Chapter 268: A Mishap in the Chilton Hallways and Leslie gets the stare from Paris. Uh-oh… Blossom stands off against Paris Gellar.

(Damage control failure and a busted wall of Neutrality.)

(It’s another stop at Sid’s/Luke’s and here comes the call of distress. WARNING: EMILY GILMORE INFLUENCE ALERT!)

(Chilton Classroom Stalemate. Rhapsody, Gilmore and Burke Vs. Gellar. A flash for animosity comes close.)

(Something a fuss at the Metropolis Hotel and a surprise Encounter from a Chilton dad to Lorelai. Lucky her.)

Lorelai is talking to the valet and a guest…

LORELAI: I completely understand.

MAN: Oh, do you? Because this is a brand-new car.

DEREK: But I swear –

MAN: He brings the car up and it’s scratched!

DEREK: I just backed the car up and then –

MAN: I’d know if my car was scratched before I parked it or not.

LORELAI: Okay, okay, let’s – let’s calm down. Sir, why don’t I have your car looked at tomorrow, and I’m sure we can find a way to resolve this.

MAN: I. . .no, I. . .

LORELAI: In the meantime, I would love for you to have lunch here, on me. Dessert is a must. Anything with our homemade ice cream is absolutely delicious. I promise you life as you know it will never be the same. What do you say?

MAN: Well, all right, I think I will. Thank you.

LORELAI: Thank you.

The man walks off…

DEREK: Lorelai, I swear, I didn’t scratch his car.

LORELAI: Derek. . .

DEREK: I mean, if you thought I was unreliable or a bad driver, I just. . .

LORELAI: It’s okay.

DEREK: ‘Cause I can drive.

LORELAI: Oh, sweetie, I am sure you can. Listen, we’ll just take it over to Alvin’s tomorrow and have the guys look at it. I’m sure they can buff it out for nothing, okay?

Suddenly… Out of a mysterious surprise…

Sora and Carly Walking over to Lorelai...
Sora and Carly Walking over to Lorelai…

Sora: *Walking into the Metropolis Inn* Carly, what’re we doing here?

Carly: We’re here to ruin our Ex-father’s business. To drive customers away from going to our Ex-father’s business. Alvin hurt our mother. We hurt him. Our Mother moved on finally. She forgot all about him. But Justice needs to be served.

Sora: Oh yeah. *Nods* Let’s go. We heard that this lady… Lorelai Gilmore… We heard that she worked here. That she was the Manager here.

Carly: She is… Let’s go find her…

Sora: *Looking to the side while looking* There she is. That must be her. That must be Lorelai.

Carly: *Nods* Let’s go.

DEREK: Okay. That’s a real nice outfit you’re wearing today.

LORELAI: Thank you, Derek.

Derek walks off, Michel walks over…

MICHEL: Once again, your faithful pooch is here to say, please come back to the desk, someone needs to talk with you.

LORELAI: It’s not my mother, is it?

MICHEL: It’s possible.

Lorelai looks over at the front desk, where Ian Jack, the man from Chilton, is waiting…

LORELAI: It’s possible?

MICHEL: There’s a resemblance.


Lorelai walks to the front desk…


IAN: Hi. Is this a bad time?

LORELAI: No, not at all. What are you doing here?

IAN: Well, I had to meet an associate for lunch and he was coming up from New York, so I thought, why not meet him at a beautiful inn?

LORELAI: Well, good. Enjoy your lunch.

IAN: Thanks, I will.


IAN: And I was also wondering if maybe I could take you out to dinner sometime.

LORELAI: We’re a little food-obsessed, aren’t we?

IAN: Well, it’s the company more than the food that interests me.

LORELAI: I’m flattered.

Sora and Carly were closeby and listening in. Unsure of whether to just step in… or wait…

IAN: Is that a yes?

LORELAI: That’s a. . .you’re a dad.

IAN: And you’re a mom. Although I’m still finding that really hard to believe.

LORELAI: No, I mean, you’re a Chilton dad.

IAN: Ooh, that sounds bad.

LORELAI: Not bad, just tricky. You know, Rory just started there, and I think I should let her fall in with the bad crowd before I start hooking up with the P.T.A.

IAN: Well, I’m not on the P.T.A.

LORELAI: Oh, see, there you go, I can’t date anybody not on the P.T.A.

