Chapter 272: Dinner time meet at Dinah’s house. A meet between Rhapsody and Gilmore plus Burke.

Half hour later…

At Dinah and Shingo’s house…

7:00 PM…

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Dining room…

Dinah: *Setting the plates* It’s a blessing to be having company over for dinner. Besides that it has been a while since i had a house of guests.

Lorelai: *Smiles* You do have a very lovely house, Dinah. The outside being Pink and Purple… With the look of a fairy tale… It’s like you’re with the zest for embellishing the combination of Sleeping Beauty, Snow White and Sword in the stone.

Rory: Sword in the stone is an animated adaptation to the legend and lore of King Arthur.

Zoey: That… we know. Of course… you don’t know that this house was originally the dream house that the Rhapsody Dynasty’s family Matriarch wished and prayed to one day have.

Rory: Really?!

Zeke: You bet. It was the house that the family Matriarch dreamt about for a long time. She wanted it and would give anything to have it. But as it turned out… Shingo saw it and grabbed it at a very sweet price. Gave it to Dinah as one of the Wedding presents. He wanted to make the marriage and new life so memorable… that it wouldn’t be forgotten. For a very long time.

Dinah: It sure brings back a lot of wonderful memories. Doesn’t it?

Curtis: It sure does. Although… you also may know that there was a bit of help and assistance in ensuring that you got the house. It was a gift from the heart.

Zeke: Right on.

Leslie: *Walking over to grab the Utensils needed for the Table* I’ll take care of the silverware for you, Dinah.

Dinah: Thank you, Leslie.

Zoey: *Walking over to grab some glasses and drinks* I’ll go and take care of the drinks, Aunt Dinah.

Dinah: Thank you, Zoey. There’s Pepsi, Root Beer, Champagne… And Wine. Plus only one 12 pack of Budweiser. For any beer drinkers. Once the 12 pack is gone… it’s done. So please make them last.

Lorelai: Is there Coffee?

Dinah: We have a few of those Coffee drinks. Starbucks coffee drinks. Help yourself to one. Maybe two if you like.


In the bedroom of Janie, Alex and Charlene…

Janie: What a day… It’s only the first day and we’ve already gotten ourselves with the possibility of being the sole target of one hostile tyrant girl with the personality of one who is threatened by anyone new who show promise in trying to out do her.


Alex: Paris Gellar is a complete over-zealous stuck-up brat. How do her parents even put up with her without screaming their heads off?

Charlene: I don’t know. *Collapsing on her bed and taking a deep breath thinking back on the events of what happened throughout the day* But what i can tell you and this is just my honest viewpoint here… Rory needs to start being more strong. Start standing her ground and stop being so timid and held back. Paris is gonna just mop the floors with her and If Rory doesn’t start matching courage with hostility and stronger will… it’s gonna just point where Paris will see it being open season and walk all over her.

Alex: Is that how you really feel, Charlene?

Charlene: Yeah. I mean… *Scoffs* Rory’s a wonderful friend. A wonderful person. Kind… Sweet. Ambitious and smart. However… If she doesn’t start being more strong-willed… She is never gonna get the vicious vibe from Paris to go away.

Janie: What’ll we do about it?

Alex: I haven’t a clue. But there is something that gets me… What Leslie was saying about this Teen named Justin Creed and the referencing to this Command Center that he knows that houses some being name Zordon. And Robotic assistant Alpha 5.

Charlene: What do you mean? You suspect that something’s up?

Alex: I don’t know… But something about what she was talking about revolving Justin Creed and the whole element of this Zordon… It’s gotten me thinking that the so called Command center… the one we know could be an alternative reality version of the one which Justin happened to refer to. Call it bizarre… But i think that there may just be a connection between the two.

Charlene: How do you figure that? Come on… That’s insane. You have any idea as to how loony that seriously sounds?

