeking retribution and revenge. But to be violent about it… If that girl is as bad as you believe her to be… She is gonna expect something coming from you. She’s is gonna expect for you to react and if you do… You’ll only be playing into her hand.

Blossom: What do you think we should do about the studying this weekend?

Leslie: Don’t know. We’ll have to get in touch with Rory about that part. I think that we’re supposed to meet at her place to do the studying. She’s got most of the notes. At least… more than what we have. The teacher did say that there would be a test coming up. We will need to be sure that we’re ready too.

As they were talking…


Leslie: *Walking over to the door and answering it* Yeah. What is it?

Carl: We just got a delivery that came in and it’s straight from Brooklyn. It’s deeply troubling.

Leslie: A Delivery? From Brooklyn? *Confused* Why would there be a Delivery from Brooklyn?

Carl: I haven’t a clue. Leslie… I can’t begin to fathom the idea that we’d get a delivery from Brooklyn. There is no one in Brooklyn that would send us something. It’s gotta be a trick. A prank. It must be.

Leslie: Let’s open it. Find out what it is that we’re dealing with.

Carl: You’re absolutely right.

Leslie looks at the box and looks for the fold… Opening it. She wanted to know what was inside the box and there was nothing that would stop her.

Leslie pulled out the contents of the box and saw that it was a card. With a Sack of Gems.

Blossom: *Curious* That’s a nifty lookin’ card there. Who’s it from?

Leslie: Brooklyn, New York.

Blossom: Brooklyn? Wait… isn’t that the place where you’re originally from?

Leslie: Yeah.

Sora: We thought that you would have just cut Brooklyn out from your life as it just gave you nothing but bad memories and yet with little good memories that it held… You’d keep.

But Leslie didn’t see it that way…

She looked back at the time when she’d done that On-air Interview…

“Oct. 19th 2045…

Arnold: *On-Air* You have so much going for you. Alot to live for. However… to the sweet… soon comes the sour as many would say… What led you to Emancipate from your parents. The life that you knew in Brooklyn? What some of the listeners… Like me and i am quite sure that my Niece… Your Best friend Blossom and friends Sora and Carly who are also my nieces… would like to know is what made you leave your family. The ones who brought a wonderful… Loving and highly spirited girl into the world? What made you do it?

Leslie: *On-Air* I was a 12-13 girl. still 13. I didn’t happen to see much of any other choice than to cut loose. It wasn’t as if I wanted to just break from them. *Feeling a little down and upset as she had to think back to why she left her parents* I Love them… But i couldn’t stay a part of them and watch them suffer anymore. I couldn’t.

Arnold: Why? What was so bad that you had to leave and Emancipate from them?

Leslie: I don’t know. I don’t want to really think about it as it is just really sad. But it started 2 years ago. I guess… When i was 11. That was when it started getting worse from what was being done to them.

Arnold: What was going on? What started?

Leslie: It was four years ago. It was around noon. I was in the 4th grade and it was 4 years ago from the week before last. I came home to a broken window and a door. School that day happened to conclude very early that day. I guess that it was where it began as my parents came home angry. I asked them what happened and for no apparent reason… They broke down in tears. It took them 4 hours to stop crying. When they were able to stop the crying and come to their senses… They told me what had happened. That’s when i started to cry. I was only 9 and i was still a bit young and didn’t really have much use to really let out my thoughts about what was being said. I believed it to be all just a mistake and thought it would be just something which would blow over. I actually thought that it would have blown over. But…

Arnold: It never did. Did it? From the way it sounds… it just was the start of the ongoing attacks that pushed you to do something which was the hardest thing you ever thought you would have to do.

