Chapter 271: Night time Peace-walk and talk between Lorelai and Rory Gilmore, Dinah and Blossom Rhapsody, Leslie T. Burke and Lane Kim.

That night…

Just outside the Promenade…

It’s nighttime. Lorelai, Rory, and Lane are walking down the sidewalk eating slices of pizza. Dinah, her 3 daughters, Blossom and Leslie were along with them.

LANE: It was so weird not having you guys in school today. I mean, I finally noticed some of the other kids, and let me just say, they are a sad lot.

Blossom: Metropolis High finally had done it. It turned Seedy.

RORY: Yeah, well, add a couple of plaid skirts, and you’ve got the Chilton freaks.

Leslie: And don’t forget that they come in all shapes and sizes. Plus with a side order of flair and hostility.

LANE: I totally miss you guys.

RORY: I miss you.

Janie: Same here. We miss the simple days hanging with the bree and good ole’ crew.

Alex: Any newbies spring into the fold?

Lane: A few. Johnny Barlow, Justin Creed, Mackenzie Kole, Beverly Lawson. Jeannie Waller. A colorful happy bunch. And the Waller gal… You’re never gonna live down the tell all. You know who her mother is?

Blossom: Not really. Hit us with a nice shock. After a day like today… We’ll need it in a I.V Drip.

Charlene: A double I.V Drip… Hold the Mustard and Tabasco sauce.

Lane: Well… I’ll give you a ringer for a hint to add to the identity of the mother. “The Wall” “The White Queen” Amanda Waller.

Dinah: *Pauses at the mention of the name* Excuse me! What was that name again? Did you just say Amanda Waller?

Lane: Yeah. That’s who the mother is. Jeanne Waller’s Mother is Amanda Waller. The sole White Queen. However… Jeanne is so sure that her mother is nothing like this shady evil Government agent that she is set on banking on the idea that Amanda Waller is just a normal mother who is an Ex-Government Agent with the bewildering knack to just be a parent and none more. But only to use her old connections in the sole style of getting the things needed to help raise Jeanne.

Leslie: Don’t read into it. I know about it all as i happen to be with the Super-powered Persuasion and have had a secret mobile Hub of Watchtower built into my room. I read up on the woman and know about her. What she is capable of and of course… What type of woman she is. But from what she was back then… compared to what she is likely residing as now… They’re two different things. The only things that are the same are likely her resources that she might still have. If nothing more. But her going right back to her old ways… No. Those days are a direct thing in the past. It’s all motherhood for her now.

Janie: It still doesn’t sit so well with us. Knowing that someone like her is out there. Among the living. It’s just about the same thing as having to deal with dark soulful beings like Desaad and Granny Goodness. They were Awful.

Blossom: So you keep reminding us.

Alex: Not that we mean to just keep bringing it up… But things like that… It’s all relative.

Leslie: What about the young teen Justin Creed?

Alex: What about him?

Blossom: *Shrugs*

Leslie: Lane, What’s the real story behind Justin Creed?

Lane: He’s just this young prodigy who is a little smarter than your average Teen.

Alex: Like Rory…

Lane: Mostly. Yeah. Although every now and then when he walks around… glimpses of some strange band and wrist tech gets brought out to the open. Even a Watch. Has this type of beep that follows some Jingle that matches the series MMPR.

Blossom: You mean… Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Right?

Lane: Yeah. That. But this communicator didn’t jingle to that. It was to Turbo.

Janie: Hmm. That’d be kinda creative and strange.

Charlene: We have heard more weirder things than that. But it catches a person’s interest and attention right off.

Leslie: There is this whole deal with Justin. He’s confusing your Command center with this sort of place that houses the strange being called Zordon? And about a robot assistant named Alpha 5. *Scoffs* I almost wanted to put Justin on the spot and put him in a tense situation… pressing him to tell about all this sort of lunacy about there being a Zordon and Alpha 5. Zoey was buying into it a bit… Not sure as to why… but she was believing it. Maybe to show a boast of support or sympathy.

Blossom: Maybe… Just maybe.

Seconds later…

LORELAI: *To Rory and Lane* Hey guys, I have an idea. What about, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, you know, when I go into Hartford for my business class, what if Lane comes along, and you guys can shop and study and join a cult and shave your heads.

LANE: Really?

Dinah: A Cult and Shaving heads? Wow! Are you trying to pin the girls with the Punk train of mind?