Alex: Trust me… I am all well aware of how loony it sounds. But just think about it for a minute… Command center… The one we know about and belong to… Then there’s… . You do see the resemblance of the two or the different realities of the command Center. With ours and then with the one from what Justin expresses in minor detail. From what Sora and Carly had told us… Let’s just say that they match a bit. But ours is run by Chloe, Tess, and Genevieve. His housing Zordon. Alpha 5. Even Zords more likely. *Seeing Charlene looking curiously intrigued*

Janie: That’s nothing compared to some of the weird things we had to deal with last year. Granted that the whole thing about these Zords or the mention of this Zordon and Alpha… It’s a real mind twister. However there are much weirder things to consider that we had to put up with.

Alex: Like the Mob and How we once revered Leslie. We were coerced to believe her as a bad person. Selling drugs and stuff. For the Mob. How she was using the affiliate name Rita the Hammer. Now… She’s not a bad person. Misunderstood. but… bad, no. Not even close. She’s paid for her mistakes and that takes guts. Real guts. She’s become our friend since then and built a Huge Stadium.

Footsteps are heard…

Charlene: Alex, we all know of the wrongs that Leslie has once done. We know and you know what? We don’t care. She has made up for them. She paid off her debts. Paid her dues. So… As far as i am concerned… She could say that she lied and said that she was a transvestite. I couldn’t care one i-oda. I actually would deem that to be a rather endearing quirk.

Janie: Oh… my god. Are you saying what i think that you’re saying?

Charlene: *Dramatic and Ecstatic* What? That i might have feelings for her. Even though she is already an item for Blossom? Yeah. I think that i do have feelings for her. Love. Go ahead and call it stupid. Go ahead. But i say this now. I will deny it to the letter. Because the last thing i need is for Blossom to feel as if she’s about to feel that it’s a competition to who has Leslie’s heart. And it’s gonna be just a possible source for Paris Gellar to use to win one over Leslie. And US… And Blossom. No one at Chilton knows that Blossom and Leslie are gay and lovers. If we were smart… We’d keep that a secret.

Knock knock…

Janie: Who’s that at the door?

Alex opens the door and reveals…

Rory: Hey guys… Your mom’s asking for you.

Seconds later…

Carl Burke

Carl V. Burke: Excuse me, young ladies. I do believe that your mother is calling out for you to be present at the Dining room Table on the double.

Charlene: We’ll be out there in a minute. We’re just trying to get into something more comforting and out of our Chilton Uniforms. We’ve been in them almost a whole day and we’d just like to get out of them… If it wouldn’t be too much to ask.

Rory: I’d like to get out from mine too. I however don’t have any normal clothes to get into. Not with me.

Alex: That sucks. Don’t you feel rather uncomfortable having to still be wearing the uniform… even when school is over for the day?

Rory: A Little bit. However… I am kinda getting a little accustomed to wearing them continually during the school days.

Janie: You must have nerves of iron and elongated patience. If it were us… We’d go nuts.

Charlene: We’ll be out in a couple minutes. We’re just getting changed into normal clothes.

Rory: Okay.

It was the cue for the door to be pushed up a little so no one could look in as they got out of their Chilton outfits and into normal attire. It was just a minute or so later when they were back in normal attire and ready to come back out to the living room… Dining room.

Back in the Dining Room…

Elizabeth Burke
Elizabeth Burke

Elizabeth: *Smiles* You have a very lovely home, Dinah. The place looks absolutely amazing.

Dinah: Thank you, Elizabeth. I appreciate that. The Kitchen however… was done by my husband. He had it done for me as an anniversary present for the 1st year anniversary of our marriage. Did the Dining room for the 2nd. for the 3rd and 4th… He took me out to Vegas. To see 6 shows. Good music performances. Every year he would do something memorable.

Elizabeth: That must be the act of a very loving man. Very loving and caring. Devoted just the same.

(Knock… Knock… Knock!)

Dinah: *To the front Door* It’s open…

Seconds later…

Heinz Freudenberger
Heinz Freudenberger

Heinz: *Walking in* Mein Liege… Zeke. You here?

Sookie St. James 3

Sookie: Lorelai… Rory?

Perry Mark Rhapsody 2

Perry: Pops! Blossom… Sis?

