Chapter 270: Blitzball Stadium Check-in. Leslie on the up&up

An hour later…

The Leslie Burke Blitzball Stadium

The Leslie Burke Blitzball Stadium…

Leslie’s Office…

Leslie sitting at her desk.
Leslie sitting at her desk.

Leslie: *Looking at some of the paperwork* Oh gosh. This is gonna take me a while to do. *Reading through the papers and grabbing for some Coffee* Let’s see…

Leslie: *Pushing a button on the phone and dialing for Blossom’s #* I just departed from her only an hour ago and here i go calling her again. I don’t own her… She’s entitled to live and breathe a little. *Sighs* Here we go.

Seconds later…

Leslie on her phone

Leslie: *On the Phone* Blossom…

Blossom on the phone 2

Blossom: *On the Phone* Leslie. What’s up?

Leslie: Nothing really. Just in my office at the stadium looking at some paperwork. Something i really don’t favor in doing. At all. But also… there is something else. Which just came in. A huge case of good news.

Blossom: Good News? Such as…?

Leslie: You recall the Blitzball program that we tried to get funding for but couldn’t because the City Mayor of Metropolis wouldn’t grant it?

Blossom: Yeah. I know of it. Why? What about it?

Leslie: Well… What would you say to this: We got the Funding and the Sponsorship for it. Why? Let me tell you. The Mayor of Topeka and Treasurer have noticed about our Blitzball Program and have vowed to step up and sponsor it. Fund it.

Blossom: *Heard over the phone* AHHHHHH! You’re kidding? You serious? Since when?

Leslie: Last night i guess. It came right from the spreading tell all that was done by Amy Diamond. She had a concert in Topeka last night and whatever she said… caught on and got the attention of the Mayor and City Treasurer of Topeka. They want to meet with me as soon as possible. However… Now that we got Chilton and that school is very time consuming and demanding. I don’t know as to how i can make the time to get over to Topeka and meet with them.

Blossom: That part there is gonna be a rather bit of a problem. Does Wakka know about any of this?

Leslie: I don’t think so. I am supposing that someone must have told him by now. I’m gonna see if i can find him and get him to start on getting willing participants.

Blossom: We have a study session tonight. Rory called and planned out a Study session. The Trio’re gonna be there as well as Betty.

Leslie: I’ll be there shortly. *Sighs* I got to take care of some things here. But i thought that i should tell you therefore you’d know. You happen to be the Co-founder on this stadium, you know. You happened to have given me the idea of doing something like this. I Built it… yeah. But if it weren’t for you mentioning it… This would not have been a reality.

Blossom: The Cornerstone on the Stadium ought to read then… Founded by Leslie… Inspired by Blossom.

Leslie: *Chuckles* That’s a good one. I like that. I’ll do some calls and see on ordering for there to be a cornerstone made and placed right beside the Stadium.

Blossom: Why don’t i make some of the calls? I got to make some of those calls too. I can’t get any lead way… unless i do something to earn some stripes.

Leslie: Don’t worry. You will. Besides that… You’ve got the advertising going along. Anything that happens here… You spread word around… Things like Events. Concerts. Gatherings. Special performances. That sort of nature. Of course… People kinda catch on anyway before word would be starting on being spread. However… You manage to create a ripple effect to it.

Blossom: I do. But i need more to do.

Leslie: *Sighs* Okay… okay. I do suppose that it’s only natural that you’d want to take your licks and get rollin’ with the business. You can make the calls. But just keep me on the front of how it goes. That way i’ll know what’s coming.

Blossom: Of course. Don’t i always do that?

After the call ended…

Leslie Burke 43

Leslie: *Contacting her head of security* Luzzu, Come to my office immediately. I would like to see you…

Luzzu: *Through speakerphone* Be right there. E.T.A: 5 minutes.

A Moment later…


Luzzu: *Knocking on the door* …

Leslie: Come on in, Luzzu.

Luzzu: *Opening the door; Walking into the office* …

Leslie: Luzzu, what’s the deal today? I see that you came in here today. Your Security report was found on my desk here. Says here that we had a couple of occurrences in the foyer wings. The Upper left sector. 3 in the Upper Right sector.

Luzzu: That’s right. However… most of the occurrences were handled in a timely manner. Capt. Lucil and Elma took the proper procedure and handled them. The one’s that needed me to intervene… I dealt with it. As well as Lucil and Elma. Wakka assisted in some as he happened to be with me at the time.