Leslie: *Feeling her eyes starting to well up a little* Yeah. It started at work. My father’s work. A rumor started that he was laundering money from his own company. Or the company that he was working for. He was a partner to someone higher up in the Art world. Someone who was really big in fame in the Art world. My dad was like a partner plus Business man for him. But the rumor that got spread and it even crossed his boss who was in fact his partner. The one he was a partner to. Someone who was indeed Jealous of how popular my father was that he wanted to tear him down. The guy my dad said that started it was Steve. Steve. There was never a last name to the guy as that jerk never let it out. But He spread this truly false rumor and it nearly ruined my father. My father was thereby frowned upon by the community. Plus it even reached the kids at the school i went to. The John Wayne Elementary. John Wayne was one of the Idols of mine. How he was fair and direct. Caring and outgoing. The incident got to where my school was and that was when i started getting the brunt of the attacks. The name calling. The teasing and the mocking. I didn’t really get the idea at first. But as it went on i just slowly grew tired of it. It took a while because i was one of the ones who didn’t let it get them down. I didn’t even let it bug me. However there isn’t a whole lot of people who are like that in Brooklyn. As i know of at least. There are few who are like that. Me being one of the few that i know of who get called names and doesn’t let it get to them. Me? It unfortunately… wasn’t the case. It got to me. It got me to start fighting back. That was a year and a half later.

Arnold: That was where you had to do something. If anything to stand up for yourself. It wasn’t easy though… was it?

Leslie: No. It wasn’t. However… As it was, The kids were all picking on me. I would get tormented till that moment where i finally decided to just break out and lash back. It even got to my mother as she started getting attacked. The snobbish people… The Aristocratic people… caught on that she wasn’t all in on being like she was a superior breed and one to treat others like they were nothing. She was expected to be snooty like them and when she wouldn’t do it… They all retaliated. Made it to where people avoided her like the plague. She still had her connections and crowds. But she could not hold any big charity events or gatherings. Because of the stigma that was going around. Actually restate that last statement. She could… But hardly anyone came. Only 10 people came compared to the normal 500 people easy. Yeah. It was that bad. It was that bad and it would only be worse in the long run.

Arnold: Did they survive?

Leslie: They did… But their social standing took a big hit. Which came to hurt me most of all… My parents were facing problems and their reputations and careers were going to the garbage chute. I was 11 when it got to be so bad that i had to start fighting back. With that… i mean. That’s where the nickname that the kids at the school started and began.

Arnold: What was the nickname that they had made?

Leslie: “Baby face” Burke… I got myself into several fights with the kids in my old neighborhood as i was standing up for my parents and when I saw the reality that my parents were indeed facing trouble and having issues… Harder issues than the ones that were there when all the torment began… That was when I knew that it was time to break. I was being called “Baby face Burke” Not that much of a insulting or hurtful name to be called. But after being called it every time the chance called for it… It got to the point that i was coming home from school in tears. It was not that bad… But it was just so hurtful.

Arnold: That’s terrible. What do you think made them want to call you that?

Leslie: I never really figured it out. I don’t even recall being one to stop and wonder about why it was that they called me that. I guess it was the stigma of what my parents were being put through that just got them set off. Making them just find some justification in calling me that. Maybe for a joke. Insult. A Laugh. Or because they wanted me to feel just as bad as my parents did or worse. I took it in however… the kids would chant it and even threw rocks at me. Eggs. I fought back and i was able to pack a bit of a punch. I returned the insults back at them and made them recant. It only worked to a certain point.

Arnold: You fought back?

Leslie: Had to. I mentioned that i taught myself how to fight. It was one of the things that i knew i had to do. I had to take a stand somewhere. I was seeing my parents getting trashed by Innuendo and malicious rumors. They made as though they could do their own fighting. But seeing them getting hurt and treated poorly by the Socialite community… I didn’t want to just stand aside and watch. I had to do something to get it to die down a little somehow. If there was any possibility in my helping in getting things to stop. I had to chance it.

Arnold: Did it work?

Leslie: Only for a week and a half. Each time that i managed to fight back. However… I at that time… reached my limit. The last fight i was involved in…

Arnold: It did something to you. Didn’t it?

Leslie: Yeah.

