Chapter 267: The Gilmore Elder Mistress squawks once again. Can’t she ever quit?

(The Rhapsody Trio, Rory, Leslie and Blossom Vs. The taunts of Chilton Dwellers. Easy Blossom… Don’t over re-act.)

(Something a fuss at the Metropolis Hotel and a surprise Encounter from a Chilton dad to Lorelai. Lucky her.)

Cut to the lobby; a few older women are looking at a guide book as Lorelai and Michel walk by…

WOMAN: This will be absolutely wonderful. There are supposed to be darling shops all up and down this street. *to Michel* Oh, excuse me sir. Can you tell me where we can find the best antiques?

MICHEL: At your house, I’d guess. *walks off*

LORELAI: *on phone at the front desk* Mom, did I give you this number, ’cause I don’t remember giving you this number. Yeah, well, I must be losing my mind. What can I, uh. . . I’m sorry Mom, can you hold on one second? *covering phone* Um, Drella, could you just, uh, take it down just a notch? Thanks. *on phone* Okay, I’m back.

EMILY: I wanted you to know that I just bought a parking space for Rory at Chilton.

LORELAI: You what?

EMILY: They are very hard to come by, but I pulled a few strings and it’s all hers.

LORELAI: Mom, uh, Rory doesn’t have a car.

EMILY: No, but she’s got a birthday coming up soon.

Drella is still playing loudly…

LORELAI: Okay, hold on a second.  *to Drella* Um, Drella? Drella! Please, a little softer.

DRELLA: Hey, do I look like I got Panasonic stamped on my ass?

LORELAI: *on phone* Mom, you are not buying Rory a car.

EMILY: Why not? She’s a smart girl, she’s responsible. Plus… Your father and I are also thinking on getting those girls cars as well.

LORELAI: Well, she doesn’t need one. Neither would Dinah’s girls. If anything… I think that Dinah and her husband would make that decision on their own without the need of being pushed or persuaded into getting a car before the girls were ready.

EMILY: She needs to have a way to get around, to get to school. Mrs. Burke is considering on getting her daughter Leslie one.

LORELAI: She’ll be taking the bus. And if Leslie was gonna be getting a Goth Make-over and the attire of little miss bad girl… Would the girls be needing it too? I am quite sure that the bus will be good enough for the time being.

EMILY: I know. I hate that she takes the bus. Drug dealers take the bus.

LORELAI: You know what, Mom? I gotta go.

EMILY: Fine. We’ll discuss this at a later date.

LORELAI: Okay. Bye. *hanging up*

Drella plays much softer now that Lorelai is off the phone. They exchange a look…

Metropolis University Dorms…

Room #350…

Jacklyn O'Nestle
Jacklyn O’Nestle

Jacklyn: *Passing off a tune in relaxation* “Oh Flower Of Scotland
When Will We See
Yer Likes Again?
That Fought An’ Died For
Yer Wee Bit Hill An’ Glen

And stood against him
Proud Edward’s army
And sent him homeward
Tae think again

The Hills Are Bare Now,
And Autumn Leaves,
Lie Thick And Still
O’er Land That Was Lost Now
Which Those So Dearly Held

And stood against him
Proud Edward’s army
And sent him homeward
Tae think again

Those Days Are Past Now,
And In The Past
They Must Remain,
But We Can Still Rise Now,
And Be The Nation Again!

And stood against him
Proud Edward’s army
And sent him homeward
Tae think again”

Serena Rhapsody
Serena Rhapsody

Serena: *Walking into the room* Hey Jacklyn… Carly and I are gonna hit the Mall for a couple hours today… after class. Wanna join along with us?

Jacklyn: I would be privileged in being a part of the social activity. Are classes over for the day, lass?

Serena: Carly and I got just this last class for the day. But for the most part… yeah. The classes are done for the rest of the day. What about you?

Jacklyn: Oh… I’re been already to class. Had 3 of them all back to back, Serena. got me 2 more the day after tomorrow. But i wouldn’t worry so much about it, lass. I can handle it. This Irish Bard can handle it well.

Serena: You won’t hear me complain. I already suspect that you’ve been through the ringer before when the school is concerned. Or should we say… College. You’re already part of the bree here anyway.

Jacklyn: Is that so, Lass?