Leslie: *Taking a sip of her coffee* Mmm… That’s good coffee. Folgers. Now that’s true coffee. *Clearing her throat* Okay… Luzzu. This is the problem that seems to be at our door here. These occurrences are normal. But i am getting the feeling that it’s happening every other day. You’re supposed to be on the top of all this. Being the head of security that i appointed you to be. Capt. Lucil and Elma… are the honorary guards. If you happen to have a bit of trouble doing the Job i gave you. Being that since you’re only one man. Just tell me. Stop painting me as one who would see this as an excuse so you’d get some pity and be babied. I will understand and take measures in getting more Security here. But just tell me. Okay? I can’t do anything about it… if you don’t tell me.

A second later…

Leslie: *Thinking* I have an idea. Let me make a few needed calls. Taking care of business… I might have some idea as to solve the lack of Adequate security there seems on being here. We’ll fix this.

Leslie then excuses Luzzu and allows for him to resume work for the rest of the day. She also made sure that she praised him for the work ethic that he showed that day. Made certain that he wouldn’t forget the gratitude that was earned for his hard work.

A couple hours later…

Leslie: *Looking at Dona, Barthello, Isaaru, Yuna and Wakka* Dona… Barthello. You two have done well in fulfilling your duties as Ushers. It is Payday after all. So… here we go. Wakka. You’re first in the line. *Writing up a check for $750* Wakka… Your first payload… You’re to get yourself new clothes. Open up a bank account for yourself. And given since you don’t have a place of your own… Set up a deal with Blossom. Her father might be up for boarding you. But ask first. Don’t just waltz in. If they take you in… it’d be by the kindness of their hearts. As well because you and they are like close. *Handing a Check to Wakka* Welcome to the Reality and the work force. Just keep up the good work. You didn’t actually work… But let’s just say… You’re about to get your source of having your hop busted to earn your keep. Can’t say too much… But You’re gonna be leading a team in the near future.

Wakka: *In Shock*…

Leslie: It’s your dream come true. Feels invigorating… doesn’t it?

Wakka: *Nods while in shock*

Leslie: Dona… Barthello. You two have done well as Ushers. Blossom… My Co-founder… She tells me that you were Originally a Summoner. And Barthello was like your guardian. Yuna being your mutual adversary. Isaaru being of course… a Summoner and inspired by Yuna’s father Lord… Braska, was it?

Yuna: Right.

Leslie: *Writing up a check for Dona* All Pay’s are the same. But Ushers seem to get extra because of tips. Some Ushers are Tipped with gratuity. But one rule about that is that when you get tips… The tips at the end of the day are to be split with the rest. You are all family here. We’re all family and it’s to be run in just that way. Okay? *Handing a Check to Dona* $750. Your first Payday payload. *Writing a Check up for Barthello and Seconds later Handing it to Him* Here’s yours. Barthello, You’re with a lot of Muscle. You sure that you’re not secretly working out to build up such big muscles? *Grins*

Barthello: Ahhhh! *Blushing a little* Stop it, Boss. It’s not that. I just always have had strong muscles.

Leslie: Either way… Looks good on you. *Looking at Yuna and Isaaru* You two have been trying to find players who can be good at playing Blitzball. That’s a Temp Job. Once we get the Blitzball Program going… If it ever gets some traction… You two will be at the Announcers center. By the east side of the Arena. With a famous Summoner who was known to defeat Sin ten years after her own father had. Over-throwing a ill-fated 1000 year old tradition. That’s saying something. Plus with one who envisions the High Summoner Braska as the epitome of an example. Someone to look up to. With you and Isaaru as the announcers… the Matches would be outstanding. Plus… Announcers happen to make a few dollars more. $800 would be the honest payload. Your Position of work… only gave you $650. But i’ll be making a pay raise soon. So all will be making $800 straight. I’ll pay you all well… For as long as i can… However. Don’t always expect it. The Economy isn’t what it was years ago. Plus… as i found out… With Donald Trump as President of the U.S… Things everywhere in just about every City is struggling. The only upside to it all is that people are still keeping on the up&up. Keeping on the high and bright side.

Wakka: It’s just hard to keep at it sometimes, you know?

Elma: We’ll be alright though… Right?

Leslie: I’m positive that we all will be.