Arnold: What did it do?

Leslie: It pushed me to make the hardest choice that i never wanted to make. A choice that no 13 year should ever have to make. Ever…

Arnold: It was where you had to either make the hardest choice… Emancipate. Or stick around and see as the nightmare pressed onwards.

Leslie: Yeah… How did you know though?

Arnold: It kinda relates to something i faced 2 decades ago. The time when my family and i all had to battle against a Demon Tyrant. One: Scath/Trigon the Terrible. Back in the day… I was a hero. I had to fight for the world to be changed back to how it was before the Demon came and turned all before him into a desolate wasteland.

Leslie: You used to be one of the heroes back then?

Arnold: That’s right. back when i was a hero or fighter… Before i stepped down officially and retired… I had 9 times or moments where i came close to quitting the Hero Shtick. But in the end… i still stuck to it. But it didn’t change. I had to handle the matter at hand. As did the other fighters. It was fate. But that was back in the day. 2 decades ago. However… You. You had to make a choice. And it was a hard one. The toughest one to ever make.

Leslie: Yeah. What did it was the last fight i had gotten myself in. But just to take a stand and stand up for my parents.  The worst one that was also the very fight which got me to call it over and make the choice of breaking off… It was the one that got me angry. Really angry. Because what happened was that the guy that made that rumor. His wife or woman friend had these kids who were part of the Socialite community and were just as mean as the woman was. Just as mean as that guy was even worse than that. They came over a week later and just confronted me. Telling me: “We people have a certain way of acting. You and your family have all that money and should be smearing the wealth in the faces of the Lower class. Make them miserable because you have the type of money that they know they’re never gonna have. But you and your family don’t even care about the money. You’re weak. No backbone. You and your family should just sell off all your assets and give up the money. Be with the poor since you and your pathetic family can’t embellish the perks of being rich and one with the Socialite community” I just lost all sense and threw things in every direction. The whole thing made me mad. Angry. But then… it made me sad. Because i knew that with all my devotion to my parents… All the care i had for them. My love for them… I just couldn’t do anything to stop it.

Arnold: The greatest pain to a son or daughter who cares and loves their family so much that they would stand and stick up for them with out question. Seeing that no matter how hard they may try to stop the torment and the harassment that’s being done towards a loved one or family… There is nothing that can be done.

Leslie: It’s just not fair. It really isn’t fair at all. My parents didn’t deserve to be treated like that. With what was being done… It then got me slowly into a state of shock. I saw what my family was going through and all i could do was watch. I was 11 years old when i saw the very worst of it. The very worst of it and it upset me until finally… it had left me undeniably devastated and heart broken.

Arnold: You hung in there as much as you could. You did more than any loving devoted Daughter or son could have ever done. I am a parent myself. Leslie, I have no doubt. No doubt at all that your mom and dad are eternally thankful to you. Proud and grateful for all the effort you gave to stand up for them.

Leslie: *Sobbing a little* I’m sorry. I-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i just couldn’t do it anymore. I had to break away from there. I had no choice. No choice. It was that or watch as everything i knew of my family… fell to a distant memory. I am actually with the confession that i am terrified that i may have shamed them by breaking from them. They lost alot as it was… Then they face me Emancipating from them?”

Leslie: I still can remember the torment that came from Brooklyn. That one girl that seemed to have led it.

Blossom: Mackenzie Kincaid.

Leslie: Yeah. Her! *Mad* That girl makes me so sick. I remember the shit that she tried to do to hurt me and my family. She led a mass group of kids to tear at me. Tear me down. Then when that didn’t work… pushed till i broke apart from my family. They’ve put my family through nothing but HELL!

As Leslie went along with it and told about her past. Her family’s past in Brooklyn… How bad it had gotten for them and her back there… All she could do was burn in anger over it. Although what she didn’t seem to figure out was that the girl was nothing like the description which Leslie was describing to the letter. Things were different. Much different.