Charlie Rhapsody
Charlie Rhapsody

Charlie: Zoey? Dad?

Zoey Looking to the side...
Zoey Looking to the side…

Zoey: Charlie?

Zeke: Charlie? Son? *Looking to see his son Charlie walking in with Heinz, Perry and Sookie*

Charlie Rhapsody
Charlie Rhapsody

Charlie: *Walking into the living room* Hey pops!

Perry: *Walking into the room* Hey pops. Sis.

Blossom Rhapsody
Blossom Rhapsody

Blossom: *Gasps and seeing her brother* Perry! *Getting up and Walking fast over to Perry; Hugging her brother*

Perry: Hey there, Sis. *Hugging back* How’re you? You okay?

Blossom: Yeah. But… Perry, What’re you doing here?

Perry: I came home to see you and dad. Plus have dinner with the family. The Dorm is just too depressing and the room mate i have… he’s really a class “A” Bore. All he does is talk about his sex life. The guy’s like in his late 20’s early 30’s.

Blossom: So sticking around the Dorms is a total no chance. Unless you seek on being bored.

Perry: You can say that again and I can’t go to Kirsten about it. What could she do about it?

Blossom: Not much… But the least she could do is hear you out and let you express your feelings.

Perry: I agree. I agree. However… She’s with Charlie’s girlfriend Krissy Caine.

Charlie: I don’t see much of my girlfriend either. Although… it’s to be expected as she happens to be taking a Major in Bio-physics. It’s a very strange path she’s going under. But i guess that since she’s undergoing a Major in that profession… It’s gonna be as though she’ll be on the fast track.

Zoey: It can’t be all bad. She did use to be a Bikini girl. It might be her way of shedding off that part of her life and get more serious in what she would like to do with her life. What she’d like to be and make a living. No one can just stay as they are forever…

Charlie: Like you for example?

Blossom: Exactly. Zoey’s wanting to become a troubadour.

Zoey Rhapsody 28

Zoey: It’s a life decision. I mean… It’s not like i’m gonna go join a cult or start getting into sacrificial killings. It’s just singing. Nothing more. Playing Guitar. That’s all it is. Playing guitar and singing. Walking around town and strolling the streets. Singing.

Perry: That sounds like a rather interesting Profession.

Sookie: *Walking in with some contraband* I’ve brought the Ice cream and Fudge Brownies.

Heinz: *Looking at the stuff in Sookie’s hands* “Möchten Sie etwas Hilfe mit, dass so?” (“Would you like some help with that?”)

Sookie: Thank you… But i think that i’ll be okay. The stuff sure is cold though.

Heinz: It’s okay. Let me take care of that. I practically deal with carrying things around off and on throughout the day… Every day. I’m used to it.

Sookie: Really?

Heinz: Yeah. It’s what i do at the Pub. Zeke’s Pub is like a second home for me.

Sookie: It must be a wonderful place.

Heinz: It is. Plus i am happy being there. Serving the customers. Working alongside with Zeke and Gabe. Ilsa. Warren and Nikolai.

Sookie: I feel the same way working with Lorelai. She and I are like best friends.

Heinz: We both have the same element. Working alongside with others. Doing what we love. *introducing himself* Heinz Freudenberger. Bodyguard and bartender of Zeke’s Pub.

Sookie: *Smiles; Introducing herself in return* Sookie St. James. head chef of the Metropolis Inn.

Heinz: It’s a pleasure to meet you, Sookie.

Sookie: And it’s a pleasure to meet you, Heinz.

Dining room…

Lorelai: *Looking over to see Sookie* We’re over here Sookie. In the Dining room.

Curtis: *Working on some data for his field work research*

Seconds later…

In the Dining room…

Blossom: *Looking at her laptop* Leslie, we have a couple hitters.

Leslie: What do you mean?

Blossom: It seems to look as if we have already got ourselves 7 takers to be a part of the Blitzball team and willing to learn how to play it.

Leslie: Really? Who?