It was then that as soon as they all got their payload or paychecks… They made off and cashed it in… Did what they had to do. Getting Bank accounts and having it where it goes for Automatic deposits. It was just as it seemed. Things were about to look up. Leslie still had to make the calls. Had to set up a meeting with the Mayor and the Treasurer in Topeka. There was just alot to do. But Leslie knew that with Blossom helping her out… things would be okay…

4 in the Afternoon that day…

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Sora: *Walking into the office with Carly* Hey Leslie…

Carly: What’s up? How was it for you at Chilton?

Leslie: Don’t ask. And hello to you guys too.

Sora: What’s the matter?

Leslie: Chilton is brutal. Blossom and I have become possible targets for a Hostile girl… Paris Gellar.

Carly: Paris Gellar?! We don’t know of her.

Leslie: Good. Trust me. It’s a relief for you to not know who she is. She’s no sweet canary.

Sora: Why didn’t you just dish out some defense?

Leslie: Would… I would have… But in Chilton… You gotta watch all that you do there. That place is stricter. The Pressures are greater and the Expectations are higher.

Hallie: You sure that you can really handle Chilton… and this Stadium?

Nicole: Leslie, You still should have done something. Granted that you don’t wish to risk precipitating the Old Mob persona… But you shouldn’t be taking crap from the likes of creeps like Paris Gellar.

Lana: Was she Hostile and vicious?

Leslie: Hostile… Stand-offish. Confronting and intimidating… To say the least. She even got in Rory Gilmore’s face.

Carly: What?!

Macie: What did Rory do about it?

Leslie: Nothing. *Sighs; at a loss of what to say* She didn’t do anything. Paris got into Rory’s face. Stared her right in the face. Stated a warning about the school paper and the school being the domain of hers and walked off. Rory accidentally… ruined Paris’s History project and vowed to help her redo it. But Paris was being a snobby witch. Rory answered questions before Paris could utter the words to spit out the answers to the questions the Teacher was asking the class. Paris after the bell rang got up… walked over to Rory’s desk and leaned forward… looking Rory right in the eyes. saying: “Stay out of my way. I’ll make this school… a living hell for you.”

Ellie: Paris should be taught a lesson.

Leslie: Stop it… Nicole, Ellie… Lana. Stop it. There isn’t a need for that. I am sure that with a minor taste of frost done up by Charlene and a small shot of electricity sent at Paris. I believe that was good enough. It’s good enough of a counter attack. They walked away happy. And Paris walked off surprised. Happy… maybe. Although the hostility from her isn’t gonna be over. She’s gonna bide her time.

Justin: That’s not the way to settle a encounter or confrontation. Bullies are always expecting for the victim to make a move. By you attacking… It only invited more trouble.

Leslie: I didn’t land any punches. Blossom and Charlene had done it. But it was either that… Or take the lumps. There wasn’t any other choice but to return the hostility.

Mackenzie Kole: Violence is never the answer. Although… there is only so far you can just push someone before they snap. and they just let loose.

Jessica Mackenzie Williams: Are you going there again?

Leslie: Unless i happen to drop out… Yeah.

Beverly Lawson: You go to Chilton?

Leslie: Yeah. I do.

Beverly: Wow! What’s it like there?

Leslie: It’s hard. It’s only the first day and i already came into the line of sight to a vengeful and hostile gal named: Paris Gellar.

Johnny: You’re afraid of a girl? You’re a girl yourself and you’re afraid of one of your own. *Laughs* That’s a real laugh. You’re afraid of her.

Leslie: *Scoffs* Are you seriously kidding me? Are you hinting at the idea that i am a scaredy-cat? I am not a scared girl. I can fight back, you know. However I wasn’t the one starting the sense of Animosity and Hostility. Paris was the one who threw the first wave of it. The first wave. All we did was just walk out of a classroom.

Sora: Johnny, stop it. Leslie’s in the right for how she did things. If it were us… we would have come up with little secret pranks to get back at Paris.

Beverly: Sounds like you got Private school Hazing in the forefront.

Zoey: What’ll you do?

Michelangelo: There must be something that can be done to ice the Animosity and Hostility which was produced within that school.

Leslie: I am sure that there is. Although it won’t make much difference unless Rory’s got the will to stand up and put her best foot forward. Showing that the hostility is not gonna win anyone and that it should stop. They need to conduct a truce. It’s the only thing that can be done. Otherwise… The tense situation… is never gonna rest.