IAN: Look, it’s just a casual dinner.


She walks around to the other side of the desk…

IAN: Okay, I’ll tell you what. I’m going to China for a week on business, and when I get back, I’m gonna try again

LORELAI: China, wow.

IAN: Impressed?

LORELAI: No. Rome, I’d be impressed. China, I’m just “China, wow”.

IAN: *laughs; Picking up a business card from the desk* Okay, Lorelai Gilmore, General Manager, I’ll talk to you soon.

LORELAI: Have a safe trip.

IAN: I will. *walks off*

Sora feeling disbelief from what was she and Carly were seeing...
Sora feeling disbelief from what was she and Carly were seeing…

Sora: I don’t know if i’m seeing this right or if i just saw that Lorelai was flirted with by that guy who just walked away only seconds ago.

Carly: No. You saw it. That lady… was flirted with. By the guy who seems to be from Chilton.

Sora: Chilton… That’s the same school where Blossom, Leslie, Betty and the Rhapsody Trio are at now. Rory is also at Chilton.

Carly: Yeah. She must be the mother to Rory. Let’s go over to her. We’ve got to talk to her and save her from making a mistake as in helping our cheating Ex-father keep a flourishing business. She doesn’t know the truth.

Sora: That’d be because nobody told her. Someone should have told her about him.

Carly: That’s where we come in. Alvin Rhapsody/Kramer is no honest man.

LORELAI: *watching Ian walk off* He does that so well.

MICHEL: You are making me sick.

LORELAI: Aw, now, honey, you try it. I’ll watch you walk away, too.

MICHEL: Stop it.

LORELAI: Go on now, walk. It can’t be that bad.

MICHEL: Leave me alone.

He walks away, she follows him…

LORELAI: Hm, no. You have to do it with a little more attitude. Make me think you mean it!

Several people are listening to Drella play the harp. She suddenly stops…

DRELLA: That’s lunch.

She walks away, people look around surprised…

Sora: Now’s our chance…

Sora and Carly walk on over to Lorelai. They didn’t know what to tell her and didn’t feel sure as to whether she’d believe them or think that they were speaking hearsay…

Sora and Carly seek Audience with Lorelai.
Sora and Carly seek Audience with Lorelai.

Sora: *With Carly* Hello.

Lorelai: *Looking over to see two blonde girls* Hello there. What’re you two doing out of school?

Sora: We’ve come to find you.

Carly: Yeah. *Nods*

Sora: It’s about something you might need to know.

Lorelai: Oh… *Curious* What about? Is it about booking for a room here? You do need $ for that.

Carly: No. it’s not that. However… we will keep that in mind. However… it’s about… the mechanic that you were naming.

Lorelai: You mean Alvin Kramer?

Sora: Yes. That’s the one.

Carly: That’s the one we’re speaking about. There is something about him that you are gonna need to know.

Lorelai: If it’s about the fair deals that he gives out… I can tell you that i am already knowing about that. I saw him last week. Gave a very fair deal and had things done all within a half hour. Oil change… tending to the fluids. Checking the Gas. Filling it. Making sure that it worked well…

Sora: But that’s just it… He’s playing you. He hasn’t managed to make mention of his previous identity. has he?

Lorelai: *Confused* Previous Identity?

Carly: The guy… Alvin Kramer never told you about the fact that he used to be a member of our clan. The Rhapsody Dynasty. You didn’t catch that… did you?

Sora: *Catching the estranged look on Lorelai* Alvin Kramer… Is Alvin Rhapsody.

Lorelai: H-how is it that you know this?

Carly: We know this because he happens to be our Ex-father.

Sora: We are his Ex-daughters Sora and Carly Rhapsody. Alvin Kramer… Previously Alvin Rhapsody… Cheated on our Mother Alice Rhapsody who happens to be his ex-wife. We exposed his secret and our mom made the move and divorced him. Took all his rights away. He to this day still wants to blame us because he was exposed as a cheater.

Lorelai: *Gasps* Oh dear…

Carly: What?

Lorelai: I just recommended a dozen of people to try Alvin Kramer’s Auto shop.

Sora: You what?!

Lorelai: What’ll i do?