LORELAI: All except the shaving your heads part. And no… However Dinah… Teens need to express themselves every now and then. Go a little crazy. It helps them find out who they are and who they’d like to be.

Dinah: Good pitch. I like that. I actually must say that i agree. Teens are still learning and trying to find themselves. Figuring out who they are and who they ought to be. Trying to decide who they would like to be.

Alex: Right. As if we didn’t happen to already have that kind of mindset all figured out and realized.

LANE: Oh, no. What time is it?

RORY: 6:30

LANE: I’m late for dinner.

LORELAI: Again? Lane, your mother is gonna kill me if I keep sending you home fed and happy.

Janie: Her mother is gonna be what? Upset about Lane coming home fed and happy?

Charlene: What… Her mother is expecting Lane to be Obedient to the whims of her and be unhappy? *Annoyed* Ugh! That woman is really starting to make my blood run cold with disgust.

Blossom: I feel sorry for Lane.

LANE: I’m sorry, but she found a web site that sells Tofu in bulk.

Charlene: *At her wits end* Okay… That’s it. *Emitting frost* I’m gonna go and put the Sub-zero temps on that lady. Her excessive forcing the Korean views on Lane and making her remain suppressed and forbidden from trying to be her own individual… It’s really old and i am done. This stops tonight.

LORELAI: Oh, you’re kidding, right?

LANE: Yesterday, she went out and bought a bigger fridge.

LORELAI: Boy, now, your life is scary.

Charlene was about to make a move. But as she started to make off over to Frost Mrs. Kim… Blossom and Leslie grabbed her and held her back. They wanted to dish out some of their piece of mind as well… But the only point stopping them was that if they had… they’d be regretting it for a long time as it was as though they were trying to dictate how other people choose to live and disregard what they believed in. The customs they followed. So… as much as they didn’t like it… They had to endure. Charlene was set on letting Lane’s mother have it. But knew that she’d have to back off. Otherwise she’d only come to regret her action. Feeling sorry about it for a very long time.

LANE: *to Rory* Can I have your crust?

RORY: *hands her the pizza crust* It’s the least I can do.

LANE: Thanks. Bye. See you guys tomorrow. And Charlene… I would be so open to you letting my mom have a good case of being knocked down a peg… But… as much as i don’t like the living i have at home… It’s my mom and i have to adhere to it. For better or worse.

Lane then ran off over to her house…

RORY: Bye.


Lane leaves. Lorelai and Rory continue walking down the sidewalk along with Dinah and her 3 girls…

LORELAI: Pizza for your thoughts.

RORY: I wish I could figure out a way to get Paris off my back.

LORELAI: Yeah, angry chicks are the worst. When I was in high school I had a Paris.

Blossom: The solution is very simple, Rory. It’s called stand your ground and start being more fortified. Stop letting Paris Intimidate you.

Rory: I don’t let Paris Intimidate me.

Blossom: Bullshit you don’t. Rory… you’re a very nice person. Gentle. But also strong and full of ambition. Knowing what you want and what you don’t. However… i frickin’ swear it… You can be so submissive and meek. Shy and completely timid sometimes. Rory, You need to stop being so laid back and taking the hostile hits coming from Paris. Paris may only be pulling the pin on hostility and just giving a verbal light wave now… But it’s gonna get worse as time goes by.

Rory: How is it that you know?

Blossom: Because my family and I have seen it a thousand times and more times over. Just about the same exact circumstance. The only thing that we had going for ourselves was that we had this inner strength. Something that helped us stand up and match wits and resolve with Wits and resolve. Before The Marco’s were pals to us… We would be at their necks. Their throats. About a multitude of things. One being about Holly Reedy and her trying to do all there was in her power to humiliate and socially… Mentally and Emotionally harm Leslie. They were at first attending to Holly’s whim and demands. However… the moment that Sora and Carly… showed Tara the form of Blackmail that they grabbed to use against Holly. The fact that Holly Reedy was in diapers… Tara joined our side and realized in time that Holly was the insecure one and came to be along with us. It took a bit of time… But it was done. However… There were other moments that were had… Other occurrences that didn’t seem to have a pleasured ending. Just heartache. Point is that… What you’re doing about Paris and her Hostility. Not standing your ground… It’s just like those moments. Different scene… Different times. Different people. But in the entirety of it all… It’s the same element. Same aura of Bull.

Rory: *Sighs* …

Seconds later…

RORY: *To her mother* Yeah?