Leslie: *Seeing new faces among the crew* Wait… Who are these guys here? They’re new.

Zoey: Oh… We’ve met them just today.

Tara: Yeah. They’re pretty cool.

Michelangelo: A couple of them are pretty awkward though…

Sora: *Pointing to the two boys* These guys are Justin Creed and Johnny Barlow.

Justin: *Nods*

Leslie: It’s a pleasure to meet you two. Welcome to the crew.

Johnny: *Hugging Carly* The Name’s Johnny. Johnny Emilio Barlow. Emancipated and living well.

Mackenzie Kole: I’m Mackenzie Kole. This is my friend Beverly Lawson.

Beverly: Hello.

Jeannie: I’m Jeannie Waller…

Zoey: Waller?!

Leslie: Waller… as in “Amanda Waller” … “The Wall” … “The White Queen” Waller?

Jeannie: Yeah. Why?

Tara: *Thinking* That’s the second time we’ve heard that name.

Michelangelo: We’re gonna need to get a handle on this person.

Jeannie: What do you mean? What handle?

Zoey: Jeannie, The one you know as your mother. She’s once been the revered head of a government Agency known as Checkmate. A Shady government agency that went after superheroes and also were after Aliens. Searching for them and going after them. Believing that they were to foreshadow a threat that wouldn’t be taken lightly. She went after anyone with abilities as she believed it where they’d help the armed forces to end the upcoming Apocalypse quickly and decisively. She also believes in intimidation saying that, “Studying fear gives us insight to others’ phobias”. Amanda is often very manipulative, and as the head of Checkmate, she uses threats to strike fear into her employees, often threatening their employment or even their families, to maintain her organization. She demands that her agents remain completely obedient saying, “There is only one way out” of her organization.”

Jeannie: *Shaking her head* No… No. That’s not true. She wouldn’t ever do that. She couldn’t.

Sora: *Feeling hesitant in bursting the bubble* Hate to break it to you, Jeannie green hair. But we got access to files saying otherwise. She could… She would… and she had. As to what she’s doing now… Even though she was believed to have been dead. No one knows. No one’s seen her.

Zoey: That woman is luring. My ex-Mother could tell you all about it.

Tara: The Luna you knew… is forever gone.

Zoey Rhapsody 30

Zoey: Maybe… *Sighs* Maybe not…

Leslie: *Sighs* You know what… I think that this is gonna be a bit hard to just explain… Nicole, Ellie and Lana… You as well as I are now part of the Super-powered persuasion. My room at my home has a closed sub-room that consists on my contact with Watchtower Command center. You guys who are not affiliated with the Watchtower Command center… You’re all sworn to secrecy. Direct secrecy. What you see here… Is to never leave this room. Am i clear?!

They all nod. Sora and Carly were members of the Super powered Persuasion but even they were swearing on the secrecy.

Leslie: *Pressing a button* … *Giving a Voice command* Activate Screen and Overhead!

Leslie’s Watchtower Sub-Outlet: *Voice* Activating Screen and Overhead…

Leslie: *Commanding* Control center… Activate replay of archive file… March 15th 2024…


Leslie’s Watchtower Sub-Outlet: *Voice* Now playing Watchtower Archival file 3991011663 Dated recording of March 15th 2024….

The Audio is then played… With flashes of archival pictures…

“Paige: *With her sisters; Handcuffed to the chair* What is this… Why are we handcuffed to the chairs?

Pearl: This is bad. I wonder if our mom ever had days like this when she used to be one of the people under heroic persuasion?

Dinah: *Coming to* Well… if she has had days like these… then i guess we can sympathize now…

Agent Waller: *On Screen* Rhapsody Girls Z!, Welcome to Checkmate.

Dinah: We know about you. You’re some woman who lives for intimidation. and manipulation. *Shaking her head a little* Ugh! What the heck did you put in that taser anyway? Knock-out serum? Oy!

Pearl: And i think you know us. but it’s irrelevant… considering what you’re after.

Agent Waller: *On Screen* You are a guest of the U.S. government. And the time has come for you to do your patriotic duty.

Black Canary: *Coming to* Hey, Tell the doll on screen to put herself on mute. She’s drowning in her own delirium. We’re guests of the U.S Government. but to be handled like this? Talk about having no civility.