Carly: There is nothing that you could do. Just from now on… divert people somewhere else. Telling people that Alvin Kramer is a fake and known Womanizer. He cheated on our mother. He’s not getting away with it. Our mother almost tried taking her own life 4 times when it first got found and the truth came out and there was a process of filing for the Divorce. Legal hardships.

Lorelai: Does your Mom know about you two being here?

Sora: No. She doesn’t. But we came here because we wanted to warn you about him. He’s not who you think he is. Oh… I think that you may happen to know us. Somewhat. We’re Sora and Carly Rhapsody. We’re cousins to Blossom and The Rhapsody Trio.

Lorelai: Cousins? Blossom… *Remembering the name* Where did i hear that name? *Recalling the events that occurred earlier in the day* Hmm… Would this Blossom be the one with the sparky and gutsy attitude… and standing close to this rich girl Leslie?

Carly: *Nods* Yeah. That’s her.

Lorelai: I think that i do know her. Only briefly though. I only heard her speak just a couple times before i left the headmaster’s office. But she told my mother off and demanded for my mother to get off my grill. Which… i will be honest on the outburst… surprised me. She and I never met… She and i never crossed paths. But right off… she stated that she liked me and thought that i was being wrongfully regarded by my mother…

Sora: *Grins* Yeah… That’s Blossom. She’s getting to be almost with the same caliber as our cousin Serena. Serena happens to be just as gutsy and sparky. Gay too. Serena is in love with her best friend Carly Black. Our Cousin Blossom… She’s in love with Leslie T. Burke. They’re Lovers. Innocent lovers.

Carly: I sense that history is aiming to repeat itself…

Sora: kinda feels hexing… doesn’t it?

Carly: Yeah.

Lorelai: Thank you two… thank you for telling me. I’ll be sure to steer clear from him from now on and steer others away from his place as well.

Sora and Carly were pleased. Even though what they were doing was borderline of coming off vengeful and hellbent… they were still seeking for Justice. They wanted their ex-father to be ruined. The punishment for cheating on the one woman who should have always had his heart and never falter from her. He hurt their mother and even though it was a rather believed died down issue. A dead iced issue. They still wanted to serve payback to Alvin. He not only betrayed and hurt their mother. But also hurt them. They were not gonna stop till he understood and knew it…

As for Lucil and Elma…

The Leslie Burke Blitzball Stadium

At the Leslie Burke Blitzball Stadium…


Lucil: *Walking with Elma* So far there’s been no issues. Things have been calm.


Elma: very Calm. No fighting broke out. We came a long way from being Mounted forces and members of the Djose Chocobo knights.

Lucil: yes, indeed.

Luzzu: *Over Radio* Lucil and Elma… Report.

Lucil: That’s Luzzu. *Answering the Radio* Capt. Lucil here.

Luzzu: Anything in the left upper sector?

Elma: No. We’ve made a pass over in that part an hour ago. All there seemed to be was a little quarrel between a couple of people. They were escorted from the property as they were starting to disturb the peace.

Luzzu: Good work. Head over to the Right upper sector. Keep a watch for suspicious behavior. I just had a red flag on that area. Leslie’s been just notified… To be kept in the know of the situation here.

Lucil: She should respond. However… She’s in class right now. From what was told to Elma and I this Morning… She’s right now in Hartford.

Luzzu: Hmm… *Suddenly catching on* WHAT?! Hartford? What the heck would she be doing in Hartford? Why’s she in Hartford?

Elma: She’s at Chilton.

Luzzu: Chilton? Since When?

Lucil: Today. But she will be certain to receive the text.

Luzzu: That’s what i’m sending her way now. I’m also typing up the reports of all occurrences that take place. I’ve got to be sure that it’s all ready to be presented to Leslie by tonight. Carry on with the rounds.

Lucil: Understood.

A Minute later…

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Wakka: *Walking into the office* Hey Luzzu… What’s going on?

Amy Diamond: I brought Wakka over. Gave him a ride.

Luzzu: Hey Wakka. Amy. Always good to see you.

Wakka: Same here, ya.

Amy Diamond: There’s something that you will be thrilled to hear about.

Luzzu: What about?

Wakka: Hey… Amy… Tell Luzzu what you told me back over in Hartford and at the front entrance of the Preparatory school.