Blossom: *Showing off the applicants* These…

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Blossom shows off the pictures and from one of the the pictures… It sparks a sense of recognition in Leslie. She looks closer at one of the photos and recognizes two of them… one of the two happened to turn out being the girl she saw only a couple or so hours earlier that day. The other one… was a close remnant of one of the girls that belonged to the socialite society back in her previous town of Brooklyn.

Leslie: *Gasps* …

Blossom: Leslie, *Seeing the petrified look on her face* Leslie… What’s wrong?

Leslie: *Stiff* Look at the last picture. The girl on the end of current applicants.

Blossom: *Confused* What? Which one? *Looking at the picture and the name* Margaret Kincaid. Is that who you’re feeling stiff about?

Leslie: *Nods reluctantly* Yeah.

Blossom: What’s the deal about her?

Leslie: I rather not say… if it’s no nevermind to you. Blossom, i would tell you. But just not tonight. It’s just not a right time to speak of it. Really.

Blossom: Maybe not. I will suppose that it should be left at being just that she’s not a good person. Right?

Leslie: Basically. to put it more simple… Yes.

It was only a moment later when suddenly everyone had finally sat down to eat and enjoy a pleasing feast. They all spoke about a numerous of things and also about the persistent intruding of Emily Gilmore. The girls spoke about Chilton and about what they were to do about Paris Gellar. Blossom and Leslie both met the chef from the Metropolis Inn. Sookie. It was like a greeting to them and to others. Perry and Charlie spoke about how their college experience was going so far and some of the things that they were saying… was either a wave for concern… or just their expressing the feelings that came over them. The Dinner was a peaceful moment that night. Dinah and her daughters were enjoying the good company. Blossom even got the chance to meet Sookie. She found her to be rather sporty and entertaining. Enjoyful as well.

But the fun and hospitality would soon have to come to an end as it was 9:10 that night when Perry and Charlie had to go back to the Dorms as it was getting close to lockdown. Blossom knew what that meant and saw that there would have to be a prompt to state out their goodbyes for a while. Sookie stayed… as did Lorelai.

An hour later…

Blossom Rhapsody 4

Blossom: *Looking at Leslie* It’s not the same here at home without Perry.

Leslie: What do you mean?

Blossom: He clearly is considered to be like my best friend as well as Brother.

Leslie: And that would mean that i am chop Liver?

Blossom: No. Don’t be silly. Nothing could ever replace you. Besides… You and I are loves. I love you. Relationship wise as well. Perry is just a love to me as he’s my brother. He and I are close as he and I would always confide in one another. It’s just that there are times when just as i am at that point where i don’t know what there is between him and I and why i’m so close to him. He just shows how deep of person he can really be. Marty… My other brother isn’t all that close to me like Perry is. But Perry seems to really understand me in ways that i… *Whispers* don’t believe that my dad could.

Leslie: That’s what it is… isn’t it?

Blossom: You kidding?! Of course. What… You want me to prove it with a kiss on the lips in front of everyone here?

Leslie: *Grins and softly chuckling* Okay… okay. I believe you. But… why not land a kiss anyway?

It was then that Blossom leaned over to Leslie and kissed her upon the lips. It was no surprise that others would be noticing or catching sight of them kissing. However, Blossom didn’t care and neither did Leslie. They were in love and were indeed lovers. It was not any secret. Everyone knew. Well… Other than Lorelai, Rory and Sookie. They saw it and were astonished by the sight although didn’t say a word. They played it off as though the gesture was primarily just a form of trust and friendship. Nothing other than that. But if they had known. If only they knew. What was gonna come next for Blossom and Leslie? Would they be setting up to take their relationship to the next level? Would they be ready? What was gonna happen with the Blitzball team? Would it ever get formed? With the Sponsors finally being achieved… it was sure to be made a reality; however there was something else… getting people to step up. 7 people stepped up in wanting to learn and play the game… Who else would step up? When? What about the deal from Chilton? Would there be more waves of hostility to come from Paris? Who was gonna get the direct line of attack in Hostility from Paris next? Betty? Leslie? Blossom? The Rhapsody Trio? Still Rory? Would it be all of them that get it? Find out in the next Chapter of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! as the saga continues…


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