Paige: So… we’re to be guests. What’s on the schedule? Military Drafts and green cards? You know. We’re only 15. Minors. If you think that you can do this and not take into consideration that our mom will get wind of this, you’re way off your sense of reality. Our mom is probably asking around for us, right now.

Dinah: Plus… we haven’t figured that Good ole’ Uncle Sam was into the drugs and bondage regime. It kinda makes the original “I Want you” Posters seem rather second rate. doesn’t it?

Agent Waller: *On Screen* I see. Well, I’m sorry you think that these tactics that were used are crude. But I happen to see that this country is vulnerable and i fear for our country’s security. That’s why I’m recruiting capable people like you. Rhapsody Girls. I know about you. read the files that a devoted Agent has provided me. Must be giving you Kudos for being young at heart and only 11. when you begun the heroic duties. Going after a Drule. Then at age 14… going toe-to-toe with a Queen from a place called Dark Kingdom. defeating a Great Evil. then facing to go after one of your own allies. who was in normal form a total ditz and a frantic daydreamer. Now going after the Aliens that are living amongst us. That is high standards. Even for girls who happen to be younger than the rest.

Pearl: Of all things to say… you just had to say that. What are you? Big brother? Do you just get your kicks from prying into our lives? The Kudos should be wonderful. but the way you go about it. Very pretentious if you ask me…

Paige: It’s more like a kidnapping than a job at a career booth. Recruitment? More like a case of being Lojacked.

Agent Waller: *Grins* Well… Call it anyway you wish. But it’s past time for you Girls to elevate your service and serve your country’s cause to preserve it’s National security. You are more endeared to think it all over as you have a long plane ride ahead to give it some thought.

The Screen goes blank…

Dinah: We get abducted or tied up. all we get out from it is a plane ride. They better have an on-flight movie for us.

Black Canary: *Squirming* Well if i can wrangle these cuffs loose. i can try to break us out of here. *grunts* these Cuffs are tight. I think they used Cast iron for these cuffs. Chrome maybe.  Ugh!

Pearl: *Shedding a few tears suddenly* She was really mean. She has us tied up and is planning to exploit us. We’ve been tricked. They weren’t after our friend Black Canary. They were after us. and that one Agent… Looked alot like Tess. I sure hope that i am wrong about that though. i really do.

Dinah: Uh, Pearl. It’s a little late for suspicions now. besides. we’re stuck here… we’re trapped and there is no way out of here. these Cuffs won’t come off…

Black Canary: *Suddenly loose from the handcuffs and Pulling out a knife; cutting the ropes off from around her ankles* Hold on with the thoughts of lost hope there Rhapsody Girls…  We’re gonna get out of here. It’s not over yet.

Paige: It’s not that we’re losing hope. it’s just not looking good for us here.

Pearl: I just want mom. *Feeling upset*

Suddenly feeling on the verge of crying, Pearl started to release her weapon; The Bubble Harp. it played a song and shattered the TV Screen. But within seconds…

Black Canary: Girls, you might want to cover your ears for this. i’m gonna use the canary Cry to see about busting the cuffs off of you girls. the little knives of mines won’t be doing the trick.

Dinah: Are you kidding? Canary, i think that you’re forgetting something. Our hands are tied together. we can’t break loose and it will be only a moment more before we get to the airfield and taken to the headquarters. The Castle.

Pearl: *Spooked* Go ahead and let it out, Black Canary. let it out. i would rather have ringing ears than be made a captive in Waller’s schemes.

Paige: Don’t worry. we’ll deal with her…

The Black Canary then let out her Canary cry and shattered the handcuffs that were on the girls. What happened was beyond their surprise. they didn’t know till after it happened. But after the cuffs were shattered and the girls were free…”

Leslie: There’s more. Jeannie… This is gonna hurt. And for that… we’re sorry. But what you don’t of her… It is gonna one day hurt you. Because… granted that she’s your mother… You love her. Would do anything to stand by her… However… This is something you’ll need to know. It’s for your own good.

Carly: We know of the Archives as we’re members of the Super-powered Persuasion. Even we are shook. But it’s one of the perks of being a member. We get unrestricted access to all the old files and archives. Audio and visual.

Leslie: *Commanding* Control center… Activate replay of archive file… March 15th 2024…

Leslie’s Watchtower Sub-Outlet: *Voice* Now playing Watchtower Archival file 3991011671 Dated recording of March 15th 2024….