LORELAI: Yeah, she was horrible.

RORY: How’d you get rid of her?

LORELAI: I got pregnant and dropped out.

Dinah: That had to have been your escape hatch.

Lorelai: Escape Hatch?!

Dinah: Yeah. Your growing up years… when you were dealing with your version of a girl named Paris… You had to escape from the hostility somehow. So… What did you do? Got Pregnant and Dropped out. Not entirely smart… But… when you’re backed into a corner and have no viable way out… You do what you must… to escape. Even if it’s not exactly most common and condoning. Of course… the shining gem part of the move you made… Was that you got a wonderful… ambitious talented girl. Loving and sincere.

Lorelai: Touche!

RORY: What if I just learn to French braid her hair?

LORELAI: Even better. Sweetie, you can’t let those kids get you down.

RORY: I know.

LORELAI: Do you want me to talk to anybody? A parent, a teacher, a big guy named Moose?

Dinah: We can make some calls and get the matter dealt with without possible fists a flyin’.

RORY: I’ll just figure it out for myself.

Dinah: Self-reliant.


Rory laughs a little…

Leslie and Blossom laugh a little as well as even they thought back to how Paris looked when Rory had nabbed the shot of answering the questions before her…


RORY: I was just thinking about the way Paris’ face looked when I beat her to that Martin Luther question.

Leslie: *Laughing* Paris looked so mad. We could almost swear on it that she was gonna burst in flames in seething and outrage.

LORELAI: Good, huh?

RORY: Fourteen shades of purple.

Janie: 14…  Try 14 1/2.

Charlene: That’s nothing. You should have seen the look on her face when countered Paris’s hostile demeanor. I think that she was on the verge of going literally nuclear. She also showed fear in her eyes. 5 shades of fear.


RORY: Tomorrow I’m shooting for 15.

Blossom: 15? Why stop there, Rory? If you’re gonna go for driving Paris bats… why not shoot for 20? That’ll really get her close to bursting like a Zit.

Rory: Sounds like fun. I’ll do that.

they stop in front of Luke’s Diner and see Luke inside…

LORELAI: Hey, what do you think of Luke?

RORY: What do you mean?

LORELAI: I mean, do you think he’s cute?

Dinah: I think of Luke as rather remarkable and sweet. If i was single… He’d be a good man. Joking of course as i got a husband and i love him with my heart and soul.

RORY: Oh, no. No way. Not him.

LORELAI: No way what?

RORY: You cannot date Luke.

Blossom: How come? You afraid of what might happen between your mom and Luke, Rory?

LORELAI: I said nothing about dating Luke.

RORY: If you date him, you’ll break up, and we’ll never be able to eat there again. Blossom, i happen to know my mom. She’s good. but she can get pretty nutty and on a fast track to insane asylum. On a one way ticket to Bellevue.

Blossom: What about Belle Reve?

Rory: Never heard of that. What is that?

Leslie: *Pulling out her portable Tablet* here.

Leslie within seconds pulled up some Data and showed Rory…

Action belle reve sanitarium

Belle Reve Sanitarium is a mental institution and metahuman prison that is run by the United States government. It is known to hold psychotic metahumans and dangerous Smallville residents.

Belle Reve is often depicted as a place with a dreary, depressing atmosphere.”

Rory: That would be a pretty dark and unsafe place. Not somewhere my mom would ever head to. She might be nuts at times. But nothing in the league of a sanitarium. At least… not there.

Leslie: We didn’t seem to think of it that way either. However… Most people who are deemed nuts wind up in Asylums or institutionalized. It’s how the world thinks. Who’s to figure?

LORELAI: I repeat, I said nothing about dating Luke.

RORY: Date Al from Pancake World, his food stinks.

LORELAI: I cannot believe what I’m hearing. Al’s food does not stink, Al stinks.

Luke comes out of the diner and watches them walk away, then puts up the “Closed” sign and goes back inside…

It was a wrap up of a first day of a likely long road through the rigors of Chilton… But with some hopes and dreams to level the field and bring some peace and excitement. However there was likely gonna be some new untold occurrences. More to unfold on the Justin Creed and the link leading to a possible PR: Turbo embrace as well as a few concerts. A darkened new near future reality for Leslie. She becoming the target for corruptive girls with the fetish of dressing or wearing diapers. More to follow… What was next to befall them? Find out in the next Chapter of the Adventures of the Rhapsody girls Z! as the saga continues…


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