Amy Diamond: There are people in Topeka who know about Leslie and the Blitzball stadium. Know all about her. Since Metropolis’s Mayor… Mayor Peters isn’t willing to do it… Topeka is funding the Blitzball program. They however want to meet with Leslie. The Mayor of Topeka and the city treasurer… They want to set up a sponsor. With her at the masthead.

Luzzu: When?

Amy Diamond: As soon as possible. likely tonight.


Luzzu: We need to tell her. *Thinking* Okay. How do we get a memo over to her without pulling her from her studies? *Pauses* I think that i might know. Amy… I need you to find someone for me. Someone who goes by the name… O’aka. He’s a Merchant that we happen to know. He’s got a store and a Van. A Mobile Merchant Vehicle. Find him and tell him that We need him to go to Hartford and make a stop to Chilton. Tell him to find Leslie and get her alone. To drop her the message. A message that she needs to know about. Tell O’aka to make haste. The message is very vital.

Amy Diamond: Got it.

Wakka: I’m gonna start going to find Possible Blitzball players.

Luzzu: Good luck, Wakka…

Back at Chilton…


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Rory finds her locker and tries to open it, but it’s stuck…

Leslie and Blossom’s lockers were only a couple steps away from Rory’s locker. Betty’s and The Rhapsody Trio’s were only a couple feet away… near the end and two direction split.

RORY: I’m sorry, but you’re going to open.

Leslie: *Struggling a little with her locker* Of all the lockers. Did they have to give us… lockers that decide to get stuck. And difficult to budge?

Blossom: I can’t say. However… I don’t really savor the fight of the locker. The lockers here are acting as if they’re gummed up.

Rory: *Trying to open her locker*

Leslie: *With Blossom; Pulling on their Locker Doors-trying to get their lockers to open*

Betty: *Getting her locker opened up* The lockers could be just a tad rusty. No big deal. Just calm down and wait. Then try again.

Janie: *With Alex and Charlene* Our lockers are opened just fine.

Leslie: *Scoffs* Well… that’s you 3. Rory, Blossom and I are with a bit of a issue here. We can’t get our Lockers open. So… Please… Don’t try to butter the palms here. We need to get the lockers opened.

She pulls hard on the handle and the locker opens. She stumbles backwards right into Paris, who was carrying a large class project of an intricately sculpted castle. The project falls and breaks…

RORY: Oh no! I am so sorry. Paris, please, I’m so sorry. It was an accident. My locker, it just slipped. I pulled too hard. I didn’t mean to. . .is there water in that moat?

PARIS: Get away from me.

Leslie: *Looking at Blossom* What is her problem? It was an accident. *Suddenly going into phase-shift and using Shadow Mimicry* This is not something that was done intentional. However… If Paris wants intentional… So be it.

Paris: *Turning to face Leslie* Back off. Don’t mess with me. I just lost all that hard work for nothing. I was gonna present the sculpture today in class. After going through an entire weekend of hell.

Blossom: An entire weekend of hell? No way. That would take a week to do. An entire week.

Paris: How would you know? Have you done any sculptures?

Leslie: I haven’t.

Blossom: Neither have I. But i know that people who do sculptures that appeared to be as intricate as yours… Are those who’ve got something to prove. What the heck do you have to prove?

Paris: None of your business. I have to be the best. It’s critical for me to be on top.

Blossom: And you are saying that if you aren’t… You’re nothing?

Paris: Yes. However… it might have been ruined… set back because the project was just destroyed because of … *Looking at Rory* Her.

Leslie: Hey. It wasn’t her fault. She was trying to open her locker.

Paris: Stay out of this… Burke. I wasn’t talking to you… Was I?

Leslie: No. You weren’t.

Paris: So take that as a cue to shut up and stay out of this. It isn’t like you would know about this. You’re from Brooklyn. from the part of Brooklyn that was privileged. What do you know about hard work? You wouldn’t know how hard it was to struggle.

Blossom: … Excuse me?! Leslie wouldn’t know what? She knows more than you ever will. She knows what struggle is all about. She went through a year and a half of emancipated pain. Being away from the very people that she loved. Because of socialite hazing. Ridicule. You think she was privileged? Wake up. She was all alone back there. She didn’t have a friend to call her own. That was her hell. Privileged? Not even close.

Paris stalks off into a classroom…

Rory puts her book away in her locker…

Rory: Let’s just get to class.

Blossom: Of course. But… where’s our next class?