“White Queen: *Looking up to see Clark, The Rhapsody Girls and an Unknown girl* So… i finally get to meet the Blur… The Rhapsody Girls Z! and with an extra person. Unknown one at that.

Sailor Luna: Enough deflecting. You have an innocent person under your capture… it’s time to face punishment. *Doing her Pose* Beautiful sailor soldier of love and everything little, Sailor Luna. In the name of the Watchtower… I shall Punish you.

Miss Love: *Posing* The Love and beating heart of Bliss, the Winged angel of Romance… Miss Love… with the powers of Love and sweet eternal hearts…the souls and presence of Evil will be silenced by the embrace of Love’s Might!

Bubble Maiden: *Posing* The Bubbly Angel of serenity, The gentle touch of water Bubble Maiden… With the power of Bubbles Might and the sincere heart of Water’s Embrace… the existence of Evil will be washed with grace and light!

Thunder Mistress: *Posing* The Thunderous Flight of justice… The sparking charge of the Rhapsody Girls, Thunder Mistress… By the hands of Thunder and Lightning, The presence of Evil will feel the Thunderic fury of The Rhapsody Girls!

White Queen: *Looking at the Girls* You girls sure are expressive. i got to admit that i love the color on you. it works. Not sure about the middle name though. I think that you could do better than call yourself Bubble Maiden… Pearl. You can do much more better. Like Bubble Enchantress. Bubble Angel. Bubble Maiden just won’t do.

Bubble Maiden: Don’t be patronizing me… Because i am just itching to fire my bubbles at you. You have our Mother…

White Queen: Amazing how you already know that we got your mother here. *Looking at Clark* And i got to say that i liked your colors more when they were seen as patriotic.

Clark: Kidnapping is illegal. Even for the government.

White Queen: I don’t have time for polite requests. I have reason to believe there are aliens living among us. They have designs that are much bigger than just getting green cards. I need your help. That is why Checkmate has been trying to collect you heroes…

The White Queen then gets up and walks out from behind her desk and walks over to face the Rhapsody girls and Luna…

Clark: *To Waller* To do what? Chase down rumors and UFO stories?

Bubble Maiden: The only Aliens we know of are the ones inside your head.

Thunder Mistress: Has anyone managed to tell you that you have bats in the belfry? You’re mad and totally loonsville. Aliens… UFO’s. Geez! and i thought that we’ve heard weirder things than this… but this? This takes the biggest Cake. and it’s way past our Birthday.

White Queen: What if I were to say that i have proof? Actual alien blood? The keystone to World War III.

Clark: Maybe these aliens aren’t here to start a war.

Miss Love: And if they are here to start a War… how do you propose to stop them if they got powers that are not of this world? People or should we say beings like Zod. He’s got abilities.

White Queen: If you don’t stand with us, you stand against us. It’s time for you to pick a side. Maybe this will help your indecisiveness. And dear Rhapsody Girls…. there is something you should see…

The White Queen then turns on the Monitor showing the captives…

White Queen: *Speaking into the radio* Stand ready for immediate orders.

Bubble Maiden: *Screams* That’s our mom! NO!!!

Clark: Let her go.

Miss Love: Let our mom go…

Sailor Luna: *Spinning her Moon wand around* Vroom! Vroom! Vroom! *Forming a gold Harisen* Heavy… *Feeling herself pull forward trying to keep balance* Whoa!

White Queen: someone bag the kitty. She needs a nice nap.

Thunder Mistress: Touch our friend and you’ll get a nice charge up from my thunder. *With her Thunder Gloves aimed to attack* Touch our friend. Just try it. i am just itching to fry your royal queen wannabe ass.

White Queen: I’m not being unreasonable. If you step forward, out of the shadows, I will let Watchtower go. And as for you girls. If you agree to serve Checkmate’s cause… your Loving mother will be free to go and will not be harmed.

Clark: Release her now.

Miss Love: You let our mother go. Let our mother go… Right now… *Looking at her sisters* Girls… I think she’s wanting a sample of the Rhapsody Warhead.

Thunder Mistress: Not with us still in here. Are you nuts. that would blow this place up to the moon. if we are to blow this place up… we need to get our friend and our mother out first. then do it. not till then. Besides to launch that in here is too good for someone like her. This lady is psycho.