Serena: Heck yeah. Of course. Carly and I are accustomed to your Bard antics. At first… we were unsure what to think as we never had to deal with a bard before. Not that we don’t like Bards. We are perfectly fine with them. Anyone that can carry a tune… We’re perfectly swell towards. It’s like my cousin Zoey. She’s seeking to be a troubadour. So… It’s all relative. But we just were a little unsure what to say to a Bard as Bards… Normally. Not saying that you’re just like all the others… But usually Bards are seclusive and timid. Not as socially open to the normal public. They mainly stick to their music as it’s all they know and exist by. Nothing identifies them more than their music and ability to spin tales of yore.

Jacklyn: Alas’ it there seems that you’re aware of the spirit and credo of the Bard you are…

Serena: I do what i can. Carly knows it too. As far as she and I are to be concerned… You’re one of us.

A few minutes later…

Serena’s Cell rang…

Serena: *Answering the phone* Hello?

Carly Black
Carly Black

Carly Black: *Over the phone* Serena. We need to get to class. I’m outside the hall near the Video room. Where are you? Are you still at our Dorm?

Serena: Yeah. I was just about to walk over there now. What’s going on?

Carly Black: We have a problem. Our AV Tech guy just got here and dropped out saying that he was Mugged last night. He lost everything.

Serena: What do you mean… he lost everything?

Carly Black: Just what it means. He lost everything. What is also missing… Is some of the key tapes of our Webcast show. Vital clips.

Serena: *Gasps; Shocked* WHAT?!

Carly Black: They’re gone. Good luck getting the Dorm Manager to show support and sympathy. We’re on our own. We have no show. The Dorm Manager won’t assist in us seeking to get the stuff back.

Serena: What’ll we do? *Worried* Is Angus alright?

Carly Black: Aside from nearly getting the living shit beat out of him… Yeah. Pretty banged up… But he’s still in the game.

Serena: See on calling for an ambulance. He needs to be checked out. *Sighs and in disbelief* Shit!

Carly Black: It’s gonna be alright. Angus might have some back copies of the stuff on his laptop. As soon as he’s coherent and stable thinking… we’ll get him to look and see on making a duplicate of the tapes and Webcasts.

Serena: Okay. I’m on my way though. See you in five.

Carly Black: Okay. See you when you get here.

Back at Chilton…


Rory is walking down a hallway, TRISTIN comes up behind her…

TRISTIN: Hey, Mary. Hey, Mary. Girls… Wait!


Blossom: *With Leslie* Us?

TRISTIN: Yeah, you.

RORY: My name is Rory.

Blossom Rhapsody 7

Blossom: I’m Blossom.

Leslie Burke 11

Leslie: I’m Leslie.



TRISTIN: So, you’re new?

RORY: Yeah, first day.

Blossom: This first day is so far a little bit tense.

Leslie: It’s a totally new atmosphere for us.

TRISTIN: Well, Remmy’s class is rough.

Blossom: hmm.

RORY: Yeah, it seemed very intense.

Leslie: It’s natural. The first day is expected to be a bit intense as you’re trying to learn the ropes and understand how classes are here.

TRISTIN: You know, I could loan you my notes if that would help.

RORY: Really? That’d be great.

Leslie: It would be of great help for us. Blossom and I plus Rory could really use all the help available. Betty and the Rhapsody Trio would be thankful about it too.

TRISTIN: Yeah? How great?

RORY: I don’t know. Mr. Remmy said that getting someone’s notes would be. . .

Leslie: A sincere lifesaver.

TRISTIN: I could even help you study if you want.

Blossom: That’d be nice. We’d like that.

RORY: Um, I kind of view studying as a solitary activity, but thanks.

Leslie: However… we happen to unfortunately see Studying as something where it’s with ones we know and are familiar with. Sorry. *Lowers her head feeling a bit awkward*

TRISTIN: Bye, Mary. *walks off* Bye girls in waiting.

RORY: It’s Rory.

Blossom: The name’s Blossom.

Leslie: It’s Leslie. Not girl in waiting or Mary.

Blossom: Where do these people come off? What’s with this Mary biz?

Rory: I have no idea. I just wish that people here would get my name right. Or that the guy would just say my name the right way. Not calling me Mary. *Shivers*

Back at Metropolis Inn…

To be continued…


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