RORY: *to boy walking by* Excuse me, I need Mrs. Ness, History?

BOY: It’s behind you. *points to the classroom that Paris just walked into*

RORY: Of course it is. *she slams the locker shut and walks into the classroom*

Blossom: You mean that we have another class with that pain in the ass Paris? This is really starting to come off as bullshit.

Janie: You said it. Paris constantly acts like she’s got a never-ending bee up her behind stinging her consistently.

Alex: That high strung girl better watch it.

Charlene: I’ll just ice her if she gets out of line.

Blossom: I’d rather just Electrocute Paris and do the masses a favor and call it a day. But this is not our back yard of familiarity. It’s a different background. Different element.

Leslie: So… We have to take it.

Betty: Sounds like you are giving up too easily.

Blossom: Maybe. But showing Paris what for is not worth the possibility of getting into a web of unwanted trouble.

Rory: …

Once they were all inside…

PARIS: *Spotting Rory, Blossom, Leslie, Betty and the Rhapsody Trio enter the room* Oh, you’ve got to be kidding me.

Blossom: *Overhearing the comment* Paris, For the love of Pete… Get the hell over yourself. The world doesn’t revolve around you. So we have the same class. That isn’t a crime. Geez!

Paris: *Glaring and annoyed* …

The bell rings…

TEACHER: Seats now, please.

Rory sits down in a seat, TRISTIN sits near her…

Leslie, Blossom, Betty and the Rhapsody Trio were close by only a seat away…

TRISTIN: Hey, Mary. Girls…

Leslie: Her name is not Mary.

Charlene: *Thinking to herself* That guy is starting to become rather annoying.

TEACHER: Okay, we left our projects off on Friday with Mr. Gaynor, so today we will pick up with Miss Gellar.

PARIS: *stands up* I don’t have my project.

TEACHER: Miss Gellar, did you have sufficient time to complete your project?


TEACHER: And yet you don’t have it done?

PARIS: Nope.

TEACHER: All right, you will receive an incomplete for this project.

RORY: *stands up* It’s my fault.

TEACHER: Who are you?

RORY: Rory Gilmore. I wrecked her project.

Leslie: *Standing up along with Blossom, Betty and The Rhapsody Trio* Leslie Burke. It’s true… But it was also an Accident. She didn’t mean to wreck Paris’s Project.

PARIS: Shut up.

TEACHER: I don’t have a Rory Gilmore. I have a Lorelai Gilmore.

RORY: That’s me.

TEACHER: You are Rory and Lorelai Gilmore?

RORY: Yes. And I wrecked her project. My locker got stuck.

Blossom: As did ours. We suspect that our lockers were Jammed a bit or Maybe rusted shut.

PARIS: *To Rory; Referring to the girls that were with Rory* Just stay out of this. This doesn’t concern any of you.

TEACHER: Do you go by Rory or Lorelai?

RORY: Whatever. It’s not her fault.

TEACHER: I need you to pick one.

RORY: One what?

TEACHER: One name.

RORY: Rory.

TEACHER: Fine, thank you. Rory, you wrecked Paris’ project when?

RORY: Just before class.

TEACHER: Very convenient.

RORY: No, I did. My locker got stuck and when I opened it. . .

PARIS: Stop it!

TEACHER: Miss Gilmore, since you say you wrecked Miss Gellar’s project, then you may help her fix it. You have until tomorrow. Which goes for you girls too. Mrs. Burke, Mrs. Rhapsody.

RORY: Fine.

Leslie: We’ll Take responsibility for what happened.


RORY: Why not?

PARIS: I don’t want your help!

RORY: But I don’t mind doing it.

PARIS: Just stay out of this.

Blossom: *To Paris* Hey… Gellar. Get the hell off your damn high horse. Rory and us are trying to do right and own up to what Rory and we had done. Okay? It’s the right thing to do.

RORY: *To Paris* What is wrong with you? I’m trying to help you.

Leslie: Yeah… Why are you so against her wanting to try and help?

PARIS: Well, don’t! *To Leslie* Butt out of it, Burke. No one was talking to you.

Charlene: *To Paris* Keep it up and you… plus a little bit of frost are gonna be really endeared friends.

TEACHER: Ladies, enough. Miss Gellar, if you don’t want Miss Gilmore’s help, then you may have until tomorrow. If it’s not done, you will receive an incomplete. Is that understood?