White queen: *Smirks and Looking at the girls* You girls are really exciting to look at and are a treat to have in my office here. But unlike some… i tend to enjoy having my cake and eating it too. i don’t savor to waste any of it. *Looking at Clark and then at the Rhapsody girls again* Mm. I want your loyalty to Checkmate. *Seeing Clark and the Rhapsody Girls motioning to make a move* Nuh! I wouldn’t do that if i were you. i would think twice on striking me. You see….If Anything happens to me; it’ll be bye-bye, Blondie. I know you’re fast. But you can’t stop a bullet when you don’t know where she is. And for you girls. It’ll be bye-bye mommy-kins. You may be on top of the world. and have tough members in your family to help you win battles like these… but here. you’re out of your league.

Clark: That would be murder.

Bubble Maiden: You’re a real Meanie. The worst person ever to walk the planet. You’re making like Murdering an innocent person justifies the means for getting people to serve your cause.

Sailor Luna: Take this… Mean Lady… You want to play tough… Eat this! *Launching an attack at the White Queen* Luna Sucre…..Candy!

White Queen: *Scoffs* It’s not murder. It’s strategy. Something you could have used more of before coming here.

Miss Love: *Looking at Luna* Luna! find the room and initiate the Diversion.

Thunder Mistress: We’ll handle this woman here.

Clark: What more do you want?

White Queen: The location of Watchtower’s central database.

Clark: You’re after everyone who’s ever worked at Watchtower.

White Queen: Names, faces, addresses. The Black Canary, Impulse, Aquaman, Cyborg. I need people with the abilities to end the war quickly and decisively. It’s your move.

Lord Electricmind: *Sparking in and grabbing Agent Waller* Alright… You Bitch. you want intimidation… Here’s something for you! *forms electric from his hands and they form into one big electric ball and then a stream of thunder bolts* THUNDER BOLT STRIKE!! Back off of my Nieces or i swear to you… Waller. You will regret it. You think that since you have the power of Manipulation and the gift of Intimidation that you can call all the shots. Nice try. Harm my Nieces and it’ll be the last thing you ever do. That’s not a threat. That’s a promise. BACK OFF! NOW!

Miss Love: You know… Waller… Even if we were to cooperate… What makes you think that we’d ever be on the same side? You can’t make us believe that you’re fighting for the truth and justice and for the beliefs of Uncle Sam. We already know your tricks. You really think we don’t know. We have seen your methods here… You tried to capture us once. failed miserably at it also.

White Queen: That’s not so. You have risen to the challenge. You 3 girls poses as living a double life. with one side being normal. but the other side… having to deal with threats from another world. Saving every innocent life you can. But the one person who’s been there for you all your life… she’s been abandoned and left her Vulnerable.

Thunder Mistress: *Scoffs* We have no idea as to what the hell you’re on… but we didn’t leave our mother Vulnerable. She’s a normal mother. She has no powers. Our Watchtower friend Chloe. She’s not about to just give up her address and tell you all you want to know. neither are we.

White Queen: Didn’t already leave her Vulnerable? You already have left your greatest asset vulnerable. the one who had all the Intel. and you’ve left your own mother Vulnerable. All you have to do to save her life and the life of your friend is to just give one simple address… That’s all. Just that. It’s your Move…

The alarm then sounds off and an Operative radios in…

Checkmate Operative: *Voice* White Queen… come in…. Come in, White Queen.

Clark: *Using his Super hearing and hearing Cat Screeches and Laughing* Hmm.”

Leslie: *Commanding* Control center… Activate replay of archive file… May 14th 2024…

Leslie’s Watchtower Sub-Outlet: *Voice* Now playing Watchtower Archival file 41811395671 Dated recording of May 14th 2024….

“Amanda: *To Faora* Our field offices were just leveled by the one you call Zod. Your kind come and demand for peace and ask to be given a chance. But then you do things like Murder. and Level buildings like they mean very little to you.

Faora: We knew nothing about this. Zod is acting alone. We stand apart. We only want peace. That’s all we want.

Amanda: A Likely plea or recantation. What you don’t get is that i lost a 3rd of my Agents. ones who are well trained at what they do. Okay?! A Dozen or so of my agents are dead. Wiped out by the hands of someone who is one of you. the one you call Zod. So… you can most certainly cut the plea or the act of playing dumb. You know that by the actions of one of your kind and for what he has done that we are way past peace. There is no opening for peace.