Oct 1st 2044…

Brooklyn, New York…

Leslie Burke 21

Leslie: *Facing the Socialite Kids* Why don’t you just back off from my family and Me?

Mackenzie: Why don’t you make us, Burke. You think that you’re so tough and can fight back that it’ll make you a somebody. Face it… You’re a Loser. Always have been… Always were and you’ll always be nothing but a loser.

Leslie: Says you! You’re just trying to tear me down because my family won’t cater to the whims of all you stuck-up upper class tightwads. Acting like you guys do. Spreading our wealth in the faces of the lower class and rubbing it in that we have all this high expense stuff and they don’t.

Mackenzie: That’s because it’s the way us Socialites live. We lived a certain way and it’s been that way since the early mid 20th century. It’s been like that and we like it like that. Your family’s been born to a life of privilege and sworn to adhere to certain obligations. Without Exception!

Leslie: So unless my family become snobs… Like you all… We’re never gonna be let be?

Mackenzie: That’s right. We don’t care if you like it or not. Socialites are with certain rules and demands. No one is gonna bend the rules. Not even the likes of you or your family.

Leslie: *Growling and getting livid* Stop trying to act like you’re the grand marshall who’d run us out of town. It’s getting to be really bullshit.

Mackenzie: Too Bad. There are rules and expectations for being a socialite… in the Upper class world. They’re to be adhered to whether your parents or you… like it or not. If you or your parents can’t accept that and find it too hard to do… You and your pathetic family should just give up your fortune and wealth and join the middle or lower class. That simple. There is no room in the Upper class socialite world for rich people who want to sympathize and kiss ass with the lower class peons.

It got to the point where not even the verbal confrontation would make much effort for change. There was nothing to discuss. The fighting words and the animosity… the Hostility and the stand-off. All just as sharp and stinging.

Back to Present day…

The next day…

Sept. 22nd, 2046…

Metropolis Park…

Leslie Burke 49

Leslie: *Walking along side Blossom* Blossom, I don’t know what to think about that delivery that came for me. I used to just see it as like some kind of threat… Anything that came to us from Brooklyn, we usually would just toss out and discard. We’d never think twice of it. Ever. But this…?

Blossom Rhapsody

Blossom: I don’t know what to say, Leslie. *Walking along side Leslie* I should suggest that maybe you could probably overlook it. She could be with that new leaf.

Leslie: That’s the whole problem… I am not so sure if she’s the same one that led the vengeful group who sired to just knock my family and me down. Right on contact.

Blossom: So… What do you think would have pushed her into changing her mind?

Leslie: I haven’t a clue. I have no idea. All i can say is that if she’s here in the City… I’m likely gonna be seeing more of her.

Blossom: It might not be such a bad thing. It could if nothing else give you that privilege to close the door to that chapter in your life. The one that lead to the Emancipation and the anguish that it filled you up with. It could be your chance to patch things up and heal whatever unwelcomed rift there was back in Brooklyn.

Leslie: *Sighs* yeah. The only problem to that is… What if it’s just another ruse and it only reopens the mess that surrounded my family? Do i really wish to ask for that possibility to occur?

Blossom: That there… is the concern.

A gift that came from the Burke past had came and bewildered Leslie and her family… It was not a threatening package. Nor a bribe. It was a peace offering… Of all things. By the one that originally had caused for the Burke’s to break apart. Mackenzie was the one that did the pushing back a couple years ago. But now… there was a opportunity to mend the rift. Heal it.

What was next for Leslie and Blossom? Were they destined to become closer than they were… or were they about to be torn apart? What was next for the Rhapsody Trio? Would they be set to deal with Paris Gellar if she managed to pull the pin and toss the first wave of attack against them, Betty, Leslie and Blossom? Was something about to come? When? To who? And will someone please explain how this talk of Zordon is wrapped up in all this? Find out what happens next to Leslie… Blossom, Rory and or the Clan on the Next Chapter of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! As the saga continues…


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