PARIS: Yes. *sitting down*

TEACHER: As long as you’re standing. . .class, we have some new students. Say hello to Rory Gilmore. Leslie Burke, Blossom, Janie, Alex and Charlene Rhapsody and Betty Andrews.

CLASS: Hi, Rory. Leslie, Blossom, Janie, Alex, Charlene and Betty.

TRISTIN: Hello, Mary! Hello ladies!

Rory and the girls sit down…

Leslie and Blossom were clearly annoyed over Paris and her stubborn attitude. It was only their first day and already they were getting really tired and fed up with Paris and fed up with the hostility that was being presented by Paris. Leslie was to the point where she wanted to shoot a blast of Ice at Paris. Turn Paris into an Ice cube. But it was not gonna do any help for her to attempt a move like that. Blossom wanted to Electrocute Paris. But didn’t because of the same reason…

They were already anticipating and pleading for the day to be over…

Back at Metropolis…

Miss Patty is standing at the doorway of her dance studio. Inside, a class of girls walks around with books on their heads.

MISS PATTY: Now, walk smooth. That’s the new Harry Potter on your heads. If they should drop, Harry will die, and there won’t be anymore books. *sees Lorelai walking by* Now that’s how you should’ve dressed this morning, Missy.

Lorelai ignores her and walks to Luke’s. As she enters, Luke is walking past the door…

LUKE: What are you doing here?

LORELAI: See, now, that’s why you were voted Mr. Personality of the New Millennium. Where’s your crown?

LUKE: I just mean you don’t usually come in at this time.

LORELAI: Well, I have to pick up Rory from school.

Luke pours her some coffee…

Lorelai: Thank you.

LUKE: You’re welcome.

LORELAI: No lectures?

LUKE: My blood sugar’s low. I’ll eat an apple and get back to you.

LORELAI: Hm. God, this has been one hectic, bizarro day for me.

LUKE: Yeah?

LORELAI: Yeah. This morning with the being late, and my mother with her existing. Oh, and this father, this father from Chilton, he, uh, drove out to the inn all the way from Hartford just to ask me out.


LUKE: Really? You going?


LORELAI: No. He’s got a kid in school with Rory, and the whole thing just seemed a little weird.

LUKE: Oh, good.


LUKE: Yeah, I think it’s good that you turned him down.


LUKE: I mean, he’s probably old, right?


LUKE: Yeah. I mean, he’s got a kid in high school.

LORELAI: Well, so do I.

LUKE: Yeah, but you were young when you had Rory. Most people aren’t that young. Most people are, uh. . .


LUKE: Yeah.

LORELAI: Like this guy who asked me out.

LUKE: But you’re not going.

LORELAI: No, I’m not going.

Luke nods and looks down. Lorelai smiles to herself. Of course… she couldn’t take much time to bask in it. Because in the calm of it all… Her cell phone rings.

LORELAI: Oh, that’s me.

Luke points to the ‘No Cell Phones’ sign…

LORELAI: Ugh. *answering phone* Hello? Hi Babette. What? Okay. No. No, I’ll be right there. Thanks. *hanging up* Um, I have to go. *pulling out her wallet*

LUKE: Keep it. I gave you decaf.


She frowns and walks out the door…


Luke: Where’s that sparky friend of yours?

Lorelai: *Stopping to turn real quick* Who? Dinah? She’s probably still at work… as far i know. Being head coach is a pretty demanding job. Why?

Luke: No reason. Just that i would have sworn that she’d be with you again. She usually hangs with you quite a bit. Almost like a kinship of some kind.

Lorelai: Lately… it seems as though she would be. However… She’s got to tend to her work sometime too…

Luke: Being a head coach and teaching all those kids. Right?

Lorelai: Right.

Sounds like there is something about to stir in Lorelai’s neighborhood. With the past petty annoyances of Emily Gilmore… was it dared to be assumed as anything other than what was there? Would this push Lorelai to the breaking point in the constant meddling of Emily Gilmore? Would the same thing be going on at Dinah’s house as well? What would Dinah do to react towards the possible next attempt of Emily Gilmore’s meddling? If there was any meddling to be had by Emily… Would the act set Dinah off? Find out in the next chapter of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! As the Saga continues…


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