Faora: Then we will help you stop him. we are like him. we can stop him.

Waller: Defecting means betraying your own kind. the one you happen to follow like a slave to a master.

Faora: I’m only betraying one. I am no one’s slave. I was once saved by him in the siege of the Argo Valley on Krypton. but just because i am like him… i don’t follow what he does. i don’t seek to raze the planet because of some hunger for power that i will never have. i came here with no powers. at first… i wanted them. but if by having powers is to be able to rule and make people fear me and cause nothing but harm. i am endeared that i don’t have them.”

Jeannie: I think that i get it now. Please stop. I beg you.

Justin: *A bit lost on what’s being discussed* This is definitely not the same Command center as Zordon and Alpha’s…

Beverly: Huh?!

Zoey Rhapsody 9

Zoey: Sora, Is it just us… or does Justin have the constant aggravating knack for confusing our Watchtower Command center for being the same likely one that has this person or being known… or called Zordon?

Michelangelo: He must be talking about those other teens we saw him with just last week.

Jessica: You sure? I don’t recall of us ever seeing any of these teens mentioned.

Tara: That’d be because there wasn’t. There isn’t any such thing as Power Rangers or Zords. OR a Zordon or Alpha 5. This is not Angel Grove.

Beverly Lawson: I would agree.

Hallie: What about the deal at school?

Sora: You mean like… Winifred and Danny Kramer?

Carly: Don’t get us started.

Leslie: *Hissing in sympathy* Ouch. That must have been unsettling. You two alright?

Sora: Not really. But it’s gonna have to do. There’s no other option.

Carly: However… if we did do something about those two… We’d be living to regret that for a very long time. Justin… Even though he doesn’t know our entire situation… He rather talked us out of it. Good move too.

Justin: What can i say? It’s all from looking up to Tommy for guidance. It’s like he once said as he showed me some Martial Arts. “Use your head, and above all, stay calm.”

Zoey Rhapsody 16

Zoey: Tommy Oliver?! He’s a Legend. I used to watch those Power Rangers on T.V 7 years ago. Of course the episodes were re-runs and on Syndication… But the green Ranger. When he came in for the first time and Evil… He had this very chilling laugh.

Zoey remembers the laugh that she heard on T.V from 7 years earlier…

Zoey: That’s what it was… I was not that scared… but it gave me the case of the shivers.

Justin: *Hides his communicator fast as it just went off on him* …

Leslie: *Looking around and then at Justin* What was that?!

Johnny: *Curious* was it from his wrist?

Jessica: I don’t know.

Voice from Communicator: Justin, Where are you?

Justin: *Shook and embarrassed* Uh… I better go. See you guys tomorrow at school.

A Minute later…

Nicole: *Shocked in disbelief* Okay… I think that we’re just gonna come right out and say it. That display of secrecy and bailing from the group… was flat out embarrassing. The minute anyone presses him about something… he runs and hides.

Michelangelo: He was probably just startled. That’s all.

It was only then that Leslie had to get set on going over to meet with Blossom as they were expected to meet up with Rory. But what they didn’t know was that Rory was out with Lane, With Lorelai and wasn’t gonna be back at their place for at least 3-4 hours. What was gonna happen as that day was nearing a wrap up? Was there gonna be yet another incident of a likely Power Ranger reference. Mixed up with the Gilmore Girls, The possible Threat of the Diaper girl Epidemic… and more on the Blitzball Issue? What was next for the younger members of the Generation and the Allies? With what they now told Jeannie Waller… Was it gonna sink in fast and rattle her? Would it cause a rift between her and her Mother who was believed to be dead? Find out in the next Chapter of the Rhapsody Girls Z! as the Saga Continues…

Sora: *With Carly; In the School Hall* School fights are never fun. They cause tension and animosity. It makes others around the ones you fight and yourself uncomfortable. When someone comes to you and means to start a fight. Turn around. Don’t make the move and open up the invite for trouble. Walk away. If you come up against more than one who look for a fight… Stand up and face them. but first… try to talk reason into the bullies. Find a way to prevent a fight from getting physical. Fighting only makes things worse. But all else… be the bigger person. Let the other side make the first hit.

Carly: *Voice-over* As anyone would tell you… Fighting and Violence… Are never a good thing. Do yourself a favor… Be smart…

Sora: *With Carly together* Don’t add to the problem!


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